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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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the t. >> congratulations... >> whoa! hey [bleep]! >> the frightening threats heard clearly in this video as the search for the is the is underway. plus, a call for help in the middle of the aisle. >> i laid them on the ground and just told her lay him down, lay him down. >> what this woman did and what she wants from the family of a little boy. >> severe drought conditions expanded. tracking our next chance of rain and thousand will impact your weekend plans. >> and kids working at a constructi the legal loopholes that have experts concerned after we showed them this video. >> congratulations... >> first at 10:00, violence on the t. the man in this cell phone video is wanted by transit police for a number of crimes. police tell fox 25 they know who he is and are looking for him right now. well, okay everyone.
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>> i'm elizabeth hop kings. fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke to the woman who recorded this violent encounter and christine, this woman is still shaken by what happened. >> well, she tells me that this was definitely a scary situation, and she's actually seeing this man on the t about a month ago threatening other riders before. she was afraid that he was going to hurt someone, that's why she pulled out her cell phone and pressed record. >> reporter: a man on the t caught on camera threatening other riders. between swears and racial slurs he threatens to shoot someone who apparently got too close to him during rush hour wednesday morning. >> you put the camera in my face, you're gonna be mad. >> reporter: then he becomes physical. >> congratulations... >> whoa, whoa! [bleep] >> it's on the video of him literally coming right at me and slapping me. he wanted to hurt me. >> reporter: we talked to the
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identity for her safety. >> i think it's scary that commute verifies to deal with someone like minimum on a daily basis. i realize that this isn't his first time and probably not gonna be his last. >> that's because she's witnessed his erratic behavior before. even recorded this outburst about a month ago. he typically bullies one person and they either back away or >> reporter: this time transit police are involved. they've identified the suspect and seeking charges. >> if you see something, say something. at that moment, i felt that people were being bullied and something needs to be said. >> mbta officials are not yet identifying this suspect. that's why we're not showing you his face. however, they did say they will soon identify him and say just what charges he will be facing because they do say there could be more than one charge that he
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spokesman says he commends that woman for coming forward with that video and showing them what they say they are not going to put up with on the t. live in south boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a construction worker slipped into a cement mixer tonight leaving his leg severely damaged. jacqui heinrich is live from the scene. jackie, right now, the construction company is being investigated. >> fire officialsel that man slipped and fell. he's alive because another construction worker heard his screams and shut the machine off, but getting him out of it was not an easy processes piece by piece, this man was in a
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because the ankle was wrapped around the ogger and the heat from the torch would burn the victim we couldn't cut it with our jaws so we had to use hand tools and be careful not to injure the victim. >> reporter: firefighters tonight not commenting on the extent of the constructn they had to call for mutual aid from boston fire after they realized how bad the situation was. that man's leg caught deep into the mixer on the ogger wedged underneath the hopper with
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first responders say he was alert and conscious when he was taken to the hospital but still no word from the construction company on how it happened despite repeated calls to the company. >> we were surprised how he could have got in there. >> we did attempt to talk to workers at the construction site tonight but we were asked to leave the property. fox 25ious. an empty bone circling in the water led first responders to a man in desperate need of help. it happened off the coast of plymouth. the harbor master says the man was pulled from the water and rushed to the hospital. officials haven't released the man's age, name or condition. once we learn more details, we'll pass them along to you. well, it was another beautiful day across the state but that trade-offea haven't been getting you have rain. fox 25's sarah wroblewski is watching the drought right now but rain is in the forecast, though. >> yeah, we will see some precipitation but not enough for our area. i'll be showing you the drought conditions coming up later in the newscast. what we have right now is high pressure over us, keeping us dry. and our next chance of rain is actually well to the west. a cold front that will be pushing eastward. ahead of the front the heat and
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of temperatures in the 70s and 60s. we expect to see them continue to fall back and while we've got dewpoints in the 50s and 60s, we do see some patchy fog in some locations. otherwise, mainly clear, and you're waking up to t 50s and 60s open up a window. if you're gonna be zip tripping with us tomorrow in norwood, grab a jacket. as we go on through the morning, the sunshine will boost temperatures near 80 by 10:00 and we'll get even hotter. i'll show you what to expect in your town and time out that
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>> sarah, thank you. the boston police union say city leaders are putting officers' lives at risk. fox 25 obtained a letter sent to the mayor and police commissioner saying they're not providing enough equipment and officers to keep the community safe. the letter reads in part we shall overcome till the cows come home but that won't fix a rifle round officer's chest. they also talked about wearing body cameras by the end of next month. jones opia faced a judge today, police say he ignored an officer and drove through a construction zone on wednesday when confronted in the nearby parking lot, they say he tackled the officer and even tried to gouge his eye out. we talked to a construction
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attack. >> we're watching if he needed assistance and we were right there. >> reporter: the officer was treated at hospital for some injuries to his eye. he is expected to make a full recovery. story seven premium in the hospital tonight after this house and then collapsed. it happened in the town of vernon this afternoon. four of the people were trapped and had to be pulled out. among that, a 7-year-old boy who's in serious condition, as well as a man and a woman in critical condition.
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working to determine the cause of the blast. today we learned that there are eight new confirmed cases of zika virus in pregnant women in illinois. president obama said today that despite the growing number of cases in the u.s. experts do not expect a widespread outbreak. in the the centers for disease control spent the day in florida where there are now 15 confirmed cases of zika. at a news conference this afternoon he said the state is taking all the right steps to prevent an epidemic and even though the virus is only confined to a small area, pregnant women across the united states should be on alert. >> understand that as long as
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the nbc news wall street journal poll shows trump has 38% support nationally. meantime as fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti reports, trump spent the day in portland going after hillary clinton and agreeing with bernie sanders. and chants of usa from the crowd, protestors carry copies the constitution are escorted out of the meryl auditorium in portland, maine and then a second time right in front of us. speaking to this large crowd, trump doubled down on a claim that he saw a video of an american shipment of cash to
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the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us -- has to be -- by the iranians. >> reporter: trump repeated that hillary clinton could not be trusted with said he'd stop immigration from what he calls terrorist nations and then use the boston marathon bombers as examples. >> derived through the political asylum process, right. >> reporter: donald trump is coming off a rough week, one of the worst of his campaign.
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critical of the parents of a muslim soldier who was killed. hillary clinton has volted ahead with a nearly 6 point lead
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of the child is alive tonight after someone stepped in while shopping at a local store. >> john monahan is live in milford just outside the t.j.
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this woman just wants to know the boy that she saved is actually okay. >> that's right. this incident took place two days ago inside this t.j. max. police tell us that boy is already prone to seizures but they are glad this mom stepped in to help. >> reporter: an emergency call from this milford t.j. max. >> i went into the store and my daughter and prescribe looking around. >> reporter: kelly o'grady made that call. she saw a little boy in trouble. at first, sheau cpr training. >> at first i knew what i was supposed to do but at the time it was happening i was just taken back like, oh my goodness, i have to put this to use. >> reporter: kelly jumped right in. >> i ripped a bunch of clothes off the racks at t.j. max and household told her lay him down, lay him down. >> reporter: that's when her training paid off. >> i rolled him over on the side.
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his side. >> reporter: kelly stayed on the phone the whole time. emts were just minutes away but it seemed like an hour. kelly tells fox 25 she did what she hopes anyone would do. >> i would want someone to do the same for me if i was in that situation. >> reporter: the boy started to cry, a good sign, and kelly hopes he is on the mend. >> i just hope everybody's feeling better and i would love to give that little boy a hug some day. >> n condition tonight but it goes to show a little training can go a long way when you least expect it. live in milford tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. police are searching for suspects tonight after a big drug bust in quincy. police found more than 80 pounds of cocaine in a shoebox stuffed with tension of thousands of dollars in cash on hancock street. the cocaine is worth more than $1.5 million.
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made. >> 495 no the in littleton is back open tonight after this crash was shut down going in both directions. one of the patients was being airlifted to the hospital. we are continuing to work on getting an update and will share it with you later tonight. police believe this couple stole from the target store over the past few months. if you know who they are, call police. five years l ready to move full speed ahead with the construction of the first las vegas style casino in everett. wynn broke ground at the site of the meniscal river this afternoon. it took three years for the company to get approval from the state gouge commission and more than 30 environmental permits to green light the $2 billion project. >> today really launches the official start of construction for wynn boston harbor.
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stores, and of course slot machines and table games. wynn hopes to have the casino open by the summer of 2019. former whitman police officer now on the wrong side of the law charged with tax fraud and embezzlement. prosecutors say some of his victims were disabled vets. >> we've been trying to talk to this officer all day and actually during a live report at 5:00 p.m. he came out to answer our questions here's fox 25 kathryn burcham with an interview. >> is there anything y against you? i'm on the telephone, please. >> reporter: from a police officer to a business owner, glenn pearson has reinvented himself many times but his newest role is as a suspect at the center of a federal probe and tax fraudem bezelment. >> reporter: prosecutors say in this indictment pearson used his position as fiduciary with the office of veterans affairs to withdraw and transfer tens of thousands of dollars from
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>> reporter: prosecutors say pearson use some of the money to make payments towards his home mortgage. veterans advocates say pearson targeted the most vulnerable members of that community. >> reporter: the city of whitman trust was already an issue. >> we found several instances where his version of events did not match fact. officials fired pearson from his police sergeant job amidst allegations he was double dipping on his timecard, between police duty and his second job here as a teacher at the community college. investigators hired by the city also outlined in this report another incident at college where pearson hired a topless dancer to perform a strip tease in the criminology course he was teaching. the vote to fire pearson was
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cannot be relied on to tell the truth, cannot serve this community. >> pearson is also facing federal charges of tax fraud. in whitman, i'm katherine birch hum, fox 25 news. >> reporter: boston police commission issues a tentative date for body cameras. tonight why it's going to be an uphill battle to get officers to actually put on those cameras. but first laid to rest with still many unanswered questions. the emotional tributes to a 7-year-old who disappeared from 7-year-old who disappeared from south boston day camp and was found dead in the water. south boston day camp and was take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce...
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goodbye to the 7-year-old boston child who drowned at a city run day camp. the funeral was held in matapan, police say he died last week during an accidental drowning. during the service kysr's uncle said his nephew will leave a national impact. >> it's a tragedy that the situation happened but what we have to remember through all of this, this kysr, at young age
10:24 pm
lives today. he's saving other children's lives. >> kysr's death prompted the city to put new rules in place for boston's sump camps including requiring children to wear life jacket its anytime they're in the ocean. >> today boston's fire commissioner says a dangerous trend that become a problem in the city. the careless disposal of a cigarette on a deck started recent fires in charlestown, east boston and in dorchester. commissioner joseph sins stressed planters are not ashtrays and anyone should be smoke -- anyone that smokes should be mindful that carelessness could result in a disaster. >> it doesn't take much for a cigarette, a little wind, to get that debris going which in turn causes the significant fires. >> the hot weather really hasn't helped. the dry brush can easily catch fire in a cigarette is careless
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accused of helping isis received counter-terrorism training from a local company. the fbi arrested nicholas young in the nation's capitol wednesday. he had been under surveillance since 2010. but in 2012, young took a two-day, 16-hour counter-terrorism class that was provided by a security company in braintree. only on fox 25, the company's president told us the instructor of that class clearly remembers young. >> he was a guy that demonstrated his demonstrated his conviction, his ideology, for a radical group at the time isis really wasn't part of the conversation, but certainly al-qaeda was still a part of the direct conversation when we started talking about anti-government, radical islam, in different aspects that the course brings out. >> the company's president is certained whether young shared anything at that class with people affiliated with terror
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the november election. many are not prepared for early voting. the 2016 law takes affect for the first time year letting voters cast ballots as early as 11 business days before the election but only 40% of communities are in the final planning stages for the new system. 13% don't have any plans as of yet. >> amtrak is prepared to roll out the last of seven new trains and boston is benefiting. the company says the locomotives have help to reduce the delays by more than 20%. three years ago and used on the corridor between washington d.c. and boston. well, for kids, a construction site might look like a giant playground. >> but to experts, this is no laughing matter. still to come, the legal loopholes that have officer its concerned about what you're seeing in this video. >> as the community discusses the need for body cameras in the boston police department, the union issues a scathing statement calling out city leaders. tonight what they say they don't
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warming up into the weekend. where we could near 90 on
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at scathing letter from police unions couldn't make that more difficult. >> crystal haynes is live in matapan where a meeting just wrapped up a couple of hours ago and community leaders want the program to start as soon as possible. >> elizabeth, counselor tito jackson says that $38 million was spent over the last 10 years on lawsuits against the boston poce now the commissioner struck a deal with the unions saying that they could roll this six-month program out as early as september, but like you said, this scathing letter has could out and even though they have this agreement, they're still very much against this pilot program. >> reporter: a hearing for body cameras by boston police.
10:31 pm
practices, public privacy concern, and the pilot policy's language that allows officers to look at camera footage before writing an incident report. >> why not get the most accurate picture of what happened, you know. sometimes an officer in the heat of the event his memory can get cloudy. >> reporter: community activists called for a hard date for the program's roll-out initially the commissioner gave another tentative one saying it depends on their technological readiness and whether they'll get the 100 volunteers they need. each will receive a $500 stipend at objection of some activist groups. >> the power of the police at the expense of the people are in court, you understand, people versus so and so. so i would say these eyes on all
10:32 pm
>> tonight the union spoke out against the program saying they need more equipment and officers instead, quote, now local thugs and terrorists are publishing officer's pictures, names and addresses on social media calling for others to do harm to them. no one is addressing it. >> it's a hard time to be a police officer right now. does wish that different language was used in that letter. he described his pilot program as unpopular among some members of the police department and says that if he doesn't get the volunteers he needs, he will have to assign the body cameras in this pilot program. meantime the city's already came indicated half a million dollars to it. reporting in matapan tonight, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. now, at the top of the hour we told you a construction
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new at 11:00, we are learning what the man was standing on that might have caused him to slip. and then all new at 11:00, how this giant alligator ended up in massachusetts at a home. >> speaking of captures, we're talking photos of course. we love to showcase some of -- all of your this is our hashtag fox 25 picture of the date, the christian science center. what a gorgeous view of this. don't forget to follow us on instagram. you can always hashtag us your pictures and we'd love to show it. it was a perfect evening out there because it was still very mild after a very warm day. and it's been calm. it's been dry. high today in boston 82 degrees.
10:34 pm
cooler for the cape, that was the place to be with the wind off the water, but it was dry and we were talking about the dry conditions and the severe drought that the region is under from boston to worcester up towards portland maine. as for rain this month, boston hasn't picked up too much. worcester just under an inch. but for the year we're well below average, ranging about 7-inches below. and that is really concerning. coming up later, i'll show you the drought conditions currently for southern new england. as for the chance of rain, get into saturday we'll bring in the threat of showers and thunderstorms and some of the storms could be strong to severe but it's high pressure that's keeping us dry overnight tonight. it's back out to the west. this cold front right here, that's going to be pushing eastward and bringing the threat of the showers and storms. but ahead of it we've got warm and humid air that will be moving on in. you'll start to notice the warmth tomorrow and the humidity will increase as we go on through the day and for saturday you'll wake up to some muggy conditions. waking up tomorrow gonna be
10:35 pm
that ac, give it a break. currently in the 70s right now, 60s for the southeast cape and islands. a little chilly. might need to grab a blanket. overnight with mainly clear skies. temperatures falling back into the 60s with the interior, 60s at the coast. if it does fall calm where we could see temperatures near the dewpoint, may see some areas of mooing. so just be aware of that in the morning. you want to check in with shiri spear, she'll be here any patchy fog, otherwise waking up to lots of sunshine that will boost the temperatures back into the 80s above average to even near 90. winds out of the southwest and that will keep things a bit cooler for the cape and islands. hot spots tomorrow away from the coast as you head up to the merrimack valley and parts of new hampshire. nary 90 degrees. parts of worcester county, mid- to upper 80s. still really warm out there. down across the southeast, mid-80s and the cape and islands you're looking at temperatures mostly in the 70s. a perfect beach day honestly.
10:36 pm
you want to grab that sunscreen. the waves are running 1 to 2 feet. so the rip current risk is low and the water temperatures feeling like bath water, in the lower 70s. high tide just before 2:00 p.m. in boston. speaking of boston, if you are headed to fenway park tonight for pearl jam, 80 degrees for the start, falling back into the 70s. dry and comfortable. it is going to be fantastic for the show. it's gonna be hot tomorrow, and then you'll really start to notice the humidity increasing. that will push in the clouds overnight friday, into waking up to the muggy conditions, and then as you go through the morning, be aware, you'll be watching for the risk of some showers and storms, mainly after 10:00 in the morning and through the afternoon. some could be strong to severe with damaging winds as well as very heavy rain through the evening hours and perhaps through sunset for parts of the cape and islands. there is the risk of severe weather. we're gonna be watching that over the next couple of days. but as we take a look at the seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view, the
10:37 pm
definitely the pick of the weekend, dry conditions through early next week and we heat things back up late week with a risk of more showers and storms. sarah, over to you. >> the cab of a tractor/trailer was left dangled over an overpass in a city just north of miami this morning. the driver said he simply didn't see the ramp and by the time he noticed what was happening it was just too late. the truck was hauling new kitchen cabinets. the gas tank on the were called in. transgender laws could soon have a seat in front of the supreme court, the potential for a landmark case that could overturn policies across the country. plus, can you spotted the fake here? most people can't, and that's the problem. >> we put you to the test ahead at 10:00. why local police are so concerned about the spread of these very real-looking guns. but first, why this man was held on $25,000 bail as a woman
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is a pitbull attacked a salem woman and her dog earlier this week. last night we talked exclusively to the woman who told us she suffered a severe hand injury and her dog is in so he can't move. in court today fox 25 learned the pitbull actually bit another person in lynn years ago. the dog was supposed to be on a leash and a muzzle and as a result the owner is now facing criminal charges. police are not expected to, cha the driver who hit two people. police say the man and woman were not in a crosswalk and ran into branch street last night. the woman suffered a severe head injury and in critical condition at last check. the man was treated and released. the source tells fox 25 that the
10:42 pm
some of the guns seen here are fake. while you try to guess which are real, think of how hard that is for local police when seconds count. coming up, the deadly consequence if they guilty guess wrong. >> but first kids playing and working at a construction site. what employment experts worry about the most about what ?? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 the brave and every boy scout ? want it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ? ? that's how we live ? ? 4 by 4ever ? your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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children on the job at a construction site. tonight fox 25 investigates the video that sparked a federal investigation. detectives are taking a close look at that video, recorded by a fox 25 photographer in downtown plymouth. >> an investigative reporter eric rasmussen has been looking into this all week and the reports of the men in charge of that construction project defend
10:45 pm
>> kids carrying equipment, climbing a foundation wall and running through through this construction site where crews are building a restaurant and retail space in downtown plymouth. we're blurring their faces but the video of these children recorded by fox 25 investigates has the attention of osha and the department of labor, investigators are now inspecting for safety and child labor law violations. it's blatantly illegal. >> reporter: we showed the video to boston labor messing and jim grossum. >> he's in the backhoe. >> reporter: both point out massachusetts law prohibits anyone under is 16 from working in construction. >> you look at this little guy here. >> he's gotta be preteens. he's gotta be preteen. it's absolutely a dangerous situation, children should not have been there. he's just -- just being present there, they definitely should not have been working on a construction site. >> reporter: the company, boj construction, put us in touch with supervisor brian johnson.
10:46 pm
this site? >> no are absolutely not. >> then how do you explain what we saw them doing this week? like i said, that would be the parent was have to explain that. >> reporter: he says the construction company and this site are all part of the 12 tribe, a religious group which also runs the blue line bakery on the same property and johnson says everyone works on a volunteer basis. >> it's no different than maybe a son helping his father chores on a sunday. >> reporter: an argument legal experts say is on shaky ground. >> there's certainly a long line of legal precedence that says work is not defined by whether you're paid, work is defined by what do you. >> in 2011, the state cited the same company for failing to pay prevailing wage and other payroll violations. the attorney general calls the questions raised by our video deeply concerning. that office is also investigating. for fox 25 investigates, i'm
10:47 pm
a question of the past in boston. city councilors looking at possibilities banning stores for using these shopping bags. the city officials will study the idea over the next three months. cambridge put a similar ban in place back in march. an air boy with special needs will soon be riding around on a new bike after someone stole his from his home. his family set up a go fund me page and not only raised enough cash to buy but raised extra cash to donate to the charity. brandon's bike will be delivered next week. police are still trying to track down the thieves. a narcotic based crime family was taken into custody on extortion charges. police arrested nearly four dozen suspects including the myn
10:48 pm
be solved. the father and stepmother of lindsay borden were found brutally murdered in their fall river home. for many lindsay is still considered a prime suspect even though she was acquitted. police in braintree are very concerned about what's in their evidence room. there are guns that look, as you can see right here, very real, but they are not. police worry if one is pointed at them, the consequences could be tragic. >> fox 25's blair miller at the braintree police department where officers tell him this is happening more a police department and want to show you something they've recently been finding on the streets. can you tell? is this a real gun or fake gun? these are -- have the look and feel of a real firearm. >> reporter: it's here in this bucket full of guns that look and feel is very real. too real, says braintree police chief russ jenkins who laid them out for us. he says these guns are showing up in the area more and more.
10:49 pm
to be realistic and it can be extremely. >> some of them are clearly not a real gun with bullets. whether it's this one specially marked on the tip of this one with a special color. but others not so clear. >> how real does this look right now as it's being pointed someone? >> reporter: last month these guns turned up in boston, serious enough that the officers who responded pulled out their own guns untilhe and the response overwhelming from some people who could not tell the difference between what's real and what's not, exactly the point. >> the police officer doesn't
10:50 pm
>> police hear hope by showing in braintree, blair miller, fox 25 news. enrollment is often free and they promise freebees, discounts and upgrades but a new surveywa. only 15% of americans have redeemed points to pray for part or all of a trip. in the meantime, 12% say they opened a credit card just 6% selected a more expensive flight or hotel to earn more points. >> these reward programs are designed to make you spend more money with these merchants. >> gotta cash in. reward programs can get people into trouble, though. 14% of americans say they took the trip paramedics paid for on a credit card and couldn't may pay it off even though they had points that could have helped. the u.s. supreme court says it may soon consider the
10:51 pm
transgender people from using the bathrooms of their choice. a lower court ruling was blocked. a supreme court put it on hold announcing it may consider transgender bathroom access after the summer break. >> for the young student who's at the heart of this case, it means that he has to start his senior year in high school being forced to either use the women's restroom or potentially a nurse's restroom. >> 11 states are s orders -- fighting orders from the government that allows the student to use the school bathroom in which they identify with the gender. kay lal tweeted out this, my sister thought pair that was shampoo. the photo had instant internet succeed with people like ryan seacrest even retweeting it. turns out the whole thing is a fake.
10:52 pm
out of her young sister right there using an app. oh, boy. they fell for it. >> i say always be skeptical of anything out there on the internet. >> yes, beware. the news continues at the top of the hour but still much more ahead. >> baseball fans who aren't from boston, i'm sorry, they just don't know their stuff. how low fenway park ranked in a recent ballpark survey. and when our next chance of recent ballpark survey. and when our next chance of rain will come as the state's introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. my lawn is an absolute mess. >> malini basu reports there's really not a lot people can do. >> no rain, no breeze. >> reporter: the sagos, the grass is greener on the other side. >> the. >> our lawn is not so good. it's brown. we have a combination. but that certainly is not the case here in massachusetts.
10:56 pm
just dry. this map clearly shows you in the orange, we're in a drought, it's the worst we have seen across the state in 14 years. >> in traitenburg household watering their plants and taking care of their lawn is their lively hood. >> they got bushes, water and mow the lawn, things like that. westwood and dedham area can only water their lawn one day a week. >> it is serious. we take it seriously. >> reporter: it's so serious the last time the one-day rule was implemented was 15 years ago. >> we have a stream trigger that affects one of our wells when it hits a low point of 12 cubic feet per second. we have a permit to shut the
10:57 pm
massachusetts, up 20% in just a one week span. >> i hate to use the westwood water if i can help it. when it rains, it comes out so well over here, it -- >> you see it in there? yeah, and i fill up those buckets and water all of my shrubs. >> malini basu, fox 25 news. fox 25's meteorologist sarah wroblewski has been tracking the drought. more than 60% of the state is >> yeah, this morning is when it gets updated, every thursday morning. and sure enough we've seen the severe drought conditions extend further south of boston as well as connecticut. boston and worcester, 7-inch its below average for rainfall for the year and that means more than just brown grass. we're gonna start to see some issues when it comes to those who are farmers, and as we head towards the crops, towards the fall, so this is a severe
10:58 pm
going to be looking to see much-needed rain and really we don't have that in the forecast. our next chance is well out to the west and it will take its time getting here. it's gonna be calm overnight. when you wake up tomorrow, we've got sunshine, temperatures in the 50s. a bit cool, but it warms up before that rain arrives. i'm going to be showing you that latest updated timeline of that arrival coming up at 11:00. sarah, thank you, join us and welcome the first week of august with a zip trip tomorrow. we'll be proud to be make living and working here so great. fox 25 morning news will be live at the norwood town common. you can meet our team, grab some freebies and get your picture trach inn our photo booth. see you in norwood tomorrow morning. >> gonna see you there, as well. >> i will be there. i'm a little tired right now so we'll see how i am. but i will be there. america's most beloved ballpark is apparently not so loved after all.
10:59 pm
league baseball stadiums, and fenway came all the way down at number 8. >> they don't know. >> despite the blow to sox fans, the folks behind the study did say a trip to the ballpark is a must and the atmosphere is tough to beat. i think we'd all agree. petco park by the way, beautiful san diego, padres... >> no. >> that earned the top spot. belle see. >> i disagree. the bid to take the lottery to cyberspace from massachusetts will have to the proposal failed to pass. lottery executives believe they have to move into online ticket sales to recapture lost profits and lost taxes as a result. but convenience store owners have strongly opposed the move saying their businesses rely on
11:00 pm
>> >> whoa! >> first at 11:00, caught on camera on the t, a man is seen slam slapping a woman's cell phone from her hand before apparently making threats. and tonight mbta police tell us they know who they are looking for. hello, everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm elizabeth hopkins. christine mccarthy spoke to the woman who shot that video and live with our top story now at 11:00. >> this woman who shot the video tells me this was a scary experience not knowing whether or not the guy she was on video was going to hurt someone, whether or not he had a weapon on him, and says that was even more reason to pull out her cell phone and press record. >> told you to move. >> reporter: a man on the t caught on camera threatening other riders, between swears and racial slurs he threatens to shoot someone who apparently had gotten too close to him during rush hour wednesday morning. >> you put a camera in my face, you're gonna be mad --


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