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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we asked for prayers we need them. >> a teenager faces murder charges tonight as investigators and family members a search for answers after a 15-year-old was shot and killed. the family and friends held a vigil in memory of 15-year-old destiny bartman. this comes one day after investigators and other teenager shot the girl inside her home. mike manzoni was at the vigil tonight. the victims and tells you she does not believe the shooting was an accident. >> reporter: investigators still have not given us any details about the shooting but
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spoke with eyewitness news today and said the victim was playing around with her boyfriend and a room in that house behind me the victims and tells me something about the story does not sound right. with candles and plenty of prayer, destiny bartman stand -- family and friends get together for sharing memories for the younger they said has a promising future. >> a very bright girl. died a little too soon. >> she was one of those friends that will always -- she will never have a sad face. >> she was always there for me when i needed her. i did everything with her. >> reporter: for one family member the plane was too much to handle. she broke down in tears and fell to the ground. right now investigators will not give us details about the shooting but a girl who claimed she was in the house when the gun went off told eyewitness
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play fighting with her boyfriend and that is when the girl who did not want us to show her face says the victim's boyfriend left the room and came back with a gun and -- a done moments before she heard a loud bang. >> the victims and does not by the store. she says the family did not even know the victim was in a relationship. >> she was in a secretly relationship with this young man . >> reporter: you can see there is a small makeshift memorial with balloons and flowers. w00t around a tree where she died this afternoon. we have a name, possible name for the suspect in the case. we have reached out to investigators to see if they can't confirm the name but they have not gotten back to us yet. we will keep checking and let you know. live in apopka orange county mike manzoni channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we will follow this developing story for you tomorrow on eyewitness news at
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listen to the rest of the friends interview go to and click on the video tab . the tonight a man and his sons battling smoke and flames to save a neighbor. the fiber -- the fire was to assess the fire marshal is investigating what caused the blaze that claimed a man's life. >> broken windows, yellow phytate marking a home that is now the center of a death investigation. inside, firefighters found the man's body but so far not a cause for the fire that claimed his life. >> we open the door and too much smoke and we could not get inside. >> residence try to enter the home on piney drive but were driven back by smoke and flames grabbing a garden hose they tried to douse the flames as they heard the sounds of what turned out to be a man stuck inside. >> we got most of it out but it was too late. we heard bangs and we come outside and see the house was
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>> dennis saw the firebreak to the windows grabbing a second hose, he attacked from the front, try to extinguish the blaze. dennis says he knew the victim saying the victim had mobility issues and may not have been able to escape the house was the fires spread. >> when i came out and looked to the house -- the corner where he was was totally engulfed in flyer. it was -- engulfed in fire. it was hot. >> reports received that he was a smoker but state fire the fire. the victim's name has not been released. in time for the first day of spring it is going to start feeling like winter. certified meteorologist george waldenberger is tracking a cold front. tonight is going to be the coldest night in three weeks. >> a lot of 40s on the map by morning. right now, though, we are in the 60s in many locations. low 70s in brevard and new smyrna beach.
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passed a cold front, so cool air is following it in with a northwest winds. clouds will be breaking and by midnight or after midnight, we will start to see the 50s rolling in maybe 40s by 4 am. just ahead, i'm going to show you a map to show you the neighborhoods that will be in the 40s for the drive to work in the morning. breaking with in the last hour, state troopers are investigating a fatal hit-and- run crash in brevard county. and about the bicyclist near the intersection of courtenay parkway, almost boulevard. the bike rider was killed. troopers tell us they do not have the description of the vehicle involved yet. roadway is closed while they investigate and we will have updates on on eyewitness news this morning. a suspect in a fatal hit- and-run crashes behind bars a seminole county. he is being held without bond. the crash happened nine days ago at the corner of colonial and peachtree, orlando. today an anonymous tip led troopers to albert alvarez. on march 11 two per say they would try to pull alvarez over when he sped off and they say
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52-year-old charles murray. albers facing vehicular homicide. a brevard county man is facing attempted murder charges is melbourne police say he stabbed his girlfriend with a screwdriver. police say it happened this morning and attend behind wisteria drive. john larison, the victim and he were arguing. victim taken to the hospital with injuries to her neck and back. last on ran off before police arrived -- live determines of men. orange county wastewater lift station problems, sprinkler lane -- main broke off of gold home from orlando causing a backup wastewater. cleanup products -- will continue to monitor environmental protection is assessing potential hazards. following breaking news in orange county to investigators have made an arrest in a fatal shooting and an adult nightclub we told you about earlier.
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carlos henrique crews and injuring two others. that happened at the diamond cimmaron boulevard. julie salomone reports deputies motorcycle club. >> reporter: we watched as several motorcycles were told from the adult entertainment club parking lot this morning. as deputies continued their investigation this morning, several lanes of cimmaron boulevard in this area were shut down but as you can see, they are open to both directions. the orange county sheriff's office said a fight in the parking lot of diamond club led to a shooting just after 12:30 sunday morning. one man died and two others were sent to the hospital. deputies were out there for more than 10 hours and told me they waited until the sun came up to once again search the parking lot for evidence. they placed yellow markers outside the adult entertainment club on cimmaron boulevard. some markers next to bullet casings.
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the sheriff's office said they are working to determine if those involved were part of a merkel cycle -- motorcycle group or affiliated with a gang. >> i spoke with the general manager of the club and she tells me at this point she has no comment regarding the shooting. in orange county, julie salomone channel 9 eyewitness news. we told you in january about another shooting near the diamond club. a mental deputies who shot in the torso near the club drove himself to a nearby business and later died at the hospital. police and edgewater say a cigarette caused an accidental fire and $30,000 worth of damage but no one injured and the flames were put out within 30 minutes but you can see the smoke spreading from the garage where the fire was contained. people who lived in the house are staying with relatives in the house is being repaired. a driver was slumped orlando hospital this morning after their truck overturned in swampy waters on county road 561, clermont.
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was one of the vehicle's camera. firefighters with the county and city responded. bystanders reportedly helped pull the driver to safety. we are hearing from protester attacked in a trump rally in tucson, arizona, yesterday. tensions are rising as donald trump draws ever closer to becoming the republican nominee. protesters shut down the highway in arizona yesterday to prevent people from attending the rally. and at the rally, and a tightrope protester was attacked. >> i had a sinus it bad for america and it had trump with the confederate flag superimposed on his face. i was being escorted out of the building and a guy grabbed the sign out of my right hand and sucker punched me. >> meanwhile, clinton rally in arizona today retired astronaut mark kelly spoke out against donald trump saying the gop front-runner is, quote, bringing out the roast -- worst in our country and call. the next contest tuesday in arizona and utah. tonight orlando police are stills looking for the person who shot and killed a man in an apartment complex in front of children.
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judge driver told us the gunmen opened fire near a playground at $1000 reward is being offered by crime line for information leading to an arrest. french government has revealed the man behind the paris attacks was planning to launch another isis inspired attack. according to investigators, salah abdeslam is revealing disturbing details to investigators about the attacks. detectives say the claims are backed up by a number of police raids uncovering large arsenals of weapons. salah abdeslam the arrested last week during a raid in belgium. belgium the opportunity to interrogate him and find out about who he may have a working with and find out how they carried out the attack and connections back to islamic state. >> european investigators say the threat of another attack is higher than before. salah abdeslam the only surviving terrorist from the attack appears that killed 130 people. it is a historic day so many people thought they were
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-- american president touching down on cuban soil. a new change for drivers that use i 4 in maitland. the traffic alert that could affect your morning commute tomorrow. it started to feel cool and temperatures will drop 15-20
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when you go president obama took herself and how u. s. deals with cuba. he will make a trip that will likely be remembered for years to come. marcy gonzalez is in the cuban capital tonight with a close look at the president's historic trip. >> reporter: history in havana. president obama ending decades of frigid relations between the u. s. and cuba, the first family touching down in the communist country marking the first presidential visit to the impoverished island nation in nearly 90 years. >> for the first time ever air force one landed in cuba. president coolidge came on a battleship it took them three days to get here. it only took me three hours [laughter] . >> reporter: the president will only be her for about 48 hours meeting with cuban president raul castro though not with his brother fidel pick the world when trip focusing a potential trade and business opportunities for american companies. >> americans know little about human -- cuba. to hear directly from a cuban i
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experience and that is what we i think i hope our lasting legacy is. >> reporter: about a legacy for president obama. during the trip giving a nationally televised speech to cubans the meeting face-to-face with political dissidents. still critics remain concerned about whether cubans will benefit from this visit and the following relationship between our countries. >> my view is no policy will work while the casuals are alive. >> the rolling stones will play a free concert on friday incubated 1 million cubans are expected to attend. though rays will play in cuba against the cuban national team. the first conversation with president obama's is lending a cuba will air in the morning on "good morning america" here on channel 9. travels are being warned about the risk of contracting the zika virus in cuba. a notice issued by the cdc had a president obama's historic visit to the island nation. according to the white house, the virus has not been a factor in the travels decisions. florida has seen up to 67 cases of zika.
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the last three days one confirmed for friday and broward county, thursday, a new case was reported a brevard county while three diagnosed and alachua county. so far all florida cases have been contracted outside the u. s. except for one with the virus was transmitted sexually. find everything you need to know about the virus at click on the news tab then zika virus. orange county, rampart i 4 westbound in maitland is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning. it has been blocked as we can as part of the art for ultimate project in-service is supposed to be up to use the ramp starting around 6 am. drivers and downtown orlando will still have to use detours. the ramp of orange avenue to the 408 westbound is also closed and it will not reopen for another three years. expected of orlando's international airport is starting this week. the $2 billion pension of the south park mall got the green light thursday. the airport was only designed to handle 24 million people per
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this year it will handle 41 million construction will not be finished until 2019. a united launch alliance rocket is scheduled to blast off from cape canaveral on tuesday. that is part of a resupply mission of the international space station. cygnus spacecraft is packing 1000 pounds of supplies and experiments and now sitting on top of an atlas five rocket. one of the experiments was built here at ucf. the pictures show researchers working on the experiment. it will study the properties of soil on asteroids, comets and the moon. the launch is scheduled for 11: oh 5 pm if it launches watch it live on eyewitness news and the weather has been up and down and that keeps you employed and that is the thing but it will be cold. >> last week's felt like summer today is the first day of spring and will feel like winter in the morning and my leaves are falling. did i get everything? i'm building a snowman. wonderful. 50 degrees overnight low
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coldest in three weeks. temperatures will drop 50-20 degrees from where they are now. we are falling 66 orlando, sanford, deltona, deland de leon springs, in the 70s a brevard county and a cool 64 in the villages and sumter county. cold front is passed. behind the front a few things happening, we cool down and this will happen over the next 36 hours. we have a gusty west-northwest winds at 50 miles an hour and the clouds will continue to clear overnight between now and the morning. a lot of sunshine tomorrow but we have a 36 hour cool down ahead of us. apopka,, south apopka, tangerine, 49 by morning. downtown orlando, conway, winter garden, 52 by morning. seminole county, lake county, 40s as well leesburg, clermont, mount dora, upper 40s, 49 degrees in winter spring,
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if you're in altamonte springs, the day. find your neighborhood, daytona beach, 49 by morning, palm coast 47, leesburg, 49, deland, 48. early morning temperatures and if i did not list your neighborhood, see the number and your forecast down the street level with your free wftv weather app . marina jurica will be on eyewitness news from 57 7 am and they will tell you how cool it is in the neighborhood as you step out. these are high temperatures. the recent warnings have been around here and the high temperatures tomorrow was sunshine and upper 60s and that is it area wide for brevard county down to sumter and marion. this is tomorrow night into tuesday morning. the coolest weather will -- we will have all week. another long time before it is cool again. 39 ocala, 46 orlando, after that if you do not like the cool air and many don't, it
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temperature trend back to the 60s by friday morning. will we have the morning in the 60s, the afternoon climbs to the 80s. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. the next few mornings, chilly with a lot of sunshine and tomorrow's breezy. back to 80 on wednesday. thursday, friday watch the next storm system approach and we will get warmer and how higher chance for rain friday and the weekend, more thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid- 80s. chris? florida is trying to deal with the python problem. the record-breaking state that was caught in the sunshine state. getting ready for your monday morning, brian shields, tomorrow eyewitness news is morning starting at 5 am as the front continues to move away we will track chilly start to the morning class -- plus your latest news on wftv starting at 5 am. -- eyewitness news this morning.
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stay in touch with sea world orlinda to get updates on "tilikum" the wealth health. we told you he was very sick from an infection. trainers are still keeping a close eye on his condition and easier for the engaging with them and eating well. test results show small
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been with the park since 1992 the way it was possible for the 2010 death of trainer dawn brancheau. mascot police chief will be sworn in. eric patterson scheduled to take the oath of office to margin the city council meeting. the retired the 10 from orlando police department accepted the position last week at the previous chief resigned last december following complaints from several officers. saying he was overbearing and mistreating employees. the mother of a man sent to jail for 20 years for the death of a jacksonville toddler lonzie barton plans to the protest tomorrow. ruben ebright's mother wanted lebron is calling for the angela corti. she says the state attorney should be taking out of office because lot's mother is not being held accountable for the boy's death. the state attorney's office released a statement saying in part that blondies memory and rip it apart to further anyone's personal agenda saying we cannot prosecute cases based on what we believe happened. we prosecute cases based on the fact we can prove. learning details about the partnership between uber and
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the mayor is set to present a new app part of a project aimed at reducing roadway congestion while boosting sunrail ridership if the city is offering to pay 20 percent of brides starting an end with altamonte springs and the deal covers 25 percent of a ride starts and ends at the city sunrail station. this week orange county students will be able to get the required vaccines for free. the florida department of health is offering vaccines tuesday through thursday at school board headquarters and arrive between 9 am-2 pm. the vaccines will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. more pythons have been caught in south florida. more than 40 burmese pythons have attached in the last three months. one caught measured 16 three, one 40,000 researchers think they may be the largest male python ever documented and southfort. some snakes tagged with trackers and researchers want to see where they are living so they can catch others. in the last was gas prices have gone by $.17.
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of gas in orlando is up two dollars and that is $.40 cheaper than this time last year. experts say the recent price hike is because of growing demand for gas and of course higher crude oil prices. to mod tech fans will get all the new details about apple's latest products hitting store shelves. spring press conference will happen tomorrow 1:00. insiders say the big reveal the expected be a small version of the iphone as well as a smaller version of the ipad pro. the new iphone will be the reverse of the recent trend to make the screen is bigger. they go bake and now you want -- they will go big for now smaller. >> i will buy it. technology. going to highlight jason day try to go wire-to-wire in the arnold palmer invitational
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settling in from the rough on nine goes right at the bunker. bouncing it right up to the hole easy birdie. time the lead 15 under. kevin chappell is good in the lead looking to pull away, short on the eagle trying. he tested and for the easy birdie, 17 under but day keeps pace. a nice tee shot on 17 knocking in his fifth birdie of the round. day, chappell both at 17 under but i'm 18, chappell looking for his first pga tour win. you have got to hate it harder than that. settles for bogey and that is all they would need after a terrific bunker shot. third -ranked player in the world closing it out with a par on a team. winning the arnold palmer invitational for the first time. >> margin -- magic starting in toronto in the third quarter, abusing the rim magic on top 70- 63.
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lewis stole, two of his 20 game tied 82. with under three minutes to play, terrence ross with the book that jam raptors up 4. magic meeting someone, anyone to stop the bleeding. how about evan fournette, his third three of the game, team- high 21 magic only down 1 but back on the other end, to martie rosen, yikes, another and one. and 125th, raptors back to america with 105-100 loss. ohio state hosting the florida gators in the second round of energy, casey nolen, cabaas hayes, a dunk. and it is justin leon, dunking. gators holding onto win 74-66. more sports coming up on sports
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pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13 today. heads up cool this morning, temperatures taking down from upper 50s at 4:30 4:3250 degrees at 8 am, 40s on the map news this morning from five after 7 am.
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this is the sports night on 9 the best part of your week in prison divide lexus of orlando big time joe kepner. no one having a better weekend in central florida been jason day. leaving the first three rounds of bay hills trying to stay aggressive like tiger woods told him. close out his first wins 2016. date leaving the field by two strokes entering the final round of the arnold palmer invitational trying to become the first to go wire-to-wire


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