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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning. let's get started with brian shields. the weekend there will be a few showers and storms. so have your umbrella. chance for today. and in the 60s, we just dropped off in volusia county and daytona beach at 69. winter park and winter garden
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county. even marion county, parts of sumter too, could see a couple sprinkles. most of the rain is up to the north of us this morning. but a lot of clouds around and you see this. warm day. 81 degrees by noon and mid-80s this afternoon and you see this afternoon, we're looking at that 30% chance of showers and storms. so coming up, i want to go joint by joint and we'll see the next front roll in saturday and cooler weather sunday and we'll cover that in the next 15 minutes and lots of changes this weekend. and the time is 6:01. let's hit the drive. a heads up for anyone that would typically get on to the closed. this is the brand-new ramp that opened on division avenue. if you want to take orange avenue, you can take that and turn on to anderson street and that can get to you division
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ramp will be on the right-hand side. or you can take south street and make a left on division and the ramp will be on the right- hand side. they just opened this morning. and so we're monitoring the area. more than a does drug suspects are off the streets and will face a judge this morning. >> orange county deputies hauled them off to the jail. jacobs is. >> reporter: we should know the expect tips that led to the busts. they were launched by the neighbors whose complaints led to the investigation. feeling too unsafe to drive by this home on their own street in apopka, it came to a head last night when they stepped up to help the police clean up the neighborhood. and we were there among the
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placed the back of the orange county sheriff's patrol car. investigators on the scene confirmed to us that the accused were just two of 15 people arrested on felony drug and weapons charges. they told us that all of the suspects were busted because neighbors refused to be part of a usual tradition of silence. the neighbors told us that they were relieved to see the successful law enforcement sweep. and there's a question it more arrests are ahead. angela jacobs, eyewitness news. min la city will will open the door to donors that want to help the family of a teen that died in a house fire. trevor ross died inside the
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they found him just feet from the front door. he could not escape. >> all you saw was the orange and you could tell when the walls were coming down. and governor scott has approved a new $82 billion state budget that includes monday for roads, cultural projects and other programs. he also very today $282 million in spending. but that is less than of that of what he vetoed last year. the next step is to get bids for a construction company for the new campus for downtown orlando. in the race for the white house, the federal investigators are looking into
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trump. it appears even the targeted. >> reporter: it's been a steady stream attacks against gop front under and his family. a suspicious package scared the new york city home of his son eric. the group anonymous said they have his private information and the hits keep coming after the gop front-runner predicts riots if he loses the nomination. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> he's not running for the presidency of the wwe. he's running for the president of the united states. this kind of language is an outrage.
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came as the secret meetings of conservatives met on how to stop trump. former rival marco rubio took a commercial flight back to miami. and hillary clinton got a word of her mini super clean sweep. she won missouri. and the "new york times" reports that president obama told a group of donors will it be time for bernie sanders campaign to end and the clinton. and the white house said that is not an endorsement they prepare for tuesday's contest in arizona, idaho and utah. north korea test fired two medium rank ballistic miss missiles. the defense experts said that
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to the u.s. teenager accused ever trying to kill -- accused of trying to kill and orange county stepdy will be in court today. he has been charged as an adult with attempted murder. he hid sergeant marcy pierce and is still recovering. in volusia county sentencing begins today for the man accused of hit a woman and her horse with his truck. christopher todd broke into a group of horseback riders when someone yelled a racial slur last year. the woman is okay but her horse died. he will be sentenced today. concerned veterans for america is holding an event tonight to give female veterans to express their concerns about the va. we told you about a town hall meeting that discussed the va center across florida.
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orlando and daytona beach changed waiting lists and held up care for veterans. the meeting starts at 6:00. soon you'll no longer see killer whale shows like this at seaworld. seaworld will stop breeding or was. seaworld orlando will more eventually look like bush gardens in tampa and less of a focus to us on and recalls. the downward trend with visitor it's not match up with other florida. brand. but that is not the only thing they had. >> seaworld is donating $50 operations. when the current or was die, they will not be replaced. and we check weather and traffic every ten minutes.
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the next couple days, not a washout. the rain chance is not super high. but a morning sprinkle possible by the afternoon in bay hill and the arnold palmer invitational. and we're looking at a 30% chance of showers and storms. still in our north earn zones, like yesterday, flagler and val volusia county a chance for storms. the temperatures in the 80s and showers and storms developing. the front arrives tomorrow and we're going to track when 40s return to the forecast rap your head around that for a couple of minutes. we're over i-4 right now where there is police activity blocking off a lane. this is i-4 westbound between par and winston.
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so the traffic is moving to the left. a slight delay in the area. we have this crash in deland. kepler road is partially blocked for 44 for a crash. give them some room. we're getting a look at jail videos of that mother accused of abandoning her newborn known as baby willow. what she denied doing the day of the baby's disappearance. a school fight caught on cell phone video and it is not the first time and we're asking what school leaders are doing to stop attacks on campus. stealing pills, how the
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we found out a professor had his nursing license restricted. he's accused of stealing pain and anxiety appeals and need eggs from halifax medical center. the police said it happened in november. he would take students to the hospital to teach them how this add hurt drugs. we reached out to the college to see what his status was with
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the millionaire whose conviction of killing his wife was overturned, he was not allowed to bond out while he waits for a new trial. his attorney asked the judge to trial. request. >> he would return for a new trial. >> the defense attorneys said they'll ask the court to reconsider the bond. and the prosecutors are appealing the new trial. four now case of zika virus confirmed. and one of the cases is brevard county and and 66 cases, seven patients still have symptoms. they were all contracked
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one person in polk county who contracted it sexually. the ebola flareup is now over this comes 42 days since the last person tested positive. it has killed 11,000 people. coke we can beach firefighters are -- cocoa beach firefighters are trying to determine what sparked that massive fire that destroyed that iconic mansion. and orlando driver will get city. trina valdes was driving on robertson street near azalea his car. he has permanent injuries from that and the judge awarded him $1.2 million in damages. next week, the construction crews could start working on the first phase of the new
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the greater aviation authorities signed off on the wednesday. in case you have not noticed, aviation officials said there are a lot more people coming need the addition. and the trans that you might use to get to and from the terminals the airport will be updated. they will be in service by the fall of 2017. the current ones have been in use for more than 35 years. and the new police chief for the city of mascot will take his oath of office next week. he will be worn in. he was a retired lieutenant from the orlando police department. and the previous chief resigned last december following complaints from several officers. starting next month all volusia county deputies will wear body cameras. unanimously to spend two and a half million dollars on 225 body cams. and they'll be used for crimes
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vehicle pursuits and the city of orange also approved them and daytona officers already use them. and volusia county deputies are making sure that alcohol stays off county beaches. we found out that law enforcement officer arrested more than 130 people this week for alcohol-related offenses. deputies and beach officers are enforcing that zero tolerance policy for booze on the beach and they are making sure that minors are not drinking. that is not how you want to spend your spring break and next week will be gorgeous. yes. next week will be nice. we have some 40s on the way and the last time that you can break out that fire pit. it will be getting hot. daytona 66. so it is warm and shorts and short sleeves.
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and we had some spots. over an inch of rain yesterday and good news for the allergy surfers like this guy. the temperatures in 60s. 67 as we get into cocoa beach i hope you get a little rain this week. and a lot of clouds around and even a couple sprinkles possible. and most of rain to the north and west of us. and it has been diminishing and a couple sprinkles in lake, flagler and volusia county. you may get a couple drops on the windshield. ridgewood and orange county about a 30% chance of a shower or storm and well into the 80s. the rain chance not a washout. and a couple little showers popping up. and a bit of green here and there. and tom will be tracking a shower or storm this afternoon. and tomorrow a broken line of some rain that will try to work n not all of us will see it. and i'll keep the rain chance at 50% for our saturday and some scattered showers and
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and the cooler weather by sunday. and the beachs have gone downhill by a bit and the rip current risk on the stronger side and it could be on the stronger side the next few days. let's go over the forecast together. 86 today and clermont a little warmer and 85 in deland and 87 in orlando and mostly cloudy and the rain chance 30%. and tonight an isolated shower and mostly cloudy in the 60s. and our saturday, scattered showers and storms, a 50% chance with low 80s and we turn cooler sunday. and morning showers on sunday. and 73 on sunday. and then monday and tuesday, we'll see a lot of sun returning. we'll see the 40s and 50s sunday night and monday night. and look at the highs next week. run in the low to mid-70s. 6:20 and we have flashing lights right now.
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activity i-4 westbound between par and princeton. they have been able to move it off to the shoulder. but we're seeing a slight slowdown in the area. and to the fdot camera showing you the slight delay that we're seeing westbound. we've zoomed in quite a bit. but you might only need to add an extra two minutes to your drive. citrus growerring dealing with disease and now they're -- growers legalling with disease and now they're looking at something different. a neighborhood riddled with crime. and we told about you a major drug bust and we're asking the way. and domestic violence
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as a parent, you're like what can i do. >> i feel safer because of my friends. but otherwise, it's -- i have to watch my back. >> neither the school board chair or the vice chair that reps the school were available to talk to us. the principal did not respond to our request for an interview. and the former ceo of a nonprofittor domestic violence victims and survivors is suing the organization after she was suddenly let go. and we spoke to the attorney house yesterday. he said the only complaint was from an anonymous employee that she had been mean to them. >> we have a single mom and her
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>> and the suit could cast harbor house $200,000 for me significance for wic and his legal fees. leaders in eat tonville are hoping that something can come of this land where a school used to be. in january, we told thought city's mayor wanted a museum there. and it would have been the largest research center on african-american history in florida. and now leaders are leaning more towards residential and commercial property. some parents are concerned when they found out that a 13- year-old trial to bring a rifle and ammunition to school. how his parents stopped him. >> reporter: and i'm angela jacobs at orange county jail where 15 drug suspects are n behind bars. and how the neighbors stepped up to get them locked up.
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we're looking at another
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and we're also looking at the weekend. >> i look the that every day of the week. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get started with brian. we have some rain coming in. we're going to see some showers and storms popping up there. 87 degrees and mostly cloudy skies and a hit-and-miss shower through the day. so not a washout. a want to headline that. but i want you to have the umbrella in case you hit one of the showers or storms later on this afternoon. 60s this afternoon. 62 in melbourne, 66 in longwood and lake mary and sanford. and the satellite and radar. lots of clouds around and you may have a couple sprinkles in northern sumter and marion counties and a couple sprinkles and not a big issue for the morning drive. and let's plan ahead today. you see the extra clouds, mostly cloudy skies and this afternoon, the rain chance is not super crazy.
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storm and very warm around 86. i'll go county by county later on in the next 15 minutes. and we'll track tomorrow's front and the big down that is starting to work in by the second half of the weekend. and 6:31. we have a big heads up for anyone that would typically get on the 408 westbound ramp to downtown orlando. this is the i-4 ultimate project. this is a live look at the brand-new westbound ramp that just opened on division app. orange avenue to anderson street and you can make a left on division avenue and the ramp will be on the right-hand side and you can take south street to downtown orlando and make a left and the ramp will be on your right-hand side. we're working to find out if a group of accused drug dealers were all living in the same apopka home. we told you that the neighbors
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drug dust and angela jacobs has been reaching out to deputies and she's live at the jail. we don't know if there could be more arrests coming here. >> reporter: and we're going to continue to ask the investigators that as we keep contacting them this morning. and we also want to know if the address. >> reporter: when we first arrived in this south apopka neighborhood, we saw this sign stating it was a safe area. it sits cross the street from a church. -- sits across the street from a church. but the neighbors said that the activity inside was less than holy. and our cameras were there when the deputies placed two juveniles in the back of a patrol car. investigators told us that at accuses were two of 15 people arrested on felony drug and weapons charges. property records shows that the one bedroom, one bath home is a
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we have not been able to reach her. and the neighbors played a huge part in this roundup, fed up with the criminal activity creeping into the streets. and the dell against paid off last night when they took the first step by cleaning up the neighborhood by refusing to stay silent. and reject the tradition of silence is when the chief asked the community to do last week. and now his deputies today are praising the neighbors for doing exactly that and for their efforts in trying to keep their neighborhood safe. live in orange county, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. in the next two weeks, attorneys for a brevard county man accused of killing two neighbors and trying to kill a third will ask an appeals court for a rehearing in his death penalty case. after the u.s. supreme court
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system, he said that the death penalty would not be an option and the fifth court of appeals disagrees. congresswoman brown is asking for donations to help stop florida's redistrict plan. >> we discovered a letter on her campaign website yesterday. and she's asking for $2,600 for her federal court fight and last year the state supreme court ruled that the original maps were unfusion unconstitutional that the new maps would hurt her political by. but experts disagree and there will be a hearing about it next friday. a viewer said this garbage truck is speeding down his street in avalon park. he filed complaints about two separate speeding incidents last month. and the driver was fired on wednesday. we'll hearing from a passenger on board an american airlines flight that was struck
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>> i thought we got hit by a missile. it was a flash of light and a big explosion. the plane dipped about a hundred feet. and then i smelled smoke. >> my god. it was traveling from raleigh and ran into turbulence and hit by lightning and made an emergency landing in new york. luckily no one hurt. a little easier for volunteers in daytona beach to feet the homeless in city parks. a couple sued the city in 2014 after they were kicked out of the park for feeding the homeless. and the law suit was just settled for $35,000 and now the ban has been lifted. now they can feed the homeless once a week for three hours. and homeless advocates said that one of the options to fix homelessness is not enough. the safe harbor will have 250 beds.
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coalition from the homeless was read stating there needs to be a long-term shelter and other programs. the united states has declared that isis is committed genocide against christians and other minorities in iraq and syria. the u.s. condemned it as genocide that doesn't mean that the u.s. will take action to stop them t the u.s. leaders said they will be held responsible. >> united states will strongly support efforts to collect documents, preserve and analyze the evidence of apossibleties and we'll do -- atrot
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of these things will be held account. republicans in congress are keeping their promise to reject anyone that president obama nominates for the supreme court. >> he nominated merit garland on wednesday and he met with top democrats in congress yesterday. and the republicans argue it should be up to the next president to replace the late scalia. and he'll meet with republicans in two weeks. in florida, more than 12,000 people are asking governor scott to veto the new abortion bill. and it will arequire abortion doctors to be affiliated with a local hospital and redefine dates of pregnancy trimesters. and protesters said it will set
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two parents in marion county stopped their son from bringing a rifle to school. the 13-year-old trying to sneak an ar15 out of the house. but his parents caught him before he got to howard middle school. and the officials said that the student was not bullied but was bringing the gun to school to, quote, deal with kids that annoy him. >> we avoided something that could have been catastrophic for our school district and the entire community. >> teen is going through a mental health evaluation and no longer allowed to return to the school. a big story making headlines this morning, a construction worker died after he fell 50 stories from a high- rise. and the electrician was working this tower yesterday. it was his second day there. and he landed on top of a car that happened to be driving by the site and he died. and the driver in the car was not hurt.
6:39 am
two others preparing to blast after today. off. from ucf. and once that submission complete, they will set that spacecraft on fire to see how the flames spread in weightlessness. >> their jobs are fun. people in texas will get a look at damage caused by severe weather. take a look at this golf-ball sized sail. it was part of a downpour from a quick moving thunderstorm. >> don't want to get in a snowfall fight with that guy. brian shields is in severe weather center 9. we'll see some rain. >> we'll see a chance of some showers and storms and not a washout the next couple days. like yesterday, our northern zones, it is a slightly better shower or storm. and yesterday, a couple spots,
6:40 am
needed t and flagler running at 81. paisley a warm day, al too into and clermont, the temperatures around 87. the isolated chance to have a shower or storm and into orange county, downtown orlando, 86 degrees. today is the first day of the winter park sidewalk festival. check out for more information on that. and have the umbrella for the 30% chance for a shower. i will be there tomorrow. be sure to come out and say hello. coming up, we'll track tomorrow's front and when the 40s return to the forecast. we have a couple of crashes out there, starting offer in deland. this -- starting off in deland. and it does have a partial road block. and they are still on the scene with one lane blocked through there. and that is a crash with
6:41 am
give them some extra room. the prison scape and recap tour of a notorious drug lord el chapo played out like a blockbuster. hear from the superstar that got tangled up in tracking him down. and we hear jailhouse recording of a mother jailed for her aban abandoning her newborn baby and what she is
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susan richardson has been in jail for a month and visited by a few friends and family members.
6:45 am
of the visits was with her long time berth becomes serious when he asked her what she was doing before giving birth with baby willow. >> you were getting high and they told to you leave and you started to bleeding. >> that is a lie. >> richardson is charged with child neglect and disergs. they desertion. willow. officers said this man crashed his cash on kirk man road and when the police ordered him to stop, he took off and the police caught up with him and made an arrest. and they are still trying to track down the initial suspect from the shooting. be okay. citrus. its beer. and researchers have spend the
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they say it is unusual because it typically grows in states like washington. >> it is really helping to drive some of the passion and interest i've had to help them find a product that would make sure products unique to florida and showcase to the nation a unique product that has florida's flavor and aromas. and they will try to grow 40 varieties of hospitals -- hops. >> and the first frosty morning it will be every man's duty to cost crops. >> my husband will be out there covering them up. the orlando city soccer club will be back in action tonight but they're expected to play without their captain.
6:47 am
would make his season debut. strained thigh. tonight's game starts at 7:00. we'll show you the highlights 11:00. and we're day into the first round of the money's college basketball tournament. your brack set probably already blown -- bracket is probably already blown. another upset, little rock beat purdue. a team of engineers at ucf, they are winning again, changing the lives of children with missing limbs. >> this is an amazing story. and now they've given a future cheer liter a new arm.
6:48 am
students made a 3-d bionic arm for julia. she was born with a rare birth deif he can that forced the doctors to amputate part of her left arm. the cheerleading team helped deliver her new arm on wednesday. the team has brought prosthetics to 15 children in the past year. and the first recipient was 7- year-old alex spring. he was born without a right arm. and the students teamed up with the income city soccer club and in january, nine-year-old alvin flores received an arm with a star wars theme. these are a few of the children that benefit. >> that is unbelievable. >> we're so proud that they're ucf knights.
6:49 am
it is a feel good fry story. -- friday story. it is quiet this morning and we were in the 70s. and the winds out of the north at 7 miles an hour. and the sun up around 7:30. so the numbers in the 60s, all of us this morning and 67 cocoa beach, indian river city and back into kissimmee and celebration. so warm stuff around and light winds and i just checked in on the visibilities and that is because we have a few extra clouds around this morning. and every now and then we have a couple sprinkles. but again, a few sprinkles, you may see that on your windshield this morning. flagler and lake and northern sumter. not a big issue as you get off to work and school. and to the day, we'll be well into the 80s and this afternoon, a 30% chance of a shower or storm so through the day, going through the time
6:50 am
and you'll see mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and a little green on the map. and hit-or-miss shower. and tonight decent and tomorrow a broken line of rain and storms as the front arrives. so not all of us will get a rain. but a 50% chance of showers and storms on our saturday. and then we'll be cooler by the time we hit sunday. beaches, one of the changes, a stronger risk of rip currents today and through the weekend. the seas are elevated at three to four feet. 85 degrees in the springs and in de bary. and apopka and winter garden, orlando and pine hills 87 today and rain chance 30%. otherwise, if you don't see rain today, mostly cloudy skies. tonight pass being shower and mostly cloudy and mild and running in the 60s. tomorrow scattered showers and storms and a 50% chance and highs around 82.
6:51 am
forecast with the weekend in view. by sunday, sunday a morning shower possible and then cooler, 73 and then sunday night and monday night, 40s and 50s around and look at that monday and tuesday, a lot of sun and the highs in the low to mid-70s, refreshing. and 6:50. looking at i-4 westbound at 434, we're seeing the volume building towards downtown orlando. and i'll let you know if any crashes pop up that impacts the i-4 drive. and we have a crash reported at 429 northbound ramp to get to 414. and it looks like slow downs in the area. so keep a look at that area. and in deland, we have a crash blocking a lane of kepler road south of 44. a pep rally for some south florida students took a terrifying turn. the fire breathing performance
6:52 am
>> reporter: i'm angela jacobs in orange county where more than a dozen drug suspects sit behind bars here. coming up, the role neighbors in apopka played to see that happen. former apopka city administrators checking two consultant.
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more than a dozen drug suspects waking up in jail after being arrested in apopka all because of fed up neighbors. angela jacobs is live at the jail where all of them are expected to face a judge. >> reporter: we are working to find out more about the tips. surrounding a home around central avenue. two people we saw arrested last night were two of 17 taken in on felony drug and weapons charges. we will be watching the docket at the jail and let you know when we learn more about the charges and who these suspects are. reporting live in orange. angela jacobs.
6:56 am
to take a few did he tours in you -- detours. crews shut down the ramp to orange as part of the project. here is a look at that ramp's replacement. it's just a few blocks away from the old one. the old one will stay closed for the next three years. remember we have you covered during the six year long project. to see more about this detour and other projects go to the website and click on the traffic tab and the project. a pep rally at a high school was lifting school spirits until, watch this, a ball of fire sent several students to the hospital. take a look at this video. at least 20 people were hurt when this happened yesterday. the school hired a fire breather to get students excited.
6:57 am
actually found himself covered in flames. >> people were freaking out. couple of people passed out. one girl went into a seizure. it seemed -- nobody was in danger but for the man who caught fire. people started freaking out. >> now the paid from the powder from the fire extinguisher caused breathing problems. in just the a few years almost all new car also have technology to help avoid crashes 20 major automakers agreed to add emergency braking to new models. the new feature will prevent around 28,000 accidents in the united states. it'll use sensors that alert the driver about a possible crash. if the driver doesn't respond the car will brake automatically. the aed technology will come standard on all new cars by 2025. a busy road in melbourne
6:58 am
storm drain project is finished. crews started working for stormwater improvement. as long as it doesn't rain the project could finish ahead of schedule. drivers have been forced to go through a neighborhood. the florida animal control said orange county animal service is the best in the state. they were named outstanding agency of the year the group is credited with improving how many animals they adopt out, enhancing their image and controlling the local pet population. snooping county students can get the required vaccines for free. the department of health is offering them from the 22nd through the 24th. they will be given in orlando from nine to two. vaccines will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> more on that? >> scared me for a minute. i thought you were gone. >> no. i was like here is great brian.
6:59 am
the weekend always in view. here is a look at a 30% chance of a shower or storm. strange pauses always good. not a wash out. 87, still warm. then for tomorrow scattered showers and storms. not a wash out but we will see showers and storms rolling through. that's with the front. then look at sunday. 73 after a morning shower then next week it'll be cooler. low to mid-70s. great monday and tuesday with plenty of sun. have a wonderful weekend. our time 6:59. this is a very dark shot but you can see there we have a crash, 429 northbound at that ramp to 414. right now lanes are blocked in that area. expect major delays. a former city administrator collects two pensions but it's something even the state band for its employees. why it's okay there. >> your complete local news continues on eyewitness news
7:00 am
good morning, america. spring on hold. a snowstorm and freezing temperatures targeting millions in the northeast after record-breaking heat as more violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man.


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