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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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bruises. fox 25's katherine baton rouge tram has been tracking every development of this case, and kathryn, this could be a big clue here. >> the reporter: blair, experts tell us it is often small cracks in a case that lead to even bigger breaks, and tonight, one of those developments police telling us, they believe that vanessa marcotte's killer was injured as she fought for her life. >> your assailant, we know, was a man. >> the reporter: a man without a face, or a name at this time, but one investigators desperately hope the public can help them identify. just two hours ago, state police announcing evidence from vanessa marcotte's body is helping them paint a picture of who killed her. >> leads us to believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and her assailant that led to scratches, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. >> the reporter: after another extensive search of the woods this morning, off brook station road in an area farther south than where officers had been looking earlier this week, police say they've narrowed the window of vanessa's abduction to just two hours between 1:00 p.m.
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vanessa was last seen jogging here, close to her mother's home, before she was attacked and possibly sexually assaulted on sunday. fox 25 has learned in the hours after vanessa was reported missing, state police questioned employees here at this princeton restaurant. just one piece of this extensive investigation, now spanning four days and involving nearly 300 tips from the public. tonight, the district attorney is issuing another plea to help find that mystery man. >> we would ask that anyone who moving on the road or parked on the road, during the 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. time frame, contact the state police tip line. >> the reporter: now, after the news conference, the district attorney would not answer questions an we don't know if the killer left d.n.a. on vanessa's body during the struggle. but we do know that this development comes of after an autopsy on vanessa's body was completed on tuesday. we're live in princeton, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> i.
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police need your help. if you've seen a man with scratches, cuts on bruises that may be connected to the case, call the tip line that's been set up by police, that number son your screen right now and on all of our social media accounts. remember, it is anonymous. >> vanessa: it is hot, hot, hot. we are in a weather alert tonight, because between the heat and the humidity out there, it is dangerously hot. take a look at these feels-like temperatures soaring near or above in some places, 100 degrees. we found families out in boston doing everything they could there, blair, but it was not easy to find a way to beat the heat today. >> mark: these temperatures are particularring around too. we have team coverage for you tonight. we are in foxborough where fans are sweating it out, but we'll begin with fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski, and it is brutal out there. >> sarah: it is not just the heat but the humidity making it oppressive and you take the combination of those two and you get a heat index soaring into the 90's, if not over 100 in places like norwood, lawrence
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that goes in place until 7:00 p.m. for most of eastern and central parts of the state into new hampshire. does not include the cape and islands, because we've got a little bit cooler conditions there, burr it still feels like it's in the 90's. dewpoints very muggy, in the 70's. 60's to the north. and with a combination of that humidity and that heat, doesn't take much to trigger some showers and storms and we've been tracking those over the last couple of hours. still a severe thunderstorm pushing through manchester, pushing eastward. flooding 18 -- rain, a possibility down there. we had a sprinkle that passed on through foxborough. temperature right now, 91 in norwood, but if you are headed to that patriots game, it is going to be humid out there, with partly cloudy skies. temperatures will be falling back through the 80's, but just staying pretty oppressive. now, through the overnight hours, we're going to start to see fog develop. i'll show you what to expect in your town when you wake up
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>> vanessa: it is not easy to beat the heat when you're sitting on pavement and sale gating for hours. pats fans are dealing with some tough weather for tonight's preseason opener. christine mccarthy live in foxborough where fans don't seem to be sweating. but you did learn there are emergency workers out there just in case. >> the reporter: that's right. but as of now, no problems yet, just a lot of tailgaters really enjoying their night, despite the conditions like this group right re barbecuing, they're also trying to keep themselves hydrated, and make sure that they stay cool and under the tent on this scorcher of a summer day. i did speak with the foxborough fire chief and he tells me haf he's also plenty of ambulances are available, just in case, he also says that all of the medical rooms will have plenty of hydration that includes water, of course, but also iv's in case anyone gets too overheated.
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unbearable. >> temps in the 90's and a heat index of over 100 in areas across the state, but this is a not stopping pats fans from cheering on their team for the preseason opener at gillette. i normally like the heat, it is just oppressive, very, very hot. >> the reporter: these tailgaters set up a tent, only a little escape from the blistering heat. >> we brought plenty of water we'll be pouring over their head. they can go in conditioner if they want. >> the reporter: they're sweating it out to see their daughters perform the national anthem as cheerleaders and this grandmother is here to see her granddaughter too. >> i'm a big patriots fan and if it weren't for her her lead, i wouldn't -- cheerlead, i wouldn't be here in this gas at this heat. >> the reporter: pats fans are taking the advisory seriously.
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lots of water. turn out the only people unfazed by this condition are this couple who flew out to north carolina for the game. >> it's warm but not as bad as it is down there. >> the reporter: and as you heard from sarah, we did get a very small rainshower that came through here at gillette just a couple of hours ago, but these conditions, it was very little relief. we're live in foxborough, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: if you think it's hot for fans, imagine putting on pads and running around on this heat. leyden live on the field right now where pats are getting ready for the first game of the preseason. he'll tell us about the key players taking the field and the ones sitting on the sidelines in a few minutes. this extremely hot weather can cause an awful lot of trouble on the t. in the next half-hour, what the mbta is doing right now to keep these trains running on track. and when it is this hot out, you'll want to keep our free fox 25 weather app handy. it will ahearth you to any
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get customized forecasts from your town from our team of meteorologists. >> blair: surveillance video captured a commuter train slamming in to the pickup truck in wake field. a man in his 70's was inside the truck and police say he was moving and conscious when she rescued him. transit police are trying to figure out why truck went through the crossing gate. fox 25's robert goulston spoke to a man nearby who rushed the scene. you will hear from him at 6:30 p.m. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., boston miss on alert after another officer's car was tampered with. this police vehicle to be targeted in just the last month. >> blair: now officers are keeping a close eye on their personal and patrol cars. john monahan first broke the story and is live tonight in east boston, with some new information on this latest incident. john? >> the reporter: blair and vanessa, it happened at cystic 87 in east boston. this time we found out it was a female officer who hopped into her vehicle after work and then she noticed a problem.
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and two lug nuts loosened altogether. the officer was driving home when her steering wheel started to shake and she had trouble steering her vehicle. she continued home and got out to see her wheel had been tampered with. this is the 3rd incident since july. fox 25 broke this story about an officer who lost a tire after driving home from district a1 downtown. then, last thursday, a transit officer also lost a tire, driving home from a boston police parking lot in dorcst determined the vehicle's lug nuts were loosened. today, we asked mayor marty walsh about the incident and he says, it is very concerning. >> we got to find out who is doing this. i mean, that's a dangerous thing to do and you know, our police department, our officers don't deserve that. i mean, they deserve -- don't deserve to have to go in their cars and worry about lug nuts being released. >> the reporter: the officer whose car was tampered with was parked here, during her shift, at the station before going
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being done to protect those officers' car an learning about another possible incident. we'll have that for you tonight on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. live in east boston, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> blair: the man charged in a brutal stabbing in dorchester is accused of beating another woman during the same incident. >> vanessa: that new information just coming in from the district attorney's office. this was the scene on millet street just before 3:00 a.m. this morning after an 18-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times. she was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police he was arraigned today, charged with armed assault with intent to murder. he will be back in court next month. a pilot leaving logan airport this morning, reported seeing a drone shortly after takeoff. the f.a.a. reports a bogey 7 -- boeing 737 left around 10:30 a.m. this morning headed to chicago from the pilot saw the drone northeast of the airport. the pilot did not take evasive action but was able to avoid the device. mass state police and the f.a.a.
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>> blair: it has been six long months without patriots football. now after weeks of practice, it is almost game time. we are finally counting down to kickoff of the patriots first preseason game. pats fans are ready for football and not letting that heat bother them out there. sports director tom leyden live in foxborough and will it be tom brady or jimmy g taking the steps. >> it's probably going to be jimmy g. this is funny, you mentioned the six months since the pats championship game. the standings wi another season, the preseason opener is another big deal. we expect tom brady to not be in the game today. obviously they want to protect him, give jimmy g as much as opportunity as they can and julian edelman and gronkowski will not play. the three big guns will be on its sidelines. gronkowski embraces his role during the preseason. >> definitely feel like a coach, way more than i did back in the day. rookie year, trying to learn an
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it's good, definitely learning a lot, can learn as much football every single day, you can always learn something new. it's also game though going out there and teaching young players where to be, what to do and what type of route it is and everything, all the concepts, so it's cool. >> we just got breaking news, the patriots just tweet this had out seconds ago. tom brady actually will not be in the building. we had heard rumblings that may be the case. tom will be at a memorial here, so jimmy garoppolo will be getting the snaps. that is it's latest from inside gillette stadium, tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a teenage girl taken on a terrifying ride. police say an uber driver assaulted her on the way to school. the reason that driver collapsed in court today. >> the reporter: fall back, spring ahead, what if you didn't have to worry about daylight savings time anymore? hear from a quincy man who convinced lawmakers to at least
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>> sarah: it feels like 102 in boston right now and more heat and humidity on the way, showing you where a heat advisory is in
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>> blair: boston mayor marty walsh supports a move to lower the speed limit citywide to 25 miles per hour. the mayor spoke today about reducing the risk of crashes that result in deaths and serious injuries. his office now has 90 days to bring a specific plan to city council, but the mayor said, there would be some spots where
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>> it won't be on every street. some of the major, the bigger streets that there's little faster speed limit, we can leave those, but a lot of -- every side street we're going to look at doing it. >> blair: mayor walsh also said the lower speed limit would be a majorrer accomplishment for his vision zero goal, which hopes to bring the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries to zero by the year 2030. we've been talking about today's weather. you know, it's too hot to handle for our furry friends now imagine leaving them car where it's hotter. a new effort to protect pets from sweltering and hot cars passed a big hurdle. >> vanessa: that bill is backed by the massachusetts legislature. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins here now with details on that bill that elizabeth is now headed to the governor's desk. >> look at this guy. he's adorable. you can't leave this guy in the car. it's one of the hottest days of the year and if you got into your car after leaving it in the sun, you know the temperature inside can be warmer than the air outside.
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for a pet and they're closer to a bill that says the same. on a sweltering day in august, the mspca's kara begins to worry. >> it is very preventable. >> the reporter: the mspca is pushing for a bill that would ban pet owners from leaving your annals in cars during extreme weather. already this year, it's impacted several animals. there's been some deaths of dogs this summer who have been left in hot cars. >> the reporter: the bill she is backing has just passed the massachusetts legislature. it would also allow passers-by to where a dog is trapped if they've unsuccessfully tried to locate the owner. >> this bill will prevent the suffering of animals. >> the reporter: now they're hoping the governor will sign it. when we asked him about it today, it sounds as though he's likely to. >> we have rules in state law with respect to hot cars and child endangerment associated with that. i certainly think as a dog owner, that there probably out out -- ought to be similar
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>> we have one of the earliest animal cruelty charges. >> the reporter: the bill would prohibit dog tethering between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and also when a weather advisory or warning has been issued. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a part of massachusetts is in the danger zone. a very small section in the northeastern part of the state is now in an extreme drought. the area covers 4% of the state, including parts of middlesex and essex counties. include major crop losses and widespread water shortages. the readings were taken before yesterday's rain. this is the first time any part of the northeast has been classified as being in an extreme drought. >> sarah: to take a look at that area, it's right here, boston, , right around 128, route 3, as well. so this is the area that has that extreme drought condition,
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in to boston, southwest, back towards worcester too. boston for the amount of rain we've seen this month so far, we saw over 2/10 yesterday, but we are well below the average for the year e. we are 7 inches below closing in on 8, and in worcester, even though they've pick up over an inch so far this month, they still are in a very large deficit, so we are going to be dealing with extreme conditions, but there is some good news, and that's th our chances of showers over the next couple of days. we've had a very dry summer. now, the chances are pretty low today and we've seen isolated showers, but they're going to increase tomorrow and then continue as we head into the weekend as the cold front will be pushing on through, and that will spark some showers, some storms, and perhaps even some very heavy couples. the reason why, is because our humidity is so high, we've got so much moisture to work with, we're dealing with dewpoints in the oppressive range. that's going to continue from
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front comes on through, so that's why heavy downpours could be a good 1-2-3 for some -- good thing for some of us in that severe and extreme drought. no showers in boston, we have clouds out there. it's currently 94 degrees. the high today was 96. but look at the dewpoints, in the lower 70's. feeling very tropical, with that wind out of the southwest. so when you combine the heat and the humidity, you get your feels-like conditions. we talked about this in the winter when it's the windchill. in the summer, we call it the heat index and preparing your body for and drinking plenty of water when your heat index is close to 100. it's over 100 in boston, as well as norwood and lawrence, so very oppressive conditions out there. that's why we have the heat advisory that continues until 7:00 p.m., and it's for the majority of central and eastern parts of the state. but it's still going to feel very hot, even after 7:00 p.m., so take precautions if you do have plans outdoors. in our opinion, with the heat and humidity -- now with the heat and humidity bidding on up,
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connecticut, as well as near spring field, but we have a severe thunderstorm warning still in place, this system, this storm has been parked over manchester, connecticut, pushing east ward, very slowly, producing heavy rain over two inches of rain has fallen in that area. somebody was actually struck by lightning, lots of lightning, over 1,000 strikes in a 15-minute period, so we'll continue to monitor that system. otherwise, it is pretty dry for the rest of the region, just feeling pretty oppressive. diminishing overnight as temperatures stay mild. looking at patchy fog to form, indications there could be a scattered shower early in the morning. shiri spear will be here tracking any of the showers, but really what we'll be watching is as we get through the day on friday, the clouds will bubble up, the heat comes back with us. temperatures soaring into the 90's and by the afternoon, risk of showers and thunderstorms developing. a bet they are chance, but very widespread and highs once again into the upper 90's with the humidity feeling like 100, so
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place for tomorrow, starting at 11:00 a.m., going till 7:00 p.m., and then the heat continues into saturday with more showers moving on in and by sunday, we could see some of the steadiest rain overnight into monday and that should bring a break from the heat, as well as drop the humidity by tuesday. over to you. >> blair: president obama once get hitting the links today while on his vacation at martha's vineyard. he tee'd off today with yesterday's playing partners, ray allen and alonzo mourning swell attorney cy walker. on the one day the president did not play went to a private beach. >> it struggles in the snow and extreme cold. but what about the heat. what the mbta is doing right now to keep riders cool and keep the trains on track during this hot stretch. >> blair: but first, as dangerous as heroin or lsd, the important decision handed down today by the obama administration and why it could
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always good. always hood. >> vanessa: for months now, we've covered plans to bring membered marijuana recreational i even traveled to colorado with some of our lawmakers to see how the industry works there. >> blair: but today the obama administration delivered a huge blow to the national movement to legalize pot. >> vanessa: the dea announced it will keep a federal ban on member marijuana in place, because the agency still considers it illegal and dangerous. >> the reporter: the obama administration city thinks marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin or lsd. the drug enforcement administration announced it will keep marijuana illegal for any
6:25 pm
high potential for abuse and there's no accepted scientific proof for medical use. >> marijuana is so much more dangerous than it used to be. this is not your woodstock weed. this is much stronger. >> the reporter: the decision keeps the federal government at odds with more than half the states that have legalized the drug for either medicinal or recreational use. those states will continue to defy federal rules. the dea also announced plans to make it easier for researchers to study potential medical benefits of marijuana. it will expand the number of places that can legally grow currently, only scientists at the university of mississippi are allowed to grow pot for research. >> in some cases, it means researchers are waiting years to get their hands on the certain types of marijuana that they need. and sometimes, they can't even get it ever. right. here's not enough diversity. it's unclear how many more facilities will be allowed to grow marijuana for researchers under the new rules. >> vanessa: research has shown that components of marijuana have promised as a treatment for epilepsy and chronic pain.
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massachusetts are throwing their support behind the crackdown on so-called copycat assault weapons. 19 mayors signed on to a letter voicing their support for massachusetts attorney general maura healey's efforts to enforce the state's assault weapons ban. gun owners an some members of the state legislature believe maura healey is overstep her authority. spring forward, fall back. >> vanessa: why do we still do daylight savings time in new england. the new push to get rid of it and what it would mean for us in massachusetts. >> the reporter: an uber driver collapses in court after of sexual assault are read against him. tonight, why his attorney is questioning the relationship between his alleged victim and himself. >> i. >> i but first, this nasty comm. what investigato how that truckp
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>> blair: and you are just n news tonight out of princeton and the investigation into the murder of vanessa marcotte. during our news at 4:00 p.m., police updated their investigation. investigators said they believed there was a struggle between vanessa and her attacker. district attorney joseph early also said his team believes that man likely has scratches, cuts, scrapes, and some bruises. early also said they are looking at a smaller timeline between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on sunday. he asked residents in the area to report seeing any vehicle
6:30 pm
brook station road at that time sunday afternoon. here once again is the tip line they've been talking about. you can remain anonymous when you call in a tip. in new breaks in this case we, of course, will bring them to you. >> vanessa: let's turn to our weather alert, because there is a heat advisory in effect. temperatures in the cities have soared to 96 degrees, but between the heat and the humidity, it actually feels a lot hotter out there. >> mark: it. >> blair: it really doles. the sticky weather also sticking around. sarah, we are in for a brutal stretch. beginning. we have another heat advisory that's going to go into effect tomorrow because similar conditions expected. this heat advisory until 7:00 p.m., but it's going to feel very hot even after 7:00 p.m., because the heat index is expected to be over 100 in some spots. currently 100 or feels like 100 in norwood. 102 in boston. that's the combination of the heat and humidity out there. current conditions actually, 94 in boston, with some clouds. but we've been tracking just a few showers. there's still the shower, the
6:31 pm
connecticut, over three inches of rain has fallen from this slow moving storm, so heavy rain is going to be a main threat of any showers or storms that do develop over the next several days, because this heat and humidity, it's going to be hanging with us. if you have plans to head to fenway for the yankees are in town, of course, it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid. 94 right now. likely going to be dropping ever so slightly, hour-by-hour, looking at temperatures falling back only into the 80's with partly cloudy skies, likely going to see some fog devepi waking up in boston to temperatures close to 80. elsewhere, it's going to be in the 70's. so another very muggy, mild night. you're going to need that a.c. and it's going to keep you going tomorrow. i'm going to show you how high temperatures will go and how hot it will feel coming up in a few minutes. >> blair: thank you, sarah. we'll see you then. t riders feeling the heat. it's hard for them to escape. we found a lot of people complaining about how hot it got inside the cars and platforms. >> vanessa: how hot does it get under the streets.
6:32 pm
one of the busiest stations in the city. >> it's brutal. i like the weather. i like the cold. >> now you know how brady griffin feels about this heat wave. when we talked to him, he was getting ready to hop on to the green line at government center. >> dreading it. >> the reporter: why? >> because i feel like it's going to break down at any minute. it's going to get too hot. the station had the fans turned on high for everybody. the mbta says they're doing the best they can to keep everyone comfortable, but if you're stuck in a box, with dozens of oth people, it's bound to get a little unpleasant. the t line can get a little unpleasant. just outside of government centers i've been playing with this little thermometer gun and we've been aiming it at the sidewalk and it's been registering in the triple digits all morning long. we'll head inside and see what it's like down below. down on the green line platform, things are a little bit cooler, but still a bumpy 87 -- balmy 87 degrees, if you're not standing underneath one of the fans.
6:33 pm
fans, temperatures 85. >> what does 85 feel like? >> really hot. it's because of concrete. as for the trains themselves, an mbta spokesman says if there is a report of a.c. not functioning properly, the train is removed from service, brought to the car house u and the problem is diagnosed and repaired. the t says so far, they haven't had to repair any cars today, but brady griffin says these conditions make him long for cold, white >> i don't want to ask for that back quite yet, but kind of, little bit. >> the reporter: thursday afternoon, the t told us that they had formally received about a half a dozen complaints from people who said it was too hot and too stuffy down on the rails. they have around 300 fans set up around platforms and stations throughout the city to try and get the air moving down there. if you're looking for a place to cool down, we have a full list of cooling centers up right now on our web site, jason law, fox 25 news.
6:34 pm
stories tonight. boston police are on alert, after another officer's personal car was tampered with. the latest incident happened in east boston. fox 25 obtained this picture here, one lug nut was loosened and two others were missing. do we have that photo? the officer was driving home when her steering wheel started to shake and she had some trouble keeping her car on the road. we'll bring you that picture a little bit later. this is the their incident in the past month. >> mark: a. >> blair: a frightening scene caught on cam a. surveillance cameras captured this. a commuter truck crossing those tracks and tonight, police are trying to figure out why that driver didn't stop for the gates or flashlights. >> vanessa: robert goulston talked to a man who ran to the scene after the impact. >> the reporter: the surveillance video from a wakefield auto body shop shows the impact and then the commuter rail train pushing the white pickup truck down the tracks. >> loud, loud screeching, so we opened the gate camera. >> i'm running toward the pickup
6:35 pm
>> the reporter: bob young, who you can see here running toward the truck as it comes to a stop was the first one on the scene. >> what did you say to the driver? >> told him to stay there, don't move. help is on the way and that was about it. he was buckled in and just moaning and groaning. >> the reporter: a man in his 70's was inside the truck, driving. police say he was moving and conscious when they rescued him. mbta transit police are now trying to figure out why the truck went across the track as the train approached. the gates were down, everything was functioning properly with the gates. investigators want to know if he intentionally drove through or if he had some sort of medical issue and lost control of the truck. these medians were installed to prevent people from going around the gates. bob hopes his surveillance video helps investigators figure out exactly what happened, and that the truck driver pulls through. >> i just hope he's ok. >> the reporter: people in the area say cars do try to get across the tracks the last minute all of the time, but there hasn't been a crash like this in years. in wake field, robert goulston, fox 25 news.
6:36 pm
car crash today. state police there say a car went through a stop sign at the corner of high street and school street in nashua, around noon, hitting the governor's car. the state trooper driving as well as the governor herself were not injured. no word tonight on whether the other driver will face any charges. >> vanessa: some dramatic moments in court when a dorchester uber driver collapsed and starting sobbing. that driver is accused of raping a. -- teen girl he was supposed to be taking to school. as fox 25's crystal haynes reports, the t is questioning the teen's relationship with the uber driver. >> the reporter: darnell driver overcome in court, uber driver, charged sexual assaulting ar 16-year-old girl. the two met days before when booth took the teen's fare. >> they were flirting with each
6:37 pm
>> the reporter: a few days later -- >> she recognized that someone had added her to their snapchat accounts. >> the reporter: and booth allegedly starting messaging the victim through snapchat. >> she got a message from a snapchat account, called hooter boy, rem, and the content of that message led her to believe that it was the same, the uber driver who had driven her just a few days before. >> the reporter: on july 5th, investigators say the victim missed the bus and when booth snapchat messenger, she took t. she said booth stopped at an undisclosed location in the maldin-melrose area and raped her. seemingly recovered in court, booth was very expressive when the police report was read. >> slapped her in the face, on two occasions and at that point, he raped her. >> the reporter: public defender joe stringer denied the allegations raising her own questions about the facts in the case. >> it is a fascinating coincidence that she texted her
6:38 pm
behold, mr. booth said to her, do you need a ride? >> the reporter: uber is calling this case deeply disturbing and says that they have banned booth from all of their applications. meantime, investigators are testing the t-shirt the victim was wearing at the time of her attack. for any d.n.a. evidence. meantime, booth is being held without bail, pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for monday. reporting in maldin, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. has done several in-depth reports on uber and its drivers and how the company does the background check. log on to, click on news and fox 25 investigates to watch the stories. >> blair: lawyers for a serial killer say he will likely die soon from natural causes, but federal prosecutors are still moving ahead to try and get the convicted killer executed before then. gary lee sampson killed two men on the south shore and another in new hampshire in 2003. according to the brockton enterprise, prosecutors plan to call 70 witnesses to the stand
6:39 pm
second penalty phase trial, which is said to start next month. the first sentence was thrown out after a juror lied about her background. sampson killed two men on the south shore and another in new hampshire in 2003. >> vanessa: the man accused of stabbing two women inside a home in waltham yesterday had just been in court hours earlier. this is our first look at emanuel louise from his appearance in court today. prosecutors say louise stabbed the two women in waltham. hours before he appeared in court for charge gating back to may and went to the home in waltham where his estranged wife and child were living. emanuel louise is charged with armed assault with intent to murder. he is due back in court for a dangerous nods hearing. >> blair: country singer kenny chesney is coming to foxborough this month and causing controversy. on tuesday, foxborough selectmen voted to extend curfew for the weekend concert.
6:40 pm
friday and 11:40 p.m. on friday. chesney's tour said he needed the extra time to bring his crew on stage after the shows. last month, at guns and roses was not allowed to play past the curfew, but did anyway. they were sent a warning letter. chesney is at gillette august 26 and august 27. producers of the upcoming movie, super troopers 2 plan to block traffic on a busy street next month. it will take place september 7 on fruit street in hopkinton. the sequel to the has filmed other scenes in massachusetts. >> vanessa: amtrak is bringing back an old rail car to make viewing the scenery in maine just a little bit easier. a 1955 domed car will be added to the down easter train for the next month starting on saturday, featuring an upper level with windows on all sides. the down easter runs from boston to portland. >> sarah: temperatures feeling like the triple digits today and more heat and humidity on the way.
6:41 pm
get rid of daylight savings time and have an hour extra of light in the winter. why the governor wants a task
6:42 pm
6:44 pm
>> i. >> i the massachusetts in to a new time zone. this move would have us leaving behind the eastern standard time zone. >> vanessa: so no more daylight savings time, no more turning back the clocks or moving them forward. >> our political reporter sharman sachetti has a look at beacon hill at how legislators are working to put everyone on one time all the time. >> the reporter: spring forward, fall back, what if you didn't have to worry about moving the clocks forward or back.
6:45 pm
atlantic standard time to a state senator keenan. keenan submit it had on his behalf. >> the public health literature indicates that when we spring forward in march, we have more heart attacks, more car accidents, more accidents at work, because we're giving millions of people jet lag all at the same time. >> the reporter: so he wants to settle on one time, all the time, setting up a commission to at least study the idea is now law, signed by the governor at bill. >> this was particularly important, for some folks in the senate that there be a legislative committee put together to study it, and in deference to the senate's interest in doing that, we signed that, but my view is, the current structure we have is fine. >> the reporter: but governor baker isn't exactly in love with the idea. >> i especially worry that if head too far down this road, we can head up creating a lot of problems for ourselves with respects to all sorts of issues around work schedules, commuting
6:46 pm
>> the reporter: the children. >> the children get extremely confused. i have self-defense grandchildren and it's about a week to ten days of getting their sleep patterns going the right way again. >> i think it's a great idea, yeah. >> i think it's not going to be a good idea. >> the reporter: the senator would like to get all of new england on board, but this is the first step. >> i believe we're so east of the eastern time zone, we actually belong in atlantic time. >> the reporter: the first meeting of the 12-member commission will happen in october. a report is due out in marchof governor's approval, final say rests with the u.s. department of transportation. in quincy, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> blair: so we want to know what you think about this. should massachusetts do away with daylight savings time? log on to our facebook page, fox 25 and let us know. so far most people by the way are saying yes. >> sarah: tracking heat and humidity for the day today.
6:47 pm
over 100. that's why we had that heat advisory that went in to effect at noon, still goes till about 7:00 p.m. and it was for this area shaded in this orange color here, away from the south coast, the cape where temperatures were cooler, thanks to that influence of that southerly wind over the water. but that heat index, although it expires, heat advisory expires at 7:00 p.m., it's still extremely hot out there. this is the current heat index, the combination of temperatures, as well as humidity, making it feel like -- f lawrence, as well as norwood. feels like 102 in boston rights now. so oppressive out there, the air is very thick with those dewpoints in the 70's and the temperature in boston, still at 94 at this hour with that wind out of the southwest. so we're going to hold on to the humidity, staying pretty high in the oppressive range. at least through sunday. and with that, we're also going to be dealing with a very hot conditions, and our chances of rain will actually be increasing as a cold front will be pushing southward. so today, it was a very slight
6:48 pm
tomorrow will be more scattered and then saturday and sunday, looks to see some more widespread, perhaps even heavy rainfall, because there is so much moisture to work with in the air, and speaking of that, the one isolated storm that i've been tracking for the last three hours down in connecticut, where they pick up three inches of rain, because of so much moisture out there. there's still a severe thunderstorm warning in place, for places like marlboro, as well as manchester and a flash about 8:15 p.m. otherwise, you take a look at what else is out there, and not much. sure, we had a few sprinkles that passed on through foxborough, there is some showers pushing on through parts of rhode island, but it's really been not moving too much from the hartford area. taking you through time, best chances of any shower or a storm through the evening, south of the pike, where temperatures and dewpoints are a little bit higher, the dewpoints in the 70's. but most activity will actually
6:49 pm
out a rogue shower or rumble of thunder through the overnight hours, but a lot of us will see clouds, break and areas of fog as temperatures and dewpoints will become quite similar. we'll hold on to the humidity that will be trapped just south of this front, that will eventually push southward, and provide those showers and storms i was talking about. the increased chances of rain. so tabling you through time, this is 7 -- taking you through time, this is 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. you have clouds, sunshine, fog out there. by the afternoon, some of the clouds will begin to bubble be across central and northern new england, with the possibility of some strong to even severe storms, but even in our area, we could see some isolated to widely scattered showers and storms develop, and continue through the evening hours. so make sure you want to check your weather app and of course, see where some of those storms will be forming, and if the skies do look threatening, you want to head indoors. perhaps heading indoors is probably your best bet anyways, because the heat and the humidity is going to be oppressive.
6:50 pm
southward and we'll see more chances of the showers and storms. overnight tonight, this is the temperatures. it is going to be brutally muggy. temperatures in the 70's and tomorrow, we're back in to the 90's, coolest for the cape and islands, with that wind off of the water. it's going to feel like it's going to be close to 100 once again, especially by the afternoon. these are your feels-like temperatures right around 1:30 p.m., feeling over 100 degrees, so that heat and humidity will continue, so we have a heat advisory that goes into place 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. hot conditions through your saturday, with that humidity still in check. risk of showers and storms, a little bit more widespread as we head in to sunday in to monday as that front sags southward and that may dry us out, back to this time of year. less humid conditions. back over tough. >> tom leyden coming to you live from gillette stadium. preseason game number one, almost set to kickoff. we're over 35 minutes away.
6:51 pm
david ortiz, a scary moment last night when he fouled that ball
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> tom leyden coming to you live from gillette stadium, it's the patriotsnd a the saints tonight. -- and the saints tonight. tom brady will not be here, he's been excused from the game to attend a funeral service for a
6:54 pm
excused by the patriots. jimmy garoppolo will get the majority of the snaps. he'll turn it over to jacoby purcette eventually, but all focused on jimmy g as he gets this first opportunity. >> different feel and everything. you get the butterflies in your stomach. it's awesome. football is back. it's been back for 10, 11 days, but practice, we get to go out there and play tomorrow night. >> the reporter: understandable that a lot of attention will be on the quarterback position, but this is a big deal for a number of people organization, rookies trying to make their first impression. chris long is one. guys who came over from the rams and is trying to get things started off on the right foot. >> it's always good to get out there in a live situation. you can only simulate so much of it in a practice, whether it be a joint practice or, you know, a full-on practice with your own team. getting out there, in a game situation, it's hard to replicate that, so it's big for everybody. >> you know, if you're like me,
6:55 pm
right around 11:30 p.m. last night when you saw david ortiz foul that ball off of his right shin. luckily, there is good news and we didn't think there would be good news when we first saw this. it was a very stunning visual, but david ortiz is in tonight's lineup as the red sox host the yankees and he spoke before the game about exactly how he feels. >> i just thankful we're going. you know, i mean, the more games you play, the more your body works, but that ain't on my mind right no my mind is just, keep 'em rolling. >> a lot of channel flipping tonight. some people watching the patriots and the red sox as they host the yankees. a-rod's final game at fenway. earlier today was in chestnut hill. boston college held media day. it got a little heated. during the opening media session, the team ran a play, the guy started pushing and shoving. he asked me, i love this stuff, there's intensity, that's what this team needs and it comes
6:56 pm
adazio. this is my favorite team to be around right now. they work well, they respond, they work really hard at football and give you everything they have. am i happy with who we have? absolutely. are we going to be better? absolutely. are we where we're going to be in another year or so? it will be better. the offensive line will be better. the quarterback will be better, they'll i didn't know their share of games. >> that's what the b.c. football there is a cool buzz in the stadium. football is back, we're all really excited about it. reporting live from gillette stadium, tom leyden, fox 25 sports. >> blair: we feel the same way, football is back. lots of heat out there too. >> sarah: it doesn't feel like football weather at all. there's more heat and humidity heading our way. highly talk more with the heat advisory later on tonight. >> mark: see you tonight capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around.
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tonight, heather locklear fights back. shamed for being broke, depressed and drinking? what her best friend is only telling "e.t." now. then the olympic's biggest breakout star. leslie jones arrives in leo. >> i don't see no damn nowhere. >> what will she do next "ncis" l.a. with a very pregn star. just weeks from giving birth. how are they hiding baby bump? >> how are we going to do she's got a giant baby in her belly. before rob lowe gets roasted on tv. he's turning the tables on the roast master david s >> we're on the set as rob unleashes. now for august 11th, 2016


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