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tv   FOX 25 News New Hampshire Primary Special Live  FOX  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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back in 2013 trump was not such big fan of second place. at love people on social media, theory minding i have him of this tweet. when he said, no one remembers who came in second. well new hampshire secretary of state, believes voter turn out to could approach other even surpass the previous record in 2008 primary. fox 25 she spoke with some supporters trump support in
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stage here inside new hampshire hills athletic club thousands voters eagerly rated in the cold saying it was important to make a big show of support after his loss last night. >> one look at the crowd and you never know donald trump did not sweep iowa caucus last night they say while disappointed by the results they are not faced. saying new hampshire known as the first in the nation because they believe their primary what truly matters >> because new hampshire people new england people they are independent, if you will, and -- just whole different atmosphere. >> and certainly what trump is banking on more on how he expectations to new hampshire voters to deliver next week. coming up at 10:00. in millford. fox 25 news. >> and right now marco rubio who surprised everybody last night with his showing in iowa, he has events in exeter new hampshire.
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manchester. and this was the scene there. the overwhelming opinion of many polictical experts is that marco rubio third place finnish iowa makes him strongest establishments candidate. polls also show that voter believe rubio would do best in national election i can take our message people that have not voted for us before and bring them on and into the conservative sxhovment that means we wint election. we win the future. >> florida senator has four events scheduled for through days in new hampshire let's take live look hampton that's where secretary of state former secretary state hillary clinton preparing to address the crowd. her team certainly knows last four out of five democratic presidential nominees have won both iowa and new hampshire. >> which means secretary clinton she can't let up at all she facing tougher battle then she expected against socialist bernie sanders she rallied supports in nashua where she
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campaign. fox 25 was there for seshth clinton's speech. calls hillary clinton trailing very months senator person with de knee stand sders average 18%. so today, see presenting an energetic rally and cry voight vote here's n anu few long one of had biggest supporter. i believe she best qualified person for this moment in history that i have ever had chance to vote for. former bill clinton introducing his wife to crowd today at nashua community college. hillary clinton took the stage saying it was great to come to new hampshire after winning iowa. but she won the iowa caucus by fair requirest of margin over senator bernie sanders but race here much different in new hampshire clinton knows she only has seven days to pull it off. >> go out there talk to your friends. your neighbors your colleagues. new hampshire l have decide who can go toe to toe with the republican >> tonight hillary clinton making forget out vote appearance here high school in hampton she has several events
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in new hampshire. including town hall meeting with person with me sanders. in hampton. fox 25 news. . >> and bernie sander on the rise here new hampshire. he of course lost to hillary clinton by coin flip literally in iowa. and fox 25 ted daniels shows us his momentum only building. >> other than lack of sleep bernie sanders should be feeling pretty good right now after very strong owing showing last night iowa six months ago few in iowa had even heard sanders. very months senator with brooklyn accents. but he was able tonight come very close to hillary clinton last night. . making a very strong second place. . this afternoon, he was in king new hampshire where he spoke to packed house at the theatre. no seats available and fire accomplish shal had to turn some people away. sanders spoke about his plans if he were to become the president,
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political revolution. and his supporters they adore him. >> last night, we came back from a 50-points deficit in the polls -- >> and last night, we began the polictical revolution, not just in iowa not just in new hampshire but all over the country. >> right now sander considered to be favorite here in new hampshire. it is a neighboring state for him. and, if he wins, here in new hampshire, he will need that momentum as he moves forward to states where he not as well-known. reporting in ted daniel fox 25 news. several candidates no post iowa momentum. because they spent virtually no time in hawk eye state. and more on that we i will bring
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>> as you mentioned several other republican candidates they are really banking on good showing here in new hampshire. if they don't have one well they are probably going out of. one ohio governor john case sick he has been polling very well and there is a lot of buzz that he could pull off second place finish. here in granite state right now he speaking plymouth earlier today was in claremont, and new berry. >> the key to is bringing people together. to get them out of where they are stuck. to rise up and do things to help get this country in position of where we can be you know far more successful >> and today, case sick picked up indoorments from long time new hampshire congressman. charlie bass. >> no presidential candidate has spent more time in new hampshire, than jersey governor chris christie >> and he is made more than 170 campaign stops he also been dwroernsed new hampshire you union leader. runs on that the security he made very clearly today he
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who he calls the boy in the bubble. >> this is not student council election, everybody. this is an election for the president of united states let's get boy out of bubble out of bubble. i am ready play i hope he is. because i will ready see him on saturday night. >> town saturday night republican debate at saints anthem college in man dhepter. position are showing right now that former florida governor jeb bush continues to run disappointing fourth place in new hampshire >> he spent millions dollars advertising. well, durally this afternoon in range bush spoke about making the tough decision when it comes. >> which candidate do you want? one that think through, one that has steady hands, the one that knows what he does not know but has capability but seeking out best possible and one that can execute on a plan to defended country. that my plan. i hope that you recognize that's sign of leadership. >> bush sent memo supporter
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always focus since 1976. aknew primary winner has -- he hopes his message will re is on at any because with some people it has not. >> it hasn't and he spent lot of moneyton help move that message along. and you know he certainly want to i believe he actually just unveiled new ad just a few minutes ago. . >> all right. we will be checking back in with you. still ahead we are asking political expert if behind closed doors hillary clinton is reliving 2008 all over again. you are watching fox 25 election special. live from new hampshire. jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico
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how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. evangelicals which whole lot iowa in well, he running second in polls now here >> and i think that he is national news he has got sown
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main other lanes that i think will take votes away. what about atrump and rubio so far these cruz atrump and you a ruibal trump has been head for long time here >> could this all blow up on him. i think the question becomes, does donald trump completely deflate. i mean what is there here there is this sort of hole until dam for him to problem for him. minute inevitably two benefits who votes do go one person. field. i have is can you about issues that matter voters here in new hampshire. you know i was at the ted cruze events i asked woman who had not yet decided she told me trying decide between ted cruze and marco rubio illegal immigration issue was major focus for her. how big of an issue is that in this campaign? in this race. >> that's big issue here there is no question about it. and trump has obviously staked much his canidatecy on it. for senator rubio there going fair amount -- they have been
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>> who changed their position there have been lot of adds from other candidates about this. trump's position is very, very clear. immigration so does well there. but you know? jobs and economy and still number one single issue. i want ask you about hillary clinton was it win or loss >> when you spends that kind of money you are running for the second time. having been clinton with husband clen clen secretary of state former yes that's touch. for socialist from very months speak up behind you lose by points >> i know! neighboring state. how is bernie sanders still in this race? and not just still in race but potentially going to beat hillary clinton. is it repeat of 2008? >> well, look t at. there old add san ing some times you have best recipe and best formula and best shelf plains enters p but dog does not like the dog food he don't it. and i'm afraid hillary clinton may be suffering from that. >> does this mean scott browns
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well he think trump who talked scott brown was from central casting. scott brown popular guy. in people like him in new hampshire indoorments at this points i doifsh mean whole lot of anything. necessary dash-eight q-400 in. >> well thank you. it could happen. you never know. you never know with presidential campaign. thank you so much for joining us all right after the break tradition of new hampshire primary. and the first time it really became game change ger in race for white house. you are watching fox 25 special election live from new
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>> >> on new hampshire primary days away from the 100 primary. and just moment shook up course of campaigns and affected elects. look now history of country's first primary and how granite state counts in a very big way. >> >> for past century every four years, presidential candidates come to new hampshire with their winter coats hats glos and her smiles. welcome to new hampshire. where voters can make or break a candidate >> what i have learned over the years nothing more volatile nothing more unpredictable than
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>> dante is political sign at unh. he says seen primary has been established for 100 years >> and no comments on that question. >> it didn't really become game changer until 1952. that's about when harry true-learned hard lesson his approval polls were low. he needed new hampshire stay alive. but truman didn't campaign in the state. he lost the primary and suspended his campaign. >> and that's when new hampshire, began to give momentum to the winners who emergeded from the state. because they have got new hampshire. name. >> there no sure bets over the past 100 years, the primary has fill unexpected twists and turns. >> some biggest surprises would include gary hart in 1984. defeating former vice president wall it moon dail. and for the new hampshire democratic primary.
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there. 2008. hillary clinton, come back versus barack obama after logs the iowa caucuses, new hampshire primary took place several days later. and lot of observe including myself thought barack obama had all of the momentum going into the new hampshire primary. but it was hillary clinton who emergeded win dmer that evening. and, extended the competition for months. >> leading up to new hampshire primary giving up close and personaling. >> we see the candidate sides. >> and, we see them stumble. >> outcome, tough to predict. >> john mcscan a good example in 2000, john mccain won the new hampshire republican primary against george bush. >> i remember bush saying that evening, so-call victory part
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that new hampshire was a bump in road and that's ebb exactly what turned out to be that year. bush went on to win south carolina. and win the nomination. this year, as always, it is any one's get. >> it is going to be interesting. professor he will many new hampshire vetters make their mind on how this going to vote very last minute in voting booth. that's just one many reasons why new hampshire, is tough to call >> right down to tuesday. no doubt. late into night as well. back over to you. thank you, ma and we tell some final thoughts from our panel. up next. and go it to break, live look it former massachutes senator scott brown. taking to podium to endorse donald trump. for the president you see him there. speaking. if front of podium ready endorse
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al buzz on the streets new hampshire. and of course, in the diners. we stop historic red diner in earlier today buzz all about candidates voter want mere from them week before making their finally decision. >> i want hear from all of them i met three already. and i am totally undecided. i got it tell you case sick
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overly spoken in the all of debates is what not but i did meet him. i actually like him and i think more people talked to him heard what he had to say i think they would impressed. >> honest leap donald trump because he hon he isly amuseing. i don't really take him seriously. but he is funny. who i am look forward to hearing from? >> ted cruze. marco rubio. and i suppose i will hear from donald trump whether i want to or not >> who do you want to hear from? >> donald trump in why? because he is my favorite. he business man. he think he can bring country back. >> you heard people think what your final thoughts, pat tell us who you think has best shot here in new hampshire right now at this because things change here. >> i am going tell you absolutely this prediction i don't think any one can second guess. i know it is for sure. tuesday, we will vote in new hampshire.
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that's all i got. >> pat! >> tuesday before primary you got all here this thing full twists and turns. none us >> ever turns o which makes this week so terrific. we will see people go up and down in polls. for next week. >> yes. what the problem we have now expectations has been set in these establishments complain outside lane, at love shifting. all right. thank you pat. thank you for joining us our coverage from new hampshire far from over. we are definitely going to be here all week. bringing you big moments from the campaign trail. every night at 7:00.
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