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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> daniel: most of the sushi we order on menu is mislabeled and tell people where the fish came from and how it was caught. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: parrotta. >> daniel: monitoring storm, damaging wind and heavy rain this afternoon, jason. >> jason: if you are waking up with us you have a slight chance for strong to severe storms anywhere in new england. today greatest risk low pressure center and tracking from the great lakes over toward new york. the stormy humid weather will be arriving hour-by-hour later this afternoon. right now just been tracking a few spotty light showers there,
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mostly dry and watch over connecticut first, this is where the warm humid air comes from and warm front coming across, three to 5:00 p.m. watching out for threat for stronger storms and then we have round two potentially into the evening as a line of storms may be arriving as low pressure center tracks by to the north. couple things to keep track of. temperatures today lower and middle 80s and getting more humid later in the day so get the plans done earlier rather than later. >> catherine: 9:01. north of the city see 128 not doing too bad, slow in usual spot there lexington, 93 you're jammed up there in medford and somerville all the way make way into the city, looking south now expressway jammed up between quincy and milton, 128 very slow between needham and milton as well and brighton moving well and spot as make way eastbound and here are drive times for
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split and 37 minutes and 93495 to leverett connector and take you almost an hour right now. >> catherine: teen sitting in car when hit and live at police headquarters this morning and the teen was rushed into emergency surgery overnight. >> incredibly, catherine and daniel, the teen i survive, according to boston police. i received an update last 40 minutes and now asking for the public's help because they still have not arrested anyone. a lot of questions remain this morning. i do want to show you video though. this is video from just after that shooting and this is in south boston. shooting happened just before midnight on gavin way which is just off of old colony avenue and police told us again the teen was inside car when all of
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shooting they say tension continued to rise so much so that when we arrived around 3:30 in the morning to relieve the overnight crew, two police officers remained on scene because they were breaking up several fights. again, they said it wasn't exactly safe for us to be there why we moved over here to the police headquarters. >> surgery, and according to the doctors good chance he may survive here but obviously still being treated as serious.
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and asking for the public's help and have another live update for you in 30 minutes in boston, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news there can father that disappeared in pond died. he was swimming with two children when he went underwater and unclear what caused him to drown and kids told couldn't find his dad. >> daniel: hometown to leominster where she grew up. michael henrich outside the church where services began in about an hour. >> michael: vanessa marcotte
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and friend will say good-bye. family and friends searching for closure. might have trouble finding it especially because vanessa's killer has not yet been caught. mourners embraced and shed tears as they tried to console each other over the loss of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte. >> beautiful, intelligent, family don't need to have this happen to them. >> michael: spoke outside vanessa's wake and bus filled with vanessa's colleague in google where she worked in new york arrived as well. two sundays ago on august 7th the leominster native went for jog in broad daylight and police canine and found body off brooks station road. >> i have a son and it could
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for the family. they believe he was a man who might have been scratched and bruised and received more than 600 tips as they work toward finding as they took vanessa from friends and family. >> michael: the b michael henrich, fox25 news. >> catherine: mental health check after causing major scene at apartment complex. take a look. police and swat members swarmed fitchburg road last night for reports of someone holding hostages. the report turned out to be false. the man was eventually taken into custody without a problem. former patriot aaron hernandez returns to a boston courtroom today. hernandez and his attorneys will go in front of a judge to deal with many motions and scheduling
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and killing two men in boston south end after one of them allegedly spilled a drink on him in a club. the former patriot currently serving life sentence in north attleboro. >> daniel: 9:07 right now. methuen dialysis 86-year-old patient locked inside for hours. maureen perry received the 4-hour treatment at the medical care on saturday. after the treatment was over the staff closed the building forgetting she was statement saying, quote, we have initiated additional proses and safeguards to ensure i want such as this does not happen again. we apologize to the patient, her family and entire community. >> catherine: problems plaguing one boston boller forcing to shut down for repairs. fox25 investigates uncovered records showed the city has known about a leak at south end
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year and engineers found a drain pipe leaked more than 9,000 gallons of water in 24 hours and despite the problem the pool was kept open. >> repairing the situation and major issues, so needs to be kept an eye on and what kind of sanctions were upheld and problems to comply. >> sara: >> catherine: pool is safe despite normal boston looks to close the pool next week as looks for ways to improve the facility and address the leak but that's not the only problem fox25 uncovered. look at for the full story. catherine: roxbury highway station open with ribbon cutting about 9:30 and bikes already arrived and ready to go.
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new roxbury unicorn bike and mayor marty walsh and other sursurprised guests are expected to be there as well. >> daniel: third medal in rio for aly raismain. tweeted out photo yesterday with teammate madison after wrapping up final workout. raismain already won gold in team competition and silver in individual all around. ally will compete with simone. she was placing third and been unstoppable during olympics and could win five gold medals. lori hernandez won silver in beam. netherlands gymnast cyan weaver took home the gold. >> sara: china neck overall
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third with 31 but one more gold and three more silver than china >> catherine: 93, 495 to leverett connector going to take you hour and 128 university ave to the weston tolls 16 minute drive. jason. >> jason: watching for storms this >> daniel: coming up at 9:30, why crooks behind the skimmers could be spread out all over the northeast. >> catherine: controlling your smart device with ink. the tattoo that could let you make calls without even touching phone. >> pulling no punches.
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right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved this message. >> catherine: poll numbers sagged donald trump and gop nominee delivered a major speech on foreign policy in ohio yesterday. during the speech called for controversial measures that extreme vetting from countries claimed breed terrorism.
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vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more and these are problems like we have never had before. >> catherine: campaign chief paul paul manafford under scrutiny. claims he received millions in illegal payments from ukraine party and monford denies report. >> daniel: campaigning in hometown of scranton and vice president's first appearance on campaign trail with clinton and wasted no time taking swings at donald trump. >> no major party nominee in history of united states of america has known lessor been less prepared to deal with the
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trump. >> daniel: learning national security and isn't qualified to know the nuclear code. meanwhile republican vice president candidate mike pence coming to new hampshire later this week and he will be in manchester on thursday for town hall style meeting. >> catherine: 15 prisoners out of guantanamo bay, making single largest transfer since he was president. have been transferred to other countries. >> daniel: major insurance company cutting back the policy offered under the affordable care act. come next year aetna will be offering obamacare policies in delaware, iowa, alaska and virginia down from the 15 states where it currently operates. the company since joining the exchange it lost more than
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exchange policy holders are more sicker and costly than expected. daniel: volkswagen could pay another round of steep fines. it was apparently in talk with the federal prosecutors and not clear what criminal thinks which the company faces. last year german automaker agreed to installing cheating software on emissions to pay $15 billion in civil lawsuit. >> catherine: 128 going northbound and see delays behind that and also see installed vehicle and route 1 southbound right there near the city square tunnel. moving up here you can see 93 as making way down still jammed up in medford somerville, 128 looking pretty good as make way
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smoothly through brighton and route 116 minutes, 93 from the braintree split to the pike, 25 minutes and 93 from 495 to the leverett connector and still looking at over just about an hour now from commute there and no real problems weatherwise for the commute but could change as we go through the day. >> jason: different story north and westward and quiet conditions except one or two sprinkles watching make it all the way or a little bit of light rain, kind of off and on in southwest new hampshire and keene just gray overcast but that's actually an area to watch for, greater risk of severe storms later today. so right now the clouds are really thickening up and brighter sky going southward and see right now the clouds thick and flat, so no threat for severe weather any time soon, 74?, dew point at 63. now as that number rises later
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well. temperatures running in the low and middle 70s most locations but see where warm or sunnier location is and new bedford 80? right now. that's where the mugginess is as well. so as the winds come out of the east and eventually out of the south will bring the moisture back up across the pike and eventually northward as well and starting to see the chance for storms increasing and really going to be after 2:00 today and most motions with temperatures rising on into the middle 80s. of right now relatively quiet comparatively speaking. temperatures in the low and middle 80s this afternoon, be a little cooler on the sea coast, possibly parts of the cape getting brighter weather and eastward and during the afternoon and especially loon the north shore and sea coast, even the south shore watch out for the approaching storms. so here is low, it is back here
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way over toward new york. that's going to allow the warm front to start coming northward and the question is how far north does it get? right now looks like it is going to get all the way up into new hampshire and eventually beyond into the overnight hours and help to produce that risk of some spin in the atmosphere and severe weather. that's why west of worcester, greater risk for severe weather in the form of funnel clouds, tornadoes, damaging winds, closer to the center of that low pressure center that's coming so let's track all of this, noon time, still mainly dry and watching into connecticut first off at around one, 2:00 and then 3:00 p.m. some of these are am cooing into worcester county, possibly as severe storms. 5:00 p.m. you see anywhere from the pike northwest ward, better chance for severe weather, cape and islands stay dryer today and then we have this, round two possibly coming in into early evening hours as low pressure system goes by. so 7-day forecast weekend in
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tonight and shower and mainly along the coast and then clear it out. thursday, friday, mainly dry, quiet, middle 80s, humidity not low but not high as we go to the weekend there with temperatures in the low and middle 80s, mainly dry forecast until this week, that's when the next stronger front gets here with renewed chance of few shower and thunderstorm. i will be back with radar and take look at future cast model run so you can see where the storms will ahead. >> daniel: thief arrested accused of stealing donations for local high school coming up at 9:30, chance the suspect was given to right his wrong but turned it down. >> catherine: olympic event we could all participate in.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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>> daniel: six minutes from opening bell in wall street and today traders will be looking for another record day. for second time in 17 years all three major indexes close ruth record highs. on monday nasdaq was up 29 points, dow almost 60 and s&p gained just over six points. yesterday also marked third day of gains for crude oil stocks
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>> daniel: metallic temporary tattoos control smart devices and use them as touch pad to control their phone or tablet screen and some of the tattoos can sense body temperature and mood. the idea came from ph.d. student at the school. >> catherine: check this out. swing bring them in complete in case you're wondering no safety harnesses on the swing and maximum height goes completely upside down, more than 30 feet in the air. video quickly gone viral racking up more than 1 million views in only the first day to the youtubeer known for work which is known for building and performing dangerous stunt.
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daniel: diver jump from 30-foot platform and hold classic belly flop for as long as possible and popular spectator sport since the 60s and world championships have been held every year in norway since 2008. >> catherine: i couldn't do it. looks like it hurts. >> daniel: neither could i. >> catherine: amazing spotted in california. look at goingly eyes. underwater eyes recorded squid and in the video hear the scientist watching the feed laughing the the squid. looks like toy that dropped toy in the ocean. not sure what type it is but stubby skid related to cuttlefish, nothing we want to cuddle with. >> daniel: neck thing he will have twitter page, facebook
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like a toy. >> jason: right now tracking storm and he humid conditions back to the south and west and latest timing on when the threat for severe storms moves back in straight ahead. >> catherine: injury that forced gronk to step off the field. >> jessica: skimming devices have been found over the n massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding
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narrator: switch and see the difference. finish. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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snowfall complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: now at 9:30, live look in boston, dry and humid start to the day and dreary and threat of severe storms coming in later today. >> daniel: fox25 has timeline. >> jason: here is why we have low pressure spending through and closer we are to the low and greater rotation of the atmosphere and go westward, going to be more of concern. right now light spotty shower in southwest new hampshire and those are drying up for now, but here it is noon to 1:00, watching over connecticut first off for few storms to build up and then by three to 5:00 p.m.
9:30 am
southern new hampshire. the dryest weather for the daylight hours appears to be the south shore, cape and islands and then head into the evening, chance of line of storms as low pressure tracks by to the north and couple rounds possible and mid-afternoon and coming into the evening and monitor and 80 and steamier not 128 good news, sagamore way, accident near engle side near newton and 93 still jammed up in medford, somerville, shifting and doing okay and right before the city there and jammed up between quincy and milton still and looking at pike rather as you go eastbound through brighton and moving just fine and drive times for you, route 115 minutes, 93 from 495
9:31 am
from 495 to the mass ave, take you half hour right now. >> daniel: police warning locals to check bank accounts. >> catherine: live in webster where devices have been found on several atm's jess. >> jessica: look across the hit here, what they have been doing is planting swimming devices inside atm here and using devices to steal thousands of dollars from people.
9:32 am
>> jessica: people have been using them to lift hundreds of thousands of dollars and she was one of the victims that spoke to her yesterday and account hit twice, once in new york and once in boston and when she went into reports of the bank yesterday it was actually hit a third time and cover hand and protect yourself and searching for person or people responsible. jessica reyes, for example 25 news. >> daniel: police begging public to come forward with any information. >> jessica: they are. >> stephanie: people did not provide much information and
9:33 am
so far no arrests have been made. the good news though is 15-year-old they say is expected to survive. i want to show you showed though. this is the neighborhood where the shooting happened just before midnight and this is on gavin way. this is in south boston just off old colony avenue and you can see from this video that it was a very active scene, very heavy police presence responded but they say again 15-year-old boy, teen, was inside a car when someone shot was rushed to the hospital extensions continue to rise after the shooting and around 3:30, two officers were still there on scene and not necessarily together evidence but maintain the piece and several fights actually broke out in a crowd and they actually had to break up those fights so
9:34 am
for the public's help and whether this was a random shooting or possibly targeted shooting whether suspect or suspects got away in a car or on foot and trying to gather information. right now police say they do not expect to hold a police resistance at this point in time. the teen we are told were weeks away from the sixteenth birthday. in boston, stephanie coueignoux, >> catherine: kaitlyn accused of beating daughter back in november 2014. prosecutors said she lied to police changing story what
9:35 am
several times. >> daniel: son sitting in cars behind bars and in court yesterday and charged with number of things including assault with intent to murder and kidnapping. prosecutors say nine-year-old son was in the car who the man had not seen in years. the boy's family filed a missing person's report and police later found the suspect and bar in apartment in dorchester. du man being held on $15,000 bail and stoughton district court
9:36 am
possible drug deal and uncovered heroin and dealers getting back out on to the streets. >> that's the frustrating part for us and community complain about something and enforcement. >> catherine: neighbors added it is a matter of time until they post bail and end up right back on the street. >> daniel: arrested. hand this downtown natick friday night and teens accused of donning all black clothing and wearing white masks to chase after the woman and chasing disorderly conduct charges. >> daniel: man caught on camera stealing from store was
9:37 am
helped to support char is and sports at middleborough high school. on friday someone caught the man on surveillance camera stealing the donations. police were able to track the suspect down because of the footage. the store's owner told the man he could donate to the school instead of being charged but he said no. now he faces charges including larceny. >> catherine: with season starting to wind down standings on american league east and sox kick off cleveland near disaster as pop fly goes down the line. mookie betts comes in and stumbles there and sox down one-zero but big papi fixes that, hit two-run home run and sox never look back from there and one out of the park and sox
9:38 am
>> daniel: gronk pulled up while running seven-seven drill with the bears. he talked to training staff and gingerly walked off the field. several definite media outlets report whatever caused him to pull him sev self out of practice was minor. meanwhile things got heated during the practice with the bears and wasn't just the temperature outside. all out brawl broke out during the joint practice that started between malcolm butler and receiver and went from grabbing face mask and shoving match. bears have two more joint practice scheduled ahead of the preseason match-up on thursday. >> catherine: mansfield police taking unusual precautions ahead of big concert this weekend. jimmy buffett are rolling in and police warning tailgaters not to use these sort of toilets because they don't support
9:39 am
concertgoers need to provide the porta potties instead. >> daniel: local fischererman feeling good. 300 pounds and 69 inches long but if you look closely you see it doesn't have a tail. fisherman says he has been reeling off the coast of provincetown for 30 minutes when a great white bit the tail right off and tuna came in four inches short and lost >> jason: heavy rain going to be a problem but low risk for tornadoes and damaging wind threat and latest future cast to show you when and where straight
9:40 am
gets more expensive every year and hitting parents hard. still ahead this hour, new research that shows the great lengths parents are willing to go to pay for school. >> catherine: is that spicy go to pay for school. >> catherine: is that spicy tuna roll really i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no.
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires and not enough moms. vo: afscme people is responsible
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>> daniel: 12% of homes in batune rouge covered by flood insurance and area that normally doesn't see much flooding or damage from hurricane. 11,000 people staying in shelters and inside a large studio complex turned into makeshift shelter. daniel: started latest wildfire in northern california. and string of fires over the last year. yesterday official said the fire was spreading at frightening speed. and thousands of people from their homes forced. >> catherine: ten-year-old
9:44 am
kansas city. people magazine reports the raft that boy and two others were on didn't meet the minimum weight requirements. the magazine says police report combined weight of the three was 385 pounds. minimum required weight was 400 pounds. the water park has not yet commented on that new report. >> catherine: parm building explosioned in maryland and sixth rt shook buildings more than mile away and seven people missing. investigators are still trying to determine a cause of the blast. some residents smelled gas before the explosion.
9:45 am
little girl. >> cat bit her on side and tried to pick her up and drug her a little bit and didn't have a good hold and put paws to get better grip and screaming at it running toward it. >> daniel: cuts were treated and got rabies shot and attacks like this children are the target. >> catherine: lancaster, ohio another shopper able to catch whole thing on camera. roaming parking lot after rv and drags the monkey away.
9:46 am
tuna. jacqueline fell in washington with why fish lovers could soon be celebrating. >> reporter: when you talk about seafood it is fish lover's beware and no idea what they are eating even if you think they do. 2013 investigation by conservation group found what you find at stores and restaurants isn't always what the new york times says this fall google teaming up with the conservation group oceania and launching an initiative track analyze fishing boat practices using satellite technology. ideally this will help ensure that fewer fake or mislabeled fish make it on to dinner plate. the biggest fake fish, particularly fake sushi are red
9:47 am
>> catherine: 128 cleared out nicely and slow spot on map, 93 as make way from stoneham to medford, all the way into somerville and looked like accident has popped up 93 going south perhaps in somerville area. 128 looking good from the north and look at pike as go through brighton and east, volume pretty light in that stretch and drive times for you, route 1, 128 to the tobin, 15 495 to the leverett connector, 52 minutes route 1 peabody to the weston tolls 22 minutes and jason, the picture gets a little bit grayer each time i see it. >> jason: few rainbow shots too and just clouds and go southward we are seeing some more sunshine. this is where it is going to be warmer southcoast, around
9:48 am
boston, still onshore wind on the east and northeast, so that's indicative still in the cooler sector of the storm. warmest air down to the south here 80 knew right now, but only the upper 60s in nashua. so see the temperature difference, it is already on display, moisture difference as well and interact air masses see thunderstorms break out. so as we go into the afternoon we will have the middle 80s, scattered showers and thunderstorms developing, mainly area and they last into the evening tonight with temperatures still on the 70s after dark there. very warm and muggy, oppressive type humidity coming back. there are high temps today. most spots middle 80s, a little cooler at the coast, beach forecast, all not lost. get out there early and plenty of sunshine as just showed you around the vineyard, parts of the cape, south shore not too bad and rescue for pop-up shower
9:49 am
stormy and humid conditions off to the south and west. here is low now over michigan making way toward new york as low comes by, get spin in atmosphere and that's why we have at least the low risk but discernible risk for that rotation and tornadoes. this is the tornado risk area that's greatest. west of worcester back across western mass, southwest new hampshire and parts of connecticut, watch here 12:00, 1:00, storms to start blowing up in the warm h connecticut. make way into central mass by say 3:00 p.m. and then that chance over to the north shore, around greater boston area and continuing out to the west through five to 7:00 p.m. then we will have to watch round two potentially into the sunset hours. this may be coming west to east and holding together because there's going to be a lot of moisture to work with and watching out potentially some
9:50 am
thursday a pop-up shower with temperatures in the mid and upper 80s, friday the weekend mainly dry and bright with temperature upper and middle 80s and next front new wave on monday to tuesday to bring us more much needed rain and monitoring throughout the day and stay
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increase behavioral problems in children. about 5% of the women that the took acetaminophen has children with problems like adhd. tylenol weighing in on study showing correlation but doesn't necessarily show the drug causes behavioral issues. catherine: new survey 75% of parents eight to 14 already
9:54 am
to pay for college and 68% of parents were willing to get second job to foot the bill. americans collectively owe $1.4 trillion in loans. >> daniel: one couple in michigan says pokemongo ruined lives. filed a lawsuit against the games maker saying pokemongo ruined landscapers and people peering into windows and they are not alone. there are poke gym that draws people everyday. >> daniel: a lot of speculation swirling next generation iphones could be partially water proof. the company recently pat end somewhere may help edit photos taken underwater. we will find out when phone unveiled last month and offering
9:55 am
years. >> catherine: free burger and new seaport restaurant will feature menu items when opens at 10:30 including special burger designed by two local chefs and milk >> daniel: bill crackdown on scalpers online for concerts and broadway shows. according to ticketmaster 60% of online tickets are bought that way. new bill would find anyone using the somewhere up to $16,000 a ticket. >> daniel: justin bieber deleted his instagram account
9:56 am
mean comments on pictures of him and in you fling model sophia richy and threatened to make the account private and if people fans she would accept whoever he likes and ex-girlfriend singer selena gomez child in making things worse for biebs and sophia is daughter of lionel richie. >> catherine: severe storms on the he not hot yet and stormy weather trying to build to the west, warm front will build northward. brand-new outlook from the storm prediction center really thinking hasn't changed west of worcester greater tornado threat later this afternoon. let me show you the latest model information. we will be watching toward 3:00 p.m. for few of storms to start bubbling up and make way north eastward into the greater boston area late day, kevin will be here monitoring the hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute
9:57 am
round two may be coming up into the sunset hours making its way from west to east with strong damaging winds. so couple chances for some heavy rain and some locally strong winds. seven day we do quiet things down tomorrow, rest of the week on into the weekend not bad. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> catheri there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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all-new today on "right this minute." >> ready. you have a daughter. >> no way. >> a mom-to-be hears big news about her baby while -- >> with her mother donna who is terminally ill. >> the story behind the touching moment that people around the world just want to share. >> it's pure -- it's wing suit pilots stage a daring flight. >> to become a shooting star. >> why it takes precision and guts to pull it off. an 8-year-old manages to get really stuck in some railing. >> the head was too big to get through here. >> what she was doing and how rescuers got her out. plus -- >> ?? . how auctioneers are going viral


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