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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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daytona beach near some of the 70s this morning. and we have some rain to the north of us if you're traveling up in jacksonville. and watch out for the wet roads
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not a big deal for school bus dropoff times. let's get a look at the villages today. and here's the planner, we'll see more clouds. you'll see the extra clouds today. have the umbrella. a chance of a shower or storm. you see in the afternoon, the rain chances are not too high. but there will be a couple showers and storms developing. so we'll track that county by county and the front arrives on saturday and cooler on sunday and lots of changes and we'll cover them in the next half hour. 408. you can get to this ramp for might not know this is happening yet. to get to the new division ramp, you can take orange avenue to anderson street and then make that left on to the division and the ramp will be on the right-hand side. or you can take south street to get to division and make the
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it will be on the right-hand side. and we're monitoring this and if anything does go wrong, we'll let you know. we're working to find out if a group after accused drug dealers were all still living in the same apopka home. and we're live at the orange county jail. we dent know if there could be more arrests here. >> reporter: and we'll continue to check with the investigators on that this morning and we're working to find out if all the suspects came from the same home. >> reporter: when we first arrived in the south apopka neighborhood, we saw this sign stating it was a safe area. this is on 15th street across the street from a church. but neighbors said that the activity inside was less than holy. our cameras were there last night as the orange county deputies placed two juveniles in the back of a patrol car.
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because of their ages. investigators told us that they were two of 15 people arrested on felony drug and weapons charges. property records show that the one bedroom and one bath home is owned by a woman that owns in north florida. and so far we have not been able to reach her. and neighbors played a huge part in the roundup, fed up with the criminal activity creeping into their streets. and their diligence tack part last night when they had a neighborhood that refused to stay with the tradition of silence. they are crediting the residents for their efforts to keep their streets safe. in the next two weeks, attorneys for a brevard kind man accused of killing two
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an appeals court for a case. attorneys for william woodward argued even if he were convicted, the death penalty would not be an option. the fifth district court of appeals disagrees. last year the state supreme court ruled the original maps were unconstitutional. brown said that the new maps would hurt her politically even though experts disagree and a hearing will take place next friday. and the complaints about
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about trash. this viewer said that driver is speeding down his street in avalon park. the company said they fired that driver wednesday. a plane made an emergency landing last night after it was struck by lightning. one passenger said it sounded like and explosion and the faa is investigating. it is a little easier for volunteers at daytona beach to feet the homeless in city parks. they were kicked out of a park for feeding the homeless. and the lawsuit was just settled for 35 thousands and the five year ban for feeding the homeless has been lifted. they can feed the homeless once a week for three hours. one of the options that
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homelessness is not enough. the shelter has 250 beds. a letter from the national coalition for the homeless was read state thing needs to be a long-term shelter and other programs. united states is officially declared that isis is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in iraq and syria it shows the group is is going to be held responsible. >> united states will strongly support do you means to collect, preserve the evidence of acrossties and we'll do all we can to see that the perpetrators are held accountable. we found out that a lawsuit
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by the mass shooter was a hoax. he said his time as a driver caused psychological damage and made him shoot at random targets killing six people. he denies filing the lawsuit. and they also say that the handwriting did not match. republicans said they will not consider anyone that president obama nominates for the supreme court. >> republicans argue it should be up to the next president to replace late justice scalia. he'll meet with some republicans in two weeks. after a hearing for the flint water crisis, many lawmakers are calling for michigan's governor to resign. the governor said that he did not know about the led contamination till last year. some congressional members are
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in florida, more than 12,000 people are asking governor scott to veto the new abortion bill and it will require doctors to be affiliated with a local hospital and have admitting privileges. protesters said it will affect women's health. >> i heard many stories from women that lived before roe vs. wade and had to live in a world where abortion was not legal and they had friends and family members died in back al lay abortion. >> and the bill protects women and the petition is still waiting for the girlfriend's review. -- for the governor's review. we now know what two statutes will look like for florida's longest-serving mayor. the city and the apopka community trust will pay $120,000 for the statues. and one will be put in front
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park bench at the park that is neat. two parents in marion county stopped their son from bringing a rifle to school. he tried to sneak an ar15 out of the house but his parents caught him. he was not bullied but was bringing the gun to, quote, deal with kids that annoyed him. >> we avoided something that could have been catastrophic for our school district and our community. >> seen now going through a mental evaluation and is no longer allowed to return to school. a big story making headlines this morning, a construction worker died after he fell 50 stories from a high- rise. he was working at the new wilshire grand hotel. it was his second day there. he landed on top of a car that was driving by the site and died. and the driver of the car was not hurt.
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20 airports known for drones coming dangerously close to airplanes. >> but it could help keep the airport safesser. they are calling for a pilot program to stop drones at airplane. it could intercept or shut down the unmanned drones. and the faa will help develop the technology. and two astronauts are going to blast off. a lot of this is coming from. cf. once the mission is complete, they will set that spacecraft on fire to see how flames spread in weightlessness. people in texas will get a better look the damage of severe weather. look at these golf sized ball hail from a thunderstorm.
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golf ball. >> i didn't. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. take a look at flagler county. the northern tier a slightly better chance of showers and storms. palm coast, the temperatures in the low 80s and a couple morning sprinkles possible and a better chance of a few afternoon storms. again, favoring the afternoon and evening hours across orange county and warm day and 86 degrees. and back in st. cloud and bishop lady and all running in the 80s for today. today the first day of the winter park art festival will hit 86. check out come out and say hello and i'll say hello back. and we'll get into the weekend forecast and we'll track the storms on the way for part of our saturday. our time is 5:41. we have a few crashes out there right now.
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it is not blocking any portion of your commute. the troopers are on the scene there. and that is a partial road block. you have one lane in the area blocked once again. and you can get through and no need for an alternate but give them some extra room for it and that is south of state road 44. and you have a crash with a partial road block. a pep rally in south florida took a terrifying turn for some students. the fire breathe performance that sent staff and students to the hospital. orlando police admit they got the wrong guy while trying to tack dunn a shooting sus-- track down a shooting suspect and why they arrested him anyway.
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angela jacobs is at the orange county where more done a dozen people arrested for drugs will face a judge today. >> reporter: and we know that a tip brought on this bust. it came from diligent neighbors that were fed up by the situation in the neighborhood.
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activity surrounding the home along central avenue in south and cam. and the investigate -- south apopka. and the investigators told us that they were two of 15 suspects hauled in on felony weapons charges. and we'll let you know as soon as we learn more about the charges and who the suspects are. reporting live in orange county, angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. we got recordings to hear from the mother accused of abandoning her newborn. susan richardson has been in jail for a month now. and one of the visits with her long-term boyfriend turned serious about what she was doing before giving birth to baby willow. >> i was getting high and you started bleeding. >> that is a lie. >> richardson is charged with
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the police have been searching for baby willow for a movement but there's no sign of her. florida is known for its citrus but it could soon be known for his beer. they are growing hops, the main ingredient in beer and they stay is unusual because it is typically grown in northern states in washington. and one day we could use hops grown right here. >> it has drives the passion that i have and it will make the products unique to florida and showcase to the nation a unique product that has florida's flavor bottled. >> and the researchers are going to try to grow 40 different varieties of hops through the next several years in florida. craft brewery business has completed in florida.
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barrels of beer a day. >> that is a party at brian shields's house. >> just did a story on olives as an alternate crops. >> they are looking for all kinds alternate crops. still ahead, the orlando city soccer club will be back in action tonight but they will be without their captain. he did not show up to practice yesterday. he is still nursing a strained think. he could make the city's next home game on april 3rd. tonight's game starts at 7:00. and we're one day till florida's big game in the ncaa turn to. upset, little rock beat purdue.
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a team of engineers are at it again changing the lives of children with missing limbs. >> and now they gave a future cheerleader a new arm. >> that is so cool. they made a 3-d bionic arm for julia. she was born with a birth defect that forced the doctors to amputate part of her left arm. and it came at no cost to the family. it helped deliver her new arm on wednesday. >> they are unbelievable. >> the team has brought prosthetics to 15 year in the past year. and the first resip except was alex spring. he was born without a right arm. and the usf students teamed up to present him with a new arm
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alvin flores received an arm with star wars theme. >> it doesn't get better than that. >> it doesn't. >> they're local heroes. and it is so inexpensive to produce these. otherwise they are outrageously expensive. >> i'm so proud of them that is so great. we'll see changes this weekend and we'll see a cooldown on the way. we'll get and evaluate cool down moving in. and let's take you to daytona beach. and it is quiet now and the winds out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. and some 60s as well in parts of volusia county and deland, all in the 60s. 65 now in orlando and back through south earn oaks and 67 in clermont and 65 in kissimmee and 63 palm bay. wind speeds are light this morning and they'll be out of the south today. and that is going to keep us warm even with the extra clouds. so mostly cloudy skies today
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the north but we may get a couple sprinkles popping up. marion county could see a few sprinkles. and bay hill action going on again, about a 20, 30% chance of a shower or storm. and we'll watch out for a couple storms possible this afternoon. not a washout. but have the umbrella and that will be the case again for tomorrow. so this afternoon, you see a little green on the map. hit-or-miss showers and storms and lots of clouds and decent for tonight and tomorrow, we'll watch out for the chance of rain again. and not a wash outon the saturday. but lots of clouds around and we'll see some areas of showers and storms, i hope you get some we have been way too dry. but scattered showers and storms on saturday, a 50% chance for tomorrow. beaches and rip current risk, it will be on the stronger side. and it will be better once we get into next week. so today, rain chance 30% and we're running in the 80s.
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five ten degrees above average. it is not an isolated shower and tomorrow, again, i want to stress, not a wash outand we'll have your live radar with you t is a free app. we can plan some of the scattered showers and storms that will be moving in on our saturday. and around 82 sunday, a morning shower and after that, cooler and 73 on sunday and then cooler than that on monday. monday is 71, plenty of sunshine early next week and that could be the last cool down for quite some time. you note 90s are coming. we have construction on 408 westbound at i-4. you can see some of the crews on the scene there. you can still get through and make sure that you give them some extra room. and we still have a crash out there. and that is in deland, kepler road south of state road 44 and you have one lane in the area blocked and make sure that you move over. the days are numbered for
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you see this flexor found himself covered in flame. >> people were freaking out and a couple people passed out. and one girl went into a seizure. no one was immediate danger except for the man that caught fire but people started freaking out. >> and the power from the fire ex continuing wishinger cause someday breathing problems for the students and the performer is in serious condition. in a few years, a.m. new cars will have technology that will have a new feature. it will use censors that alert the driver of a potential crash. >> if the driver does not respond, the car will
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vehicles behind will do the same. and the technology will come standard on all new vehicles by the year 2025. the man orlando police arrested while trying to find the shooting suspect in another case is still in jail. he crashed his car on the 408 ramp. and when the officer ordered him to stop, he took off. and the police caught up with him and made an arrest and they're style trying to find the man in the shooting yesterday. the victim is expected to be okay. orange county students can get the required vaccine shots for free. the florida department health is offering vaccines march 22nd through the 24th at the ronald blocker leadership center in orlando from 9:00 to 2:00. vaccines will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis. investigates are still working to figure out what sparked a fire of a teenager.
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out to help the grieving family. >> reporter: and i'm angela jacobs in orange county where more than a dozen drug suspects are behind bars and how the
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. good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning. let's get started with brian shields. the weekend there will be a few showers and storms. so have your umbrella. chance for today. and in the 60s, we just dropped off in volusia county and daytona beach at 69. winter park and winter garden


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