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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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to go big stories right now on eyewitness news this morning. polls will open a one hour for the florida primary. we need to know to cast your vote and how the race for the white house could look different after today. breaking news, all lanes of i 4 near the tourist district have been shut down this morning after crash near sam lake road. how to avoid the conjunction. beginning with breaking news this morning, florida highway patrol's says two people died in the head-on crash on i 4. >> daytrippers shut down part of the interstate not far from sam lake road, 3:30 this morning where janai norman is live. troopers could road -- open the road and 30 minutes. >> reporter: they estimate it will be 6:30 when they get this cleared out where they had been investigating the wrong way crash and how the driver of a green van ended up going eastbound and westbound lanes of i 4. they have been here for 2.5 hours now since it happened
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the last half-hour troopers come from the green van hit a white taxicab had on near the sam lake road exit that is where our cameras captured the unbelievable damage, the hood of the taxicab is smashed in and i call the number on the cad and confirmed it is from the diamond cab company. the dispatcher i spoke with could not give me many details. we are waiting to get the official report from troopers to learn more about both drivers involved and we will ask where they think the wrong way driver got onto the interstate. we will keep you updated as we get some of those answers but in the meantime, deneige is the studio with alternate routes. smack until they reopen the westbound lanes first, pulling up the shot here i 4 westbound near sam lake road you can see it looks like they are getting towed trucks onto the roadway trying to get the vehicles out but it is shut down at kirkman.
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reenter i 4 westbound at sam lake road for the next 30 minutes. a crash needs an alternate by ucf. mcculloch road westbound after alafaya trail is blocked for a crash. take alafaya trail to get onto university boulevard as the westbound alternate. minutes. new record heat for today, we will be at nine inland, mid to upper 80s along the coast. it will be the hottest day of the year so far and a lot of sun in the forecast. do not forget about your sunscreen. mostly sunny today after patchy fog this morning. numbers, go with shorts, short sleeves. 60s and 70s, 71 now by the look at kissimmee. 70 degrees in orlando, colonial town, sanford, the zoo, temperatures around 70 and 69 in daytona beach. satellite and radar a few scattered clouds, we have seen
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if you run into that. after that, look at the sun on the way. this is how quickly we warm up here on the screen, by lunchtime at 80 degrees and by 4:00 pushing 90. it will stay warm through the evening. mid-80s by 6:00. i put together a map to show you how close we get to recognize today and going city by city with temperatures. 6:03 am. >> in less than one hour the polls will open for voters to cast votes in florida primary. >> in addition to florida, voters in illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio will go to the polls. angela jacobs is outside one of our many local precincts. she is an important part. that will be one of the biggest -- busiest locations. >> reporter: signs of activity now. there was signs marking precinct 502. we have been watching workers stream in as everyone is ready for a busy day.
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and food banks -- phone banks we will have 3000 people supporting the election process. >> all hands on deck says supervisor of election hotels the staffing needs vary for each election in each county across the state. in orange county with 251 polling places, 46 full-time employees, 3200 temporary workers will be on hand to make sure the president primary's bones -- close to -- natalie. you are encouraged to arrive early. if you're not sure where you precinct is, there are several ways to check to confirm you are heading to the correct place. >> every registered voter eligible for this election was mailed a sample ballot unless they had an absentee and on the sample ballot is a map with directions and the name of the polling place and also on their
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our website and you can look it up on the website or simply call the elections office. make sure you know where you are going the first time so we don't have to move you to another spot. >> reporter: millions of floridians skipped lines in favor of absentee or early voting and we will look at those numbers coming up in the next half hour on super tuesday 3. angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. bill clinton rallying votes for his wife hillary clinton, he spoke at rollins college winter park of a crowd 1500 people of college students, a demographic experts say hillary clinton struggled to connect with it the former president try to speak to concerns but some students say they left undecided. >> we need serious commitment to make college affordable for every body. >> people are supporting bernie but i think a lot of
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behind hillary. >> hillary clinton will be down a west palm beach as the result of the primary coming tonight. marco rubio also made a stop and central florida. his bus tour stopped in melbourne. met by hundreds of supporter at the restaurant called that little restaurant. he had a chance to appreciate the primary and had strong words for donald trump. >> the rhetoric continues to be used, saying he will pay legal fees of the guy who sucker punched a protester at a rally. the rhetoric he uses is the responsible and over-the-top and does not refer like to dwell on the party or the country. >> rubio stopped in jacksonville, west palm beach and miami. donald trump made a stop in tampa yesterday, florida atty. gen. tom bond -- bondi appeared. sarah palin was also there last
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count on eyewitnesses to you live coverage of central florida decides after voting, we will bring you the latest results as polls close. coverage starts at 7:00 on wftv .com. announces continues from 8:00- 10:00 pigeon forge tv 27. , please are looking for a man impersonating a cop. >> investigators say in the cop pulled the woman over on route 50 sunday night. he was very convincing and more uniform and had a crown lights and asked several questions. >> he asked me where i lived and i told him my address and so i'm thinking that he is asking for so much he will as for my license and apparently not. >> workers at a nearby beef o brady scare them away. police. chicago police say three officers were shot and a man
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department says the officers were investigating possible drug activity in a neighborhood late last night. when they identify themselves, the suspect opened fire. the officers were hit multiple times but should be okay. one officer fired back, killing the suspect. orange county deputies believe they know who shot a killed a 15-year-old. antoine davis his body was found on a sidewalk sunday morning and ocoee. orange county sheriff demis tellis davis hung around with a group of teens playing a role in his death and stopped short of calling the group a gang. we should know more about the suspect in the next few days. fdle is scheduled to decide police should sergeant. certification. firing faulkner after lying under oath after he died about the suspect wanting medical suspect in holding cell and
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the request for medical attention. a former baggage handler accused of stealing luggage at orlando international airport is scheduled to be in court. daniel bs stole a laptop from passengers bags while another employee posed as a lookout. he is also accused of selling the computer and other passenger's belongings he and the other employee face charges including grand theft. 6:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 the hottest day of the year so far. >> we maybe saying that quite a bit of the next few months, on that. we will have that for main weather. in orlando, 90 and the record is 91 from 1971. daytona beach, 87 record is 89 2008. record highs. flagler county, palm coast, bunnell, the hammock, flagler beach into the 80s. through volusia county, numbers 87 pearson, 89 deltona, 87 toward ormond beach.
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lake buena vista, attractions, independence, low 90s on the way and staying dry. patchy fog tonight could be thicker than this morning. coming up, we will track the heat and also the second storm system moving in when rain returns and the next cool down. 6:09 am deneige. >> spinning the camera around to give you better shot of what we are saying, shutdown i 4 westbound, near sam lake we had i 4 westbound shutdown at kirkman for a crash. they want to show you it looks like they are pushing the traffic off and you can reenter at i 4 westbound at sam lake road. they could let people through so we will get the update on if they reopen the lanes. updating that into minutes, i 4 westbound shutdown at kirkman and reenter at sam lake john young parkway, town ctr.,
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a crash and ucf, mcculloch road after alfred -- alafaya trail westbound lanes are trucked alternate -- are blocked alternate university boulevard. deadline to finish tax return is a few weeks away. the call some get that is scaring them into giving up refund checks. >> these are my babies. i don't want anything to happen to them. >> people who live in is a morrow county neighborhood are worried about their animals. what is the animal control is not working fast enough to find a dog responsible for several attacks.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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i'm deneige broom i 4 westbound approaching sam lake road where crews open one lane of traffic. you have major delays in the area because of the fatal crash from earlier this morning. to avoid delays get on i 4 westbound at sam lake road until they reopened all lanes of traffic that update in 10 minutes. some neighbors in seminole county on high alert after two deadly dog attacks involving several other animals. >> concern the child could be attacked. animal control officers patrolling the streets of osceola road in a rural part of the county were farm owners say a rottweiler killed livestock. five goats and sheep were killed and 10 other animals were hurt on saturday and sunday. >> in a dog has killed livestock and they will do it again and did. >> neighbors do not know the dog is someone's pet or abandoned. animal control has traps to
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a stretch in longwood closed following a backlash several homes. longwood police a state road 434 from wayman avenue to oleander street is closed. investigators say new at 4 cars crashed around 7:45 last night and one person was hurt. we checked with duke energy and power is back on in the area and we will let you know when it reopens. governor. rick scott will not say whether he will sign a bill that would give a $20 million to cf for the downtown campus pack last summer he vetoed similar pill -- build he was touting 53,000 new jobs and central florida over the last year. he would not verbally commit to funding. ucf hopes to use state funding, $20 million in donation and own cogitations of 20 to -- 20 campus. travelers could foot the bill for one $.8 billion terminal expansion at orlando international airport. tomorrow the trade orlando aviation authority will vote on
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passenger facility charge which flight. the airports biggest carriers delta and southwest say the expansion is unnecessary and tomorrow windermere neighbors will get the chance to voice opinions on a plan to build a mosque near a home. a landowner wants to build when a religious center on a property outside of kings point. he's asking county leaders to result in for a mask -- mosque. people are concerned about traffic and noise. a meeting will be held at sunset park elementary 6 pm. orange county school district meeting with parents about plans for new k-8 school built in place of, elementary. we told you orlando city leaders approved a 3 acre land swap with the orange county school board. this will allow kids to go to the existing school while a new school is built. parents raising concerns about traffic and noise about -- could bring.
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state lawmakers approve a final $12 million in funding for project expected to cost $27 million. the campus will be built off pleasant hill road near reed rd., osceola county donated the land and if it is approved, the budget could open by the fall of 2017. volusia county school board is expected to talk about uniform policy last december we told you the board agreed to let students wear denim to school. but now they are considering changing that to khaki pants only with an oxfordshire. board members say they are -- nothing uniform about jeans. >> you look good in jeans. >> that's all i have. warm. >> near nine. >> jeans shorts . >> we will get you out. downtown orlando, looking to
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around low cloud cover, patchy fog and 70 and warm winds out of the south at seven. shorts, short sleeves, 64 in ocala. through boulevard, osceola county, 69 daytona beach shores and daytona beach and winds is lighter and that's what we see patchy fog northern zones and waterways as expected. breezy but not as windy as yesterday. winds were really kicking around yesterday. satellite radar looking good low cloud cover and after that a lot of sun and warm up. 79 by noon and 4:00 86. freedom elementary, volusia county making a run and 90. staying dry, good day, by 1:00, fair weather clouds and this afternoon when you see tom terry, mostly sunny skies all the way through the evening hours and we will look good tonight with the exception of more fog on the way for tonight. tomorrow morning, 6:00,
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the beaches, for those on break, in the 80s water temperatures. that will cool you down. loci. within a couple degrees city by city temperatures to show you where we end up. 90 kissimmee daytime high around 4:00 in the afternoon. that will be the hottest, 87 the villages, 80 deland, hammock, 86. spring valley, sprint oaks, in the 60s. patchy fog around and tomorrow, hot in spots, mid to upper 80s and a couple could hit 90 and wednesday. big changes ahead, take a look. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. thursday good-looking, range as 20 percent warm and 86. friday, into saturday the next
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percent chance of scattered showers and storms through saturday and hopefully wrapping up sunday we will monitor but it will be cooler. 79 saturday, 76 sunday and early next week we could have low 70s for highs. we are not done with a couple cool downs yet. 6:20 am. an update on an active drive with deneige. >> crews are working to clear this crash out. i 4 westbound, sam lake or approaching sam lake but we have lanes opened. from kirkman westbound, we will approach the crash and you can get by with one lane so we are seen delays and to avoid delays get on i 4 westbound sam lake. live traffic tracker, we have crashes here mcculloch road, westbound after alafaya trail, we have blocked lane take university boulevard. colonial drive, good homes road partial road block. local family dealing with a letter sent to the house filled
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>> i worry about my kids. >> why police say they may not be able to take action against the person who wrote it. a deadly wreck a closed several lanes on i 4, we will let you know more about the alternate routes this morning. what a church-based group
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6:24 am community leaders in volusia county and daytona beach working together to fix the homeless problem in the city and a local state -- faith- based group says they are committed to finding a solution. left nine members of the faith organization gathered at bethune-cookman university. the group is fighting for more accessibility to health care for the uninsured and money for a homeless safe harbor. leaders say they want a better -- to better protect children who commit nonserious misdemeanor offenses for the first time. marion county leaders and while officials were offering bear-proof trash cans at a discounted price. if you live in marion county, get 64 gallons trash can for $40. they are usually $170.
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helping to drive down costs but we have where you can buy the trash cans and pricing information at /web links. leaders and zavala county have been pushing to ban bear hunts. last year only forbears were killed in the county during the statewide black bear hunt. leaders are hopeful there cans will be enough to keep bears. malik officials have not said if they would honor a local band if a statewide hunt is held. orange county fighting back against a heroin problem. missing piece of the puzzle that could help addict -- at its get the help they need. breaking news, a deadly crash shut down part of i 4 what we know about the drivers involved and how it happened. couple degrees a record high. how long the heat sticks around
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6:30 am on live look of i 4, fatal crash shut down the
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two people are dead and appears to be the wrong way driver to blame. continuing updating you on breaking news, traffic is moving in the westbound lanes near sam lake road where two drivers died in the early morning wrong way crash. janai norman has been live all morning. you've got another update on what happened. >> reporter: i was talking with a sergeant who tells me they are waiting for toxicology reports but in the wrong way driver, the car they were -- they say was heading eastbound and westbound lanes they found a bottle of hennessy in the drivers passenger seat. they are waiting for toxicology reports but are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the early morning wrong way crash. traffic is moving again for troopers have been here for more than three hours.
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green van was headed eastbound and westbound lanes. she tells bill white taxicab that got hit head-on, saying there was a driver in front of the taxicabs of the cab never saw what was coming with the wrong way driver. she confirmed there is a driver who saw the car coming the wrong way and got out of the way in time. right now they are not releasing information about the two drivers and working to notify families before doing that. as i've been reporting as we came on at 5:00 what we were getting video this morning to see a phone number on the taxicab, i called and confirmed with the dispatcher it is from diamond cab company. waiting for a call back from the company to get more information about the driver. the interview we just wrapped up, sergeant. montes tells us the reasons that crushes happens.
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commit suicide or happen to be going the wrong way and do not realize it but she says many times it is because of alcohol. looking into. i will go back to the interview and we will share more of what she is telling us although coming up in 15 minutes. deneige back in the studio with how you can get around the back up. >> fdot camera at sam lake where they are pulling to get the vehicles towed. we have lanes blocks even though traffic is moving slowly. seen delays and other cameras. avoid that, get on i 4 westbound, sam lake and get -- bypass the scene. a crash near ucf, mcculloch road westbound after passing alafaya trail is blocked now for a crash. the alternate can the university boulevard, westbound to get you around that. brian? the hottest day of the year
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hotter than yesterday. not summertime humidity which is good but above average. average high is 78. we will not be the ballpark today. this morning, 60s, 70s around and 70 degrees water bridge, winter park orlando toward glen ridge. 69 toward sanford. 68 in the villages, 64 ocala, 70 -- 69 volusia county, daytona beach. scattered clouds, patchy fog and a nice sunrise. time change the sun comes up in the next hour. the planet today, volusia county, george marks elementary, by lunchtime, near 80 degrees and 4:00 as well as the the high, near 86 in volusia county. other spots near 90. we will go over with the hotspots will be and how long it lasts and how close we get to record heat throughout the day. 6:33 am. daytona beach police chief
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cso to point out if elected sheriff. chief chitwood announced his run for the spot monday planning on being actively involved with deputies and the committee and plans to add technology to the office to catch more criminals. >> i promised you a leader with an open door policy -- policy when he comes to work every day he is going to fight to improve your quality of life. >> chief chitwood going against seven others for the spot the current sheriff has thrown his support behind chief deputy derek dietrich. accessed links bus stop are not facing charges after being accused of kidnapping and kissing a disabled passenger against her will. we were in court when charges against rihanna were job because the judge found him incompetent. they used to do burn confidence in the future they could come back to the case and he could face charges again for the 2010 incident. orange county's harrowing
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to fight the growing problem. there has been nearly 300 heroin related deaths in the past 4 years, three this past weekend. the task force is recommending higher bond amounts for dealers that -- better access to overdose medicine and educating the public on dealing with heroin abuse. the county has to figure out how to pay for it. a family in cocoa is asking for your help to find the person who shot the dog in the backyard. this is three-year-old riley. owners say someone shot him saturday night in their home. the shooter fired twice and one of the bullets struck the dog in the back paw. close. >> he has won. they do things together watch tv together and riley is there with jonathan. >> riley's paw may have to be amputated. suspects running after the
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if they're connected. lake county deputies working with school officials to keep weapons up a school campus after 4 found in three schools in the past two weeks but deputies say last week a student brought a bb gun to treadway elementary. deputies arrested two tees for allegedly bringing knives to south lake high. they arrested two more teens at umatilla high when deputies from the wendell dunn. orange county school district leaders say $50 million in extra funding is not enough to give teachers a raise but lawmakers approved a 1 percent increase for all florida school districts in the state budget. orange county set-aside most of the money to pay for retirement cost and new students. the contract expires in june. teachers received 86.5 percent raise last year in the district says giving -- a 6.5 percent raise last year. a trial underway to determine whether the state is being shortchanged when it comes to public schools. education groups and parents
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required amount of money to the state school system. the lawsuit filed a six years ago challenge the states testing system and the trial could take five weeks. cell phone video from an orange county parent got the attention of the sheriff's office. look it shows a school bus stops along paloma so you can see the bus with a stop sign out for cars are driving past it. deputies uploaded the video to facebook in the last half-hour, they wrote, this is a county wide problem. drivers must stop and all lanes signal. that makes me so mad. meanwhile the osceola county is cool district is getting millions of dollars from the state to build and expand high schools. in january the school district wanted more money to help schools because of the number rico. they plan to build number for new high schools. number show state leaves
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the unemployment rate dropped to 5 percent. lake county 5.1 percent, higher in brevard county, 5.5 percent. overnight, 70s and gas hike -- 17 is set gas hike. unleaded for 199. state averages 1.91. orlando average one. drivers and daytona pay more prices, 1.89. brass types are normal for this time of year. speaking of spring break 6:38 am. far. >> folks are out. orlando hitting 90. 91 set in 1971 is a record. hit that around 4:00 tom will cover that at 4:00 on channel 9. daytona beach, 87, 2 degrees are from a record, 88,
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-- 2 degrees off. melbourne springs, 87, dry, plenty of sunshine toward bushnell, western, close to 90, wester could top out around 90. seminole county, a previous summer, not summertime humidity. altamonte springs to winter springs, 89 and 90 and 91 is a high for today with the sunshine through the evening. tonight, patchy fog in temperatures running in the 60s. we will track how long the heat sticks around. there is another front moving in, the chance of storms and eventually cooler weather. tracking ahead and main weather. lanes are blocked i 4 westbound approaching sam lake road, delays in the area. they are try to get the vehicle towed out. if you would like to avoid delays was found dead on i 4 westbound at sam lake road. we have other crashes pulling
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eastbound, one lane blocked. narcoossee road, moss park road, orange county fire rescue on scene. roadblock state route 535, oral oral ctr., drive, we are seeing delays. daytona international speedway finishing a multi- million-dollar makeover. >> what officials learn about tax money to use to pay for improvements.. >> reporter: angela jacobs, florida steps into the spotlight with the primary coming up. what voters should know as they
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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minutes in the florida primary. what -- >> angela jacobs is live in a public location. millions are voting today. >> reporter: that may not make lines shorter with a lot on this primary. doors do not open for 15 minutes counting several people who have been here for 20 minutes trying to get a line and get through. polls staying open until 7:00 but if you can get out early may be glad you did. >> we are ready. i think we are -- voters hopefully already. >> reporter: even before polls open today 106,000 ballots had already been cast for the presidential primary election in orange county. supervisor of elections tells us it is a high for primary but the county is larger than it was during the last primary in 2008. more than 2 million floridians
6:45 am
super tuesday 3 having cast ballots through absentee. he tells us is important to remind people that florida is a closed primary state. so that means your political affiliation determines if you can vote. >> february 16 with the last day to change your political party so if you registered with no party of collegiate -- party affiliation and you have a city without elections we will see you in the fall. >> reporter: signs are allowed only within 100 feet of a polling place. these here following rules and no signs at all allowed in locations, polling locations in school areas or school property. live in orlando, angela jacobs eyewitness news this morning. former alaska governor. sarah palin canceled a campaign event with trump in the villages after her husband was hurt in a snowmobile accident. she did appear with trump in a
6:46 am
went back to alaska to be with her husband who was in the intensive care. we told you back in january, a former vice presidential candidate endorsed donald trump is pushed count on eyewitnesses to bring you live coverage of sarah jo -- central florida after casting the ballot we will bring you results. coverage starts at 7:00 on announces continuing from 8:00-10:00 on central florida's tv 27. if you take i 4 to get on the westbound side of the 408 route quickly. a road closure is happening this week at the i 4 ultimate project. friday morning, orange avenue 2408 westbound will be closed and it will stay closed until 2019. officials have not said exactly what they will do but officials set up another way for drivers and downtown orlando to get around the work. >> the ramp is closing temporarily but for an extended
6:47 am
replacement is opening on division. you will get onto the 408 westbound from division. >> project leaders plan to hire 600 more construction workers by next summer. we have you covered throughout the changes with the i 4 ultimate project go to and click on the i 4 ultimate link in the traffic section . professional motorcyclist, two-time champion of the daytona 200 is ready to get charges against him dropped a danny affleck accused of hitting a daytona beach police officer and investigators say happened when he tried to detain them after fighting with a woman. attorney appeared in court but a judge did not make a decision as he was suspended over the weekend for racing. tax rate scammers pretending to be with the irs to try to steal money. whether telling you about the rise of phones games and central florida. collars demand victims pay them or face a penalty. officials say the irs would
6:48 am
if you get a call like this, hang up and report it. split unfortunately they are using technology and bogus numbers and it is hard to contain this. >> the department of the treasury and criminal investigators are looking into the problem. today you will be able to play and dine at the world's largest entertainment mcdonald's. >> the iconic mcdonald's along i drive is reopening today. it is drawn and millions of tourists when opening for decades ago. 1976. it closed in december for remodeling and expanded from 12,000-19,000 square -- square feet and will open 24 hours. concept restaurant to compete with growth at disney springs. they posted pictures of the chocolate factory, 19th-century themed restaurant replacing the
6:49 am
open later this year. specialties will be desserts. one is a milkshake, bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, bacon flavored ice cream in a milkshake. >> puppies and cute kids. you're killing me. outside with the weather an hour. warm for sure. shorts or short sleeves and do not forget about your sunscreen this time of year. the angle is sharp so as we get throughout the season and get close to summer, burn time is starts now. 69 separate, 71 and kissimmee, indian wells, patchy fog northern tier, winds.
6:50 am
winds kicked around yesterday. satellite radar, scattered clouds and patchy fog and after that a great day. sunshine on the way, sanford 80 at noon -- tom terry tracking temperatures near 90 and close to record highs. to the day, through the afternoon, 3:00, school this book -- school pickup for kids in school, mostly sunny conditions and nice in the evening. fair weather clouds and dry the next couple of days. tonight, fog by midnight. fog developing and you see more in the western zones when i see you tomorrow morning. when you are lucky to be at the beaches or calling in sick, seas 2 to 3 feet for today low risk of rip currents and a great beach day. 90 degrees, near record heat, city by city temperatures, 87 leesburg, mount dora, 89 st. cloud and lake nona, hunter's creek and orlando near 90. tonight, patchy fog developing,
6:51 am
west back to the villages in ocala. could have fog and running in the 60s tonight and tomorrow pollen levels are high and so are temperatures the mid to upper 80s for most, a couple of us could touch 90 again. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. on thursday, rain chances about 20 percent. a nice day, mid-80s. on track the next one system dropping from the north, scattered showers and storms friday and saturday eventually cooling is down mid 70s by sunday and low 70s by early next week. we're not done with a cool weather yet. today, hot for sure. 6:51 am deneige. >> delays i 4 westbound approaching sam lake road because of a crash, close to sam lake road you have all but one lane blocked off. pulling up the camera, i 4 westbound, universal boulevard, you can see the delayed. to avoid that gets on i 4 westbound at 4:00 to avoid that.
6:52 am
crashes mcculloch road, after alafaya trail, westbound blocks for a crash. take university boulevard as the alternate. we have colonial drive, good homes road partially blocked and goldenrod approaching 408 partial roadblock to the area. keeping an eye on the crashes on i 4. a big party left a beach littered with trash. how students used social media to get the job cleaned up.. >> reporter: on top of breaking news, a deadly wrong way crash on i 4. here why when they heard about the drivers was too late local woman fell victim to of $14,000 sweepstakes scam. coming up on such a florida tv
6:55 am
time now 6:55. we're staying on top of breaking news that impact your drive. we're working on where a wrong-way driver entered the interstate causing a fatal crash. >> reporter: jamie, troopers are investigating whether that driver was impaired. they told me they don't know
6:56 am
he maybe made a u-turn causing him to go eastbound in the westbound lanes. i found out that green van hit a taxi cab after troopers found out about the wrong-way driver. >> we did receive one phone call about a wrong-way driver, but within seconds that crash occurred. when troopers got on scene we did locate a bottle of seat. >> reporter: they are waiting for toxicologist results to find impaired. sergeant montez said they are investigating whether it was as far down from the 528, a mile from where the crash happened. they're going back to see where the 911 caller was when they noticed the driver going the wrong way. we'll keep you updated over on tv 27, as we learn more about
6:57 am
drivers involved. reporting live in orange county, >> wow, all right. your time right now, 6:56. a family in brevard county is on high alert after they received a disturbing letter in the mail filled with racial slurs. david fuller is married to a white woman in the port saint john area. the letter says they are bringing down property values and not to vote have any more, quote, ugly kids. >> my life are my kids. if someone said something to my kids, it's very disturbing. >> the family reported the letter to the sheriff's office, even though it was filled with hateful language, the sheriff's office says it really can't do much because there wasn't an actual threat in the letter. new this morning we're now hearing from the food and drug administration following video
6:58 am
cereal that was shot at a cereal plant in memphis. they say we would have known if any tainted cereal cause good illness. the international speedway won't see a break-in this year's taxes. they asked for $3 million in breaks over the next 30 years and would have offset the $400 million daytona rising project. speedway officials will try again in the next legislative session. 20 of the 22 members of orlando pride kicked off training in sanford. kay lynn land highland and ashland harris won't start training until thursday. their first graham is april 17th -- game is the 17th of april. students from astronaut high school in titusville, saw these pictures posted on social media. you see that?
6:59 am
a party that was spread out across the shore saturday morning. they saw it and that's when the national honor society organized a big clean up event. it's part of the canaveral sea show, but it's the kids who went to work. 6:58. there are going to be some busy beaches out there. >> it's going to be gorgeous, right near 90 degrees, close to report heat. warm again tomorrow, chance some of showers and storms friday into saturday, have a great day. don't forget the sunscreen, and try to stay cool. 6:59. here's deneige. i-4 westbound starting right here at the turnpike, there are still three rains of i-4 closed at sand lake because of a crash where troopers are -- lanes of i-4 are closed at sand lake to avoid those delays and 535 at
7:00 am
this also has a partial road block. expect delay, jamie. a local couple won a sweepstakes but they had to pay fees and they lost thousands of dollars. >> coming up on tv 27, action 9 tracked down the men behind the scam. >> your complete local news coverage continues on eyewitness news this morning on tv 27. and remember you good morning, america. primary showdown. a make-or-break day as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio. >> a fight to the finish in some of the tightest races yet. donald trump and john kasich join us this morning.


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