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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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two people rushed to the hospital hit by a car while crossing the street. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> i'm mark ockerbloom. it happened around 7:00 on bran street in lowell. fox 25's erica richie is live at the scene where crews have just reopened that road. erica? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, branch street here in lowell is quiet right now but that wasn't the case for much of the evening when after around 7:00 sources that were here at the scene tells it was potentially solar glare that caused vehicle and the couple a husband and wife crossing the street. there are colleagues who shot this video as the scene was unfolding. you can see the woman being treated by paramedics immediately following that collision. her husband was not seriously hurt though you can see him walking around. he's talking with police he's the one wearing the green shorts and the white tank top. the woman his wife, however we're told does have a serious head injury and was
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take a good look at the black bmw you can understand why she's so badly hurt. the bottom left side of the windshield is severely shattered. the vehicle was on scene until late tonight just about 9:40 that's when reconstruction teams toad it away. it was now part of evidence they had been taking a look at it here so they could figure out what happened. now we are told by lowell police that as of right now no charges or citations have been issued against the couple we're told are from lowell both of them in their 40s. we're going to check in on the wife's condition and bring you an update on that on the fox 25 morning news. for now live in lowell, erica richie, fox 25 news. also breaking tone police are looking for a man after an armed robbery at the walpole mall. this was the scene less than an hour ago. we're told the man ran away on route one toward union street with a lot of cash. police just released this
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ago. if you happen to know anything about this crime call police. following breaking news out of the london where terrorism has not been ruled out as a motive for a deadly knife attack. this is new video of the scene at russian square where a woman was killed one man is in custody right now. we'll continue to monitor the situation overseas and bring you any new details just as soon as we get them. a close call for one woburn woman who crashed into her neighbor's fence pole and ended up pole lodged in her windshield. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke with that driver's husband and the family she narrowly mised when her car went careening into their yard. >> a close call. >> all of a sudden we heard this tremendous boom. we looked over and it happened so quick. >> reporter: 50-year-old lou sawyer lost control of her toyota highlander around 2:00 this afternoon. so hardcastle and his wife were having a barbeque with
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next door. >> it wasn't until later that i noticed this metal pole right through the front about this close to her face. >> reporter: the metal pole came through the windshield and straight into the back seat. these pictures from the hard castle. >> missed her by not even a couple inches. >> reporter: it also missed the granted children playing in the pool at the time. >> she probably did not see the car it goes all the back. >> reporter: stephen sawyer says his wife remembers very little of what happened after she blacked out behind the wheel less than a mile from their house. >> she was always make the turn at the end of the street she woke up and said his soon remembers the aftermath of the accident. >> i went up there on my bike and i looked the first thing i saw was the pole through the car and i almost freaked out. >> reporter: tonight everyone is feeling pretty
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>> that's the broken remnant of the utility pole we're told that sawyer is being kept overnight for observation in the hospital just to see what could have caused that blackout behind the wheel. reporting in woburn, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. the boy who drown will be laid to rest tomorrow. a wake for kaiser willis was held today. the 7-year-old wandered away from the community center unnoticed last the waters off car son beach. kaiser's death prompted the city to put new rules in place for boston summer camps. police in new hampshire searching for a man who they say may have tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. according to the eagle tribune the incident happened outside the girl's condo complex on route 108 tuesday afternoon. the girl told police she got off the bus from summer camp when a man waved for her to come over.
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a 13 year veteran washington, d.c. transit police police department is under arrest. nicholas young appeared in federal court today. the arrest marks the first time a u.s. police officer has been arrested and charged with supporting isis. the justice department accuses young of sending card codes to an undercover agent believing they would be used by isis. authorities do not believe there was any threat to the d.c. transit system. a norwegian citizen has been arrested after police say he made violent threats today against officers in day in portland. police say a chain of e-mails were sent out this morning threatening to shoot and kill officer. vengtors say 28-year-old man wrote in one e-mail "time for more police to die." >> it did involve the use of assault weapons and killing police officers. it specifically killing portland police officers. >> he was taken into custody around 1:00 this afternoon. portland police say he travel through boston last
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he is now facing federal charges. one drug appears to be to blame for the majority of overdose deaths in massachusetts. a report released by the state department of public health today shows 66% of opioid related deaths were the result of fentanyl. that's up 57% from last year. meanwhile heroin and prescription drug deaths have actually been falling at the same rate fentanyl has been increasing. fentanyl is considered 50 times more potent than heroin. take a look here at this fight against the opioid epidemic from the eyes of the first responders. sturbridge police and fire tweeted out this picture right after they saved someone from a overdose. the powerful image shows two empty syringes on someone's dash. boston latin and fox 25's spoke to the head mast better the new developments arert this youtube video by two boston latin school students sparked an
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insensitivity at boston's most prestigious public school. >> their lack of a response to maggie and kylie the young people that raised the concerns brought to us whole bunch of other stories we never knew. >> reporter: michael currie is president of the boston chapter of the naacp he hopes it will repair what he believes is wrong in boston schools starting with latin. >> boston latin school is really the flagship school for the city and what better ho than that school. >> reporter: the school department's office of equity looked at 115 reports of biased-based conduct. they involved 81 separate incidents. in six of those cases administrators failed to follow district policy when it came to investigating racial bias. in four cases teachers failed to do so as well. and in seven cases students failed to follow policy when it dime other students
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stand headmaster. he resigned a day after former headmaster moody-tater resigned he read the report and knows about most of those cases because he investigated them. >> at boston latin that's what we do try to make sure kids don't make the same mistake twice. >> reporter: but many including curry didn't think that was enough. once the call for a change in leadership went out he says the school department and the mayor fell silent >> they supported boston latin. >> reporter: the school superintendent tommy chang released a statement today where it says in part we have a moral obligation to enshthat you are all of our schools are safe and inviting places for each and every student. marty -- said new leadership will ensure an environment where students feel safe to learn. in boston, outside latin tonight, i'm john monahan.
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workers remove several cats at least two are dead. >> tonight officials admit they are nowhere near finishing this job. in full has mat suits at one point an axe mcspc workers trudge through a home to rescue cats being kept inside. neighbors alerted authorities to the deplorable conditions. >> if it was a warmer day it smelled worse. closed you could still smell an odor. >> reporter: people who live in the area say they have tried to get help for both the animals and the women in the past. at one point circulating a petition throughout the neighborhood asking for help from the board of health with the strong ammonia smell and mental health services for the sisters. they say about 100 cats were removed several years ago but the problem cropped back up. recently animal control officers planting traps in neighboring yards to control the population. >> we want the cats gone, we
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that it doesn't repeat itself. >> reporter: law enforcement authorities say the eight cats were voluntarily relinquished but they have a lot of work ahead and finding ones that remain and medically treating them if necessary. >> i can't really comment too much. it's a situation that the cats need to be removed from. >> reporter: the cats are being taken to mspca jamaica plain shelter where they will be evaluated and treated for the medical needs then put up for adoption the workers expect to be out at the house tomorrow and through the weekend. these two individual in that home have had contact with mspca before that they are being cooperate 95 this incident. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. it's comfortable out there but it's getting cooler in 60s to low 70s. it will be a cool start to your day. we will warm up i'll show you how hot we'll get and when the storms arrive. >> a mass grave of irish
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still ahead what this discovery mean for their descendants almost 200 years later. >> an animal control officer off the job tonight after an alleged incident at this local kennel.
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just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> the east bridgewater police officer is temporarily using animal control officers after they suspended their own for her alleged role in the death of a dog. >> fox 25's kathryn burcham has more details from that
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>> reporter: annie doesn't just work here as the town's animal control and inspection officer she also has a business of her own a dog kennel and when they learned of what allegedly unfolded inside annie's clean critters her contract here was immediately suspended. it's business as usual at annie's clean critters in whitman even as police detectives just down the road are busy investigating what unfolded inside the kennel two weeks ago. the owner of this german shepherd told police he boarded max here on july 22nd when he returned after the weekend to pick max up he claims no one answered the door or phone for hours. then max's owner says owner annie brown told him max had just died of a condition known as stomach bloat. in facebook post max's owner wrote i can't live with the fact that not one person there was while my dog was dying in a small cage all alone. he also claims brown never apologized for max's death.
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employees posting this photo on social media noting they added a shade canopy to the outdoor kennel. dogs still greeted customers inside the business today but brown was nowhere in sight. and our request for comment about the allegation was met without response. brown not only owns the business she's also the animal control officer in nearby east bridgewater. tonight the police chief tells fox 25 they have suspended her contract. max's owne did post about their experience on facebook because they wanted people to know what happened, they don't now want to comment until the investigation is complete. in east bridgewater, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. in new york, her father found his daughter strangled body after she disappeared during an evening jog. the 30-year-old woman went jogging alone last night near her home in queens, new york. her father went out with detectives to show them her normal path first they found her cell phone then her body
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detectives believe she was sexually assaulted. >> right now there's evidence of strangulation. her father says he usually runs the path with her but decided to stay in last night because his back was hurting. >> confrontation at a taco bell caught on camera is getting a lot of shares on social media today. >> this is the cell phone video. it shows a kids verbally attacking a worker. that worker has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder which led to the verbal abuse. >> people shouldn't be treated that way. >> after the couple posted the video on facebook the
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who thanks them for sticking up for her son. new at 11:00, bones found in canada can be from a shipwreck. mass grave for the victims was created in the area and analysis of the remains could teach researchers about how the dead were buried, their state of health, and possibly even their identities. a rare sight atop mount washington l observatory so pretty here. we're told it's rare because the summit is rarely clear enough to see the solar storm. you can take trips to the summit through october. >> gorgeous night out there zpechs falling through the 60s. you know that sun went down this evening it was the last time we'll see the sunset after 8:00 for the rest of
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during thursday your sunset officially at 7:59. by the middle to ends of august 7:32. by september 11th we hit that 7:00 p.m. threshold and then 12 hours daylight 12 hours nighttime by september 25th and then it's more night than day after that. how about that. don't mean to bring you down after all we have some great weather to talk about. worcester you're at 62 degrees right now. cool stuff. into the 50s out there tonight. keen boston 63. quite a difference northwest to coastline. so your golf game on average will be in the upper 50s tomorrow some places low 60s others in the mid-50s at 6:00 a.m. 68 by 8:00 and 77 already by 10:00 with sunshine everywhere you look tomorrow. pretty much anywhere around southern new england. to the north shore we go. up here on cape ann it's going to be just a little bit cooler than it will be inland and those temperatures won't want to pop out. if you are going to beach
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how about 77 degrees total sunshine and walliston and quincy 84 degrees there, too. keep in mind even with the cooler temperatures out on the cape it's not that much cooler but in the 70s and a bit of a sea breeze still get burned badly. be careful of that still have that summertime sunshine to contend with. out at nantasket temperatures will be falling. get in between 6:30 and 8:00 that's when the run will happen then the after party get out there d falling through the 70s during that time. four miles they will be running. i want to look ahead to friday night. the sun will be going down by 8:00 but temperatures will be falling through the 70s. it will be a warm afternoon. clear skies a little bit more humid if you are lucky enough to have tickets to see pearl jam over at fenway park. i am not. there's clear skies for you overnight friday night into early saturday. the clouds start to roll. in this is a cold front this is the weekend storms i've
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showers around here early in the morning. this is the latest future cast model data continues to show that threat right into the afternoon. crossing to the south shore here is the good news. behind this front we are clearing it out. i'm optimistic for the upcoming weekend second half even if the first half is going to be showery. this weekend always in view. 87? on saturday, 82? on sunday, but the better day as far as no storm is going to be sunday. friday remember in the morning the zip trip things look great for that with plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming quickly right through the morning hours. they're in norwood this week. make sure you check with shiri first thing in the morning. kevinly be in norwood this friday i'm looking forward to that. glad the weather will be good. a birthday party in
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? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday dear tom ?
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>> 39 years ago the face of the franchise was born august 3rd 1977. the oldest nonkicker in the nfl which is something his teammates were pretty quick to reference. >> can you believe brady is still doing this at 39? >> no, no it hit me today when i realized he was born in the 70s. you know he's going to hear that. i told him happy birthday old man. >> you still playing at 39 years old. >> i still hope so. we'll see. >> the other headliner today was very direct bennett answered butch stearn's questions about rob gronkowski. let's just say he's impressed. >> what have you learned about him as a football player. gronk. >> gronk is really [bleep] good. the thing is we're built alike but we're two totally different players the way we run routes and go about our business is very different. he's just been a joy to play with him because he's one of those guys that makes you up your game.
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good news on hanley ramirez. these are the steps that hanley slipped on last night x-rays show no damage. mariners honoring david ortiz before this one. he and martine as -- martinez look audfor the fish. 34 pounds of fish and then a watch. mariners struck first with authority. nelson cruz way out of there against rick good thing it was just a solo shot. bets' first major league hit. they made the trip to seattle. so a celebration ensues. you can see it now live it's 1-0 the mariners lead in the bottom of the fifth. pretty cool scene at b.c. high this afternoon. the stanley cup in the house. mike sullivan and 19 80s graduate of b.c. high brought the cup back for everyone to see. lots of pictures, lots of
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eagle family. but my favorite story comes from baltimore. i couldn't get through this last night. 9-year-old zion harvey the first child in the world to undergo a double hand transplant. yes you heard me right threw out the first pitch before the orioles game i don't care where that pitch goes he could have thrown that over the fence into the stands the fact this kid is throwing a baseball when he didn't have hands a year ago is just unbelievable. >> incredible. >> throwing the ball. and high fiveling >> very good throw. look at this. >> i have seen worse. >> mark ockerbloom threw a strike. seven-day forecast. 86? tomorrow. check with shiri in the 86? tomorrow. check with shiri in the morning introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: new thing. you can enter a los angeles bar if you're a guy going through bruce jenner and if you're a woman through caitlyn jenner. >> of course, some people might see this as offensive. >> but all growing up in public rest rooms it's hard to see, which is women's men's. >> but he has a point it's spanish. i didn't know what hombre was. i thought it was a hair style. >> we told him matt damon is getting a lot of backlash because he's an anti-gun person. >> it's hard to denounce the gun when the gun is making you money. >> he's calling him a hypocrite. >> it's a movie role. harvey: is he anti-serial killer? >> i'm sure he's not pro serial killer. >> instagram, they took


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