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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the reporter: at the westminster police station, the chief tells me, the phone has been ringing offer the hook. calls from women looking for pepper spray. >> we have been getting calls the last couple of days, an increase in >> the reporter: indeed, the murder of a jogger has fueled outrage in this small town in central massachusetts, a place where people freely walk, run or hike. >> keeping a phone on you definitely, and i have mace, you know, because i am concerned. >> you are always concerned with carrying weapons, because you have training with weapons, because the weapons can be turned and used on you. >> the reporter: a rad instructor, rape, aggression
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including something very basic, being aware of your surround,, and he says, don't advertise your daily running routine to everyone. just a few people. >> people can search and see that you run, you know, the same route every tuesday. >> the reporter: coming up at 6:00 p.m., i can tell you, we spoke with the officer at length and he is telling me that he has five ways, five suggestions on how women can protect themselves. we'll bring that to you at 6: sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: sharman, thank you. here again is the special tip line, investigators want you to call if you have any information about vanessa marcotte's death. we also have the number listed on our web site, and on our social media pages, if you would like to share it. our team will be out in princeton all night long to bring you any breaking details as they come in. >> blair: now at 5:00 p.m., a story you'll see only on fox 25. a group of street performers, stop a disturbing sex crime at
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assaulted while watching the performance and tonight, that suspect is on house arrest, thanks to those dancers. fox 25 robert goulston has been working on the story all day, live at faneuil hall, with exclusive details on this arrest. robert. >> the reporter: bob, yeah, that disturbing scene unfolded right on the edge of faneuil hall, where they do the street performances shows that many people stop and watch. one just wrapped up here. this show on sunday ended with the performers going committed a disgusting crime. the breeze team is all about the right moves. on sunday, -- >> they were doing a single ladies. i heard her scream. >> the reporter: police say the group's moves helped them make an arrest. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> i seen people running, then i saw a guy running. >> the reporter: police say that man, jamie august layer, did an
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young teenage girl and he was also apparently filming his activity with his phone. the girl's family, visiting from spain, started pointing and yelling what the man did and that he was trying to get away. >> so i chased him down, i tripped him. >> the reporter: police say the breeze team grabbed the suspect and held him, until officers arrived. >> i had him like this. >> i had him like this. those moves, those moves. >> the reporter: they also grabbed the man's phone and saw the videos of what he was allegedly doing behind the girl. >> picked the phone up, i say, that kind of bugs me out. >> the reporter: the family tracked down the breeze team a couple of hours later. >> they came back, over here and gave us love. it's going to be part of this. >> you have to do at that moment. >> you know, if you see something wrong, you know you've got to do it. >> the reporter: and the suspect is from framingham, he was ordered to go under house arrest while this case is being sorted out. he's also being ordered to wear
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with the breeze team, what they're doing at their shows to try to make sure this never happens again. we are live at faneuil hall in boston, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: developing right now, fans at fenway getting some disappointing news, they won't be taking home any of these. big papi bobble heads. the red sox cancelling the giveaway this afternoon, because they say the dolls are racially insensitive. butch stearns is joining us more with how the promotion went wrong. >> the red sox-yankees series was supposedto reasons. alex rodriguez is in town and it's possibly his last trip to fenway as a player ever, but then, this david ortiz bobblehead story rears up and trump ups everything. this is the picture in a tweet the red sox sent out yesterday. the first 15,000 fans were going to get this david ortiz bobblehead, paying homage to these -- his iconic moment, talking to the fenway crowd after the marathon in 2013. instead, these were the bobble heads that were delivered to
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inriva of those bobble heads, sox president sam kennedy deemed them offensive and racially insensitive. this is the video that we shot with our fox 25 cameras, here are the bobblehead dolls being put back in to the truck and sent back to where they came from. now, no word right now on the miscommunication that was or is happening, but there will be no bobble heads tonight at fenway, although a-rod is speaking right no conference at fenway as a player and this is his final week, vanessa. >> vanessa: butch, remember, you can watch a-rod's last game on fox 25, the yankees play the rays in new york friday night. the pregame begins at 7:00 p.m., first pitch, 7:30 p.m. that will be followed by fox 25 news starting at 10:30 p.m. >> blair: a dry and sunny day across boston today, but we are tracking some midweek storms. storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer is in for kevin and jason, the humidity and chance of thunderstorms, it all comes
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cranking up, bob, and right now, enjoy, we're in good shape. just the high clouds coming across the sky, as you saw there, from our beacon hill view of the state house. moisture is buildintog our west though. really watching all this coming together over the ohio valley. in fact, begin to see a cluster of storms developing tonight, i'll go ahead and track them with storm tracker radar and we'll time them out for your day tomorrow. right now, we're just waiting on things to start getting organized. temperatures 76 in boston. dew point has come up just a niles. in fenway this evening, we're in good shape weatherwise. 7:10 p.m., upper 70's. a light south-southeast wind as the sea breeze weakens throughout the game tonight. humidity cranking up overnight and i'll time that storm threat for tomorrow coming up. >> blair: a maldin assistant teacher and coach is free on personal recognizance tonight, charged with raping a special needs student. prosecutors say steven mcdonald raped that 16-year-old student while helping him use the bathroom at maldin high.
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kill his mother if he did not comply with his demands. now, mcdonald pleaded not guilty and ran away from our cameras when we asked for his side of the story. his lawyer says the married father of two will clear his name. >> a story that's being told by the alleged victim is an incredible, unbelievable story, and it will all come out at time. >> blair: the maldin school superintendent stayed in a statement today, the indictment is deeply concerning, and they're cooperating with the investigation. now, the judge ordered mcdonald to stay 18 years old. >> vanessa: sky fox over the rain ham-taunton line, where we're learning more about a woman found unresponsive. first responders rushed that woman to the hospital. no word on her condition. police dogs are reportedly searching the area near thrasher street, for the possibility of another woman in the woods. we have calls out to police and we'll get you more information as soon as it comes in. >> blair: sharon police need help finding this man, who is accused of raping a child.
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be living in sharon, but also has ties to norwood, new york, and new jersey. there are multiple warrants out for his arrest. police released these pictures, but didn't give any details about the crimes that he's wanted for. >> vanessa: we are getting new details at 5:00 p.m. about a deadly wrong way crash that happened on the mass pike in southborough. police tell us a 28-year-old rutland man pulled into the breakdown rain before midnight, made a u-turn and started driving the wrong way down the pike west. he sideswiped an s.u.v. before hitting another s.u.v., he died at the scene. six others were taken to the hospital. ?? l suffered serious injuries. right now, investigators are trying to figure out why he turned around. >> blair: oily rags left in trash bags are to blame for a fire that destroyed a brownstone in south boston. this fire started on east 4th street last night, and we were on scene as it was breaking on our news at 10:00 p.m. firefighters found heavy flames shooting cant brownstone that was under construction.
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both sides. no one was hurt but five people who live next door were forced from their home. the fire caused an estimated $1 million in damage. >> vanessa: a newborn in texas a has become the state's first zika-related death. health officials say the baby girl was born with a condition caused by the zika virus, in which a child's head is abnormally small. the baby's motr to alel salvador during her pregnancy and that's when >> if we traveled to el salvador, and that includes a pocket in miami, that we are taking all the precautions we need to take at home here as well. >> vanessa: test results returned positive for zika. that baby died shortly after birth. >> mark: a disturbing crime sending shock waves through a local community. >> disgusting. >> blair: a stranger accused of sexually assaulting a woman
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>> kevin: 9. >> 90 in nashua. humidity remains low, especially for tomorrow. timing the storm threats. >> vanessa: a republican senator from new england says she cannot
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>> vanessa: let's check out the roads now with our live drivetime traffic. here's a live look at the expressway. traffic moving slowly, heading south to the split. let's go to the maps now where
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chelsea curves to revere, then pretty heavy through the saugus stretch. let's take a look at the live drivetime. leverett connector, to 495, 30 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 36 minutes and the ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, average speed about 35 miles per hour that, will take you 20 minutes. >> blair: delta airlines is struggling to recover more than a day after being hit by a worldwide computer outage. at least 400 flights are cancelled, and more than 700 delayed today. this were simply scrubbed on monday. this afternoon, the company blamed the problems on a power issue at its command center in atlanta. delta is offering refunds and $200 travel vouchers to people whose flights were cancelled or delayed at least three hours. a senator from new england says, she will not be voting for donald trump this election season. >> vanessa: as joel waldman
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worried about trump. >> the reporter: add susan collins to those not supporting trump this november. collins accuse. trump of not representing historical republican values and believes he's "incapable of change or growth." she goes on to write, mr. trump's lack of self-restraint and his barrage of ill informed comments would make an already perilous world even more so. >> he's running against washington insiders. you just heard from all the washington insiders. these are all th policy form the last eight, ten years, and -- 12 years. >> the reporter: collins, who for years, chaired the senate homeland security committee is not the only republican worried about trump's temperament. yesterday, 50 prominent national security officials signed on to a letter stating trump is dangerous and a threat to national security. >> i think events of the past couple weeks really crescendo to the point that mass security officials who served together
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the piling on came the very same day, a little known former c.i.a. officer and republican congressional staffer, evan mcmullen decided to launch its own long shot third-party presidential bid. meanwhile, hillary clinton continues house of representatives swing through florida today, where polls still show a razor-thin race between her and donald trump. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> blair: florida is important in every presidential election, but the state is changing politically, it's not your grandfather's florida anmo campaigns want -- they want are nearly three million independents. data shows that those independents are young and part of the new influx of residents drawn to work and not retirement. gone are the days when a candidate could only talk social security. young voters have concerns, including job, environment and student loans. we're just a few months out now from the presidential debates, and hillary clinton is promising to participate in three of them. she's urging donald trump to do
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stick with fox 25 for complete coverage on air and on line. >> vanessa: a in order redding woman accused of defacing a donald trump is apologizing for what she did. susan bryant is charged with four counts of defacing property and assault. take a look at some of her work. the homeowner in andover says bryant has damaged signs on his property before. he also says she nearly ran him over when he tried to confronts her. bryant's attorney told the judge, he wants to pay to replace the sign and >> here's a look at our satellite-radar picture over the last three hours. no rain, just some of these high, thicker clouds, now coming by. really should make for a pretty sunset, some of these photographers hopefully will tweet in a few pictures to my account and be happy to share them with you tonight on fox 25, but we're looking good for right now. humidity remains in check, we're sitting in the upper 70's and
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70 in marblehead, 76 at logan. 89 in norwood. 90 in waltham. so just a little bit away from the water, and we're heating up. but again, with humidity remaining low to 90 in nashua, but rather nice compared to what we'll be dealing with for the end of the week. be get ready, it's going to be coming back, 83 in worcester. dew point in the 40's in fitchburg and bedford, so that's just down right dry. you see the coast, we have some of those dewpoints in the low 60's due to that ocean air. but that's still not let's track the increase in the moisture level in the atmosphere over the next 12 to 24 hours. here's a look at tomorrow morning. it's going to be feeling a little stickier with the numbers in the middle 60's. here's a look at tomorrow afternoon. 70 to 72 in a lot of spots on the dew point scale, so that's going to put up into the oppressive territory, so get ready for the very humid feel to the air, it will be with us not only tomorrow but on into the upcoming weekend.
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because we're going to be fine, dry weather, no rain, that's the sea breeze will taper off through the evening and temperatures will be in the middle 70's all the greater boston area there, toward 9:00 p.m. now, overnight, not as cool, clouds will be building in, slowly but surely, we'll also have a light south and southwest wind flow, bringing in a little more humidity, and so that spells for a warmer night. not as comfortable as last night, but seasonable with the 60's. 50's are just about out of the high temperatures tomorrow, in the low and middle 80's. we'll see a few 70's closer to the coastline, but with the humidity factored in, it's going to feel more like the upper 80's to around 90 degrees, especially as we get a few peeks of that steamy sunshine out there and tomorrow, this is the area to be if you want to stay dry longest, because it's going to take a little longer to get rain down to the cape and islands for tomorrow, compared to the rest of the area. we are dry and sunny right now. overnight, clouds building, the
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showing us this heavy area of showers, potentially embedded thunderstorms developing over upstate new york tomorrow morning. making its way across vermont and new hampshire during the midday hours. parts of central mass getting in on the rain prior to lunchtime. then it makes its way east ward, right through the afternoon. so scattered, locally heavy rain around after sunset it fades, one or two leftover showers possible. then it's hazy, hot and readings near 100 degrees, as we get a lull in the rain. friday, more storms on the way into the weekend, could get a little cooler sunday, stay with us, we'll keep you posted. >> blair: new at 5:00 p.m., search teams have recovered the data recorder from the cargo ship el faro. according to the national transportation safety board. that ship sank last fall during hurricane joachim. all 33 people on board were
5:22 pm
navigate navigation data and communications between crew members on the ship.pokemon go e may have gone players are showing up at the site of the night club fire. 100 people lost their liveswhate people behind the game to do. >> blair: plus, you might think massachusetts has the worst drivers in the country.
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>> vanessa: new hampshire state police say this man was drunk when he crashestopped in a cons. the crash happened6 milton earl. donald pierce is being held in protective custody until his court date later tivhis moing os was taken to hospital. he is expected to be ok. >> blair: new at 5:00 p.m., a proposed muslim cemetery in one local town has been delayed. the town of dudley continued a public hearing on a deal to block that cemetery, continued until august 22nd. under the deal, the town would buy the property to keep the cemetery from being developed. the islamic society of greater worcester is hoping to establish the state's largest muslim cemetery there and is fighting the town in boston land court. a federal judge ruled today that former illinois governor rod bogusevic will serve his
5:26 pm
committing a variety of corrupt acts, including trying to sell president obama's former illinois u.s. senate seat. the appellate court threw out five of the conviction counts against him and ordered him to be resentenced. but that's bad news for hill. he's about halfway through that original term now, but it looks like he's going to have to serve the full time. >> vanessa: bogusevic, we haven't heard that name in a while. >> blair: we haven't seen the hair in a while. >> vanessa: known for that good hair, first thing i spotted when the video came up. down 3 cents this week, bringing them to the lowest point since april. the average price for a gallon of regular, $2.05 a gallon, 7 cents below the national average and 40 cents cheaper than this time last year. it has been more than a decade since prices have been this low during the summer. we're used to seeing massachusetts at the top of this list, but tonight, we're at the bottom of the states with the worst drivers. massachusetts was ranked 48th. florida, mississippi, and oklahoma round out the top
5:27 pm
as the rate of insured drivers, deadly crashes and how many times people there googled speeding tickets. hard to believe we're at the bottom right? >> blair: i'm very surprised by that. i figured top ten easy. >> vanessa: a young boy died on a water slide and exactly what happened to him remains a mystery. >> blair: but tonight, there are calls for more regulation. >> vanessa: at the end of the day, regardless of how thrilling the ride is, it needs to be safe. >> blair: the only inspection one employee says they routinely perform. employees turn the stables on some robbers. what they noticed that told them, it was time to attack. >> blair: and it was a disturbing story. an elderly woman assaulted in her own home, how police track down a suspect with just a few words from the victim about what
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>> vanessa: still no arrest tonight in the murder of vanessa marcotte she was killed on sunday in princeton. we heard from the worcester county district attorney within the last hour. he told us the investigation is still in the early stages, but they >> we're still approaching this from every angle. we don't know if this was a random act. we cannot speak to that right now. again, we're asking the citizens of princeton to use an abundance of caution. >> vanessa: a special tip line has been launched to help find the person who killed marcotte. police want to hear from people who may have seen anything suspicious sunday afternoon in the area where she went out for a jog near her mother's home in princeton. meanwhile, the princeton community will come together for a vigil tonight, it is scheduled
5:31 pm
congressional church. >> blair: boston police believe they have caught the man behind a terrifying crime. he's accused of breaking into a woman's home and sexually assaulting her. >> vanessa: elizabeth hopkins is here now and it turns out, he's a known criminal with very disturbing past. >> elizabeth: he is. the suspect is a level 3 registered sex offender and he was picked up by boston police last night after they say his d.n.a. matched a swab taken from the victim. the news sent shock waves through hingham. 79-year-old assaulted by a stranger who broke into her home. it happened late last month when the suspect came in through a first floor window. the victim providing information that produced this sketch. prosecutors believe he is this man -- 65-year-old donald j. galvin of roxbury. not happy to see our fox 25 news camera. in court, the prosecutor outlined the gravity of the
5:32 pm
sex offender. he was located when the state police crime lab matched him with d.n.a. evidence collected at the scene. news disturbing to residents of hingham. >> inside your own home, is there anywhere sacred anymore? that's disgust, there's no words for it. i just hope she's ok, and will recover from this. >> elizabeth: galvin is being held, pend ago dangerousness hearing. due back in court august 11th. >> weather tracker team is tracking storms on the way for wednesday. no activity seen on the radar yet. just a comfortable day out there, but the meteorologist, jason brewer, hash watching the humidity, the clouds, all moving in overnight, creating the threat for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. >> >> jason: that's what we'll be watching out for bob, and this is what i'm watching right now, the moisture lurking back to our southwest. we have to go out here to ohio to start to determine what could happen down the line, so it's going to get more humid, we'll have the chance of storms
5:33 pm
building here, and if it retains and makes its way over into new york, then we could be tracking some rain tomorrow morning, entering western mass as you wake up with shiri. but let's enjoy tonight. fenway, looking fine. 7:10 p.m., first pitch, 79 degrees. humidity in check. not too high just yet. that changes overnight into tomorrow though. the timing on the rain, straight ahead. >> vanessa: all lanes of i-290 in shrewsbury state police say a man was killed after being hit by a tractor-trailer this morning. the crash happened on the westbound side between exits 23 and 22. the right lane was closed for a few hours. investigators say right now, it appears the man was trying to cross the highway at the time. >> blair: friends of lowell native and star college baseball player are mourning his death after he was killed while playing pokemon go in california. as we told you yesterday, police say 20-year-old calvin riley was
5:34 pm
in a san francisco park night. his family moved out wells, about five years ago. new tonight, his friends bay area say it's humor they wis the most. >> there's like no bad things about him, like he's always, like there to talk and he always i don't think i him frown once. >> blair: poliay been identified in this case. >> vanessa: relatives of the many killed and injured in the rhode island station fire are frustrated after deciding site is included in the popular pokemon go game. it's constantly being visited by players. new at 5:00 p.m. tonight, we are hearing from the victims. fox 25's blair miller has more on the action they want taken. >> the reporter: these stops are for the popular game, pokemon go. they've already been removed from a memorial site in hiroshima and the u.s. holocaust site in washington, d.c. people playing a game at the site of rhode island's deadly
5:35 pm
disrespectful. >> the reporter: david cane' son nicki was the youngest victim of the station night club fire which claimed the lives of 100 people in 2003, but now people are visiting the west warwick site for a reason other than reflection and prayer. the popular game, pokemon go, is using a site as a pokey site, a place where players of the virtual reality game can stock up on useful reality items. the game shows the club and says 200 people erroneousl d the family members and people connected to it are sensitive to it and causes quite a bit of angst. >> the reporter: cane's nephew, eric georgia lost his cousin in the fire. but he understands why they chose the site as a pokey site. he says he has mixed feelings about it. >> it may be bad in the sense that they're not coming out of republic expect for those that have passed, but i think maybe by being here, and establishing
5:36 pm
>> the reporter: cane's feelings are less ambiguous. >> i'm trying to get this site removedkemon go has not yet said if the station night club will be removed from the game. reporting live, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: animal rights activists launched a new protest against a local board of health. this follows the discovery of more than 1,000 animals living in disgusting conditions at a farm in westport. fox 25 confirmed town's public meeting. they called form the chairman to resign. the chairman of the board refused to step down. >> mark: the german shepherd who chewed off his own foot to try to free himself has a new home. the mspca says more than a thousand people wanted to adopt maverick. he was found in middleboro last month, where police believe he was tied up for weeks. maverick has been in his new home since thursday, recovering from surgery to his paw.
5:37 pm
>> vanessa: good for him. you did such a fantastic job with that story. >> mark: he's such a beautiful animal and it's so heartwarming to see people coming forward to try to help him. >> vanessa: we wish him the best. >> mark: well, a tough day for the patriots. two key players leave training camp early. >> vanessa: coming up all new at 6:00 p.m., butch stearns will be back to talk about their injuries and why one is particularly troubling. >> mark: vandals strike an outdoor art exhibit. the reason you won't even see the parks that were not damaged. >> vanessa: also shocking discovery made in one of the safe
5:38 pm
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>> vanessa: investigators still are not sure what caused a ferris wheel basket to tip over, sending three children falling to the ground in tennessee. it happened at a county fair last night in greenville. the riders fell 35 to 45 feet. a 6-year-old girl suffered a traumatic brain injury. the other two, ages 10 and 16, are alert and talking tonight. police say all the rides there will be shut down until they are inspected. >> t deal with thorough investigation, thorough inspection, because we want the fair to be safe and fun for everyone. >> vanessa: it is still unclear when the ferris wheel was last inspected. >> blair: the defense team for dylann roof is trying to get federal hate rhyme charges against their client dropped. roof is charged with killing nine people last june at a south carolina church. prosecutors say roof drove on interstate highways to and from charleston and he used a gun
5:41 pm
enough to charge him under federal laws. his lawyers say the prosecution has to prove the shooting affected interstate commerce. >> vanessa: some grocery store employees turned the tables on a would-be robber and it's all caught on. car engulfed ra. the suspect marched in, pulled a gun and demanded cash, but employees charged at him chase the guys out of the store. they eventually tackled one of the men. >> we noticed that the guns weren't real, so everybody started chasing after the guy and we actually were able to got away. >> vanessa: just three weeks ago, two similar looking guys tried to pull off the same thing and the manager chased them offer too. >> mark: a meth lab is discovered in one of the safest cities in the country. police in amherst, new york, say the lab was in a sewer line that runs underneath a wal-mart store. firefighters in full hazardous materials suits went down to the sewer to make sure the chemical did not explode. then, state troopers went underground to collect evidence. it all happened with shoppers
5:42 pm
>> it is concerning. it's unbelievable in this area too. >> mark: police are now searching for the suspects who built that lab. amherst is usually ranked in the top five on lists of safest cities in the country. >> jason: it won't be quite as fresh overnight as we have been, as humidity is on the rise. i'm also timing that shower and storm threat for your wednesday straight ahead. >> vanessa: taking a closer look at the ride safety in the wake of the death of a little boy in kansas. water park may not have been
5:43 pm
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students,
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. >> blair: polices loor being for the suspects who vandalized a hopkinton art exhibit. every year, the town holds an outdoor exhibit that features 120 artists. just hours after organizers set up the show, someone came through and damaged the art. one of the pieces was destroyed shortly after hopkinton residents helped the artists deliver the exhibit. >> i gave the girl a ride down
5:45 pm
and turned around and gave her a ride back, and within an hour and a half after that, it was vandalized. >> blair: the vandalism prompted a couple of artists to pull their larger pieces out of the show. the exhibit will still be up through late september. >> vanessa: the water park where a state lawmaker's 10-year-old son died on the world's largest water slide plans to reopen wednesday. police say caleb schwab died from a neck injury. new at 5:00 p.m., safety oversight. >> there are no federal requirements for oversight. >> the reporter: after the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy in kansas on the palace water slide on -- tallest water slide on earth, there are more calls for regulations over water parks and amusement parks. >> at the end of the day, regardless of how thrilling the ride is, it needs to be place. >> the reporter: police in kansas city, kansas, found caleb
5:46 pm
state legislator, died of a neck injury, but the exact circumstances are still under investigation. the family's pastor says they are now mourning his loss. >> so he's going to be missed for his energy, for his life, for his smile, for the way he lit up a room. he's an affectionate young man, he loved his dad, he was a hugger. >> the reporter: an employee of the water park, who didn't want to be identified, says there was very little training for water slide operators. >> the only inspections we've ever slides one time, saying, oh, it's ok. you're good to go for the rest of the day now. >> the reporter: theme parks have very little oversight, with no data on the number of injuries or fatalities at parks across the country. >> we all expect that. we go to a water park, we go to an amusement park and we are hoping to have a fun day but we're expecting to have a safe day and make sure that everyone comes home.
5:47 pm
wednesday, but faruk will remain closed. sara underwood, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: 11 square miles burned and only 6% contained. authorities are working around the clock to get control of this wildfire in southern california. schools and businesses have been closed and nearly 400 families have been evacuated. >> jason: all right. welcome back. temperat comfortable, we're going to see temperatures tomorrow on the order of the mid 70's to around 80 degrees for the cape and the islands. so not too bad on into our temperature forecast. it's the humidity that's going to start getting a little bit crazy around here by tomorrow, and it's not going to be going anywhere any time soon. so, let's go ahead and start with right now. we have mainly clear skies, a couple of high clouds moving in from time to time. but no rain with these. and we're going to keep it that
5:48 pm
wake up with shiri, she'll be likely watching western mass for some showers to be approaching because we're going to have to be watching what's going on to our west to impact us down the road. right now, enjoy your evening. temperatures are already down to 72 on nantucket. 77 hyannis. i have 70, marblehead. some of our cooler locations and look at this, haverhill and lowell, both at 91 degrees, right now. and those valley locations, maynard as well. in worcester county, a lot of still 90 in nashua, but again, humidity is low. these are the current dew point temperatures, and any time you receive 40's and 50's in -- see 40's and 50's in august, that feels dry. 60's at the coast, that's typical with a sea breeze. we'll all wake up to a bit muggier weather in the morning. dew point numbers in the middle 60's. and then look at what happens tomorrow afternoon. the dewpoints are rising, 70 or better, so that's when it starts to feel quite oppressive and we'll be seeing heat index
5:49 pm
the actual temperature. even though we have rain and clouds on the way, it's still going to be quite sticky and warm out there. not tonight though. looking good for the revs versus the chicago fire after 8:00 p.m., i expect temperatures to slip down into the upper 70's there. and we'll keep it dry for the evening. now, waking up tomorrow morning, we're not going to see a lot of 50's like we did this morning. we're wiping those away. it's going to be more humid, so likely not going to have that fresh sleeping weather like we've had as those clouds build in and the moisture rises, and temperatures, not actually as high as today, but with the humidity factored in, again, that's going to feel just as hot as today, if not hotter. there are the numbers for the cape and the islands. i wanted to show you those again, because tomorrow, i think this is the spot that stays driest longest, and has a better chance of staying a bit sunnier longer than the rest of us. clusters of showers and storms developing over the ohio valley, and the amount has been very consistent in drawing all this
5:50 pm
york tomorrow morning. and then we'll be watching as this cluster makes its way in to southern new england, midday through the afternoon. so scattered showers, a couple of storms embedded possible. downpours because the moisture level is going to be high, so we can get some quick half inch rain amounts as these are coming through. this is noontime, still mainly central and western mass, but then, shortly there half, everything is making its way eastward through the 5:00 p.m. hour, and a couple lingering showers are hanging around after quiet things down on wednesday night, and stay dry for most of thursday. but it is going to be hazy, hot, and humid on thursday, with heat index readings near 100 degrees. might have to have a heat advisory for that. here's another way to look at the moisture. you're looking for the orange colors and as they make their way into southern new england, you feel that stifling humidity and you boost your rain chance and that's what's going on, on into tomorrow and it's going to stay that way on into the upcoming weekend.
5:51 pm
storms each day, we're going to be watching the position of a front to dictate who gets the most rain in the upcoming weekend. we'll keep you posted as you get closer. >> blair: needham's own alraisman and the u.s. women's gymnastic team are going for the gold if the team competition in rio. it comes following a disappointing fifth place finish for the men yesterday. it's been eight years since the u.s. team won an olympic medal. u.s. swimmers remain golden, lily king finished first in 100-meter breast stroke. ryan murphy grabbed the gold in the 100-meter back stroke and an american has won that race at every olympics since 1992. the medal count -- 20 for the u.s.a. five gold, seven silver and eight bronze. well, if you've noticed the dark red circles on the olympians in rio, don't be alarmed. it's a pain relief method known as cupping, where you take warm round glass suction cups and
5:52 pm
recover faster. it's not a new technique. the practice dates back thousands of years. >> vanessa: if michael phelps does it, it works, huh, bob. the lights are on, but no one is home. boston spending more than $5 million on an island that's practically abandoned. tonight, fox 25 investigates sits down with boston mayor marty walsh. we show him what our investigation uncovered and we ask for answers. and some red sox fans, they love to hate him. a-rod is back at fenway >> sox-yankees at fenway. the excitement is it building and red sox fans, they're ready to say goodbye to the one yankee they might actually miss. >> vanessa: and the scandal at the ballpark before tonight's sox-yankees game.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
every day, you're thankful for the ones you love. and every day you promise to protect them. off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company ? ? ? ? sfx: crowd cheering ? ?
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>> mark: a self-driving car may have saved the life of a missouri man during an
5:56 pm
pain in his chesley. the car was in pilot mode, the car maintains speed and brakes when necessary in that mode, but the car moving while neily was in severe pain. >> i called my wife and said something wasldn't breathe, i was gasping. >> blair: the car took him close to a hospital and neily was able to drive the last few blocks to the emergency room. he suffered a pulmonary wo killed him if he didn't get to . general motors is testing self-driving cars on the streets of arizona. testing of self-driving, electric chevy bolts began in scottsdale about two weeks ago. it is the second city for g.m.'s real world test. the volts have been driving around san francisco since may although the cars can drive on their own, they all have people as backup drives just in case. >> vanessa: imagine never going to the drugstore to get all the medicine you need.
5:57 pm
for medications but that's not all. doctors would be able to see patients through skype or some other call system. doctors then send medicine right to their door, using a drone. the system is being tested in maryland. >> we're a perfect locale for doing rural project development, because the population is willing to participate, number one, but also, we are -- our unique characteristics are applicab in otheres: now if alls early 2017. twitter is looking to share its headquarters. the company looking to sublease a quarter of its san francisco headquarters. the price is listed as negotiable. twitter is always looking for more ways to use its office space effectively. >> mark: a. >> blair: a new study says it's better for teens to play video games all day, than to spend time on social media. the research those that teens who play video games regularly
5:58 pm
teens who spent more time on their facebook feeds or other social media, well, they scored less than average. the study's author says based on the results on-line games could improve teaching methods. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., local researchers say if you want to live longer, eat more plant based row teens. researchers at harvard and mass general found people who ate a lot of red meat are more likely to die sooner than people who get protein from plant sources. they suggest eating more chicken and and burgers, as well as whole grain nuts and cereal. >> the reporter: a town on edge, and still no answers, two days after a jogger is found brutally murdered on the side of a road. what investigators are asking from you. vanessa's murders leaving a lot women worried about their safety. the five ways to protect yourself when you go out for a walk or a run. >> a fiasco at fenway park. big papi bobblehead night
5:59 pm
what caused this big mistake. a man accused of a sex crime at faneuil hall. >> the reporter: a big scare at pats training camp. >> patriots practice gets off on its wrong foot. a frustrated julian edelman leaves the field, nursing the same foot he had surgery on. >> vanessa: first at 6:00 p.m., almost 48 hours later and still no answers about who murdered this jogger in princeton. investigators say hundreds of tips are coming in, but they're still asking for more help to find vanessa marcotte's killer. good evening, even vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm blair miller in for mark ockerbloom. police are asking people in the princeton area to be on the let. tonight, fox 25 has team coverage for you. malini basu is live in princeton, where a vigil will be held within the next hour. but we begin with katherine
6:00 pm
katherine? >> the reporter: yeah, the district attorney tells me that at this point, they are considering anyone and everyone to be a suspect in this case. and that's why they safe, it's information from the public they believe will help break it wide open. all day, detectives inside this room here behind me have been accepting tips from a dedicated tip line and they say they are grateful for a steady stream of information from the public. in this quiet town, life is venture out alone with a killer on the loose. >> it shouldn't affect our lives, but it has, i mean, it's scary. it's too close to home here. >> at the morningside bakery, the talk is centered on one thing, the murder of vanessa marcotte. the surveillance cameras here are already part of the police investigation as they comb the town for any possible clues. >> there hash additional work done by the state crime scene


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