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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news out of sea world. big developments. the company says starting today, they will and all orca bree ding. >> we are getting the details into the newsroom. orcas currently in sea world care will be the last generation at sea world. sea world says guests will be able to see the last generation of orcas at a new educational encounter and viewing areas of the park. they say they will introduce more natural worker encounters instead of the detachable shows that we have seen over the years and they are coming to orlando 2090. sea world is partnering with the humane society to protect the oceans and animals that live in it and sea world has always done a lot of that work and they will continue to do that but major changes coming to the theme park and we will stay on top of the story and keep you updated on air and online. 6 am checking the forecast. >> looking on the warm side
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have your umbrella, not a washout by any means but a slight chance of a shower or storm this afternoon. i want you to be prepared. shorts, short sleeves and well into the 80s and another one start. patchy fog around, 60s, 70s this morning. 60 degrees azalea park, orlando, -- 68 degrees of azalea park. bushnell, sank after harmony holopaw, kissimmee st. cloud in the 60s, 65 in melbourne. clouds around this morning, clouds increasing throughout the day and here is the planet, by noon we will be here near 80. clouds popping up in this afternoon and evening rain chances not too high. 20 percent chance of a pop-up shower or storm and look how warm we are again. near 87 by the time we hit 4:00. who has the better chance of storms in the forecast and we will get into the front moving through this weekend.
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>> we had a hit and run crash reported i 4 westbound and deland before state road 44 here is a shot in the area does not look to be causing issues and they have been able to get to the side and shoulder. no worries. move over if you pass the crash. another crash in lake county, turnpike northbound, exit ramp u. s. 27 and howey-in-the- hills, keep in mind i think there is one lane blocked. we will get an update from troopers to make sure you will not end up needing to take a different exit ramp. we will have that update in seven minutes. on the breaking story in lake county, one person is dead this morning after fire destroyed a home in mineola. >> the fire happened mineola street in a rural part of the county. eyewitnesses this morning angela jacobs is live outside the house. firefighters say they burst into the burning home but could not save the person inside. >> reporter: jamie, this morning we heard from the local fire chief who is calling the
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we have been able to get closer to the scene. you can see firefighters on scene of this home off mineola street. a two-alarm fire they were alerted to and they have been here since 9:00 last night. we're told by the parmesan medical units from at least 4 area agencies responded to fight this fire officials just told is also what crews arrived they found the home completely engulfed in flames responders russian and found one person is i brought them out and we were able to work on them for some time but were not able to provide the person and they died on scene and others in the injuries. it is not known if the gnome -- home had working smoke detectors and the fire marshall's office conference the investigation into the cause of the blaze continues. i'm just speaking to a resident who saw flames above the trees are going to the interview now and we will have that for you coming up in the next half hour
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is now doing for the devastated family grieving and homeless. live in mineola, angela jacobs, eyewitness news is morning. overnight one person dead following a shooting at an apartment complex in orange county. he is alive look at the chowder bay apartment complex rio grande avenue. just west of obt. that is where deputies went around 10:00 may have a person in custody but they have not said a visa suspect. we will be in touch with the investigators of the morning to find out what led to this. we went to the orange county supervisor of elections for answers after poll workers received bad checks, 1400 checks bounced after tuesday's primary supervisor of election bill crowel says the problem is tied to the company who handled the election day payroll. the company put money into an account to pay poll workers but he says the company never asked -- access the funds and he's scrambling to fix the problem. each one is telling us what they want done with a check.
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will be owing me money to pay for the overtime on the staff, the cost of checks and all of that. >> poll workers can to pick up checks at the elections office or have them mailed. more than 3 million registered voters did not vote in tuesday's presidential primary because they are not affiliated with a major party. some people say that is not fair since tax dollars are used to fund elections. florida is one of 20 states along with the district of columbia that has a close primary. it has been a close primary century. president obama has nominated federal appeals court judge merrick garland to fill the spot of late supreme court justice antonin scalia. capitol hill today. tennis ball to reports send republicans are still bowing to block his confirmation. >> reporter: this morning supreme court nominee merrick garland will meet face-to-face with democratic senators. it's the republicans who control his fate.
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are so polarized, this is precisely the time when we should play it straight. >> reporter: the showdown over intensified the second president obama introduced pick. the moment is emotional for the 63-year-old husband and father. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. other than on when linda agreed to marry me 20 years ago. >> harvard educated native to chicago dedicating his life to the law. top prosecutor in oklahoma city bombing. two decades spent serving the court of appeals known as a moderate, a compromise in the heat of the partisan election- year. >> the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. >> the senate top republican holding grounds the next presidential pick the next justice. mitch mcconnell took a call from garland reiterating his feelings before wishing him well. his fellow republicans falling
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>> any chance of changing your mind? >> none. >> reporter: we found six republican senators who are open to meeting with garland. that includes senator. orrin hatch who was praised the island. >> i did not say he belongs of the supreme court has said he belongs on the dc circuit court. >> reporter: kenneth moulton. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley and i will republican says he's open to meeting with garland but there are no signs any of the meetings will lead to actual confirmation hearings. the former millionaire convicted of killing his wife emma set to appear in court room late this afternoon. his lawyers are working to get them on after granted a new trial last month. this follows claims his lawyers made mistakes in 2011. his new trial is not expected to happen for a few more years. orange county teenager accused of trying to kill a deputy has been charged now as an adult. state attorneys office about the charges including attempted murder against john carlin is on the -- ortiz been arrested as a hit march -- sergeant.
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tried to take him into custody on burglary charges. she is recovering from a fractured foot and head injury. fans across the country mourning the death of frank sinatra junior this morning. the son of the legendary singer who also had a musical career of his own died at a hospital last night. is the actually in daytona beach for a concert at the peabody auditorium. officials say sinatra became sick and died of cardiac arrest and was 72 years old. some neighbors in cocoa are fed up with the noise coming from the brevard county sheriff's office gun range that is near their homes. skywitness 9 flew over the gun range that has been sitting on county owned property east of 95 since 1985. homeowners have filed lawsuits claiming the gun range is too noisy for the quiet neighborhood and they want it shut down. >> we had tried everything and try to work with them but they are a bad neighbor with no respect for people or the community and it's time for us to check -- them to checkout.
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sheriff's office for their side that we have not heard back. lawyers for the county said the gun range does not violate any noise ordinances. a judge still has not made a decision. 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 . somebody's playing golf today. >> golf in action. arnold palmer into an -- invitational this morning and as you go all -- the up-to-date clouds increase and by the afternoon, a slight chance of a shower and pop-up storm but again 20 percent chance where we run in the 80s but it's going to stay warm. northern tier, slightly better chance of the afternoon shower or storm. volusia county, included through flagler county 85 today daytona beach and south daytona, longwood, sable point, wekiva casselberry, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s pop of showers or storm and a little warmer and we will make a run at upper 80s in southern tier. champions gate, kissimmee, green meadows, all in the 80s today with isolated storm a possibility becoming of the front starts to nudge him
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track the big changes ahead this weekend. 6:09 am deneige. >> crashes starting off in lake county pick this one is at turnpike northbound, exit ramp to u. s. 27 howey-in-the-hills looks like you can still get through no need to bypass the exit ramp. they will have a portion of that block i 4 westbound before state route 44 in to land a hit- and-run crash. this is off to the side so it will not slow you down. get extra room and a cocoa, joy road, coral lane also crash reported it does not look to be blocking the road. polk county woman fighting to keep her beloved pet of 15 years, six-foot alligator. >> he is my baby i know where he is. >> why he may be forced -- he may be forced to give them a. what investigate as they were happening inside of a mansion in cocoa beach before it burned to the ground.
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jamie holmes 6:14 am. video of sea world and breaking news coming out of the theme park this morning. the company has announced they will and all work of breathing as of today. the other big news is there will be no more theatrical shows instead there will be more natural orca encounters. affecting orlando beginning 2019. the other parks in san diego and san antonio also affected by this decision. we will follow the big change coming out of the theme park throughout the rest of the morning. >> huge changes as we know it to sea world. much more on air and online. orlando mom facing serious jail time after being accused of a hitting of a teacher at a
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>> bradwell reached out to us after we first reported the story on tuesday. police say she refused to wait 30 seconds or so for staff at princeton elementary to verify her idea what she wanted to pick up her son from school. school staff says she did not have a parent pickup decal so that is why they asked for the idea. police say bradwell admitted to only grabbing the teachers arm. >> how do you feel about police saying you were in the wrong? >> i was not in the wrong. only way i say that i was in the wrong was for st. giving back my id. >> she has been banned from the school until after spring break. she's also been charged with battery on a school employee. listen to the rest of the interview go to and click on the video tab . marion county deputies say a teenager is in the mental health facility after he tried to take a rifle to school. deputies say the 13-year-old tried to take an ar 15 rifle and ammunition to howard middle school yesterday.
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him and stopped him before he left the house. the school's principal said out an automated phone call to parents to let them know what happened. two central florida priests are facing charges after investigators say they did nothing to stop more than 80 children from been sexually abuse. john chanel he worked at san pedro ctr. in orange county and robert d a versa work at st. patrick's and mount dora. prosecutors say they both knew another priest was a sexual predator but did not keep them from having access to children. both men are facing charges of -- in pennsylvania but stepped down from positions with the orlando diocese. daytona beach city leaders considering an abandoned school to help solve the city's homeless problem and we ever tell you about the homeless issue in volusia county says january. leaders are try to decide whether to buy hurst elementary school on the right street they want to transform it into housing for 300 people. the school will cost the county about $200,000. >> we found out a median of six months to one year before any more work on orlando's fashion sq., mall can be done.
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old mall and bring a seven- story hotel to the space are now on hold. we spoke to the developer up development and they say plans are still moving forward but they are waiting to see what will happen to sears and macy's before they can continue with the project. >> obviously when the big neighbors on both sides are making plans for their property infrastructure, access, coronation and we still will have a hotel on the frontage it may move around but this hotel coming to fashion square. >> we reached out to macy's and sears to ask if they plan to move from the mall and we are waiting to hear back. orange county employees were able to get a free ride to work on sunday mail yesterday's free ride is a result of a partnership between the office of community environmental development services and sunrail. both hoped the free ride encourages workers to use the service more often. drivers will have to use another ramp to get on the 408 downtown orlando starting to bother the ramp from or damage
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if you use the ramp you will be up to use a temporary ramp on division avenue south of anderson street. the closure is part of the ongoing i 4 ultimate project. can you call it temporary when it is until 2019? >> and a monumental sense of time, sure. yes. happy st. patrick's day. >> looking good. >> leave it to the cuban girl to get the irish >> going . >> do you know what my middle name is? patrick >> i didn't know that. day. >> and you still did not wear green. >> i have a green screen and that's as green as i can get. watch me this afternoon. downtown orlando, looking to the north 60 degrees downtown deltona, 69 and it is warm and you see temperatures running in the 60s and 70s around 70 degrees in clermont, 70 and titusville warm start,
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80s even with extra clouds. winds are coming out of the west and that will keep us warm. with a watching out for patchy fog we had some in the last hour toward the airport oia. we have several airports around here. we had improvements. low clouds and we watch for that otherwise a dry start to the day. action clouds will be filtering in for today. baldwin park we go, 80 by noon and then this afternoon, rain chances are not high but 20 percent chance of a pop-up shower or storm. 9 am, still cloud cover in spots looking great by midday and then this afternoon, there is the timeframe and by 3:00 schoolbus time, one or two showers are developing tom will track a couple of rundle -- rumble possible for today tonight and tonight i said it just for show. the weekend, it is more active, much of saturday is okay but saturday afternoon, saturday evening a better chance of rain
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sunday and then the system kicks away and we will get some cooler weather sunday into early next week. 80s today at the beaches, water temperatures still 60s and 70s and looking good, seas and one to 2 feet low risk of rip currents. the numbers in the 80s, rain chance 20 percent and in the way clouds will be on the increase and we will be around 87 by the afternoon. tonight, isolated shower mostly cloudy and temperatures about 65 and tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds and spotty showers and storm again rain chances slightly higher tomorrow as the front nudges and get everything on track about 40 percent chance of that on friday the five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. saturday, 50 percent chance of showers and storms. favoring the second half of the day. things wrap up on sunday, sunday turning cooler, 75 and low 70s on the way by monday. 6:20 am. let's get an update on crash with deneige. >> howey-in-the-hills, turnpike northbound, and exit ramp at u. s. 27, you have one crash here blocking one lane.
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keep in mind to give them extra space to work cocoa, joy road, coral lane does not look to be blocking any portion of the comedic same story, give them space. i 4 deland westbound before state road for four, you cannot see it from the, but there's a hit-and-run crash reported and they have been able to get it to the shoulder. keep that in mind. ucf is ready to will the new campus in downtown orlando. what people who live nearby think the construction will force them out of their own neighborhood. fatal house fire in lake county under investigation but what firefighters discovered when they first arrived on scene. there needs to be police patrol, maybe, i don't know. make an example out of someone. >> a parent says a car drives
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investigators trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire destroying a home in cocoa beach and it could take them a few more weeks. flames were huge and this happened tuesday night at the iconic punk and center. fire crews say the flames rose as high as 75 feet and there is not much left of that 10,000 ft.2 mansion.
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time of the fire and the fire caused some $5 million in damages. neighbors we spoke with say that mansion drop them many memories over the years. >> i have lived in cocoa beach 30 years. i've been hanging right here on the speech for 25, 27 years. it has just been a part of my life. >> new owner bought the mansion last year and workers were renovating the house at the time of the fire. orange county a parent is set up for drivers who speed past stopped school buses and she's showing us some driver she caught on camera. for the past three months, the mom has been recording videos of her daughters were stopped on 436, near loma. almost everyday cars pass up the stop sign and flashing red lights and she contacted us after we showed video from another bus stop of drivers doing the very same thing. -- >> i been saying this since january, like, we have a real problem here. you do not know what kid will
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you don't know what it may be getting dropped off on the other side because i don't know if a parent is running late and they have to run across the you do not know yet this sheriff's department says they do not -- regular patrols around but stops but believe it is a countywide problem is a more awareness will help. apopka police department will reveal the name of the newest canine agent today at about the -- apopka middle school. >> students from apopka middle school and wolf lake middle school were asked to pick the names dozens sent in entries with suggestions like darter, sawyer and jamie's favorite, thor the student with the winning name will get a pizza's party to share with his or her entire class >> my money is on thor. 6:26 am. orlando international is one of the busiest airports in the country. >> a huge new project that will help more people said -- visit central florida. angela jacobs, mineola, a
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devastated a family. coming up, how the city is asking the community for help. weather pattern finally breaking down we will track where a couple showers could pop up a better chance of rain in the forecast and the
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6:30 am, major news this morning out of sea world. the park will and its killer whale breeding program. with the following details all morning on the sea world as we know it is changing. >> 2019 orlando but the parks across the country will be affected if more details for you in a second. started with weather and traffic deneige broom watching the roads and brian here with the weather is always . >> hot. >> nice day and warm and a slight chance of a shower this afternoon and we will get a better chance as we go to the end of the week one start again, 60s, 70s with us 68 deland through to bear, 60
6:31 am
marion, sumter and lake near 70 from clermont the mount dora. 60s around kissimmee toward melbourne and there is that 68 waterford lakes and orlando. extra clouds around this morning and a little bit of patchy fog and we will see more clouds today but here is the planner and some of the changes were today. take a peek at your screen by noon, right near 80 degrees and still well into the 80s this afternoon. you see as we go through the afternoon into the evening we will see a slight chance of a pop-up shower or storm and again rain chances are not too high but 20 percent chance of shower or storms so have your umbrella in case you run into that especially by the evening commute. coming up, we are going to track some bigger changes on the way by tomorrow but tomorrow the rain chance creeps up further and we will bring that down ahead in temperature changes this weekend. 6:31 am. let's see how the drive is stacking up with deneige. >> things looking good. starting on the camera i 4, john young parkway, we don't have issues eastbound or
6:32 am
that we do have an issue on j white be in another area, columbia street there is a crash and there are injuries reported in the crash so it is possible that orange county fire rescue could end up on the scene soon blocking all lanes and i will update you about the crash and anything else that pops up in seven minutes. breaking news in lake county this morning, firefighters said they could not say the person trapped inside a burning house. >> mineola street in a rural part of the county. angela jacobs is live outside the house. the city is already asking for help for the family. >> reporter: this morning the city manager tells us it is looking to plan a drop-off for the family not only devastated by the fire but also dealing with tragedy of losing a family member and now they have lost their home and everything in it on top of it. we wanted to check out the face
6:33 am
still on scene no doubt checking for hotspots after the deadly fire ripped through this home last night leaving one person dead and the family homeless. it was after 9:00 when fire departments and medical units from at least four area agencies responded to fight the blaze when crews arrived they found the home engulfed and went inside and found the person trapped and brought the person out and we are told heroic efforts were made to try to save the individual but the person died on scene. we also caught up with a neighbor who live down the street and told us when he got home he all -- saw flames above the trees. >> i was coming from bible study last night and before we got to the tower we did saw a blaze behind me he hung the trees. >> -- me behind the trees. >> we do not know at this hour is the home heads smoke detectors. fire marshal's office investigation and we are watching them walking around the scene as new updates come in, we will bring them to you here on eyewitness news this
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live in mineola, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. breaking news out of sea world, the company says starting today they will and all orca breeding. but currently once and care will be the last generation you will see at the theme park. sea world says guests will be able to see the generation of orcas at new educational encounters and viewing areas in the park. but they will be ending the theatrical shows in orlando in 2019. a lot of this comes after the backlash from the documentary "blackfish" will -- which sparked controversy after don brancheau was killed by a orca named "tilikum". "tilikum" has been sick struggling to survive. parks will end the breeding programs and theatrical shows. sea world also is partnering with the humane society to help shape its policies. those agencies have long been an odd with each other director
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comment saying, quote this is a defining moment in the fact that the world is doing away with orca mark breeding marks meaningful change. we will follow the story for you on one all day long. osceola county, inmate who broke out of the county jail and 2010 is set to get his new sentence in may. yesterday a judge decided to delay sentencing for michael rigby said he was being held on attempted first-degree murder charge when he dug his way out under a cell toilet and was on the run for nearly 3 months before being caught in new jersey. he was originally sentenced to 22 years in prison but an appellate judge ruled it was not a fair punishment because he only had one other conviction. the family of a young man who was murdered to prevent him from testifying in a home invasion case says the latest appeal from one of the convicted killers has been denied. these letters were posted online yesterday showing the court's decision against donell gottfried. prosecutors eight gottfried vestment okafor and a manual waffle shop three people back
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alex zaldivar who died. a woman reunited with the dog after getting away. >> carjacked her at a stoplight near deland while her golden retriever was in the back. not long after, 18-year-old crashed the truck and he was pulled from the truck, the dog ran away. last night the dog was found safe with only an injured leg. investigators in orange county say a woman accused of driving the wrong way with only an injured leg. investigators in orange county say a woman accused of driving the wrong way, state road 50 had methamphetamine marijuana and a cat in the car. we went to a report that states when they asked why she was going the wrong way, she told them she was coming from canada and try to explain how traffic works there. she was arrested on multiple methamphetamine but she has bonded out of jail. up to governor. rick scott to decide the state will help families with very loved ones whose remains were found in a shuttered perform --
6:37 am
2013, researchers found 51 bodies of the arthur g dozier school for boys in marietta. they believe they were abused and varied there for decades for tuesday, state lawmakers found -- sent a bill asking for one .5 -- sent a bill asking for one $.5 billion to help the families we buried bodies. 9 investigates digging into fraud allegations against the state's largest foster care agencies. the children's home society a accused of overbilling the government for medicare and i a spokesperson admits to making more than $80,000 in billing errors they say it could have come from a billing a record system. plans for a school meant to relief -- renaissance charger -- charter school would have gone up near west road and fountain was boulevard in ocoee and the mission is voted against it tuesday. opponents say it would have area. people living in a sumner county neighborhood will ask --
6:38 am
about who lives next door. have a diocese orlando's sold acres they own your house red road 436 bit in 2014 the county scrapped plans for the diocese to build a senior community on that property and a new development plans to build a residential community taking less space in the previous plans. they plan to hold a meeting with residents. people who live along the new creek hoping the county will improve things to -- 30 people have been hurt in rex year. osceola county spokesperson biplanes and sidewalks but not until 2019. >> you can see people all the time teetering on the edge of the road between the road and ditches and wrote in words and the road and the guard rails and there is nowhere for them to walk or ride bikes and its dangerous. >> county leaders also tell us
6:39 am
project with the city of st. cloud even sooner than 2019. house committee disease debating a bill sparked by a viral video of a veteran stuck on the phone trying to make an appointment with the va. we told you the video last month it has been seen more than the 1 million times. fast care for veterans act authorizing the va to develop a mobile app for veterans to make appointment easier. the bill has bipartisan support. central florida leaders looking for ways to help local veterans. concerned veterans for america will hold a town hall meeting in winter park. the plan to discuss long waitlist at the va and delayed access to care and the meeting starts at 7:00 at the woman's club winter park. two billion-dollar south terminal complex at oia has been given the green light at this is the rendering of what the new complex will look like. the greater orlando aviation authority signed off on the project yesterday. they say they were encouraged by the rise in the number of passengers coming to the airport. construction on the first phase of the project can start early next year.
6:40 am
from fighting crime to do some good right here in orlando >> the best video of the morning. >> the hulk, captain america, ironman stopped by arnold palmer hospital for children. he hung around outside to watch -- wash windows and do tricks for the kids watching inside. they say there is no way to put into words the feeling that got from seeing kids faces light up. >> i love it. the experience and feeling you get from doing it. you see smiling faces they come to the window so it helps to see them and it's really cool. >> did you see captain america in the background? >> the window washers tell us they took their time so all the kids could get a good look. so fantastic >> he looks like a big guy. >> those are real muscles painted green. >> heat and rain coming in.
6:41 am
today better chance in northern zones, flagler, volusia a couple popping up this afternoon. warm, flagler beach, beverly beach, temperatures in the 80s and upper 80s right to orange county. lake nona, medical city, hunter's creek hiawassee road area, pine hills, paramore, downtown orlando. 87, 88 degrees today and brevard county, a slight chance of a shower this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s, 87 degrees and titusville. on the one side, 87 and either way we was in more clouds today and tomorrow, over toward winter park, sidewalk art festival small to the weekend awesome event. rain chance 40 percent. not a washout on friday. be sure to check out for a full schedule and a lot of events going on this weekend. coming up, the weekend, future track, i will show you the chance of storms this weekend and the changing temperatures that will be moving in. 6:41 am. we do not have any major issues on the road but there are still a couple things to let you know about a heads up, a crash water turnpike
6:42 am
exit ramp to u. s. 27, you can get through just give them extra space to work. john young parkway, columbia st., orlando police on scene does not look like you will need an alternate either. cocoa, joy road, coral lane also a crash reported no road block. a milestone for a major addition to see well, the last piece of a roller coaster that will become the tallest, longest and fastest in orlando. not something kayakers expected to see in the wekiva state park, symbols of hatred painted on dozens of trees. vandalism will be difficult to clean. people who live in west orange county do not want a large mosque built in their backyard. zoning issues that neighbors they should kill the before i.s.s. before huble. we built the most extraordinary machine. stand nose-to-nose with space shuttle atlantis. one of thousands of exciting things to explore at kennedy space center visitor complex.
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before chris hadfield. before sally ride. we turned ordinary people into heroes. shake hands with a hero at astronaut encounter. one of thousands of exciting things to explore at kennedy space center visitor complex.
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6:45 am. the mother accused of abandoning her newborn after giving birth is set to appear in court. the following the search for baby willow since she disappeared last month. her mother, susan richardson is in the orange county jail on child neglect charges. investigators say she claims she let the baby outside an apartment because she did not want the child but baby willow still has not been found. we will have a crew at the hearing today and we will let you know what happens at eyewitness news at noon tensions flared at a meeting to discuss plans to build a mosque near a residential me community and what ever. >> act house sunset park elementary school, the owner of the land is donating it so they can build the windermere religious center. those who live nearby say the property is zoned residential and they voiced concerns about traffic, noise and the environmental impact. >> a lot of them were just concerned with the zoning but there was another angle of muslim and what is a mosque and what you do in a mosque and we're welcome as jews , as christians which is an
6:47 am
>> developer has not submitted an application to the county yet. summit county trying to find vandals who spray-painted hateful kkk and swastika symbols on the trees and wekiva state park at park rangers tell us they notified the fwc who is also investigating and we spoke with visitors at the park who say the symbols will win the experience. it is defacing a beautiful piece of river and has no business and particularly with the message he was making, it makes it even more disgusting. >> officials tell us they are try to figure out how they can remove the markings without damaging the trees. customs and border patrol agents at oia say the bus of a suspected drug smuggler who they caught with 6 pounds of heroin in his backpack. officers have not released his name but they say the 38-year- old came on a flight from mexico city. they say the street value of
6:48 am
customs officials also say on a typical day they seize more than 9400 pounds of drugs. automatic emergency braking could soon be standard equipment on cars that federal safety officials and major automakers are expected to make an announcement today. automatic emergency braking uses cameras, radar and other sensors to look for objects in the way and then slow or stop a car if the driver does not react. it is already available in many cars as an option and expected to be standard by 20 2022. nasa astronaut jeff williams and two cosmonauts are set to blast off from the international space station to market that will be on us or use raqqa from kazakhstan. orbital atk -- freighter carrying a science experiment and take from ucf as well as spacewalk gear and supplies. an unusual mission will undergo. scientist set it on fire to see
6:49 am
business. -- will spread on weightlessness. i will feel the heat. >> he did it again. >> he keeps doing it. he's awesome, not cheesy >> no, it's cheesy. >> downtown orlando, glover lake eola, we can see which is good. some patchy fog around but nothing too crazy. 68 winds of the southwest at five or 6 miles an hour. there are the 60s and 70s. the warm start to our day it is mild now. we will stay warm today, winds are coming out of the west so that is going to heat us up into the 80s. a drop off and fog and southern sections of osceola, brett -- grant-valkaria, melbourne village, visibility is around one quarter of a mile, use caution i-95, a1a, as you get into so the brevard county the extra clouds around and seeing
6:50 am
we was if you were clouds today. rain chances are not too high. if you taken some action over toward bay hill, arnold palmer invitational, 20 percent chance of the afternoon showers and storms and again, running in the 80s, so 10:00 this morning, we are looking good through about the early afternoon. when you see tom terry today at 4:00, on channel 9, we will be tracking a pop-up shower you see the 20 percent chance even a rumble of thunder through the evening. hit or miss showers or storm for today and again isolated showers for tonight. into the weekend, we are tracking the storm system moving in. saturday night and all they washout but especially late in the day saturday afternoon and evening you see green moving in for saturday night wrapping up early sunday and then clearing out and cooling down back behind the system. beaches, another decent beach day, cloud cover and to navigate about your sunscreen seas 1 to 2 feet. going over the temperatures, there is the 80s pick your spots, palm coast 84, kissimmee 89, winter garden, orlando,
6:51 am
clouds increase have your umbrella for the chance of a storm today. isolated shower tonight mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 60s and then tomorrow, sun club mix on friday, range as about 40 percent for tomorrow as the front comes closer. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. ontrack 50 percent chance of scattered showers and storms saturday left over one sunday. cooler, 75 and sunny, by monday, low 70s enjoy that while it lasted you know 90s 6:51 am. traffic with deneige. >> a crash kissimmee that has a partial roadblock. here at michigan avenue, here at michigan avenue, carroll street you can get through no need for an alternate. keep it in mind. orange county, orange avenue, land street land st., road a crash with a roadblock in a turn lane. it should not impacting too much at this point but with more people getting on the
6:52 am
i 4 camera, lake mary, tower cameras, traffic toward orange county toward volusia county looking good but seeing the westbound volume building. it will, come reading a children's book but i'm not. >> rambo the elevator rides a motorcycle and has his own chair inside of the house. >> he's like my kid. one of my kids. >> why a polk county woman may be forced to give up her pet gator. angela jacobs, mineola, a deadly house fire has left a family homeless coming up, what state officials still need to know in this investigation. a local man says a major auto later kept demanding payment even after he paid off his loan. coming up at 7 am eyewitness news is morning a central florida tv 27, action 9 get
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
angela jacobs is live outside the home, the house was fully involved -- engulfed when firefighters got there. >> reporter: that was just after 9:00, when first
6:56 am
alarm fire off of minneola street. from at least four area agencies responded to fight the blaze. they located a person inside and worked on the individual for some time after they were able to bring them out after what is being called really a heroic effort but the person was unable to be revived and passed away on the scene. others in the home were able to get out. this morning the fire marshall's office says they continue the investigation into the cause of the fire. reporting live to give minneola, angela jacobs eyewitness news this morning. people living west of i-4 worried he will be forced to -- out of their homes. governor rick scott announced he would not veto the final funding for ucf's downtown campus. other projects are also in the works and residents worry they will have no choice but to were -- but to move out of the area.
6:57 am
everybody going to go? >> they said ucf will not display city residents. they said they are working with city leaders to address the residents concerns. the final piece has been installed. here's a look at skywitness coaster yesterday. officials put up an american flag yesterday as the last piece was in salt. -- installed. it will be the largest and fastest coaster in orlando. making dreams come true for children with life-threatening conditions. our team went on a walk for wishes last night. the money will go to -- make-a- wish foundation to help children in need. the games include various athletic events for active temperature military members from across the globe to
6:58 am
prince harry one of the main contributors to it. the games are set to begin on may 8. today's the first day of the arnold palmer invitational. the top eight golfers are preparing for the first round of the tournament. two champions will be there along with roy are you mcelroy, the -- lori mcelroy, the second- ranked player in the world. a woman giving of her gator. this is rambo, a 15-year-old rest -- alligator from -- rescued from someone who kept it illegally in the closet. state law says once the gator grows longer than 6 feet, she must have at least 2.5 acres of land to keep it. >> he's just a house gator. he's at the table, we have dinner at 4:00 and he sets on the table and needs. -- at the table and needs. >> he hangs out in his lazy boy
6:59 am
[laughter] plenty of people are sharing this. you can too. go to our facebook page to share the post. that is something. [laughter] five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, for today we will see a few more clouds. 87 with the slight chance of a shower or start. friday of -- or storm. not a complete washout but eventually it will coolest out -- coolest down and 70s back in the cards sunday and monday. have a wonderful st. patrick's day. the time, 6:59. we have a crash at kissimmee -- carol avenue, one lane blocked there and then in orange county, orange avenue. turn lane blocked, you can still make it through but keep
7:00 am
and the theme park has said they will end their orchid breeding program and theatrical shows. what that means for the park in orlando. >> your complete news coverage continues now on central florida's tv 27. remember you can take the news with you in the good morning, america. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he's ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away from his team and $13 million after management stopped him


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