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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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home. tonight, fox 25 has seem coverage for you, beginning with katherine burcham, and katherine, police wants everyone there in princeton to be careful, because they don't know if the young woman knew her killer or if this was a random >> the reporter: blair, the district attorney today would not answer questions about the exact cause of vanessa marcotte's death, but did say that an autopsy was underway this afternoon. he also said that the scene where her body was found made it clear that she was brutally mu >> a very safe town. been here over 20 years, and raised my family here, so it's shocking to me. >> the reporter: a community paralyzed with fear, the shaded jogging trails that crisscross the town much princeton, now at the center of a murder investigation. >> i have two young daughters that live in town, jog regularly, and you another, i'm just worried. >> police are warning joggers
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after 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was apparently abducted yesterday, while jogging alone on brook station road. last seen at 1:00 p.m., in investigators didn't find marcotte's body until 8:00 p.m. last night with signs of a possible sexual assault and signs she was burned, according to sources. >> we have a horrible set of facts, a horrible set of circumstances here right now and we'll do everything we can to make sure this investigation is carried out. >> the reporter: detectives are between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and desperately seeking anyone who may have been in the area. >> we're asking people to use an abundance of caution. >> the reporter: marcotte, an account manager at google, was visiting her mother from new york city. tonight, other parents of young women are unnerved saying they can only imagine the pain marcotte's mother is facing. >> grieving for that family, i can't imagine their pain right
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privacy tonight. her godfather telling us that her death is a an unexpected disaster. boston university where marcotte graduated from, also expressing condolences tonight, where officials say they are praying for her, and her family. we're live if princeton, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the details of this murder are horrific. and it has a lot of people who live in the area on edge tonight, because as we said, police still cannot say if this was a random killing or someone fox 25 speaking with people who lived in princeton for decades. >> understandably. they are pretty uneasy tonight. christine mccarthy continues our coverage with that part of the story. christine. >> the reporter: residents have lived here for decades in this small quiet town and never, have they ever felt like they needed to worry about their safety, until now. >> very frightening when you hear something like this. >> neighbors on edge, in the quiet down of princeton, as word
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at-large. >> it would make anyone nervous, to know there is someone out here not right in the minds, going around, just taking people's lives. >> a wave of sadness ration local learn 27-year-old vanessa marcotte, a native of central mass, is the victim. a resident of new york, an avid runner, she had simply gone for a jog on sunday. her body later found in this wooded area. sky fox captured video of the rural scene where she was located, less than a mile from her mother's home. >> very sad. so somebody would do this.ta polica blocked off to traffic, an investigators combed brook station road on foot, searching the brush for evidence monday afternoon, as horrific details emerged that she had possibly been sexually assaulted and burned. >> condolences go out to the whole family. hopefully this person is caught and bring justice to the family. >> the reporter: and we just came from the scene here in
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traffic is it being diverted, and investigators are still on foot, searching. meanwhile, residents we talked to say they are very eager to learn of an arrest, and until that happens, they are going to take the vips of police, and -- advice of police and walk or jog in pairs and remain very vigilant. live in princeton, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> police want the public's help on this one. if you were in the area last night and saw anyone acting suspiciously or noticed anything that was just strange, give them a call. here's the number. 508-453-7589, tips are anonymous. >> vanessa: friends are mourning the loss of a lowell native, who was killed while playing pokemon go on the west coast. 20-year-old calvin riley was found shot do death in san francisco's maritime historic park before 10:00 p.m. last night. police say the college sophomore was playing the game when someone came up to him and shot him in a popular tourist area of the city. >> i've been more concerned
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i haven't heard about the random shootings, although it's something i thought about. >> vanessa: san francisco police have not yet made any up in our, we're talking to friends of riley in massachusetts about the impact he had on their lives. >> tonight, more questions after fox 25 investigates uncovered millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on empty buildings on an island in the boston harbor. fox 25's eric rasmussen first reported the cost of keeping the lights on at long island, he is live tonight at boston harbor, watchdogs, after a month's long investigation. eric? >> the reporter: blair, long island is right out here in the harbor, this is about as close as you can get on foot, most of the programs out there though, have been shut down almost two years ago. the city is still on track to spend more than $5 million since then and the question now, how long will boston continue paying to maintain the buildings without a plan to use them
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boat to get there. after we found lights on in these empty buildings, records revealed the city of boston was still spending millions opposing maintenance at long island, even though programs to help the homeless and those fighting drug addiction were moved off the island almost two years ago. this is going to require the city to really make tough decisions. >> the reporter: sam tyler is president of the boston municipal research bureau. more troubling than the millions spent on the island he says is the city's lack of a long-term plan for w buildings, since the only bridge to the island was destroyed last year. >> have you seen anything from the city that gives you confidence they're going to address this quickly? >> no. no. i haven't. a decision needs to be made, so those costs don't continue. >> the reporter: for now, the bill for taxpayers keeps adding up. among the costs this year, a $600,000 contract to transport paper, heating oil and other supplies. fox 25 investigates has learned the city paid for 61 round trips
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from squantom and 440 hours of barge service. that barge, costing taxpayers, $300 an hour. >> i can assure you, that our budget and finance staff are actually taking really hard look at the ferry and transportation budget. >> the reporter: fox 25 investigates has to go inside these buildings, but the city denied our request, citing safety concerns. now, the city says it has replaced the beds for the homeless tha island, but another nonprofit that was operating a program on long island, says it's still playing ketchup on the bids. our first report since it aired last night, there have already been calls for the mayor to announce plans for long island's future. we asked to speak with him today and still waiting to hear back. live in quincy, eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we have learned the name of the victim in a deadly early morning fire in westbridge water. you can see the burned shell of
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55-year-old robert murphy died in the first floor apartment there. a family who lived upstairs flames forced them to escape. investigators say the fire does not appear suspicious. >> state police have now recovered the stolen cruiser, you can see the tow truck taking the cruiser from the skating park in cambridge around 1:30 p.m. the replacement vehicle was stolen was stolen around 1:30 a.m. this morning. that theft is under investigation tonight. also right now, police are stray bullet that hit two women inside an apartment on worcester. on saturday, that shot went through the second floor porch of a triple decker on perry avenue, hitting one woman in the leg, the second in her back. both of them are expected to recover. neighbors tell the telegram, they saw a man in a black hoodie fire 3 shots at the car near perry and suffield street. >> vanessa: a beautiful day to hit the links here in boston. the sun was shining and it wasn't too hot out there at
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jason brewer in for kevin tonight. as the week goes on, we'll turn up the heat and the humidity. >> jason: you want to get your tee times in tomorrow morning, because we are going to turn it up big time through the end of the week. enjoy. right now, this evening is fantastic. 81 degrees, dew point, low in the middle 60's this time of the year, that feels rather comfortable. you see the 70's as you get closer to the water. it's only 70 on nantucket right now. it will be into the middle 60's overnight in boston, but some patchy valley fog and 50's in some of the lower spots inland. so a nice again tomorrow on the dew point scale, but as we head to wednesday, getting into the oppressive zone later in the day, and there's not going to be an end to that any time soon. i'm going to tell you how hot and humid we get, and i'm out some tropical downpours, maybe moving in here, setting up shot as we head into the weekend coming up. >> right now, braking news. sky fox over the scene of a situation in belmont. live pictures right now, can you see all of the road is closed
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the good news, the police officer on that motorcycle right there was conscious when they were taken to the hospital, we'll keep an eye on the situation again. this is happening in belmont, they have that part of the road shut down right now. new at 6:00 p.m., a dramatic dog rescue caught on video off the coast of massachusetts. >> vanessa: this is the best story of the day. it's amazing. take a look, you'll see a springer spaniel paddling as hard as it can to stay on the ferry. people on martha's vineyard shot this on the way to oak bluff. the excited dog jumped off the ferry. the owners told the captain who then radioed the island queen, spotted the dog and startrd circling, but the ship was too big and couldn't get close enough to the dog, so the captain blew the horn four times, and alerted that smaller boat you see there, named lovely day, they pulled up alongside the dog and used a net to pull it on to -- pull it safely on board the boat here. nicole shot some of the rescue on her cellphone and described
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that dog was safe. >> the whole boat erupted in cheers and applause, and it was funny, because the boat's name was lovely day, so everyone was waving at the boat and saying, have a lovely day. >> vanessa: that's awesome. the harbor master raced the pooch back to the vineyard to be reunited can its owner. we are continuing to work on its story. i see the adorable pooch and its owners at 10:00 p.m. tonight. what a story, everyone pulling together to save that pooch. >> good for you. >> jason: a. >> the reporter: a registered level two sex offender is arrested on the t. how this new charge could keep him locked up. >> vanessa: a young boy knew exactly what to do when his little brother started having an allergy isis claimed responsibility reaction that could have -- allergic reaction that could have killed him. >> i'm thankful that he was able
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6:45 p.m., his proud mother tells fox 25 how her brave little boy made a big life saving move. >> just moments ago, sharman sachetti spoke with former governor bill weld who just sent in signatures to qualify form the massachusetts ballot. the message he has for republicans choosing to vote for hillary clinton for president
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>> vanessa: donald trump is hoping today's speech on economic issues will help pull
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to the detroit economic club. the plan includes lowering taxes, cutting regulations for both individuals and businesses, reaching real growth with wages, and deductions for child care costs. trump's campaign says the candidate remains focused on getting his campaign narrative back where it belongs. >> just hours ago, former massachusetts governor bill weld dropped off 3,000 signatures at the secretary of state's office on beacon hill. he says this last batch helps guarantee his spot on the this november. fox 25's political reporter sharman sachetti was there and weld believes the third-party run is no political game, this is for real. >> the reporter: yes, in fact, they believe they'll get on the ballot in all 50 states. governor weld tells me the next goal, to get enough support by the end of the summer to qualify to be on stage for those debates. he says, his run is no waste of time. >> have you always been a libertarian at heart? >> i think so. >> former governor bill weld is brushing off criticism that he and former new mention governor,
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instead, weld believes the libertarian ticket can actually win this, with some help from disaffected republicans. >> why shouldn't republicans just turn and vote for hillary clinton if they don't like donald trump? >> i think the democrats would have a very hard time, given all the promises that have been made to the electorate, keeping the budget in check. >> the reporter: i caught up with the weld at the secretary of state's office as he handed in enough signatures to make it on to the ballot in massachusetts. i asked him about donald trump's speech on the economy in audience, it's time to stop trusting those tired voices of the past. >> are you a tired old voice of the past? >> well, i don't know that i'm a voice of the past. i think the thing about the johnson-weld ticket is that nobody can say we haven't been there and done that and you might not like everything we did, but both of us were republican governors who were elected in blue states. >> the reporter: he's confident
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thing here. >> the reporter: now, weld's campaign is confident he'll be on the ballot in all 50 states and working on getting on the debate stage next. his protege, governor charlie baker is smart to stay out of the national campaign. he's not pitching him. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> it's interesting, because a new monmouth university poll out today has the libertarian party flirting with double digits. gary johnson as 7%, better news for hillary clinton, who opened up a 12-point lead on donald trump. the same poll gave clinton only a three-point lead before the democratic and republican national conntion. >> jason: right now, tracking clear skies, we are looking great out there this evening. we just have a nice cloud-free sky across western and central mass. a few high clouds across the island, but should make for a
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a big upper low swirling over the southeastern states, so scattered heavy course and that part of our country and some of that moisture looks to get pulled north in to new england, by the middle part of the week. more on that straight ahead. let's enjoy right now though, shall we, because we have dewpoints in the 40's and 50's. and that is down right comfortable. for early august. currently in the 70's. 77 behind mills. i have 78 -- 77 hyannis. 78 in from the cooler temperatures. westward, 86 in woburn and waltham. 84 in lempster. 85 in nashua. all right, hour-by-hour, let's go out to worcester. speaking of, we'll see temperatures in the middle 60's there, toward 10:00 p.m., and they'll stay there right on through 4:00 a.m. in the morning hand then begin their climb after sunrise tomorrow morning, so it's a nice night with low humidity, we crack the windows open over clear skies, we will see some 50's waking up in the
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you have patchy fog as well for an hour either side of darn, but burn off quickly if you do see any. temperatures in the middle 60's in boston proper, but in the outlying areas, cooler as we like to see. now, high temperatures will be into the middle and upper 80's tomorrow in most of worcester county. a couple of spots could get close to 90, with the dry air. dry air tends to heat up more quickly and so it's going to feel nice, with low humidity for one more day, but i think temperatures with a southerly today. so brockton, you're looking for upper 80's. marshfield, plymouth, closer to 80, 84 degrees and into essex county, 70's at the coast, but mid to upper 80's back around andover and we'll see upper 80's for pepperell and littleton, with medford around burlington checking in the middle 80's and tomorrow, cape cod, the islands, just fine, great-hooking coastal weather. not too much wind for boaters. if you're heading in to fenway tomorrow, red sox will be glad too get home.
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great, 80 degrees at 7:10 p.m. a light southerly wind and for the revs just fine as well. not going to have any rain in gillette tomorrow evening. 70's after dark. a rain chance creeps up wednesday, midday through the afternoon, thursday, goes back down again, and then friday, another round of some heavy showers and storm. the question is, where do they set up. and we're going to be watching that closely, because we have a front coming in that's going to stall out that's going to help dictate that, as we get to the weekends, but in the meantime, enjotu it looks picture-perfect, warm afternoon, and dry and the humidity starts in here on wednesday. >> thank you, jason. a shark sighting forces an alert off the coast of the cape this afternoon. atlanta white shark team spotted a great white off chatham's north beach. it was the second sight of the of the day. another team witnessed the great white feasting on a seal. earlier today, i tweeted out this picture off month piece of hitting. >> vanessa: the -- montamoy. >> vanessa: ferry service has been extended for 90 days.
6:21 pm
for heating knew tripled since the service began earlier this month. the winthrop ferry hopes to continue to work with the department of conservation and recreation in the future to provide more trips in the harbor area. >> a wild sighting. a group of sheep on the lam in a massachusetts neighborhood. how the guys made the great escape and why they're so tough to catch. >> vanessa: but first, he led the red sox to a world series. but could he lead the country? curt sch next career move and what he
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>> blair: now to breaking news happening in lynn. we're watching the live pictures in the commercial break. it's an awful crash that sky fox is over. this is on the lynn revere line, route 107, if you're familiar with that area. that s.u.v. as you can see, it's right up there on that wall on the side of the road and two huge poles are down, also in the road. you can see all the emergency crews out there right now. and we've been watching this as they were trying to work to get someone out of that car. only one northbound lane of traffic is getting by right now. that's where you're seeing the lane getting by, but this is happening at the revere-lynn line on route 107, avoid this area if you can. we're making calls back in the newsroom to get an update on the situation for you. investigators continue to warn kids an their parents about a man trying to lure young girls into his van by using pokemon go. >> vanessa: police say the 11-year-old girls were playing on lady slipper road in bridgewater on saturday when a
6:25 pm
they would like to get in the van and play pokemon go. the drier had tatoos on his chest and arm. >> blair: threatening graffiti was left at a skate park over the weekend. the message was kill cops. while police believe the message could be made by a teenager, but they are taking seriously. >> blair: the graffiti has since been removed from the park. >> vanessa: new hampshire state police are joining the investigation into allegations of sexual misconducts at phillips exeter academy. the rockingham county attorneys office is leading the investigation with assistance from the state police. some of these allegations go back decades. exeter police have released 28 cases that have been opened and closed in the wake of multiple media inquiry. >> mark: at. >> blair: at 6:00 p.m., if
6:26 pm
he is running for president in eight years and some facebook posts, schilling commented about how fraudulent the democratic party is. is. a brave little boy makes a life-saving decision. >> vanessa: his quick actions when he saw his little brother have an allergic reaction that could have killed him. >> mark: a man is accused taking pictures up a an mbta bus. how he got into a lot more trouble when police asked to look at his cellphone. >> vanessa: we continue to follow breaking news in princeton, where neighbors are being told to be very careful, because a killer is on the loose. >> right now we have an active homicide investigation going on. you can't be too careful. >> vanessa: what we've learned
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us tonight at 6:30 p.m., we continue to follow breaking news. right now, police are asking the public for help finding the person who killed a young woman. she wept out for a jog an never came home. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> blair: i'm blair miller. sources are telling fox 25 vanessa marcotte may have been raped and had burns on her body when she was found in a wooded area, less than half a mile from her mother's home in princeton.
6:30 pm
following the latest with that investigation. >> the reporter: yeah, the district attorney tells us that what is particularly concerning about all of this is that they don't know if this was a random crime or not. so tonight, they are warning members of the community to be vigilant and to travel in pairs, while vanessa marcotte's killer remains on the loose. now police tell us that marcotte, who was traveling here for the weekend, from new york city, was last seen yesterday at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, going for a ru investigators say some time over the next three hours, marcotte was apparently abducted from the area, and possibly sexually assaulted. police say after a massive search are a k-9 let them to marcotte's body in the woods about a half mile from her mother's house. sources tell fox 25, marcotte's body had burn marks on her head and feet, and she may have been set on fire. the district attorney calls it "a horrible set of circumstances," and he's warning everyone who lives here to be
6:31 pm
of princeton and the surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution, we're asking the public to be careful and to be vigilant. >> the reporter: marcotte was living in new york city, and working for google. she had grown up in the area in lempster, and is a graduate of boston university. and tonight, her employers at google tell us that they are incredibly saddened by this news, saying that marcotte was a beloved team member, not only for her easy smile, but also we're live in princeton, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: it is so hard to get your head around a case like this. at 5:30 p.m., we spoke with criminologist jack levin for his take on a possible motive in this horrible crime. >> nowadays, it's much more likely that the killer's motive was to gain a thrill, an excitement by deciding whether the victim lives or dies, and
6:32 pm
sexual abuse here also indicates to me that it's much more likely that this was a stranger, someone the victim didn't know, who decided that he was going to have a good time at the victim's expense. >> vanessa: levin went on to say the attacker may have tried to burn the victim to dehumanize her and to hide evidence. >> blair: now to our other top stories. more questions after fox 25 investigates uncovered millions on empty buildings, on an island in boston harbor. we showed you how the city continues to pay for maintenance in long island, even the homeless and drug addiction programs were moved off the island, almost two years ago. critics tell us tonight, they are concerned that the city has no long-term plan for the build, since its bridge to the island has been destroyed. fox 25 investigates eric rasmussen is put together some new findings, that's coming up tonight for the news at
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college baseball from massachusetts killed while playing pokemon go over the weaned in california. calvin riley is a lowell native and standout ball player who moved to the san francisco area, just about five years ago. >> blair: fox 25's crystal haynes went to lowell and spoke with people who knew calvin growing up and remembering him tonight. >> he was fun loving, he was very, very outgoing boy, friendly kind of guy, a guy you would like to have as a friend. >> the reporter: 20-year-old lowell native calle republican lawmakers vilely being remembered as a guy's guide, even in middle school at witnesses say he spent his last hours with friends, before he was shot and killed playing pokemon go in san francisco's aquatic park around 10:00 p.m. saturday night. >> it was random. they said that no words were exchanged and there was no reason for the killing and this they really were innocently out hanging out and someone just for absolutely no reason pulled out a gun, shot them and left. >> the reporter: brock riley, no relation, guy up playing baseball with calvin and remembers his incredible talent.
6:34 pm
loved in lowell and everybody loved his family. they did so much for baseball in lowell. >> the reporter: calvin's father coached little league in lowell and the rileys became a fixture in the community before they left for the west coast about five years ago. brock tells me sean riley landed a dream coaching job. calvin would have been a sophomore in fall at college, a college that produced 20 major league players in 2010. calvin was studying can i niecology and the oldest of three siblings. his cousin set up a gofundme page that raised over $40,000 for his funeral expenses. reporting in lowell, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a father has been officially charged in the murder of his own daughter in new bedford last month. 19-year-old sabrina desilva was
6:35 pm
her father, 45-year-old walter desilva was arrested in connecticut on friday on a probation violation. he waived extradition back to massachusetts today. in 2002, desilva was convicted of attempted murder for trying to kill sabrina's mother. >> blair: a level two sex offender, facing charges, accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt when he was on an mbta bus. police found other disturbing content on that man's phone. bob ward was in charleston district court when that man was char upskirting. >> the reporter: 51-year-old mark barry of everett is accused of reporting upskirt images of a woman on an mbta bus as she sat right next to her teenage daughter. mbta police say it happened friday morning, on board an everett to charlestown bus. mbta police say they have bus surveillance video showing barry sitting across from the woman and her daughter and manipulating his cellphone camera in the direction of the woman's crotch. afterwards, a witness told investigators, she saw barry
6:36 pm
according to this police report, barry admitted taking and deleting the images, and he even apologized to police, telling them, he is in counseling for "his condition": according to this mbta police report, mark barry is already ra registered level two sex offender, who is on probation for possession of child porn. at barry's everett home, police found images of other victims of upskirting and they also found something else. child porn. in charlestown disdistrict court, a judge ordered mark barry held on $100,000 cash bail. in charlestown, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: turning now to the weather, it is a beautiful night here in the city of boston, but jason is telling us the heat and humidity and even a chance of severe weather is coming back later this week. jason. >> jason: my number one concern with that would be the flash flooding concerns, toward the latter part of the week. right now, we're in great shape. temperatures have been in the
6:37 pm
locations, except a few upper 70's there, right along the immediate coast and right now it's 81 if boston and the dew point is low in the 50's, so it feels dry and comfortable. let's take a look at our hour-by-hour north shore forecast for the evening. lower 60's by midnight. down into the lower 60's at 4:00 a.m. and then bottoming out even in the 50's in a lot of those inland lower lying spots, we'll be in the 60's in the city overnight tonight. light winds, clearly skies ago, little of that patchy fog inland. when i come back, i'm about the return of the oppressive humidity and my concerns with the heavy rain potential straight ahead. >> blair: the body of a man who died trying to save his dog has now been pulled from water. crews retrieved the 54-year-old earlier today from a river in franconia notch. authorities say the man died this weekend while trying to rescue one of thinks dogs who jumped over board while they were boating in the river. the man began to struggle and life jackets were thrown to him but he could not reach them. he was seen with the dog on his
6:38 pm
>> vanessa: a driver struck by a bicyclist in duxbury. duxbury fire department tweeting out this picture of the scene on route 53 in birch street around 11:00 a.m. this morning. we are still waiting to hear that person's condition and if the driver will face any charges. >> blair: boston police confirm to us tonight a liquor store damaged by a car overnight is structurally sound. the driver of this s.u.v. pulled out of the parking lot of top liquor in hyde park after midnight. that s.u.v. clipped another car, and that car hit the building. no one was seriously >> vanessa: sean gardener due in court later this month on charges of dwi, assault and child endangerment. police received a call for help from a woman in the car on 93 south last night. troopers say they stopped that car in hooksett and found gartner at the wheel. police are looking for the man in these photos, he's wanted for passing counterfeit cash at a wal-mart in rochester, new hampshire. if you can identify the man seen
6:39 pm
>> blair: help is now on the way for the east bridgewater police department. that department put this the new hire is bringing that department back to full staffing after a number of retirements in the last year. east bridgewater now has 21 full-time police officers. >> vanessa: new rules for ride share companies in massachusetts take effect today. the law signed friday forces drivers to pass the state run background check and they must also carry insurance coverage. ride share companies will have to pay the state 20 cents per ride. the law does not require fingerprinting. >> blair: a number o ridge park casino. the state gaming commission found 20 violations during an unannounced check in spring. among those violations, more than two drinks being served to patrons at once, and unsecured refrigerator doors. >> vanessa: new regulations for the tobacco industry in massachusetts and across the country the current rules have been expanded to include all e-cigarettes, cigars and hukas. under the guidelines t will be illegal to sell those products to anyone under the age of 18.
6:40 pm
the complete guidelines, and the punishment for anyone who breaks the law. >> blair: a local burger chain has a beef with chipotle over a logo controversy. tasty burger says chipotle's planned rollout of the known tasty made brand is new similar. chipotle recently started the noor chain. it says chipotle has continue to use the name and logo. chipotle is moving forward with the brand. a popular local steakhouse. boston chops will open in downtown boston. boston chops is known for the unique meat preparations an the owners say you similar creative dishes and creative menu at their new space. >> jason: if you liked this morning's wake up weather in the 50's and 60's, they have one more night of it before we turn up the heat and the humidity. i'm also timing our heavy rain threat straight ahead.
6:41 pm
knew exactly what to do when his little brother started after an allergic reaction that could have killed him. his proud mother tells fox 25 how the brave little boy made a brave, life-saving move. you're watching fox 25 news at
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6:44 pm
>> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., the animal rescue league was able to save the swan at worcester lake with a hook in its neck. the swap was taken in to have the hook removed and is expected to be ok. rescuers say they had to paddle how in a kayak to reach the swan in distress. >> blair: quite the chase new at 6:00 p.m. this neighborhood after a pack
6:45 pm
the five sheep made themselves at home. they are right in the cul-de-sac. neighbors say they've been going house to house, yard to yard, hanging out. apparently altogether in this video. no one has been able to catch them an they are still on the lam. >> vanessa: they look pretty comfortable out there, tonight they. new at 6:00 p.m., the pint sized hero jumped into action when thinks little brother needed him the most and now his proud mother is sharing the story with fox 25 news after a very scary experience had a happy ending. >> blair: as hopkins reports, 11-year-old xavier knew exactly what to do. >> it's one of those rare moments where you get as a parent, you realize you're doing something right. >> the reporter: laura beams with pride as she explains how her son xavier rushed to the son of his little brother. >> i'm with a pillow on the floor, and i woke up -- and i told him that i need to -- i
6:46 pm
put him inside. >> you did a good job. >> on friday, the 4-year-old was having a reaction to a cracker he had eaten. marquis is highly allergic to nuts an other foods. xavier recognized what was happening and raced two blocks home, rushing to his grandmother's house to administer an epipen. >> allergic reactions can progress very quickly and once you get behind the 8-ball, it's hard to stabilize the patient. so the's mind that this definitely made a difference, and it quite possibly could have saved his brother's life. >> the reporter: a big move for a little boy. >> just so thankful that he was able to just think quickly and without fear, because i came and he was just -- it was just so fearless. >> the reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> blair: apparently this mother had gone over with xavier, this is what you do if i'm not here and as parents, that's what you hope happens and to happen like this. >> vanessa: he followed through.
6:47 pm
the book about the man who inspired the ice burke challenge is coming out next year. >> blair: it's called "challenge" and being put together by authors of boston strong. the book will take a closer look at pete frates struggle with a.l.s. and how the baseball captain and his family launched the 2014 ice bucket challenge, raising millions of dollars for research. challenge is due out in the fall of 2017. >> jason: right now we are clear skies in southern new england, just a couple of high clouds around, nantucket and the vineyard making for a pretty sunset on the way. nice backdrop. you can see where the rain is, the southeastern quadrant of the u.s. just getting pounded by this swirl of low pressure coming through, and in part, some of that moisture headed our way, starting by the middle of the week and on into the end of the week too. but right now, we're in good shape. mid and upper 70's, cape and islands. marblehead at 72 degrees. the lower 80's in boston, and
6:48 pm
still, some low 80's hanging around lempster, barry, worcester at 80 degrees. new ipswich at 78 at this hour. our overnight lows will be down in the 50's, in those typically cooler spots inland, like norwood, framingham, orange, keene, and we'll see middle 60's in boston, upper 50's portsmouth, with 60 to 65 vineyard, nantucket u and cape cod. now, high temperatures tomorrow, just a touch warmer than today. on to the mid and upper 80's, in most of worcester county. anwe plymouth county, with temperatures 80 to 85 along the south shore. and as we head into essex county, we'll see numbers in the lower 80's, most spots, however, cooler closer to the coast, with a sea breeze developing, with upper 80's as you go farther westward toward haverhill. lowell, you're the a 87. concord, waltham, 87. foxborough in the upper 80's. cape cod, chatham, barnstable, upper 70's for you and near 80 on the vineyard tomorrow.
6:49 pm
tomorrow. it will be another great day with low humidity. mostly sunny skies. then on wednesday, we've got to start to ramp the rain chance back up. midday into the afternoon. clouds, heat, humidity, building, then on thursday, it's hot and humid, but i don't expect much rain. there's not going to be a real trigger for any storms on thursday. then by friday, a new front approaching, and so we'll have to ramp that rain chance back up. now, we've talked about the moisture potential, it's building in during the day wednesday, an we're going to star rain first in western mass by the middle part of the day and then it makes its way eastward during the midday and afternoon hours as well. best coverage, on wednesday, looks to be from boston north and westward. cape and islands may stand to be a bit drier on wednesday. as we're looking ahead, we'll be fine tuning that. let's track the deep moisture. this is critical, because, of course, moisture, the number one ingredient for rain, but landlords, for heavy vein, and this is what we have to watch it time of the year.
6:50 pm
dry zone, but watch here, on in to wednesday, we start to see those deeper reds and oranges right over southern new england. then we get a little break as it pushes away on thursday. so the rain chance drops again, but then on friday, all this surge of deep tropical moisture is right overhead, and that's where we had the locally heavy rain threat in a few spots that get repeated rains over the next several days, would see some localized flooding concerns. there's your seven day though. enjoy tomorrow, upper 80's lookinggr stays with us, right through the upcoming weekend. >> blair: president obama's vacation, over on martha's vineyard, now in full swing. literally. we told you last night at 10:00 p.m., how he hit the links. the players from the l.a. clippers. today, he showed the golden state warriors some love. playing a round of golf with seth currie and his dad, dell currie. they played at oak lawn bluffs along with longtime obama
6:51 pm
>> i have the full update from rio, plus, butch stearns had his eye on the boss today, because it seems every day bill belichick ha ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
6:52 pm
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ladecky. so the beat goes on for the patriots. they're going to be ramped up tomorrow when the saints go to town for a couple of days of joint practices. thousands of fans packing the seats every day in foxborough. butch stearns was there today with his eye on the boston. >> on monday at training camp,
6:54 pm
around overseeing everything. while his positional coaches run practice. but don't think that doesn't mean that belicheck's presence isn't felt by his players. >> oh, yeah, you definitely know he's there and the moment when you think he's not there, he'll pop up right behind you. you know what, i don't even exactly know what he does, but people give him credit. you have to ask him on what exactly he's doing that day. >> what belicheck is doing is delegate l. in one corner, brian day bold running the ti 66, brian stork, back from concussion issues. working with the o-line under the wisdom of dante. >> he's an excellent coach. amazing respect for the guy. >> we're working hard and he's leading that charge. >> the reporter: most encouraging, how julian edelman looks. you know he's feeling good, because he's yapping at everybody. >> you like that about him, he's a competitor, he competes every
6:55 pm
makes us better. >> man, i got a lot of time to train with julian when we were both missing a couple days, and he's just a competitor, he brings that edge to an offense. >> the reporter: in foxborough, butch stearns, fox 25 sports. >> since 2000, michael phelps has been blowing us away at the olympics. this is his fifth olympics games and last night, the 19th time he stood atop the medal stand that incredible turn second leg gave the u.s. team breathing room. he was qualifying for the 200-meter butterfly. he'll advance to compete in the semis and if he advances then, he'll be competing tomorrow night, going for his 20th goal medal. and aly raisman will join simone biles in the battle for all-around gold. aly finished fourth if a technicality four years ago, so she is fired up and ready to go
6:56 pm
all around and team are the medals she's going for. you have to keep an eye on ary's parents. -- aly's parents. lynn and rick, squirming every time aly is out there competing. if you have kids, you can only imagine what it's like to see them compete on the world stage. when my daughters are playing softball or soccer, i'm a mess, but can you imagine what it would be like if your daughter is competing in the olympics, they're fun to watch. >> it was like that the whole time while she was doing that. >> vanessa: just like going through the >> there's going to be a dance move pretty soon. >> hysterical. >> >> vanessa: she was on fire last night. she was. >> she's driven, she wants to get this done. she really got the short end of the stick, finishing fourth place in the race. we wish her well. >> vanessa: humidity is coming back.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
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