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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the mom who killed her daughter was back in a courtroom today and entered a plea. sujatha guduru killed their daughter in their oviedo home. she was sentenced today to life in prison. she rejected the 30 year sentence. angela was in court for the decision. >> reporter: he knows florida outcome. but that is why sujatha guduru and her to -- her attorney is tragic. >> she has made a decision over
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4 once again 45-year-old sujatha guduru rejected her recommendation her request for a life sentence in the murder of her 17-year-old daughter in 2014. today she pleaded guilty to shooting and killing the teenager after home in oviedo. under florida law, the fact that she had previously requested the death penalty in open court, left the judge with only one option, sentencing her to life in prison. and canceling her impending trial, and ordering mental evaluation -- and -- and. he says, that she still is mentally unstable. >> i personally, do not believe it is rational. i understand what's going on in her mind psychologically, and that is that she is looking for what she did.
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my professional opinion, is not appropriate. what is appropriate, is a hospital. so that her mental illness can be treated.>> reporter: the only substantial statement that we had heard her make, she asked the judge to be sent to a prison in hernando county. the judge told her that that would not be his call. reporting live, angela jacobs channel 9. fire crews are on the scene of a car fire on the side of i- 4. you can see the flames are out on that vehicle. this is at fairbanks avenue. this is what it looked like 10 minutes ago. you can see the flames, and thick black smoke. no word yet on what sparked the fire. we have calls to investigators to get more information. we will bring you those updates. it is another warm winter afternoon across central florida.
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afternoon. brian shields has the latest .>> it sounds weird, it's still winter. we are still on that warm side. even with the cloud cover around here, here is a look at downtown orlando. every now and then, a little blue sneaks in. we had a couple of sprinkles. it's not a washout, but a shower or storm will be possible later today. downtown, 81 winds are out of the west at five miles per hour. dell toner is in the -- dell toner -- in the middle 70s still in the northern tier. 77 in daytona beach, 73 palm coast, 81 melbourne, 75 claremont. there is a satellite and radar. they are a little bit thicker. that's where, in this hour,
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sprinkles over towards ocala. we could get a couple sprinkles popping up. most of the action back to the west. there is a front that will sink definitely a more active picture here. it was the a chance for some scattered showers for part of our saturday forecast. for the rest of today, in orlando 2 pm a 20% chance, a light shower or sprinkle that could pass by. by 4 pm or 5 pm he will have that 30% chance of showers and it is still warm with temperatures in the middle 80s. i apm, those temperatures -- by 8 pm those temperatures will drop off. we will talk about the timing of rain are part of our weekend, coming up. >> it you can track those rain chances at
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95 southbound in volusia county. there were some delays shortly before 8 am. we are asking troopers have serious those injuries are. and we are trying to find out how many vehicles were involved. a volusia county man accused of hitting a woman and her horse with his truck was back in court today. investigators say that christopher todd drove into a backup horseback riders when one yelled a racial slur. the woman was injured, and the horse died. what happened? >> reporter: a few minutes ago, a hearing ended within the last 15 minutes. this man they wanted a 10 year prison sentence. the defense attorney wanted no present, but the -- the defense attorney wanted no prison sentence. they told the judge that his
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some leniency because, he admitted to what had happened that night. it was a dark night when there was a confrontation over his driving between him and a group of people that were riding horseback late at night, is about 2 am, the people that were on the horses admitted that they drought a racial slur as they talked to him. he came around, and admitted to running into one of the horses. he injured a woman and killed a course. today, -- and killed a horse. today, he said he didn't hear the racial slur. of course, the sentence five years, i talked to some of the folks, and one of the women who cared for the horse, and she said that she is satisfied with the sentence. they are happy that this was the sentence. he will go to prison for five years. on probation after that for five years and he has to pay $7500 in restitution to the
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that was injured writing that horse, and for the burial services for that horse. we had talked to those folks, we will put that together later today at 4 pm. reporting live, c barrett channel 9 -- steve barrett channel 9 a major drug bust intranet eight -- apopka, near 15th st. yesterday. we even saw two juveniles being car. they told us residents were fed up with the drugs and help to lead to the arrest. minneola city hall has opened its doors to donors to help the family of a teenager who died in a house fire. the 17-year-old trevor ross died inside the home wednesday night. firefighters found him feet from the front door but said he
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orange, you could tell the walls are coming down. >> lake minneola high school will also be accepting donations. if you would like to help, you can find more information at the teenager accused of hitting a deputy with a car is back in court facing charges as an adult. he stood expressionless as they read off his charges. they say he hit the sergeant. with a stolen car last month when she tried to arrest him on burglary charges. she is still recovering but told us that she plans to be back at work as soon as she is able. if you are used to getting out of orlando using the 408, it's time to plan a detour. late last year, they shut down the ramp as part of the i-4 ultimate product. -- projects. you should get used to it, because it will stay closed for
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mentioned. an organized effort by republicans and conservatives to stop donald trump from securing the nomination appears to be taking shape it's not just his political enemies, as long as zach -- as we report, anonymous is also taking part. >> reporter: as donald trump steps towards the nomination it's not just his political people to stop them. >> donald trump is promoting an released his personal information. >> we have attached a gift of sorts, trumps social security number, cell phone number and other details that might be able to assist you all and independently investigating this would be dictator.>> reporter: they are promising to find those responsible thing,
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request -- arrest of those attempting to illegally hack his information. investigating a specific packet -- a suspicious package delivered to his son. as he continues to lead, texas it -- texas senator becomes a viable alternative. >> they are willing to fight donald trump in a donald trump establishment because he doesn't share our values. >> reporter: a group met privately plotting to take him down thing, we are committed to ensuring a real conservative candidate is elected. since iowa, anti-trump and paints get -- campaign has increased. a virginia man has captured -- has been captured in iraq. what he says is his biggest regret in his fight to get back to the rest.
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there is some extreme weather happening across a good portion of the country. take a look at this golf ball sized hail that fell in the fourth -- fort worth area. are being impacted by the storm system. in the skies over new york thursday night. >> it just got hit by lightning. >> it's pretty bad, let's direct to jfk. >> a fight struck by lightning, the plane damage on the rear wing. it was forced to make an emergency landing on the way from north carolina to new york.>> it's the first time for me to have this experience. >> was a flashing light, and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet, i don't know it felt like a roller coaster.
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>> mississippi, this man and his family and a camper when sturdier protection. and in texas it hail the size of windshields and terrorizing drivers. >> glass was flying n-word, i have a -- was flying in the vehicle. >> it actually killed several flamingos at the fort worth zoo. next, is the threat of snow heading to the northeast. lauren lister abc news. they say lightning striking a plane is relatively common, jess are designed to sustain the shock so that the electricity -- jets are designed to sustain the shock of that electricity. a baltimore player is in critical condition.
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injured in this crash. he was wearing dark clothing when his motorcycle was clipped by an suv. according to his sister, he was taken to the hospital with head trauma. his fellow players and coach have been sharing positive messages. the lawsuit against uber is apparently a hoax. they said that jason dalton was suing him saying that his time as a driver caused him to have psychological damage. he denies filing that lawsuit in investigators say that the handwriting did not match a bill too fast track a chore for the zika virus. the past last night and it was introduced by bill nelson of florida. for it is up to 66 confirmed cases with one of the most recent in regard county./in polk county.
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defects. the orlando city soccer club has its third game tonight after two ties that are expected to play without their captain. he is still recovering. he cannot make his debut at the next home game april 3. the game starts at seven, -- 7 pm. later. and get our free weather app, because it's not going to be a washout, but there will be storms. i want you to know, where we will see some wet weather. and i want you to be prepared. these folks, are enjoying the beach. cloudy skies, but it's not raining. and those temperatures are comfortable. don't forget about the sunscreen. it's pretty much like we will be had in september -- what we had in september, the burn time
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still gets through. i'm done with my lecture. there are the numbers, a little cooler in the northern sections, low 70s marion county. we have some 80s to the south, low 80s in the cards. it will be pumping it out of the south, so even though we had those clouds, that southern the flow will keep us warm. we saw a few sprinkles in marion county, and later today we will be tracking were showers. through the day, about a 30% chance of a shower, later this afternoon, and in the midshipman 80s at 4 pm dropping off into the 70s by this evening. future track 2 pm through this afternoon, it will a green every now and then. then we flip over to tomorrow, but later in the day, let me take you to 4 pm or 5 pm, then our front starts to work and by the time we get to tomorrow night.
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by the time that we had sunday. water temperatures are 60s and 70s. watch out for those rip currents. those beaches have been very low. but now, we are seeing a higher risk of those rip currents. today, we are running in the 80s, palm coast you will be stuck in the 70s. again, a little cooler in the northern section. so, most of us will not need it, but a few of us will later today. today, 87, if you don't see any thunder storms -- showers or stones -- storms it will stay cloudy. those clouds are not going anywhere, temperatures in the 60s for tonight and tomorrow, as i showed you, you have a stray shower in the morning afternoon, but a better chance by the evening hours of getting and storms. a 50% chance on our saturday.
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our five day forecast, by the time we had sunday, a morning shower and everything starts to move away, 73 is the high on sunday. it's below average for a change. the average high is close to 79. sunday night and monday night, we will be down into the 40s and 50s. we will have a couple more chilly nights, and it could be the last cool down of the season, monday tuesday are beautiful. we will talk more about the outlook coming up. preparing to blast off to the international space station, and they will launch from cosmic stan. -- cossacks stan. one submission is complete they will set it on fire on purpose to see how the flames spread in weightlessness. it is called
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giving us a closer look. this was taken by the new horizons spacecraft about 20 haze layers can be seen. they typically ask and horizontally -- extend horizontally. for example, they know a haze layer, -- they note a haze layer at the service -- at the surface on the right. richard anderson will receive $10,000 a month, we're
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we found a professor of nursing at daytona state college who is facing drug charges had his nursing license restricted. he is accused of stealing pain and anxiety pills. it was at halifax medical
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according to the report he would take peninsula hospital, and we reached out and we have not heard back. the former millionaire whose conviction was overturned is staying in prison. he lost his fight to get out on bond. he was convicted of shooting and killing his wife in 2009. last month the judge granted a new trial on the grounds of ineffective counsel. his attorneys asked that he be freed while we wait for the title. but a judge denied the request >> it remains in place until such time as they affirm judge harris's ruling, at which time he would return for a new trial. >> defense attorneys say they will ask the court to reconsider bond. they are appealing the new trial. governor. rick scott has approved and $82 billion state budget for
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projects. he be to -- he vetoed $260 million. more than 12,000 people are asking governor. scott to veto the abortion bill. it would require them to be affiliated with a local hospital and have admitting privileges. it would also redefine trimesters which would affect when they can be performed. protesters say this would that decades. supporters say it protects women. that if the waiting for the gov.'s review. we have the recordings to allow for the first time, to hear from the mother accused of abandoning her newborn. susan richardson has been in jail for a month and has been visited a few friends and family members. it may be hard to hear, but one of the visits was with her long- term boyfriend, and it turned serious when asked what she was doing. >> you all were getting high, and they told you leave while
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>> that's a lie. >> she is charged with child neglect and desertion. they had been searching for baby will love for a month. there is no sign of her still. florida is known for its citrus, but it could be known for beer. recently, they have chart -- turned to alter -- alternative crops. they have spent the last four years growing hops the main ingredient in beer. this is unusual, because they are typically grown in northern states. this could mean craft breweries could use hops grown here. >> it has really helped to drive some of interest i have had to abide the product that would make it unique -- to provide the product that would make it unique. >> they would try to grow close to 40 different types of hops in florida.
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country to join isis, he is speaking out and why he says it
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an american cute -- accused of going to iraq to support isis is calling it a bad decision. the man claims that he was misled by a woman that he met. >> he said that he made a huge mistake. >> i wasn't thinking straight, and on the way there, i regretted it. >> mohamad jamal khweis is
12:30 pm
the 26-year-old american picked up by kurdish forces in northern iraq. >> when we began to learn about the religion, there was a man who taught us like the sharia in the religion. >> he was discovered with his virginia drivers license. the young american giving extra ordinary detail of the last month that he spent in isis controlled mosul we got to another house, and the foreigners had to give their ideas and passports. >> he said his journey began in december, he traveled to europe, traveled to turkey, and he met a girl before arriving in iraq in january. through -- outside his home, his father aggressively telling reporters that his son had nothing to do with isis.
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how he lived a normal life. >> he wasn't violent, he wasn't religious, we did the same things. >> he says living in mosul was horrific. and those who control the iraq he city do not represent -- the iraq city do not represent islam. we are tracking plans for showers. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest. >> for the last weeks we have been so dry, the exception yesterday, we picked up a bit of rain for our friends in the palm coast. now we're watching a couple of showers towards the gulf of mexico. plenty of clouds around. and the northern counties a few sprinkles. but again, nothing heavy. there is our friend back to the west that would gradually work our way as we get into
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especially late saturday. still, the northern zones are a better chance of a little afternoon rain. but the overall rain chance, only 30%. as we get over towards orange county, we have the middle 80s. mainly cloudy skies, 86 in downtown orlando, and st. cloud is in the 80s. poinciana about 86. today kicks off the winter park sidewalk festival. i will be out there tomorrow around midday. check out their website for all of the events. in speaking of the weekend, a good segue. it will try to track that and when the cooler weather moves in. we will go over that ahead. president. obama is heading to cuba this weekend.
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it will be easier to convert united states dollars. we tend to get rid of the 10% united's -- they tech -- they're going to get rid of the 10% if we can. accused of killing two neighbors and the death penalty case sometimes in the next two weeks. after the united states supreme court struck down the death penalty system, argued that if he were convicted it wouldn't be an option. but the district court of appeal, disagrees. >> we don't get a hearing, we will seek why the -- by the supreme court and we continue to fight this. >> his attorneys were not able to use a standard ground defense pick the former ceo of a nonprofit is suing the organization after she was suddenly fired.
12:34 pm
the former harbor house ceo. the only detail that they ever got involved from a complaint from an employee that she had been being pick >> -- been mean. >> you have a single mom whose income has been cut off. they have refused to pay. >> her attorney says it could cost them $200,000 in compensation. plus his legal fees. 21 states requires students
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there's another crisis involving lead contaminated water. in new jersey, schools are offering voluntary blood tests for them to check for blood -- elevated levels of lead. they were found in the drinking level. they say the school administrators knew about the problem but the fountains and faucets were not turned off until last week.>> the people who knew about it, that didn't do anything, it's their fault.>> lead is known to severely affect a child's development. the school officials say it likely got into the schools
12:38 pm
building fixtures. 21 states require schools to measure their students body mass index but the measure may might not be -- measurement may not be affected. those who found the overweight or obese categories had little to no change in their way. the next year that they were measured. schools are reevaluating the way that they promote healthy habits in their students. although the country has tried to make school lunches more nutritious, not very many schools are following through. in a new study researchers evaluated school lunches more than 4600 major schools. the majority of schools had more fresh fruits and vegetables and less fried foods. but former schools were 21% less likely to have a salad bar. schools with a majority of black students were 26% less likely to have fresh fruit. a website that call themselves an online church, were forced
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a former city of apopka will receive $10,000 from the pension fund. darlene jones asked the mayor why the city allows something that even the state has been. >> richard anderson is collecting what he has earned over -- over more than 40 years most of that time of the fire department, and the city administrator. he is the only former employee collecting to pensions totaling $9700 a month. we asked the mayor how they can afford to do that. >> pensions or obligations of
12:42 pm
>> they have three different pension funds for general service employees. we check with some other major cities throughout for the, and in theory orlando police and fires -- fire employees could collect a second pension. in 2010 the state of florida also stopped retired employees from earning a second pension. >> the state of florida doesn't even allow its employees to do this, why should it be allowed in this city? >> i think it's apopka goes forward and grows, i don't think that we will see something like this happen again. >> anderson is also paid monthly to work as a lobbyist that was a last-minute deal as he retired in 2014. americredit anderson with negotiating the potential downtown development deal that is being worked out. but required monthly reports investigates showed you, are vague. the records are easily
12:43 pm
did not register as a lobbyist until this year. -- >> should you in fact be paying him thousands of dollars to be -- >> is a contract renegotiated, and each of us are trying to live up to respect that side of the contract. >> the contracts are the contracts. >> he will collect both pensions until he dies. the second one will drop a few hundred dollars once he reaches social security age. he also receives $70,000 in back payments since it's been a year and a half since he retired. back to you. an online scammer used a pastor's name to run a pray for pair -- pay for prayer scam. it was a fake online church website posting as a pastor.
12:44 pm
between nine dollars and $35 in a digital collection plate. >> people are upset and angry at pastor john carlson. and i am pastor john carlson. >> he has agreed to pay back close to $8 million that thousand people across the country have spent. it has been shut down. we are going to see some showers and storms, get a lot of events going on -- we have a lot of events going on. i'm going to be there. >> so i pick >> here's a look at downtown orlando. you can see the cloudy skies, to pitcher checked 81. and in the 70s and 80s you can see some low 70s a little cooler, and, low 80s in the
12:45 pm
not as warm as the last couple of days. and that's going to keep us warm even with some of the clouds. we have seen some hit or miss sprinkles around, a couple over towards marion county, most of that moisture towards the west, and that is part of the same system that will impact us. so today 20 to 30% chance of shower with the numbers running in the 80s. through the afternoon, he said that white shading or grade tomorrow morning a straight morning shower much of the day is dry, but later in the day four or 5 pm treat it like a summer pattern, four or 5 pm evening. in the front will pass by and we will see cooler weather moving in. currents. but the rip currents are back, the city is running at 3 feet to 4 feet.
12:46 pm
the coast in northern sections. still above average, the average highs 78. we will top out at 86 in st. cloud. with that 30% chance of storms. 87 in downtown orlando. the rest of the forecast for tonight, a slight chance of a shower, the umbrella if you have any evening plans. temperatures running in the 60s, otherwise, the clouds are not going anywhere. and in tomorrow, scattered showers and storms mainly late in the day there could be a couple in the morning and midday, but most of the action popping up just like we see in the summertime. and, a touch cooler. quarter outlook. the weekend is always in view, and by the time we hit sunday, a late sunday. showers storms kicked out of here on sunday.
12:47 pm
and by sunday night and monday morning, it's going to be chilly. this could be the last cool down of the season. enjoy monday and tuesday 40s and 50s and a couple of gorgeous days, highs around 71, and tuesday still sunny with highs around 75. children come into foster care from no fault of their own. right now hundreds of the children are waiting for a family. including the special boy. -- this special boy. >> stephen is the brightest little boy. if you ever see him smile, he comes with so much joy all the time. >> reporter: what if you like to do? school? sports? >> stephen is in the third
12:48 pm
with other children. if you put him in a social environment he drives. of course like any other child, he loved watching tv. if you put on mickey mouse, he is set. you can see his smile light up. >> reporter: why is it important for stephen to belong to a family? >> he is 10. what 10-year-old would not do well with parents who love him and care for him? that something every child deserves more than anything. so if you have a passion for children, and you want to be there for someone and give them all the love, that's the perfect child for you.>> to learn more about adopting stephen or any of the children that we feature call the number on the screen, or go to their website. adoption from foster care is
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and see what you could save. here is a look at what's coming up the stories we are working on. we found out lake county sheriff gary borders will be retiring at the end of his term. we are working to get reaction from the sheriff and the community. the mother who killed her daughter was sentenced to life in prison. the reason why her defense attorney says prison is the wrong place to send her. this weekend, if you are a fan of frozen drinks, all you
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this is the bring your own copy bank, 711 will be offering -- 7/11 will be offering a free drink. they will only have to pay a dollar 50. -- $1.50. the stocks are up this morning -- afternoon. we will have closing figures
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if you are looking for something to do, several festivals are all happening across central florida. we have the best events. >> you have all sorts of special events. as our festivals go, the winter park sidewalk art festival stands out as one of the best. it's consistently rated among the top shows by numerous publications. it is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious outdoor festivals. in addition to 25 world-class artists who are competing. there is plenty of family fun. you can create your own works of art and enjoy fun and is on activity. tash hands-on activities -- hands-on activities. there will also be live bands. country music fans, the excited
12:56 pm
these accessible taking place for the first time at its new home. superstar kenny chesney is headlining the three-day event. along with heavyweights jake owen and eric church. with more campsites, festival attractions, new bars and taverns, and to after our music zones. -- our music zones. you should check out the eighth annual wine and seafood festival going on sunday. this event marks the beginning of springtime and the warmer weather brings people out to enjoy wine at fabulous -- and fabulous music. a pet friendly party for the pipes and pause festival. it brings their four-legged friends together to hang out and enjoy fine craft beers and live entertainment.
12:57 pm
benefit dollies foundation. have fun this weekend. if you would like more information on any of these events just as it -- visit their website. let's find out what this weather will be like. here is brian shields. >> yes, we have scattered showers and storms, and it will be over in winter park for the winter art festival. showers and storms late saturday. cooler weather sunday. a lot of sunshine monday into tuesday. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you for watching, be
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