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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we continue to follow breaking international news out of belgium. at least 13 people are dead following two explosions in an airport in brussels. >> here's what we know so far, airport authorities say the passengers were led to a tarmac, for their safety. we are hearing about 2 explosions at the airport, and another one at a metro station. they also say the explosions caused several injuries are you all flights have been canceled, some are being diverted. the airport there in belgium tweeted out a phone number where families can call if they have any questions of people they may have known there at the airport. witnesses say they were not sure what was going on. >> i don't know. >> we were close enough that i
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[inaudible] >> authorities, in brussels, are telling everyone in the city to just a where they are. belgium's interior minister has set the terror level to maximum. the explosion -- explosions come days after law-enforcement arrest of the prime suspect in the deadly paris terrace attacks, salah abdeslam. we will bring you updates throughout the morning. we are getting updates, by the minute, here on the wires and into the newsroom. >> belgium of -- reporting 35 people are injured, as well. shots were fired, there were shots in arabic prior to this look -- explosions. a lot of information coming in. we will continue to update you throughout the morning. for now we are going to switch over to weather and traffic we do that for you every 10 minutes. let's get started with meteorologist, marina jurica. we still have a chill in the air?
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sunrise, we still have a few more degrees of cooling to go. it is seven ocala, 43 daytona beach, 41 the villages, 48 downtown orlando, kissimmee and titusville with 45 degrees in melbourne. we have a frost advisory for marion county today until 9 a. m. watch for patchy frost in that area. over the next five days, we are going to get a nice warming trend here. we are going to be warming all the way into thursday and by tomorrow we will already be back in the 80s. our average high for this time of year 79, we will exceed that by tomorrow, and we will be looking at the 80s through your easter weekend. i am tracking our next chance of rain coming up. over to deneige. construction is the only thing going on out there. i-4 right at 436 as marina was doing weather i did watch as construction crews picked up the last of the cones eastbound. we did have one lane blocked off but those are now completely out of there so you should not have any issues through the altamonte springs
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we do have a spot of construction for 17 southbound right at the turnpike. we have one lane blocked off those cones. having caused any problems so far. nancy. mark "breaking news", this time in seminole county closer to home. devotees are looking for two men who broke into an apartment overnight. >> that break-in happened near the ucf campus and that's near the lafayette trail. eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs is there on the scene. investigators say at least one of the suspects had a gun? >>reporter:yeah, jamie, no doubt. a terrifying scene and experience investigators, that we have say they are using whatever victims can give them to try to our cameras were there, this morning, as deputies worked for more than three hours to gather invasion near ucf. deputy told us, at least two -- 2 intruders kicked in the door
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m. we are told at least one of them had a gun, and both suspects made off with an unknown amount of electronics taken from that unit. as investigators were to find out how the men got away, we are told, at this hour, they do have leads and have not elaborated on what those leads are. so far, we have not been given a clear description of the suspects, or a vehicle, if one was involved. we also do not know, at this point, what all was taken in addition to the stolen electronics. at one point, we learned the victims may still be putting fortunately, we do know, that there were no injuries involved in this home invasion. but, there are also no arrests. throughout the morning as we stay in touch with investigators in their search for the s uspects. live in seminole county, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning president obama's trip to cuba wraps up today following
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president castro. abc's marcy gonzalez has a look at the president's busy schedule. >>reporter:good morning, this is president obama's last a here in cuba, and it is an important one. after making history, meeting with cuban president castro yesterday, today he wasn't down with political dissidents, and former prisoners punished just for speaking out against the authoritarian castro regime. president obama will also give a historic speech that will be broadcast live on television, here in cuba, and before leaving, later today on air force one he will taken a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. a lot of excitement here about that one. in havana, cuba, marcy gonzales, abc news carnival cruise lines was will soon set sell for cuba. the cruise line got approval from cuba to start running cultural exchange trips. starting in may it will visit various parts. the ship will be smaller, only holding about 700 passengers instead of gambling and
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eight hours a day involved in some cultural experience. state troopers want your help finding a driver accused of hitting a bicyclist and leaving them for dead on the side of the rubber they say 54- year-old stephen teran was riding his bike along courtney partway in merritt island when he fell in the got hit by a pickup. they say that driver may not have been at fault, if they had not left the scene. >> it's unfathomable to me that they left him in the road like that. there is no saying that it would have made a difference, if they stayed, but now we will never know. >> state troopers say that chuck may have been a gmc sonoma or a chevy s 10, he likely has damage to its front end and undercarriage. the state attorney's office is now reviewing cases involving three kissimmee police officers who may have lied in court. officers tiffany hall, felix [ name indescernible ] and taylor mcphee have been suspended, with pay, the public defenders office as at least one of the officers testimony, and police
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not match up with what was captured on surveillance video. it is unclear, which officers, are in the video. >> defense attorneys are looking at cases, they have had, and if there's a conviction and these officers testified, and their testimony was critical, you can bet they are going to collaterally attack that earlier conviction >> the cases sparked a criminal and internal investigation. prosecutors dropped the marijuana charges against the people arrested. the officers could face felony charges the sole suspect in a local mom's disappearance, will soon have to answer some tough disappeared. >> yesterday, a judge ruled michelle parker's ex- fianci, dale smith will be deposed in the wrongful death suit filed by her mother. argo has been missing since 2011, smith's attorney says his client was it for the deposition that will plead the fifth and not answer any questions. parker's mom said anyway.
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case of good versus evil, that clichi that the right thing will h appen. maybe one day the truth will come out. we will be able to find michelle . >> smith is living in orlando with parker's twins who parker's mother still fighting to see. a hearing on that will come in the next three weeks. the family of a 12-year-old girl is fighting to have a charge of battery removed from her record. after deputy's arrested her for pinching a classmates rear in. >> it was just like a game, and like, i don't take it seriously, but, i don't get why he should. >> breanna evans admitted to pinching the boy, the middle school suspended her. the boy says he was not hurt, but his mother wanted to press charges. seminole county deputies and rolled evans in a diversion program to remove the charge from her record but her father is still concerned. >> she pinched the boys but, and she says it is a game
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the girls are doing it. so, i don't know. >> we try to speak tried to speak to the boys mom, but because she is a jail nurse, her contact information is not public record. tell us what you think about this, does the punishment fit the crime? you can join in that conversation on facebook. c om/wftv the ceo of one of the most prestigious international tennis tournament is stepping for sexist comments. >> raymond moore, the tournament director of the open, says women's pro tennis players "ride on the coattails of men." tennis star billie jean king who founded the women's tennis association responded on twitter saying every player contributes to the success of this part, man or woman peter now wants zero to move its killer whales to see sanctuaries. this comes after the park announced last week it will end its orca breeding program. next year it will file a shareholder's shareholders request to have the wells moved
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be in the ocean, without having total freedom. sea world says the whales are best off in the parks where trainers and vets can take care of them we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get to marina jurica with more on those chilly temperatures. >> it is the big story this morning, nancy, it is a chilly start. we have reverted back into winter for a temporary time. in the 30s and 40s this morning, but we are going to rebound nicely already by this afternoon. 36 ocala, marion dealing with that frost a visor he until 9 a.m., 41 41 deland and the villages, 47 claremont, fortier downtown and 58 in cocoa beach. on top of the 20-degree temperature drop yesterday an additional 213 degrees cooler this morning as we continue that cooling trend for at least this morning before we see a glorious afternoon. the villages, lots of sunshine, a beautiful high of 73 at 4 o'clock area winter park and the i-4 corridor will get plenty of sunshine as well with
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as well. new smyrna beach, pristine sunshine, 66 degrees at noon, 70 degrees for that high at 4 o'clock. we do have a disabled vehicle, partially blocking your offramp from i-4 westbound to convoy -- conroy. you do still have one vehicle locking that lane. we do still have some construction out there for 17 cell phone right of the turnpike, we have one lane blocked there. volusia county i-95 northbound after state road 44 also one lane blocked what wildlife officials are doing to figure out what is killing hundreds of fish in brevard county dozens of code enforcement violations. i ahead, what an owner had to say when we asked him about rats and holes in the walls in his apartment complex? the new technology ucf students are working on to help children with heart problems.
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attacks. the city is now locked down, airport authorities say the passengers were led out of the airport to a tarmac for their safety. about an hour ago elgin media reported an explosion at a metro station, as well, we know 35 people are hurt. the explosions come days after the prime suspect in the deadly paris terrace attacks salah abdeslam was arrested. all flights have been canceled, some are being diverted. the metro system also close there, the city essentially has shut down. we will continue to monitor the story and regular updates throughout the morning. we are starting to get more and more images coming out of there now , and it's pretty unnerving to see some of the damage that was cause. >> a lot of details that are investigators, on the scene, the last two hours or so. this was prime rush hour in brussels there. this is all part of the morning commute for them. a very busy time, as well, there were some preliminary reports that there may have
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fired prior to the explosions. we will update you on this all morning long on eyewitness news this morning right now, a teenager is that entities are searching for the shooter who opened fire into a crowd of people. >> on eyewitness news at 4 p.m. yesterday we took you live to 15th street in apopka where the shooting happened. janai norman's life from the sheriff's office. deputies are pleading for witnesses to come forward here? >>reporter:they say the gun man fired into a crowd of about 30 people, so no detectives here are hoping some of those witnesses will talk. semi- here's a picture. >>reporter: eyewitnesses say 18-year-old dray brian try to get away monday afternoon, but could not outrun the gunfire. >> they ran through the field, i am watching them, i'm like yeah, they straight, i got a call that say he just got shot >>reporter:the gun man who witnesses i pulled the trigger, 4 times, is still on the run. at the top of the hour, we told you bryants friends say he was
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in the neighborhood. stranger to violence, and now has those familiar with it, pleading for change. >> when is it going to stop? w hen is it going to be too late? child. there's too many kids >>reporter:at their same the same time, deputies are pleading for witnesses to talk in order to help them make an check on any new information, in the search for the gun man keeping you updated on our wftv mobile app as we learn more. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. shooting in apopka just three days but we told you police a 16-year-old massey was playing with a gun, he got from someone else, when he shot and killed it happened at her home on saturday. massey is charged with second- degree murder.
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conditions here for this orange county woman but she is living with plumbing leaks, holes in her was, she says she even sees a dead rats and mice. these photos show the dead rats there on the woman's kitchen counter. she lives on orange blossom trail in orlando. we looked at enforcement records for that complex and found there were 30 violations adjust the last six months. the woman who lives here says the owners are not doing anything about it. >> i had a water leak, and i had mice that ran through, they came here and cut that out, and said they were going to come back and fix it. that has been 30 days ago. semi- that woman says she is getting ready to move out. the complex owner lives in a county. he told us those problems will be fixed within one week. we will follow-up to see if that happens. the osceola county school district is welcoming their newest leader. doctor deborah paes started her position as superintendent yesterday. we told you the school board unanimously chose her to replace the retired superintendent. she previously served as principal at harmony high school
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a three day -- 3d printed heart. >> we told you about the bionic arms, they have made with 3d printers, bioengineers at the university say these high-tech hearts could help doctors practice surgery techniques before an actual operation. this way, children with heart problems will get better surgical care. the bioengineering students will make workable models , once they get their funding. >> no stopping them. >> that's amazing, they can scan the heart so they can see what it looks like, and then they do the 3d printed models. technically, the doctors can touch the heart and do everything they need before touching the patient semi- right here at ucf. >> i tell you -- very impressed. we are looking at a cold starts, if you are heading out in about this morning, you will need a jacket. we've got a quick rebound. we talked about this yesterday, it's our chili you start this morning, we have not seen temperatures, like this, for a month.
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up call, we are going to stay clear with pristine sunshine as we move into the day today. high pressure still in control, northwesterly winds quieter today. that will make a big difference from that blustery wind we saw yesterday. we are still dealing with a frost advisory until 9 a.m. for marion county. you folks are definitely the coolest this morning at 36 ocala, still pretty chilly. 41 the villages, deland 47, downtown orlando 48 as well as titusville, 43 daytona beach. wind speeds especially i-4 and west look great call to about 5 miles per hour. a little gusty or across the coastline at 15 especially in southern brevard. today will be lovely, mid to low 70s and one, upper 60s to low 70s along the coastline.
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and proved coastal conditions we are looking at low reps today, we do not have a small craft advisory so both beach and boating conditions are looking great as we head into our tuesday, and the warming the rest of the week. 73 melbourne as well as coco today, 73 merritt island, 34 titusville, 69 new smyrna beach, 72 daytona beach, 70 and ormond as well as flagler. it's still on the cool side, but not as windy. in volusia county, looking great 74, 70 ormond beach, deland 73, port orange or in cyprus had we are going to be looking at temperatures around 71. 59 will be the cool spot in new smyrna beach. tonight is going to be so cool, but not as morning. easterly winds at five-10. wants that when takes over tomorrow, the 80s are returning a chance for rain returns on thursday and friday, a better chance over easter weekend. i know a lot of outdoor plans will keep you posted a monitor that situation as we headed to
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how do the roads look care? starting off with live traffic tracker we do still have this disabled vehicle i-4 westbound that exit to conroy that is still blocking elaine through there you have to move over to the left for that trade we do have a crush on the street from colonial high school, goldenrod road right at gate hill circle we do have this there. orange county sheriff's officer -- offices on scene walking one lane through there. pulling up the camera and another spot of goldenrod 408 at goldenrod looking good both eastbound and westbound. on edge. what led deputies to rate an orange county home and the surprise they found inside. next, by labeling the genetically modified i ngredients, in your food -- food, could add as much as a thousand dollars to your grocery bill every year we are continuing to follow the very active scene out of brussels, belgium.
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thousands of dead fish are floating in the indian river lagoon and now state biologists are working to try to find out why. from titusville to melbourne, florida fish and wildlife are receiving calls from people about fiscales. the agency has collected samples.
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there are so many dead fish the air stinks. >> there's catfish, there's trout, i have seen mullet. i've seen every kind of fish you can think of. there's about 12 species of f ish. >> brevard natural resources thinks the fish kills may be related to a recent algae bloom. for the past few days scientists have been monitoring a brown tide there apples latest iphone may be smaller, but developers say will work twice as fast. the iphone as e and ipad pro on monday. the new iphone screen is only for inches, similar to the iphone 5s release two years ago. the phone will feature a hands free voice assistant, the ipad pro is smaller at around 9 inches it will have a brighter screen, you come up for it, in stores, march 31. the fight over food labels can cost you more the grocery store. congress is fighting over standards for labeling genetically modified foods. right now, there are no rules. rosalie manufacturers
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to create different labels or products, in every state, would be very expensive. others say gml labeling should not increase cost since food companies change their labels all the time. craft has created a new recipe for its famous macaroni and cheese eliminating all artificial preservatives and flavors. but, no one has really notice for the company says more than 50 million boxes of the new recipe have sold. mac & cheese now contains a combination of caprica, and other spices to maintain its yellow hue. the brevard county school board is now reviewing tobacco free policies on school campuses. one school board member has questioned weather schools can legally ban people from using vaporizers. some officials are worried the school board could actually face legal issues because the vaporizers do not contain tobacco. for now, staff members are studying the issue and need to report back to the school board before a decision is made. deputies say a teenager was shot and killed in a crowd of people near a playground >> at the top of the hour, the
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to help find that gun man >>reporter:i am angela jacobs near ucf were two men are now wanted in an armed home invasion. coming up, the challenges investigators face in their search for the suspect. it is a chilly start. high-pressure selling control, i am tracking a warm-up and we get back. we are also continuing to
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we are following to big breaking two big breaking stories right now on eyewitness news this morning. two gunmen rolled into a home near the ucf campus the search to find them. "breaking news" overseas, the deadly explosions at a brussels airport and a metro station that sent the terror threat level there to its maximum level. >> that story continues develop by the minute. here, 11 a.m. stands at around 13 people. it's changing by the minute we will keep you posted your time here 6 a.m. on this tuesday march 22. we get started with weather and traffic, syed farook watching the road, let's get over to marina jurica with the weather we have not seen temperatures like this, for a few weeks, it will be a wake-up call for you. as we headed to the day we will rebound very nicely. our northwesterly wind will turn easterly and southeasterly


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