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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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4:30. a lot of heat and humidity in the place. feels like it's over 100. these storms have a lot of moisture to work with. coming up we will have the timeline on when the storms should end and when we have an excessive heat warning coming to an end. >> the heat and unsettled weather is on the way this weekend. you can download the fox 25 weather app and sarah will be back with the forecast in a couple of >> a child has been rushed to the hospital from olsen pool in hyde park. jacqui heinrich is there for us. jacqui, they were real heros here? >> yes, they were. it's a positive ending for a dangerous situation and all of the things that were bad came into play and worked out well for the 7-year-old child.
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folks here who helped out with that situation. there was one who was at the pool with her family who noticed the boy and ran to rush over to the life guards. one of them who was doing compressions and two who were on break at that time went over to help the little boy. this is policy. the life guards are kind of shaken up from the incident. they are closing the pool today to allow them to get emotional folks that came out here for relief of the heat, as sarah mentioned it is a hot one and a lot of folks are trying to get relief from that. so lots concerned people in the area after this happened. of course they are all relieved that the little boy is going to be just fine. as mentioned, he is at the childrens hospital and taken there and breathing and alert
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registered nurse gave him cpr. live, jacqui heinrich. >> vanessa murcot was last seen jogging by her mother's house in princeton and more than 400 tips have come in and there are no arrests. fox 25 reporter bob ward is searching through the tips. >> yeah, that's right. vanessa's murder has struck a right here at the police headquarters state police are gathered and they are pouring over the tips in that baffling case. just a short while ago we saw da early and richard mcqune here and they have been here most of the day. a team of 25 investigators, state and local police worked this troubling and baffling case.
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from her mother's house. since then the da opened up a tip line and since then 450 tips have come in. here in princeton, state police are following up each of those tips. late this afternoon we were hoping for an update on this case and we were told just about half an hour ago from the da's office that there would be no updates. however, the da's office still wants that road in princeton between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00. did they see a car? did they notice anyone with cuts and bruises all over them? they believe that vanessa fought for her life in the wood as she was abducted. the police really need your help. so far more than 450 tips have come in the last day alone.
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the police have chased down in the frustrating and sad case. bob ward fox 25 news. >> bob just mentioned it but we want to mention that state police and local police have set up a tip line for information about vanessa's death. this is the number you can call. >> a drowning death of a local woman appears to be an accident. the 49-year-old went swimming by coast pond. by the wooster fire department dives team. >> two dozen people were hurt when the plane hit turbulence in boston and flying cross country to sacramento california and had turbulence and had to land in south dakota. more people screamed in terror. >> we just go into this boom. flew up right in the air. the whole plane shook. crazy.
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ground. jetblue flight 429 flying from boston to sacramento caused it to land in south dakota. those on board described a frightening experience. >> i went flying way up in the ware and my laptop flew way up in the air and there was stuff flying the whole -- the storage thing up on top opened up completely for a out. >> >> we just dropped like that without a morning and a few people were injured. >> those were medical training began to take care of those around them. >> there was a nurse and at least one or maybe two. and they were really good with helping people. >> 22 crew members and
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>> it did not look like anything serious happened and they called for medical because flight attend nts were really. one of the women hit the ceiling. >> everyone was released and another passenger went to california. >> there were dents on overhead storage where people were. people also tweeted their gratefulness for the police department that calmed c bypassing around crayons. >> a 9-year-old boy is saved tonight and his father is in custody following an hour long search in boston. 9-year-old kel vin martin was in dor chester. boston police were looking for him and his father since a shooting on blue hill avenue. caught powell around 2:00 this
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non-deadly shooting last night and 9-year-old kel vin may have been with him at the time and faces multiple charges. traffic finally starting to return to normal and the truck crash causing huge back ups. initially shutting down the interstate and the westbound lanes reopened this morning and the pike eastbound led to a 12 mile backup of traffic. no word yet on the back lash. no one was help tracking down the man who brought blue line service to a halt because he had to sake a selfie. look at the suspect. this guy went into the tunnel at the aware aquarium station. >> donald trump tweeted out a new twist on his own claim that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis. he first brought up the words wednesday and stood by them
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emily smith has more now on what they call a sarcastic stance. >> there is no doubt donald trump said what he said. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they are the founder >> there is no doubt that trump said it again repeatedly. >> these are the founders of isis. he is the founder of isis. >> even as a conservative radio host tried to get trump to he was speaking met forically. >> i know what you meant he created the vacuum. >> no i believe he is the founder of isis. i really do. and then trump tweeted this. cnn takes so seriously that i called president obama and clinton the founders of isis. dough don't get sarcasm? media says that is not the issue. >> he is completely unfit to be
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>> words can have consequences. >> new polls in two states show that clinton is gaining as much as 14 points. some spoke to trump about the campaign. >> these dishonest media people, they are dishonest, did he mean that. >> trump mentioned sarcasm he meant what he tweeted even if it's not what he originally said. >> i am being sarcastic. not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> the presidential campaign trail goes back in new hampshire this weekend as tim kaine arrives for the fundraiser. new at 4:00, a part time
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under age student released on bail today. 40-year-old was released from outer borough district court with a gps brace let and indited on multiple statutory rape counts. new at 4:00 a hole neighborhood truly rattled tonight. a dangerous snake discovered there. lounging outside her front door op grove street. take a look at this police came to the rescue. the drought may have lured this one out. >> i guess not so much for the water themselves but they go after the pray and the pray may be moving down for populate areas and going to the food source. >> contained that snake and moved it back to the reservation. the rattle snake is poison us and if you see one, you should call police. >> the u.s. navy ship returned
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faro during hurricane joaquin. all three perished and three tied to massachusetts. a black box was returned to investigators today and officials are hoping the investigation can help them learn how el faro went down. >> we parish the family and loved ones and learn all we can from this tragedy to prevent accidents like this from taking more. >> aside from a single distress signal, nothing was heard fro relief is coming. ahead, the major development a new bridge and why they will be waiting for traffic there. >> i am tracking heat and humidity along with showers and thunderstorms. after the break i'm going to show you where some of the stronger storms are right now
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>> fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking thunderstorms. over 100 lightning strikes in the last fifteen minutes with the storm. the warning goes until 415:00 and tracking thunderstorms to the north and west and heavy downpours and we will show you
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>> there is a new twist today when fox 25 first broke about somebody loosening lug nuts on police officers. it happened to two officers. john monahan has learned it happened again. >> it's the third tire tamp erd with in the last month. this picture obtained by fox 25 shows the tire after yet another police officer's personal vehicle was targeted. this time in east boston at distct mayor marte walsh telling fox 25 he is very concerned. >> we have to find out who is doing this. that is a dangerous thing to do. >> was the first to report the tire tampering in mid july. the officer lost a tire on the way home from district a1 downtown and happened a second time last thursday. fox 25 again reported that a transit officer lost hire tire driving home from a bpd parking lot in dor chester and mechanics
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both vehicles were loosened on purpose and then again last night. a female officer this time. in an e-mail obtained by fox 25, the officer stated that she observed that two of her lug nuts were done and the other was loosened. this is after her steering wheel started to shake. not the only one concerned. officers put out a you should inspect your vehicle before operating and telling fox 25, when police find the person responsible, they will hold them fully accountable. >> our officers don't deserve that. they don't deserve to have to go in the cars and worry about lug nuts being released. >> the boston regional intelligence center also issued a warning to police to check their own cars to be safe.
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the victims and families in the orlando shooting can apply for aid today that left 49 people dead and 53 injured. there was funds up $43 million. similar to the one created after the marathon bombing. many victims who have survived have trouble paying theiril was shot and killed the night of the attack. >> you step outside and you feel it. the heat and humidity hits you right in the face. we have excessive heat warning in the boston area by the north shore. southwest of the city in places like fox borough as well as mans field and out by middlesex county. heat advisory for the region
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feel like conditions up past 100 degrees. up to 108 is what it can feel like in the boston area. so we are experiencing extreme heat right now. 107 in morris. 104 in boston. some relief by the cape islands with cooler conditions and a little relief through the central parts of the state. you have rain that moved through. with the heat and humidit thunderstorms. right now in boston the clouds are darkening. you can see the rain drops happening right now as we are live on air. 95 in boston and the dew point in the 70s. with the storms we have the potential of seeing strong to severe conditions for the entire area and we can see not only heavy downpours but current conditions around across the
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the upper 90s across the north eastern area. we have showers and storms to talk about. this is not a severe thunderstorm. that has now expired. if if you are in the path of the storm, get to an inside location. you want to stay away from windows and there is a lot of lightning. main concern is going to be heavy wind too. you can see darker shades of red under all of this lightning indicating the heavier rain and over the area. likely could see some flash flooding as we go on through the day. a few thunderstorms developing along 495 inside of 128 like wooberm. a good amount of lightning associated with this. has weakened in the boston area and still expecting to see some of the rain over the next couple of -- i guess within the next half hour heading towards the
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to see the rain drops coming through. the risk of showers and storms will continue as we head through the evening showers. most activity will begin to die out though once the sunsets. we're going to be looking at improvement overnight. lots clouds and breaks there too. patchy fog as we go through the day tomorrow, actually going to see a frontal system and bring cooler conditions to the northeast area and the heat an spark more showers and thunderstorms. the front will lift north ward and by sunday we have more heat and humidity and will talk about the heat index, by 100 degrees if not higher. the risk of severe weather to the mainly north and west. and that will split southward as you head into our sunday. as we take a look at the temperatures, this is the seven-day forecast. going to see temperatures in the
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we finally get relief by later monday into tuesday and si will show you more about the weekend temperatures in your town coming up in the next half hour. you don't have to be big to be strong. >> words of inspiration. that is dolton who is fighting leukemia. inj local athletes. you can join us next friday morning when we trip to the north end. it's that time of the year. why you will see thousands of super men and cat women around boston this miller. here is daniel miller for what we working on fox 25 news at 5:00. >> in one local town, water is hard to come by than other places. the new contract that is forcing
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>> new at 4:00, former pen state assistant coach sandusky broke his silence. tried to get his 2012 condition
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crime, sandusky said absolutely not. appeals hearing continues later this month. >> property belonging later to prince has the estate. prince's property is not able to be sold. and most of the properties are in the town including a commercial building worth $51 million. there is land valued at $14 million. prince died of a drug overdose. >> the olympics continue with another day of competition in the pool and track and field event under way. another team that won't be on the stand is the u.s. women soccer team. lost 4-3 in shoot out and the finals. this is the first since soccer is included that the u.s. women failed. standing so far, the u.s. still
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china in second. 34 told and 12 gold and japan is in third with 22 total and 7 gold. original captain is coming to boston this weekend. one of the headliners scheduled to be in attendance in comic con. ex files co-star anderson. the event is to draw thousands of people this weekend. videos from the previous year have people in costume. a lot of people doing an impression this weekend. >> i can't believe he 85 years old. >> looks good. lots of energy. >> going to be a good weekend for that. >> a little boy says thank you to the man that saved his life and their connection to baseball that made it that much sweeter. >> i am tracking showers and thunderstorms north of boston right now and i will show you when the heat and humidity finally breaks and we get dryer
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires and not enough moms. vo: afscme people is responsible
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>> fox 25 caught the sun rising in princeton today. beautiful. another day of burning hot temperatures and right now there is a threat of storms in the area. >> the weekend is just about here and sarah is here with the weather. >> we have heat and humidity in the region across the day today
4:30 pm
have a severe thunderstorms warning for this thunderstorm and lightning. it's moving into rhode island as well as northeast connecticut. you need to take cover. not only are we going to be dealing with heavy rain as well as frequent lightning, we're going to be watching for very strong wind gusts. heading i want to take a look. you can see this is heavy rain south of the pike. north of the pike we have showers and thunderstorms. beach goers who want to get inside. if you have plans outside, you want to wait at least 30 minutes until after the storm passes. heading to the red sox games, temperatures look severe. temperatures really hot. 95 in boston and 98 in lawrence and you take the humidity along with it and it pushes your heat index.
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degrees and we have an excessive heat warning in boston until 7:00 and i am going to show you when the heat and humidity breaks and the storm for the weekend coming up. >> sarah, thank you. a major milestone in the construction of a bridge. nearly 3 million pound bridge is being changed. once the change in support, it's expected to relieve some of the traffic. >> they call it the forever bridge. >> after more than two bridge project on route 3a in the area. this 324 foot bridge span is going to be floating down river and installed as early as next week. the $244 million bridge will replace a draw bridge from 1936 and designed to be wider and taller. so the large ships can pass under it more easily. a temporary bridge was installed in the early 2000.
4:32 pm
take some advice. >> owns the lobster shop of the infamous shadow. stephanie paul says traffic wouldn't be affected when the new span goes in. and it will be open for use once installed. >> 25 chick lopsters. >> lopster stop regular harve is skeptical that the bridge whether of be done. a mistake by the fabricator delayed the project more more than a year and over $1 million over budget. i asked secretary polick what she has to say to the south shore residents that are fed up with the delays and the tax dollars >> i am sorry. once we put it in there, it would be more expensive and
4:33 pm
five or ten or twenty years from now. >> the bridge is expected to go in as soon as monday weather permitting. reporting in quinsey, crystal haynes fox 25 news. >> police warned in one local town. several cars were broken in a few nights this week and took crash and clothing. you should always lock your car and make sure valuables are kept out of sight. a family is their lost parrot who ran away and means the world to their 3-year-old son with autism. they posted this video to facebook in hopes someone will recognize, $2 thousand reward. the american legion summer post is flying an all lives matter banner and it's in response to the refusal to
4:34 pm
banner which has been at city hall. the rally against the banner was by city hall. >> we are learning more about a double stabbing. the 52-year-old has been upgraded to a critical condition and pulled the paperwork on the suspect and the paperwork details a history of violent allegations going back several months. police say he walked out of the district court and headed straight to the house his wife was living in with their somewhere along the way, used a knife to stab his landlord and he would elderly mother. >> he said multiple times, what do you expect me to do? >> the after math of blood bath. detailing the hallway after lou forced his way into the home
4:35 pm
83-year-old daughter. landlord stabbed multiple times and called for help. joan mcgee drove by and called 911. >> blood, dripping in blood. i saw the blood dripping down her leg and i realized she was saying help me help me. >> louis had been living in haiti and periodically visiting wife and daughter and lived with the creole woman broke off the marriage. violence charge brought him back and he sought revenge against the land lord and fighted off the mother, saying old lady stay out of the way. >> louis is facing multiple charges. the land lord remains hospitalized and expected to survive. >> friends and family gather to
4:36 pm
while playing pokemon. friends and family came to say good bye. his father coached little league before they moved to the west coast four years ago. >> new at 4:00 an arrest in a home break in. 25-year-old james tambone charged with breaking and entering. discovered the jewelry from a home had been sold in a pawn >> military officials say that the remains of a war solder whose body remains, will be brought to burial. ronald sparks is going buried with hon rors on sunday.
4:37 pm
later on the security fears that led to a ban of pikachu and the pals.
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>> a close call in new york city when a crane hit the 12th floor of the building that is still under construction. no one was inside at the time
4:40 pm
happened while the workers were securing the train. new at 4:00, video from las angeles shows the effort to free someone from a car crash. fight fighters and highway patrol were working to pull someone out of a car and went off the transition road. landed on the slope. the woman died as a result of her injury. >> the man role o connecticut highway. 36-year-old christopher louis was tossed from the cab and was transported to the hospital where he later died. one of the company's finest prevented a suicidal man from jumping off the bridge in san
4:41 pm
got out of the car. were able to get that man to safety after a short talk. >> i wasn't sure what was going on. i wasn't sure if it was a medical emergency or what. >> lindsey was able to talk to the individual and calm house of representatives more than i would have at that point. >> the 82-year-old man is getting an evalua people get excited about the new iphone. coming up the big leak that the next one will have. >> i am tracking thunderstorms right now. and when we finally get a break in the heat. >> one scene that has airport customers doing ??
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?? sfx: crowd chanting ?? sfx: crowd cheering ??
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wroblewski is tracking severe thunderstorms pushing into north eastern connecticut out of massachusetts and into rhode island as well. a lot of lightning associated with this storm as well and very heavy rain and we are expecting to see strong winds. there is a severe thunderstorm warning for the next 30 minutes for this storm. i want to point out there are showers pushing through the boston area and the north shore and recently i have been noticing the storm developing off the coast and want to indoors as we have the storms developing. will have the latest forecast. >> new information now about a 3-year-old boy who fell from a roller coaster in pennsylvania about an hour east of pittsburgh. was riding rolo-coaster when he fell to the round below. the ride was about half way through when the boy fell. riders do not have seatbelts and
4:45 pm
and those under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult. that coaster is now closed while the state investigates the accident. we are learning that the company who operated the ferris wheel when the two girls fell off in tennessee, the same company ran a fair in north carolina years ago when the ride started flinging them to a steel deck. passengers will not soon forget. the train traveling in columbus ohio to las vegas had a surprise therapy monkey on board and kind of crazy for people on board. >> soothing sounds at john gren international hoping to go to a smooth flight. >> where are you guying going to? >> orlando. >> what could you do if you saw
4:46 pm
with the same r and r. we just obtained the video from john international, says that the passengers presented the monkey to them and carried it through the detector but no one told them that the animal was about to board. >> how does that happen? how do you get a monkey on the plane? >> called to meet them on gate. the passenger boarded the plane with the monkey in a duffle bag and slid that bag underneath his seat. during the 3 hour flight the attendant spotted the monkey's head passed out of his shirt and asked for the papers on the animal and he never did. the monkey had been behaving and then the passenger showed all
4:47 pm
was never placed under arrest. >> did you know to let the airline know ahead of time before you did. >> yeah, i would do that. >> if i had a nickel for every time i lost my monkey. it's an interesting animal, and earlier in the news cast we did the story about the therapy animal. >> we are checking the twitter and facebook accounts some getting pretty good viewer pictures and reports of showers and thunderstorms role on through. this is dark cloud right now in webster, mass and we are also seeing activity by the tomford area and a lot of the activity began to die out. i want to talk about the
4:48 pm
we have a warning for the boston pink shaded area with the combination of humidity. the heat index of above 100. up to 108. a heat advisory for the rest of the region and you can see the heat index until 105. warning goes until 7:00 p.m. and still feels extreme hi hot for the evening hours. this is is the current heat index. well into the triple digits. impressive and better from wooster to saw the showers cool down. in boston, skies are dark and showers are rolling on through. still feels tropical out there and you get the heat and humidity, all it takes it the atmosphere and you got showers and thunderstorms that are developing and we have been watching this storm that pushed through southern wooster county and pushing into northeast connecticut and rhode island.
4:49 pm
the past fifteen minutes. you need to get indoors and get to a safe location. the amount of lightning happening is dangerous. we have heavy rain associated with it. there is severe thunderstorm warning for the area shaded with the yellow color until 5:15. it's moving very slowly to the southeast and heading to the providence area around 5:00. in the boston area we had showers role account heavier and steadier rain is by the north and we have the lightning developing. if you are by the beaches you have the rain. and as we go through the evening hours going to see the risk of showers and storms. by 7:00 going to be hit or miss. some locations you're not going to get heavy rain. hit or miss situation here by the overnight hours. once the sunsets we're going to be seeing improvement. mild and very muggy and could see areas of fog.
4:50 pm
areas of green that is going to be backing down on us and will allow for cooler air for parts of the locations as we head into the day tomorrow. there may be some places that get stuck in the 70s and a little bit of the break from that heat for the hurt further inland you go, 80s and near 90s. on sunday the heat comes back at us and with the heat index close to 100 so if you are trying to get relief perhaps the beaches, storms to the north for your saturday and we will all see the risk of showers and storms for our sunday. if you're going to be traveling across new england there is chance. here is the frontal condition right around your lunch hour tomorrow, noticing clouds and showers developing in the afternoon and evening once again eye to the sky. if you hear thunder, head indoors and then sunday, more sunshine pushing the temperatures up and into the afternoon and evening, stormy
4:51 pm
front that clears the coast in monday morning. improvements heading our way with dryer conditions late monday into tuesday and this tuesday definitely going to be one with showers and storms. back to you. >> pentagon is reminding employees to say no to pokemon go at least on their work phones. it can be used to pinpoint locations of security facilities and also concerned it can be used for spying recruitment attempts t >> new at 4:00, secret launch date of the iphone 7. apple will reveal the iphone at an event on september 7th. will likely open preorders september 9th and release date september 16th. no requirement for the serious junk food fix. walmart started selling frozen
4:52 pm
tuesday. deep fried twinkies come in original and chocolate. >> in belgium, received a carpet made entirely of flowers. look how beautiful it is. dates back to 2001 and hundreds of volunteers pitch in for the tradition. took about 8 thousand gorgeous, isn't it. tradition happens every two years and this year celebrates 150 years of japanese belgium friendship. went to the baseball park. next at 4:00, the person he met there who saved his life and here is daniel miller with what we are working or with fox 25 news at 5:00. >> busy day of news. we have new information on the future of the citgo signs and
4:53 pm
boston researchers getting a closer look of the zika vaccine. find out why the vaccine can be years away and a child can
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>> a night of firsts for this little boy. it was his first baseball game, physical major league pih the first time, he said thank you to the man who made it possible. >> the anticipation of a little boy's first ballgame. >> he is kind of our celebrity for the reason for. coming to this game is for nick, yes. >> the reporter: and the moment he gets to meet one of the greats. >> that's who we're looking for. ?h"? find 7-year-old kingston nash's hero running the bases here at safeco. in this little boy's eyes, its man that's larger than life is
4:57 pm
>> oh my gosh. come on, kingston. >> how are you doing? >> this is kingston. give him a hug. >> the reporter: the pair, meeting for the first time, outside safeco field today. nicholas estrada got a high-5. but what he gave little kingston is so much more. >> gave my son a second chance at life. two years ago at the age of 19, nick donated his a turning point in his battle against cancer. >> he had radiation, chemo, he had a bone marrow transplant and he knows that nick gave him, he calls it, d.n.a., he so he says has a piece of nick in him. >> the reporter: today, kingston is cancer free and preparing to slide into first base, but not before one more monumental moment. >> how far can you throw, do you know? >> pretty far. >> the reporter: throwing out the first pitch alongside nick
4:58 pm
>> hey. nice. >> the reporter: a day of firsts for a little boy who is showing all of us what it really means to have a second chance at life. >> and i can't tell you how blessed i feel, just to be able to give you a chance to give your family back one of their own. >> what a great story. happening right now, pop-up storms on the horizon. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts >> kevin: tracking storms, heat and humidity. when the showers come to an end and we find relief from the extreme heat. >> >> the reporter: following every lead and searching for any clues. the tips are pouring in to investigators, tracking down every lead to find who killed vanessa marcotte. >> the reporter: tonight, the people they've been able to rule out in this murder mystery. >> a scare in the air on a packed plane that took off from logan. turbulence sends two dozen people to the hospital. >> it feels like it was in the
4:59 pm
whole plane. it was crazy. >> the reporter: the damage inside the plane after passengers were launched from their seats. >> they're all rattled up in quincy. how the drought gave one couple a slithering surprise. >> vanessa: first at 5:00 p.m., tracking storms. we've had severe thunderstorm warnings this afternoon and right now, we're keeping an eye on the chance of severe weather rolling through our area throughout the night. plus, it's been another scorcher out there. the city of boston still in a at temperatures are almost unbearable. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> i'm daniel miller in for mark ockerbloom. this evening, meteorologist sarah wroblewski staying busy tracking all of this weather. >> sarah: with a combination of the heat and humidity out there, we knew that some showers and storms were going to develop especially during the afternoon and evening and some of those storms could turn severe. now we had severe thunderstorm warnings in worcester, we don't have those anymore, but still northern rhode island, northeastern connecticut, we are watching this storm that is just
5:00 pm
strikes. there is a severe thunderstorm warning for the nextw3 15 -- actually, 16 minutes, as this system is going to be pushing southeastward. i'm also watching in the attleboro area, a little connection to the system, some lightning being picked up on radar too, with some heavier downpours. also, lightning now starting to pick up on this system that's pushed out, of course, over our area. still some rain though in places like gloucester, as well as in the boston area, down to quincy an even hull and sciate. now widening out the shotth out to the west, but look at the temperatures, boston finally got some relief with that rain. it's now 86. it was in the 90's the last hour. that heat index is still close to 100 in some spots, so we have an excessive heat warning in the city right now, and for this area, shaded in pink, a heat advisory until 7 p.m. for the remainder of the area. i'm going to show you when we expect to see temperatures drop, and when the risk of rain comes to an end. >> summer storms can pop up at any time, so make sure you have


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