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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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check weather and traffic every ten minutes. roads. >> let's begin with brian and a check of summer. >> it is technically winter still. not spring yet. >> [laughter]. >> mostly sunny. temperatures around 89 degrees and one this morning, 60s and 70s and 69 degrees kissimmee celebration. working our way to the villages, 76 -- 70's, 67 daytona beach, pockets of fog watching i-95, so the brevard county, we will keep an eye on brevard, fires the last few days but we need to see how smoke tries to mix with fog and another drop-off in visibility closer to daytona beach. the fog has been shifting this morning either way lots of low clouds at once we lose that another very warm day, 83 by
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elementary, 90 degrees and the next front approaching friday. we was he a chance of rain and storms in the forecast and we have been to dry, we would look at the numbers and looking into the front, showers and storms and cooler weather around the corner. 5:31 am wednesday morning, here's deneige. >> we have had i 4 construction clear out near ivanhoe, the spot is gone but we had this one near central florida pkwy., two eastbound lanes are blocked at this spot only one lane blocked at this spot. keep in mind you will need to move over to the right and as we see people get on the roads we could see a slight delay. christmas, a fatal crash where troopers are investigating, for christmas state route 50, give them extra time. looks like you can get through but they will be unseen investigated for another hour. presidential candidates claiming the mantle -- new momentum while others go home. >> including senator. marco rubio trounced in
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trump channel 9s angela jacobs has been following the primary results. rubio says this was just not his year . faced with a landslide win by donald trump here in florida, on his way out, rubio says the fact he has come this far is evidence of how special america is and he says he remains hopeful and optimistic about the country. after tonight it is clear while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: minutes after being beaten by more than 20 percent in florida by republican front runner donald trump, surrounded by a couple of hundreds of supporters in miami, rubio announced the end of his 11 month campaign saying the senator thanks supporters, his family and god. >> i take great comfort in the ancient words which teach us that in their hearts, humans establishes their steps. >> that and fans we spoke with
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could not rise above what they call the spectacle. >> the only word that comes to mind is disappointment. >> i'm shocked they will vote for trump. >> we will reevaluate how we get someone who will best serve all americans. >> rubio ending the night with a message of hope. >> may god strengthen our people. may god strengthen our nation. may god strengthen the conservative movement may god strengthen the republican party may god strengthen our eventual nominee and may god always bless and strengthen this great nation the united states of america. >> rubio did congratulate donald trump but also called for the need for a leader that would not divide a party already so fractured. at this point he has not addressed his political future from here. back to you. donald trump's success at the balls may not mean he gets his party's nomination. republican national convention.
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here's how that works, event of the candidates of the 1237 delegates needed to wiggle the domination by the time the commission starts in july it is a contested convention. the 2472 delegates take the first vote. whichever candidate wins the majority is the nominee. if there is no winner there is a second ballot it then becomes a brokered convention, this happens most delegates are no longer bound to a certain candidate like they were abolished vote so they can vote for whomever they want. it is a brokered begin to because there's dealmaking and canada's lobby for delegates to change both in that there is no winner a third vote held and it goes on but unlikely. unlikely things have already far. in a contested convention, does this vote by secret ballot so there's nothing stopping a delegate bound to certain candidate from voting for someone else. meaning there's no penalty from switching candidates before you are actually allowed to. primary was not the only thing i'm alliances central florida voters helped us to decide other local issues last
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term race for mayor in the city of ocoee. rusty johnson beat out jim sills by a large margin and a different outcome from november. johnson only won by 17 posts. one and 2 million floridians about it before yesterday about 1.2 million people cast an absentee ballot in the primary and 870,000 people voted in person early. more than the 2012 presidential library. florida secretary of state says one final numbers are and they will show a historic turnout for the primaries and you can see speeches from the candidates plus all the results including which county voted for which candidate on our website had to and go to the news tab and click collections. hotspots are smoldering at the cocoa beach mentioned burning to the ground last night. >> you could see this from all around. we showed you the flames coming from the pumpkin ctr., south atlantic avenue between third and fourth. janai norman is out live.
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hours but they do not know what caused it. >> reporter: you can see the flashing lights from fire trucks behind me. firefighters have been out here for more than 10 hours. the first battling the massive fire that broke down this mansion and now continuing to check on hotspots. put down your coffee to look at the video from last night's fire that burned for hours. flames were taller than trees surrounding the property and could be seen from other cities in brevard county. the iconic mansion was formerly owned by late al newhart who founded usa today in florida today. it's known as the pumpkin center at sold for $4 million last year and now firefighters estimate the damages range of millions of dollars because of the fire that leveled the iconic property. >> the real piece of destruction i've seen and more real than you see in the movies. >> it was a beautiful home. sad. i can't imagine what started it. >> cocoa beach by chief tells
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vacant and said it appeared to be undergoing renovation but he tells us the property meant so much to the community he wants to make sure there is a thorough investigation. we will be here when the sun comes up to give you a better look at the damage. firefighters are still spring water right now. we will be here when the state fire marshal shows up to begin the investigation into what caused the massive fire. live in brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . : orlando police working to find armed home invaders before attacking a man stealing his car and killing his dog on conway road midnight. this gators say the victim suffered minor head injuries from being pistol whipped. police say the suspect shot the dog before taking off in the victim's car.
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with 479 mfe new guidelines to prescription drugs, guidelines encourage doctors to offer alternatives to painkillers by recommending physical therapy ibuprofen or low dosage of painkillers. experts say more people are dying every year from overdoses. the cdc says there was enough painkiller prescription -- prescriptions written in 2030 for every adult to have one bottle of pills. the guidelines are voluntary. women tell you about recommendations made by orange county's heroin task force. the group met monday -- met monday coming over 40 recommendations including higher bar for dealers that have access -- how to spot and deal with heroin abuse. the county is working out how to pay for the plans. a new medical facility in lake nona medical city and that innovating and transforming the health system. guidewell innovation core opened yesterday in areas designed for researchers to
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labs innovation theater in imagination cinema. leaders expect that to be the epicenter of healthcare in bennett -- innovation. will place chief henry retiring at the end of the month starting out as an officer with apartment in 1982 and became chief in 2010. this also a veteran of the u. s. marines. officials in brevard county i tried to figure out what is causing hundreds of dead fish washed up on the beaches in cape canaveral in cocoa beach. according to the above our times, this is the second fish kill within the last three december, several cargo containers fell off of the canaveral. officials have not linked back to the recent fishtail. floodwaters and parts of louisiana are starting to receipt leading families how to figure out to get back to normal. heavy rain leaving 1 foot of
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state of disaster for counties leaving --. 5:39 am more rain. >> the last three weeks we have had one day of rain and we deftly need to get some here. a chance friday to saturday better chance for scattered rain and storms that will help with pollen levels. flagler beach today, 85, staying dry and good-looking day very warm. lakeland, wildwood, bushnell, mid to upper 80s winds out of the west 10-15. sumner county 90s toward winter springs, troubled part, longwood, sable point, grand lake, wekiva springs, altamonte springs, in the upper 80s to near 90. coming up we tracked the next chance of rain and how the storm system is going to impact the upcoming weekend.
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>> troopers on scene of a fatal crash in kissimmee. u. s. 192 4 west blvd., give them exit -- extra space to investigate. earlier. i 4, eastbound 10 central cones as we speak. soon you will not have to move over for construction. pops up. people living in orange county do not want a new mosque built in the neighborhood. what they would do today to make sure local lawmakers know how they feel. florida veterans gathering for a special honor. ceremony that lifted spit -- spirits
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. 5:44 am results trickling in overnight in the race for the white house. front runners from both parties are the winners angela jacobs has been watching results for us through the night. what is the latest? >> reporter: what everyone wants to know from the results is what it will mean for the parties moving ahead and could it lead to a possible contested side. for hillary clinton with
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she further widened the lead against bernie sanders but went for the republicans, john kasich cutting into trumps lead with a win in home state. the other home state win in florida did not happen for marco rubio, trounced by donald trump and quickly dropped out. john kasich, ted cruz and the other were broken front runner, of course, -- other republican front-runner donald trump remained. back to you. president obama's choice for supreme court nomination could be announced. they have finished the betting process for potential nominees to replace late justice antonin scalia. republicans in congress say the nominee should be up to the next president. people who live a windermere will have a chance to discuss plans to build a
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we told you last week a landowner wants to build 6900 ft.2 mosque on lakefront property outside kings point people who live in the area are worried about traffic and noise in a meeting held at six at sunset park elementary. : police will -- known to flaunt cash on the social media may have been targets of the home invasion, to crashes and kidnapping involving police cruiser. five or six masked men took off in a mercedes suv after tying up the victims in a home and taking cash and guns. winter garden police officer spotted the suv went after it. investigators said the suspect ran a red light and hit another car and got out and ran away. >> hopefully they can put gates so nothing like this happens again in the neighborhood. >> another unrelated suv came to the intersection and police cruiser. no one hurt in the crash. injuries. orlando police say a mother got so heated with a teacher attack them.
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she went to pick up her son from princeton elementary that the staff did not recognize her or the car she was in so they asked for id. a teacher at the school says the mom tried grabbing her son away and attacked the teacher. she is charged with felony battery on a school employee. problems are growing for a german automaker, volkswagen. 70 lawsuits have been filed against the company by investors that includes a suit filed monday by nearly 300 investors around the world including a california based pension fund. the suit is seeking more than $3 billion for losses. this comes after volkswagen admitted to installing software and millions of diesel vehicles in order to cheat emissions test. to publi says it could lose at least one dollar per share for the first quarter following several food safety issues. investors are -- chipotle is
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marketing and higher food costs as it deals with food safety protocols. spring break in full swing in daytona beach and with influx of people hitting beaches, safety concerns -- officers cracking down on underage drinking during the spring breakers being ordered to dump out beer. beach below -- patrol believes that will be more spring breakers. possibly because panama city is implementing strong alcohol by gracious. a group of world war ii veterans honored in south way. >> veterans ranging from 76-97 years old got to fly in vintage planes like the ones they used during their service. they each got to fly for 15-20 minutes in a 1942 boeing stearman and were able to take over consoles arranged by nonprofit called ageless aviation dreams foundation honoring veterans in nursing homes. >> that is cool.. >> they are world war ii veterans.
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aircraft he would have flown in. >> i'm going to check that. >> i do not think that is correct. >> they weren't taking a red baron. >> six stuff over there. near record for today, close to 90 degrees in orlando 89 record 94, we should be away from that, 94, record 92 olympic daytona beach, away from the record. warm 60 degrees, looking at numbers, 60s and 70s and 70 in the villages, 66 palm coast, 67 sharpes, vera, titusville, mims merritt island. light winds, a lot of low clouds around this morning so we are tracking areas of fog drop in visibility over the last few minutes near daytona beach to the hammock and against of the brevard county
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county for fog, villages have a myopic low cloud cover once we lose the fog after the sun comes up, it is going to be good looking, 84 by 2:00 and mount dora, 85 by 4:00, mid to upper 80s on the way for a lot of us. 9 am, still low clouds around. we will have patchy fog pick it will last longer because of the drive. fog thursday morning, around and by the afternoon we will see a pop-up shower or storm developing on thursday. it is not until friday when we rain. what is amateur 60s and 70s low risk of rip currents seas 1 to 2 feet, down at the area beaches great. 89, sunny in temperatures, 85, palm coast, 87 to land through debary, 88 in sanford. 89 today orlando winter park in winter garden. tonight, zellwood, apopka, over
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again developing and temperatures running in the mid- 60s and then for tomorrow, another very warm day in the celebration, kissimmee, 88 8887 clermont, mineola, bushnell, western, mid-80s to mop acquaintances around 20 percent on thursday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. friday and saturday, right on track for a front to drop in and that means scattered showers and storms come a 40-50 percent chance but it will drop temperatures. 79 on saturday down to 75 on sunday. 5:51 am. looking at a crash on traffic tracker with deneige. >> kenansville, if you miles west, staples 60 at p vineland road lanes are blocked. osceola county, u. s. 119, 4 wins blvd., troopers on scene of a fatal crash and christmas, a fatal crash, state road 50, on scene, not indicating lanes
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fatal crash investigations they will be on scene for a few hours. 1942 boeing stearman that is what they were flying. that was training aircraft they use before going out. >> thank you for the clarification professor. orlando police are looking for two people they say barged into a home overnight. coming up what investigators know about the armed men that they are looking for. good news for fans of
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5:54 am this week the president obama will be the first sitting u. s. president to visit cuba in 19 years. he will travel to cuba on sunday to kickstart business relations with the communist nation. ceos of xerox joining them on the trip. plans for commercial flights -- flights between u. s. and cuba finalize for the summer. many flights will leave from here in florida. cuban officials have confirmed the first case of the zika virus transmitted inside the country. 21-year-old woman from havana says she did not travel out of the country and tested positive for the virus on monday. cases have been reported in cuba but they have involved people traveling outside of the nation. florida democratic senator. bill nelson to the subject in car for a spent on capitol hill he is in the driver seat.
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committee organize the test drive following a hearing on the future of self driving cars nelson said he enjoyed the ride the panic when the car approached a concrete wall. >> they absolutely's more on a stack of bibles that as that car was accelerating into the turn it would have turned. >> that would have been bad. >> i think he made it. >> despite the scare, he says the self-driving car was, quote, pretty good. >> pretty good. inside the new king kong ride at universal orlando, 40 foot long expedition vehicle can carry up to 72 people on the skull island reign of kong attraction. that is actually the first ride in the history of the theme park that will not navigate on any kind of track. it will end up being the longest ride of any universal the summer. several big expenses are coming to legoland, theme park
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retreat. developers will add on to the legoland waterpark and a new theatrical attraction in time -- in the theme park. fireworks called legoland nightlights will be starting in june. >> that's good because my son does not -- asked me in a. golfers get one last practice day before the honorable. palmer invitational. the golfer will be there to oversee the event tomorrow and next month he will travel to the masters but for the first time he will not be taking part in the ceremonial first shot he says it is time to end this part of his master's career. hundreds of families and friends joining cancer survivors at bay hill as part of the arnold palmer invitational. >> participants walking from -- raising funds. families say the funds they raise go a long way.
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one year and a half with our child. we were able to do his scans and had chemotherapy given in orlando for the first time in 18 months. >> organizers say the money raised will go directly toward research, experiment of trials and treatments for patients at carmel pomo children's hospital in orlando, the fourth-year for the fundraiser and we are grateful for all the things he does for the community. >> absolutely. millions of people to the polls. >> at the top of the hour white voters in central florida did not have ballots when they arrived at the precinct. staying on top of the massive fire that burned an iconic cocoa beach mansion. coming up, what we are learning about the ongoing efforts by firefighters hours after the fire first began.
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right now on eyewitness news this morning primary results from overnight forcing changes in the race for the white house. marco rubio failed to wins home state of florida. >> while it is not god's plan that the president in 2016 or maybe ever. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. >> what the big wins will mean for front runners hillary clinton and donald trump. firefighters on alert overnight in cocoa beach after a massive fire destroyed a mansion.


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