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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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way driver. we will have the alternate routes in a few moments. continuing to update you on the breaking news as you heard jamie say troopers say two drivers are dead after the wrong way crash. the shutdown i 4 near sam lake road. we have been monitoring this all morning. eyewitness news this morning. janai norman is live at the scene. you are getting an idea of one i 4 could be reopened. >> reporter: troopers tell us they are estimating these westbound lanes will be reopened in about one hour at 6:30 am but they say it is an estimation because of the deadly crash they have been investigating for two hours this morning. we are getting more information about how it happened. around 3:20 this morning a green van we showed you in the video this morning was traveling eastbound and the westbound lanes of i 4 near sam lake road.
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taxi, traveling westbound in the van hit the taxi head-on and both male drivers died at the scene. as we have been here this morning getting video, there was a cab number and i confirmed it is from diamond cab company. the dispatcher i spoke with was not able to give me any more information. when we get a chance to talk with the media contacts for troopers, one of the first things we will ask is where they believe the wrong way the circumstances surrounding why and how it happened. when we get those answers we will update you hear on air and facebook and social media. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. >> pulling the camera along i 4 near sam lake road is where you have all the westbound lanes shut down. they have that shutdown starting at kirkman. you will have to exit at
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westbound and sam lake road. we have another crash with a roadblock by ucf, mcculloch road at greystone legend place after you pass alafaya trail westbound lanes are blocked now. take alafaya southbound and get onto university westbound for the alternate. we will heat up quickly hitting about 90 degrees in orlando and it will be the hottest day of the year so far. average high is 78. temperatures will be at least 10 degrees above average for today. this morning, a warm start, 60s and 70s. 67 palm coast, succeed the villages and clermont in orlando in the low 70s to waterford lakes. 70 degrees my friends in melbourne toward melbourne village, 72 cocoa beach. scattered clouds and patchy fog but overall, a lot of sun on the way. here is the planner and how quickly we warm up lunchtime,
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volusia county, george marx elementary, well into the 80s, 86 degrees by the time at 4:00 and plenty of sun to the evening, 83 at 6:00 are coming up, i want to go city by city with how hot we will be an hour show you hotspots and then we would take a look at when we will get a cool down returning. 5:32 am. polls open in about one hour and a half now and the florida primary and as usual what happens in our state could change the course for the race for the white house. >> angela jacobs is live at an orlando polling location and millions of floridians have already voted. >> reporter: they have a man may not make the lines here shorter was so much riding on the primary. we have not seen activity. it's early but if you can beat today. >> we are ready and voters hopefully already. >> reporter: even before polls open, 106,000 ballots had been cast for the presidential primary election in orange county.
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us it is a high for presidential primaries but the county is also larger than it was during the last primary in 2008. more than 2 million floridians are avoiding any lines on the super tuesday 3 having cast ballots through absentee. it is important to remind people that florida is a closed primary state so that means your political affiliation determines if you can vote . >> february 16 was the last day to change your political party so if you are registered with no party affiliation and you do not live in the city having a lexin we will see you in the fall. port -- >> reporter: will be reminded no signs allowed within 100 feet. this one is following the rules and no signs at all at any polling places located at school locations. live in orlando, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning.
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-- sarah palin cast -- canceled the campaign of and after her husband was injured in an accident but she appeared in tampa last night and went back to alaska to be with her husband while he is in intensive care. we told you in january when the former vice president candidate endorsed trump. bring you live team coverage of central florida decides. after voting join us. coverage starts at 7:00 on and in-depth analysis continuing from 8:00 until 10:00 on central florida tv 27. daytona beach police chief promises what he calls the cso to point out if the selected sheriff. my child what announced his run for the spot monday say he plans on being actively involved in the community and will add technology to sheriff's office to help catch criminals >> i promise you a leader with
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comes work everyday he is going to fight to improve quality of life. >> the chief is going against seven others for the spot current sheriff ben johnson has thrown support behind derek dietrich. warmer -- former access links bus driver not facing charges after being accused of kidnapping and kissing a disabled passenger against her will. charges against the man were dropped because he was found incompetent pick the state attorney's office is a good face charges again for the 2010 incident that they can revisit the case in the future. orange county heroin task force has nearly 40 ideas to help fight the growing problem. there have been nearly 300 heroin related deaths in the past four years. three this past weekend. now the task force recommends higher bond abouts for dealers that are -- better access to overdose medicine. the county has to figure out how to pay for this.
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to find the person who shot the dog in the backyard. three-year-old riley and owners say someone shot him saturday night at the home. the shooter fired twice and one of the bullets struck riley. we spoke with the owner said her eight-year-old special- needs grandson is close with the dog. >> he -- they do things together and watch television together and riley is there with jonathan. >> marlies -- the dogs paw may have to be indicated. we do not know if they are connected with the incident. deputies are working with school officials to keep weapons off of school campus after 4 found in three schools in the past two weeks but deputies say last week a student brought a bb gun to treadway elementary.
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for allegedly bringing knives to south lake high and arrested two more to the human to live with deputies, with regard. trial underway to determine whether the state is shortchanging public schools. education groups and parents claim lawmakers and state officials have not given the required amount of money to the state schools. the loss about six years ago also challenges the stakes testing system and the trial could last five weeks. osceola county school district is giving millions of dollars from the state to build and expand high schools. we told you the school district wanted more money to build schools because of the puerto rican students that have been a rolling. they plan to build for new high schools. 5:38 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. gets to brian ryno. >> downtowns orlando 71 and low 70s across deltona. we will watch for visibility throughout the morning. sumter county, temperatures soaring. sank after, bushnell, 86. webster, 89 degrees.
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sunshine and heat. preview of summer to seminole county, winter springs, redbud elementary, near 90. sunscreen, bernstein -- burn time is reduced. have you sunscreen if you spend time outdoors and brevard county winds out of the west across keeping us hot typing up 89, sharpes, beer, indian river city, -- vieira, indian river city, titusville. patchy fog is forming. a bigger system is on the way changing temperatures and bringing storms. 5:39 am. troopers do not plan to reopen the stretch of i 4 for another hour so heads up if you normally come through here. i 4 westbound, sam lake road all lanes are blocked for fatal crash investigation.
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kirkman and you can reenter i 4 westbound at sam lake road. live traffic tracker, other crashes with road blocks. john young parkway, northbound blocked. ucf, mcculloch road, after alafaya trail westbound, all lanes are blocked. take alafaya trail south and get onto university boulevard as the alternate peer colonial drive, good homes road, a crash with a roadblock. expect delays. daytona international speedway finishing a multimillion dollar makeover. what officials learned about tax money they wanted to use to pay for the improvement. detours drivers will see thanks to the i 4 ultimate. orange county teacher said
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deneige broom sam lake road at i 4 learning where a wrong way driver entered the interstate causing a fatal crash. >> reporter: that is the first question we will as troopers when we get a chance to talk with them. busy for the last few hours investigating a crash behind me
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you can still see the white taxicab we learned was hit head- on. we have new information from troopers at 5:31 we reported they said that driver of a green van drove eastbound and the westbound lanes of i 4. the drivers of both vehicles died and we have been telling you the white taxicab is from the diamond cab company. we are working to learn more from the cab company and involved. in the meantime, we are watching to see when troopers we open the lanes near sam lake road. they estimate it will be around 6:30. i will update you in the next hour. live in orange county, janai norman eyewitness news this morning. >> more on i 4 right now if you take i 4 to get on the westbound side of the 408 you will need to find another wild quickly. a road closure is happening this week as part of the i 4 ultimate project. starting friday morning, orange
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officials have not set for how long but another ramp will open on division avenue to help drivers get around the road work. >> that ramp is closing temporarily but for an extended period of time but in a place that ramp is opening on division. you will get on division on the 408 westbound. >> leaders plan to hire 600 more construction workers by next summer. we have you covered throughout the changes with the i 4 ultimate project. go to and click on the i 4 ultimate link in the traffic section. documents show more than 70 private employees of airports across the country were flagged for potential ties to terrorism and one of them was at oia. employees were allowed to work because the tsa did not have access to all terrorism related databases. that allow them to get credentials to secure areas. tsa says none of the 73
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a professional motorcyclist was a two-time champion of the daytona 200 is fighting to get charges against him dropped. his accused of hitting a daytona beach police officer. investigators say it happened with the officer tried to detain him after getting into a fight with a woman. the attorney appeared in court yesterday but a judge did not make a decision. he was suspended from raising this past weekend. with one month left until tax day, scammers pretending with the irs to steal your money. everything about the rise of scams in florida were callers demand they pay them or face penalties. officials say the irs would never call you to ask for payments. they say if you get a call like this hangup and report it. >> unfortunately, they are using technology and bogus numbers and it is hard to contain this. >> the department of the treasury and criminal investigators are looking into the problem.
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the country and job growth. state unemployment rate dropped to 5 percent in january. lake county is the same at 5.1 percent. higher brevard county, 5.5 percent. orange county school district leaders say $50 million in extra funding is not enough to give teachers a raise. lawmakers approved a 1 percent increase for all florida school districts in the state budget but orange county set aside most of the money to pay for retirement cost and new students. the contract expires in june and teachers received a 6.5 percent raise last year and the district is getting teachers a 1 percent raise would cost more than 7 million. you will be able to play and dine at the world's largest entertainment mcdonald's. >> the iconic mcdonald's along i drive, sam lake road is reopening today. it is drawn in millions sense opening for decades ago and closed in december for a major remodeling job and now expanded to 19,000 ft.2 over the old 12,000 and will stay open 24
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new concept restaurant at citywalk in an effort to keep up with growth. they posted pictures of the chocolate factory, a 19th century themed restaurant replacing the other restaurant. set to open later this year >> by her chocolate factory. with your food >> sounds amazing. >> we know what to get her for christmas. hot close to record heat today within a couple degrees of record highs in orlando. 90 degrees in the record is 91 from 1971, daytona beach, 87. 2 degrees away from a record in melbourne, a couple degrees away from a record high, melbourne, 88. the record is 90 and 2008. orlando, low clouds around this morning. watching for patchy fog but again warm, 70 degrees short,
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numbers in the 60s and 70s. 72 cocoa beach, 71 titusville, brevard county, volusia county, flagler, 60s, 70s 71 separate, 71 clermont from lake county into sumter. marion county, in the mid-60s. winds alike this morning. patchy fog forming near the villages and in osceola county, kissimmee. looking good. fair weather clouds a lot of sun today and a warm-up, sanford, 80 at noon and by 4:00, when you see tom terry, we will be pushing 90 degrees. future track, going through the timeframe, a beautiful day by midday, fair weather clouds around and mostly sunny skies this afternoon and this evening looking nice tour tonight and staying dry. late tonight to see patchy fog develop, it's developing by 6 am tomorrow. when i join you tomorrow we
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beaches, water temperatures 60s and now 70s seas 2 to 3 feet low risk of rip currents. mostly sunny, most -- some folks in spring break. 80s and 90s on the way. temperatures in your screen, 87 mount dora, eustis, umatilla, 88 in melbourne, harmony, holopaw, st. cloud, kissimmee, pushing 90. patchy fog and temperatures in the 60s for tonight. another mild night a nice night pollen levels staying high so you may not want to open your windows and tomorrow the heat is with us mid to upper 80s coastal and inland. a couple could have 90. sunshine, 90 not out of the question for a few of us for tomorrow. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. after we hit thursday, we will see a chance for rain. thursday has a 20 percent
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friday to saturday the front moves in, 40 or 50 percent chance of scattered showers and storms and will lock down temperatures. 79 saturday and sunday hopefully the system will kick out in the morning sunday size will be cooler, running in the mid-70s. 5:51 am. huge issues on the drive here is deneige. >> i 4 westbound to shut down looking at the cameras near sam lake road this is where all of the vehicles are here investigating a fatal crash from overnight. we have i 4 westbound shut down at kirkman and you get past the crash and reenter i 4 westbound at sam lake road. we have janai norman live on scene getting us updates and a crash john one -- john young parkway, towne ctr., boulevard, one lane blocked. mcculloch road, westbound you will need an alternate after alafaya trail you have a crash so the alternate go ahead and take alafaya trail get
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colonial drive crash at good homes road, we are seeing slowdowns in the area but you can get through. , police are looking for a man who try to impersonate police officer. how workers scared him away when he pulled over a woman. what high school is due to
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the family brevard county on high alert after they received a disturbing letter in the mail filled with racial slurs. david lives with a white woman and they had three children. the letter says they are bringing down property values and to not have any more, quote, ugly kids. >> yes, my kids are my life. it is very disturbing. >> the family reported the letter to the sheriff's office even though it was filled with hateful language come the sheriff's office says they cannot really do much because there wasn't an actual threat and the letter. if you are enjoying serial, you may want to put your spoon down. we hear from this food and drug administration following video of a man urinating on a assembly line. it was in the kellogg plant in
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they say we would know if the tainted breakfast food would cause illness. police arrested armed suspects, one in orlando greyhound station and another an apartment complex that no shots fired. orlando police say they deal with about two armed suspects per day last year 700 guns were taken off the streets and most of the cases were resolved without force pics daytona international speedway will not see a break in taxes in the budget that the speedway asked for sales tax rebates worth $3 million of the next three years. it would offset the 300,000 rising project that is complete but are -- lawmakers did not included. officials say they will try again in the next legislative session. 20 of the 22 members of the orlando pride kicked off the first day of training yesterday in sanford. canadian star kaylyn kyle and forward sarah hagan joined the team and drills at the draining camp. team usa forward alex morgan
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start training until one -- thursday. first ever 70. family members and friends of children battling cancer will march today. arnie's march against children's cancer is one-mile walk around bay hill starting at 3 pm at the ninth hole. it will raise money to benefit childhood cancer patients at arnold palmer hospital. high school students a brevard county pitched in to help clean up the beach. >> astronaut high school students saw pictures posted on social media and trash was left over from a party spread across the shore on saturday morning and the national honor society organized to clean up at the beach as part of the seashore staffed by service ranges but the kids saw it and went to work. baggage handlers and orlando international scheduled to be -- appear in court.
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employee used to steal from travelers. angela jacobs, florida steps into the spotlight on super tuesday. i will show you what voters need to know as they head to the polls. the hottest day of the year
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to go big stories right now on eyewitness news this morning. polls will open a one hour for the florida primary. we need to know to cast your vote and how the race for the white house could look different after today. breaking news, all lanes of i 4 near the tourist district have been shut down this morning after crash near sam lake road. how to avoid the conjunction. beginning with breaking news this morning, florida highway patrol's says two people died in the head-on crash on i 4. >> daytrippers shut down part of the interstate not far from sam lake road, 3:30 this morning where janai norman is live. troopers could road -- open the road and 30 minutes. >> reporter: they estimate it will be 6:30 when they get this cleared out where they had been investigating the wrong way crash and how the driver of a green van ended up going eastbound and westbound lanes of i 4. they have been here for 2.5 hours now since it happened


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