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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:16pm EDT

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tracking off toward milford. that does not mean you have a tornado. what it means is you have spinning in the clouds up above you and the potential for a funnel cloud or tornado. this one looks less impressive, now that the radar is going around one more time. in the holden area, this red and green cuplet together, an area of concern moving into the town of holden right now. you need to take cover from the storm. doesn't matter, it's not being called a severe thunderstorm. you can still get a tornado. this is a twisting motion in the clouds, it's but if you haven't heard me say it before, what we're looking for is a tight circulation, red and green. red is away from the radar, back here in taunton, so wind going in this direction. green is toward the radar. you connect the dots and get your sveum a little bit of roight in here. again, not a tornado on the ground being reported, but it looks like on live storm tracker radar, there is rotation in that storm and you need to take cover. i'm watching it closely. if one starts to take form in to
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minutes with an update on the storm. >> vanessa: drivers dealing with street flooding in blackstone. >> mark: john monahan continues our weather coverage right now from milford and john, it began ranking interest a short -- there a short time ago. >> the reporter: five or ten minutes ago. it's coming down really hard. we're on route 16, route 109 in milford. we drove here from walpole about 25 minutes ago, and i'll tell you right now, on the 15 minutes, this rain started to become torrential. this intersection busy at rush hour, it's slowed down and backed up even more so because of the heavy rain and we're just out in the area that kevin was talking about up in holden, but the storms, you can see the clouds in the distance, where we are is very dark and ominous. this rain is starting to get heavier by the minute, since we've been here in the last 10 to 15 minutes. we'll watch the storms as we move through the area and keep you posted on everything as the
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you. reporting live in milford this afternoon, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> mark: with a chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, be sure to download the fox 25 storm tracker app and get custom forecast from our team of experts for your neighborhood. good time to do it would be now as well. storm tracker app free and available on any device. to breaking news, state health officials say they have discovered the first human case of west nile virus in massachusetts this year. the patient is a resident of middlesex county in her 70's and is being treated in an west nile symptoms include fever and flu-like illness. last year, there were ten human cases of west nile identified in massachusetts. >> vanessa: laid to rest, the family of a woman who was killed while jogging on a rural road said goodbye today. the funeral for vanessa marcotte was standing room only this morning. fox 25's katherine burcham is live in princeton, where vanessa was remembered for her compassion and kindness to others. >> while vanessa's family
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her today, the feverish pace for investigators here has not slowed, including the police chief, who we've learned has worked every single day since vanessa's murder. >> a woman loved by so many. her funeral stopped a community in its tracks. >> i'm just devastated. i didn't know her, but i could just cry. our lady of the lake, as vanessa marcotte's best friend and college roommate eulogized her. vanessa was to certify, at times, she -- was to perfect, at times, she seemed other worldly. >> she turned things around with her personality and her love of life and people and friendship and family. >> the reporter: dean says the marcotte family, who have been intensely private in the nine days since vanessa was murdered, are clinging to each other in
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her end game. >> why now? >> this is a mat territory of public safety -- matter of public safety. this is a matter of my responsibility, my authority as a attorney general. >> why at this point? why not -- >> healey tells me despite the state's ban on so-called assault rifles, massachusetts gun dealers last year sold 10,000 of what she calls copycat assault rifles, weapons with slight
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the signature is the se, ocal police. ar'tou tired of that? . ctimcodne more dferent. . the guard was clearly a victim onessity. but if-dbe s sewing mouth, how can het literally makes his victims shut up. it seems obvious, but, uh, there may be something to that. then the question is why? morgan, you and jj go to the m.e. reid, you and dave check out john doe blake and i will head to the u.s. marshals. ssas hotchner and blake. bob tilghman. thank you for coming. i got my whole team on this. any leads yet? well, the wreck happened out on the middle of nowhere .
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somewhere within a 12-mile radius of the accident site. you think he's moving on foot in this heat? well, it'll kill you under the best conditions. he stole some supplies, but not enough to hole up too long. so you can expect him to be active tonight. well, where can we set up? right in here. passing any coffee by chance? i just started a pot. we got his picture plastered everywhere. but if he's hiding, he's hiding. it's gonna be awful hard to weed him out.
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>> mark: it is not uncommon for teachers to spend their own money to make sure their students have school supplies they need. >> vanessa: some even create gofundme pages to raised money, but nearly 100 math teachers got a surprise about their funding requests were all covered been an unexpected donation. blair miller has more on how it happened and the impact it's having. >> the reporter: tom is a speech therapist for boston public schools and works at quincy upper school in chinatown. he's one teacher who is now armed and ready to get into the classroom. he told us today via skype how that's largely due to an unexpected donation. >> a huge shock to find out that
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your students, it's a wonderful joyful way to start the school year. >> the reporter: that donation came from staples, and pop singer katy perry, through donors the web site allows teachers to seek donations for things they need for the classrooms. donors choose gave $437,000 to cover every boston metro west project posted on the web site. the impact -- huge. helping 255 teachers in boston and statewide. 96 schools seeing the benefit. the money will help him classroom computer and even the cost of basic supplies to help low income students who can't afford back to school shopping. >> hour school is a high poverty school, and our kids need all the support they can get. >> the reporter: katy perry got involved after a similar donation a few years ago, saying teachers desperately need our support. the donation may cover simple splice like pencils, erasers or folders, but the i am fact goes much further for the teachers and students. >> it's an amazing way to connect the public and public
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support public school children. >> the gift that keeps on giving. way to go, katy perry. a new study says if you sit too long between physical activity, it can put you at risk for serious illness according to a new report from the american heart association. it puts stress on your heart and blood vessels and you can increase a person's risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and dying by sitting too honk. the experts can't pinpoint how much sitting is too much. the best advice is to get up and >> kevin: still tracking that severe weather threat out there. where the strongest storms are hitting right now. >> mark: heavy hearts. family and friends say goodbye to a jogger brutally murdered in princeton. the message from the priest at her funeral to the men and women investigating vanessa marcotte's death. >> the reporter: tonight, fox 25 investigates uncovers new information about one group investigators are taking a closer look at in hopes of
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decades. tonight, a hero is finally home. the promise that kept several generations fighting to bring their loved one back from the korean war. >> mark: and more water worries at boston public schools. toxic ingredient found in the bubblers and what the state's largest district is doing now to make their drinking water safe for students. >> vanessa: first at 6:00 p.m., the radar is lit up tonight as severe thunderstorm warning in worcester andid minutes. however, the threat will continue throughout the evening. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. our crews are checking out the conditions where the storms are rolling through, but we want to get right to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, who has been tracking the threat of storms all afternoon. kevin? >> kevin: this is a storm that has the severe thunderstorm warning that's since been dropped. it was to go to 6:00 p.m. this evening, so just before 6:00 p.m., it was deemed not severe anymore. still pushing through the greater lowell area and off toward the north shore.
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to salisbury beach by 20 past. watching this section of the storm back here, it had rotation just a few minutes ago. it's very weak, a little bit of green showing up there, but brighter reds in here, harvard and shirley, this is the area i wanted you to take cover until the storm passed. it looks like it's weakened, but never want to mess around with these. take that precaution. this is going to continue off along 495. it's had weak rotation at times. you want to be aware of that as it comes by. the rotation has surface and not become a tornadic cell. that's good news. it was rang at wollaston beach, moving toward nantasket beach. this extends down route 3 toward hingham, rexham beach getting wet right now. this activity is going to continue to push off. we'll get a break for a little while, but then more are going to develop it evening. we have that sticky air mass in place, a cold front still to come through, the second part of the system, so all night long and into the early morning hours, it's going to be the


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