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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> julie: it is the last day of november, just about 4:30, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. thank you for joining us this morning. back to work and school for some and going to be a cold one out there. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear has morning. >> shiri: i do. i do have a couple offshore right now and in fact these will move toward scituate and pembroke this morning possibly getting as far north as rockport. a few flurries at the coast a few flurries at the mostly cloudy conditions. 30 in boston. 35 in west bridgewater. 30 in swampscott and 28 in ipswich. temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s for southeastern massachusetts. i have got this batch of light snow showers that will move toward sandwich here, but at 38 degrees, it is really not going to stick to anything. to see. i don't think we will feel the effects of very much today. i am going to keep this forecast dry all day. we have got a couple of patchy early morning clouds. the brightest spot on the map this afternoon.
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worcester now at 24. so is holden. i have got pepperell at 25 degrees. jaffrey at 25. windham, new hampshire at 23 degrees. so 20s and 30s on the map now. we have a few flurries we will keep an eye on across eastern massachusetts at 7:00 this morning. noontime, 37. definitely chilly. more clouds at the coast. more sunshine inland. highs around 39 degrees this afternoon. coming up in less than 10, i will break down how the winds are a huge player in today's forecast for now. lilly, back to you for -- shiri lilly, back to you for -- shiri, -- julie back to you for a little early check on roads. >> julie: nice and green so no traffic slowdowns yet. pike looks good from framingham into the alton-brighton area. as you can see sglaebing imbridge wide open. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. the new england patriots are heading home from denver
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this morning with the first loss of 20 15, and big worries about the health of rob gronkowski. gronk hurt his knee on this play with under three minutes remaining right there. he was carted off the field and taken to the locker room for x-rays. early reports are that the injury is not serious. we have a picture we want to show that you was taken after the game. here it is as gronk walked to the bus without a brace or crutches. he joins deion lewis, julienne edelman and danny amendola with injuries. this 47-yashd field goal by steven gotkowski, in ot the pats had the ball first but could not get a first down. races 48 yards for the game-winning touchdown. final score 30-24. pats fall to 10-1. bryan salm offerings nd kicks off our post-game reaction from the locker room.
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>>reporter: rob gronkowski wrighting in pain after being hit down low. he left the game with a knee injury, did not return; however injury, did not return; however, after the game he was in the locker room standing and he left the locker room under his own power. he did not field any questions after the game. tom brady did, as did bill belichek but didn't have much to say about gronkowski's injuries. >> i don't have an update. the best tight end in football. so just -- it is so hard to see these guys get hurt like this. and i always have a lot of respect for players who play this game because you risk a lot to play, and i think a lot of times that gets overlooked because, you know, you -- you know, you sacrifice a lot. i think guys sacrifice their bodies and hard to see your friends get taken down like that. and -- you know it is part of the sport. we understand that. but also -- you know, i have a lot of respect for players who take the field. he has been through a lot.
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serious. we will see. crossed. >> you hate to see it, you know know. too soon to tell what it was, but how hard that guy works and how great of a player and how great of a guy, you hate to see anybody. with the amount of work they put in go down -- go down and go off. it is hard to see that. >>reporter: the emotion was down after losing the first game of the season and everyone is hopeful that gronk will be okay. earlier house of representatives reports that the injury may not be as bad as once feared but we will all know in time. bryan salmond, fox25 news. patriots nation is waking up tired from the late-night game and not too happy either. michael is live at gillette stadium waiting for the team to be back from colorado. michael. >>reporter: the team should be here at gillette stadium and we will anxiously awaiting news of gronk's injury. you heard bryan talking about it, and we will talk about it all nation because patriots
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nation is talking about it, very worried, of course, of the man who tom bridey described as being the best tight end in the nfl is going to wake up continued on and how his knee is doing. i wanted to show that you picture tweeted out by mile high sports showing gronk after -- leaving the x-ray room, no brace, no crutches. that tweet said that he had just boarded the bus. and now, of course, we wait. sources telling both the nfl network and espn that more tests will be conducted today, and that is when they will know the extent of gronk's injury. but, of course, patriots nation reeling this morning seeing him go down with under three minutes to go. seeing the perfect season come to an end on this deflategate revenge tour, and, of course, folks on edge, hoping that everything will be okay for gronk and the team as a whole. we, of course, will stay on it and will bring more once the team arrives.
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gillette stadium, gillette stadium. >> daniel: thank you. sports director tom leyden will be live in studio at 7 a.m. live. the patriots will host the philadelphia eagles at gillette philadelphia eagles at gillette. fox25 is home for all of the action. pregame coverage starting with the fox25 morning news at 6 a.m. leading up to kickoff at 4 a.m. leading up to kickoff at 4:25. that is right here on fox25. happening today, the man accused of killing three people including a massachusetts native at a planned parenthood in colorado will be in court. this man robert lewis dear open fired at the colorado springs clinic on friday. dear talked about his anti-government and anti-abortion views. neighbors say he was a recluse who kept to himself. nine people were hurt during the shootout. they are expected to survive. three people were killed including police officer garrett swazey. station learned that swazey grew up in melrose.
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he was a nationally trained figure skater to trained along side nancy kerrigan. swazey's wife broke her silence remembering her husband of 17 years as a beloved family man. >> daniel: her statements said the nation knows garrett as a hero, but he was a devoted husband and wonderful father to his two children. he lives behind a 11-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. the police officer is paying for his funeral, but there is a fund for the family at a web site called you caring that is raising thousands of dollars. melrose police department tell fox25 it will send its color guard to colorado for swazey's funeral. continuing coverage on this case all morning. now to some breaking news overnight. the u.s. government is warning american citizens in afghanistan that they are facing an imminent attack in kabul within the next 48 hours. the u.s. embassy in kabul have urged americans in the country to avoid moving around the capital city. officials have not released any details of potential targets carried out.
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4:37 right now. and happening this morning, the first round of controlled deer hunltding will be in the blue hills reservation. fox25's jessica reyes is live in milton where subjecters can fire the first shots in 30 minutes. good morning, jessica. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. the hunt starts right at 5:00 this morning and right now you can see we are in the parking lot of hoedtton's pond area and the hunters are getting lined up right here. they will check in at those little tables and from here set off to the assigned areas where they can start hunting this morning. the first time in more than 100 years that the state will allow deer hunting the blue hill reservation. taking place because of a number of different reasons. the department of conservation says the deer population in this area is growing out of control and causing a number of serious problems. first on the roads. deer runs out in front of cars is causing more crashes and a health recan as there is a uptick the number of lyme disease cases.
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and it is limited to shotguns and permit to 98 randomly selected licensed hunters. each deer hunt will take two days, today and tomorrow and next monday and tuesday as well. protesters are also expected to be out here this morning. weekend. some we spoke to say they just do not think there is a need for it. >> there haven't been hunting here as i understand it for over 100 years, and any hunting that goes on on this property is potential legal dangerous to any humans who may happen to be on the property during the hunt on the property during the hunt. >>reporter: hunters are not going to be allowed to roam the entire 7,000 acres of the blue hill reservation. they will be combined to a 3,000 acre swath on the north edge of the area. coming up in the next hour some of the tight restrictions these hunters have. we will have that for you at 5:00 when the hunt starts. live in milton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. happening now, the united states sum submit under way in france.
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working together to reach a deal limiting greenhouse gas emissions. it is happening in paris as the city stays under tight security in the wake of the terror attacks. bands on demonstrations did not stop people yesterday. some were there to protest climate changes. others to ban on large gather others to ban on large gatherings. more than 200 people ended up in custody accused of throwing things at police. police say some of the items thrown came from memorials for the paris attack victims. president obama kicks off the conference with a meeting with the president of china. the u.s. and china are the top carbon-emitting countries. when they arrived on sunday one. first stops pay tribute to the victims of the paris attacks. joined france's president and the mayor to lay flowers at a concert hall where most of the victims were killed. we have video this morning of an armed robbery in metheun, and police are still looking for the suspect. look at this surveillance video. the suspect enters the store
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it happens saturday at the stop quick market on haverhill street. the man had a knife and threatened to stab the clerk if money wasn't handed over president clerk wasn't hurt but did get away with $300. an employee at a gas station nearby said the whole thing left him feeling uneasy. >> now i feel scared because that happened to me, we neighbors. it could happen to everybody. >> take another look at the video here. he is a white man who is 6'3". you are asked to call metheun police if you have any information. we check traffic and minutes. another look at those drive times. this time south of boston. 12 minutes on 95 as you head from 495 to 128 from 495 to 128. i will be keeping an eye on these all morning for but.shiri these all morning for but.shiri. >> shiri: rain off the water from plymouth, hyannis, provincetown. and that means these spots in particular prone to morning snowflakes. i will take you hour by hour through the most cloudy and in
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some spots snowy forecast coming up next. 911 calls are on the rise. coming up, a new report that ambulances are taking longer to get to people in need here and around the country. and billionaire bill gates
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up next, how the pc guru plan >> the sell tricks are on a five-game road trip. begin the journey to orlando. in the second, isaiah thomas
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dishes to david lee -- here we go -- who hits the floater going up right after being fouled. celtics will trail by 8 in the break. in the third, the cs almost force a turnover, but the gets the jam unfortunately. orlando will cruise the rest of the way. celtics lose 110-91. they travel to miami to face d. wade and the heat tonight. a big announcement from one of the top players in nba history. los angeles lakers great kobe bryant will retire at the end of the season. kobe bon five nba titles all with the lakers. he has two olympic gold medals and an all-star 17 times. in post in the players tribune, he writes this season is the last i have to give. my body knows it is time to say goodbye. bill gates want to tackle greenhouse emissions and he is in paris to work on a project he has been working on. gates is gathering investors hoping to invest billions of dollars into clean forms of energy. some of the bangers include
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zuckerberg and virgin airways founder richard branson. five areas including transportation and making energy systems more efficient. amazon is moving forward with its plans to use drones to deliver order. sunday this order was -- this video was released giving a first look at its drones and explaining how prime air will work. the company is testing different mod else to see what works best to get packages delivered in under 30 minutes. amazon has been trying to get public approval for prime air for several years. it won't launch any time soon because they are still regulatory hurdles to jump through. santa made an early visit to boston but didn't show up in his sleigh. he took a boston medflight helicopter to the common sunday morning to deliver a safety message to children in the city message to children in the santa spoke with kids and parents of the importance of wearing seat belts. boston medflight staff passed out buttons who said "buckle up, somebody loves you."
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him what they wanted for christmas. quinsy had an early taste of christmas -- or this weekend rather. the 63rd and ewell christmas parade. a dozen homemate floats and 100 marching bands took to hancock to get everybody in the christmas spirit. dedicated to donald mccarthy who worked on the parade for 20 years and died in june. 4:47 is the time. look at the roads right now where at this early hour you can almost always expect to see an easy commute. 128 north and southbound look good through dedham and needham good through dedham and needham. route 1 moving along nicely and zakim bridge wide open. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 18 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us. i know you are keeping an eye on some flakes; however, we are not expecting them to stick to
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>> shiri: i don't expect very much impact and favor northeastern massachusetts and all the way down to the cape, we will have to watch out for a couple of proposals. a couple of flurries on shore coming through the course of the day especially this morning the day especially this morning. a few icy spots. something to beware of tomorrow morning. the forecast currently has showers moving in after. we try to weed out the closing spot. if it arrives early a set-up for a couple of icy areas tomorrow morning and the city rain is going to come in tuesday afternoon and continue through wednesday. 30 degrees right now in boston. and you can see we stick with mostly cloudy skies in the city mostly cloudy skies in the city. 8 a.m., even bringing in that risk for a couple of flurries there in the city, but at 35 degrees, what is it going to stick to? maybe the grass, if that. 37 degrees here at 10 a.m. by noontime 39 degrees. we will get close to 40 this afternoon but here you can see i have a couple of these ocean-effect snow showers traveling toward the coast. this particular one is going to move on shore close to sandwich and another batch from the
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fashion up toward boston and portions of the north shore. south shore, cape and islands going to be the faivd spot for some of these early morning -- the favorite spot for some of these early morning snowflakes. the winds blowing things including the clouds. especially areas inside 495, more clouds than areas outside. the further inland you are the brighter your day will be at noontime, we have that threat for a couple of flakes in and around the boston area. remember you are above freezing and they will melt as they hit the ground if this indeed if they hit onshore. a pretty tricky but knowflakes up the coastline and i can up the coastline is at risk for couple of those. the clouds thin for the evening commute which is nice news because you will drive home dry. the cape and islands are the favored locations especially along cape cod bay and the outer cape for some of the in the 40s. the south shore from plymouth
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brockton to middleborough at risk for a couple of snowflakes as well. lower 40s for you guys means anything that gets down to the ground is simply going to melt. in boston, 40. braintree, 40. 41 in dedham. and natick. shirley at 39 degrees. a lot of clouds here and over to the north shore, but in central massachusetts, looking forward to a couple more breaks in the cloud cover with worcester at about 36 this afternoon. here is the north shore with those clouds though. temperatures will range from 40 in tops field and lynn to 39 in beverly and 38 in ipswich. in southern new hampshire, again, more breaks of sunshine as we head to nashua and hillsborough and keene today with highs running in the upper 30s here. morning. you see how to looks dry, i am getting indication that around 7:00 tomorrow morning, we will have a couple of spot showers up ahead of our main one that is way back here. if we get a couple of spot showers at 7:00 in the morning freezing where we could potentially be facing just a couple of ice hey spot
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presidents nothing widespread. the rain doesn't move in through tuesday night and wednesday. get ready for a wednesday crash get ready for a wednesday get ready for a wednesday washout. the weekend falls view, 39. 46 for the day tomorrow and i know 52 for wednesday with that all-day rain. things wrap up on thursday with a couple of snowflakes. turn breezy a high of 49. dry weather friday, saturday and sunday. back to you, daniel, julie. an accused drunk driver will be from court today for causing a deadly car crash. still ahead, how one witness desperately tried to help the victim. coming up next, a bottle of beer you might not want to drink. where this ancient beer was there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering
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innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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happening today, a federal judge in worcester will hold a hearing on a lawsuit by several women who accuse comedian bill cosby with sexual assault. that scheduling conference is on schedule for this afternoon. several women are suing cosby in this case. more than 40 have publicly accused him of sexual mis accused him of sexual misconduct. more allegations about it will come out in court. cosby lives in massachusetts and denies wrongdoing. a story that has the country talking. a newborn baby found buried alive. the baby girl was found alongside this river bed in compton, california. she was in this hole under pieces of asphalt and rubble. one man heard a staged noise and then made the discovery.
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and the other one said -- no, it sounds like a baby crying. >> daniel: well, police say the baby was no more than two days old and still wrapped in a hospital blanket. she is hospitalized in stable condition this morning. police are looking for the person who abandoned the baby. they could be charged with attempted murder. it is now 4:55. the story of a dog with its mouth duct taped shut continues to get a lot of clicks on our fox25 facebook page. here it is. the photo was posted to the social media site by a woman who lives in avon, connecticut are the caption, this is what happens when you don't shut up. at first south daytona police were investigating because the woman's facebook page showed where she lived. but when she lives in connecticut for the past year, connecticut police took over. anyone who sees anything like this to report it. we have it up on our facebook page and at an ancient bottle of beer pulled from the ocean floor in nova scotia and could be as old
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with one very special purpose, to be deemed -- to be dumped, that is, into boston harbor. >> this is the first time we had east india tea from the original company that sparked the american revolution. i mean, the east india tea company was so powerful throughout the colony, and today we are working hand in hand for december 16 when we throw the tea into boston harbor. >> daniel: the boston tea party was one of the most important event leading up to the american revolution. the re-enactment every december 16 and starts at 6 p.m. we continue to follow breaking news overseas. the brand-new warning from the u.s. government of an imminent attack in the middle east. the big story of the morning.
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field with right now at 5:00, patriots fans holding their collective breath this morning. rob gronkowski taken off the
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field with an jury.
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