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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning. police in edgewater using actual results to watch children on their way to school. what they know about a man who approached a boy on his bike. >> excuse me, excuse me, after all there is a democrats tangling in miami. the issues in the debate and what -- 6 am, thursday, march 10. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following thursday morning commute, hopefully it is, compared to yesterday. >> certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 getting warmer. >> today could be the warmest day so far this year. we may be seeing that a lot as we go over the next couple months. downtown orlando, watching
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ground but 66 now, shorts, short sleeves for today. winds out of the southeast at 7 miles an hour. 68 daytona beach, 70s in cocoa beach in melbourne, 63 ocala, sitting at 65 and parts of sumter and lake county. mid-sixties -- parts of sumter and lake county mid-sixties, groveland. a few scattered clouds, patchy fog is it, dry to start and we are going to stay dry for today. with that, by the time we hit the afternoon, the planner, it will turn breezy not only warm but also breezy. we will watch for that fire for today and temperature track noon, 80 and into the afternoon mid-80s are rampant warmer than yesterday. by 6:00, temperatures right near 80 degrees coming up we will track the warm up of the next three days, changes into the weekend and then we will track the next front.
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let's see how the drive is doing as volume picks up with deneige. >> i 4, colonial. no issues eastbound and westbound along i 4. the traffic to the right side is heading toward seminole county and construction on i 4 has cleared out this morning. you will not have any cones or work crews on the interstate to deal with this morning. but we do have a spot of construction on the turnpike southbound before osceola parkway. one lane is blocked. they should clear that out soon. i will let you know if anything else pops up. right now, no crashes. jamie? parents can expect to see extra edgewater police near an elementary school where a child says a stranger approached him. >> it happened along west parents can expect to see extra edgewater police near an elementary school where a child says a stranger approached him. >> it happened along w. target rd. yesterday, janai norman live near the school. they asked -- the kid said -- >> it happened 7:30 am yesterday. police after the man approached
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right now officers are calling this an attempted abduction that they are investigating. they plan to have extra patrols around both elementary schools in the city. the best clues they have to find the man is a description the nine-year-old gave them described as a shorter, white male, 5 foot two, 5 foot eight with heavy build, black hair, long black goatee and was dressed in all black with sunglasses yesterday morning. they are asking anyone who may have seen the man to give police a call. we will be here throughout the morning watching for the increase patrols out of schools start at 7:55. the next half hour we are asking police about any other information they may have and finding out the next steps in the investigation to find the guy. live in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a georgia mother at the center of an amber alert has been arrested ocala. we got a picture of her that
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county get -- jim. investigators say clarion garrison disappeared with her three children from albany, georgia, yesterday. detectives found the mom and her children at a withheld -- relative's home in ocala last night. children are okay and him dcf custody. police in pennsylvania say at least two men on the run after five people were killed. police say 4 women and a man were killed in a party last night. investigator say the gunman appeared in the backyard party and opened fire in an ambush style attack the police are investigating the motive and three people are in stable critical condition and local hospitals. brevard county, this morning fire crews are monitoring hotspots after a 45 acre wildfire raced through a palm bay neighborhood and damaged homes. we told you about the fire as it was breaking on eyewitness news at four yesterday. firefighters tell us 4 homes were damaged district, two badly. they say the fire is one of 2 percent contained and the fire
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agencies helped to put out the homes. neighbors we spoke to said they pitched in. >> the side was on fire and i saw the fire so i grabbed a garden hose to try to keep the fire from the house. >> the fire chief tells us crews are expected to spray the wooded area again this morning to prevent flareups and he determined today. is a morrow county substitute teacher will not be returning to the classroom after being accused of teaching while drunk. >> have you taught before anywhere else? >> no. >> sanford police say holly joel had a plastic water bottle contain pink liquid and smelled like alcohol with her in the classroom on tuesday morning. this was in a second grade class at brantley elementary. instigators say she reeked of alcohol, stumbled and did not know what day it was.
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hopefully they will do something about it and i'm going to call my daughter to make sure they had done something about it. >> joel was hired two years ago. district officials say tuesday was only the 10th time she has been called to substitute. she has since bonded out of jail after being arrested for felony child neglect. a form of orange county preschool worker has pleaded not guilty after being accused of leaving a child and hot van for hours. only one person showed up to an arraignment yesterday that we go to the state attorney filed a misdemeanor charge against three former workers at winters preschool. another worker tells us the court has yet to summon her for her other -- her other coworkers because address have change. attorneys and alleged dogfighting case expecting to give -- they are on trial accused of dogfighting. they are two of the 26 people up off the police arrested. investigators say they found more than 30 dogs during a bust in the home and 2014. dogs were injured or emaciated.
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conditions their dogs for the fight and that timeframe is called a keep. >> seven people had charges dropped and seven other defendants pleaded no contest. the presidential candidates continue to crisscross the state this week preparing for the -- prepare for the primary five days away. we were there in miami for the latest debate between sanders and clinton. eyewitness news this morning. angela jacobs following the race. the hot topic was immigration reform . >> reporter: that's what was expected as clinton looks to wrap up the nomination and the jury is out on who actually won the eighth debate. days after a contentious debate in michigan and 24 hours after a primary contest without the state or sanders, sanders and clinton back battling it out in miami. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> reporter: in a bilingual debate, both candidates laid
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voters before they had two primary polls next week. they sparred over immigration but also shared a similar stance on the subject. >> i would not support children, i do not want to deport family members either, jorge. >> i will not the poor children port clinton was once again pressed on emails. >> i did not send or receive any emails marked classified at the time. >> reporter: sanders had to explain his praise for cuban dictator castro in the 80s. >> it was a mistake. both in nicaragua and cuba. >> reporter: clinton pounced. >> that is not the kind of revolution of values that i ever want to see anywhere. >> reporter: despite that stunning loss in michigan, clinton dominates the current polls, even if she were to lose all five states voting tuesday the double digits, she could still win the nomination. neither candidate could escape last night without addressing republican front runner donald trump and we found they had
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that is coming up for you at the next half hour. back to you. senator. bernie sanders will be a central florida today , expecting to a peer kissimmee this afternoon. we will sit down with him one- on-one. cbs2 starting at eyewitness news at four. former florida governor. jeb bush will meet with two of the gop presidential candidates . and it says bush plans to meet with the remaining candidates except front runner donald trump and he did not say what the meeting is about but bush had planned to meet with senator. marco rubio yesterday and today expected to meet with ted cruz and governor. john kasich. the next republican presidential debate is tonight. they would take the stage at the university miami 8:30. eyewitness news this morning. christopher heath will be there and complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10 on tv 27 and 11:00 on channel 9. coming up 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 and we are going up a few more degrees. >> warmer along the coast, by
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81 in daytona beach and 80 tomorrow and saturday. good-looking days. be mindful if you had in the water. we will see stronger rip currents that will be with us and sunday, we was he changes as the next front approaches. inland am a marion county, 87 to now, ocala, bellevue, raible springs, silver springs, all of the 80s toward the national forest. mid to upper 80s possible. orange county near 84, winter park, water bridge, 86 colonial town in orlando. 86 a kobe and oakland, bithlo, 85. running in the mid-80s over toward green meadows and kissimmee, temperatures around 86. 87 today artisan park, celebration and winds kick up. we watch for the fight for throughout the day. southeast 10 have 20 winds. we need to get rain. there are some in the forecast. we will timeout when rain and thunderstorms return and how it could impact the upcoming weekend. 6:10. hitting the drive with deneige.
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have not pulled -- any issue so far. we had this last piece of construction before osceola parkway but they have cleared it out. updating the rest of live traffic tracker, taking alive look. we don't have crashes right now. a good start to your drive. i will let you know if something pops up. red light cameras are watching you from busy intersections across central florida. the next move for lawmakers who want to unplug the cameras permanently. a local school does not have any fire alarms but the school is doing to make sure students are safe. mow the yard, 67 guys whatever took. >> -- six or seven guys, whatever took. >> the mayor st. cloud facing
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nancy alvarez, 6:14 am. look at your screen, a beautiful shot over downtown orlando, lake eola as the sun slowly comes up. beautiful morning. 66 degrees now. we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. check of weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> 9 investigates found out the st. cloud home rack of thousands of dollars in code enforcement fines belonging to the city's mayor. according to records, male rebecca borders consistently failed to mow the lawn at the property on delaware avenue dating back to 2013. it is not the house he lives in. she has been in personal bankruptcy since 2012 and is not paid more than $3200 for the services interest and penalties. >> i think it is wrong. she should not be running for office again. >> the man's attorney argues
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means for risk does not have control over who she's a lot to pay and instead it's decided in court. city leaders aside a special task force to study if after-hours clubs should be allowed to open and downtown. the task force is made up of nine city staff members looking at how safe the clubs are after one recently opened up downtown. club nocturnal is open from 1 am-7 am saturdays but the -- cannot serve alcohol because it is not allow drinks past 2 pm. the moratorium expires october 31. the task force hopes to have plans on how to improve safety downtown. express toll lanes will be built on the 417 despite metro plan's efforts to stall it. the board thought they would vote down the department of transportation plan to widen and put in express lanes along the 417. sunset with all the construction, the timing was not right. others say they did not want
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road -- told on the road they are using construction endued expansion project at the airport. they plan to build extra iran -- entrance and sanford avenue. we told you about plans for new domestic gates to handle more travelers. red light cameras across the state may be taken down wednesday. representatives took the floor to debate whether cameras are intended to keep people safe or only serve the purpose of collecting more taxes. in the end, lawmakers voted to repeal a 2012 law and take down the cameras. >> is a local official wants to make that determination, then they should make it. and their citizens can respond accordingly. >> the issue will be taken up next in the senate where it will be harder to get a vote for removing the cameras.
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emergency workers and committee leaders across orange county will prepare for disasters like hurricanes, terrorist attacks and mass shootings. from eight-noon today city workers, first responders, medical officials and administrators will train and a full-scale community preparedness exercise. workers will get hands-on experience in real-world simulated disasters. across orange county. 6:18 am. spring forecast was not a drilled. >> it will be warm. not some humidity but spots approach 90 degrees. >> getting you into the weekend. >> people in brevard will watch your forecast because of fires. >> the issue is we been too dry. dry, 66 downtown orlando, light breeze but we mentioned that yesterday. dry whether an breeze kicking up again.
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the last few weeks and will monitor the fire threat not just the next few days but into the heart of the fire season over the next month or two. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and there are 70s popping up in brevard county. shorts, short sleeves, winds out of the southeast breezy and brevard county but overall, that will pick up throughout the day. gusting over 20 miles an hour. beautiful sunrise, a few scattered clouds. high pressure a dominant feature keeping the storm systems north and west of us. another dry day. palm bay, near 80 by noon at 2:00. closer to the coastline we will be warm with mid-70s by the time we hit the evening hours. future track, 10 am, timeframe, scattered clouds, good for outdoor work. kids burn energy before coming home to me. partly cloudy skies this evening, a nice evening shaping up.
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saturday a good-looking day but storm system to the west tries to approach sunday. sunday we see a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. at the beaches, overall nice. seas 45 feet and a -- 4 to 5 feet and strong risk of rip currents. partly cloudy, temperatures around 85, number city by city, 71 palm coast, 87 ocala today, 87 claremont them a 86 degrees in leesburg. tonight port orange, 60 degrees. a mild night. 61 kissimmee by the loop, 62 winter garden, winter garden village, ocoee, oakland, mild, patchy fog and tomorrow warmer near 80 at the coast and again made if not a couple upper 80s and the far interior western sections. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view.
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warm. low 80s partly cloudy skies, sunday, 50 percent chance of showers and a few storms that will slide away but 80s next weekend. saturday night we spring forward one hour before you go 6:20 am. traffic tracker with deneige. >> the first crash of the morning popped up on live traffic tracker. this is orange blossom trail at 414, maitland boulevard, southbound on orange blossom trail, possibly one lane blocked looks like they were able to get it out. if you're heading in that direction, a hit-and-run crash for troopers will be on scene long to investigate. a widow other deputy killed in the line of duty took on the state legislator and won. a new law that helps other families making the ultimate sacrifice. extra patrols, what they know about a man they say try to lure a nine-year-old boy into his car. people who live in areas of central florida do not have
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be at a gas station owners to protect the pump. >> we told you a bill is headed for the governor's desk which will force owners to increase security. it passed the house on the sendup oviedo police discovered another credit card skimming. eyewitness news as the better business bureau why gas stations do not already have credit card to breeders in place. >> sometimes it is in the budget and sometimes not. anytime you have to buy technology, there is an expense that comes with it. in this case, businesses cannot afford not to do it. >> we asked seven11 and mobile if they will help cover the cost for additional security measures and they did not respond to the question. a group of fire watchers is watching over a private school in orange county. school of ministry this scramble to get working fire alarms. agape christian school hired an independent firm to monitor the school and church. fire marshall's office is finding the school $500 per day until they find a quote real solution to the problem. since last year the school
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neighborhoods in florida access to healthy foods has hit a roadblock in tallahassee. a community with low or no access to stores that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and meats is referred to as a food desert. almost half of orlando's population lives in a community with this designation. a bill to help the committees is expected to pass but $5 million attached to it with strict -- stripped. >> we have 70 percent of people at or below -- 17 percent of people at or below poverty level. they are not able to get to food resources they need. >> the money was supposed to be used as incentives to get grocery stores into the neighborhoods. if you want to see if you live in or near the desert -- food desert had to /web links. zika virus spread across florida. >> y health officials say a brand-new case is different from all the rest.
6:27 am
investigating an attempted abduction near an elementary school. what we are learning about the investigation and the clues police have to find the guide. temperatures up to date. orange county, downtown, lake nona, hunter's creek, 86 degrees for today. it gets warmer plus storms in
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6:30 am on live look over orlando, skywitness 9, not too bad temperature wise. the roads are all right so far. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom keeping an eye on the roads. to the story than yesterday. >> let's keep it that way. >> i hope so. >> beginning with brian and the check of the warm-up. >> 80s on the way today. you mentioned dry weather. we will watch for the fight right throughout the rest of today. a warm afternoon on the way, 85 degrees in the partly cloudy skies and again staying dry.
6:31 am
60s and 70s. it is mild, comfortable start, 64, deland, sensible, debary, sanford, 64 in the villages, 70 indian river, cocoa beach, 63 harmony, holopaw st cloud. satellite radar picture, scattered clouds and a central florida. planning ahead, orange county ridgewood park elementary on the screen is the planner by lunchtime already going to be near 80 degrees and this afternoon inland, mid-80s with us plus this afternoon it is going to be turning breezy, winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. if you have any fires, they could spread quickly. into the evening hours, temperatures around 79 by the time we hit 6:00. we would look at dry weather numbers and then go city by city with the heat on the way and we will track storms back in the forecast.
6:32 am
deneige. >> starting with it, i 4 at the turnpike, looking good in both directions on i 4 as well as the turnpike. you see westbound volume attractions. nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the morning. we have not had any issues. live traffic tracker, this was the first crash of the morning orange blossom trail at 414, maitland boulevard skywitness 9 was over the scene five minutes ago. they have been able to get this completely to the side. it should not impact the commute. nancy? edgewater police plan to have extra patrols in the area where a child to a stranger approached him. >> w. target avenue, 730 wednesday morning as the nine- year-old rode his bike to school. janai norman is live at the edgewater public elementary school and he was able to get a decent description.
6:33 am
have in the attempted abduction they had not far from the edgewater elementary school. we went by the street where it happened almost 24 hours ago. a few blocks from the school, a nine-year-old told police he was riding his bike when a guy approached him and asked if he wanted to go to his house. the kid ran back to his own home describing the guy to the police as a white male, short, between 542-5 foot eight, heavy bill, black hair and long black ot. the boy says the guy was wearing a black longsleeved shirt, black shorts, temperatures and sunglasses. we requested a copy from police of the incident report and they say it will be available later and we were asked whether they are working with a nine-year- old to try to put together a sketch of the guy they are looking for. we are going to talk with parents as they drop of students at a school starting at 7:55 to find out if they have a heightened alert after what happened yesterday. live in volusia county, janai
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morning. we know the name of a man whose body was found buried in the ocala national forest. investigators are not sure what happened to him. marion county deputies say the victim is 44-year-old tommy lombardo. they have been searching for him since january when his mother reported her missing. he was last seen and a marion county motel where he was living. his mom says he was supposed to be moving to brevard county to be close to her. a tip led investigators to his body last week. orange county deputy suggest you check your child's phone at a local mom says she found out the 27-year-old man said nude photos and sexual messages to her underaged daughter. deputies say miguel rodriguez junior is communicated with regard to the messaging app 20 -- certified meteorologist brian shields. investigators met him in person several times -- regarding messaging app k ik. the
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accidents with guns. hosting classes with adults and kids informing them how to be safe around guns after a six- year-old girl accidentally shot and killed herself with a gun police say was not secured. two dozen people showed up to the classes which never police call a success. >> the shows success in ensuring guns are put away safely and people take the initiative to do what is right. >> this is important residents can also stop by his police department anytime to get a free gun lock. federal grand jury will determine whether more people will face criminal charges because of a published charity with ties to congresswoman corinne brown. donors testified yesterday about how they were duped into thinking they were raising money for scholarships. last week the director of one door for education carlo wiley pled guilty to conspiracy as
6:36 am
group rate $800,000 in 2012. while he told prosecutors she had help from, quote, an unnamed public official and one of their employees. they use the unnamed health officials name to generate donations. >> what you told you are giving to a nonprofit? >> yes. you always want to have it work out well when you make charitable contributions. >> according to the plea, the public official deposited large amounts of cash from the one door account into their personal account. brown has not commented. a former ucf student is suing the university over data breach that compromised the information of 63,000 students and staff. benjamin heller filed a lawsuit tuesday claiming ucf could have done more to prevent the beach -- breach. fbi is investigating how hackers were able to get into their system. this is the third lawsuit related to the data breach. state health insurance say one person contracted the zika virus to sexual contact. yesterday's announcement
6:37 am
to go confirmed a polk county, one was sexually transmitted. the other like the rest of the state will travel related. we will monitor the updated with the latest at 4:00. the nursing home in baldwin park with get it keep doors open. state lawmakers celebrated passing new legislation to keep the facility open. local congressman john mica spearheaded the bill to transfer it from the federal government back to the state. officials plan to research the facility and have it operating next year. see more people in orlando over the next several years and x-ray city leaders will explain how they will try to accommodate them all. last year some 7000 people moved to the city beautiful bringing the population to around 265,000. that number expected to grow to 300,000 to 300,000 x 20 30. -- by the year 2030. they are working on employment projects to accommodate them. >> where will they go? >> i do not know. >> i 4. >> warm-up and star. continuing to warm up the
6:38 am
one of the reasons we haven't dry. one day over the last two weeks with ray. we will monitor the fire threat. there's a chance of showers and a couple storms by the second half of the week. putting together new information. coming up in a few, main weather. near 80 along the coast., by the sea, ormond beach, daytona beach, south daytona, near 80. inland, low to mid 80s deland de leon springs deltona debary 83-84. mid-80s across sumter county webster 87, dry and breezy. summit county, 84 geneva, 85 longwood, sable point, 86 altamonte springs with the southeasterly wind. gusty winds by the afternoon. tonight, nice temperatures again 50s and 60s on the way. coming up i will show you one we could see some thunderstorms for part of the weekend. 6:39 am deneige. >> starting off with i 4, 408,
6:39 am
ramp or either direction along i 4. we had construction cleared out around 45 minutes ago. pulling up live traffic tracker, no crash at 408 but some debris reported 408 eastbound at hiawassee road. keep this in mind you will pass this when you are heading in that direction until they are evil to clear it out. the mayor of debary wants to use a draft to float from cuba to florida. >> he said it was the and a better why the coast guard does not agree. clinton and sanders had in the venture putting estevan debate number eight last night in miami. we will see what they have to say about republican front-
6:40 am
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642 in presidential candidates
6:43 am
week preparing for the florida primary 5 days way. >> we were there in miami for the latest debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and in -- angela jacobs following the basement they could not ignore donald trump. >> reporter: trump and fellow republican candidates do not take the stage until tonight like you said but that is why his democratic rivals jumped on this chance to attack. >> reporter: questions over hillary clinton's emails begin the debate. >> i did not send or receive any emails marked classified at the time. >> reporter: sec. clinton maintained she did nothing wrong citing several emails by other secretaries of state. the candidates often point out there opponents weaknesses, often talking over each other. >> excuse me. >> reporter: and both took time to take aim at republican front runner donald trump. >> is donald trump a racist? like is trafficking and prejudice and paranoia? it has no place in our
6:44 am
>> we do not as donald trump and others have done, resort to racism and seeing a phobia and bigotry. >> reporter: from there, issues turn to immigration with both candidates advocating a pathway to citizenship. the two also have similar positions on overhauling immigration reform. >> imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. imagine how much more secure families would be an our country . >> reporter: not only that we need comprehensive immigration reform, if the congress does not do its job as president of the united states, i will use the executive powers of office to do what has to be done. >> i found a range of opinion this morning on who won last night. does not change the fact clinton is dominating the polls. even if she were to lose all five states voting by double
6:45 am
florida michigan still went to the nomination. back to you. the next republican presidential debate is tonight. taking the state the university of miami at 8:30. eyewitness news this morning. christopher heath will be there recovered on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 27 and 11:00 on channel 9. a bill that would give the families of first responders who die in the line of duty 100 percent of their monthly salary is on its way to governor. rick scott. state lawmakers passed the bill which is motivated by the shooting death of orange county deputy scott pine in 2014. his widow bridgette pyne says the way the system was set up, it was at giving her family enough that if it's to make ends meet. the bill gives the option to transfer into a pension plan. getting a look at helicopter video from the orange county sheriff's office as they follow a car stolen from the tampa area. look at this driver who turns into a neighborhood on fox trail and lets five people at a keeps going. you can see them clear even though it is night.
6:46 am
was caught after that and some people who got the car lookout for motorcycles and emergency vehicles after a crash. a reminder comes after a deputy came along a crash on i 4 yesterday. drivers would not slow down or move over and one cruiser was sideswiped. no one seriously hurt in either crash. attorneys for former casselberry police department employees who are suing the former chief and city have filed an extensive public records request for information on more than one dozen former office. former chief bill mcneal resigned in 2014 after we started asking questions about an alleged inappropriate relationship be -- with a subordinate officer. since then seven former employees signed onto a federal lawsuit claiming racial and gender discrimination. we asked the attorneys what
6:47 am
we have not heard back. despite the advice from the u. s. coast guard, the mayor of debary is plans to go from cuba to florida next month on a homemade raft. mayor clint johnson says he wants to do it for the adventure and tell a first and story of what it is like for those make the journey. the coast guard says it is dangerous and results in a search for him. we asked about it yesterday critics call him crazy. >> i think people are crazy for driving a race car or riding a motorcycle too fast or drinking too much. all of that is crazy to a degree. so this is a little more adventurous than a lot might do themselves but i do not know if i call it crazy. >> the mayor tells us he may have the chase boat follow him and he hopes to reach key west in two days. marion county leaders want you to know about the sales tax initiative before heading to they are holding two informational meetings today, 10 am and 6 pm at the mcpherson government complex in ocala. the president vote in favor of it during the primary, the
6:48 am
enforcement and emergency services. you can vote on that issue if you are not affiliated with the party but remember you must be a registered democrats or republicans to vote for a presidential candidate in the primary. some students in orange county may soon be changing schools the school board approved three school zones and plans to rezone others. starting in august, some students from stoics elementary will be moved to sunrise elementary affecting the west area of south alafaya trail. in august of next year some students of color and lake silver elementary schools will be moved to princeton. the school board voted on zoning for new middle school and avalon park. 6:48 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. every -- >> spring. >> it is here. temperatures in the 80s watch for the five threat today and a chance or some rain and storms back in the forecast for downtown orlando over lake eola into thorton park. you see low clouds in the distance.
6:49 am
over the last 30 minutes, nothing too widespread. that. 66 degrees now, mild, comfortable winds of the hour. all of us in the 60s with a few 70s in brevard county, 71 melbourne palm bay, 63 kissimmee intercession city, 65 clermont through altoona. winds of the southeast lighter northern tier and that is what we have patchy fog breezier along the coast and that is why we are warmer with temperatures near 70 brevard. scattered clouds, big picture high-pressure is in control so the storm systems staying to the north and west and by the time we hit sunday, that is when we see the next chance of a few showers and storms developing. orange county today warming up quickly. legacy middle, 81 by noon and mid-80s by the afternoon. here is future track, 10 am, good shaper recess and working outdoors by 1:00 still dry and try all day long and a few scattered clouds by the
6:50 am
see tom terry today here at 4:00. he will track that. saturday, good-looking day mainly dry saturday and sunday we finally get a front approaching with a 50 percent chance of showers and even a couple thunderstorms by the afternoon on sunday. beaches, water temperatures are gradually warming mid to upper 60s and the issue seas 4 to 5 feet and still a strong risk of rip currents and the threat may remain right into the upcoming weekend. a warm afternoon today partly cloudy, highs around 85 city by city temperatures, 79 melbourne, 86 degrees in st. cloud, 84 today, seminole county, sanford. tonight, patchy fog, 50s and 60s and a lot like this morning. it will be a nice night if you do not suffer from allergies, pollen levels are soaring. open tonight. tomorrow near 80 along the coast and a lot of mid-is not a couple of 80s inland and it
6:51 am
on the dry side and another warm, kind of comfortable day. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. on saturday, 80s around again and again, mainly dry. sunday is what we can see showers and storms, 50 percent chance as the front nudges closer, left over shower is possible monday but again, no cool down insight we are still in the 80s into next week overnight lows in the 60s and as a reminder, saturday night, a time change weekend. we spring forward one hour saturday night in theory, we lose that hour of sleep. 6:51 am. looking at a crash with deneige. >> gershwin street at apopka vineland road does not seem you have road block but keep in drive -- keep in mind troopers on scene and what of a crash when i do, john young parkway, skywitness 9 headed over to that so we should have the picture within the next seven minutes.
6:52 am
heading toward maitland. a smooth commute on i 4 nancy? if you ever want to become a space traveler here's your chance. when you will be able to make a reservation for a trip into orbit to following the investigation into an attempted abduction. coming up what we know about the man police are looking for and the efforts to find him. digital technology costing only you see customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. 7 am, eyewitness news is
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:54. police in edgewater are investigating an attempted abduction. wednesday morning police say a 9-year-old, was driving his bike when a man approached. janai norman is live and beefing up patrols? >> reporter: we're going to pan the camera. this is the second police officer we've seen drive by in the last five minutes and they're not just beefing up patrols near edgewater, public elementary school, but we're told around both elementary schools in the city. this is where the 9-year-old was headed to school around 7:30 yesterday morning when he told police a guy asked if he wanted to go to his house. the kid took off going back to
6:56 am
gave police a description of the man he saw. he described him as shorter, while male, heavier build and a long black goatee and the kid said he was wearing black shorts, a black shirt, tennis shoes and sunglasses. we'll share this on tv 27 as police work to find the man who fits that description. reporting live, janai norman, eyewitness this morning. new from overnight, family and friends are preparing for a hero's welcome as troops return from a year long deployment in afghanistan. we were there as a family said good-bye to their loved ones. a ceremony will be held to honor those 130 froop130 troops that
6:57 am
and a state of the county address will be at osceola heritage park at noon. if you can't make it, the address will be recorded and uploaded to view after the event. disney will not answer our questions that would move the county. sarasota county leaders are negotiating terms for describe and construction of a 75 feet training facility in north port. right now the atlanta braves train at the espn wide world of sports. future soccer sports have a new place to play their sports. it's the second mini station the foundation has installed and is extending the soccer for success program with kids mentoring healthy lifestyles. they talk about the great things
6:58 am
new orlando city insider and catch it on tv 27 this saturday night at 10:35. pilots are getting ready to show off a few fighter planes and bomber aircraft in titusville today ahead of the warbird air show this weekend. the event starts tomorrow at the space coast regional airport. as always, we'll see crews that flew in around the world. a fireworks show kicks off that event tomorrow night t. ends on sunday. space x made its way to port canaveral after another failed landing attempt. >> that barge named of course i still love you was towed back to port on tuesday. a falcon 9 rocket launched after four failed attempts, and the attempt to land a booster failed again. the private space travel company, blue origin announced a date to send people into orbit. the ceo says the company wants to start the first human test
6:59 am
last year, the company announced rockets would launch from cape canaveral air force station. officials say thousands of people have shown interest in the trips into orbit but they have not disclosed a price. >> hmm. >> do you know what the astronaut said to his wife? i just need more space. all right. 6:58. >> i'm sorry, i just spaced out there. warm afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures around 85 as we go throughout the day. it is going to be breezy. we're going to monitor that fire threat for today. comfortable patchy fog, temperatures around 62 and your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, warmer tomorrow, 86, still some 80s saturday, sunday though we're going to watch out for a chance of a few showers and storms a roundabout a 50% chance and the 80s stick around into next week. have a great morning i'll see you today at noon. 6:59, deneige. john young parkway northbound, right at u.s. 192, you can see there, there is a lane blocked off by three vehicles, so you'll go ahead and
7:00 am
i haven't noticed too many delays in the area, also a quick crash, gershwen to apopka vineland. and 9 investigates is investigating ou customers, good morning, america. state of emergency. more than a foot of rain drowning the south. devouring homes. sweeping away trucks and buses. nine states now under flood watches as the northeast faces record high temperatures. >> breaking overnight a deadly rampage. at least five killed after a gunfight breaks out at a backyard barbecue. the massive manhunt for the killers right now. making headlines, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading blows overnight. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> my dad used to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.


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