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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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florida are doing to tighten security. final result in poor three primaries, caucuses. what totals mean in the race for the white house. 6 am wednesday, march 23. >> we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. deneige has been busy, i-95 southbound brevard county is closed down because of a beer truck and frito-lay truck that actually hit each other. we will have more on that in the second. let's get to marina in the weather. >> we have a crisp start to as yesterday. we will get a few more clouds midweek. we will not look at christine sunshine we saw yesterday but no complaints. low to mid 40s of north and when -- and then over to low 50s toward the south. 52 this morning orlando, 57 melbourne, 43 for the cool spot villages and deland. we have seen of 201 ford degrees temperature hike.
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degrees temperature hike. southeasterly flow bringing warm temperatures into the area. look at the 80s on the i 4 corridor, moving toward the west along the coast it is warmer today by about 10 70s. i have a couple of coastal advisories to get out to you if you're heading to the beach on this spring break week, i will get them to you in a moment. here is deneige six in a moment. here is deneige 6:01 with the i 4 issue. >> i-95 southbound, broward county, -- brevard county near pineda causeway, all south valley shut down because of a crash, jamie was talking about that. angela did -- jacobs on scene. alternate us 1 eue gallie blvd. can get you southbound to i-95 again until they are able to get all of that cleared out and a check of i 4 commute for anybody needing that, i 4 at colonial you see the traffic on the right side slowing, flowing
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angela jacobs online -- on the scene live. >> reporter: should be happening shortly but we are several miles ahead of the backup and that is how far back they are keeping everyone so they can clean up the scene. right now, still all southbound lanes are blocked here as you said two semi colliding around 3:15 this morning. a truck carrying bush beer products collided with a frito- lay truck sitting, broken down on the side of the road and air pollution shut the frito-lay truck into the trees, we got here it was on its side and they have put it up right so they can call it out. -- haul it out. beer spilling onto the roads. they are trying to put it into the right lane. they are hoping to get it open.
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-- the right lane will stay close center lane and left lane will open up shortly. we will keep you updated on the scene here as it moves and as we get the latest as far as one traffic can start moving southbound along i-95 again. live in brevard county, angela morning.. >> what a mess. >> breaking news in the terror attacks in brussels. the latest ability broadcaster says has identified two of the people responsible least 34 people. the two brothers, khalid and ibrahim el-bakraoui were known to police for past crimes but terrorism. meanwhile, an international manhunt is underway for the man you see here in the light clothing to the right on your screen. authorities fear more attacks could happen with easter around quarter -- quarter. >> there are probably more
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separate intentionally from this unit, cells of the personnel did not know about me still be out there. >> state department has issued a travel alert for americans headed to europe. janai norman live at the islamic center of orlando. there's a a bit planned later this morning to address what happened yesterday. >> reporter: is scheduled to start at 11:00 this morning that the group released a statement saying in part those heinous attacks on the innocent people of brussels and car in syria are disturbing and unjustifiable. >> islamic center of orlando is one of two local groups we are hearing from. the other is the american muslim council. >> to be honest with you our first i said god do not let a be muslims. >> we spoke with the executive director about what he learned from the attacks of brussels. he said it was not long before
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condemning the attack feeling the need to once again defend his religion because attacks like these often lead to more talk of hatred and violence. >> to make our neighbors, to make people understand islam does not condone violence and killing of innocent people. >> reporter: and for 6:30 we are taking a close look at the fears here at home, the attacks in brussels reignited. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.. >> nearly 300 passengers on a nonstop flight to central florida from brussels had no idea what they had just escaped. we were at the orlando sanford international airport as pastors reunited with loved ones after hours of not knowing if they were safe. airport officials told us this was the only flight to make it to the united states before the attack. i spoke to one of the passengers who said their daughter called them right before they landed.
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happy to be here to be together and be safe. >> a passenger on the plane sat on the runway for close to three hours after being met by law enforcement. the plane went on to miami and then back to belgium. we have posted the interviews with the passengers watch them in their entirety . count on eyewitness news to update you on the latest in the attacks in brussels get updates between newscasts as always on and social media using #brussels. breaking news in brevard county, southbound lanes are closed on i-95 after two trucks crashed in melbourne. the crash -- bonita exit i-95 southbound lanes shut down as crews are on scene cleaning it up. we have a reporter there. we're going to continue to update you on the situation throughout the morning. president obama is in argentina today to show that
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better terms. this is the first state visit by u. s. president since 1997. for the obama is meeting with the president of argentina, he also has plans to hold a town hall with young argentinians. results pouring in overnight in the race for the right house. senator. sanders clinic between two states. he won the caucuses in idaho and utah. hillary clinton added to her lead after winning arizona with 75 delegates that was the biggest prize of the night in the democratic race. over on the republican side, senator ted cruz and took a win in utah, donald trump won all of arizona city delegates and political experts say capitalize on the anti- immigration stance a position there. ohio governor. john kasich did not campaign in arizona. new from overnight, deputies say a gunman shot in a man outside of the marriott maitland. the man drove to a nearby 7- eleven on maitland boulevard to get help and was taken to orlando regional medical center and deputies have not said how
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investigating the shooting and we will update you as we get more information. the woman accused of bashing an elderly apopka man in the head could end up walking out of the orange county jail. investigators say tosha mullins beat the man to steal his pain pills. we found out the state missed a deadline to file formal charges. mullins faces three of five charges now in her bond is much lower. >> they may have to set trial in face the charges but they can be free for $1100. so back to me is insane. >> the state attorney's office will have to wait until fdle finishes a narcotics test before any filing can be done. supplies and experiments are on their way to the international space station. >> 4-3-to-one -- 2-1, ignition, lift off of the atlas five rocket with sickness, supplies for the crew, that's with
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atlas five rocket lifting off from cape canaveral picture- perfect additions last night look at that. spacecraft delivering 3-d printer to make repairs at the international space station. an experiment by ucf researchers to study meatier soil is also on board. >> and that's what we're trying to do is meet the commitment to nasa and keep astronaut supported so they can do the critical research they are doing aboard the station. >> when the spacecraft leaves the iss in may, large-scale fire will be set in a contained box to see how it spreads and -- in weightlessness. 6:10 am. marina jurica in severe weather center 9. >> warming things up as we head into the day today. warming trends will last until tomorrow. we will stay above average high of 79 for the stretch.
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cool conditions this morning but that is going to be short- lived as we head into the next few hours. west to east, ocala, a beautiful sunny day today. 73 at noon and 80 degrees for the high at 4:00. taking a look at winter park, i 4 corridor, we will get more cloud cover trip partly cloudy skies afternoon otherwise we will be warming things up quickly to a high of 80 degrees as we head into the afternoon. along the coast dealing with moderate there, boating conditions with 3 to 4 foot seas. swimming in the lifeguard station it will be busy and daytona as temperatures warm up nicely. 73 at noon, heading into 2:00, that's when we see the high of 75. deneige how are the roads at 6:10. >> initial brevard county, i- 95 southbound to shut down at pineda causeway. troopers thought they would open two lanes open soon but in the meantime while the southbound lanes are still shut
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u. s. 1, take that southbound and then eue gallie blvd. can put you on i-95 southbound. don't take wickham road as the alternate for southbound traffic because there is a partial roadblock because of other construction. skywitness 9 is being sent to the scene to get an aerial view. much more on the terror attacks in brussels this morning. what police and central florida did to help ease the fears of a frightened little boy that had just flown over from brussels read -- ucf researchers using colors in mosquitoes to battle the virus. >> a home in lake nona riddled
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jamie holmes 6:14 am. a live look over orlando, in the middle of a lunar eclipse. ironically it looks like a full moon. that's how it works. you can see how bright the moon is and it will continue for the next hour. breaking news, two people responsible for the attack that killed at least 34 people in brussels were captured on camera. reuters reports a third suspect, the person on the right of the photos you may arrested. the two brothers khalid and ibrahim el-bakraoui for known to police for past crimes. nothing related to terrorism. left. again, reuters reporting a manhunt has wrapped up and they have made an arrest on the third suspect on the right side of the screen. we will follow the story for you throughout the morning. we have more breaking news, this is a crash on i-95. look at this scene, this is
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involving a beer truck. you can see all of the beer scattered on i-95 and frito-lay truck, both trucks collided. apparently there are no injuries the southbound sides of i-95 are close down at this hour. deneige broom has alternate routes involving u. s. 1. we will follow this breaking news for you throughout the morning. we showed you this damage to orange county family's home after 22 shots were fired into it. now we found out the family had to take cover for half an hour before deputies got there. we first told you about the shooting at the mosque parker homes two weeks ago. the family call for help said they believe deputies could have gotten there faster. sheriff's office claimed delays on call volume and another call across town where someone fired shot the deputies. >> there was a number of delays in responding because they were a number of emergency
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>> the family tells us all camera the concern is deputies catch the gunmen. deputies say the suspect was long gone by the time the 911 call came in. a judge sentenced a georgia being convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from several banks florida. prosecutors say brian sylvester he persecuted women to be part of the check-cashing rain. he was then the next three years in prison. 9 investigates acid, county manager of any federal laws from -- were valid one of the apartment received a random drug test without notice. 70 solid waste management employees received the drug test last month. a complete made to the comptroller's office shows employees heard the results of the test. we went to the county manager -- manager to ask about the audit but she would not ask -- answer questions on him. >> i do not discuss personnel matters with meteor. >> this is an audit of the department in making serious allegations there were hipaa violations.
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credible report of drug abuse in the division. vet techs confirmed all testing was consistent with certified meteorologist brian shields guidelines. putnam county mother of a four-year-old boy who shot her while riding in her truck may now face charges. earlier this month jamie killed put a loaded 45 caliber handgun under the front seat of a car and it slid into the backseat. they say the boy unbuckled himself from the booster seat, picked up the gun and fired through the front seat , shooting his mom in the back. she could face a misdemeanor charge of allowing a child access to a firearm which could cost her up to six months in jail. government agency in charge of protecting the environment is wasting millions and tax dollars by printing, storing document that no one reads. in an audit of the inspector general's office found the epa's warehouse is full of documents that have been sitting there for years. investigators say part of the problem is the agency's guidelines for printing are more than to get -- decades old. according to the audit, epa wasted 8 million pages of paper
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paper about 159,000 pounds. and that is the epa. 6:18 am. it is nice but turning the corner into springlike weather. >> dew point is low. things feel comfortable. that will be the case of the day. even though we was the 80s make a comeback and warmer into tomorrow. six: it. mostly clear skies and we will see a few more clouds rolling in this afternoon. not as pristine sunshine. high pressure dominating and going into some light pattern. mother nature cannot make up her mind about what season it is but more some alike for the end of the week and weekend. that will create problems because we was a chance for especially in the afternoon. monitoring it closely. a cool start, 80s returning today, southeasterly wind pumping and warm air and it is -- pumping warm air and warmer into tomorrow.
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daytona beach. over the last 24 hours we have seen up to 14 degree temperature hike. through tomorrow. in the 80s and lead, i 4 corridor, west upper 70s along the coast line. spring breakers looking at a pretty day along the coast. more clout coverage and warmer winds southeast 515. sunny startups is rebounding, afternoon clouds rolling in into the evening it will be a mild night. it is going to erase the last two more is completely as we see a surge into the 60s. future track, hour by hour, clouds will later this afternoon and evening. we will stay dry and tomorrow afternoon we could pick up a few coastal showers and later in the evening, we can start to see some of those scattered to isolated showers and thunderstorms especially in the southern counties to pick up moving into our friday night.
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dry, mostly sunny, warmer and 81 degrees. 62 tonight partly cloudy skies and a very nice start to thursday morning and going into easter weekend, we are going to see a pretty good shot of showers and thunderstorms and because there are so many outdoor activities, we will track that very carefully over the next couple of days and letting you know how that is going to affect the weekend plans. 6:21 am deneige. >> an alternate i brevard county, if you plan to take i- 95 southbound beyond pineda causeway you will be forced off and as the alternate get onto us 1, take that south and get over to eue gallie blvd. and get onto i-95 southbound from there and a quick check of your other drives in the morning commute, right here i 4, fairbanks, traffic heading downtown orlando, looking good in both directions. official cause smelly mess in brevard county.
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fish kill causing smelt brevard county coming up, breaking news in the search for one man they have been looking for. a risk for a copy cut attack at home. raw sewage pouring into an
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tomorrow crews will test the water in a local lake after raw sewage poured into it over the weekend. it could take weeks before the water is safe. earlier this week we told you pumping station sent thousands of gallons of contaminated water into roads. water samples tested- contamination above the state safety standard. neighbors have been told to stay out of the water, crews say they will have to let nature run its course to get rid of the contamination. 4 new cases of the zika virus have popped up across florida including one in osceola county. 71 people in florida are now battling zika. 4 of them are pregnant women and officials say nearly all of those patients got the virus while traveling outside the country. health officials do not think the virus is in our local mosquito population. >> meanwhile, researchers at
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are working to find ways to protect your family against zika. a new test will determine which mosquitoes are infected. uses a red wake in a cage. the week and mix wick -- the image and older they drink wickfrom the but because of special nanoparticles -- particles in the wick it turns blue. >> they know where to take action when they don't take action and that can help them to streamline efforts and we can help respond quickly researchers plan to work with mosquito control officials to do field tests within one year. important when they have the test set up outside, they need to know right away but now they have to send mosquitoes off, thousands at a time to figure out how they infected or not but now they do not. blue mosquito is bad. >> fascinating. and right here at ucf. >> amazing. breaking news to tell you about, a huge mess on a busy road a brevard county this morning.
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truck, coming up live with a clean up shutting down traffic. following the latest developments in the deadly attacks in brussels. ahead, a close look at the fears at home reignited. a warming trend with a southeasterly winds keeping
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6:30 am here is a live look of the mess in melbourne -- melbourne were two trucks, a beer truck and frito-lay truck crashed. no injuries but right now there are literally bottles, cans of beer and chips all over i-95. work on the way to clean up the huge mess and of course that is causing traffic tieups in the area. finally getting warmer. >> spring breakers, happy with the forecast it has been cool for the last couple of days but we're warming up back into the 80s inland, mid to upper 70s along the coast line.
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up because south -- southeasterly wind replace the northwesterly wind and we know what that means pumping warm air into the neck of the woods at 5-15 miles an hour. today we look at from west to east the villages getting more clout coverage this evening. we will be at 75 at noon, 79 at 4:00, downtown orlando sunny start partly sunny skies the rest of the day with a high of about 80 degrees as we head into the 4 o'clock hour. cocoa beach, cloudy and sunshine later in the afternoon. a high of 75. moderate rip currents risks swim near the lifeguard station in boating conditions look well. deneige house the accident. >> issues on i-95 , volusia county, northbound at u. s. 92 there is to bring reported in one of the lanes. keep that in mind. be alert. that is how we have a big crash in volusia county on i 4, a
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keep your eyes peeled for that. going back to the crash, i-95 southbound, brevard county, at pineda causeway we have all lanes shut down. the alternate until they can get it cleared out is us 1, take that to eue gallie blvd., there. a lot going on locally but we will get started with breaking news on the terror attacks out of russells. >> in the last 15 minutes, we found out according to reuters, authorities have arrested a third suspect. we told you at the top of the hour of belgian broadcaster identified two brothers they say are responsible for the attack that killed at least 34 people, khalid and ibrahim el- bakraoui were no strangers to police in brussels but the past clients had nothing to do with terrorism. we have been telling you that they have been searching for the man they see on the right side of the screen in the light clothing and now we understand
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we're monitoring the wires and we will be sure to bring you the latest in the investigation as it comes into the newsroom. janai norman looking at the fears at home that have been reignited by the attacks in brussels. >> reporter: so far we have releasing statement saying that orlando's muslim community condemns those attacks was still the attacks in brussels have sparred fears here at home. this morning, travel alerts and warnings span from europe across america as authorities fear more attacks could happen. the state department has issued a european wide travel alert for americans traveling to europe. >> when i saw the statement by isis released and responsibility and there was more graphic pictures, it was very disheartening. >> back at home, local muslims are speaking out about their fears in the wake of the
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>> we hear more rhetoric of hate, violence and combating violence with violence and it is very disheartening to be honest with you it is very painful works locally we showed you the increased security at orlando international airport. tsa would not release too many specifics about what they are doing to protect passengers. yesterday you could not help but notice more tsa's, other law enforcement, and k-9 to be much of the airport. at 11:00 this morning, the islamic center of orlando plans to hold a news conference here to address yesterday's attacks in brussels. we will let you know what happened starting today on eyewitness news at noon. live in orange county, janai norman eyewitness news this morning. >> hearing from student studying of -- a broader brussels. university of oregon student said when she heard about the expulsion she returned home as the city went into lockdown.
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about seven minutes away from the airport when she heard the bombs go off. aftermath. >> i got out of my car and smelled the smell of explosions and fire around me. it is such a mess and at that point, you see why blankets are hear 24 people died. >> at least 9 americans were hurt in the bombings. president obama is : paul american flags in the u. s. to be flown at half staff in honor of yesterday's victims. the president says, quote, we will do whatever it takes working with nations and peoples around the world to bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice. governor. rick scott also ordered florida flags to be flown at half staff. the while mourners in brussels have been leaving flowers and candles at central square to pay tribute to those who died. people also made banners reading i am brussels. one woman who went to the memorial says we are all members of the same family and we are here to show the world we are not afraid.
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victims as well. last night the orlando eye lit up in the colors of the belgian flag and show solidarity and support to the country. count on eyewitness news for the latest updates on the act of terrorism. we will update you throughout the day as soon as we get more information into the newsroom. we are hearing about the arrest of a third suspect in the attacks. will we get more we will keep you updated here on the air and and of course on social media using #brussels . into the newsroom, in the race for the white house, jeb bush is expected to endorse ted cruz today an effort to pull away from the growing number of donald trump followers. there was surprising victories as voters to support behind presidential candidates last night and we told you at the top of the hour, bernie sanders dominated over hillary clinton in idaho and utah getting more than 70 percent of the vote in each state. ted cruz also won big in the states over donald trump. trump came in last in utah, 14 percent. but he and clinton won in arizona and that by far with
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many voters in arizona are upset that while they were waiting in line to vote, the called. more than two hours and elections officials say the problem came from high turnout in voter confusion. there was also fewer polling places. overnight brevard county fire officials have a house fire under control. look here you can see the flames coming out of the roof of this home on charlack road in melbourne. firefighters say part of it flames. luckily no one was inside the firefighters are try to figure out what sparked it. covering orange county this morning, investigators have a few persons of interest in the shooting death of a teenager in apopka. no arrest the gunmen shot and killed 18-year-old bryant on monday near 13th st., old apopka bro. if you say they are having a tough time trying to find the people because witnesses are not talking. they handed out fliers last night hoping to get new information. this is the second time a teenager in apopka has been
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weekend. saturday police say 16-year-old massey was playing with a gun when he shot and killed his girlfriend, destiny bartman. he got the gun from someone in the home. he is charged with second- degree murder. summit county deputies need your help finding a 12-year-old girl who disappeared from her home in lake mary. look at your screen, jayden ramirez was last seen on sunday. her grandmother tells investigators when she went to check on her on monday she found a note stating she had run away. the family does not think she has medication or cell phone and you see her call the sheriff's office. three new west melbourne police recruits are being called heroes this morning for saving an elderly man from a sinking car. police say those officer saw the car crash into a drainage canals while raining on saturday. they jumped in to help him. recruits had just finished first aid training. they say that helped them to take care of the man as they
6:39 am
volusia county beach city did that get as many lifeguards for the summer season as they hoped for but there is time to try out. if you are not able to make saturday session you can come to a recruit class on april 2 and give it a shot. you have to be a strong swimmer and 16 years old by june 1. go for it, jamie. let you have the baywatch look. >> you don't want to see me. >> i was kidding. 6:39.. >> penumbral eclipse at predawn. we can see it now 6:47, 60 minutes we was he a weak eclipse. south side to the french -- fringe a weak eclipse. look at the beautiful full moon. we will see it progress for the next hour.
6:40 am
going to be a very warm day as it continues to push through. looking at temperatures moving back into the 80s. be sure to check out that for sure. plenty of sunshine, highs around 80 degrees at 4:00 in a few more clouds heading toward the southern counties. celebration, or for corridor, 74 at lunch. 78 for a high at 4:00. palm bay, along the coast, starting out cloudy and we will get more sunshine heading into the afternoon with a high of 76. the beaches will be busy for the end of the week and weekend and we will see moderate rip currents risk. swim near a lifeguard station. 6:40 deneige. >> mess i-95, southbound pineda causeway. you will have to exit at pineda causeway because of the crash
6:41 am
the last few hours. alternate will be us 1, take the southbound and get to eue gallie blvd., get on to i-95 southbound. a quick heads up, looks like there is a crash at pineda causeway at i-95, possibly someone exiting. does not look like it is causing delays but you will see other delays because of all of the people exiting. health officials have an important alert. >> new warnings about painkillers you will see printed on the side of the pill bottles. angela jacobs a brevard county, you can see the cleanup continues after a messy collision between a beer a potato chip truck coming up, how much longer the southbound lanes along 95 will stay close. before i.s.s. before huble. we built the most extraordinary machine. stand nose-to-nose with space shuttle atlantis. one of thousands of exciting things to explore at kennedy space center visitor complex.
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before atlantis. to dream. stand in awe under saturn v, flown. things to explore at kennedy space center visitor complex.
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6:44 am. breaking news in brevard county, southbound lanes are closed on i-95 after two draws crashed in melbourne. a beer truck, frito-lay truck collided near the pioneer the exit on i-95. angela jacobs is live in melbourne to show this cleanup job. there is beer, chips all of the road. >> reporter: more beer than chips. a few chips came out of the truck but they are making progress and it looks like a mess but if you were here earlier it was all over the lanes and now it has been pushed from the right lane to the shoulder of the road that will keep the right lane closed for some time but we are told the far left lane is set to open and probably the next 10- 15 minutes in the central aim of follow from there. background, frito-lay truck was broken down along the side of the road around 3:15 this morning. a budweiser truck carrying bush
6:46 am
miss it and hit it, shoving it into the tree line. it was laying on its side when we got here. we have since watch them bring it up right and they will get ready to carry it out. the collision. that is good news. it is mostly a mess for motorists who are actually being held miles back where the back up is being held. until they can flow freely, it will continue to delay the commute through here. we will keep you updated and let you know when the left lane reopens. live in brevard county, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. if you take painkillers like vicodin or percocet, you will soon see labels on the bottles. the fda is adding warning labels specifying the drug should be used when other medications and treatments cannot control pain. this is part of an effort to curb the abuse of painkillers. a lot of unwanted guests are in a lake neighborhood being kicked out.
6:47 am
these are honeybees and there are more than 80,000. the beekeepers say the bees may have been in the side for a long time. two years or so but people who live in the grasslands gated community did not notice them until last week. the hive got big and beekeepers came in and vacuumed the honeybees into a box and took the hive apart. >> they do not get killed. we carry them to an apiary and let them live out their life and to wait -- what they are supposed to do. >> that is make honey. bees are important because they pollinate the planet. work on some real improvement plan expected to be finished not next summer. resurfacing track, improving pedestrian and railroad crossings. this is happening from the debary station in volusia county all the way down to the sam lake road station in orange county. officials say it will make things easier for the trains, pedestrians and vehicles near railroad.
6:48 am
know how bad the traffic can get a new study from the gps company tom-tom says orlando is one of the top 20 cities for the worst traffic in the u. s. orlando ranks number 16. tapas traffic is slightly worse coming in at 15 in the worst traffic in florida coming in at number seven, miami. the worst traffic in the country is a. -- la. >> no problem. we have the i 4 ultimate project. >> we have clear roads in miami. >> we have the best excuse. 6:48 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> meteorologist marina jurica in severe weather center 9 . >> la does not have beer truck and chip trucks. >> it's spring break heaven. warmer start of the day. a lot are complaining about the cold yesterday and now we have a beautiful first light on the horizon for what will be a
6:49 am
keep that in mind. low 50s and calm was southeasterly wind 5-10 today. southeast. fair weather clouds along the southern coast of client piece and we get more coverage. high-pressure control and pattern. heading into the week. winter to spring to summer mother nature cannot make up her mind. rain chances will increase as we head into the upcoming easter weekend. 40 the villages, 46 deland, 52 in downtown orlando, 61 and new smyrna beach. wind speeds are quiet. they will be moving out of the south southeast into the rest of the day at five- 5-15. dew points unlovely, 40s, 50s and comfortable and not getting humidity in but i'm sure it
6:50 am
along the coast, 70 melbourne, 77 cocoa, more cloud coverage and we are warmer, 77 merritt island, titusville and 74 new smyrna beach, 77 daytona beach hummus 76 ormonde as well as flagler beach. still looking at moderate rip currents risk swim near the lifeguard station. hour by hour, sunny start. into the mid day, 75 degrees and we will see fair weather clouds starting to move in. topping out at 80 degrees heading into the afternoon and it is going to be a very nice day today. high of 81, mostly sunny, warmer moving into tonight. partly cloudy, much milder with five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. i know everyone has been facebook monitoring -- it's scattered showers and afternoon which is summer action coming in and we will monitored closely and keep you
6:51 am
time period. deneige how're the roads ? >> skywitness 9 on i-95 southbound it is dark since we do not have the sunrise as early but it is moving over, lanes blocks so pulling up live traffic tracker, i can show you the alternate you will need for the next 15 minutes. forced off the pineda causeway it take you -- us 1, eue gallie blvd. and back onto i-95 southbound. we have another crash on the turnpike, northbound, after lane causing delays. nancy? astronaut scott kelly is getting used to gravity again after one year in space. what he says he misses the most after his time on the international space station. updating you with the latest developments out of brussels. coming up, plan for a local muslim group condemning yesterday's deadly attacks. medical marijuana.
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we have some breaking news on the terror attacks. the subject of an international manhunt has been arrested. local muslim groups have been speaking out against the attacks. we are live at the islamic center. >> reporter: they will be addressing the attack that officials calling disturbing and unjustifiable. the other local group is the american muslim leadership council. the executive direct director said when he first heard of the attacks he prayed those responsible weren't muslims. he said that's because attacks like this often lead to more talk of hate and violence. he said he wantses to reassure the community that american muslims condemn the attacks and his religion doesn't condone
6:56 am
news conference at 11 to reporting live. eyewitness news this morning. we also caught up with passengers out of the airport who are on the only flight to the united states out of brusse ls right before the attack. >> we saw a heart warming son. this woman arrived here in florida to see a specialist for her 5-year-old son who has a medical condition. she was shaken and crying. ordeal. attack. she had considered an earlier flight which would have put them at the airport when the explosions happened. sanford airport police saw them and take a look. they took a moment, talked to them and give the little boy a mother feel better. just a small gesture that went a long way. >> the hard part -- i just hard for me is they were on the airplane and the pilot said this just happened. then they couldn't talk to anyone.
6:57 am
>> it was scary for them. we are all on planes. you count turn on the phone. it wasn't until they landed >> in just a few hours brevard officials will meet to decide how to get rid of the rotting fish in the indian river. just a few hours officials will meet to decide how to get rid of the dozens of rotting fish. warm weather conditions helped fuel an algae bloom. it decomposed and dissolved oxygen levels and killed the fish. >> we caused this. human beings. hope people will pay attention and change. >> the county said you can prevent fish kills like this by keeping grass clippings out of storm drains and following the fertilizing ordinance.
6:58 am
you can check it out along with the slide show on the website. the president isn't the only american in cuba the tampa bay rays are there. they made history playing the cuban national team. they went to a 4-1 win. that's the first time a major league team has played there since 1999. it's now been three weeks since scott kelly returned to earth from his mission in space. he is talking more about his experience. he said landing back on earth was a fun ride. >> like going over niagara falls in a barrel, on fire. when you realize it won't kill you [inaudible]. >> just a flaming battle over the falls. he knows how to have fun. he said its been rough getting used to gravity. his joints were swollen and sore.
6:59 am
astronaut that he spent all that time with. wonder if he calls them. those charges are out of this world we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> that's a good one. >> yeah. >> we are looking at a much warmer day this morning and seeing temperatures rebounding throughout the week. nature finally realized it's vince and kicks us into summer the rest of the week. we will been monitoring this. today high of 81. get out and enjoy it. we still have all lanes of i-95 southbound closed at benita causeway. the alternate its 1. then we have all lanes of the turnpike northbound blocked right now for another crash and then pulling up our camera along 408
7:00 am
you can see a crash approaching downtown at anderson. has three lanes blocked. florida is changing the rules when it comes to the use of medical pair mare. why patients still may not be able to get the good morning, america. breaking news in the brussels bombing. reports the third suspect seen in this hat arrested overnight. these two others identified as brothers and new clues in this surveillance photo. what the single gloves two of them wearing tell us. >> stay down. stay down. >> and the dramatic moments of survival from inside that airport and on the metro train. the hero physician who helped the injured. >> cut off so many to find just massive shrapnel wounds. >> and the miraculous teen surviving the third terror attack in his life. we'll hear from him. >> all of europe on high alert.


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