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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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you're hearing thunder, you need to get to shelter and you want to wait at least 30 minutes after a storm has passed to resume any outdoor activities. just some rainshowers in the plymouth area, steady at times, but we have to look out to the west and that's where we have a few more storms out there. temperatures, 80's and 90's have cooled off from these storms that rolled dewpoints remain very high. so it's very uncomfortable out there. heat index is anywhere in the 90's, to feeling like the triple digits as you head into the place for boston area, middlesex and norfolk county. heat advisory 100 to 105. when we finally break the heat and when the risk of showers and storms continues over the weekend. >> daniel: stay with fox 25 for continuing coverage of this weather alert. sarah will be back in less than 15 minutes, with the latest look at the storms. and for weather updates any time, head over to our web site, it's
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no arrests in the murder of a local jogger. investigators continue to sift through hundreds of tips, hoping to track down vanessa marcotte's killer. >> daniel: at 5:00 p.m., we told you about some video. they're taking a close look at. now at 6:00 p.m., we've gotten new details about where vanessa marcotte's body was found. fox 25's bob ward is live in princeton, and bob, today, you saw the place in the woods for yourself. >> the reporter: yeah. you know, this is just a heartbreaking case. and right now, still here at princeton police combing through the hundreds of tips that have poured in, still no arrests and right now, this investigation is still focused on the woods of princeton, that's where vanessa was found. brook station road is a long stretch of road, cutting through princeton. it was here sunday afternoon, the 27-year-old vanessa marcotte disappeared. her body, partially burned, was found by a mass state police k-9 at about 8:30 p.m. sunday nightr
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was visiting. this is the area where vanessa's body was found, where state police found it. we're about 30 yards away from brook station road. the grass all here has been worn down by the investigators, going in and out of the woods. but at the end of the trail, you find this cleared area. you can see the dirt that has been moved by investigators, and then over here, you see some evidence of burning. the worcester county d.a. says vanessa fought for her life in these woods and her kill man, would have scratches and bruises on his body. the d.a. is asking the public for help, asking if anyone fits that description, or if they saw a car here on the side of the road, standing still or moving, any time between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. sunday afternoon. in the five days since vanessa was found here, 450 tips have poured in. now, at wachusett ski resort, ten minutes down the road, police are helping out by
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about the time of the abduction and murder of vanessa. there was a motorcycle accident over in -- near wachusett mountain, so police have sent video from the cruisers that responded to that crash in the hopes that perhaps the person who was driving along the road, who left princeton, may have gone by those cruisers and that video, they've sent on to state police, maybe, maybe there's a clue there, but this is a very case, but this investigation continues. reporting live from princeton, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: state and local police have set up a tip line for anyone with information about vanessa's death. the number here is on your screen. all tips are anonymous. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news from hyde park. a 7-year-old boy was pulled from the water, not breathing but is alive tonight. thanks to the quick actions by lifeguards. witnesses say the little boy had followed a family member into the deeper part of the pool, where he couldn't touch the
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panicked and swallowed a lot of water. two lifeguards rushed to help once the boy was pulled from the water. a witness also jumped in and started cpr, saving his life. her interview is incredible. fox 25's jackie heinrich is putting together her story. stay with us for that, that's coming up at 6:30 p.m. worcester police say the drowning death of a local woman appears to be an den. 49 -- accident. the 49-year-old woman went for a swim last night at cove pond on darkness forced police to call off the search last night. the worcester fire department search and dive team recovered her body this morning. >> vanessa: nearly a dozen people are recovering after a jetblue flight hit terrible turbulence shortly after leaving logan airport. the flight was en route to sacramento last night when it was diverted to rapid city, south dakota and as elizabeth hopkins reports, passengers described the scene as something you would see out of a movie. >> we go right into the huge cloud, boom, like flew up. in the air.
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crazy. >> the reporter: a welcome return to solid ground for passengers traveling opposing a diverted plane. jetblue flight flying forces it to land in rapid city south dakota. those on board describing a frightening experience. >> i went flying way up in the air and my laptop flew way up in the air and there was stuff flying the whole -- the storage thing up on top opened up completely just for a second and flew out and a bunch of people got hurt. terror. we just dropped like that without a warning, and a few people were injured. those on board with medical change, grand taking care of those around them. >> there was a nurse on board, and a physician, at least one physician, maybe two, and they were really good with helping people, helping the flight attendant. >> the reporter: 22 passengers and two crew members suffered injuries during the incident. they were take inch to a rapid
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>> and it didn't look like anything seriously happened, and then we -- they called for medical, because some of the flight attendants were seriously hurt. one of the women hit the ceiling and actually broke part of the ceiling. everyone injured has been released and passengers were flown to california on another plane. passenger tweets show some of the damage, including a toilet that was actually ripped from its anchoring during the turbulence, but they also tweeted their gratitude for the rapid city police department, who calmed children and made everyone feel a lot more co elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> daniel: new tonight at 6:00 p.m., we are get to go see just how pilots prepare for bad turbulence. fox 25's eric rasmussen continues our team coverage at 6:00 p.m., with the specific training these pilots go through. eric. daniell e, without warning from another plane in the sky, trainers tell us it would have been difficult for the jetblue pilots to predict the turbulence they hit, but simulators at least give them a way to prepare for the worst, to get the plane out of trouble and
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before a pilot hits turbulence at 30,000 feet -- >> i try to maintain an altitude. i'm trying to maintain wing's level. it's taking some effort to keep it there. >> the reporter: teachig pilots around new england how to react. with more than 18,000 hours of flying experience under his belt, he is one of the instructors at national flight simulator in manchester, new hampshire. he says it's unlikely pilots on the jetblue flight out of boston could have done much to lessen >> the only way they could have avoided it if somebody had reported it previously. some other pilot encountered it and reported. the fact that the airplane is on the ground safely is a testament to that. >> the reporter: common causes of turbulence, wareham says it can be thunderstorms, jet streams and differing temperatures. some hazards appear soon enough for pilots to give passengers a warning to buckle up, but others do not. the sudden vertical movement up or down can lead to serious
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it, you don't know how deep it is, how long it's going to last. my intent is to keep the airplane as close to level as possible. >> the reporter: not always enough to keep passengers from getting injured, but making the wrong moves where ham says could have even more serious consequences. and while people often just think of a plane's black box after a crash, wareham tells fox 25 that black box from the jetblue flight will allow investigators to go back and actually understand the conditions at the exact moment o eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> daniel: that was very eye-opening and more details now. turbulence is the leading us a of injuries to airline passengers, and flight attendants. each year, 58 people are hurt in the u.s., while not wearing their seat belts. from 1980 to 2008, u.s. carriers had 234 turbulence accidents, resulting in nearly 300 injuries, including three deaths. the f.a.a. has a web site where you can check the path of your
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>> traffic is finally starting to return to normal on the mass pike after an overnight truck crash caused huge backups today. the fiery crash eastbound in charlton initially shut down both sides of the interstate. the westbound lanes reopened this morning, but the pike eastbound was reduced to just one lane until lunchtime. that led up to a 12-mile backup. no word yet on what caused the crash. no one was hurt. >> daniel: a 9-year-old boy is safe tonight and his father in custody, following an hour's long search in boston. sky 9-year-old calvin martins around noon today in dorchester. boston police had been looking for him, his father, since the shooting last night on blue hill avenue. police finally caught juan powell around 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. they say he pulled the trigger in the nondeadly shooting last night and that 9-year-old calvin may have been with him at the time. powell faces multiple charges. >> vanessa: a part-time karate instructor at the at brush ymca charged
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underage student was released on bail. the sun chronicle reports 40-year-old corey rule was repleased from attleboro district court with a g.p.s. bracelet. he was indicted on multiple statutory rape counts. he faces a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted. mbta police want your help to track down the man who brought blue line service to a halt, because he wanted to take a selfie. take a look at these photos they have of the suspect. one is clear. police say this guy went into the tunnel at the aquarium station wednesday selfie. the t was forced to disrupt service while they searched for him. >> daniel: new at 6:00 p.m., a coast guard search for a missing paddle boarder has come up empty. the coast guard got a report that a female paddle boarder was in distress north of rye harbor in new hampshire last night. rockingham sheriff's department saw them shining a light from the boat but never found her. >> vanessa: the nurses strike didn't happen,
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hospital took a big hit. the hospital's parent company says strike preparations alone cost them $24 million. the cost included $8 million hiring replacement workers and $16 million in lost revenue from cancelled procedures. >> daniel: meanwhile, bay state health is laying off 300 people to handle a projected budget shortfall of $75 million. the reduction is about 2.4% of its more than 12,000 person workforce. the president at bay state health says the reductions will come in nonclinical areas, as they hope to preserve >> vanessa: a popular restaurant chain cleared to reopen on boylston street in boston, health code violations forced sweet green to close their doors this week. the compaign is known for soups and salads. the health department closed them down tuesday after city inspectors found 20 code violation issues. >> daniel: parts of massachusetts are in an extreme drought, but one town may have it worse than all the others. >> the reporter: water levels continue to go down because of these dry conditions.
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>> sarah: i'm tracking some showers and storms right now. timing out the risk through the evening and when to expect more wet weather this weekend. >> vanessa: the grand canyon sponsored by starbucks? maybe. how a petition signed by thousands could open the door to
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>> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., tens of thousands of people
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acadia national park in maine, know they don't want the parks to accept corporate sponsorships. back in may, corporate logos could be coming to a park near you. >> daniel: george colli reports on the tips to keep national treasures like the cape cod national sea shore free of commercialism. >> the reporter: the grand canyon, sponsored by starbucks? it's unlikely we'll ever see that, but more than 200,000 people signed petitions objecting to a national park service policy change that could open the door to it. >> you won't have sponsored by wal-mart, but you will have plenty of advertising within the park. >> the reporter: christen schiflet loader with advocacy group, public citizen, delivered the petitions on friday, it spells out opposition to the policy chang, including lifting restrictions on naming rights and the current policy regarding parks being free of commercialism. we first told you about some of the controversial changes in may, including this subaru hispanic sponsored park vehicle and the proposal to put park landmarks on cans of budweiser. the park service is responsible
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covering 84 million acres in every state. >> the 2016 budget set aside $3 billion for the national park service, but they have a backlog of $12 billion needed for repairs and improvements. >> these are public lands, so congress, taxpayers, should be funding the parks. the answer is not to give them up to corporations and allow a commercial interest to come in. >> the national park service tells us they're considering all comments on the proposed changes, but the policy will help bring it into 21st century of philanthropy and no parks will be renamed for any corporations or donors. in washington, george colli, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: hints tonight that boston's iconic citgo sign will stay right where it is. boston university announced it reached a deal to sell the building where the sign sits. b.u. will not release specifics, but he hopes the university official hopes it will calm concerns about the sign. the head of the boston preservation alliance says the
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the original captain james t. kirk is coming to boston. william shatner is one of the headliners, scheduled to be in attendance at this weekend's comic-con. almost coming to boston is the x files co-star julian anderson. organizers say the events is expected to draw some 45,000 people to the seaport world trade center this weekend. many of them, they're going to be in full costume. >> daniel: you'll be excited about this one. a local diner can't stop the feeling after getting a visit from a justin timberlake and wife jessica biel were spotted eating lunch at the miss wakefield diner in sand born, new hampshire. apparently j.t. and jessica are visiting the granite state for a wedding. i wonder who is getting married. she went to college at tufts. >> sarah: congratulations to them. i wish i had a pocketful of sunshine. i did earlier, now i have showers and thunderstorms that i'm tracking out there. of course, we're also talking
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excessive heat warning in the boston area, as well as out through metro west, out towards 495. for the potential of having that heat index, that feels-like conditions up to 108. a heat advisory for much of central parts of the state, as well as new hampshire. for the potential of seeing that heat index up to 105 and boy, we felt it earlier before the storm's erupted, and allowed for temperatures to drop. it was in the 90's in boston. it's now 88 as the storms rolled on through, showers, the dewpoints still in the mid 70's index, stepping outside, it feels like it's about 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. currently, temperatures in the 80's, low 90's in places like lawrence, but the coolest conditions have been for the cape and islands. i have to point out, get ready, we have a few showers that are going to be rolling on through. we've been tracking some storms through the afternoon, some severe storms too, producing lots of lightning, heavy rain, as well as some damaging wind gusts, we've seen reports of
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goes until 6:45 p.m. for parts of connecticut as well as parts of rhode island, a lot of lightning associated with the storm. if you hear thunder, you need to head indoors and you want to make sure you wait at least 30 minutes after the storm passes before you resume any outdoor activities. and it looks as though the severe thunderstorm warning has also been issued for parts of bristol county too, so seakonk, swansea, you're seeing some of the steadier rain but most of the lightning out to the well. we've had a thundersto+yjndj rol towards the south shore. got rain now, not getting any starting to see this storm right here in richmond, new hampshire, it is developing, as it had some heavy downpours and a good amount of lightning associated with it, so if you're in the path of it storm, you want to head indoors and seek cover immediately. now, this satellite-radar showing that these storms have been produced through the afternoon, and continuing through the evening. we'll got the risk to continue, at least through sunset of any potential severe weather and then, as we go through time, the risk of these showers are going to begin to diminish.
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overnight. you'll have breaks, some patchy fog too, waking up in the morning, it's still going to be a hot one through the interior parts of new england, but look at this. we've got this front, we're really going to have to watch how far south it goes, but it could introduce cooler weather to our coast, but it's also going to produce the risk of some showers and storms as we head into the afternoon. so late-day showers and storms to the north and west on saturday. by sunday, it lifts back up, so we're talking hazy, hot and humid. heat index near 100 again and by the afternoon and evening another round of showers and storms and this looks to be headinth we could see anywhere from one to three inches of rain with dewpoints being so high. especially late sunday into monday morning. traveling across new england, hotsest conditions likely going to be on sunday for eastern areas, cooler on your saturday, but the heat will persist through central and western areas both days. so taking a look at that seven-day forecast, we'll finally get a break from the heat and humidity as that front comes through sunday into monday, so drier monday into tuesday, as temperatures fall
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showers returns on wednesday. >> daniel: check out the sharks here, feasting on a whale in cape cod bay. a tuna fishing crew out of quincy sent us this video you see here. they took thursday morning. they say three great whites devoured the dead whale, you can imagine that fishing crew pretty excited to witness that site. it is a catch of a lifetime, or if you're one lobsterman, twice in a lifetime. wayne nickerson caught this guy off plymouth and second time he's caught a blue lobster. he last caught one 16 years ago, the odds of catching just one of these blue lobsters, one in a million. a busy bridge coming together, piece by piece. coming up at 6:00 p.m., what drivers can soon expect after waiting more than two decades for upgrades. >> vanessa: an donald trump says the media just can't figure him out. what a massachusetts congressman says -- but a massachusetts congressman says that's not true.
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commander-in-chief. >> vanessa: up next, some new trouble for donald trump after
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>> daniel: donald trump tweeting a new twist on his own claim that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis. >> vanessa: he first brought up the words on wednesday, and
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he claimed the media had it all wrong. reporter emily schmidt has more on trump's take on what he calls a sarcastic stance. >> the reporter: there is no doubt, donald trump said what he said wednesday. >> i called president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. and there is no doubt, trump said it again, repeatedly. >> these are the founders of isis. >> he is the founder of isis. >> the reporter: even as a conservative radio host, tried to get trump to speaking metaphorically. >> i know what you meant. you meant that he created the vacuum, he lost a piece. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis, i do. >> the reporter: early friday morning, trump tweeted this. ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i call president obama and clinton the founder of isis, an manchester. manchester -- an mvp. they don't get sarcasm. trump says the media can't figure him out. critics say that's not the
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commander-in-chief. >> words can have tremendous consequences. new polls in three battleground states show clinton gaining ground, extending her lead to as much as 14 points. sources tell cnn the republican national committee chairman spoke to trump, concerned about his direction of the campaign. >> the media people are most dishonest people. they said did he mean that, didn't he mean that. >> the reporter: trump mentioned sarcasm at friday's campaign event, making certain even if it's not what he originally said. >> obviously, a bit sarcastic, then, but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> the reporter: in washington, emily schmidt. >> vanessa: trump is frequently criticized for the language and behavior he uses on the campaign trail, but one of those critics is urging people not to use the same tactics on trump. former congressman pat africa kennedy is a mental health advocate and says using such rhetoric discourages anyone with
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enhances what we want for our country especially if what we want from our country is more than what donald trump is offering. >> vanessa: kennedy also called on americans to choose lawmakers who understand the importance of mental health. a neighborhood is rattled tonight after a dangerous snake is found outside of a local home. >> daniel: some say the drought may have lured this big guy out, but it wasn't water, it was looking for. what police think he really wanted. >> vanessa: and there are some ne ship, el faro. coming up, the new information recently discovered by a data recorder that could provide information for loved ones. >> daniel: plus, a child is rescued following a scare at a state-run pool. it's breaking news we've been following for you all afternoon. coming up next, the emotional
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>> vanessa: following our top stories now, five days since a jogger was found dead in the woods if princeton. police still have not made an arrest. at last check, police say they have fielded 450 tips hoping to connect the burned and sexually assaulted body of vanessa marcotte to her killer. police say the 27-year-old lempster native fought for her life and her attacker likely had fresh wounds the day after it happened sunday afternoon. police are still asking for more tips if anyone noticed anything between the hours of 1.
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3:00 p.m. near brook station road on sunday afternoon. there is a special hot line you can call anonymously. >> daniel: more than 20 people were injured on a jetblue flight, bound for sacramento from boston. of after the plane they were on hit some violent turbulence. the plane was forced to land in rapid city, south dakota. 22 passengers and two crew members suffered serious injury -- suffered injuries during the incident. all have been released and everyone was able to get back on to a plane headed for california. and landlords at 6:30 p.m. -- also at 6:30 p.m., we are under a storm tracker weather alert, keeping a close eye on the skies tonight. thunderstorms have been popping up over the last few hours and it seems that threat will continue through the weekend. >> vanessa: fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski here now, and sarah, the biggest threat for more stormy weather will be sunday. >> sarah: we've got widespread storms heading our way this weekend, especially sunday but even tomorrow north to the west, eye to the sky and this evening, we're still tracking showers and thunderstorms and some of those
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of connecticut, as well as rhode island. that severe thunderstorm warning goes for the next 15 minutes. a lot of lightning, a lot of heavy rain, we've got flood advisories, a flash flood watch, flash flood warning for this storm that has been slowly pushing southward. a few raindrops for plymouth and the cape. i've been watching this storm in southwestern new hampshire. it has been intensifying with lightning. if you do hear thunder, make sure you want to head indoors. conditions, hot and humid in the 80's, 91 in lawrence. it was hotter, but with the rain dropped the temperatures down a bit, but it still feels like it's close to 100 in spots. i'll show you when we break the heat and humidity and time out the weekend showers in just a few minutes. >> vanessa: breaking news now out of hyde park that we told you about on fox 25 news at 4:00 p.m. a young boy is alive tonight after strangers helped save his life at a state-run pool. we have learned the 7-year-old followed a family member into the deeper part of pool, where he just couldn't touch the bottom. >> daniel: fox 25's jackie heinrich is live in hyde park and you've talked with some of
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boy. >> the reporter: that boy's body was limp and lifeless for two to three minutes when he did finally come to, he was expelling a lot of water from his lungs, but two of the folks credited with saving his life tonight are parents and they each say they are thinking their own kids with they jumped into action. >> he didn't have no pulse, so i took two to three minutes yeah. i just think about my son, like that could have been my son. son. >> the reporter: this woman is a personal care assistant, so she knows cpr, but more importantly, she's a mom. when she saw a 7-year-old boy's limp body being passed over to the pool deck, she ignored the whistle to get out and jumped in. >> he was not responsive at all. >> the reporter: dean rotated compressions and breathing with a lifeguard, as the other guards worked to clear the pool and deck area.
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>> i started giving him cpr and i think she kind of got overwhelmed a little bit and she needed some help, and anybody was standing there like in shock, and i just jumped on to my feet. >> the reporter: dean is just one of four people credited with doing first aid on the boy, but it took other helping hands to save him. hector castillo was the one who noticed the boy face down next to him. >> i just watched the guy put his hands and he's the right one to do it, just feels good for that. castillo and dean, parents, both lifesavers. tonight, going home, saying they did what they hope any other parent would do for their child. >> yeah, i just cried, because i couldn't imagine that mom going home, losing her child. >> the reporter: now again, that boy is going to be just fine. he was taken to children's hospital, and he was alert and breathing when he was transported, and tonight, dcr also giving kudos out to the lifeguard who jumped into hascum. three of them were playing a
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they heard that whistle from the guards who noticed the boy in trouble in the pool. so everyone had a helping hand in saving a life here in hyde park tonight. for now, live, jackie heinrich, fox 25 news. >> daniel: a new piece of the four river bridge is expected to go in as soon as monday. whether permitting. the project has taken more than two decades to complete, but now, there's progress. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke with residents who say, this is good news. >> they call it the forever bridge. four river bridge project on route 3a in the quincy-weymouth area. the 324-foot bridge span is ready to be floated down river and installed as early as next week. >> i'm just hoping they'll take some advice and make both lanes heading in the southern direction, because this will be backed up all the way to wollaston beach. >> peter dawson owns the lobster shop that sits in the shadow of an infamous project.
6:36 pm
secretary stephanie pollack said traffic wouldn't be affected when the new span goes in. the entire bridge project is expected to be completed by 2018, two years behind schedule and over a million dollars over budget. a temporary bridge was installed in the early 2000's, now drivers will continue to use that while the span goes if as parliament of the $244 million bridge project. topped, i asked secretary pollack when she has to say to dollars. >> it's absolute critical to get jobs done on time and on budget, but it's equally important that we stand up for quality and our contractual rights. >> some south shore residents like lobster shop regular bob harvey are still skeptical. i try to stay on this side of the bridge until they correct it. when they get it running right, i'll travel more to the south. >> the reporter: reporting in quincy, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a terrifying
6:37 pm
inside his own rockland home and tonight, police are on the hunt for a suspect. the 13-year-old was home by himself when he says4r?f? he encountered a knife wielding burglary. broady davis -- told fox 25, he caught a neighbor trying to pick the lock to the side door. >> i have see this guy trying to open the door and he has a huge knife in his pocket and i just froze there. >> i thought i was going to die. take a look at the sketch of the man police are looking for. he is about 6 feet tall in the man is bald with a reddish beard. >> a brockton nursing home got a scathing state report after a dementia patient couldn't be revived after suffering a heart attack. the state released the 70-page report on braymore health center. the state ordered the facility to stop taking new patients, fined the facility $200,000 and froze federal payments that cover many patients women's. the report found the nursing home had faculty -- faulty
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>> vanessa: an arrest in a local home break-in, tewksbury police have charged 25-year-old james ta mbone with breaking and entering. jewelry stolen from a home on debra drive was sold to a pawnshop. they tracked that burglar and made the arrest. >> daniel: a group of residents is responding to a brach lives matter. the american legion post in somerville is now flying an all lives banner matter. the commander of the post tells the herald it is a response to the black lives matter banner, which has been at city hall for the last year. last month, police officers from around the region held a rally against the banner outside of somerville city hall. >> vanessa: some new details about the doomed el faro cargo ship may soon be revealed. the vessel's data recorder how in the hands of federal investigators. some ten months after it went down killing everyone on board. and as fox news correspondent
6:39 pm
will shed light on what happened in the final moments. family members of those who died on board the el faro cargo ship may soon know more about their loved ones's final moment. the ship's data recorder back on land, after it was recovered some 15,000 feet below the surface of the atlantic ocean. >> we've never done that before we had acquired a bdr at depths like that, or even, i don't believe we've recovered one that i recall under water. the vdr communications on the bridge. el faro's device was first discovered back in april, and analysts at the ntsb headquarters in washington, d.c. will be processing the data. there is currently no time frame for the examination. >> there are several things we have to look into back in the lab, was the vdr damaged, was the vdr working properly. if there is good data on the vdr
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>> the reporter: el faro traveling between florida and puerto rico when it sunk off the bahamas last october. the 790-foot cargo ship going under during hurricane joaquin all 33 on board died. >> we owe it to those who perished, the families and loved ones, to learn all we can from this tragedy to prevent excellent like this taking more lives. >> the reporter: a transcript of what's on the vdr will be made public once it a be released. fox news. >> daniel: military officials say the remains of the massachusetts korean war soldier who died in a prisoner of war camp in 1951 had been positively identified and will be returned to his family for burial. we first reported about the return of cambridge native ronald sparks on sunday. today, we have learned he is going to be buried with full mill tar honors next friday. sparks was reported missing on february 12th, 1951.
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a p.o.w. camp. a close call in one local neighborhood after a poisonous snake is discovered near home. a quincy woman found this timber rattlesnake lounging outside her front door in grove street. the guy is incredible. quincy and state environmental police came to her rescue. they say the snakes are native to the nearby blue hills reservation, but the drought may have lured this one out. >> it's not so much for the water themselves, but they go after the prey and the prey may be moving down into more populated areas, >> daniel: police contained the snake and moved it back to the blue hills reservation. the timber rattlesnake is poisonous, so if you see one, call police. >> sarah: feeling like 100 in some areas. when the heat and humidity breaks. plus i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms this evening. timing more for the weekend. >> vanessa: drought conditions plaguing the state, but one town has a double whammy to deal with. why a longtime contract is
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>> vanessa: new as 6:00 p.m., the "mlb tonight" is just one step away now from choose -- mbta is one step away from making a final app. the public had a chance to weigh in and the t will select the winner in september who will have their app featured on the mbta web site for one year. >> logan airport is revealing a new almost secret express lane to help you avoid long lines when you go through customs. the mobile pass is a free app for apple an android phones. picture of your passport and yourself, when you land in the u.s., you open that app and it grabs your flight information. then you have your phone over a scanner, and step right up to customs. logan airport officials say the app should be available by the end of the month. >> vanessa: parts of massachusetts are now in an extreme drought, an for one town, one issue is making it much worse for residents. >> daniel: and as fox 25's robert goulston reports, there is one overall concern now that
6:46 pm
>> the reporter: casey beelines is for the water. >> it's as dry as i can remember. water that this summer is slowly taking a toll on. >> water level normally will go up to here. down probably a foot and a half. >> the reporter: plymouth public works comes out every day and measures the level at darby pond, the pond helps officials determine the levels in the underground well, used for drinking water. the problem, when the pond gets down to a certain level, the town has to deal with two cranberry bogs that it has reduce withdrawal by 50%. >> they have to. it's their business. >> the reporter: public works officials say they have more than enough water. the concern is overworking the entire system to move the water. >> so we're moving water to north and west plymouth to really service that demand and that put weaknessss on the other area. the darby pond well provides 1.25 million gallons of water. now the town can only take about 500,000 gallons. the town declared a water
6:47 pm
the systemwide demand by a million gallons of water per day. the town is also counting on people to conserve water to just take the burden off the system as a whole. >> if one of our pumps went down, if we had a major water break, and we couldn't move necessary water to meet demand, then we would have to come up with some other means to move water into plymouth. the water level here has to come up at least six inches. the town is also asking the state for a waiver, so they can use the well during fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the rainfall. >> sarah: the rainfall deficit in boston is over 7 inches and in worcester, past 8, so we do definitely have a severe drought situation occurring across more than 60% of the state. extreme drought north and west of boston, and in the plymouth area, sure enough, that moderate drought really causing some problems an when you have very dry witness conditions, the -- dry conditions, the heat and humidity does not help anything.
6:48 pm
an excessive heat warning continues for the next 15 minutes for the boston area, as well as back towards 495, for heat index values up to 108. that's the combination of high temperatures and humidity, or dewpoints, creating that feels-like condition. otherwise, a heat advisory out there. you're probably wondering, ok, you've got some other colors going on too. i'm going to talk about what's happening right now, because with the heat and humidity, we've also seen showers and thunderstorms blossom, and push through the region. it actually pushed through the boston area, although we're seeing the clouds break apart now, it dropped the temperature, it was in the upper 90's a couple hours ago, temperatures dropped into the 80's. it's now 88, but with the dew point, it feels like the 90's, so hey, if you're headed to the red sox games, be prepared for warm and humid conditions. that heat index in the 90's to near 100, as you travel into the merrimack valley, as well as the seacoast of new hampshire. temperatures there with some sunshine in the upper 80's to low 90's, but you're also noticing the currents conditions, we've got some thunderstorms, a severe thunderstorm in parts of
6:49 pm
this particular storm, as well as some very heavy rain. we've seen about one to three inches of rain in some localized spots, leading to some flash flooding in parts of connecticut, as well as western rhode island, so we're going to continue to monitor that storm as it pushes southward in to the providence area, even further south. we've got a few showers too along the south shore and in through the cape cod bay, heading towards the arm of the cape, no lightning associated and this storm that's pushing through richmond, new hampshire, we've t do hear thunder, you want to head indoors, but this storm very dangerous that's been pushing through the area as we're going to continue to see the risk of some showers, at least for the next couple hours, but once that sun sets, the severe threat diminishes and then the activity will begin to lessen as we head through the overnight thunderstorms. it's going to be another mile one, as temperatures only fell back into the 70's. you're probably noticing hints of green here by early saturday. there's going to be a front that actually pushes southward into our area, and that means out of
6:50 pm
wind change direction, and bring some cooler air into the region, with some clouds, so look at the temperatures along the coast. 70's, low 80's, but further west you go, you're still going to see the very hot conditions, and we'll be watching for the risk of more showers and thunderstorms. especially to the north and west, as the day goes on. there is a marginal threat, which means an isolated strong to severe storm is possible with heavy downpours as well as some damaging winds. so futurecast takes you through the afternoon on saturday, you're noticing those showers and storms and then again on sunday, the heat and humidi feels-like conditions, back to 100 degrees, if not higher, and the risk of afternoon and evening showers and storms, finally some relief comes later monday into tuesday, as a cold front will sag to our south. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> after watching last night's preseason other than, how are you feeling about jimmy g. leading the patriots? might be feeling better about hanley ramirez. it looks like this injury might
6:51 pm
public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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>> so football is back. last night's preseason opening win over the saints in foxborough, teased us with some good things that could be in store for the patriots this upcoming season, but with jimmy garoppolo at quarterback for the first four games of a year, will it be a good thing? last not, not exactly convincing either way. garoppolo played the first half, was 11-18 for 168 yards. he did not throw a touchdown for a pick, although this screen to
6:54 pm
and should have been touchdown pass. jimmy g's first two drives, three and out and he was sacked. it wasn't the start garoppolo or the patriots were looking for but they made adjustments. >> it wasn't our best start, no question, we started slow, which we never want to do, but that's going to happen sometimes. you're not going to always start the right way. it was a good experience, and i've been put in a difficult situation and seeing outraged the guys responded, how everyone responded and i think we reacted in the right way. >> a feel good story last night, definitely run. it was a long time coming. the 25-year-old running back has missed his first two nfl seasons, with major injuries. but the former stanford cardinal has worked hard to get his shot and his coach has noticed. >> nobody worked harder than tyler. he's there early, stays late, you know, never complains, always does extra, yeah, happy for him. happy that he's out there and you know got through the game, and you know, can just keep
6:55 pm
performance. >> the reporter: not so lucky last night, wide receiver malcollin balester mitchell, the rookie dislocates his elbow on this play when he puts his arm down after making the catch and his elbow just oh, snaps. a bad break for the fourth round pick out of georgia. mitchell was having a good camp so far. he also caught four balls, 55 yards, up to that point last night. expected to be out for four weeks. yes. ouch. red sox and hanley ramirez may have dodged a bullet last night. in the eighth inning, it look like hanley hurt his back pretty badly when he sanchez. hanley awkwardly backed into sanchez' path when he tried to scoop pedroia's low throw. he winced in pain for a while, but hanley is back in the lineup, playing first and batting fifth. red sox send david price to the mound in game one against arizona and he needs to deliver tonight. sox are 0-5 in price's five starts since the all-star break. 49 games left and only 19 are at fenway. they trail the j's by three
6:56 pm
jays host houston tonight and the orioles are in san francisco and coming up right after this newscast right here on fox 25, alex rodriguez will play his final game as a yankee in the bronx, yankees-rays in the bronx coming up on fox 25. a-rod requested to play first base, will you joe girardi said no, you're dh'ing and you're going to like it. >> if you head to fenway, it's going upper 90's. heat and humidity, and more showers and storms heading our way this weekend. we'll have the full timeline coming up after the baseball game. >> daniel: thanks for making fox 25 your source for local news. our next newscast is after that game. >> vanessa: we'll see you tonight.
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goodbye. give us time to reflect on the journey we had. a legacy we will leave and the future that is still to come. be much like his 22 year career, complicated. >> see ya! number 600. >> at times it was hard to time the -- contain the persona and


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