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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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first at 10:00 a driver slams into a police cruiser on one of the busy of the highways in boston. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm jacqui heinrich in for vanessa welch. a witness called our newsroom room and told us she saw several police officers chasing a driver on 93 north. fox 25's erica richie is live in boston with the breaking details. erica? i will step out went down. it was at the off ramp in dorchester. it ended just about an hour ago nowhere near though where it started. let's show you the map so you can get better idea of how long and how far this chase went. the map showing you the route the suspect travelled. it appears to have started as a traffic stop in towards boston and eventually got off in dorchester where state
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after it began. state police stopped him weymouth police arrested him. we showed up right after that and this was the scene. the white hyundai aplan extra was towed away. you probably noticed in the video there was some front end damage to that vehicle. we are still working to figure out if that happened during the chase. we're also trying to find out what led to vehicle stop in the first place we are going to continue to work on those details and bring you another update in another live report at 11:00. for now live in dorchester, erica richie, fox 25 news. now to a live look at the radar and that rain you see is heading our way. in fact, we could see some storms as soon as tomorrow. fox 25 storm tracker weather meteorologist sarah wroblewski has an updated timeline of what to expect. sarah? >> reporter: you know we'll be watching high pressure which brought us beautiful conditions for the day
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will be marching through on saturday. ahead of it we do have activity out there right now and the showers will continue to move and pushing towards our region. for most part we really won't notice it until tomorrow. so increasing clouds, increasing humidity. probably already noticing it right now. temperatures in the 70s out there. mainly clear, a few clouds will be developing overnight but the dew p s.
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coming up for you in a few minutes. >> with a chance of strong storms tomorrow download the weather app. you can get custom forecasts in your neighborhood. the fox 25 storm tracker weather app is free and available on any device. tonight there's a warning for police on fox 25 news at 6:00 we told you a local police officer pearnls vehicle was possibly targeted and it's happened before. fox 25's john monahan reported on the story when it first happened but john, it's happened again? looks that way, mark. tonight we also learned that someone may be planning to do it again. this picture obtained by 25 last month shows the personal vehicle of a boston police officer missing a tire. it's believed to be sabotage, well, it happened again. on thursday, as an mbta officer who left the boston police parking lot in dorchester his rear tire fell off. >> it's definitely
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have lost their life. >> reporter: a former boston police chief and current security expert says this was no accident. >> nuts don't lose themselves it's somebody trying to hurt an officer. >> reporter: the boston police patrolman's association sent out this e-mail to officers. it says a transit officer lost a rear tire while travelling home. it was in the mechanic's opinion that it was intentionally loosened. and the boston brick also put out a warning. it says the rear tire of an mbta police officer's personal vehicle fell off while the officer was driving home. it is possible the lug nuts had been intentionally loosened. in the current climate of anti-police sentiment officers need to be vigilant. >> it's very serious and it's time for law enforcement to be ever watchful to make sure they
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ts. and tonight we learn that brick has also warned of people possibly looking to do the same thing at the e warning it says one are wednesday, individuals may have been taken photographs of vehicles parked in and around the b-14 station. wreachd out to the mbta police and boston police for comment but so far we have not heard back. live in brighton tonight's, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> developing tonight, commuter rail service is providence stoughton line after major delays during the evening commute. service between the mansfield and route 128 stations were suspended for sometime because of a downed electrical wire. we caught up with one man whose ride home tonight took an extra hour and a half. >> this line it's grossly inconsistent and today, obviously, was a commute from hell. >> fox 25 viewer also sent us these pictures showing the long lines of passengers waiting to board an amtrak
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police say speed may have been a factor in a deadly motorcycle crash in beverly. skyfox was over the scene on route 128 north thisell us was thrown from his bike after he hit the guard rail. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a woman riding on the motorcycle with him suffered serious injuries. >> also new at 10:00, police say a star wars prop is rto a bt battleship cove in fall river today. skyfox investigators checked out that suspicious device and police say it was a prop left behind from a star wars-themed event. they will be back open again in the morning. >> we are following breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump has enforced house speaker paul ryan ending a four day standoff between the g.o.p.'s most powerful men. here's what it means for republicans moving forward. after hedging higs bets all week, famously saying he just didn't there yet donald
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paul ryan in his primary next week. political experts believe it could go a long way fouth trump back on track to keeping the party as unified as it can be but trump is keeping his primary focus on his opponent. >> we're going to be talking about the queen of corruption, unstable, hillary clinton lacks the judgment, temperament, and moral character to lead this country. >> reporter: while ryan never waiv endorsement of trump he did express concerns about the direction of trump's campaign in an interview with a green bay radio station. >> and yeah, he's had some pretty strange run since the convention. you would think you out to be focusing on hillary clinton on all of her decisions. she's such a weak candidate that one would think we would be on offense against hillary clinton and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about today. >> reporter: republicans are growing increasingly anxious about the need for a turnaround in the trump campaign.
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crisis. insisting all will be well. donald trump will be in new hampshire tomorrow earlier tonight the g.o.p. nominee for president also endorsed new hampshire senator kelly ayotte in her race against mpz new hampshire governor maggie hassan. meantime hillary clinton addressed a room of black and hispanic journalists today. the national association of black and hispanic journalists is hosting its annual event this weekend. clinton promised to work on issues that dire minorities such as economic stability. then she reminded the crowd why she thinks they should vote for her. >> we need to stand up as a country and say that donald trump doesn't represent who we are and what we believe that in. is what my campaign, what tim kaine and i and everyone supporting us is doing every day. >> clinton went on to say america is better than this. america is better than donald trump. president obama will
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week vacation as we reported his daughter sasha is already on the island where she's working at the popular spot nancy's in oak bluff. our coverage of the president's arrival begins tomorrow on fox 25 news at 6:00. it has been three weeks since tom brady made the decision to give up the fight on deflategate and finally as -- the patriots quarterback is still facing a four game suspension but today he faced the media. fox 25's butch stearns is here. butch, what did brady tell >> not much, jacqui. brady spoke for less than five minutes and answered only eight questions. as usual, patriots quarterback said all the right things but really didn't say much. for public consumption all brady would say about giving up the fight was this. >> well, i think it's just
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great example leading as he always does. today he was more focal than ever is that because there's extra motivation because of his upcoming suspension? >> i'm pretty much the same i have been that way for a long time. i think it's just a way to elevate everybody's game. you got to have an an an attitude about you and i think that gets the best so how will brady handle his four game suspension without football. will he stay sharp by showing the ex-teammate welker and randy moss. >> how is that that we are playing and i'm not in. certainly when i'm in i hope
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>> i got to say a little want tr some more, well, if your weekend plans are taking you to the cape. ahead at 10:00 two great whites spotted forcing three beaches to close. >> plus, a father paralyzed after a violent crash while vacationing in new hampshire. you don't realize how much you lose any accident for that matter. and ahead at 10:00 the loving support he got when he asked himself if living wa >> caught on camera, a vandal spray painting over a trump sign in a vandalism spree that's lasted months. next at 10:00, hear from the homeowner about the constant problem he's dealing with
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>> now to a story you will see only fox 25. tonight a donald trump fan is having a hard time showing his support. >> that's because people keep spray painting and stealing his trump signs in his yard. new at 10:00 fox in haverhill. after speaking with the homeowner christine he shared the surveillance video with you? >>. >> he sure did he shared that video with us.
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on tuesday night. that's before he egged the house that belongs to richard early. >> it's private property it's free speech. i don't want hillfully that's all. >> reporter: early will be taking the video to haverhill police. >> i can see people driving by swearing because i get that all the time. when they start coming on private property it's different. >> reporter: it's far frist time this trump supporter has been targeted. >> i think the last couple weeks has been crazy. >> reporter: early surveillance cameras signs last month and throwing them in the street as drivers stopped and watched. and the month before, a collaborative effort. two people snatching eight trump signs before taking off. a few people have been arrested over the past few months. the latest a haverhill woman on saturday for disorderly conduct. >> out front pulling on my signs. ask what she's doing she's says she's taking them she's part of the movement. >> reporter: but early does have support.
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won't stop replacing his signs until the election is over. >> we're not going take them down the signs are staying up. they're not leaving. >> reporter: and i did speak with haverhill police tonight they tell me that this is something that they constantly seem to be investigating and they confirm to me that there has been a few arrests since this past winter when those signs went up. we're live in haverhill tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> back to politics now. donald trump is wrapping up a rough week. for two days trump he -- he doubled down on that claim in portland, maine, on thursday. now the republican nominee says h s the video, no admission of a mistake just this tweet. the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran. >> it's further proof that the wheels are coming off the trump campaign, that he's acting this really
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distracts from his message ultimately they will be successful in november. >> the photo returned in the harbor by the time the coast guard arrived the boat had already sunk. the crew found two anyone life jackets and one woman clinging to an inflatable device likely saved their lives. no one was hurt. mattapan man was arraigned on drunk driving charges late this afternoon after this crash with the boston police cruiser. police say francis hit the cruiser at the intersection of washington and school street. it sent both schools out of the sidewalk. both francis and the police officer suffered minor injuries. they're once again asking for your help. the family of a murdered girl says they are desperate to find her killer. even 23 years after her death those who love 10-year-old holly are not
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here's fox 25's elizabeth hopkins. this pink cloth marks the spot where holly's body was found 23 years ago. at the time she had been missing for three months. the 10-year-old had been visiting her grandmother's cottage in sturbridge but went with visit some puppies. holly's disappearance prompted a huge search on the 23rd anniversary of her disappearance her family is again asking the public for help to find t her brother was too young to recall any details about what happened. but as an adult he told police he had begun to have dreams of the man who took his sister. fox 25 was the first to release this sketch of the man he described. but so far leads in the case have only led to dead ends. still the family who set up this facebook page justice for holly has never given up hope that her killer will be found. now the hampton county district attorney's office is appealing to the public for information. in a just released statement
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family members of my office and the massachusetts state police detectives assigned to the case have never stopped investigating to try to bring justice to holly and her family. holly's case has always remained open and active. >> elizabeth hopkins reporting. anyone with information is asked to contact the massachusetts state police detective unit assigned local fo claims their irish nanny killed their daughter is adding a heavy hitter their team. the lawsuit claims mccarthy killed the little girl back in 2013. the state dropped criminal charges against mccarthy. manchester couple is facing charges tonight they're accused of trying to shoplift at a store while their son was waiting in the car. jessica cedar quist tried to steal items from the lowe's store when a loss prevention officer tried to stop her. they say eric crediterquist
10:20 pm
>> a man faced a judge today after police say he attacked a t rider with a brick because he didn't like the way the man looked at him. police say he had blood on his hands when they arrested him at north station last night. the rider told officers he came out of no. where he was staken to the hospital with a head injuries. tonight we have dramatic surveillance video of a car smashing right through a packed long islandry mat. next at -- landry mat. next at 10:00 hea getting out of the way. sue see this s.u.v.
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the state is raising the west nile virus to mod ray. mosquitoes have not tested positive for the virus but they have in the nearby cities of arlington, boston, brookline, chelsea, newton and waltham. with warm weather in the forecast they say the conditions are right for the virus to spread. >> that's not all about the mosquitoes. zika cases are on the rise in the u.s. white house is pressing congress to approve more funding for a vaccine
10:24 pm
widespread outbreak is not happening. they have had positive test results in the latest round of testing in monkeys. those vaccine also progress to clinical trials. 98 ed markey said those trials are -- senator ed markey said those trials are in danger without additional funding. the head of the c.d.c. said early results show a large proportion of the mosquitoes have been killed. earlier this week, the c.d.c. issued a after 15 people were diagnosed with the virus. wind speeds reaching the funnel cut a four mile path through several neighborhoods. >> we started hearing like snap, crackle pop. >> and i put my kids in the
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>> a new orleans man posted on facebook live that the tornado touched down. tonight police in wyoming are trying to figure out why a car slammed into the front of a crowded landry mat. police say the sound was deafening. three people suffered minor injuries. the car hit the owner who says there was no chance to get out of the way. >> i don't believe the brakes were ever hit. he side to side. shoved it a spot and a half over and came right through the front window. >> hard to believe but the laundromat is still open for business even though they are boarded up. >> wow. >> drive-thru. >> no kidding. as we head to the weekend there's an urgent warning for people who plan to hit the beach on cape cod. >> that's right, next at 10:00, the two great white shark sightings that shut down three popular beaches forcing swimmers out of the water. >> humidity on the rise.
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showers as we head into the weekend. i'm going to show where you we could potentially see
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>> beaches are shut down for swimmers after at least two great white sharks were seen feeding off a whale. >> trying to figure out why more sharks have been seen around the coast this summer compared to last two years. >> reporter: they trying to find out why this whale died but certainly made for many meals for area sharks and fish. so many that the carcass was picked clean over us hours attracting at least two great white sharks caught on camera feeding. >> white sharks in particular are known scavengers of whale carcasses so it's not unusual. of course you don't want these whales you know floating in close to the beaches. >> reporter: the proximity to busy beaches like cold storage, noon landing and beaches point caused the beach to be closed down to swimmers. as of friday afternoon the town removed the carcass where it shored up.
10:30 pm
taking a closer look at this summer's trend. these two sharks popping up on the heels of several other recent sightings. >> it does seem like july was a more active month than the previous two years. this will continue. >> reporter: in the month of july alone marine fisheries tagged 10 great whites compared to last year when only three were biologists will be researching whether it's an increase in food like seals or changes in water temperature or weather that's attracted this season's sharks. so far no shark sightings have been reported disclose shore and as of right now the status of those beaches being reopened is unknown. >> the news continues at the top of the hour. new at 11:00, a police chase comes to an end in dorchester less than two hours ago now a suspect is in custody. what we're learning about that person as police search for new clues. plus, a firefighter in
10:31 pm
the home of a fellow firefighter up in flames. >> announcer: now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> the last couple of days have been pretty nice, right? we've been getting lots of pictures and take a look at some of the pictures like this one on our instagram. this is our fox 25 picture we take a look at the evening hours. we soared into the up 80s in boston. it was a little bit cooler for the cape and islands maybe you made it a beach day over the cooler ocean
10:32 pm
low now you are noticing those dew points in the 60s it's getting quite sticky out there and it's still mild. that trend will continue into the weekend. continuely it's 73, 77 in lawrence. in the 60s from the south shore as well as the outer arm of the cape as well as the islands. they will see temperatures not as cold as last night. we'll stay mainly in the 60s, 70s along the coast with increasing clouds. but you will see the stars out there. it's just turning muggy. we have the muggy conditions. as we head have some -- heat up tomorrow we have showers and thunderstorms that will likely erupt. one thing you will notice another warm day with any breaks of sunshine that will boost some temperatures near 90?. i think best chances will be through interior parts of new england. otherwise still well above average. noticing if you will be traveling anywhere across new england there will be clouds out there and risk of shower or thunderstorm. this entire area in a marginal risk which means we could see an isolated strong to severe storm with the
10:33 pm
that could lead to some localized flooding as well as frequent lightning. so we're going to be watching that throughout the day. it's all going to be triggered from this cold front out to the west. you can me showers ahead of this front right now. those showers will be drifting eastward overnight. as they make their way towards our region what we will notice is the clouds increasing in the morning. midday hours to the afternoon. noticing you are seeing some more showers beginning to develop. any breaks of sunshine will fuel that threat. i'm not saying there will be a full line of showers and storms but they will be pretty isolated hit or miss. others will just get dumped on. so that's something we'll be
10:34 pm
showers are going to be pushing south and east towards the south coast the cape and islands by the evening hours. perhaps breaking you into the some more sunshine to the north and west. the risk of these showers and storms will exit the region as we get closer to sunset. that's because the front will be coming on through and clearing us out and bringing much drier weather into the region as we head into the weekend. so the amount of rain anywhere from a tenth to quarter of an inch in some spots higher amounts not going cause any relief to our drop that seven-day forecast. once this front comes on through with temperatures in the 80s on saturday we'll see 80s on sunday less humid air and that dry stretch of weather continues into next week. we warm back up mid-week then the risk of more showers comes back with us thursday into friday. over to you. >> the weather this morning was just perfect for a little zip trip to the town of norwich. check out the young lady she's voguing. jacqui look at this. all the way through the
10:35 pm
that's got to go viral. join us next week when we head up north. i think that lady was having more fun. the dentist gets attacked bay shark. the story is incredible. he's able to finish s vacation. >> well, that scary encounter was caught on camera. check this out. >> just kaboom something hit me in the side of the face and i could not imagine what it was because i was in the middle of the ocean. >> yikes. next at 10:00, first words he said after he hopped back on that boat and made his friends laugh. plus, george zimmerman teajed at a restaurant. the 9-1-1 call he -- attacked at a restaurant.
10:36 pm
offender driving for uber in our area. what he told us when we
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a florida man who made international headlines after he shot and killed an unarmed black teenager claims he was attacked in a restaurant. >> he told me he was going to kill me. he told me he was going to [bleep] shoot me. >> that part of the 9-1-1 call made by george zimmerman last weekend. the former neighborhood watchman says he was attacked while placing a takeout order at a restaurant nearor zimmerman says one customer asked him about the shooting in 2012 then another man accused zimmerman of bragging about the shooting then punched him in the face. restaurant employees separated the men and zimmerman says he plans to press charges. he was found not guilty of second-degree murder in martin's death.
10:40 pm
he had just reeled in a fish when the shark bit him on the face and leg. >> it just kaboom something hit me in the side of the face and i could not imagine what it was because i was in the middle of the ocean. it ripped my mask off. you can see this is where it got me right in the nose then perfect claw marks on both sis that i can see right here this shark head and all these teeth and that shark i'm 6'1", 190 and it's bigger than i am. >> reporter: the shark first bit his face then his knee. >> it almost felt like we were dancing. isn't that an odd thing to say. we would separate then go again. >> reporter: he said he swam to the surface relatively
10:41 pm
who shot the go pro video remembers the moment the doctor sur-- surfaced all out of the water. >> i could see there was blood all down his face. steve is a. i said steve i think you're okay beside some serious cosmetic wounds. and the first words out of his mouth was cool. >> reporter: when they got to the clinic the only nurse on the island had never treated a shark bite wound so the doctor, a restorative dentist surgery coached her through more than 30 stitches in his face and knee. >> so i knew if i had somebody that could just get the pieces together, we could stay and finish our vacation. >> sure, why not. >> i guess so. he walked the nurse through it. fox 25 investigates meantime has learned about another sex offender driving for uber. >> we first showed up at his house he was wearing an uber t-shirt. next at 10:00 y he says he
10:42 pm
company's background check. plus, a local sheet metal worker with is left paralyzed after a violent crash while vacationing in new hampshire. >> i was thinking about wanting to live to be honest with you. i didn't want to be a parplegic. >> next at 10:00 where the father finds the inspir ??? ??? ??? ???
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>> fox 25 investigation finds another registered sex offender driving for uber in massachusetts i it comes on the same day that governor charlie biker signed a bill but some critics say it doesn't go far enough. fox 25's erik rasmussen has
10:45 pm
months. >> 66-year-old robert tremblay found him at his home in bedford he didn't want to speak on camera while tremblay told us he hasn't driven a customer in months he also confirmed his account with uber was still active. tremblay admitted he didn't disclose he's a registered level two sex offender when applying to drive for uber. in june fox 25 reported state police stopped another uber driver at logan airport who also turned out to be a level two sex offender. driver slipped -- at the time, uber said that driver slipped through the cracks the private company that does background checks for uber missed the conviction dating back 30 years. that might be what happened in tremblay's case. this public record obtained by fox 25 investigates shows tremblay was convicted of rape of a child with force in 1993. tremblay told us he made a mistake. a new law just signed by governor charlie baker now gives the state the power to
10:46 pm
for ride hailing companies such as uber but it's not clear when that process will be up and running. uber sent us a statement late this afternoon saying the company has banned the individual in question from accessing the app and is investigating the matter. uber insists the gap in the system affects all companies that use consumer reporting agencies to conduct those background checks. for fox 25 investigates i'm erik rasmussen. >> more details on the new regulations on ride share companies. governor charlie signed the bill forcing drivers to pass a state run background check. ride share companies who also have to pay a 20 cent fee per ride. >> this is a highly charged issue and i think we all get that but it's very important for massachusetts to provide the statewide framework to download public safety
10:47 pm
the new law. a reminder if you are heading into the city this weekend newbury street will look a lot different. the city is closing newbury to traffic on sunday so people can wander the streets and enjoy outdoor cafes. newbury street will be closed from berkley to mass ave from 10:00 to 6:00. parking restrictions start at 8:00 sunday morning. and two new device hope to save lives by reducing the number of distracted drivers. one device called groove social media updates while you're behind the wheel. it also stops drivers from sending messages or posting on social media. the other app is called drive i.d. and it can restrict access to smartphone apps for everyone in the car or just for the driver. tonight we have learned the name of the malden man who drown while fishing in new hampshire. raymond cam fell out of his canoe when it tipped in gilman pond he had been fishing with one other man who was not hurt and called
10:48 pm
around dinner time on thursday. a sheet metal worker is recovering after a howeverible accident left him paralyzed and un-- after a horrific accident left him paralyzed. friends are rallying around him trying to support him in a unique way. fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke with him and his fight to survive. >> i don't remember anything about the accident or before it. >> reporter: when stephen tries to remember the moment that changed his life forever all he sees black. >> you don't realize how much you lose in a spinal cord or just any accident for that matter roar an accident last month during a vacation in new hampshire left him paralyzed. his spinal cord severed when he was ejected from the car. stephen woke up in the hospital to grim news. >> i was thinking about if i wanted to live really to be honest with you, you know, i didn't want to be a parplegic. >> reporter: the father of
10:49 pm
a tool now broken. >> i can barely move my head or talk i couldn't talk at that point either. >> reporter: but in the week since stephen has made tremendous progress at spalding rehab his will to live pushing him to regain movement. >> i think it's the support group around me. spalding, family, friends, everybody. >> reporter: but with a 14-year-old daughter he's still worried about the future and that is when that support system stepped in. high above i-93 is stephen's stor fund-raising page. it's the same electronic billboard he used to drive by every day on his way to work at local 17. >> i never imagined my name being on it. never once. >> reporter: the knowledge that help for his family is coming allows stephen to work even harder at his new job, getting better. >> i'm just hoping that i can enjoy life and enjoy every day forward from here. >> kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> wish stephen well.
10:50 pm
to declare a drought disaster for three counties. governor maggie hassan says more than 30% have been lost crops have been lost if approved they could be qualify for disaster-related help. sarah we could use some rain. >> just not enough to bust the drought, ock. we'll be dealing with just small chances but some areas could see some locally heavy downpours what we have going on is a few scattered showers coming ahead of th notice that the temperatures right now in the 70s. not falling back too much because we're going to see clouds increase. waking up to temperature in the upper 60s or 70s partly cloudy muggy as well. i'm going to be timing out those showers coming up at 11:00. her date took her to an expensive dinner then ran out leaving her with $163 bill. tonight, the california victim of a dine and dash scheme is warning other women to be on the lookout. she says she met the man on
10:51 pm
restaurant where they were not shy about their ordering. that's what the man got up to make a phone call and never came back. >> i went to message him on the app he had blocked me and i thought oh, my gosh, is this really happening right now. >> not only did diane find out it's not the first time her date has run out on women from that dating site but tonight police say that man also ran out on a cut and color at a hair salon this winter. now fac >> that is awful. >> it is. hopefully he gets caught. >> i hope so. i hope he has to answer for that. tonight, w who fought for our country have a new friend. >> next at 10:00 the special security and support for veterans returning from combat. and also new at 10:00 a police officer's emotional interview after he risked his life to stop a man
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>> apple says it will start paying people who find security flaws in products and software. the company has been one of the few firms who refused to pay hackers who report security problems. apple now says it will provide $25 to $200,000 for information about flaws which compromise customer's data and $50,000 for bugs in apple's icloud. amazon is taking over more of its own package deliveries. check out this new prime plane right here. its the company's name on the side. amazon is leasing about 40 of the boeing 767s to help with its home delivery service. they say the planes will help them increase profits by relying less on outside parties like u.p.s. and fedex. a popular brookline deli is saying good-bye to ruben's kosher restaurant and catering closed its doors for good this afternoon after nearly 90 years in business. the deli told customers the news on facebook thanking them for their business and
10:56 pm
plan to save the region's fading lobster population. the number of lobsters off the coast of new england has gone down as ocean waters get warmer. the atlantic state fishries commission is working on changes in hopes of making it easier for lobsters to reproduce. a new push to provide service dogs to veterans they launched at group will pay for dogs to be trained and veterans. fox 25 talked to a vet today who suffered from ptsd after he returned from tours in iraq and afghanistan and he told us his dog mocha helped him get through his struggles. >> he does calm me down to let him know he's here and that everything is going to be okay. >> by the way, this process is not cheap. it can take more than $70,000 to cover the two year process of training a service dog. >> for the first time a police officer is speaking out about the night that changed his life forever.
10:57 pm
life to stop a man from setting a gas station on fire. ed has the story new at 10:00. >> reporter: on an october night in miami, dominick gene tried setting fire to an 8,000 gallon underground storage tank at this gas station next to miami's international airport. surveillance footage shows the smoke smoldering as gene grabbed the gas pump and starts dousing the ground. >> it scared me because, we're o die. >> officer mario gutierrez who happened to be patrolling the area racing in jumped out of his car hit the emergency shutoff to the gas pump then finds himself standing over a simmering time bomb unsure if the gas tanks would explode. >> it would have been a massive chaos. they would have thought it was terrorism, who knows. they wouldn't have been able to talk to me because i with would have been nothing but vaporized. >> reporter: gutierrez tried
10:58 pm
didn't work. gene starts wildly trying to stab gutierrez with a knife and a screwdriver. >> he came for my throat and i blocked it gutierrez falls to the ground gene viciously swings at him more than 20 times. >> that was a fight to the death and only one person was going to walk away from that. >> reporter: gutierrez is stabbed about a dozen times but he's able to briefly kick the man off just long enough to grab his gun firing five times killing gene on the spot. >> i never heard the gunsho. all i heard was the clinking of the shell casings hitting the ground. >> reporter: it all lasted less than 30 seconds but dealing the emotions hasn't always been easy. >> i felt like like i failed. i was -- i was -- i need to know that i put up a fight,
10:59 pm
i have no recollection of it. >> wow. officer gutierrez now patrols the miami airport alongside the officer who saved his life after rushing him to the hospital that night. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 11:00. complete new england news coverage. breaking news a man is in custody after leading police on a chase up this is breaking at the top of our 10:00 heinrich in for vanessa welch. fox 25's erica richie arrived on scene less than two hours ago. what's the latest over there? >> reporter: so guys within last half hour we learned that the vehicle was originally wanted and pulled over for dealing drugs. that's why the initial pull over over in weymouth but the driver wasn't having it until he took off leading
11:00 pm
that ended right behind me here under that overpass in dorchester just off of freeport street. let's go to the nap and show you with where it all started in way mouth near the 4 river bridge around 8:30 this evening. it went through quincy center then traveled up on furnace brook parkway and eventually onto route 93 north from east milton square. the driver took exit 13 that's the new port street ramp into dorchester and then crashed his vehicle right after that was when we arrived on the chase ended there and thinks white hyundai elantra was towed. this area was closed for about 20 minutes and reopened close to 9:30 this evening here. i was told at that point that way moth police had taken over the -- weymouth police had taken over the investigation so i have tried to find out the driver's identity and the charges he's facing.


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