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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we can see how close flames got to homes. and you see the thick smoke covering much of the area and the ees in the way. fire officials a someone home as it spread but no one got hurt and now crews are putting all their efforts into protecting the homes nearby as they try to stop the fire from spreading. a crew on the ground headed to the fire and called into officials to get information and we will bring you updates throughout the newscast. >> he they will not get help her mother nature sumner county substitute teacher out of jail on bond accused of being drunk while teaching a second grade class at brantley elementary. >> kathi belich at the school. sanford police are not only was she drunk, but she brought alcohol to school with her. >> reporter: sanford police say they saw her with a plastic zephyrhills water bottle filled with pink liquid, took it from
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like alcohol. they also say she did not know what day it was. >> can you tell us what was in the bottle? >> >> reporter: holly joel walked out of the summer county jail one hour and a half ago and tried to fend off questions about whether she was drunk at school yesterday morning as police say she appeared to be. >> can you explain why you're not on your feet and why you smelled of alcohol according to police? >> sanford police say it was tuesday but she thought it was monday and when asked what president obama's first name is she said obama. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: police a is senior in turn was in the second grade class with joel and word got around she may have been drunk so school administrators and the school resource officer that the 25 students out of the classroom to investigate. reports say joel fell against the window when she stood up and she smelled of alcohol, slurred words, not hard time giving her eyes open.
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prescription drugs in her purse and were concerned enough to take her for medical treatment. >> i feel bad for the kids, -- do you feel bad for the kids next the district fighter but said yesterday was the 10th time she substituted in the two years with some of those schools and does not have teaching certificate. -- >> reporter: she had a dui conviction in 2012 -- 2012 but the district hired her two years later as a substitute teacher. we are sorting out why it did not disqualify her as a substitute teacher. more for you at 5:00 on eyewitnesses. live from brantley elementary in sanford, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. for the first time in florida, health officials say and affection from zika has been sexually transmitted. there are -- infection from zika. two cases confirmed in polk county. officials say one of the new cases was sexually transmitted.
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rest in florida affected by the -- while traveling outside the country. it appears the virus was transmitted sexually governor. rick scott hosting a special conference call with the cdc and health officials. texas also reported a sexually transmitted case of the cow. waiting to see whether governor. rick scott will sign a bill to prove -- approved by the state senate creating decisions for abortion catholics and for planned parenthood. that no bill requires abortion doctors to have an affiliation with a local hospital. and admitting privileges as well. the bill we defined dates of pregnancy trimesters which would affect when abortions can be performed. supporters say the bill is aimed at protecting women's health. opponents say it is unconstitutional attempt to restrict women's abortion rights. >> just because we shut down abortion clinics or make it very difficult for them to operate or expensive does not mean that those people who want an abortion are not going to try to go get one if they have
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>> the bill would put a stop to getting state money to organizations that provide elective abortions. a similar restriction in texas is being challenged in the u. s. supreme court. in orlando today the head of planned parenthood spoke out against the bill at a community breakfast, ceo said the abortion bill would mean more central florida women will miss out on preventative health screening. they have nothing to do with abortion. >> they want to shut down the contracts with the health departments and those provide opportunities for us to do cancer screening and preventative care. >> she says they are seeing more patients now because of population in central florida growing and because a number of women said they do not qualify for health insurance under the affordable care act no word on a possible suspect in a shooting near an orlando nightclub the police say a man was shot around 3:30
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near the back nightclub on west pine street. jeff deal is live at ormc. that is with victim is recovering and his family tells you they are keeping tabs on him. >> reporter: i spoke with his sister a while ago and she said he had been in surgery throughout the day starting around 9:00 this morning. his mom is here with him but she had not been able to speak with them. early morning orlando police responded to west pine street after calls for a shooting came in. once on scene, they found a large crowd gathered around the young man on the ground. the victim just turned 26 a day was bleeding from his leg. >> almost like eight of them, a lot of bullets. i do not see who do that. >> reporter: witnesses say it started as a verbal argument in the parking lot near the back nightclub, someone fired shots into the air and herbert tried to calm people down. that is when the gunmen shot him in both legs. at this point, we do not know
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argument or if herbert was involved with it. >> i do not know if the bullets were close to him. >> reporter: the strange thing is several witnesses told him no longer shot and herbert was okay and he told police he does not know who shot him and even he tried to reassure friends everything were owed -- was okay but witnesses described the getaway car as a gray or black nissan or lexus with aftermarket rims. herbert's sister and neighbors tell us about him and what he may have been near the club. working to put that together for eyewitness news at 5:00 the reporting live in orlando, jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news . several plays a hosting a gun safety class for families one week after police a six- year-old died from her babysitters gun. investigators say a'letha burke found eric weems gun under his couch and she mistakenly fired, killing herself. williams is charged with child neglect. class is being held at the
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in the seating at 6:00. of man claims he was insane when he slashed his wife's throat. he was arrested last april while trying to jump off a bridge. police say he murdered his wife hours before. the 12-year-old daughter found her mother's body. yesterday his lawyer filed papers claiming he's not guilty by reason of insanity. his lawyer claims he was suffering from schizophrenia. leaders heading to the united nations in new york in hopes of combating human trafficking. the chief of the orange county jail, a local investigator, a professor from ucf, and the head of a nonprofit are going. the panel will discuss human trafficking investigation, how to empower trafficking victims and a mobilephone app that shows young people how to protect themselves from traffickers. >> it is training, first responders are what they are looking at, judges, attorneys, and prosecuting on human trafficking.
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handful out of 600 applicants chosen to present next wednesday. the race for the white house, few hours from a critical democratic debate in miami and bernie sanders is coming off an unexpected win from last night round of primaries. >> on the gop side donald trump nailed three more decisive victories down. jorge estevez look at what is next for candidates but all eyes focused on florida. >> we have 99 delegates at stake which could contribute to anyone's delegate count. the vote here will decide who stays in and who does not. bernie sanders celebrating a major upset in michigan leading yesterday's primary after polling behind hillary clinton by double-digit. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls. >> sanders ended up with fewer delegates than clinton yesterday because of her big win in mississippi. right now, she is more than halfway to the delegate count
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democratic nomination. >> the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz yanked up idaho. >> at this point our campaign is beaten not once, not twice, but seven times. >> the night belonged to front runner donald trump winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. calling on other candidates to drop out and unify the party. >> let's come together, folks, we are going to win. i say let's come together. >> ohio governor. john kasich insists he is going to win in his home state to stay in turn the tide of the campaign. >> frankly for the first time people are really starting to hear my message. >> florida senator. marco rubio's confidence he will have a vintage despite coming last in mississippi and michigan. >> ( indiscernible ). >> rubio is counting on florida. democrats are focusing on that in miami meeting for the second debate this week that we asked
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surprised by any of last night's primary wins? let us know at facebook .com/ wftv. in a few hours, george hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take the stage as you mention for the democratic debate in miami. a half-million democrats have already voted in florida. christopher heath looked into how close the clinton sanders race is in florida that he will have that story for you live from miami during eyewitness news at 5:00. interesting race. >> never boring. marion county investigators say they found the man's body buried in the ocala national forest. >> why his family says they were worried about him weeks before his remains were found. getting around central florida's hard enough with it -- construction on the i 4 ultimate project. the newly approved project that will mean more slowdowns on the 417. taking over the second busiest va nursing home to get it open.
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they are not a partisan issue and this makes sense. >> how the takeover will improve the care at this much- needed facility and baldwin park. central florida is over for
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on top of breaking news in brevard county were crews are trying to get control of a brush fire that has damaged several homes. you saw the fire burning near several of the road and kogan drive in palm bay if you're watching at the top of the hour. we have been cutting and throughout the afternoon and melt hold is on the scene. -- melonie holt is on the scene. what can you tell if it's happening. >> reporter: a number of the homes in the area have been evacuated. you can see police are directing traffic from around the area. we are kogan drive but as you mention the fire in the area of
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several homes have been damaged. initial reports had to go home damaged and that number has increased we have not an exact number but several homes have been damaged. skywitness 9, a better idea of what is going on now. i am told among the damage to homes, some have minor damage, some of that damage is more significant. this is approximately 10 acres, this brush fire at this point. we do not know how it started but obviously, our major concern now is that palm bay fire department, brevard county, malabar, indian river, and the forestry service are trying to get a handle on this brush fire at this point. they keep trying to contain the fire but i am told the problem is it has been jumping fire lines that you can see how windy it was a moment ago. you can see why that is an issue now. a lot of these folks in the area have been telling me through their windows that they
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life in palm bay, -- live in palm bay, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. people upset when the federal government was looking to close the va nursing him and baldwin park. legislation that passed found a way to keep it open. channel 9s angela jacobs found out why making the state take of the facility actually saves taxpayer money. >> reporter: this is the bill that took just 20 days to zip through congress believed to be record time for washington. it officially puts baldwin parks be a nursing home in the hands of the state. >> what it means to veterans in the area is another example of a grateful nation coming together, surrounding all of our resources at a federal, state and local level to meet their needs. >> reporter: spearheaded by congressman john mica, action will now begin to refurbish the nursing facility and get it ready to fill the service needs of up to 120 veterans. right now lake baldwin is the second busiest in primary care
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system and it is only two- thirds vote. >> why should we sit on this valuable federal asset. we should open it up in the quickest way to get it open as to give it to the state of florida. >> reporter: not only will it keep the center open for an aging population about the congressman says it will save taxpayers millions and bring at least 150 new jobs. >> each time the federal government does it, it takes more time and costs more and there is more red tape. here, we have an agreement with between the state who operates the spirited -- facilities already and the federal government and we are going to get it done. >> reporter: angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news . plans to fix the facility had to go through lawmakers in tallahassee to congressman mica hope it happens quickly at the facility will be fully operational next year. expected to fill up immediately. spacex landing barge is back in port canaveral this afternoon following another failed landing attempt. the barge named of course i still love you, that's the name, was towed back to port
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after four and sexual -- unsuccessful attempts -- looking at liftoff, he is the issue. attempting to land the booster on the floating barge. great view of a solar eclipse the minions and indonesia more special glasses to see the moon align with the sun. it passed over parts of the indian and pacific oceans. alaska airlines pushed back the departure time for one flight so that more than 150 passengers could witness the eclipse from 37,000 feet. the next total solar eclipse will not happen until august of next year. >> cool views. >> we had it live on . >> a problem in brevard county. >> it is breezy, dry and i do not have rain, a lot of winds. hot temperatures is probably
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but great for spring breakers who are flocking with greater numbers week by week as we get central florida involved with sense -- spring break. e selfies breeze and 9 miles an hour, warmer temperatures had by all for the next couple of days. we had sea breeze calling things down along the east coast. 80 degrees orlando from 82 as one was 83 and we will get the official numbers of the next half hour. 82 four ocala, the villages and it will be warmer tomorrow with a south winds which will boost the temperatures tomorrow. altamonte springs, upjohn -- uptown, dinner temperatures in the mid-60s, 63 orlando, 60 deland and in the palm coast. warm flow of air out of the south and east. a southerly flow tomorrow and we are mired in severe weather and flooding rainfall, new
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to get one foot of rain between now and sunday. heavy rain to the west. strong, high pressure keeping the weather at bay. we will gradually break the ridge down and get a shot of rain ourselves especially sunday. nothing looks to be heavy. we need something to watch the pollen out of the air. thursday a couple of clouds in the afternoon and generally dry, friday, more of the same south breeze keeping temperatures well above the seasonal average. we will be warm and breezy for the upcoming weekend. it looks like sunday, the next best chance for some rain hopefully the rain coverage to 40 or 50 percent sunday especially later in the day, five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 87 degrees for tomorrow. the warmest of the year so far. how close we will be to records tomorrow and the timing of the rainfall as you plan your upcoming weekend. vanessa? the mayor of debary tries
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to the u. s. on a handmade wraps despite warnings from the coast guard. >> are you crazy that's a question people have. >> hear why he says he's pushing forward anyway. central florida leaders agreed to a plan to widen 470. it could mean more tolls for you. next, why they say they had no choice but to approve the extra charges.
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construction already in full swing for the i 4 ultimate project. that is not the only major headache for commuters on the horizon. this summer cruise began widening before 17 as well. shannon butler. >> reporter: it is supposed to make your commute a little easier in seminole county, the plan to widen the road and the premium toll lanes to get around conjunction the sum on the board of metro plan wanted to hold off on construction plans along this area of 417. because of construction along i 4 and other surrounding roads, some here deal drivers were annoyed enough. >> we need something to slow
4:25 pm
>> reporter: the board did not get it. the turnpike executive director said last year they understood from the board that the project was a go. money and time has already invested. >> candidly, there are consequences today to stopping the project where it is. >> reporter: the board says they were blindsided. >> i think we believe there was still an opportunity for us to put our foot down and say this is the wrong time. >> reporter: the board decided they had no choice but to approve it widening is expected to start in june. shannon butler, channel 9 eyewitness news . state transportation officials will add three lanes or have lanes along the greenway and beach line to ease construction going for. shannon butler filed out why they could have issues with the board hopes to more -- have more talks on the tolls and the state seems open to talks.
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and expressway authority going on out and could change the project quite vivid discussion plan for the express -- expressway authority meaning that set for tomorrow. more on what they decide. i 4, 417 hoping to get things wider and smoother but makes for headache. >> ahead it 4, police have not captured a suspected drop -- and robbers -- robert dressed as a cat. >> what he's as possible for a warning for parents, make sure you know what is on your child's phone. the app investigators say this man used to send nude photos to young girls and even meet up. weeks after her mother reported her son missing,
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>> we hope to release information. >> what we learned about the victim's final moments before his family says he vanished. >> we told you when investigators found the body friday. >> they told merck price about the victim reported missing by his mother in january. they had no idea how he ended up in the middle of the woods. >> reporter: they are trying to figure that out. they say he previously had been reported missing and investigators were actually out on the street searching for him. they were not having luck finding him until they got the tip that led them to his body. >> we are working around the clock on this case. >> reporter: marion county investigators are try to figure out what happened to thomas lombardo, 44. his body found buried in the ocala national forest. investigators have been searching for him since his mom reported him missing on january 25.
4:31 pm
a tip which led investigators to lombardo's body. >> without the tip that was given to us, i do not think that we would have ever found or recovered his body. it was a remote area, very limited access. >> reporter: one week prior to his disappearance, he was supposed to be moving back to brevard county to be closer to his mom and other family members. moving day came and went and mom says she sent lombardo numerous text messages and yvette -- never got back with her. days later she reported him missing. >> several weeks announcing activity from him at all it became suspicious. >> reporter: officials are you laughing at this meeting county motel where he was living. we reached out to victims mom today and we hope she could shed light on who the victim was the family members tell us she was too upset to talk we asked investigators about the tip, if they were suspects and what were the circumstances surrounding the victim's disappearance.
4:32 pm
because this is an active death investigation case. investigators tell us they will be able to provide more details about this once the case is wrapped up. live the marion county, myrt price, channel 9 eyewitness news . an update from the crew on the scene of breaking news in brevard county where a brush fire damaged homes and is getting larger. skywitness 9 is monitoring the scene. here's a look sample of the road, kogan drive sample of the road, kogan dr., palm bay. we're told the fire is 25 acres so far. we will stay on top of the scene a crew is on the ground and skywitness 9 is providing pictures as firefighters try to beat back flames with a water another house. more when we get more information and. you may not have known is against the law but state lawmakers have decided to eliminate a law that made it illegal for unmarried men and women to live together. almost unanimously, the florida house voted to undo the law
4:33 pm
under the current law, those unmarried couples caught living together could carry a penalty of a second degree misdemeanor. lawmakers say on top of being an invasion of privacy, it no longer makes sense to have such an obsolete law in effect. >> when you take a look at the state of florida, in the nation in general as to how many people live together while not married, just to have a law on the books that says it is illegal, i mean, it just doesn't make good sense. >> the senate version of the measure passed the full state senate last week, legislation now goes to governor. rick scott . ucf facing another lawsuit today related to the data breach copyrighted information of 63,000 students and staff the nose lawsuit filed yesterday by former student benjamin heller. he claims the university should have done more to prevent the beach. school officials say the fbi is still investigating how hackers were able to get into the
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sheriff's office was to remind drivers to look out for motorcycles and move over for emergency vehicles following a crash involving both. investigators say the deputy came upon this motorcycle crash on i 4 near deltona around 1 am. the deputy says drivers would not slow down or move over. the picture shows the black line left behind after a driver actually sideswiped one of the cruisers at the scene. no one was seriously hurt in either of the crashes. look at your screen. polk county deputies say a man redoubling the sketch try to lure and 11-year-old girl into his car as she walked home from school. investigators say he told the little girl her mother was in the hospital and he was sent to come and get her. the girl did not buy it and ran home to tell her mom. if you recognize that man, contact polk county deputies. brevard county, a judge ordered a murder suspect in the country on a tourist visa to be held without bond. police arrested the man last week. massaro from italy struck and
4:35 pm
hours after the super bowl when wilbanks made an unwanted sexual advance. after the hearing, wilbanks family tells us he was not a fighter. >> i know my son, he was not a violent guy. even as a child, so we just want the truth and we want justice. >> he was out on bond and a dui case at the time of wilbanks death. this afternoon police say there is no sign of an armed robber dressed as a cat in winter park. you heard about the libraries more than one week ago if you are watching eyewitness news over the weekend. investigators tell ty russell they hope the suspects unusual attire would bring in tips. both of these armed robberies happened in the middle of the afternoon. >> reporter: what a bizarre mo but these happened in broad daylight and police are looking for this guy. here are the figures we showed
4:36 pm
police say he was wearing a dark green jacket and investigators tell us his men dressed like a cat robbed men's clothing stores, and a busy park avenue area. the next day we were there when police a mcdonald's was robbed on aloma avenue. police not only evacuated the store but nearby athletic fields. police tell me the man applied he had a weapon but did not say exactly what it was. i have been talking to investigator and asked whether the man has been spotted at any other businesses but they tell me the investigator is out today but we are going to continue working on answering those questions. live in winter park, ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> you may have missed some of the audio, he did say police say the man was wearing a gray gray hoodie with years sewn into it. you can see the cat burglar a story to tell your friends, share it from the wftv facebook page
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check your child's phone after they say a diligent mother found out a 27-year-old was allegedly sending nude photos of himself and sexual messages to her daughter. karla ray said -- found out the girl met up with a man seven times. detectives say the man was using an app utopias about when you're ago. >> reporter: we started warning parents about the app k ik when the fbi started warning parents about it back in 2014. this is the icon you want to look for on your child's phone. i have it on my phone. it is a chat bubble with those letters k ik in green. it allows you to communicate with people you do not actually know and investigators say that is what amended letting him him jail. >> miguel, angel rodriguez. >> reporter: he said nothing when went in front of a judge jail. in text message conversations
4:38 pm
deputies say the 27-year-old narrated each movement while watching her and her parents while he was parked near their home. he allegedly told the girl she was looking sexy after meeting her on the free messaging at k ik. >> we have to make sure as parents we know what is going on and that was the key to really opening up the case. >> reporter: court documents show the girl admitted to her mother that she met up with a 27-year-old man seven times. she kissed him and he groped her. after the mother confronted her about messages on k ik from mikey asking about her age. the girl who says she misrepresented herself as 15 claims she was positioned about the threesome and the man and this mug shot said different photos to the app including nude pictures. the good news investigators say the victim did not reciprocate. >> you don't know where this could have gone.
4:39 pm
thankfully we do because a mother was attentive to what the child was doing. >> reporter: deputies are not sure yet it this point in the assistant -- investigation is our alleged victims but they are seeing an increase in uptick in cases like this because they believe more parents are checking children's phones. live, karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news. volusia county charity is taking on a big problem for young women aging out of foster care. the effort by ormonde charge is starting small with a apartment for five girls including a young single mother. so far the group raised $40,000 to start the program which they say will help foster growth it on their feet, get an education, and avoid going down the wrong path. >> is someone does not care for them, they will end up being cared for by pimps and traffickers of people who do not care about them that will use them so we want to make sure that we love them with a genuine love and change their legacy forever. >> the ormonde church is seeking donations for the
4:40 pm
to find out how to help head over to and click on the web links section. garden and aspirations for the third quarter earnings and expects restaurant sales to be up by 6 percent. the fortune 500 companies forecasted did not say why they were up at the full report is due out a book with. the announcement also reveals senior vice president and cfo jeffrey davis has been replaced by ricardo gardenias. the restaurant include all garden, longboard, capital grille, and bahama breeze. mentioning those restaurants makes my stomach growl. >> that time of the evening. half of orlando's population cannot find healthy food close to him. >> a problem one group ran into while trying to fix the issue. watching gusty winds and warm temperatures and a brush fire monitoring data palm bay. more about the drive had him coming up. debary's mary wants to travel from cuba to the u. s. on a homemade raft
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breaking news from brevard county where brush fire that damaged homes is about 95 percent contained. skywitness 9 is over the scene near sanfilippo wrote in cogan drive in palm bay. the fires 25 acres and we know that 4 homes were damaged. there are as many as 100 homes in the immediate area. those who do evacuate are currently not being allowed to return. melonie holt is live on the ground and she is going to have a live report coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 the mayor of debary says he plans to travel from cuba to the u. s. on a handmade raft. despite a new warning from the coast guard to day. the mayor tells blaine tolison
4:45 pm
through with the idea but the coast guard says the trip would immediately force them to launch a search and rescue. how did mayor johnson respond? >> reporter: he is rethinking the strategy considering the chase boat to follow from cuba to florida. we want to know why the mayor of debary is planning such a treacherous journey. why cuba? why the strip? wino? >> first and foremost, -- and why now 6:00 the adventure. >> his plan to drift on the raft from cuba to florida is not a stunt but he's getting plenty of attention and has sunscreen company sponsoring him. he is not of cuban descent the says it is a story he wants to tell. >> there are few firsthand stories explaining the story exactly works for some cuban- americans who have made the journey or know someone who
4:46 pm
coast guard officials in miami say an undetermined number of migrants have lost lives on board handmade vessels. they are discouraging the trip stating we respectfully urge the mayor to reconsider his trip which will best case result in a search for him. worst case, his trip may result in grave consequences. >> is that lost on you how dangerous this is? >> not at all. i understand how dangerous it is and i do not want to diminish or make light of how serious the trip is. >> the mayor is building an actual raft in his yard, a simple the move for metal barrel strapped a wet but this is a replica of what he plans to build in cuba. >> the mayor admits he may fail and says he is open to the thought of possibly dying. >> if it is totally safe and there is no risk or chance of failure, to me, what's the point. >> reporter: the mayor would not face charges for this and he would not be held financially responsible for any kind of a search effort. we have seen efforts in the
4:47 pm
of dollars. he plans to leave sometime in april. live in debary, blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> i hope he makes it okay. voters who by city equipment could get a discount when registering their vessels. part of the bill ready to be signed by governor. rick scott. if they buy and activate locator beacons they will get 12 percent discount. it was drafted after two florida teams -- teens disappeared at sea. presumed dead. if they had the beacons they may be alive today. we have fires. we been down this road before. we have not had any lightning. we usually start fires with lightning but not sure what's going on today in palm bay but we know winds have not been good for keeping that fire at bay. the southeast breeze at 15 miles an hour. this is the time lapse of the winds conditions and roughly where the fire is. you can see the smoke plume
4:48 pm
streaming upwind -- downwind rather, switching at 12. sea breeze moving through, it's more humid now but generally the breeze will be an issue for the firefighters. over the next couple of days, highs above average, mid to upper 80s. back in 1998, we had a wet early winter and it got dry in the spring and we hit 100 degrees for 3 days in a row in orlando. five days in a row and daytona. incredible record heat. everything was on fire and that's why we do controlled burns now to try to mitigate this. winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and humidity are struggling to get to 35 percent. the recipe for fire problems. winds out of the south and east giving us a nice late afternoon downtown orlando, temperatures low 80s inland and tomorrow the difference is going to be the atmosphere itself warming up a
4:49 pm
went boosting temperatures -- south winds boosting temperatures warmer tomorrow, 61 lake buena vista, 61 winter downtown orlando for tomorrow, 84 at 2:00, 86 at 4:00, 87 for a daytime high officially tomorrow and that's the warmest day of the year so far. warm weather across the southeast and high pressure is holding this winds stormy system i mentioned it could get 1 foot of rain near new orleans over the next few days -- days. stormy weather keeping it quiet for a central florida tomorrow, 5:00, high-pressure anchored and over the southeast. breaking down a bit. toward saturday night mainly into sunday night, later in the weekend we go the better chance for rain moving in. looking at high small, chamber of commerce weather, 85 separate, 88 clermont, 88 the villages, 86 st. cloud.
4:50 pm
the best warm weather we've had for spring break. sometimes we don't have the best weatherwise. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. orlando city, the forecast , kick-off friday 7:00 at the citrus bowl and you see a better chance for rain on sunday and we need rain and we would talk about that at 5:00. >> breaking news coverage of that brush fire in palm bay continues at 5:00. firefighters say residents have decided to leave homes and no one is being allowed back into the affected area. a look from skywitness 9, lots of smoke, flames are seen at the top middle of your screen. melonie holt will take a flight to the scene from the ground and moments. we told you a little go shopping killed this up on a wall playing with her babysitters gone. all new, new tool sanford police are giving residents now for free to make sure it will not happen to another family. easy access to healthy food can be nearly impossible in parts of central florida.
4:51 pm
grocery store in the area.
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imagine the neighborhood where it easy to find great soda than actual back of grapes. there are pockets like that all the orange county called food deserts. >> lawmakers have been considering a bill to help bring healthier options to the neighborhoods. nancy alvarez reports the money to fund the movement was cut. >> saundra moved to eatonville from winter park when you're ago and noticed this family dollar is the closest thing the town has to a large grocery store. >> if you need something quick and easy. >> is there health-food at family dollar? >> not really. i'm sure they have a few healthy items but it would not be like if we had a grocery store or a health-food store.
4:55 pm
designated of food does about the u. s. department of agriculture. so have other committees and make up almost half of orlando population. a food does it is a community with low or no access at all to places that sell fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. the department uses a series of factors including proximity to grocery stores, transportation, and income levels. hard to help. >> we have approximately 17 percent of people that are at or below the poverty o so they are obviously not able to get to food resources that they need. >> the board chair for the american heart association in orange county, the group is facing a setback where the bill working its way to tallahassee. is expected to pass but the $5 million attached to it was stripped. money that would have gone toward incentive programs to get better food options into food deserts. >> and economic development issue because it brings opportunities for small businesses to go into those areas that are underserved.
4:56 pm
it's a health issue and he says his group will continue fighting for funding. nancy alvarez, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we have an interactive map on where the local food deserts are located. see it. interesting to look. >> and alleged dogfighting today. evidence a picture we saw that arrest of 26 people. a substitute teacher arrested, accused of showing up at this elementary school drunk. the condition the officer says he found her in when she was supposed to be teaching second graders. another update on breaking news. here's a look of firefighters expecting to spend all night working on a growing brush fire that already damaged new at 4 homes. you can see the roof damaged.
4:58 pm
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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breaking right now, firefighters are working to protect homes from this growing brush fire. four homes already damaged and some residents are not being allowed into their neighborhood tonight. we've been following this breaking story since 5:00. >> it's now 45 acres. the fire is burning near san filippo road and logan drive. melanie holt is live. there are 100 homes that that area. >> reporter: there are. the fire chief in palm bay is worried about shifting winds. a number of people who live near this neighborhood aren't been allowed back into their neighborhood. you can see the roadblock here. you can get a much better idea of what's going on on the ground by taking a look from sky witness 9. i'm told most of what's still burning now is in an undeveloped
5:00 pm
homes to be a cause for concern. forestry has a plan up right now. those who decided to stay home are being asked to let firefighters do their work. >> some residents have chosen to evacuate. if residents remain in their homes they're being asked to stay in their home and let the fire department fight the fire. >> reporter: there's still no time line when residents will be allowed back in. we're hoping that we can get an update from the fire chief when that can happen for eyewitness news at 6:00. live in palm bay, melanie holt, channel 9, eyewitness news. breaking right now in orange county, we just learned that all lawsuits against the new west orange relief high school have been dismissed. all the individuals named said they agreed to dismiss them. we're working to find out what led to it. the two sides seemed far


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