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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pithier respects before the 27-year-old is laid to rest tomorrow. they're honoring a young woman, remembered for her generosity and kindness, love of volunteering and running, and her friends and family just heartbroken, of course, just over a week after her body was discovered in the woods less than a mile from the home of her mother, whom she was visiting from new york city, in her obituary, she was said to embody everything that is good in a human being. now, another indication of just the person vanessa marcotte was, that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to three charities, at least two of which vanessa marcotte, a very active volunteer, was involved in. she'll be laid to rest tomorrow in westminster. live in fitchburg, christine mccarty, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: state police have received hundreds of tips into vanessa marcotte's murder. >> daniel: tonight, we have learned the district attorney is looking into similar attacks on female joggers in massachusetts this summer. fox 25's katherine burcham continues our coverage from fitchburg, and katherine,
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>> the reporter: that's right. we're here at the wake, where state police are not only guarding the family, but also in princeton, they continue to work this case, sift through those tips and they say that no one has been ruled out as a suspect. >> i'm really worried. >> the reporter: more than a week after the murder of vanessa marcotte stunned this small mountain town, princeton residents say they still don't feel safe. >> people are afraid, and they're mad. and i don't want to be that way. >> the reporter: we met up with princeton police with his own questions about what happened the day investigators say a man abduct vanessa from the side of this road while she was out for a run. >> what i wanted to know immediately was how is it handled? >> the reporter: state police have received more than 600 tips into vanessa's murder. the district attorney says they're considering all possibilities, and have looked into similar attacks on female joggers earlier this summer here in northboro and westborough. in those cases, police say two men, one of whom may have looked
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carlson says in the wake of vanessa's death, his own daughter, who was also a runner, has changed house of representatives habits. >> she is -- changed her habits. >> she is making herself safer. carlson says people want answers, not only about vanessa's killer, but what can be done to restore their sense of peace that's now broken. >> i want to know that i'm safe and my family is safe. and my town, the people in my town are safe. >> the reporter: now, we are continuing to work our sources on this story, but police updates today. we're live in fitchburg, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police are asking for the public's help, state and local police set up a local tip line for anyone with information about vanessa's death. the number here is on your screen. all tips are anonymous. >> daniel: nashua mother of five is on trial for the 2014 death of her 3-year-old. she is charged with beating her daughter to death in a time
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crystal, the star witness is expected to be the woman's fiancee. >> the reporter: that's exactly right. and i can tell you that katelin gauge actually changed her last name to gauge, while in custody. we learned that in court here today. she's accused of beating her 3-year-old toddler to death after she wet the bed, and then, as the investigation went through, she allegedly tried an eyewitness in this case. >> that's the frantic 911 call in last hours of this toddler's life. 26-year-old katelin gauge broke down in tears when the charges of second degree murder and manslaughter were read in court today. the mother of five is accused of beating her 3-year-old daughter
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death. >> she was angry that her daughter wet herself that night and had also got up out of bed. the prosecution told the judge, gauge lied to investigators, changing her story multiple times, blaming her daughter' injuries on a fall down the stairs, seizures, her 4-year-old brother and a history of abuse by her fiancee, michael the case. >> the defendant made admissions to the eyewitness during secret recordings. and because the eyewitness would not lie for her, she tried to have that eyewitness killed. >> the reporter: the defense questioned riviera's credibility, saying he's been a state informant before on other cases to avoid jailtime. >> emotions still running high,
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the daughter's maternal grandmother, says she's determined to stay strong throughout. >> it's been tough. i'm just holding it together to try to make it through for her. >> the reporter: now, investigators say they have some 800 recorded phone calls between rivera and marin gauge. they're goes to use that throughout the course of this trial. at 6:00 p.m., we'll show you some video of the actual police interview, it was three hours long, where investigators say they got those clues that marin gauge was changing her story. crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a cooler and calmer day after a very stormy weekend. a break today. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz back from vacation. >> kevin: it's nice to have a break to come back to work, to get my feet under me for this week, because tomorrow is going to be an active day for storms. your dinnertime temperatures are near 90 degrees.
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dewpoints and we talked about that and we talked about uncomfortable levels, when it gets up in the 70's, with near 80 at times over the weekend. yesterday, in particular. but look at this, 57 in boston. that's why it feels so different to you out there today. it's all about to come back. nice evening out there, nice night tonight, but look at the showers to our west. because of the tropical connection, follow the rain all the way into the gulf of mexico, the humidity is going to go up, just like it is in the tropics. if you've been to florida, the caribbean, you know, you get the stic carolinas, maybe even farther for north than that, you get the sticky air masses to hang around for days on end like we've been dealing with and because of that, as the storms come toward us, it really can rain hard with rates of rain over an inch, perhaps even as high as two inches with some of these storms. that's what tropical downpours will do to you, but along the front, something we'll be watching through the day, winds coming in from the east, but coming in from the west here. different wind directions, that gives you some twisting in the
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low ribbing, but not zero risk of a tornado to develop tomorrow. something we'll be watching very closely, of course, along with the heavy rain and high risk and the possibility of some strong winds. we'll take the timeline through the rest of the date and i'll show you when the highest threat times will be. >> daniel: scare in foxborough as one of the patriots top players leaves practice early. rob gronkowski left with a drainer with an apparent injury. sports director tom leyden joins us and this shut have an impact on the remaining preseason games. >> gronk doesn't play in those games, but gronk's leg injury did end his day early. the patriots practicing with the chicago bears this week as they get set for thursday's game against chicago. at this time of year, the team is going to be very cautious, and conservative when it comes to injuries, even more so when you're talking about a guy like gronk, who is the best tight end in the league. jimmy grope low asked about the injury within the last hour, as
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things going on at practice. you've got a million things to worry about yourself, i mean, if you see it, you see it, but it's just -- i don't know, it just kind of happens that way i guess. you're thinking about so many things, what the next period is, what happened in the last period, and yeah, it's tough to see everything i guess. >> gronk did not play last thursday against new orleans as we said, highly unlikely he'll play this week against chicago, if at all, in the preseason. bill belichick always very cautious with his tie pro tend, we'll have me develops. we are hoping for news with a minor tweak. >> vanessa: we are holding our breath. thank you, tom. the prestigious school at the center of a high pro feel sex assault case is demanding the victim's identity be made public. st. paul student owen labrie was found guilty last august. the victim is suing the school and only known as jane doe in court documents. the school wants everyone to know the victim's name, saying judicial proceedings are supposed to be open and transsiberian parent. >> daniel: police identified the
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56-year-old frank west was swimming inane began set bay as part of the narragansett bay. he suffered a medical problem during the swim. crews in gloucester quickly got the junkyard fire under control. this is bay view auto recycling on quarry street. several cars caught fire, but we are told no one was hurt. we are also told torch shortly before the fire broke ut-arlington. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., a man in austin punched his mbta brussette diver, because he didn't want to pay his fare. the route 6 cies bus driver was assaulted at union square after midnight. t officials say the man ran off and the bus driver declined medical attention. a plea change for one. teamsters accused of menacing a crew from bravo''s top chef last fall. five teamsters are accused of
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hiring union workers. harrington is planning to plead guilty next month. the other defendants in the case tell the herald, they were taken back by this move. >> daniel: developing news out of louisiana where historic flooding has claimed six lives. more than 20 inches of rain fell in 20 hours, leading to more than 20 thousands amazing rescues. you can see a man jump into the water, there's actually a car submerged there and he pulls a woman out to safety. >> first instinct was get a hold of her and pull her o and couldn't do it from the boat, so i just jumpped in. i had to do what i had to do. >> daniel: just incredible. saw this this morning on the facebook rage. the rescuer had to blindly reach into the car and pull out the woman's dog. many schools in the area are closed for the entire week. >> vanessa: wow. three horses are being treated for serious issues tonight after being rescued from a farm in new hampshire. new hampshire state police investigating a complaint of possible neglect in the town of
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they turned over to the nhspca, you can see one of the horses had some hoof issues and will face months of rehabilitation. others had infected wounds. >> daniel: bizarre incident early this morning on martha's vineyard, ends with a boat crashed on rocks an one man handcuffs. police say two people hit an anchor boat and were tossed overboard. they are boat just kept going until it crashed. neither person was hurt, but one as mentioned was suspects are taken off local streets, following a major bust. >> daniel: coming up next, the bigger issue police are pointing to tonight as residents voice a big concern. >> kevin: showers and thunderstorms to our west. this sounds like last week's forecast, right? we have another threat coming tomorrow. i'll show you when and what the highest risks will be. >> is donald trump's campaign imploding, despite the poll
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the roads with the live drivetime cameras. our cameras over the mass pike, showing it is a slow go headed out west. headed into the city, not a bad ride. volume is bidding on route 1 and 93 north of the city, expected for a monday afternoon, even in the summer an here are the live drive times. tobin bridge to 128, run you 22 minutes, o'neill tunnel to the split, 24. and the weston tolls, out to route 1, take you 36 minutes. >> vanessa: republican presidential nominee donald trump delivering a major speech in ohio.
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campaign and poll numbers that are spiraling downward. >> kevin: fox 25 political reporter sharman sachetti with a look at why some believe in a few months, he can still turn this around. >> the reporter: donald trump delivers a major foreign policy speech in ohio, calling for an immigration policy that includes extreme vetting. an ideological test for admission into the united states, and he's promising to wipe out isis. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. just as we have defeated every before. >> the reporter: meantime, hillary clinton on the campaign trail with vice-president joe biden in pennsylvania, it's yet another swing state, where clinton leads trump by a lot. an average of nine points there. >> he has been his own worst enemy. democratic strategist steve kerrigan says trump can't stay on message and is completely without discipline, so over the last few weeks, what happened? >> frankly, finally, people are paying attention. >> the reporter: in fact, trump
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provocative statements, like accuse the president of being a founding member of isis, plus, repeatedly blamed the media as he did in this tweet just yesterday, but his lagging poll numbers are raising questions about whether or not his campaign real will is in trouble. is trump's campaign imploding? >> it's down, but not completely out. >> the reporter: boston university political historian, tom whalen points out trump's pension for being provocative, but says there's always time to turn it around, because of the candidates he's up against. >> if trump was going against any other could declare it over before labor day, but hillary is so flawed, so unpopular, so untrustworthy. >> the reporter: there's also, of course, the possibility of an october surprise, which is likely why during the dog days of summer, the clinton campaign continues to press forward. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: meantime, a big deadline is just days away for voters in massachusetts, that's the deadline to change your party affiliation.
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picking district officials and county offices, again, friday is the last day though to register. >> vanessa: police say a father and son team chased down a suspect at a local call break in. quincy police say the father and son held that suspect until they arrived early sunday. the men told police, he stole the son's backpack from a car. a second suspect was arrested in the 300 block of granite street an hour earlier. police want to remind you, you should never chase a suspected. call police if you see a crime being committed. >> kevin: it's a warm didn't nancy reagantime for you, no doubt about it, but it's feeling more comfortable than it has the last several days. the dewpoints are down, the humidity level is lower. you don't walk outside and immediately start to sweat, it takes a few minutes. 89 degrees if boston for your dinnertime. temperatures generally in the 80's everywhere, except for you in nantucket, where it's a refreshing, dry, 77 degrees. all that sunshine a few clouds mixing on in this afternoon and evening, not a concern, until
5:18 pm
has been this afternoon, there's even a severe thunderstorm warning there in northwest maryland right now. not near us of course. but this system is pushing toward us. here's my concern. there are two of them. one is the shifting winds, as this system approaches. the other is a tropical connection, all the way to the gulf of mexico, meaning there's a lot of water with this and when it comes on through, some of the rainshowers are going to be torrential downpours, could even cause some minor street flooding when they come on through. we need the heavy rain, just don't want the severe weather that goes along with it. the scattered showers that start to erupt and that's something we'll be watching closely, because, as these storms come toward uses that's the warm front, ahead of the warm front, winds coming in from the east and northeast. behind it, from the south, an up above us in the atmosphere, all during the morning, winds will be coming from the southwest. that's all different directions. when you have different directions, at different levels in our atmosphere, you start to get spinning and you could have any one of these thunderstorms tomorrow morning to start to
5:19 pm
not zero either. most times, we can see not a chance of a tornado tomorrow, with we're dealing with severe weather especially with different winds and different levels of our atmosphere, we have to throw that into the forecast and remind you to stay alert tomorrow morning especially during the morning, when jason is here telling you what's happening with these storms as they come on through. heavy rain, almost undoubtedly with these storms tomorrow. it's just about any time, particularly in the morning and again in the afternoon. we'll get to that next. lunchtime temperatures, upper 70 afternoon. because this front lifts to our north, that puts us in what we call the warm sector, the southerly wind instead of the easterly winds and that really starts to ramp up the humidity and the temperature. any sun you gets will cook you fast and develop these strong thunderstorms that make it on through and travel on through during the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. so the severe risk goes into the evening, starts to wane later tomorrow night, and those push on out of here. things look better for you by tomorrow night and into
5:20 pm
latest formation keeps wednesday if not totally predominantly dry. 86 bridgewater. 84 taunton. to the north and west t will take until the afternoon to push the temperatures up into the mid 80's, but there's a wide variation in temperatures from north to south, because of where that front sets up tomorrow. this is wednesday, which looks drier at this point, although the last of the front may be dragging on through here. we'll keep a small risk of a shower or thunderstorm in there on wednesday. another wake did you say it shallance on thursday and -- disturbance on thursday. we clean, beautiful sunshiny day until friday and the start. weekend. big forecast threat for tomorrow, with severe weather, so something we'll keep updating throughout this evening. >> vanessa: the four river bridge project taking a big step forward today as crews installed a major section. the enormous span connecting quincy and weymouth arrived from the quincy shipyard this, no. that piece weighs more than three million pounds and it's actually size of a football field. it took several hours for crews
5:21 pm
surveillance returns to repeat the crime, but is outstarted. the -- outsmarted. the donations he took meant for those in need. >> vanessa: we talk with the
5:22 pm
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
5:23 pm
four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
5:24 pm
>> mark: two years ago, can't believe it's been this long already, the ice bucket challenge, it took the world by storm, becoming a viral sensation that raised more than $200 million for a.l.s. research. >> vanessa: the man who inspired that was pete frates and now his mom, nancy is pleading with the people of massachusetts to stay focused on finding a cure. fox 25 sports director tom leyden joins his mom and joins us on the think of the ice bucket challenge as a passing fad, something fun to do on the internet, but the people of boston started a revolution and that momentum cannot stop. nancy even points to another indelible moment to motivate us. nobody forgets the power of five words uttered by david ortiz, in much the same way the frates family wants people across massachusetts to know that a.l.s., this is our disease. >> every social media second tv,
5:25 pm
met with, they always have this map that shows the ice bucket challenge. and there's a big bull's eye on boston, massachusetts. >> the reporter: politicians help, but it's doctors and medical researchers pushing the boundaries of exploration and discovery. in the two years since the first round of ice bucket challenges, more has been down to unify the cause than ever before. a big player in that effort, aside from the frates, was kevin, organization, a.l.s. 1. >> kevin passed away this week from a.l.s., but what he did is it put together an organization that he took all the resource, located in massachusetts and got all those people operating in silos to come together. >> the reporter: those most directly affected live the life and fight the fight every day, an excruciating journey for everyone involved. what we can do is more of the same. more awareness, more donations, more focus on finding a cure.
5:26 pm
we have to continue until we get a treatment forray this -- for this disease. >> the reporter: inspiring woman and inspiring family. ahead on the fox 25 at 6:00 p.m., more on the emotional toll the a.l.s. has had on the family and the moment that nancy knew her voice became pete's voice, plus an update on how pete is doing. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> mark: we're all anxiously awaiting updates on pete frates. nice to see tom and talk with her and i'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say as well about how he's doing. for massachusetts to stay focused on finding a cure. >> mark: the governor taking it up once again and this is august, this is what we do. >> vanessa: it's time. sex offenders removed from public lists. coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> we're talking about hundreds of very dangerous sex offenders right now, walking around, off the radar. >> fox 25 investigates, learned how one of the offenders was able to assault a maldin woman.
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to sleep in risky situations. the potential hi hazardous items found in cribs. >> vanessa: a major heroin bust near a local school, but it's not the drugs residents are words about. it's the suspects.
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hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. >> vanessa: happening right now, mourners are coming out by the dozen to show support for the family of vanessa marcotte. marcotte's wake is tonight. her funeral will be tomorrow.
5:30 pm
burned and sexually assaulted last sunday, just a half mile from her mother's home in princeton. the search for her killer continues. mass state police say investigators are going through more than 600 tips that have all come in from the public. police are telling us that no detail is too small and if anyone noticed something suspicious between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on brook station road last sunday, give them a call. new at 5:00 p.m. tonight, police made a major drug bust this weekend, arresting several people accused of selling heroin. officers tell us it was happening near a school in miller found it's shedding light on a bigger issue when it comes to fighting the heroin problems. >> the reporter: it's not the drug bust causing all the concern. we found one of the suspension stands pellets has been in and out of jail recently, so much so that neighbors question if the courts are doing enough. this is what kids should be doing this time of year, like this 6-year-old is. but neighbors say what's happening across the street, among the barbed wire fencing and graffiti is no place for kids to be near. today, police showed us what
5:31 pm
bags of hair went along poplar street in chelsea. officers arrested a group of people. fox 25 found one of the suspects, jose reyes has been arrested three times in five years for similar crimes. frustrating for people like brenda lindsay. >> the courts are overflowing, with a lot of issues, and they don't know how to fix the problem, and i think the solutions could start at home. >> the reporter: police say they got tipped off after a neighbor sent police a possible drug deal. it didn't take long for the vice unit to see the seam thing. lieutenant dave betts say they too are frustrated, with the same drug dealers ending up back on the streets. >> that's the frustrating part for us, is that the community will campaign about, is we'll go out and do it and the community may not see what happens over and above our law enforcement efforts. >> the reporter: with police heavily focused owned fighting heroin across the region, so are community leaders, but some worry this weekend's arrest is
5:32 pm
doing enough. >> to me, it's like a break. they go to jail, clean up. i think it's a waste of time for them to clean up and come back out to do the same thing. >> the reporter: and doing it on side streets, surrounded by the images you might expect, except one like these. >> tonight, those suspects remain in jail for now, but neighbors worry it's just a matter of time until they post bail and end up right back on the streets accused of doing the exact same thing. live in the control room tonight, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: a warm day if boston. here's a look at the tobin bridge from earlier today. a nice shot. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now, an kevin, after a stormy weekend, the threat for more storms, that returns tomorrow. >> kevin: hope you enjoyed the break today, mark, because as warm as it is outside, you have the lower humidity and you don't have any storms. the satellite-radar picture shows, well, no radar, because there's nothing out there that would show up on the radar. you're seeing the satellite view showing some clouds. we go off to the west, same idea, satellite-radar, but it really starts to show green,
5:33 pm
here. severe weather that erupted through the mid-atlantic states, it's all pushing toward us and has the tropical connection to the gum, -- gulf of mexico, which means the humidity is going back up. going to ring it out over us, that's going to cause heavy rain to fall especially tomorrow afternoon. the warm front pushing toward us, the clouds start to increase and here comes spotty showers and thunderstorms starting to develop. the higher risk for most of us is in the afternoon. we'll take the timeline through what the highest risk will be in the storms arrive in your town. >> vanessa: the simple way to donate, tim my taken. employees of a local liquor store are in shock. someone helped themselves to the empty bottles an cans they helped to collect for the community. elizabeth hopkins is here now and there's been an overwhelming response to the public to help out. >> elizabeth: there really has, but this entire crime was caught on surveillance video, it happened in broad daylight. >> it's just unbelievable to see
5:34 pm
>> just wrong. this surveillance video shows what happened. >> looks around, nonchalantly, you know, unlocks the door. >> the reporter: at this liquor store, a donation bin collects empty bottles and cans. when they're redeemed, the money is sent off to help support st. vincent de paul charities and a sports fund at midborough high school. it hadassah up to a few hundred dollars every month for the last five years, but on friday -- >> really? you've got to be that low. someone was caught on surveillance removing several large bags from the donation >> the reporter: employees here say the thief returned the following day, only to find they had locked the donation area. the suspect and his vehicle clearly visible, it didn't take long for police to track him down. the owner wanted to give him a chance to right his wrong. >> first we thought we would give him the -- give him a chance to do the right thing, maybe come down and do a little donation, back to the middleboro high school, but he denied it, and so we're actually going to
5:35 pm
court. >> the reporter: lakeview police are not releasing the man's name, but say he's a 66-year-old, he's been charged with larceny, breaking in to a can depository and attempting to commit a crime. >> people are going to realize the donation bins are here. >> the reporter: that's exactly what happened. people have said that people have responded overwhelmingly, there are additional bottles and cans being donated, and the owner is even thinking of doing a bottle drive to raise even more money now. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: state of new police want you to take a good look at this man, he's suspected in two cases of indecent exposure at a coffee shop last week. if you recognize him, give salem detectives a call. >> vanessa: a man who led police on a chase through several local towns appeared in court. bridge water police say the suspect had five out standing felony warrants against him. they tried to pull him over yesterday morning, that's when he took off. the driver led police through east and west bridge water, as well as abbington. the chase ended in brockton when the suspect slammed his car into a number of police cruisers.
5:36 pm
a driver was seriously hurt in this crash on route 95 overnight. it happened on the you tufts field-danvers line. it appears to have involved a car and tractor-trailer. that driver had been taken to beverly hospital, but was later flown to a boston hospital. all lanes on 95 south are now open. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m. in the battle of car and brick, the brick won. the silver s.u.v. slammed into the side of the town grocery plaza on cambridge street in burlington and there are no reports of injuries and the building inspector was called out to make sure the building was >> vanessa: a family of three was driven from their home after a fire at this house in mattapan. crews were called to alabama street around 6:30 p.m. last night, investigators say the fire started in the first floor, possibly from a powerful light bulb that close to flammable objects. two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. the damage to the home, estimated to be more than $100,000. >> mark: fire crews in newburyport continue to investigate this fire on plum island. fox 25 viewer sent us these pictures right herend a you
5:37 pm
the fire started at a house on the corner of 59th and 61st street around 7:30 p.m. last night. no one was hurt and the cause is believed to be electrical. >> vanessa: the state's highest court makes a unanimous ruling, when it comes to oui suspect and their rights. >> mark: coming up new at 6:00 p.m., the warning police no longer have to give suspected drunk drivers before they take a breathalyzer tell. >> vanessa: plus, the e. bola scare two years ago, prompting changes at the airport. coming up, the new rules to help keep public safe during outbreaks. >> mark: violence erupts in milwaukee after the shooting death of a young man. why the public won be seeing the incident caught on a police body camera any time soon. >> vanessa: now let's check out the roads with live drivetime traffic. you can see volume here picking up on the zakim bridge from the last time we showed it to you. let's go to this map there, where we don't have any major accidents to tell you about on this monday. pretty good news there. it is a little slow going on 128 northbound, stretching from bedford up to route 93. we have the live drivetimes for
5:38 pm
here. leverett connector, 495, that will take 31 minutes. the o'neill tunnel to the split, 36. the ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, average speed out there, about 35 miles an hour,
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>> mark: police in milwaukee say body camera footage showing the shooting death of a black man by officers will not be released right away. 23-year-old silva smith was shot by officer after a traffic stop saturday night. police say they saw a gun on him
5:41 pm
officials say police footage shows the gun in his hand. >> i don't think there's anybody in the country that's released a body worn camera of a officer-involved shooting in 24 or 36 hours. chicago set the modern record with a week. >> mark: smith's shooting death causing unrest in milwaukee in the mass 24 hours, there has been at least one shooting, a car set on fire, and an officer hospitalized. wisconsin's governor has declared a state of emergency. things are back to normal at j.f.k. airport this afternoon reports of gunfire at a terminal sent passengers scrambling, while authorities worked for hours to clear the scene. two people reported hearing the shots around 9:00 p.m. sunday night. we're told a hoax 911 call and word-of-mouth could have let to the panic. so far, there have been no arrests. >> vanessa: tomorrow, a korean war p.o.w. will be welcomed home decades after his bridge. we told you about corporal ronald sparks last week. he died as a prisoner of war
5:42 pm
his family spent decades working to identify his remains. some d.n.a. helped bring closure for the family earlier this year. tomorrow, the cambridge veterans services department will hold a special ceremony in his honor. corporal sparks will be buried with full military honors on friday. walpole high school students will have a little bit of extra time to get to school this year. start time for the high school has been pushed back by 15 minutes from 7:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. walpole's superintendent says he wanted to give the students a little more extra time to he knows it's not a huge difference, but it was the only change he could make without affecting elementary and middle schools. the school day will end at 2:05 p.m. >> kevin: love more sleep. tomorrow morning, a few thunderstorms will be around, another day with the severe weather threat. we'll talk about when the highest risk times will be and what exactly those threats are. >> mark: hundreds of sex offender now off the public list. up next at 5:00 p.m., how one of
5:43 pm
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from
5:44 pm
that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
5:45 pm
>> mark: hundreds of sex offenders are off the public list about a recent -- after, rather, a recent court ruling. >> vanessa: fox 25's bob ward investigates one of the offenders who is charged with assaulting a maldin woman in the elevator of her apartment building while out of the public eye. >> the reporter: this is paul denoto, a homeless man, charged with sexually assaulting a woman in the elevator of her maldin apartment building in june. once in the elevator, deno her she had a bug on her head and made a move to remove it, according to court records obtained by fox 25. for 60 seconds, the male kept touching each of her braids, as if the bug was crawling around, police reports show. when they reached the top floor, denoto allegedly told the victim, the bug fell o. the victim told police, denoto walked away and made what she thought was a fake cellphone call, that's when the victim noticed spots on the back of her
5:46 pm
paul denoto was arrested later that night. fox 25 investigates discovered the disturbing details of the case against denoto in his court file right here in maldin district court, but we've also discovered something else -- that denoto is one of hundreds of dangerous sex offenders right now living in the shadows an you have no idea who they are or where they are. they are level two and level three convicted sex offenders. 300 of them removed from public lists, all because of the massachusetts supreme judicial court raised the legal standard used to classify section offenders, a move that entitled about 500 of them to be removed from all public lists while awaiting new hearings and that could take years. >> it's a gap if public safety, and the most serious sense of that word, because the level 3's are the ones who will offend again.
5:47 pm
fox 25, burr the clock is ticking on putting hundreds of sex offenders back on the street. why some feel like the public outcry is blown out of proportion. >> vanessa: a deposition describing bill cosby's affairs and prescription sedatives will remain open to the public. lawyers for cosby had asked a judge to reseal the documents, but a judge said today, documents are already public knowledge. cosby admits to several affairs in the deposition, and says he obtained quaaludes to give to women he was hoping to seduce. a northeaste street signs around boston and the police commissioner doesn't find this funny. here's one of the signs hanging outraged side of a fire house. it reads, all firefighters are napping in case of fire, please catch the nearest water pokemon. the man specializes in digital marketing and used these signs to promote his business. commissioner bill evans says if they catch him, he will be fined. the man tells the herald, if the city has a real problem with the signs, he will take them down. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., state numbers now showing the first
5:48 pm
$180 million in its first year of operation. the casino opened in june of 2015. the state initially projected about $105 million for the plainville slots parlor and harness racing track. the facility is taxed on 49% of its gross gambling revenue, with most of that going to the state. >> kevin: a warm dinnertime, no doubt about it, it's 89 degrees in boston, still, are, approaching 6:00 p.m. this evening, the sun is getting ready to start to dip into the sky, into the sunset phase and we're still very warm. the humidity is down though. it's been a pleasant day, no showers, no storms out there, just a few clouds drifting on by and it all ends again tomorrow. can you believe, i was talking to our superintendent lucy, you heard about her, certainly over the last couple of years an we're putting together the numbers, strong showing of warm temperatures, hot temperatures over the last week, and none of it has equated to a heat wave
5:49 pm
about, considering how hot it's been out there. there are showers and storms to our west, severe weather in northern virginia and back here in the cincinnati area, and this is a system that's pushing toward up. has a tropical connected. we talked about the flooding in louisiana, right in here, incredible flooding, there's been heavy rain through texas, into mississippi, georgia, alabama, and florida as well. all of that has been circling off of the tropics, off of the gulf of mexico and feeding in to the same system, it's coming our way. so lunchtime temperatures tomorrow, will be in the upper 70's to low afternoon, it's going to get even warmer, but before we get to lunch, the clouds will be moving across the area in the morning. notice the showers and thunderstorms developing. there won't be a lot of them on the front, but there's the issue starting tomorrow morning. during the first part of the day, the front that's going to come along with these is a warm front and that means that we're going to see winds from the ocean on one side of the front. on the back side of it though the winds will be coming from this direction. and when you have different winds at different levels of our atmosphere and this is the upper level of the atmosphere, the
5:50 pm
as well, you get turning to happen and at times, some of the thunderstorms can start to turn an even drop to a tornado. not saying you're definitely going to get one tomorrow, but ingredients are there for the possibility of one and that's why you need to stay alert. through the lunchtime tomorrow, we're going to get a break during the middle part of the day and that's certainly good news. by the afternoon, here comes some more showers and thunderstorms moving across the area. by this time, the winds will have shifted again, most of it coming from the southwest, but there's still the possibility of some turning in the atmosphere, the higher threat of that these storms continue into late night tomorrow night, before we get a break in the action again to start your day on wednesday. in fact, wednesday looking predominantly if not totally dry. here's the threats. you saw what i talked about with winds, converging winds, different levels and different directions causing turning. that's why the slight risk of a tornado has been to in the forecast. heavy rain from the tropical connection of the storms. any storm can pour on you and create localized flooding. something we'll be watching for tomorrow as well. strong winds with any severe
5:51 pm
wednesday and thursday. not totally zero on the risk of a shower or thunderstorms, but certainly, and see if you can get the word select out of there, for wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the mid 80's throughout. a big difference tomorrow from north to south. you go to the seacoast of new hampshire, near 80. metro west area of boston, you'll be in the mid 80's. by friday, we turn the corner into much nicer weather. in fact, let me show you the weekend. it's always in view and you'll see here on saturday and sunday, both days look pleasant and mild, with sunshine, so for now, tomorrow vanessa and something we'll be watching closely with the new information this morning. >> vanessa: gas prices, they continue their end of summer dip here in massachusetts. the average price of regular unleaded now $2.09 a gallon. that's down three cents from last week and more than 47 cents from last year at this time. industry experts say oil prices are climbing, so gas prices may follow suit very soon. don't retire in providence or worcester. they ranked dead last for
5:52 pm
adoring to a new list, ranking 150 cities. wall hub compiled the list by ranking affordability, activities, quality of life and health care. boston just cracked the top 100. the best place to live, live out the good years, that's orlando, florida. >> mark: we are working on all new stories for fox 25 at 6:00 p.m. right now as loved ones and friends are gathering for the wake of the jogger brutally murdered in princeton, the search for her killer continues. new at 6:00 p.m., bob ward sits down with a world renowned crimin reveals about where the killer may be from. >> the reporter: a city-owned pool leaking thousands of gallons a day. where all of that water might be going and the report showing managers have known about it for a year. >> mark: also new at 6:00 p.m., a bizarre request to anyone going to jimmy buffet's concert.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
>> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., changes are in the works for how
5:56 pm
contagious travelers. >> mark: fox 25's blair miller reports, the government learned lessons from the e. bola square two years ago. >> the reporter: health officials scrambled to keep the deadly e. bola virus from spreading throughout the united states in 2014. the government screened and monitored 38,000 passengers from west african countries flying to atlanta and four or major u.s. airports. the crisis ended without an outbreak. now, the department of health and human services is updating procedures, which would take away from 2014 to prepare for the agency posted proposed new rules on line. airline pilots have to report deaths and illnesses of passengers on board as they for international flights to help quickly defect disease spread. the c.d.c. could ban animals from entering the country if they have a risk of carrying communicable diseases. quarantined passengers would have new protections -- protections.
5:57 pm
isolation orders. a senior official would have to put in writing why a potentially infected person has been denied travel rights, and health officials could monitor quarantined people by phone, email, and text messages instead of the daily in-person visits. changes designed to improve disease response while protecting passenger rights. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: the health and human services department is asking for the public to weigh in before finalizing the disease response rules in the fall. >> vanessa: too many parents are putting their babies to sleep in that's according to a new study just released today. a pediatrics report says baby are often placed in cribs with roast bedding and stuffed animals or on their stomachs and sides, which can increase the chance of suffocation or death. they used video recordings instead of relying on parents survey. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., pregnant women who take acetaminophen raise the risk
5:58 pm
researchers asked women about their use of acetaminophen. more than half the moms used acetaminophen and 5% of the children developed behavioral problems. the makers of the most well known brand of the pain maker, tylenol, says the story shows a correlation but not causation. now at 6:00 p.m., saying goodbye. family and friends remembering vanessa marcotte. it's been eight days since the jogger's brutal murder in princeton and still no arrests. tonight, from a world renowned criminologist, the signs that point to vanessa's killer being a local man. >> a city owned pool leaking 9,000 gallons of water in a day. where it might all be going, and the safety and environmental concerns uncovered by fox 25 investigates. >> kevin: hope you enjoyed the break we had today, because more showers and storms are coming. when you can expect those. >> and pats fans crossing their
5:59 pm
pulls himself out of practice early and walks off the field gingerly. what we're learning about the star's apparent injury. >> mark: first at 6:00 p.m., heavy hearts in fitchburg. right now, friends and family are paying their respects to vanessa marcotte. 27-year-old google worker went out for a jog in princeton last sunday and never came home. her body found brutally murdered. less than a half mile from her mother's house. good evening everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vane despite hundreds of tips, vanessa's killer is still out there. fox 25's malini basu live outside of tonight's wake, where malini, we've seen a lot of people showing up to say goodbye, including some of vanessa's co-workers. >> the reporter: we did, vanessa and mark, really a difficult day and we, of course, are at a difference from that funeral home, as we are respect being the family through this very difficult time. there's been a steady flow of traffic going in to the funeral home. it all started around 4:00 p.m., but first, it's hard to see from where we are, but i want to show
6:00 pm
from new york within the last hour and a half. at least two dozen people from new york were on that bus. we just confirmed that they are vanessa marcotte's co-workers from google. many of them walked in with heavy hearts, with their heads down, and we also saw several cars from the new york and new jersey area. now, within the last hour, we spoke with bob, he's known the family for well over 40 years, he could barely get his words out and was in tears as he was talking about marcotte. >> she was the most educated, intelligent, the family don't need to have this happen to them. >> how important is it for you to be here today? >> i'd rather have her here. thank you. >> the reporter: and as we were standing out here, a couple of minutes ago, we saw a woman from new jersey, she just left that funeral home in tears, crying. again, tonight, police are still begging the public for help. if you know anything, if you saw


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