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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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is that just me? sorry. >> someone north dakota is laughing. >> floridian right here. i was cold. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. >> a little, big mess. >> we will start with marino. -- marina. we see a southeasterly winds. -- a cool start but not chilly. grab your jacket this morning you definitely will not needed later. 40s and 50s now and we will see more cloud coverage in the southern and coastal counties today but ocala, plenty of sunshine throughout the day. 73 at noon, 80 degrees for the high at 4:00. college park and i 4 corridor we will look at partly cloudy
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high of 79 degrees and new smyrna beach, we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies as we head into the day today. warmer along the coastline and winds have died down. 74 for your high at 2:00. deneige how do the pros look at 5:30? >> and issued on i-95 brevard county, it is shut down right now at pineda causeway. you will have to exit i-95 southbound at pineda causeway and get over to u. s. 1 and take that to eue gallie blvd. to then get onto i-95 southbound. you cannot take wickham road as your alternate because there is a portion of wickham road closed for another project. keep that in mind. take us 1, angela jacobs will be live in a couple of moments. pulling up a camera, i 4, 408, construction is clear it out. one road crew looks they are on scene, i 4 eastbound, south street but not blocking lanes. following breaking news on
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>> here's the latest for you now. a belgian broadcaster says it has identified two brothers they say are responsible for the attack that killed at least 34 people. khalid and ibrahim el-bakraoui were no strangers to police in brussels but their past crimes had nothing to do with terrorism. right now an international manhunt is underway for the menu see to your right on the screen and the light closing -- clothing who survived and on the run. janai norman has been taking a look at the fears at home who have been reignited by this attack in brussels.. >> reporter: so far we have heard from two local groups, both saying orlando's muslim community condemns those attacks but still the attacks in brussels have sparked fears at home. travel alerts and warnings spent from europe across america as authorities fear more attacks could happen. the state department has issued a european wide travel alert for americans traveling to europe. back at home, local muslims are
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brussels. >> we hear rhetoric of hate, violence and combating violence with violence and it is very you. it is painful. >> locally we showed you yesterday the increased security at orlando international airport. tsa would not release too many specifics about what they are doing to protect passengers but yesterday you could not help but notice more tsa, other law enforcement and canines keeping watch over the airport. at 11:00 this morning, the islamic group of orlando plans to hold a news conference here to address the attacks in brussels. we will let you know what happens starting today at eyewitness news at noon. live in orange county, janai . >> we're hearing from students who are studying abroad in brussels right now. they witnessed the attacks. a student from university of oregon says when she heard about the exposure she returned
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another woman says she lives about seven minutes away from the airport and heard the bombs go off and another student describe the aftermath. >> i got out of my car and we smelled the smell of explosion and fire and everything around me. it is just such a mess and at that point you see white blankets and you think it is to cover the blankets and afterwards you here 24 people died. >> nine americans were hurt in the bombings. president obama called for all american flags in the u. s. to be flown at half staff in honor of yesterday's victims. the president says, quote, we would do whatever it takes what he would nations and peoples around the world to ring the perpetrators of the attacks to justice. governor. rick scott also ordered us support likes to be flown at half staff. mourners and brussels meanwhile have been leaving flowers and candles at a central square to pay tribute to those who died. people made banners reading, quote, i am brussels. one woman who went to the memorial says we're all members of the same family and we're here to show the world we are not afraid. local iconic landmark
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last night the orlando eye lit up in the colors of the belgian flag showing solidarity and support to the country. count on eyewitness news the latest updates on the act of terrorism we will update you throughout the day as we get new information into the newsroom and get updates on and social media using #brussels. there were some surprising victories as voters to support behind presidential candidates yesterday we told you bernie sanders dominated over hillary clinton in idaho and utah getting more than 70 percent of the vote in each state. ted cruz also won big in the states over donald trump, trump came in last in utah at 14 percent. he and clinton still won in arizona and that was the biggest prize. voters in arizona is that while they waited to vote, races were already being called. some people were in line for more than two hours. election officials say the problem came from a high turnout and some voter confusion. there were also fewer polling places.
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under control. you can see the flames coming out of the roof on a home in melbourne. flames. firefighters are trying to figure out exactly what sparked the fire. covering orange county, investigate have a few persons of interest in the shooting death of a teenager in apopka but still no respite a gunman shot and killed 18-year-old street, old apopka road. investigators say they are having a tough time try to find the people who may be responsible because witnesses will not talk. they handed out fliers hoping to get new information. this is the second time in teenager in apopka has been shot and killed since last weekend. saturday police say 16-year-old massey was playing with a gun when he shot and killed his 15- year-old friend bartman. he got the gun from someone in bartman's home and he's charged with second degree murder. summit county deputies need your help finding a 12-year-old
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home in lake mary. look at your screen. jayden ramirez was last seen on sunday. her grandmother tells investigator -- investigators when she went to check on her monday she found a note stating she had run away. the family does not think she has medication or cell phone. if you see her call the sheriff's office. three new west melbourne police recruits are being called heroes for saving an elderly man from the sinking car. police say the officers saw the crash into a drainage canal while raining saturday. they jumped in to help them. recruits had just completed first a training which they say helped them take care of the paramedics. volusia county beach safety did not get as many lifeguards for the busy summer season as they had hoped but there is some to try out. if you were not able to make saturday session, come to a recruit class on april 2 and give it a shot. you have to be a strong swimmer and you must be 16 by june 1. health advocates of florida
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address chronic disease early. chronic diseases says of the past decade, the amount of money spent on diabetes, arthritis, cancer has gone up your treatment proteolysis used to be 75 percent of all healthcare costs and now it is 86 percent and advocate say they need to change the way they think about healthcare. >> that impacts your everyday like how you interact with your family, how you are able to focus in school and how you work on the job. >> experts say 62 percent of floridians have at least one chronic condition and most can be detected early. 5:38 am. every 10 minutes. here is marina jurica and a lunar eclipse? >> partial lunar eclipse 7:47 up a number of eclipse it will be weak but the outer fringe of the earth's shadow as it passes through. you can start to see it in about one hour at 6:47 for
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for you to catch that this morning as it heads through you look at the earth's position between the sun and the moon. it will be small but you can catch it while at 7:47 if you look up in the night sky. villages looking good, plenty of sunshine rolling in and a few more clouds later this evening. topping out at a high of 79 degrees at 4:00. in sanford, looking at more clouds coverage especially by the afternoon. 78 at 2:00 and 79 for the high at 4:00 in melbourne, we will see a cloudy start but then we will get more sunshine in the afternoon with a high at 2 pm, 76. we was he a moderate recurrent risk -- rip currents risk swim near the lifeguard station. 730 -- 5:39. >> a mess i-95 shot down pineda causeway, we have a group on the scene angela
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here's an alternate in the meantime. exit at pineda causeway and take us 1 southbound and take that to eue gallie blvd. to get southbound on i-95. do not take wickham road because of the road work. and pulling up a camera along i 4, i 4 at the turnpike looking good in both directions along i 4 and northbound and southbound on the turnpike. health officials have an important alert that you should hear coming up, a warning about painkillers that you will see printed on the side of the pill bottles. 80,000 bees have a new home. how beekeepers help to move the hive without hurting the insects. traffic and bms in central florida.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. local muslim groups speaking out about the brussels attacks. janai norman live at the islamic center of orlando a news conference later today. >>. >> reporter: he will address the attacks that officials here at the islamic group of orlando are calling despicable, disturbing and unjustifiable. the other local group we have heard from so far is the american muslim leadership council. executive director says when he
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yesterday in brussels, he prayed those responsible were not muslims. he says that is because attacks like this often lead to more talk of hate and violence. he says he wants to reassure the community that american muslims condemn the attacks and that his religion does not condone violence. islamic center of orlando plans to hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning to address the attacks. we will let you know what starting -- at noon. in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. we caught up with passengers at the sanford airport who were on the only fly to the u. s. out of brussels right before yesterday's attack. >> while we were there we saw heartwarming moment with a mother and her son and we want to share it with you. this woman arrived in florida to see a specialist with her five-year-old son who has a medical condition that she was visibly shaken and crying by the ordeal. she says she considered -- considered an earlier flight in
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them at the airport when the explosions happened. sanford airport police saw them and took a moment and spent time with a little boy and gave him a badge to make mom and the little boy feel better. they took a few minutes out of the time and it made a difference for two people who had been some -- through something. >> the people on the flight did not find out until they were in the air what happened at the airport that they had just left. >> can you imagine. >> and many of them had just missed the terror attack. had she booked an earlier flight she would have been there. >> hats off to sanford police. seminole county deputies having a hard time finding two gunmen who force their way into an apartment at ucf. we told you tuesday, it happened right across from campus. deputies say two men had a pistol with them as they went through an unlocked door demanding money from a man.
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>> that is crazy to think it can happen here. i guess if they are going to do it they would do it anyway. >> investigators say the victim did not get a good enough look at them to draw sketches but they hope to get fingerprints from the power cord. if you take painkillers like vicodin, percocet, you will soon see the labels on the bottles the fda is adding warning label specifying the truck should only be used when other medications and treatments cannot control pain. this is part of an effort to curb the abuse of painkillers. a lot of unwanted guests and unlikely neighborhood are being kicked out. take a look here, very closely, there are honeybees, 80,000 of them. beekeepers say the bees have been here deciphers long as two years. this community did not notice until last week. beekeepers came in and
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bees in a box. >> we carry them to an apiary and let them about their lives. >> wildlife control says these are needed for the environment to pollinate plants. some real improvement plan summer. improvements happening from the debary station and bruce -- volusia county down to the sam lake road station in orange county. officials say it will make things safer for the trains, the railroad. if you live in orlando you know how bad traffic and get. a study from the gps company tom-tom says orlando is one of the top 20 cities for the worst traffic in the u. s. orlando actually ranks 16. tampa traffic worse coming in at 15 and the worst traffic in seven miami. the worst traffic in the country is la.
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miami has bigger lanes. you can use a row. here there is construction. i'm not sure when they did the study. >> what is their excuse? >>'s -- at least they can go pick we cannot. 5:47 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. meteorologist marina jurica. >> boston is that, really bad. they have a lot of turnarounds. >> they have been going around in boston for years. >> there is one important part i get -- thornton park i get stuck in. >> cooler start. better than yesterday, 40s and 50s to start and into the day we have 80s return and satellite radar is showing fair weather clouds for the southern counties but we are going to be looking at a few more clouds rolling in. we will have to christine sunshine we enjoyed yesterday
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we will head into a summer pattern unusually for the end of the week and weekend. afternoon showers and thunderstorms. we will monitor that closely. today, dry, southeasterly winds will drive temperatures up. 40s, 50s with close by, 45 orlando, 54 downtown, 52 palm coast, 58 to 70. we have seen up to 14 degrees temperature hike. cool and light jacket weather but more comfortable. wind speed is quite the we was he winds out of the southeast 5- 15. warmer along the coast but we was the clouds especially in the southern coastline. 70 melbourne, 77 degrees cocoa, merritt island, titusville, looking at 74 new smyrna beach, 77 daytona beach, 76 or men -- ormonde and flagler.
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he moderate rip currents risk. swim near a lifeguard station. warmer tonight, we at 10 degrees to our overnight lows. 55 and 58 ocala, the villages, 62 downtown orlando, tonight as well is titusville, 59 palm coast. southeast village -- southeasterly wind bringing temperatures up. scattered showers and storms 30 percent. going into summerlike pattern heading into the we still we can. a lot of outdoor activities this weekend so we will monitor this closely and keep you up-to- date. how do the road looks at 5:50. >> and alert for drivers in brevard county, trooper seven on scene as well as fire-rescue on scene of a crash i-95 southbound near pineda causeway, it has had all of i- 95 southbound shut down for a number of hours but it looks like troopers are reporting that have been able to open two lanes in the area.
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lanes again, take pineda causeway two u. s. 1 southbound, take that to eue gallie blvd., and get back on i- 95 southbound. 408 camera into downtown orlando, 408, traffic heading toward downtown, no issues east or west from. another big night for the candidates in the race for the white house, coming up results new overnight, what it means for front runners. astronaut scott kelly getting used to gather -- there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that
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5:53. a few hours brevard county officials are going to be talking to us about the situation. >> let me toss into breaking news keeping an eye on a crash on i-95, brevard county. we have been telling you about this all morning. i am not making this up. this is a crash that is involving a frito-lay truck and a beer truck both trucks apparently have collided on i- 95 shutting down the southbound side of i-95. angela jacobs is on the scene going live in a few moments. this is a look at the wreck between a frito-lay truck in a beer truck. we will keep you posted on the
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a few moments. another story brevard county, officials will need to decide how to get rid of the dozens of rotting fish in the indian river lagoon. warm weather conditions and high nutrient in the water helped fuel and algae bloom at the algae decomposed, dissolve oxygen levels, dropped and eventually killed the fish. >> we caused this, human beings. i hope people will pay attention to these and change. >> county says you can prevent fish kills by keeping grass clippings out of storm drains and following the fertilizing ordinance. eyewitness news reporter melonie holt took a tour around the river to see what people are dealing with. check it out with a slideshow on proposal making it legal together is sitting on governor. rick scott desk waiting for approval. been a second-degree misdemeanor for couples to live
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20 of the proposals are waiting for the governor's review including a bill that would allow train station owners to sell alcohol to passengers. a group of pilots who fought in world war ii can -- may be at the core arlington cemetery the final resting place for the final bill passed to allow women veterans known as wasps to be buried in the cemetery running out of room. the military began enforcing policy against allowing nonactive veterans to be buried at arlington. >> i was devastated to tell these women who are at least in the 90s at this point that the battle is not over yet -- >> is up to the senate to consider legislation that would affect dozens of surviving pilots. president obama not the only american visiting cuba this week the tampa bay rays are there as well and they made history playing the cuban national team yesterday. two home runs leading the team
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first time since baltimore orioles in 1999. three weeks of scott kelly return to earth from his 340 day mission in space and we're finally hearing about what life was like on the international space station. >> it's like going over niagara falls in a barrel and we realize it is not going to kill you but the most fun we've ever had. >> kelly said it has been rough getting used to gravity since his return. his cardiovascular system is getting used to pumping blood to his legs and feet. now it is harder. he misses other astronauts as well at the iss. breaking news on the terror attack in brussels. >> what officials have learned about the man they say are responsible for the attack that killed 34 people. another beautiful day today.
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breaking on eyewitness news this morning, investigators in brussels say they are learning new information about the man they say carried out the terror attack that killed at least 34 people. after the second exposure, so many people panicked, so many people cried.
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florida are doing to tighten security. final result in poor three primaries, caucuses. what totals mean in the race for the white house. 6 am wednesday, march 23. >> we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. deneige has been busy, i-95 southbound brevard county is closed down because of a beer truck and frito-lay truck that actually hit each other. we will have more on that in the second. let's get to marina in the weather. >> we have a crisp start to as yesterday. we will get a few more clouds midweek. we will not look at christine sunshine we saw yesterday but no complaints. low to mid 40s of north and when -- and then over to low 50s toward the south. 52 this morning orlando, 57 melbourne, 43 for the cool spot villages and deland. we have seen of 201 ford degrees temperature hike.


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