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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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plenty of heat in the cars this morning. watch? come on. >> i did it. i have not ashamed. we're going to get cooler as we head into the next 24 hours. before we get the 80s back. don't worry you want to enjoy the next few days but if you like heat, it will be back on wednesday. a cold front push through yesterday in our skies are clearing and you can see the outline very nicely. we will be completely clear by 8 am. temperatures right now 56 in orlando and 62 in cocoa beach and 48 in ocala. winds are kicking up at 15 to 25 miles an hour and it feels cooler. it will be a chilly one
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the wind will quiet down into tomorrow which is good because we will get cooler by them. 50s and 40s out there this morning, at her coldest temperatures in three weeks. it has been warm and it feels comfortable as we're heading out there. blustery winds throughout the day and it's going to be significantly cooler than average. average low for this time of year's 56 and we won't get there until thursday. hadley roads look? it looks like construction has cleared out that we have a spot coming into downtown orlando. starting here at south street they are giving crews but i have not robust -- noticed any problems. orange blossom trail has a partial roadblock. i am working to find out if you
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the area. we're hearing from witnesses in a shooting of the weekend that took the life of a 15-year-old girl. >> police arrested the teenage friends. angela jacobs is live for this happened at police are not revealing a motive. >>reporter: they are not. it didn't take long for family and friends who gathered at the vigil. they gathered here and in emotional vigil it is not tape don't want to give up this that her death was an accident. >> planes in privacy marsh think each team is finding that. please are keeping details surrounding her death under wraps. she claims she was in a gun saturday and that the victim
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fighting with her boyfriend. the girl did not want us to show her face for the victims boyfriend left the room and came back with a gun and look -- and moments later she heard a loud bang. we have been checking with the joint homicide investigation team but they have not confirmed the story. the also have lots id the 16- year-old suspect under arrest and to try to -- and some family members had doubts the incident was an accident. the victim was in a relationship. this they want answers and her son was death. several people called to report the shooting if this -- a 13- year-old boy called into the
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we will check for updates. -- pres. obama's active as part of a historic trip. >> today he will be sitting down throw castro. first cuban presidents do and spent the day as tourists in havana looking at vintage cars and old willard buildings. >> according to agreements and commercial deals, for me to lay all my vision for a future that is brighter than the past. >> barrier hoping obama addressing this. officers arresting protesters. obama needs to challenge then that he wants to move forward. we know that a film shot and killed in orlando the weekend. joshua bell was shot near a playground at the palm grove
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he died at the hospital. they're offering a $1000 reward for help finding the shooter. to make a cigarette sparked a fire at an edgewater home because $30,000 in damage. this is what is left of the garage no one was hurt. the people that lived there are staying with relatives. presidential candidates are gearing up is a few more states get ready to vote tomorrow. semi-tension rising around doll trial. someone sent a second threatening letter 20 this relatives, his sister. his son received a threatening letter last week urging trumped a dropout and on saturday protesters claimed he was attacked while they shut down a highway to prevent people from attending a instagram want rally. >> are signs that bad for america and it had >>reporter: with the
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he got on top of being hit me a few times. mark kelly spoke at a clinton rally yesterday saying that >>reporter: is bringing out the worst in our country. french authorities say the suspected mastermind behind the paris attacks laster has been planning another isys inspired attack. investigators say he is prevailing disturbing details about the plans and also they found a large arsenal of weapons. authorities arrested hemlocks share in court. we know the name of the us marine that the department of defense as was killed by isis.
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>> aviation experts are analyzing the lockboxes for the flight that crashed in russia on saturday killing 82 people. the 737s nosedived and exploded in a fireball 800 feet that investigators say the black box was badly damaged. to make it timeshare program is under investigation. they launched a probe last week to look at documents to see if people selling and financing westgate timeshares violated federal law. david siegel said the resort has stepped away from day-to- day operations last year. the pro-tape trial is back in session today. the jury decided gawker media should pay held in $115
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of them without his consent. they have not conclusively determined to lease the video based from a three state employees filed a lawsuit saying they got sick with unhealthy symptoms from a building leased space agency. they have mold and poor air quality and rat feces. #the company that owned and managed the building. they're in the process of moving workers to build experience this november can vote on three in most of the state's constitution and property tax exemption to first responders to become totally and permanently disabled in the light of duty. haley gave owners and tax break on which firemen and advices. what about low income caesar's getting an additional homestead tax exemption when their property values rise. >> crews will be cleaning up a
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sprinkler main burst yesterday caused by a backup of wastewater. the epa division is potentially dating has his space to make a claremont man opened up his home for a family that lost their son at home in a fire for this is video of the fire that destroyed the house. this weekend officials collected clothing and food donations for the family. l saturday had infiltrated tell us clearing it fill them up. >> worker became very sick, infection. trainers are keeping an eye on them. it is not eating well is being
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but he treated dr. brancato 2010. we're on to the second day of spring. >> we are? it doesn't feel like in the northeast. a winter storm while being -- will bring 10 inches of snow. plymouth massachusetts 40 miles south of boston. take a look at that. 67 degrees. it will be healthy in the north they have canceled class for the day severe zone. let's get to the marina. it's cold outside i don't think i have too much to complain about the elusive video like that coming out of boston. because of the conditions all weekend we will keep your larger . it's a very high current risk. that's not going to be at the
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when's northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour and guess what are trying to get it together through the of the week. a lot of rain over the weekend was much needed, just bad timing. plenty of sunshine today 53. we will rebound nicely. 62 x 2 p.m. and 64 62 x 2 p.m. and 64 x 4 p.m. we are looking at plenty of sunshine. daytona beach, spring break. we are cheerily and blustery. 62 for the high at 4 pm today. >> we have a crash in volusia county on i-4 westbound. we have a crash blocking all lanes of traffic that he is able
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we're seeing delays for about a mile. give yourself extra 10 minutes while they clear those are pretty can see the emergency vehicles on the scene. we have a crash into; orange blossom trail. safety can get through there. i will let you know if you need an alternate. you can pay more money the next time you go to a certain attraction. so with the proposal to add parking leaders of ourselves that there are limited. a special experiment that will be on board a rock at this week.
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a 16-year-old boy shot and killed a 15-year-old girl of the weekend. he is in jail. angela jacobs's life in apopka. a lot of questions about what led up to this. >>reporter: police are keeping details regarding this investigation. they're keeping them under wraps that this point. draft pick -- we were there last night with friends and family gathered along the street mourning the death of
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-- bartlett. they are being kept close to the vest with homicide detectives with a team that is leading this investigation. at the vigil a family told us they have doubts the incident was an accident. police have not released a motive or confirmed stories, they had traversed a first- degree with a second-degree murder. reporting live from angela jacobs. some of the mother of a man sent to jail for the death of a jacksonville toddler will hold a protest lindsay's mother took a plea deal and today the mother will protest against this date removed from office. when he is an account. still with the state attorney's office introduced an office saying a lot of these should not be used to personal agenda say we cannot prosecute bases
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we cannot prosecute cases on the facsimile can prove. police are hoping a new billboard will help them track down a murder suspect. last april they found faith jenkins body in an abandoned home. on wednesday the department will unveil a billboard with her picture. investigators hope that will bring new leads in the case. semi-state funding will be approved. scott approved $300,000. african-americans refused membership in 1948 from the american legion post. hurricane damage the post in 2004. straight people living in east orange county will see several start -- fire stations. they have not announced the next location but it is supposed to be built near you cfn dean broder winder trooper last jury report showed
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too much time traveling to calls because of growth and traffic. >> we have been living here for 23 years. it's grown. traffic is bad on university when the college sluts are they go in.>> teresa jacobs is asking for 18 lane dollars to fund the project. >> a united launch rocket is scheduled to lift off from the cape canaveral air force station.>> this spacecraft has been loaded on top of the atlas five rocket is equipped with 8000 pounds of supplies. one of the experiments was built out of the university of central florida. picture show researchers working on experiment that will study the properties of soil. the launch window is scheduled
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-- two comments could fly buyers today. these dots are interplanetary twins. the smaller plan on the right might have broken off of the bigger one left. it's expected to pass her today and the bigger one on tuesday. there will be 2,000,000 miles away space of a third closest flyby of history. get your telescopes out. some adult worry summer will be
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that cold front took a long time to clear the area covered. with the high pressure moves over to the atlantic we get a southerly flow. 80s back by midweek. 48 is our cool spot this morning 56 in orlando and 57 in titusville and 62 of cocoa beach. we have seen a 160 temperature drop we are getting cooler as we head into the day tomorrow. i'll call this morning will be tuesday morning. wednesday's northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour is blustery making temperatures feel colder than they are.
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10 am to 7 pm from our entire viewing area. the fire risk will be illustrated. along the coast it was cooler. 63 in melbourne and 63 and cocoa and 64 titusville and 63 in daytona beach and 64 and flatware. is sunnier but cooler with high wind conditions continuing today as well as a small craft advisory. with the winds come problematic beach and both conditions. around halifax plantation and sterling chase we're looking at low to mid 60s so cooler along the coast. 65 in new smyrna. watch for those riptide. a chilling i tonight. one person left in the 50s. cocoa beach and 44 in the villages and it will be a cool
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you're also bringing in a chance for rain and thunderstorms will keep you up- to-date. had of those roads look today? >> we have been issue on i-4 in volusia county. all lanes blocked before state road 44. if you are trying to leave daytona beach is should not be taking westbound i-4 at all. here is one of your potential arts and it's pretty can take 92 to kappler road or woodland boulevard south to state road 44 . i will update you on this roadblock in the next 10 minutes. the stars will shine tonight on the 22nd season of dancing with the stars. good morning america's ginger will put on her dancing shoes 20 her rolled over very and doug flutie. a life premiere airs tonight at 8 pm right here
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this morning the state fire marshal's office is working to fire. neighbors battled smoke and flames to try to save the man inside.
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beach tourist attractions may get parking meters. the council wants to add the meters to the parking lot of the sun/park. right now it is free but council members were not visiting would have to use meters. prices could raise from two dollars an hour to $20. 2015 road vehicles part of a recall. 46,000 vehicles between july 2013 in june 2014. officials say they pump issue could prevent the engine from starting or could cause it to stop what you are driving. you can have it repaired at a nissan dealer for free. your pay more at the gas pump. prices of increased $.17 in the last few weeks. in orlando the average price of a gallon of gas is two dollars, $.40 cheaper than this time last two. the recent price hike is
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gas and higher crude oil prices. semi-fans will get to here about apple's products today. they will hold a spring conference. the reveal is a smaller version of the iphone and ipad pro. this is a reverse of the trends to make screens larger. you will see something different on your favor box of general mills cereal. the company will label the products that contain genetically modified ingredients. it is more practical to change the label then to comply with the rules for one state. big -- obama is the second to make history when he meets with pres. role in havana.
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shooting death of a teenager. what witnesses told us that
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right now and accused killer is in jail. family and friends of the 15-
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>> one family member does not believe the shooting was an accident. making history today is obama's first day in cuba and what the visit could mean for both countries. good morning it is 6 am on monday, march 21. stackable check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get started with weather. what a shocking about this when you step outside. >> the weekend was warm and muggy in a strong cold front pushed through. it feels like winter but it will be short-lived. satellite radar showing clearing skies behind the front. it took his sweet time to pass through our region and is in south florida. we are going to see plenty of sunshine by eight plenty of sunshine by 8 pm.


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