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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> she does not think they did -- but she thinks julius cooper had no clothing with m. we found out he lives at this car wash about a half mile away. >> the owner tells us he would watch the facility at night. and he did know that julius cooper was a registered sex offender. it is not clear if julius cooper walk from the car wash to the complex with no clothing on monday when authorities handcuffed him. they had to put him in the police car naked. >> the business owner who led julius cooper stay here for years says he is now not allowed back. >> he will have to find someplace else. >> tonight cooper is behind bars able to get back with $1600 bond. >> cooper has been charged with a very similar crime to this one. not far from here a few years ago. he is a registered sex offender
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coming up at 6:00, we will be looking into his history asking who has been keeping an eye on him and how. live in orlando, channel 9, eyewitness news. seaworld's well-known work of "tilikum" has died. we told you the whale is battling a serious bacterial infection. we have been reaching out to biologists. you are asking if this illness is a result of the whale being in captivity. >> reporter: we have reached out to several biologists to find out how susceptible these whales are to getting this disease in captivity. we have not heard back from them. but we also heard from experts here at seaworld that tell us that the orca is susceptible to this disease in the wild. >> we take blood from him at least once a week. sometimes twice a week -- to monitor what kind of inflammation is going on and it gives us a nice picture into his health status.
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say it is the health of the 12,000-pound orca that is getting worse by the day. he was recently diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his lungs. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive. and at some point, might causes death. >> "tilikum" has been part of the seaworld attractions for the past 23 years. you might remember he was part of the "blackfish" documentary that criticized the treatment of the orca and the whale. he was connected to three deaths including the death of an orlando trainer in 2010. while many animal activist group that his condition might have stemmed from his captivity, we reached out to experts to find out how susceptible the whales are to the disease in the wild. we have yet to hear back from them. but it is the declining health of "tilikum" that is disturbing for many.
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>> i also reach earth's does -- i researched how long the orca lives in the well. and the average life expectancy is 35 years. which is how old "tilikum" is. they say it is only because of the medication and treatment that he has lived for this long. >> we did reach out to seaworld to see if "tilikum" would be replaced by another wild orca. they said he would not. we will continue to check on the condition of "tilikum" and let you know any updates that come our way. we know the hiv-positive man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager knew his alleged victim. we told you 24-year-old richie smith junior is being held without bond after being picked up on a warrant. investigators say the sex assault molestation happened back in november. newly released documents show that he frequently stayed at someone's home on the weekend. it is unclear if the teenage boy contracted hiv. new reports show marco rubio's own advisors are telling him to drop out of the
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a fact marco rubio is calling ridiculous and shameful. we caught up with the senator today and kissimmee. he says he believes he is the only candidate that can bring conservativism to florida voters who have not traditionally voted for that because he knows he can relate to them. >> i have lived paycheck to paycheck. i can take our matches -- our message to people who are struggling with student loan debt. >> marco rubio spent the afternoon in sarasota. then he goes to st. johns county for a 9:00 rally tonight. four candidates still vying for the gop candidates in. more talk of it potential convention. we want tonight that we what it would mean. we went straight to the rnc. reporting that story in about 30 minutes. a measured aim at helping the family of those who died at the former arthur -- or reform school is on its way to governor rick scott's desk. vanessa, this bill was meant to
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>> the bill would give each family $7500. this comes after the remains of 51 boys were unearthed from a 1400-acre site in the panhandle. the school operated from the early 1900s until 2011. today the state house voted 114- 3 in support of allocating $1.5 million for those burial costs. it is a move one state lawmaker says will help begin the healing process for the former words of arthur dozier. >> these boys that were placed in the state's hands deserve better than unmarked graves. their families deserve better than to be told that they ran away. the restoration of human dignity begins with the passage of this bill. >> the bill will establish a task force to decide inappropriate memorial at the site of the former school as well. that task force will also
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and how to handle the bodies that go unclaimed. one congressman will be in orlando tomorrow to hand over ownership of a va nursing center. we told you last month he pushed for the state to take ownership of a va nursing center on raymond street. since then, president obama signed a bill that transfers ownership to the state. the facility has been used for staging and training for the lake nona hospital. a lake county sheriff's office is working with orange county investigators to find out if they were working across county lines. home. investigators arrested these two. and they both live in orange county. they got a tip about the drug monthlong investigation. right now they are trying to figure out how big it is.
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usually a tri-county operation type of deal. >> investigators say the two men used the home strictly for growing weed. the drugs had a street value of more than $300,000. this afternoon fire officials are working to figure out what caused this house to catch fire this afternoon in winter park. you can see part of the roof is burnt on the house on worthington drive. when firefighters got here, they saw flames coming from the house but were quickly able to get it under control. nobody was home at the time. the woman at the center of a case of a missing 5-year- old girl was in court today to appeal a drug sentence. she was living with the father when the little girl disappeared back in 2009. today she is appealing her conviction on unrelated drug charges and a 25 year sentence and st. johns county. she says she was misled by her former attorney and would have asked for a jury trial instead of taking a plea. and the health department is watching over nearly a dozen residents at an assisted-living facility, stick with a highly contagious stomach virus in lake county.
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house near state road 50. we asked what is being done to contain the virus. >> management here called the health department right away. then they separated the healthy people here from the sick people people. >> solitary confinement. that is what it is like. >> this week, his walks feel like a stroll three prison yard. >> we were told we could walk around. >> last week, the assisted- living facility, benton house of clermont, had an outbreak of a gastrointestinal virus. it has affected nearly one dozen residents. , -- two of him had to be rushed to the emergency room for dehydration. >> it can be transmitted with direct contact from person to person. >> health officials say benton house alerted them to the outbreak right away. separated a healthy from the sick people and cleaned the facility. >> the day and -- the virus is not more dangerous than other viruses but can last a few days longer. as always, it can affect people with weak immune systems work
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next door -- he is concerned. >> my wife has a kidney issue. so any virus could really hurt her. >> health officials believe the virus is contained but they urge everyone to wash their hands. unlike other intestinal viruses, this one cannot be stopped by a flu shot. >> i just hope it doesn't come back again. we just had to get out and take a walk. >> health officials say no one that works here has gotten sick, which is a good sign. if this virus pops up anywhere else, we will let you know. reporting in clermont in lake county, eyewitness news. the city of orlando is working to make the streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. crews are creating an offstreet bike lane that will run on the east side from rosedale -- construction has been going on since april of last year. this is a rendering of what the pathway will look like. it will be a 10-foot wide
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right-of-way which will open in the spring of next year. marion county investigators are trying to find out who don't -- who dropped off a dummy grenade at a goodwill. employees found a military like the best in one of the basket trucks used for accepting donations. we were there when the bomb squad took the grenade and dug a hole in a landfill where they buried it and blew it up. the goodwill was not evacuated. and nobody was hurt. this orange county man was convicted of murdering four people, 40 years ago. the new group now looking into the case. and the questions that could get the conviction thrown out. the rosen hotel company says they had a major data breach that lasted more than a year without being detected. i'm asking how many people were affected and what these hotels are doing to make sure your credit card is safe. orlando is making history. why the wwe picked the city to host wrestlemania, for the second time. and what fans can expect this time around it.
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this video orlando is making history by hosting one of the world's biggest sporting event. local leaders and wwe superstars announced today that wrestlemania is coming back to the citrus bowl. we asked why orlando was picked a second time. >> reporter: orlando will be the first city to host wrestlemania, two times work more than a year in advance, they are getting the word out here at the citrus bowl. >> today is a very special that. >> 2017 will be the first time ever that wwe repeats a city for a signature event, wrestlemania.
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people here this year at wrestlemania. we will definitely sell out and in very quick order. >> you might remember eight years ago when the citrus bowl hosted wrestlemania 24 in 2008. mayor buddy dyer said the event set every record there. attendance, products, food and drink sales with people flocking to see their favorite superstars settling conflicts in the ring. >> where do they culminate? what is the biggest event of the year? what is the super bowl? but wrestlemania. >> for the last two years, forbes magazine ranked wrestlemania among the top most valuable sport event brands among the super bowl, olympics and the world cup. if you have been there before, they say with the wwe newly established foundation in orlando, you will want to go again. >> i want to go this year. not just to see wrestlemania
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but i can get every level of wwe. >> you cannot buy tickets yet. i found that it will be later this summer when we get more information on ticket pricing and sales. reporting in orlando, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> exciting stuff. the 2017 wrestlemania in orlando is april 2. we put together pictures of today's announcement and the wrestlers too. we will soon find out if a type of express lane will be added in at least three locations along already told roadways -- roadways. a toll within a toll he would go on the 417 near sanford. and two locations on either end of the 528. the lanes would allow you to get out of congestion but will cost you more. some local leaders say the roads need to be widened to fight congestion. the idea will be voted on tomorrow morning. more flights coming to orlando sanford international airport. today allegiance announced two
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kansas and el paso, texas. they are also adding two year- round flights which include akron, ohio, starting may 19. and evansville, indiana, starting june 2. the flights are expected to bring more than 91,000 additional travelers to the orlando area. thousands of bikers -- flooding the streets of daytona beach. >> the 75th annual daytona bike week is on its fifth day. the 10 day festival attracts huge -- i mean huge crowds every year. bikers all over the country. it can mean more accidents. law enforcement says so far this year, the event has been surprisingly safe. bikers we spoke with say that safety is a big theme for this year's event. >> be aware of your surroundings. there are more things than pretty ladies running around. >> that is true. bike week runs through this sunday. i believe it was last year or the year before that -- they were a little chilly.
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>> usually the daytona 500 bike week are two really cold -- inclement weather times. >> not this time. we have had almost pristine beach weather. >> a live view from daytona beach. >> take our show on the road. >> and here we are in our nice studio in orlando. the wave activity continues to increase. a higher risk for rip current -- alter the weekend including the upcoming weekend. not much of a breach -- priest. a high risk up and down the coast. the ways that for up to six -- four up to 6 feet. the wind right now, east and southeast. a little breezy over the interior. overall, two thumbs up. if you have any outdoor honey do list, you better get out there. it will be getting rather warm.
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degrees in clermont. the lower-60s. very nice evening for you as well. temperatures starting off the morning tomorrow looking good. right now. that is keeping this weather to the west at bay. just holding it back. this high-pressure area will strengthen the next few days in the upper atmosphere as well. you can see the wind arrow -- that is the flow coming around high-pressure area. see the stormy weather to the west. we will have abundant sunshine. as we get toward friday, this stormy weather continues across the deep south. it is nudging closer. it will get more weak as it approaches this weekend. a slight chance of rain this weekend. mainly on sunday. we have orlando city back in action friday. picture-perfect weather at the citrus bowl. 81 degrees at kickoff. 75 degrees at 9:00.
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tomorrow, orlando, back into the low to mid-80s. in fact, 84 degrees is the official high tomorrow. a bit cooler in lake county. still, temperatures well above the seasonal average. eighty-four in orlando tomorrow. eighty-five in clermont. eighty-four in winter haven. as the high-pressure build over the southeast, we will see temperatures climb to as high as 86 degrees in orlando. that is by thursday and friday. don't forget -- here we go -- we will lose that hour of sleep as we spring forward sunday savings time. of course we will move from a sunset of about 6:37 p.m. until 7:37 p.m. we get that evening daylight for the outdoor plans when you get home from work. there is the 5-day forecast. the weekend in view. pretty as a postcard. 86 degrees thursday. and for orlando -- the citrus bowl friday -- a slight chance for showers this weekend. we will talk more about that coming up in the next half- hour. >> looking forward to that.
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>> a cocoa woman claims she never missed a payment. but this dealership repossessed or truck anyway. we expose a new loan that could burn any buyer. agents say drug dealers were running a pot and prescription drug ring right next to schools. how they uncover the operation. identity thieves have been helping themselves to credit card numbers at some
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anyone who stayed at a rosen hotel in the last year and half is finding out they could be an identity theft victim. the company operates more than 6000 hotel rooms here in central florida. we found out the guests were having their credit cards compromised as soon as they checked and. all happening when the front desk select the cards. >> the company was using magnetic strips on credit cards instead of the chips that we see now. they tell us that the card would get swiped at the front desk. and then when your data was in the system, there was a piece of malware waiting to steal it right out of the wires. >> rosen figure this out last month thanks to reports from cardholders that started coming
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took another two weeks to shut down the hole in the system. if you use your card from september 2 of 2014 -- a year and a half ago, through february 18 of this year, you may have become a victim according to the company. they tell us some of the victims will have had their name, card or expiration date and verification code all stolen by these identity thieves. others have the payment information stolen without their names attached. the company says they are trying to reach out to the cardholders it has identified weiler -- while working with local law enforcement to find out who did this. >> i asked a company spokesperson about where the investigation stands. i wanted to know if they believed this was an employee or someone on the outside. i'm waiting on a response. if you use your card at one of these hotels, they want you to get it replaced and checked your credit report on a regular basis. channel 9, eyewitness news. happening now, the orange
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the sheriff's office wants to hire 40 officers and 911 operators. this is going on east colonial. we posted more information for you at donald trump could add more delegates to his lead when four states vote tonight. all knew, with the head of the rnc republican national committee just told us about the possibility of donald trump facing a fight at the republican convention. the man accused of bringing -- this man can
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. this orange county man is on death row tonight convicted of killing his wife, her parents and another man 40 years ago. he has always maintained his innocence. >> i live a nightmare. >> now a group of students is asking new questions about the case and crucial evidence.
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northwestern university in chicago is now asking about this case. >> the family was killed on christmas eve back in 1975. we are at the scene now and talking about some of the evidence. >> reporter: george, you can still see the bullet hole in the front window. there was a bloodbath here. including the man -- who the state says shot himself -- to look like a victim and throw off the police. >> 70-year-old convicted murderer tom echo zigler has been on death row, for 40 years -- for two death sentences and the gruesome christmas eve or murders of his wife, her parents and a customer at the furniture store in winter garden. he told channel 920 years ago


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