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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 600am  ABC  March 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now on "eyewitness news" this morning, we are following breaking fews, orange county deputies say one man is dead and two others at a local hospital following gunfire outside of a gentlemen's club. the groups investigators say may be linked to the shooting. >> >> a 16-year-old arrested that is said to have killed another -- what we are learning about the victim and her death. >> >> good morning, i'm darlene jones, time is 6:00. we'll have more on our top
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marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> it is a cloudy day and we are going to be looking at some rain to start off your sunday. make sure you have an umbrella handy. we'll see showers off and on throughout the morning and later on this afternoon, we'll wait for the cold front to push through. early warning doppler radar tracking some showers, heavier rain moving through northern lake county. from apopka to sanford. and then also sumter as well as county. we are dealing with some of the rain and down towards the south, a little more isolated. temperatures in the 60s this morning. very mild, we are going to be in the upper 70s to 80 as we head into the afternoon. i'm tracking the big cool down in the next 30 minutes. >> >> we are following breaking news, orange county deputies say one man is dead and another in a hospital following a
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gentlemen's club. the diamond club. julie is live there. deputies say several motorcycle groups may be involved. >> >> reporter: when i got out here, i asked deputies if they could elaborate on the detail. at this time, they tell me they cannot. taking a look behind me. several units are out here as the orange county sheriff's office is investigating. southbound lanes are hope, open, but the northbound lanes at semoran and colonial and 408 shut down because of the death investigation. 40 minutes after midnight. deputies got a call about shots fired in the parking lot of diamond club. deputies found three victims with gunshot wounds, one pronounced dead at the scene. two others taken to orlando medical center. all of the victims are males. at this time, the sheriff's office is not releasing any of their identities, but tell us at least three motorcycle groups may have been involved
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matily lead to this shooting. again, several roadblocks in this area. southbound lanes are open, but not the northbound lanes. reporting live in orange >> >> this is not the first time we have told you about a shooting near the diamond club in january, a man said he was club. he drove himself to another nearby business and later died at a local hospital. president obama is head be to
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he will become the first sitting president to visiting in nearly 90 years. we are breaking down what the will meet. >> reporter: along with the sights and sounds of cuba. today, a touch of america americana signs of optimism and support ahead of president obama's historic trip to the island. president obama is opening the window in america. >> the president will be joined by the first family as he takes first steps in trying to normalize relations after decades of tension between the u.s. an cuba. focusing in part on potential trade and business opportunities. along with a meeting with president raul castro, he will meet with political dissidents >> encourage them to continue to fight for the types of human rights we cherish you in this country.
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arrests ongoing, opponents claim that president obama is going back on his word that he would not travel to cuba until after human rights are improved. critics raise concerns over benefit. >> he needs to be able to speak to the cuban people, calling for free elections, calling more a more liberal economic prosperity. communism has never done anything good for anybody. >> marcy gonzalez. >> the president will sit in the stands for a historic game between the beloved cuban national team and tampa bay braves. >> >> days before the president's trip to cuba, cdc issued a travel warning. the obama administration said the zika virus has not been a factor in the president's travel decision. >> >> in florida, there are 67
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five new cases confirmed in the past three days. all of the cases were contracted outside of the country except for one sexually transmitted case. there is push back against donald trump as voters in arizona and utah prepare to vote. a protester sparked a fight during the trump rally in tucson. some even chained themselves to cars. in new york, thousands of protesters clashed with trump supporters outside of the trump tower. >> he literally represents all of the worst parts of america.
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he will win the republican presidential nomination and ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on trump's band wagon. >> on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders pledged to fight for immigration reform. he dismissed talk of the democrats uniting behind hick. >> some of the largest states in this country, states like california or new york state, oregon, washington state, they have not yet cast a vote. >> clinton is making a last- minute push to win arizona. former president clinton is campaigning for his wife in the state today and former first lady and secretary of state has a rally there tomorrow. >> >> orlando police said the man who was shot at an apartment complex has died. we first told you about this yesterday at noon. residents told us the gunman was bold enough to open fire in
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nearby playground. one mother was too afraid to show her face on camera, but said she is worried the man was an innocent victim. >> he keeps to himself. he never has bothered anyone. he -- >> crime line is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> >> a 17-year-old will stay in juvenile detention accused of killing another juvenile. michael anderson is said to have shot antwon davis in the head last weekend. investigators say he met anderson to buy marijuana. >> >> a community is rallying around a family that lost their son in a house fire. officials designated a part of city hall for people doe fating clothing and food to the family. this is video that destroyed their home and killed trevor ross. his body was found near the door. the family had to leave their
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booked for the weekend. a claremont resident stepped up and offered them two rooms in their home. if you plan on heading to volusia peach beach, you may want to swim near a lifeguard tower. >> beach safety officials rescued nine people. several spring break visitors were arrested for alcohol and traffic related incidents. we are told there were no major incidents at the beaches. >> >> time now, 6:09. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> >> we are going 0 be looking at
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the beginning of the week. keep it in mind for today, monday, tuesday. a small craft advisory, light chop in the coastal, three to four not seas. 68 degrees. water temperature. a sunnier start along the coast, today, but a chance for our brevard county coastline to see scattered showers and thunderstorms as we head into the day. west to east. some showers this morning. clearing this afternoon with a high of 75 at 2:00 and apopka and i4 corridor, showers and isolated storms before we clear this afternoon with a high of 77. daytona beach will be looking at a sunny start.
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>> as we head into the afternoon. wait for the to push through, allowing for us clear up the skies a bit and cool down by the time we head into tonight >> looking at volusia, lake county, northern orange, you can see a lot of the heavy rain. daytona beach, new smyrna beach as we head a little further towards the south, you can see throughout portions of marion, sumter and lake county from bellevue all the way to the
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dora, claremont and apopk a, heavy to moderate rainfall. we are going to have to deal with the rain until 9:00 or 10:00, i'll track it for you on future track 9 in 10 minutes. there is the cold front. as it continues to take its sweet time to pass through the area, showers and isolated storm potential until noon and along the coastline. not a great day to head to the beach, either, we are looking at 60s temperature wise, very mild to start, but the mild weather will not stay with us. coastal storm this afternoon. cold front passes, clearing skies and much cooler as we head into tonight. >> >> few fewer track 9 by 8:00, much better, scattered showers and a few storms. 9:00, very isolated, by 11:00. a few sprinkles in our southern counties, a return of the few showers by 5:00. mainly along the coastline. it continues until 8:00 until
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and the skies behind it. southern brevard county has the best chance to see the storms later on. 79 in titusville. 76 in new smyrna beach. 76 in flagler. tonight, chilly, a lot of upper 40s and low 50s across the area. northwestly winds, 15-25-miles per hour. it will be a candlelight vigily start to our monday morning, then, we'll only warm up to 68, with plenty of sunshine. don't worry if you like the warmer weather, 80s are back by wednesday. >> this morning in the race for the white house, the candidates are on the campaign trail, trying to gain support ahead of more primaries tuesday. >> joining us, mark caput o, a bad night for marco rubio, now, things kind of change for the
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he is being courted by ted cruz, any traction there? >> he might endorse ted cruz. i think ted cruz has to want it and both of them have to think it will make a difference. >> rubio lost so badly in florida, does his endorsement help toward the general election? >> if you make it part of a broader narrative that ted cruz is united the party, yes, it makes a difference. i thought donald trump was going to win. but not by almost 20 points. that's kind of shocking. >> there is a push of the republican base that loves donald trull, but at the same time, you wonder about the
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that, if you embrace, some people like to call it trumpism are you estranging other parts of the republican party as well as writing after the chance of getting other republican voters. >> we hear a lot about the republicans trying to stop trump does cruz have a chance to stop trump? >> he can stop trump, but there is a difference between possibility and probability. after trump won florida and won it big. he kind of became the defacto republican nominee. he has not sin offed it, yet. you almost carry florida by 50% when you are running against a sitting u.s. senator, that means something. it doesn't mean you got 99 winner take all delegates, it means you are starting to look like the head of the movement,
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gaining steam, not losing steam. >> you can watch christopher heath and mark caputo discuss politics every sunday. federal investigators have launched a probe into west gate resort and its time share practices. investigators can consumer financial protection bureau are demanding documents to see if people financing west gate time shares violated federal law. businessman founded the resorts, stepped away from the day to day operations after >> >> last month, we told you about how some growers are turning to olive. as "eyewitness news" jaime holmes reports, other growers are now turning to another unlikely crop. >> on a stretch of road known as the green mile, u.s. agriculture research center in
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growing that shouldn't be here. >> people generally take them apart, taste them, smell and want to get an evaluation for them. >> reporter: he is talking about hops. used in blear. for the last four years, researchers have successfully been growing them here. >> we are having hop plants that gets some of the influence and aroma and flavor from the here. unique crop. unique to consumers. >> reporter: the next phase of the operation. hops plant will go 20 feet, put off 2 1/2 pounds of hops and citrus growers in particular are interested in the possibility of this being a cash crop because of citrus greening, growers are trying to find hops cop crop.
6:21 am
barrels in two years, most of the brewers pay top dollar. this could mean florida brewers use florida hops for a distinctly florida beer. >> it has helped to drive the passion i have to make products unique to florida, being able to show case to the nation. a unique product that has florida's flavors. >> >> researcher at uf will spend the next two years writing the rule book on how to care and grow hops. if you wanted to see a map of all of the microbreweries in the state, go to our website. >> >> next on "eyewitness news," this morning, we'll introduce to you this little boy and why he needs an extra special forever family to call his own. >> >> if you want more local news at 9:00, turn to "eyewitness
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right now, hundreds of familiarries are waiting for adoptive children. steven at a solar bears game. steven is the brightest little boy. if you ever see him smile, he comes with such joy all of the time. >> reporter: what does he like to do? >> does he like sports? what does he like to do? >> steven is in the third grade. he loves under acting with
6:26 am
if you put him in a social much. he loves watching tv. >> why is it important for steven at this age to belong to a family and have a mom or dad? >> something that every single child ever on this earth preserves more than anything. if you have a passion for children children and you want to be there for someone and give them all of the love you possibly can. steven is the perfect child for you >> to learn more about adopting steven or any of the children we feature here, call the number on your screen or go to 9 family. com. remember, adoption from foster
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services or training you might need, always provides. >> i'm tracking a rainy start to your sunday morning i'll let you know when the rain heads out and the cold front comes through, coming up. >> >> orange county deputies say three men were shot one man killed outside of a gentlemen's club. next, what we are learning about mow minutes before the gunfire. >> >> fires, a look at how to spend your day. for a complete list, go to ic
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breaking right now, orange county deputies believe several motorcycle groups may be involved in a shooting that killed one person and sent two others to a local hospital. it's sunday, porch 20th. time now 6:30. let's get you outside to get a live look at downtown orlando. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. it's cloudy to start the sunday morning. >> we are tracking rain as well on early warning doppler radar. grab the umbrella, you will need it throughout the morning, we will be looking at a drier afternoon. heavy rain moving through. heading into mount dora, lady
6:31 am
southern marion county. sumter county, claremont and lake and a couple of isolated showers left over in southern brevard. our rain, anywhere from three inches to a trace at oia and palm bay coming in at two and three-quarters of an inch. we saw a decent amount of rain, today, we'll add another half inch to the total in our northern counties and a trace to a quarter of an inch as we head further towards the south. >> >> following breaking news, several motorcycle groups may be involved in a shooting that left one man dead and two others injured. it happened before 1:00 at the diamond club on north semoran boulevard south of east colonial drive. "eyewitness news" this morning. julie is live there, now, what have you been able to learn about the injuries of the victims? well, the two other people were taken to the hospital. one in critical condition and one in stable condition.
6:32 am
orange county sheriff's deputies still out here investigating, traffic is reduced to one lane on the northbound lanes on this section of semoran before the 408 and colonial drive. they are working a death investigation this morning. they have been out here for more than six hours, about 40 minutes after midnight. they got the call about shots fired in the parking lot of diamond club. deputies found three victims with gunshot wounds, one pronounced dead on the scene. two others taken to orlando regional medical center. one in critical condition, the other in stable. all three of the victims are males. they are not releasing identity until families are not notified. three motorcycle groups may have been involved in the fight that lead up to the shooting. i asked deputies to elaborate on that. they will not at this time.
6:33 am
continue to follow throughout the morning. >> >> the man accused of shooting an innocent bystander as he tried to shoot his girlfriend will remain in jail on no bond. ward faced a judge yesterday, an friday, he is said to have tried to shoot his girlfriend, he missed, and instead shot a man working on a fence. ward toll the judge the charges against him are wrong. >> there is only one count, it's not two counts. i was here for a domestic violence charge, not this, this charge is under investigation. i never got charged with this >> reporter: the man that was shot remains in critical condition. >> >> orlando police are working to find the person responsible for the shooting death of a man in pine hills.
6:34 am
at the palm grove apartments. >> reporter: neighbors at these pine hills apartments told me they have all been comfortable letting their children play outside. they are now worried about a gunman on the loose >> reporter: that neighbor was scared to go on camera. she told me she didn't under stand how the man across the parking lot ended up in the hospital. >> he would come out here, smoke his cigarettes and go back in the house. i don't understand why anyone would do things to him. >> crime scene investigators spent the afternoon taking photographs. we spotted his shoes laying outside of the door where he was shot.
6:35 am
shooter's car as being a burgundy chevrolet impala. >> he needs to be caught. victim was targeted. the new police chief for the city of mascot is expected to be sworn in tomorrow. eric peterson is scheduled to take his oath of office during the city council meeting. retired lieutenant accepted the position last week. previous police chief resigned last december following complaints from several officers of he said he was overbearing and mistreated employees.
6:36 am
meters may soon be added to two attractions, county council may add them to the parking lot. people using the meters now are not using the attractions there and taking advantage of the free parking spots. prices may range from $2 an hour to $20 for the day. >> >> tomorrow, the mayor of altamont springs is expected to unveil -- a one-year pilot program -- the city will pay 20% of a ride that starts and ends within the city and 25% of a ride that starts and ends at the city's sun rail station. leaders say they want to reduce rail ride riderships. u.s. coast guard said a my grant boat was found.
6:37 am
they had been at sea for 22 days. they were picked up and taken to a port of call in cozumel, mexico. one of the experts, at the university of central florida. this shows researchers working on the experiment, studying the -- >> plans for three new fire stations now in the works for part of orange county, next, we found out why even more fire stations may be needed to deal with response times. >> >> we are going to see another mild day, today with showers
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time now, 6:40, a live look over downtown orlando. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. we are still dealing with chances of rain. some areas are already seeing it. >> we are seeing rain this morning and we'll see it for the next couple of hours, then we'll start to see things taper off. 40% rain chance is this morning.
6:41 am
see a few more showers stub bornly holding on. upper 70s to 80 degrees as we head into the afternoon before the big cold front comes in. villages could see a few showers and maybe an isolated shower at noon. then, we'll clear things up. baldwin park, looking for a few chances of showers and sprinkles later on this afternoon with a high of 80. darlene. >> >> several new fire stations are planned for east orange county. count county leaders have not determined the exact locations, but one is expected near deny road. county commissioners have determined a design date. but the mayor wants $18 million to fund it. emergency responders are spending more times traveling to calls because of growth and traffic. >> the one second can make the difference.
6:42 am
of the time on news and tv if he would have been there 15 minutes earlier, he would -- it >> >> 9 investigates the state law allowing strangers to make registration.
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>> people who fought against a catholic community fear their homes now are concerned about what will happen next. we found out some of the land was just sold to a developer. george estevez report the development means big money for the county. >> reporter: when was purchased in 2010, they proposed a community for people 55 and older. we were there when the bishop
6:46 am
it didn't set well with neighbors. >> this is about taking care of the elderly, now, it looks as though they are taking care of money. >> now, news of it being sold to developer, who appreciate their quiet lifestyle. not sure of the impact. >> some of the neighbors got the notification, some didn't. we kind of found out by word of mouth. the developer plans to build a high-end residential community. the company told me the plans will reduce the density already improved in 2010 by not building a hotel, constructing fewer homes and having less retail space. they wanted to preserve the neighborhood and would get the residents input. >> if it's available. somebody will buy it and build on it. if i have a choice between
6:47 am
homes with great families, the choice is easy. >> george estevez, "eyewitness news" this morning. the developer told us the meeting will be scheduled in the next 30-days to get input i input from the people that live nearby. american legion orange baker post 187 received $100 thousand out of repairs. post was established in 1948 when african-americans were refused membership from the existing american legion post. in 2004, the post was damaged in a hurricane. >> >> a newbill that would require for refunds for airline passengers is making progress. the measure would require
6:48 am
luggage is delayed for six hours. the bill would also require airlines to notify families ifed a joining seats are not available. >> >> construction could start this week on the first phase of the south terminal at orlando international airport. the airport board signed off on the $2 billion project thursday. take a look at the rendering of what it will look like. officials say this is needed because more passengers are flying through oia. it is on track to see more than
6:49 am
rain came down all the way until 5:00. then we had a clear evening. we saw anywhere from are trace to an inch. we are waking up to some rain, throw the umbrella in the back seat, you won't need it this afternoon, but you will need it right now. taking a live look at where we are seeing the heaviest rain, we have daytona beach through new smyrna beach. we are seeing heavier rain into pacely, northern lakes county,
6:50 am
marion county as well as sumter county, all the way from bushnel to the villages. leesburg a couple of showers from polk county to kissimmee and into southern brevard county. this is all due to that cold front that is slowly but surely stub bornly making its way through our region, giving us a glorious start to the workweek, especially if you like the cooler weather. if you don't, don't worry, the warmer weather will be back during the middle of the week. behind it, we'll get slow clearing and we'll be much cooler as we head into tomorrow morning. 60s, right now, we'll be 20 degrees cooler as we head into tomorrow morning. future track 9, the cold front waits until 9:00 to make an appearance into central florida, then, it will be slowly making its way down as
6:51 am
until 10:00 this morning. it becomes very isolated by noon, a couple of showers towards the south. we see the cold front approach at 6:00 p.m. we'll see coastal shower action as we head into this evening, but, that will clear by midnight into monday morning, we'll be looking at a huge temperature drop cold air invasion, mainly 40s a couple of 50s holding on in the southern coastline. today, 78 degrees. cold front passing with scattered showers and thunderstorms. 50 tonight, clearing skies, definitely cooler and breezy. we will be looking at a gorgeous day, tomorrow, high of 68 degrees we are bringing bring in on a much cooler note, darlene? this morning, 9 investigates the state looking at the state law allowing strangers to make changes to your voter registration. a woman last week, we told you
6:52 am
>> this is the long list of groups and individuals who can take this voter registration and turn it in for you, right here. and this form turned in in orange county that kept osceola voter harris from voting tuesday. >> it's frustrating because i do know i did not change my party affiliation. >> she never turned in the sign for herself. a third party did it. we couldn't know who. michelle levy with the league of women voters collects these forms. to do that, her group had to register with the state. there are 1,000 organizations that can help you register to vote. some have political ties. >> you know that if it's the republican organization or democratic organization and they are asking you to register to vote they are probably
6:53 am
>> league of women voters is nonpartisan, internal rules require anyone handing out voter registrations to go through training and pass a test. >> we think it should be automatic that a third party register gets some sort of training. >> reporter: this three page document is all that is required to become an organization. the only department policing all of the 1,000 groups and organizations is the department of elechs in tallahassee. if you think someone has altered your voter registration, you need to report it to them >> we asked the division of elections for the third party organizations. we are waiting for that list. >> >> as we go to break. here is a live look over downtown orlando. marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather after the break. >> >> remember, you can interact
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finding us both on twitter and facebook. >> >> here is what is happening in the weeks ahead. for a complete list, go to ic florida. com. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. orlando, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie
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next week orange county students can get required vaccines for free.
6:57 am
offering them from march 22nd- 24th at school board headquarters, vaccines will be offered on a first come first served basis >> dozens of people shaved their heads in downtown orlando for a good cause to raise money for children's cancer research. take a look at this. all part of the head shaving event along fern creek avenue. some participants told us the event, for them, is personal. >> a friend of mine named benjamin. he died in 2008. he died of cancer, that's when we started to do that. i always shave my head in memory of him. >> the event featured ravels, silent auctions and games for the children. >> >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning -- >> one person is dead after a shooting at the diamond club in orange county on semoran boulevard. investigators have been out here for more than six hours, coming up, how the shooting
6:58 am
and i am tracking showers, moving through the area, this morning. they are going to head out. i'm timing it hour by hour for you and what the rest of your
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on "eyewitness news" this morning, we are following breaking news, orange county deputies say one man is dead and two others in a local hospital following a shooting outside of a gentlemen's club. good morning, it is sunday, march 20th, i'm darlene jones, time now, 7:00, we'll have more on the top stories in a minute, but first, a live look outside


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