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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> sara: >> catherine: one woman killed in overnight fire. >> jessica: grand brand-new information from the fire chief and rushed over here himself to save the people inside. >> daniel: and this will be a big story all day. a devastating car crash leaves two people dead. the heartbreaking evidence found on the road. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good wednesday morning, it is 9:00 on tenth of february, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. more snow is here. fox25 stormtracker weather center. hi, shiri. >> sara:. >> shiri: good morning, you guys, nuisance snow because it is light and stick around most of the day. out toward framingham, worcester, even into metrowest we got the shades of white and
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so this is all really light stuff now. extending down the south shore to the cape and islands right now. incredibly patchy. and that's really going to be the nature of the snow showers through the rest of the day, so you can see current conditions 27 in boston, 25 in worcester right now, 25 in nashua, 25 in plymouth kind of the magic number if you will for now. lunchtime slides into the lower 30s. we will get some lows here and simply have clouds in boston but keep in mind any time of the day anybody in southern new england at risk for seeing some of the on and off lighter snow showers and see how the shading gets darker here at 5:00 p.m., snow squalls in time in time for the evening commute, burst definitely slow down the evening commute, even potentially making it dangerous and drop in visibility. 32 to 36 this afternoon, light and scattered snow, and few of those heavier snow squalls. show what you time they finally are out of here for good when i
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send you to julie again for live drive time traffic. >> julie: volume looking 777 and rough day on the roads and accident on 128 southbound. this is as you work your way through woburn and down into the burlington area with backups not quite to route 1 in peabody but it is slowing things down just a little bit. pike average speeds 13 miles per hour as you approach the allston-brighton tolls. i can see volume steady and heavy. over to those live drive times, 15 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 45 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:02 right now. following several deadly crashes as details continue to break this morning. within the last hour state police release new details about this deadly crash in quincy. police say the mercedes went off the road on route 28 near the blue hills reservation. it hit a snowbank and tree before tripping over and
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young driver and front seat passenger were trapped in the car and died. a person in the back seat was rescued and taken to a boston hospital. no word on that person's condition right now. expect live report from quincy in 30 minutes. and all lanes are reopened now after deadly crash in saugus. happened at route 1 northbound near the home depot. police say a person was thrown from the vehicle. traffic was tied up at the start of the commute but things are moving right now. >> julie: road bad crash overnight, this one in abington. car crashed into a pole and flipped over on bedford strouted, also route 18. photographer was there as wreckage was hauled away this morning. national grid confirms to fox25 that 2000 people lost power when the car crashed into the pole. almost all had their power restored at this hour. now at nine new details about house fire overnight. two people who live there were killed. chief risked his own life
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out -- check on his neighbors. fox25 jessica reyes has that new information for us now from the scene on walton street. jess? >> jessica: sara, we talked to him a short time ago. he says he lives in the neighborhood and rushed into the burning home overnight to save the few people inside here. it all started after midnight and chief tells us two sisters and brother all in their 60s lived here together. fire crews found the brother first on floor of the of the home and unconscious and woke up and still inside. crews were able to get one of them out alive but other unfortunately didn't make it. we spoke to nab a short time ago who knows the brother pretty morning. take a listen. >> very nice guy and snow
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believe lived with two sisters. >> jessica: brother and sister that survived, chief tells us they are surrounded by family members here. the fire started in back bedroom on the second floor of the home. the chief says it is not suspicious. he also tells us that they have a preliminary cause but not releasing that just yet. we will have more information on that coming up tonight on the fox25 morning news at five and six. for now live in fitchburg, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> sara: >> daniel: more danger on the roads, this time in milbury. one person taken to the hospital after debris fell off truck and hit car on pike eastbound. mass state police tweeted out photos of the damage and you can see the windshield shattered. no word yet on victim's condition. >> julie: record turnout pushes outsiders to victory and several precinct just finalized
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vermont senator bernie sanders cruises to victory over former secretary of state hillary clinton and democratic primary. sanders earned 60% of the vote and republican donald trump takes win with 35% of the votes. ohio governor john kasich may be the big winner with surprise 2nd place finish. iowa winner senator ted cruz took 3rd place. >> daniel: victory speech pulls no punches when talking about goals for america. >> we are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much you're going to be so happy we are going to make america so great again. >> daniel: today trump will take his campaign to clemson university in south carolina. that's the site of the next republican primary in just ten days. >> julie: ohio governor john kasich has serious momentum this morning scoring a surprising 2nd place finish.
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up to last night's vote. performance shakes up battle between fellow candidate marco rubio and jeb bush. kasich attributes the success to relentless campaigning in new hampshire and positive nature of his campaign. >> we never went negative because we have more good to sell than to spend our time being critical with somebody else. >> julie: kasich claimed 16% of the gop vote and walked away with three delegates and hold a town hall in south carolina this afternoon. >> daniel: bernie sanders using victory to gain momentum in the rest of the controversy. today vermont senator heading to vermont to try to win endorsement of al sharpton. last night he thanked for the record voting turnout and warned that campaign could soon face more attacks because of his success. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink
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kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> daniel: moments before the speech senator sanders took time to play basketball with grandchildren that were in concord for the victory rally. this morning hillary clinton campaign's campaign is already looking ahead to the upcoming primary and caucuses with secretary of state believed she is better positioned to win in the southern state which vote in march. last night quickly conceded defeat in new hampshire and plans to re-evaluate the message she is sending to voters. today clinton will appear at campaign event in south carolina before heading to mexico city for a series of fundraisers and meetings. >> julie: ted cruz tweeting overnight he is on to south carolina. meanwhile chris christie will not be going there. instead he is at home spending time to regroup. kristy trailed the party's front runners coming in 6th place behind marco rubio.
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final tally to decide what he will do next. jeb bush claimed 11% compared to 3% in iowa. they have reset the republican race. his brother, former president george w. bush will join him on campaign trail next week. >> daniel: voters in new hampshire reflect on historic primary. catherine parrotta live at the red arrow diner in manchester talking with voters. people are tired. >> catherine: yeah, people are tired, especially the wait staff here at red arrow diner. tell me the results. >> i was surprised bernie winning. >> catherine: the gap. >> yeah, with hillary because i thought it would be closer than that. >> catherine: you said i'm tired. >> it was hectic. good hectic and had cruz in here
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you know the business and everything. but so many cameras. oh my gosh. 60 outside. >> catherine: you had one question for cruz. >> if he had cowboy boats on. he said he had his snowboots on. >> catherine: she has been working hard, everyday, but especially the last couple days. a lot of people hasn't gone to bed yet, people connected to the campaign waiting for the results what you see now is bit of lull compared to what it was overnight and early this morning and more reaction from the red arrow diner in about half hour. red arrow diner in manchester, new hampshire, catherine
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>> daniel: stick with fox25 news for primaries and following the developments everyday as we get closer to super tuesday and election day in november. >> daniel: brighton woman chain. december more than 130 people became sick after eating at chipolte in cleveland circle. worker got sick and started outbreak of norovirus. 28-year-old woman filed lawsuit against the chain in suffolk superior court. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes pike eastbound and we be and eastbound seeing highest volume and it is slow going right now. i will have a look at live drive times in a few minutes. here is shiri. >> we do have temperatures in the 20s below freezing, 25 now, 27 at 10:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. about 30 .
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the small burst of snow will last us. talk to you soon. >> julie: pork and politics not good combination. coming up how 600-pound pig
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>> shiri: spotty snow showers across the board and expected to continue where we have the deeper shading framingham, hopkinton, grafton over to areas right now like auburn, spencer, charlton, southbridge, webster, that's where we have steadier light snow right now, and show you how long it end up being in a few. back to you. >> daniel: 9:15. more drones registered than regular planes and faa -- jacqueline fell live in washington this morning and agency hit a milestone last
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drone operators? >> reporter: ed markey sent letter to the agency asking them what do they do with close calls near massachusetts airports. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> julie: untruly passenger forces flight to make unscheduled stop. voice video posted on social media and appears to show a person being arrested and removed by the plane by police. removed from the plane rather by police. alaska airlines 769 was diverted to denver last night and short time later the flight continued on to san diego and land at 2:00 this morning.
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with airbags that can't explode. mercedes benz 700,000 bags send metal fragments and daimler-chrysler recalling 7,630,000 bans. nine are blamed on the defect. >> julie: 9:17 and how the roads are turning out, slow spots on the expressway from the furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. 93 south sluggish from woburn through medford into somerville. pike though still slow going through brighton area and live drive times 13 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128, hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. half hour on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. getting ready to head out the door. shiri, you may be dealing with
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way. >> shiri: snow on grass, sidewalk, coating up to two inches, that's basically it today. more flurries in your forecast tomorrow. below average when we hit the weekend. so there's a couple spots right now where you will pick up more likely dusting of snow out across the outer cape. see yarmouth over to chatham and deeper shading on the map and out as well into central massachusetts. mostly light snow as i mentioned, but it is coming down with temperatures in the 20s now, so there's the opportunity for it to stick where the roads haven't been treated. worcester 25 with snowflakes falling. we don't have an issue with wind today. winds are going to stay fairly light but the chance for snow is going strong all the way until 6:00 this afternoon. temperatures here get just above freezing, so going to have pretty easy time sticking throughout the day, versus boston at 27 . we got a lot of dry spots out there, including the boston area now.
9:19 am
going to have the risk of snow and really goes until about 7:00 this evening with burst of heavy snow in there, but temperatures getting all the way into the upper 30s in couple spots and that's where the snow is going to have a tougher time sticking to the main roads. so plymouth, for example, at 37, norwood 38, boston up to beverly 36. a little bit cooler in worcester, only 34 in keene, new hampshire at 35 today. widespread coating to two inches of snow expected, easier to get in the upper end of the range where we get some snow squalls and those will be burst of heavier snow. they come in fast, they go out fast, but also dump pretty rapid snowfall and visibility absolutely deteriorates so that's the main concern surrounding this afternoon forecast and the fact that future cast pull up some of the snow squalls patchy across the region even during the evening commute, during the boston area. trouble actually pinpointing precisely where they will develop in advance.
9:20 am
ingredients are there to cook a couple of those up and that's why kevin lemanowicz will cook it up. 7:00 a.m. comes along and a little bit of partial sun tomorrow pretty quick once the front drops into the area and couple light and widely scattered showers again in winds
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>> daniel: first in the nation primary bought out voters to the polls. 650 found pig showed up in pelham and escaped nearby farm and walked half mile to primary precinct at pelham high school. >> pig is smart. >> daniel: the pig a little feisty but back in her pin and no one was hurt. well a video of a four-year-old new hampshire boy is getting a lot of attention this morning after the primary.
9:23 am
is crying. he wanted her to vote for hick and didn't and mom tells us she cried the whole way home. depending how far they live that's a long drive. >> julie: passionate voter and waiting for the big day. no one could be more happy about bernie sanders except this guy. >> social media pages and everything commenting on it and head to the facebook and twitter it. >> daniel: lightning strikes can be spectacular site, so check out bird's eye view and lightning storm taken from space and british astronaut taken from the space station and europe and
9:24 am
yesterday and already has hundreds of thousands of facebook views and has to be incredible video to see. >> lightning capital of the world. we are in the exactly the capital of the world. last year just over 23 and playing a little. >> michael: car crashes and flips over killing two people. the particularly heartbreakin we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: welcome back, everyone. now at 9:30 it is snowing across most of the area and shot the video around 7:30 in worcester. snow expected to stick around throughout the afternoon. >> daniel: shiri joining us now and it is going to get even colder. >> julie: cooldown for the weekend and snow out there now, it is kind of a blanketed of light snow. its spotty and i think spotty perfect word to sum up how this is going behave throughout the day and wellfleet i have flight snow in framingham.
9:27 am
31 in peabody, 30 in pembroke as well, worcester at 25 and some steadier light snow just to the south of that auburn webster spencer up into temple, new hampshire. flurries and flurries in plymouth as well out toward brewster and nantucket. you're seeing the first of youre flurries today. the day planner involves some of that on and off mostly light snow straight through noon time. so noon 33 into the afternoon and there's potential for snow squalls no matter where you're traveling in southern new england today. it is one of the things we basically look for the signal it could happen and signals pretty high today and burst of heavy snow are expected and show you what that means for the lunchtime plans and evening commute coming up in a couple minutes. for now julie back to you for check of live drive time traffic. >> julie: expressway multicar crash near hampton street. and still slow going on 93 south
9:28 am
medford and approaching surpriseville. 128 southbound through lexington also a little sluggish now. as you can see zakim bridge pretty typical volume on itself. over to live drive time, 20 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin and expressway to the braintree split to the pike and a little over an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. julie: this is all left of car in quincy. police confirming two people died and right now 30 person in the hospital. fox25 michael henrich live in quincy with new details this hour from state police. describing victims as, quote, young.
9:29 am
described to me and state police and car didn't and person in front passenger seat and drivers seat lost their lives. crews rushed to help but it was too late. with car parts thrown 20 yards away and mercedes so badly burned it still smoldered three hours after the crash. mass state police say two people were killed right there on the spot. route 28 in quincy around 1:30 this morning and baseball cards spread out across the pavement, sours tells me three young people were riding north when the car hit a snowbank in a tree and then flipped over and burst into flames. clean-up and investigation closed route 28 for 4 hours. after a tragic loss of life on what's known as a dangerous stretch of road. back seat taken to boston
9:30 am
haven't been described just yet and working to find out and as soon as we get any new info put it on the fox25 news app right away. live in milton, right along the quincy border. michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: all lanes reopened after deadly crash in saugus. happened route 1 in northbound near home depot. person was thrown from the car and traffic tied up at the start of the commute but things are moving now. daniel: fire claimed life of woman overnight. fire broke out after midnight in walton street and learned brother and two sisters in their 60s lived there together and one of them called 911. the fitchburg fire chief lives nearby and ran over without any of his gear and firefighters arrived and found the brother first. he told him his sisters inside and able to get out one alive and second did not make it and
9:31 am
happened to the blaze. >> julie: vermont senator bernie sanders cruising to victory over hillary clinton. in the democratic primary sanders earned 60% of the vote to 38% for clinton. for the republicans donald trump takes win with 35% of the votes. but ohio governor john kasich may be the big winner with surprise 2nd place finish. iowa winner ted cruz took 3rd 3rd place. >> daniel: kasich taking second felt more like a victory. >> you made it happen, you made it happen. >> daniel: put in a lot of work across the granite state leading up to last night's vote and says more than that. he says the campaign is special. >> there's magic in the air with the campaign because we don't see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity
9:32 am
us, to be involved in something that's bigger than our own lives. >> julie: this morning new hampshire and still talk of the town in manchester. fox25 catherine parrotta is getting polls. >> catherine: waiting for results and other people finished on primary and came on bite to eat and here with morgan and brian.
9:33 am
to happen don't and way off course. >> >> catherine: tell me about come things surprising. >> carly fiorina wasn't invited and now higher than bernie sanders who was on the debate. >> catherine: case coming in second, do you think people will take a fresh look at him now. >> i didn't think it was kasich to come in second and i'm not sure. it was a surprise for kasich. nowhere. >> catherine: enjoy breakfast and a lot of us have been telling us about thoughts and people are happy about sanders and walked to hillary clinton
9:34 am
best as she goes forward and talked to trump supporters. people are all over the board thinking about the new hampshire primary and everything calmed down here and see what will happen from red arrow diner. >> daniel: republican primary in south carolina february 20th and democrats will vote 1 week later and nevada twentieth. super tuesday and take place in 14 states including massachusetts. today last day to register to vote in the bay state primary. stick with fox25 throughout the morning for continuing coverage results. of course, we will be following the latest developments everyday as we get closer to super
9:35 am
november. >> julie: brother and sister accused of abusing adult brother only fox25 camera were in court as mark and alexandra face a judge. they responded to winter street apartment for someone with flu like symptom and found 65-year-old brother covered in bugs laying in urine and feces. neighbors didn't want to be identified but didn't expect this. >> my whole family was in shock because didn't know anybody else was living there. >> thought they were off but never expect something like that >> julie: defense attorneys said they tried to get brother help. julie: trial of local lunch lady accused of raping 15-year-old student is about to begin in dedham courtroom.
9:36 am
sexual assaulting boy at home. she pled not guilty and living under bail conditions wearing a gps monitoring condition and she could face life in prison. >> daniel: fox25 learned he could lose his license. dumping snow on property on sunday when he confronts the driver nearly run over. fox25 investigates caught up with janinei but wanted to talk about what happened. he is taking the incident seriously. >> employee suspended with pay, i'm sure there will be other disciplinary action but i have to follow the protocols. >> daniel: massachusetts department of public safety also seen the video and confirms it is also investigating to determine whether he should lose his hoisting license to operate a front end loader.
9:37 am
called embarrassment. fourth convicted of stealing $46,000 in city money to paychecks and gas grill and flat screen tv and will fire him unless he fires first. sentencing will be held later this month. >> julie: sergeant dic donahue returned to duty despite serious injuries and still in pain and doing what's right for the department. >> time right to pass the torch and do what's right for me and family and for the department. >> julie: he will be teaching criminal justice in fischer
9:38 am
expecting second child in april. julie: slow going on 93 south, hour 495 in andover to the leverett connector. shiri? >> shiri: we have lighter snow showers and patchy dusting of snow but once we get into the lunch hour, evening commute, got accumulation because of snow squalls and hour-by-hour look at incoming snow minutes away. >> daniel: draftkings lost major sponsorship that put the company on millions of tv's. coming up how the fallout could actually save the company hundreds of million of dollars. >> julie: puppy found on the
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p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> shiri: across needham and over to the boston area extending through quincy and going to be steadier light to moderate snow and we also got upton, northbridge, webster, seeing the same snowfall rates as continues path off to the east and northeast. now, this isn't going to last all day. i will tell you what time it winds down in a couple minutes. julie?
9:40 am
american soldier for deserting his stand and whether classified evidence should be shared with bowe bergdahl's defense team. move that created a lot of controversy bergdahl released in 2014 in exchange for five taliban prisoners. he faces desertion charges but his attorneys argue say he shouldn't go to jail because spending five years in captivity is enough. julie: famous rapper found unconscious at ramada inn in yonkers and use rescue drug narcan to save him. after the incident star suffered an asthma attack but police tells fox25 it was a drug overdose. no charge were filed. >> daniel: damage to tennessee home after a hover board caught fire.
9:41 am
second floor forcing them to jump from window to his daughter's harm. >> she jumped without hesitation and i can't tell you how wonderful that was. >> daniel: the battery lithium batteries are to blame. >> julie: two new cases of zica virus were diagnosed this week. democrats wanted nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to be approved in the press' new budget. republicans say there's doesn't need to be anything new funding to fight zica. >> still money left appropriate for ebola, but it was ebola and other infectious diseases. so immediate shortage of money to do what they think needs to be done. >> julie: republicans scheduled hearing for thursday
9:42 am
on vaccines that could be used in mosquito season next summer. >> daniel: police in new york looking for person that threw five-month-old puppy from their car. witnesses say someone tossed puppy out of car with tinted windows and freezing cold out so-called police and detective arrived on scene says took more than 30 minutes to get close to the pup. this picture shows him trying to gain her trust. now that she is safe he says it is time to find who did it. >> we are fed up as people are with the callousness and disregard they have shown. >> daniel: they are looking for good home and offering $5,000 leading to arrest of person involved. >> julie: waiting for accident to clear expressway northbound near southampton street and it is creating delays all the way
9:43 am
otherwise north of town, things slow on 93 south as you head from woburn through medford and into somerville and leverett connector zakim bridge seeing typical volume right now. here are live drive times, 15 minutes other route 1 from 128 to the tobin. look at drive time on the expressway though where almost an hour and ten minutes and that's because of the accident i just told you about. 50 minutes 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and, shiri, visibility challenging in spots as snow comes and goes. >> julie: burst of heavier snow at its worst and cold other big story focusing on and look at highs by the weekend. highs in the teens. weak-up weather going to be brightal, going to be near zero when wake up sunday morning and right now temps in the teens and snow sticking especially to untreated roads and chance of snow and boston all the way into
9:44 am
snow showers out there and light to couple spots moderate snow but this is not a big snowstorm, guys. noon time future cast underdoing it and light and patchy snow. concern is this afternoon both as kids coming home from school 3:00 p.m. and evening commute and becaused at six and spots of deeper shading. that's the potential snow squalls burst of heavy snow, come and go real quick but give you fast accumulation and because it is following so hard and and highlight any suspected areas where it looks probable and fox25 weather app coating to two inches and range and you will need one of the snow
9:45 am
with snowflakes falling in boston right now, chance for snow go all the way until 6:00, 7:00 tonight, and temperatures end up peaking around 37 in boston and plymouth and framingham, even 38 in norwood and chance better luck sticking to the ground, parked cars and cooler worcester keene and march at 35, hyannis at 35 and snow a little more luck sticking in spots and 40% risk and breezy forecast and 24 and want to talk about the cold and saturday up to 18 with some flurries and some wind but sunday these are the wind chills i have been highlighting, 20, 30 below zero
9:46 am
these are early projections and will be tweaking involved and check out afternoon, seeing 17. wind chill still double digit below zero and into next week and chance for both snow and rain here monday and into tuesday. back to you guys. >> sara:. >> julie: major sporting good store running living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. pi wanted to put the odds
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>> daniel: exclusive advertising report between draftkings now over. they aneponset circled term in june. in return espn would not promote other fantasy sports companies. draftkings currently faces several legal challenges from customers and government regulators. >> julie: sports authority missed 20 million-dollar debt payment a month ago. store has been negotiating with lenders but don't make payment by sunday they will have to file for bankruptcy and close half of
9:49 am
sports authority's name is on denver football stadium. retailer which also owns k-mart shut down hundreds of sears over the last five years. sears says it is struggling to compete with other department stores and online retailers. >> daniel: harvard already and according to the harvard record high number of applicants and record low amounts and 39,000 people applied and only about 5% will be accepted and over 2,000 kids will get in, acceptance letters come out march 31st. 1100-carat stone. it doesn't do it justice. canadian company that owns it
9:50 am
name. winner which means our light in national language of botswana year. it is unclear how much it is worth but estimated in the julie: traditional first sign of spring in new england. truck day at fenway park and training in fort myers florida will head south at noon today and more than 20,000 baseballs, 1100 bats, 500 practice and game jerseys and 60 cases of sun gum. pitchers and catchers report eight days from now. gum.
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experiment. >> shiri: snowflakes coming down and do be aware we could see couple burst of heavier snow, credibly localized, not going to be widespread but make mess of any roads it goes over, so have real close eye on that through the afternoon, flurries into the thursday and cool down for the weekend, we have zero when you wake up on sunday. >> daniel: looked at zero on
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