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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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logan airport. this warning is for travelers who are heading to a specific section of miami. the c.d.c. want those travelers and especially pregnant women to be aware of the first local zika outbreak in the united states. at least 14 people have been infected in florida, with ten new cases reported today. all of the locally infected people are believed to have contracted the zika virus from mosquitoes in a community section blocks from miami's downtown. the director of the c.d.c. says the type of mosquito that carries the virus, it rarely flies more than 150 meters if its entire lifetime and that's one of the reasons the warning hasn't been expanded. this is not a ban, it's just a warning and here at logan, we got mixed reaction to it. >> it wouldn't bother me at all. it is what it is. it's a catch-22, right?
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it doesn't bother me. >> if i was traveling in a different part of florida, and i was pregnant, probably i'd still go. now that town or that city, i would not go. >> the reporter: so this warning is for expectant mothers, either coming or going. if a pregnant person has been down there since june 15th, going forward, they are being asked to go to their doctor and to be tested for the zika virus. that's the latest reporting live at logan airport, ted ni >> mark: we know you a lot of questions about zika and how to keep yourself safe on25, we have extended coverage including the five things you need to know about zika and where to get more details from the c.d.c. that's the fox 25 home page. check it out. >> vanessa: a local dentist is accused of writing prescriptions to himself. investigators say he abused his privileges for his own benefit. fox 25 had the only camera in court today when the dentist appeared before a judge.
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this has been going on for nearly 15 years. >> the reporter: and this long-time dentist in the community, he actually disputes these claims, this is his office right here, and there's another one in dorchester, where he practiced in, but according to the police report, one 28-year employee told investigators, she filled ten prescriptions a year for the last 15 years before she was eventually fired. a well-known dentist, accused abusing drugs. >> i would have never known. >> the reporter: 70-year-old charged with prescribing narcotics to at least two drug enforcement administration, or dea, investigators say they've gathered reports from as far back asy 07 through march of this year. >> i just really find it impossible to believe. >> the reporter: silber, and a partner practiced at pleasant st cambridge and
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decades. >> it's sad, i think there's more of that going on than we know. >> the reporter: according to the ea repos,?? t teran employees filled prescriptions for vicodin, hydrocodone and other powerful opiates for years, but with they tried to put a stop to it, they were terminated. silber says i abused my privileges and admit that and later told investigators he had hip surgery in 2002, which got me started >> wonderful person and he's actually just been a great dentist all those years. >> the reporter: charles teague says he's been silber's loyal patient for 30 years, but fox 25 learned that the dea is investigating another longtime patient from maine, who witnesses say, would trade silber's services for marijuana. he allegedly described the man as a pot grower and brings down a little to me when he comes in
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now, dr. silber didn't want to speak to us when we went to his brookline home today, but his attorney sent this statement saying, these unfortunate allegations arose as a result of a disgruntled employee, and he has been entirely cooperative with the investigation, to ensure there are no questions regarding his ongoing care, he voluntarily surrendered his license to issue scheduled two controlled substances several months ago. we did see dr. silber in this cambridg it remains unclear if he saw any patients at this location today. for now, reporting here in cambridge, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: police bust a major high-tech crime ring. prosecutors say two guys from lawrence hit a.t.m.'s across new england from massachusetts to maine to vermont. fox 25's bob ward joins us live from lawrence disdistrict court where the accused ring leaders were in court. these rings cleared hundreds of thousands of dollars in these
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>> the reporter: it's simply staggering to see how much money is involved in this case and prosecutors say video surveillance and cellphone records tie these two suspects in to the crime, but a defense attorney already is taking issue with some of this evidence. david barker, effron montero, arraigned in lawrence district court, facing more than a dozen charges for their role in an interstate theft ring this prosecutors took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a.t.m.'s. the crew first broke into an apple reseller store in mansfield, stealing $119,000 worth of merchandise, including iphones, ipads and computers. they allegedly got into the store by using tools toquet through drywall. later, the group allegedly moved on to a.t.m.'s in massachusetts, vermont, and maine. in each case, the group used tools to disable the alarms first.
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in maine, the group allegedly cleared a whopping $175,000 cash from one a.t.m. alone. but in the end, prosecutors say, it was the cellphones belonging to barker an montero that did the gang in. >> the phone records for the two gentlemen and the phone records that we discussed places them at the break-ins on prior occasions before the break-in, essentially to scout the locations. defense attorneys are taking sharp collected against barker and monteroo. >> they were there around the same time as the day before. there's nothing concrete that says they were at those places when the a.t.m.'s were robbed. >> >> the reporter: now, both suspects are held on half million dollars bail each. by the way, there are arrest warrants out for two more suspects. reporting live in lawrence, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: let's turn to the weather now.
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it's feeling more like september than the beginning of august, but if you like the heat, wait a bit. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz stays things will clear up and heat up as our week goes on. >> kevin: no question about it. we have the clouds now, it has stuck with them a lot tomorrow. that's what satellite-radar look like. we switched over to live storm tracker radar, they're really not impressive, but there are showers out there. firsth?qu all, the north shore, we've been tracking these coming on through. not much to them, but light shower activity, beach, plum island. drakette, southward to tewksbury, light shower activity, but it's there and out to worcester county. these actually have expanded in coverage over the last 20 minutes or so. winchendon to lempster, worcester getting a light shower as well. again, i encourage you to give me a report or picture if you have one at lemanowicz at fox 25 so i can get the ground truth of the showers out there, how light or moderate they might be. the heavy stuff is back in
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and not a concern. i'll keep a cross-eye on those and have a live storm tracker update for you in a few minutes. >> vanessa: the family of a man whose son was killed in iraq is speaking out about donald trump's controversial comments targeting a gold star family. >> mark: the couple want trump to say he's sorry and they're probably not alone. carlos aaron done dough is the hero in the cowboy hat. what you might not know is that carlos' son was killed in iraq. fox 25 to the family about why trump's comments hurt them so much. >> the reporter: carlos arrando says trump's comments have been too divisive and the mother says she felt what trump said right in her heart. she wants an apology for all gold star families. >> it went right to my heart. >> the reporter: this couple tell me donald trump should say he's sorry, after what they're calling divisive andrk about a e d.n.c.
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families. it was physically painful it was physically pain phenomenon. it was as though he had just said it toms. >> the reporter: they even signed a letter, along with other goldes, demanding trump apologize. >> those comments are really co. >> the reporter: the couple both wear photos of alex, whom they lost in 2004 in iraq, and their other son,uicide. the mother tells me remarks toward the kahn family, who lost their family, pa captain in baghdad, were beyond inappropriate. >> she was standing there, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> the reporter: trump also said later in an interview that he too h sacrifices. >> it's on stage at the d.n.c. and slammed trump for his divisive rhetoric. the couple says they don't know the kahning -- kahns, but they know the pain of loss.
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impacted this family so much, to say that any sacrifice that trump has gone through is equivalent, is inappropriate. >> the reporter: the couple run the family foundation, which is meant to lend a hand to those experiencing a tragedy and to educate our military veterans and suicide. i did reach out to the trump campaign and we're still waiting for that response. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: happening right now in foxborough, the new england patriots are indu really is in a league of his own. kevin faulk is a three time super bowl champ who spent his entire career in new england, and he cemented his place in our hearts when he showed up at the nfl draft with a brady jersey on, supporting the pats qb during deflategate. kevin isoi sporting a brady jersey. >>aryour respect with
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e ic that's what he brought to -- what kevin brought to the game. let's take a look live. kevin faulk telling stories during a panel discussion they're having at patriot place outside the hall, shortly before 5:30 p.m. tonight at patriot place, robert kraft did the honors, he placed a red jacket on faulk, he welcomed in the 25th member of the patriots hall of fame. kevin played from 1999 2011, three super bowl titles, but a plates in patriots lore will live forever. >> i've been hearing people talk about kevin faulk, since i got here, how much of a great athlete he was and what he meant to the the nudge but -- to patriots, but thegthat stood out, he was an even. >> not the greatest stats, not a record player, certainly not a
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most vital players to play for the franchise. we'll have more from butch stearns. >> mark: quick pass to faulk, you had it, nine times out of ten for sure. >> vanessa: andot jacket looks good on him. >> mark: he wears it well, for sure. hundreds of new jobs are coming to boston. >> vanessa: tonight, we are getting our first look at the way the new g.e. headquarters will change the seaport skyline. what the massive building has to offer to the area. >> why big papi could soon be calling thousands of homes in the city of boston. >> vanessa: but a local group wants to start an after-school satan club for elementary school children. what it could teach children
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>> vanessa: there are new plans for an after-school satan club and it's for elementary school students. >> mark: local satanic temple in the boston area wants to open up the program inou katherine burcham was told, this isn't being >> the reporter: this spooky music, the red school. has local parents confused. >> i don't know what to say. >> the reporter: evangelical christians concerned. >> we're not the boogie men, we're here to help, we're here to discuss, we're here to help learn. >> the reporter: travis started the boston chapter of the boston satanic temple.
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devil and is quickly growing. satan is not so much about standing in a dark room, candles, it's focused on intelligence, learning more, reaching out to the world. >> the reporter: the staff and other satanic temple members want to expand that by starting the after-school satan club, to offer alternative christian programs like the good news club. they sent letters like this to -- asking for the satanic club to use -- >> if you leave them alone, they'll go home and legitimate youth organizations, including the good news club, will continue teaching character to kids. >> the reporter: while the evangelical organization is questioning the have a liddity of the program, the staff says they are serious about promoting their religion. >> do you think parents are actually going to send their kids to the after-school programs? >> i would be shocked if parents weren't allowing their children
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>> the reporter: katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: want to take you back live to gillette stadium, patriots hall of fame inducting kevin faulk and look who showed up, tom brady there. returning the favor if you will. brady showing up to support the now member of the patriots hall of fame, kevin faulk, wearing his jersey and the number 303. this would be the first comments brady has made since his suspension was upheld now, i just want to ask our producer kate, this is following the ceremony, i mean, has he already talked at this point? i guess it's getting ready to wrap up here. we may not be hearing, but we have our butch stearns on the scene. he'll be monitoring any developments and if brady talks to you, you know butch will be there as well. we'll find out more. right now, let's send it over to kevin.
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tom brady and kevin faulk, wow. i'll tell you what, i'll just do my thing and you can decide for yourself. there are a lot of clouds out there, staying dry in foxborough as we expected. it's been breezy, on the cooler side. we're starting august on a cooler note and i don't hear many complaints about that. a little bit of break in the heat. there are a couple of showers out there, nothing near foxborough to the south, but here on the north shore, seeing this shower. it really just keeps going, perpetual shower activity up newburyport, newbury and vice versa, and plum island for plans, picnic plans on the beach. tewksbury, right there, light showers still leftover, up toward drakette and lempster, rutland to worcester right now. city of worcester, check this out. looks like it's mostly light green, but a little spot or two of darker green showing up in here, so possible to get a heavier rainshower.
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streets being affected by that right now. not heavy rain, but a little bit of a sprinkle if you're outside doing errands or baseball games, whatever you going on this evening, it's out there. the heavy stuff is well to our west of new york. look at the brighter colors showing up, even a lightning strike. down in here, track all of these moving toward us with the fox 25 weather app, but bottom line is, they're not likely to make it in here, just because we have the cooler, more stable air over us. you know how we talk in the summertime about how the can become stronger. tonight we're in the 70's, 68 in worcester and in keene, 67 in nashua, new hampshire. not going to get big storms typically in a situation like that, it would have to be very specific conditions to be able to do that. we don't have that tonight. not concerned about anything more, just a quick shower passing on by. cape cod, 70, dropping down through the 60's this evening, and staying there. when you wake up, some breaks of sun equally as possible as a quick shower coming on through. more likely at the coast, with
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produce drizzle in a few spots overnight, to be aware of that, and foggy spots too, but not a big deal. 72 bedford, boston to norwood. 68 in worcester for lunchtime tomorrow. by lunchtime, you're about where you are right now. upper 60's to low 70's, after bottoming out in the 60's ornight. 70 aid sudbury. 77 in natick. check out worcester counties, we haven't do that, but not much difference. from coastline to inlands, everybody is in the marine air. it's taken over new england, until it getski to change. going to the beach, it's the same as sitting at the pool in the metro west area. a break of sun possible, more clouds on the south shore, cape cod for much of the day. not a wet day, not a cancel your beach plans kind of day, unless you really need that sun, that's not the case tomorrow, but by wednesday, you've got it. and you're going to keep it thursday and friday too. we're going to heat up each and every day, back to the 80's wednesday, into the mid 80's thursday, upper 80's to low 90's
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heat, first start of this weekend. keep an eye on the storm tracker radar. update in a few minutes. >> danger on the water. this summer in new england, four times the amount of deadly boating accidents. the one thing the coast guard tells us people are forgetting that could save their life. >> vanessa: nearly 20% of the top jobs in the mbta are vacant. man: we gave him the option -- "do you want to do a big party with your friends, or would you rather do something with us as a big family?"
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? ? ? ? sfx: crowd cheering ? ?
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>> vanessa: general electric is showing off some renderings of its new headquarters in boston. >> mark: g.e. is hoping to remodel two buildings that once housed the neco candy manufacturing facilities. the new headquarters is expected to open in two phases in 2018, a harbor walk, a coffee bar and a bistro style restaurant as well. about 800 people will work there. to get a closer renderings of the g.e. headquarters right now on the mbta is having a tough time filling some of its top jobs. 18% of the t's top positions are vacant, mainly in engineering and maintenance. the t's advisory board says those positions need to be filled for the system to operate efficiently. t officials say they are revamping the hiring process to make it more productive. >> vanessa: boston is preparing to shut down one of the busiest streets in the city this weekends. newbury seat will be closed to traffic on sunday from berkley to mass avenue.
6:25 pm
close from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting today, ferry service between quincy and boston will begin a test run for commuters, that ferry will make several trips a day between the marina bay and rose wharf in boston. there will also be trips to boston's spectacle island. the trial program will run through the end of october. it's a partnership between the city of quincy, the state and the town of winthrop. music mogul j-zee is launching a florida based company allowing jet access for an annual fee of $9,000 per member. you can use the company's mobile app to book private flights on demand. >> mark: wake up, it's big papi. he will help boston students get up in the morning, just in time for the new school year. middle and high school students
6:26 pm
wake up, it's david ortiz of the boston red sox. get out of bed and get ready for school. your future is yours. the goal is to get kids to school on time and cut down on the absenteeism rate. >> vanessa: i think it would wake me up. can we sign up. >> mark: can i back to school? changing the rules of the road for ridesharing services. >> vanessa: the way new laws are working to protectan i.t., but boston's top cop says it doe >> mark: also ahead, how widening project could grinch the holiday celebrations at one >> vanessa: first a car chase comes to a crashing end. the weapons found inside that
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>> mark: our top story at 6:30 p.m. r p.m. the c.d.c. is advising pregnant women to avoid travel to the miami-dade area where 14 cases of zika have been confirm. they are clustered in the same one mile square neighborhood of win wood, north of miami. the governor is asking for federal emergency response teams there tonight. >> vanessa: a cambridge dentist has pleaded not guilty to drug fraud charges tonight. the details from court are only from fox 25. federal investigators say 70-year-old maurice silber wrote
6:30 pm
employees and told him to give the pills back to them and when they refused, the employees were fired. silber plead not guilty today. >> mark: david barker and ephron montero were picked up on warrants at their home this morning. they are career criminals at the center of a highly organized ring that operated >> vanessa: a high-speed chase through new bedford. police were following the silver s.u.v. after apparently trying to pull the driver over for a traffic violations. >> mark: the chase moved through busy neighborhoods until the police trapped the car. malini basu now with how it all played out and the weapons found in that car. >> the reporter: that wild police chase ended on purchase and sawyer streets in new bedford. witnesses tell us they saw up to 50 to 60 police cars. now, sky fox was over the seen,
6:31 pm
this afternoon. investigators say the chase started in rochester, when randall harrison was allegedly hitting his own car with the hatchet. it was just around lunchtime. rochester police say they were headed to the 911 call when harrison was waving of the hatchet and knife out of the window. several officers from several jurisdictions joined in on the chase. investigators say during that chase, the 50-year-old poured lighter fluid on himself and the car. the chase finally came to an end you could see the suspect tries to back out, he was cornered in by officers, and seconds later, officers came out with their guns drawn, and inside of the car, police found a hatchet and knife, and witnesses we talked s through what happened. >> there was a chevy blazer coming right at me, swerving all over the road and i didn't know what to do. i pulled over and i saw another 10 cop cars behind him. >> there's more and more cops,
6:32 pm
everything, and there was white s.u.v.'s and i'm like, maybe these are federal agents. >> the reporter: now look at this on your screen, just moments after that first chase ended, there was another chase that our cameras caught. you can see a man fleeing from new bedford police. now, at this hour, it's still unclear exactly why police were chasing that second man in the first place. now, back out here live, the 50-year-old harrison there was taken to getting an investigators tell us harrison has a lengthy criminal record. live in new bedford tonight, malini basu, fo 25rents of children who attend city-run camp where a child died last week. >> mark: 7-year-old kyzr willis died while attending a drop-in day camp at the curley community center. new security cameras and increased staff will be watching over the kids.
6:33 pm
wear life jackets while swimming. >> vanessa: edwin flores was tracked down by police during a traffic stop in manchester, new hampshire this weekend. flores is wanted for the july murder of phillip rousseau of peabody. rousseau was shot and killed after a party on chestnut street. a swampscott man is charged with setting a weekend fire and laughing while he watched his own home burn to the ground. 57-year-old timothy bowman is charged with linwood avenue. we were in court when he plead not guilty. prosecutors say he spread gasoline all around the house and lit it on fire. he laughed about the beauty of the burning home, according to the police report. he was scheduled to turn the house over to his estranged wife today. >> mark: warning for people who live in worcester county. the sheriff says there's been a number of recent phone scams, investigators say people are told there is a warrant for their arrest and in order to avoid going to jail, they need
6:34 pm
says they never give personal or financial information to people on calls like these. he says his department does not contact residents demanding payments. in nashua, police are looking to identify a man who held up a citizens bank on northeastern boulevard. police say the suspect didn't show a weapon, but got away with cash this morning. the man is described as being thin to medium build, approximately 5'6", last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt, ref"? baseball cap and sunglasses. if you know who this man might be, you are urged to contact >> vanessa: let's turn to the weather now. a cloudy rand cool evening here in the city of boston. doesn't really feel like august out there, but kevin, you're telling us, things are going to start heating up by midweek. >> kevin: no question about it. we're still stuck in the cooler air with the clouds and showers that have developed. just got a tweet from barry, dennis in barry, says there's a drizzle out that way. ground truth to what we're seeing on our live storm tracker radar. sometimes it's evaporating before it hits the ground.
6:35 pm
clearly this is light, greens showing up here. plum island, between newburyport and raleigh, light shower activity. 1a coming through newbury proper and light beaches with shower activity to be noted. out here to the lowell area in drakette, those have evaporated away, but shower activity here and out to worcester county. barry is back in here, but there was a light shower that's now moved eastward through lempster and rutland and city of worcester. darker green, maybe even a top of yellow, s into holden right now, so a brief downpour about to come on through. we'll keep tracking these on live storm tracker radar. update minutes away. >> mark: low where he will police have arrested three people after a large number of guns and drugs were seized. police conducted two different searches last week resulting in the illegal sale of firearms and drugs. all suspects were arraigned in lowell district court on numerous charges. >> vanessa: the siding of this local home just melted during an intense fire overnight and it's not the first time it's happened.
6:36 pm
living in a trailer, because another fire damaged the home in somerset in may. >> mark: ar dog boarding business is under investigation after a pet recently died there. an abbington man claimed he left his dog at the business and returned to find that his dog died of stomach bloat. boston's animal leagu investigating. >> vanessa: in one local town, this year's holiday parade won't be the same. it ends with the lighting of the town tree but this year, that town tree will be gone. as fox 25's jim morelli explains, the road widening project is at the root of this issue. >> the reporter: the project to widen the street is underway, and it will not only take away midway's holiday tree, but 63 others. the lights from last year, still hanging on midway's town tree. >> every single year, people get
6:37 pm
see all the lights. >> the reporter: but this. coming holiday season, there will be no lights on the tree. in fact, there will be no tree. >> we thought about relocating it, not possible, it won't survive. >> the reporter: the town tree, for decades, the focal point of the holiday season in midway is now plain and simple, in the way. a 1 1/2 mile stretch of route 109 is being widened, and 64 trees are on the chopping block, many of them in private yards. >> we've met with owners, we tried to go through with happy as we did. >> the reporter: the doomed trees, marked in orange. >> i'm afraid they're going to fall at some point, you know. >> the reporter: shirley mcdaniel is losing what little barrier she's got between her front yard and route 109 and actually couldn't be happier these trees are coming down. >> there's something wrong with them, as you can see. >> the reporter: david demico of midway's department of public services says the town tree is ailing too.
6:38 pm
some worry the project will not as promised replant bushes and trees to help keep road noise down. others say, the project isn't just taking trees away, but entire sections of front yard too. but for some residents, the most important thing is the taking away of future memories with that holiday tree. >> i thought it was beautiful and really excited to see it this year. knowing it's not happening is really upsetting. t trees, shrubs and other plants than it will take away and the main reason here doing the project is to improve safety ro. desidewalks will be added and pedestrian cross ways and improved lighting at the coast of $10 million. jim morelli. fox 25 news. >> mark: major changes are coming to ridesharing companies like uber and lyft in massachusetts. lawmakers agreed to a series of regulations that required drivers to pass a state
6:39 pm
drivers won't be fingerprinted. passengers would pay 20 cents surcharge per ride to cover the cost of checks. drivers will also have to have markings on the front and back of their cars saying they are ridesharing vehicles. but, in a big change, uber and lyft will be allowed to operate at logan airport and the south boston convention center. the change requires full votes in the house and senate. bill evans says the bill doesn't state to require fingerprinting for drivers. in a late night session, state lawmakers passed a new energy bill requiring the state to use more wind and water generated power and the new economic development bill which includes hundreds of millions of dollars for job training and new housing. women and men must be given equal pay for comparable work under a new law signed by massachusetts governor charlie baker today. right now, women are paid 82% of what their mail counterparts make, for comparable work in the state on average. the new law bars employers from
6:40 pm
provide salary history. massachusetts senate has approved a new lyme disease coverage law. three minutes before midnight last night, they voted 37-1 on a law requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for the long-term treatment of lyme disease. the votes last night overturned an earlier veto by the governor. massachusetts has one of the highest rates of lyme disease in the country. >> vanessa: a massachusetts astronaut senator is expected to have surgery soon, but we're still unclear what's wrong. he was rushed to mass general hospital over the weekend. a facebook page issue ads he needed surgery within 48 hours, but didn't indicate why. senator donnelly is currently in his second term. he represents arlington, billerica, burlington and most of lexington and woburn. >> mark: local family is giving a piece of history back to the norwood police department. officer dick murphy wore the 111 badge from 1929 to 1944 as a patrolman and now his family is giving the old style shield back to norwood police so they can
6:41 pm
rescued a family's pet, who was trapped under debris at appenedy chasing a wood chuck. firefighters worked to remove those beams and then pulled the beagle out to safety. the 11-year-old dog was not hurt. >> mark: tom brady speaking for the first time since announcing he'll stop fighting his deflategate suspension and what the superstar qb says at a surprise appearance at the hall-of-fame induction. >> kevin: tracking a heavier west boylston, moving right at you showers popping up around the area on live storm tracker radar next. >> vanessa: this summer in new england, we've seen four times the number of deadly boating accidents than we saw at this time last year. up next, why the coast guard believes some of these accidents
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okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] love. ? ? get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> vanessa: we are in the heat of summer right now. the coast guard is telling fox 25 it has some serious concerns about safety on the water. >> mark: we are seeing more
6:45 pm
normal and rescuers talked with fox 25's blair miller about their concerns. >> the reporter: it's the summer beauty along boston's coastline, where people look to relax and cool off. but it's also here where the coast guard has recently seen problems, much more so than normal. this video shows the crew of this coast guard helicopter pulling two kayakers out of the water in boothbay harbor maine. these two survived, but many others have not, possibly due to the recent popularity of paddle boards. >> with the increased of paddle craft, there does come some inherent inexperience with being out on the water. >> the reporter: the coast guard says so far this year, there have been 29 boating deaths in new england, 18 involve people on smaller paddle boats like canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. on saturday, two people died here on everett lake in new hampshire, while paddle boarding without wearing life jackets. >> it's sad that that happens. >> the reporter: at charles river canoe in kayak in waltham,
6:46 pm
fox 25 he already requires his renters to wear life jackets. now he's making sure. >> certainly any time there's an accident, we try to look at what happens and see if there's something we need to do differently, but a lot of times with safety, it's really the fundamentals, getting back and making sure you're focusing on that. >> vanessa: that was blair miller reporting. another concern, usually most people in a kayak or paddle board do not have a radio with them like people do on bypass. the coast guard says that makes it even more important for people to tell someone where they're going and when they plan >> mark: u.s. naval tugboat is on its way to the final resting spot of the doomed cargo ship, el faro. the tugboat is hoping to recover the ship's voice data recorder, which is 15,000 feet under water. 33 crew members, including three people with low ties died when el faro sank during hurricane joakim last october. >> kevin: ok. back to that live storm tracker radar. you can see where the showers
6:47 pm
more active out there in worcester county, but our first stop is going to take us to the north shore, with light shower activity right on plum island in fact. this will take us right down into it and you'll see the beaches here, right on plum island. beautiful spot. that's a moderate rainshower is looks like coming through there right now, so on the beaches, no thunder and lightning, so you don't have that to worry about, but still there are showers out here. back into worcester county, some of these becoming more time for earth, leak this one -- or more active boylston into west so that's a concern as far as the heavier shower. northeast of sterling, 190 and route 12 and heading off toward this direction, toward you, on route 12. in fact, i'll back up and show you a couple more of those showers too. let's go back to that one. here's the one coming through the winchendon area as well, we should take a look at that one. yellow showing up in here, so heaviershore coming through. -- heavier shower coming through.
6:48 pm
worcester county, back to the south here in rutland, trying to hide underneath the word land in rutland, yellow showing up here, so that's a heavier shower as well, 122a and 60, this is northwest of the town of holden, we have already had a shower come on through. can you track all of these with the fox 25 weather app. none of the thunderstorms which are to the west are close to us yet, but they're making headway toward the albany area and we'll see if those survive the trip to the berkshires, at as close as they come. we're too cool, we have too many clouds out there, no fuel for the storms to stay together where we are. they've had the sun and warm temperatures, so it stands to reason they'll have the thunderstorms but not here. 69 in fitchburg. worcester, 68. 71 in boston. right now. that temperature in boston going down to 69 in the next half-hour or hour and staying in the 60's all night long under mostly cloudy skies, expected to stay dry. outside of a spot or two of drizzle that appears on the
6:49 pm
to dwindle, and they will, we won't have much more to look at as far as showers, except for that drizzle. lunchtime temperatures tomorrow with a few breaks of sun into the 70's. upper 60's and low 70's for your temperatures at lunch. in the afternoon, your highs will be in the 70's under mostly cloudy skies on the cape. in the 70's with some breaks of sun off to the north and weapons of mass destruction. i expect conditions to improve northwest to southeast as the afternoon wears on, so your best chance of seeing a shower will be the first part of the day tomorrow. so if you're thinking beach, maybe sleep in, go later in day, that's when you get your best chance for a break of sun on the north shore. cape cod, stuck in the clouds all day long. we'll stay optimistic and no doubt by wednesday, if this is your week to be on the cape for beach time, you get it wednesday, starting wednesday, and you're going to get it thursday and friday as well. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. things eat number to the 80's starting wednesday, 90 degrees by friday. i'll keep an eye on that live storm tracker radar, another update coming and you keep an eye on the timeline for showers
6:50 pm
the baseball trade deadline has come and gone. no blockbuster for the red sox, but they did make a move. plus, tom brady says touche to hisvin faulk. what kevin had to say to brady
6:51 pm
take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf r you got any trophies, cowboy? ? whoomp there it is ? uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. ??
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was and what he meant to the new england patriots. but the one thing that stood out was he better person. >> kevin faulk cut from special cloth. if you had 45 guys like that, you would win the super bowl every year. let's join butch stearns who watched the hall-of-fame ceremony in person. quite a night, huh, butch. >> the reporter: what a very cool night. stagis breaking everything down. patriots are practicing, but kevin faulk honored as one of the patriots all-time great its, presented with the red jacket on stage by patriots owner, robert kraft, several speakers on stage to honor faulk during this hour and 15 minute presentation. kraft, bill belichick, wilmothy mcginnis, ty law, but thin, a surprise speaker -- faulk wearing tom brady's jersey and tom brady coming up on stage
6:54 pm
jersey. brady speaking passionately about kevin, but not too happy that he's the same age. >> it's such a special night. what's not very special about tonight is when the guys that are going to the hall of fame are your age. [laughter] so hopefully that doesn't happen again, rkk. but we can't help it when guys like kevin, when it's their time and it was kevin's time, so thank you guys f supporting us. we've got the best fans in the world. >> everybody here, tom, hoping that brady would get up and speak especially kevin faulk. it was really cool that he did. >> bunch, you think about all of the amazing players come through the franchise, kevin faulk not one of the greatest players, but one of the greatest
6:55 pm
character and what patriots fans really cherish, doesn't it? >> yeah, i think he symbolized the super bowl era in a lot of ways. he was a leftover from the pete carol era, he said he earned everything and earned his keep with bill belichick. we'll have more tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> thanks a lot butch. appreciate it. the red sox did not get chris sale, they traded matt light to the twins, for a left-hander, a 2. to blockbuster or last-minute fireworks, but another arm for the bullpen, as the red sox position themselves for a another run at the playoffs. that's a look at sports. i'm tom leyden. kevin over to you. >> you know, thinking they're going to be showers out there. stayed nice and dry for festivities at gillette, you're welcome tom. there are a couple showers tonight, few in worcester county and by wednesday, we turn the corner, back to sunshine.
6:56 pm
this week. we'll keep a close eye on the radar riv showers, i'll make sure i tweet them out at you. if they were stronger or severe, i would break into television programming, that's not going to be the case, don't cancel evening plans, but if you have the fox 25 weather app, you can look at the radar as you walk out the door and keep a close eye on those as you walk out the door. it's been nice to have a break from the heat, but we are definitely going to turn it up this week. >> vanessa: 'l the fox 25 pick of the week. a cool shot from the garden.
6:57 pm
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tonight an "entertainment tonight" exclusive. shannon doherty in the fight of her life. >> i don't look past today. >> new details on the heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis. >> i did n go to the doctor right away. >> as the disease spread -- >> i don't if if i'll ever loo >> the melania trump nude photo scandal. the photographer who snapped pic. >> plus secrets from tonight's "bachelorette" finale with the return of bad boychad. the suicide squad cast permanent tattoos. will smith give us the story behind the ink. >> we are all getting tat tood. >> for august 1, 2016, this is "entertatonight."


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