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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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ng >> illegal move says trying to make. >>s. campaign trail. the big change donald trump is leaeialing in order to turnotiad his trougrs. >> catherine: pull stunt on water while nineg wnths pregnant. avmeden dfe new england news coverage starts right now. gathic is the f and ma2hedhmorn. too> cme hddriod s i'm catherie parrotta. >> daniel: heat andik to rris today and jasonent ng stormtracker weather center why 3tormtracker weather center why ar>fel sn:penanges from anyst to
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82, bry bd andrail2 ver th scho opx ssive w points will giveaway to sticky dng the anyst and30,entually northwest and that's why the dryer airmedorkg in and a behind the dryer air, rain out of here from newnglto wt, by the wad >> of h,zyllient nin the ants. 80s toward noon and 3:00. it is a warmlliy too, but witaka intle loingmik to rris. settingp tracking chance forring'edir tomhdow. i willakeve thp istraight ahead. iscum thepaas anic ceighr?t now tooto ppicup od s delays streth from somerville to woburn and nt o the acwatcent thd th at d3 disouthboakev multi-vehicle accident, just before 128 but gahose& nnd.o55nd.oties anirefly lengthy on& p and this is why, only averaging five purpose as you crawl3
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same for the expressway right now. rthou canleae thatment 28redft d up there on the expressway between quincy and milton as you ack toi > cment ur way into etrchester and the city. take look now, pike as you go on 3 tthe here is look at drive times, er ce 28blic wilboa& psidmom the sys minutes 95 to leverett connector and strt tant oment exp73blic ws rto wt now. >> daniel: tell you about breaking news weakeveind3 penrnaterlouner and thl: ,eotie investigating a stabbing. happened before 7:00 on the hospital with serious injuries. dco oneakes beenotiod ted and detectives remain on the scene at this hour. weakeve a whi50 on the waefbo te ingmine andent ing you updates s soon as we get them. gahrees anieople anyre wasfng to cross the sth,t in roxbury when driver lost control and hit them. too>ve l thh,, in02ufor ngmentg girl are in the hospital. fox25 jessica reyes is live on bluement ell avenueer and th wis say the driver was driving --
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>> jessica:akeherened on busy h,hetch of blue hill ave in roxbury and as you said, inncene73 sp anyre here this dy that driver may have this been making an illegal u-turn across the medianer anen hementt the thh, people. >> bring aid to the family becauseng >>hospeind.o5:& nnd.or hit three people trying to cross street. watching theer anole thingakehen asring'e was waiting for a bus d looked as though the driverup ot st nfused at lastblic wil c1 too> slow down at first. thought letting him go by and thener anen i lorthoed,up ot fa. likeng turn. >> jessica: a bthe exms into ppe ten-year-incd gi3 , 40s aniiear-ed u father and 22-year-old friend was in a wheelkue d. imy,sesdy thehe ait ieared to have the most seve injuries with severe heous and
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he wasn't moving at all. >>hosmmdave l tring'eeeheallie o sticocalrailudyi tos and driver did stay on scene and police tried 6o.calmment em yo slim and ote'ser ano livedmmo,ry tell us they were notorious for disscumf ted&
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>> michael: 81-year-old woman referenced is upset and whoever pulled the trigger to be behind bars. 81 years old the homeowner on hildreth street in lowell is experiencing something new and frightening. >> very odd. that's why i thought it was fireworks. thought it was just going off at the window. they threw it up at window. >> michael: woman says bullet came through window screen, grazed the sill and tore a hole through the wall just a few away from the bed around four monday morning. she has asked us to hide the name and face for her own protection. two days earlier on saturday morning police say bullets struck three homes, including this one on fort hill avenue. the 81-year-old woman on hildreth does not feel she was targeted but wants whoever did this off the streets. >> don't want it to happen again. i'm sure it won't if the crazy
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stay on the story and live in lowell. >> daniel: officer michael morey's wife claims he hit her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach on sunday. morey, who has been on force for three years, facing several charges, including assault and battery on a pregnant until the next court appearance. claims went after him kicking, punching, biting him and even threatened to stab him. bloom has since been charged with assault and battery. >> catherine: body camera
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earlier this summer and no answers. >> didn't rule out the fact that dent get officers to take action and that's what we are doing now >> catherine: he expected to be challenged by the union. president of the boston police patrolman association told the boston herald the agreement sp be volunteers. >> catherine: teen sit in car when he was shot three times and neighbors told the herald he is known around south boston mary ann housing project for skills on basketball court and feeding kids. police say he suffered series injuries but expected to survive. >> daniel: murder of vanessa marcotte while out for a run remains a mystery but this morning we are getting look at
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sources tell fox25 that investigators are now looking at registered sex offenders in princeton area. two level two sex offenders live in princeton and 14 registered sex offenders live in towns and cities immediately surrounding princeton. investigators tell us that they do not have dna samples from them already. they are collecting new swabs now. official are also looking for sex offenders who have not been classified yet. only police can access those names. >> daniel: family and friends and coworkers finally have the chance to say good-bye to market basket. funeral held yesterday at same church in leominster where she was baptized 27 years ago. her two best friends from boston university delivered the eulogy describing vanessa as nearly perfect in every way. >> catherine: donald trump will get the first classified national intelligence briefing today. according to multiple reports fox25 jacqueline fell live in washington and, jackie, trump
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campaign. >> reporter: good morning, catherine. donald trump is bringing in a new campaign manager and ceo in hopes of reviving his campaign that's been in downward spiral since last month. this is the second time in two months there's been a major campaign change. trump's long time friend campaign advisor and pollster kelly anne conway, the trump's campaign manager, said to me trying to keep trump focused and on message. stephen bannon, who runs a conservative website breitbart news is ceo. first classified briefing and new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn. this is a tradition for major party presidential candidate once they become the nominee. intelligence officials describe
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jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> catherine: today the fbi delivered report to congress on hillary clinton's e-mails. the confidential report highlights information about e-mails sent and received from clinton private server especially as held secretary of state. the report will include notes from investigators about interviews with clinton regarding the controversy. it will also explain why it was recommended the department of justice not charge clinton in the scandal. the report is rare because clin case. catherine: 9:10. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. take look at drive times now. 93 from the split to the pike 37 minutes. 93 from 495 to leverett connector. workaround that one if you can because it will take you hour and ten. universitiy out to weston tolls 17 minute drive. jason? >> jason: watching the worst of the humidity starting to move down toward the cape and islands and rest of southern new england seeing a change. we will take what week get this time of year.
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the breezy conditions start to taper off as well straight ahead. >> catherine: we have a lot more coming your way. new questions surrounding olympic swimmer who says he was robbed in rio. why police say the story doesn't add up. >> daniel: flames continue to desurrender and de ugh, this pimple's gonna last forever. oh come on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours.
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>> catherine: massive wild wife -- wildfire in southern california and spreading fire on the ground. it started yesterday morning and burned more than 18,000 acres in less than 24 hours. that's more than 14 square miles. cameras also captured a fire nato whipping around on the ground. six firefighters were trapped by the walls of flames while residents. firefighters were able to take shelter but two had to be treated for minor injuries. both were released from the hospital and back out fighting the fire. the flames also forced the main highway between southern california in laughing to be shut down. >> daniel: fire is latest in series of destructive ones in state of california as state endures fifth year of drought. yesterday relief for one moo incident as they arrest the man accused of starting the fire in
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of arson. >> daniel: authorities say they suspect the man may also have been connected to several fires in that same area over the past year. the most recent fire has already destroyed roughly 175 buildings and homes. there are more than 2300 firefighters battling that fire that spans 35,000 acres and only 35% contained. >> catherine: middlesex county woman first person to this year. health officials tell us she is in 70s and remains in the hospital while they try to figure out where she was exposed to the infected mosquitos. also this morning west nile threat level has been raised from low to moderate in falmouth after a third mosquito sample tested positive for the disease. residents in town listed risk ar mosquito repellant multiple times of day.
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mosquito. >> daniel: people misusing handicapped parking spaces at gillette stadium. officers are stepping up patrolsar stadium officials approached them with considers. they are using handicapped placards and not having the person it belongs to in vehicle. fines for parking illegal in handicapped spots range from 200 to $500 and license could be susp look at big map. still a lot of red on map, especially on the expressway, pretty much jammed up from quincy all the way into the city. 128 doing okay aside from the pocket in needham there and let's take a look north because there are a lot of problems there. good news the accidents seem to have cleared up. however, you can see from woburn all the way into boston, jammed up there on 93 and led to lengthy drive time this morning. taking look at pike right now, looking good brighton eastbound and drive times we are talking about.
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bridge, not too bad, 17 minutes, 93 split to the pike take you 40 minutes and 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, still over an hour in that spot. jason, at least we know the humidity will be coming down and looks like pretty sunny cameras this morning. >> jason: brighten up and humidity will drop again too. last of the rain way south of nantucket i think where the closest shower will be and right now just a batch of clouds coming by but sun breaking out to the west of those. so not a bad day the afternoon, especially warm side, 82 right now. heat index 84 because it is still a bit humid but i got to tell you, dew point was 75? when i got in this morning. now it is 65. headed downward. we are going to be setting up shop for a little bit more?m comfortable afternoon feel to the air. temperatures low 70s worcester, middle 70s orange, see those 80s as you go along the north-south shore over toward cape cod and that's where the dew points are highest.
9:18 am
of the area into the 50s and even some of us will get down into the 50s later today. did i say 60s? i hope so. you know what i meant. index right now, it is hot, still feels hottest eastward where you see 88 feels like number hyannis. no heat index to report in worcester right now because that humidity has come down a little bit there. so the oppressive dew points in the 70s giving way to the sticky dew points and even into the comfort zone for some of us later today. let's take look at anywhere you see 60 or less going to be feeling a little bit better, and that's north-south shore a little westward and feeling a little bit of moisture around cape cod and nantucket, of course and that's typical. let's look at wind gusts. this is right now. 38 at worcester airport. remember that observation is about 1,000 feet up. so we are not getting all of that wind right down to the ground and if any protected area
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boston, 33 chatham, so we are getting a lot of wind today, guys, careful. boating weather will be choppy. rip current risk is moderate. it is a breezy beach day, even though we will have a good deal of warmth and sunshine. afternoon highs will be running 80 to 85 across the cape and islands. we will have low and middle 80s in worcester county and we will see numbers in the mid to upper 80s across good part of essex and middlesex and suffolk and norfolk count looking at upper 80s this afternoon. warmth and plenty of sunshine to go around. overnight tonight we will keep it mainly clear. temperatures will drop down to seasonable level, 70 in boston and cooler near 60 back to the west. and then for tomorrow we are mainly dry. it is going to be late day, we will watch into the hills and mountains for a chance of a shower to pop up and then drift eastward and then die down with the setting sun. 7-day forecast just wrinkle of
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keep it dry. weekend always in view. right now the weekend looks nice, mid-60s by night and next chance holds off until next week. >> catherine: coming up school right around the corner and one school district dealing with lead in the water and having dangerously high levels of lead. >> daniel: 40 weeks pregnant and nothing was going to slow her down. the water skiing mom to be that is ligh four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four huned ninety-six percent attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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t stwhart in washington, and i don't assume one party has all the answers. right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger.
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> daniel: semifinals fall in team from brazil. first olympic match walsh jennings lost ever. she won three gold in last three olympics. after the match both jennings and ross blamed themselves to the loss. they will now play for the bronze tonight with another pai u.s. looking golden in triple jump. christian taylor grabbed gold medal and will clay snag silver and woman's gymnastics the woman grab twenty-first two spots. biles coming in first and aly raisman getting silver. biles finishes olympics with four gold medals and one bronze. raismain finished with one gold and two silver. police say they have found no evidence supporting american
9:24 am
according to lochte he was returning to the athlete's village with three of the teammates in a taxi when they were pulled over by men who falsely claim to be police. then held lochte and companions at gunpoint and robbed them. however, investigators say they cannot find the taxi driver or witnesses to confirm the story. chte's attorney says there's no question the robbery happened and that since the incident the olympic swimmer hired 24-hour security and hasn't left the all those new medals boosting america up in the medal count, u.s. leads all nations with 84 total medals. china second with 51 total, great britain close and third with 50. >> catherine: mark wahlburg may be a big fan but people constantly confuse him with matt damon. wahlburg told people extra they loved him in the borne identity and damon gets the same thing too and they both laugh it off.
9:25 am
both good-looking guys. >> daniel: justin timberlake known as grammy award winner but can now also be called a wedding crasher. timberlake dropped by for a surprise appearance at wedding in new hampshire this past weekend. he was eating lunch near the wedding venue when the bride's father spotted him. timberlake snapped a quick photo with the newlyweds. jt and wife jessica bale also spotted at miss wakefield diner last week. >> catherine: what a album. sharp eyes to die who spotted him. catherine: minnesota mom shred on wake board and is that she is nearly 40 weeks pregnant. she was overdue and hoping the stunt induced labor and guess what, it worked. she did ask her doctor for approval before hitting the water. i can tell you i won't be doing
9:26 am
the future? >> jason: pretty amazing. over80s. deck of clouds coming through and will not last and humidity is going to ease back a little bit. already tracking the changes straight ahead. >> daniel: local man says he was bullied at whole foods because of his religion. coming up next what he says management did when he massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding
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uld be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent e public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> catherine: deadly stabbing on paris street and crews on scene that male victim in 20s was stabbed multiple times and died at the hospital. seeing scene right now. no one was been arrested and detectives gathering evidence but say the house where it happened was known for drug activity and bring you updates as soon as we wednesday, august 17th, i'm daniel miller. >> catherine: i'm catherine parrotta. jason brewer in for shiri spear in the stormtracker center and falling humidity and increasing sunshine. >> jason: deck of eastward and temps in 70s and lower 80s right now. oppressive humidity already getting to get back into the sticky zone and get 50s out there late this afternoon.
9:30 am
comfortable feel to the air by five, 6:00 today. breezy winds, in fact, we just had a tropical storm force wind gust at logan and going to stay fairly gusty through midday and then wind will taper off this afternoon, especially by sunset. check out the live wind gust reports, 38, 39, worcester in logan, 35 norwood, 33 hyannis, so just a blustery day, but the humidity coming down a bit here. going to stay breezy but by 7:00 p.m. lower 80s, the sunny skies and a nice evening setting up. tomorrow slight chance of a shower returns, i will be timing that with future cast in just a second. >> catherine: look at map right now because it has been a pretty active morning on roads and map there, not just changed in spots. multi-vehicle accident still on 93 southbound right at 128 and delays are almost backed up to that point. when we talk about traffic jam, only averaging about 5 miles per
9:31 am
also jammed up for pocket there on 128 as make your way toward waltham and newton. just zooming in a little bit pikes doing okay for the most part. 128 as moving north, jammed up in newport and also jammed up on expressway between milton, trying to work toward dorchester. pike and brighton doing okay, pike 495 to mass ave going to take but 29 minutes. >> daniel: right now police in lowell are trying to figure out who was behind a shootings around town that have sent several bullets into homes. >> catherine: fox25 michael henrich live outside the police department where officers are looking for any connections between the shootings, michael. >> michael: police say four homes hit in last few days, since saturday. looking at whether these might be connected. haven't said as much just abouti went back into the police department to see if there had been any update, any arrest possibly but no new information to be released so far.
9:32 am
spoke with. 81-year-old woman who was asleep in her bed around 4:00 a.m. on monday when a bullet went through her window screen, hit her sill and ended up making a hole in her wall just a few feet from that bed in which she was sleeping. a scary situation indeed. just two days earlier on saturday morning three homes were hit by bullets as well according to the lowell police department and this is what that 81-year-old woman who asked us protect her had to say about her close call. >> i don't want it to happen again. i'm sure it won't if the crazy people stay home. >> that woman says she does not believe that she had been targeted but again, the investigation continues this morning. as soon as any developments break, we will bring it to you right away on the fox25 news app. for now live in lowell, michael
9:33 am
>> catherine: drivers loses control in roxbury. one of the victims is ten years old. blue hill avenue where the crash happened. jess? >> jessica: catherine, three people were trying to cross this stretch of blue hill avenue when the drive who was apparently making illegal u-turn at the time lost control. victims we have learned this morning includes a ten-year-old girl, 40-year-old father and 22-year-old friend who was in a wheelchair. this morning the herald does young girl out of the way just seconds before the car hit her. now, witnesses do tell us the father appeared to have most series injuries withp)"? his head and to his face. were o local hospitals and we did just talk to boston police a short time ago. tell us that all three of them are expected to survive. now, that driver did stop but witnesses on scene did tell us that he was pretty shaken up as he was talking to police, and
9:34 am
driver at that point not facing any charges but again, the investigation continued here. live in roxbury, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> catherine: another person hit by car in quincy last night. man hit outside of wild willy's bu hospital with serious head injuries and police say they are not life-threatening. the car did stop on the scene. it is not clear if the driver is facing charges. >> daniel: owner of company expected to plead guilty on federal charges. he has worked out a plea deal in which he will pay more than $2 million in fines and prosecutors are seeking at least two years prison time. he was charged with tax evasion and employing illegal immigrants and failing to pay overtime wages. man allegedly shot in face by former patriots player aaron hernandez is being asked to testify against him in court. hernandez was in court yesterday
9:35 am
double-murder trial. prosecutors want alex bradley to identify hernandez on the witness stand. bradley says he was with hernandez in july 2012 when he allegedly shot two men outside boston nightclub. prosecutors say hernandez was afraid bradley would talk so he shot him in the face during a trip to florida. the trial begins february 13th >> catherine: one of massachusetts most wanted sex offenders is finally behind bars after more than two decades on the run. they tracked down j carolina. yesterday he was back in massachusetts to face charges that he raped two young boys back in 1991 and 1992. prosecutors say the boys are now grown but they are scarred by what they went through. >> describe specifics of the sexual abuse and explains there were times when they each witnessed the sexual abuse of the other. >> catherine: harden held on $1 million bail and need to wear gps monitor if released.
9:36 am
continues for new hampshire mothers accused of beating-down daughter to death. prosecutors lied to police repeatedly during a taped interview after three-year-old daughter's death in 2014. first marion claims she and her daughter fell down the stairs together. then when found daughter was dead she changed story and blamed everything on her boyfriend. the trial is expected to last another week. it is unclear if marion will testify in her own defense. >> daniel: former boston whole foods employee is suing the discriminated for months. refugee from iraq worked at ink blot hole foods in south end. during the time he worked there his coworkers called him anti-muslim names and said he was going toably up the store. he claims he told management about the harassment six times and nothing done to stop it and resulted in suffering from emotional distress and take medication to cope.
9:37 am
largest school district is dealing with lead problems in drinking water. boston public schools found dangerous levels of lead after problems in the spring. water fountains have now been shut off and replaced with bottled water coolers. linden school, lee academy, joe sigh quincy elementary school, liman winship, berk high. school superintendent says all of those buildings passed tests in april don't reflect water fountain usage they have seen in the school year. >> daniel: more than 200 teachers getting money to spend. pop singer katie perry was made to districts around the state. they let teachers post things they need to buy for students and then people can donate money for them. a teacher we talked to said money would help him cover the
9:38 am
income students. >> kids need all the support they can get. amazing way to connect the public and public schools so that people can support public school children. >> daniel: in total $437,000 was handed out to 255 teachers and 96 schools statewide. >> catherine: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. look at drive times now on expressway from the pike. take you 38 minutes 93 from 495 to the leverett connector 55 minutes and 128 from university avenue to the weston tolls a 20 minute ride. jason? >> jason: 82? in boston, burst of wind coming through as dry front crosses the area. that's why the air is drying out a little bit but also have a lot of wind to get through the next few hours. much more on timing of all of this straight ahead. >> daniel: she will stand 55 feet tall and won't have an ounce of clothing.
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>> daniel: rescue crews found 36-year-old body at bottom of the pond but he couldn't be saved. the death happened after lifeguards left for the day and still under investigation. >> catherine: 11 people have died and 30,000 others have been rescued in severe flooding in louisiana. flood waters are reseeding and exposing magnitude of the damage around baton rouge area. the governor said 40,000 homes have been impacted in some way. new hampshire family visiting the area was actually to rise. >> lost power, and that point question how wanted to evacuate and whether going to stay here. >> catherine: rainstorm that swept through the area was enough to rival hurricane. even though the water is reseeding they are still in search and rescue mode.
9:43 am
dissaster in louisiana area had disaster response page. helps airbnb and people that have homes listed can host people in need for free. the company did this for the first time during hurricane sandy back in 2012. >> daniel: couple lucky to be alive after car crushed by cement truck in china yesterday. the truck swerves, rolls over and flattens van. onlookers able to pull the woman free before arrived. special tools were needed to beak apart the van to free the man. both the man and woman remain in critical condition. >> daniel: way we think cars could change in less than five years. ford announced driverless cars and have them operate in ride hailing service by 2021. news conference yesterday the company'ch fields says the new vehicles will be cadically different than those populating the roads right now. the elaborated saying the
9:44 am
brake pedal. >> catherine: florida mother fighting to get rid of peacocks at public park after her son was attacked. two-year-old was playing at magnolia park near orlando when the peacock started clawing at him and boy brought to urgent care and left him bleeding head right above his eye. >> peacock was on top of head and flapping wings and went over to peacock still didn't get >> catherine: other park visitors don't think they are dangerous, spokesperson apologized for the attack and county will continue to look into the incident. catherine: researchers at umass medical school developed a device they say could help doctors learn more about opioid addiction. according to the herald the devices will track how bodies react to takingn dicatioy recording skin temperature and heart rates up to 30 times a second. the revenuers hope the devices can help spot early signs of
9:45 am
catherine: cdc said back in june there was no evidence nasal clue worked. canadian study claiming the opposite. researchers in canada tested nasal vaccine and found both equally affected in the flu. health official here in the u.s. say many underlying factors may have impacted the differing results. >> daniel: cambridge native ben affleck will be joined by matthew mcconaughey, anna kendrik the annual fundraiser raised $370 million for cancer research. you could watch the fifth annual stand-up to cancer special september 9th right here on fox25. children at mass general got a special visit from holloo superheroes. chris evans along with anthony mckee greeted kids yesterday posing for photos and signing autographs. both marvel actors have history of supporting young patients.
9:46 am
in hospitals. mckee is supporter of david ortiz children's fund which helps to provide healthcare to children here in new england. >> catherine: 9:46. one last check how the roads are doing right now. still kind of heavy volume out there in some spots, expressway between quincy and milton into the city and go through newton want to zoom out a little bit. 8 way down to 93 a your way south, still theru approach medford and not getting anywhere quickly except for maybe pike looking through brighton and eastbound si. take look at driv times. route 1, 128 to the tobin bridge 20 minutes, 93 to 495 to the leverett connector going to take you 51 minutes. 128 this is going south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls, looking at- those were a, can't really blame the weather
9:47 am
>> you're right, humid breezndy. showers in overnight and those moved away and no more today. og across the south shore and cape and islands will move away and increasing sun overall, mostly sunny day in store. temperatures in the lower 70s right now in worcester. that's where you have the coolest reading, lower 80s in boston, ten, 11? hotter as you humidity is beginning to come down. you're seeing that as evidence by those middle sixties dew points, even down below that in parts of worcester county. so this is a look at going ahead temperature on dew point scale that you can be feeling by afternoon time and this is the 50s and that's not bad as you go west of boston, especially into the afternoon. going to feel a little more tolerable. oppressive nature of the air is going away. now, comes with a price.
9:48 am
seeing winds gusting in the upper 30s, tropical storm force wind gusts just now at logan, 33 hyannis and so above 30 miles per hour on i s going to stay windy through noon and then by three or 4:00 wind won't be as strong. by 7:00 p.m. they are tapering down nicely and temperatures coming down out of the upper 80s and back to the lower 80s pla fns. beach and boating today small craft advisory just means smallt to keep to be awfully chop and he going to have a moderate risk for rip current, so enjoy the sunshine, going to be breezy out there all day long. look at afternoon highs. how about 80 nantucket, 86 barnle, back in worcester county low and middle 80s, here spencer 85? and most of the metro locations over to boston could get close to 90 with offshore wind that's going to bs
9:49 am
to put a lid on how get. so some will drop down into the upper 50s around orange and keene, closer to the upper 60s in boston tonight. then tomorrow mostly dry, but i do have to mention at least chance for shower and thunderstorm, best chance out in the burbs up into the mountains of new hampshire but one or two of those could get caught and make way eastward closer to boston late day early evening and i think billy joel is in town at fenway tomorrow. should be okay. zip trip in going to be fun friday morning come join us and don't forget to bring a box of cereal while you're at it to fortify the food drive. see sunshine and nice summer morning with 70s in store. weekend always in view. you will see temperatures mostly in the middle 80s throughout the upcoming weekend as temperatures underneath mostly sunny skies as well and i'm not too concerned about any showers and thunderstorms until next week. monday into tuesday next front arrives and we could see below normal temperatures behind that
9:50 am
>> catherine: one local bride lost her i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this messagehas consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament
9:51 am
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married couple of 60 years and lost wedding ring. >> catherine: couple was attending senior day at lynch park when iped off the wife's hand. decision the couple made decades ago helped him get the ring back. ? ? >> connected to somebody. >> wedding ring placed on her finger the day it was taken, may 19th, 1956. it karen, middle initials and wedding date on inside marked union between sh sb did they know then that inscription would be pivotal 60 years later. let's go back to senior day. >> occu nice time i must haveadever realizeding rinr finger. >> dt was missing
9:54 am
>> reporter: good samaritan turned into beverly police officer at senior day. that officer gave to text and he took his job to the next level to track down the owner. >> went to the clerk's office and went through marriage licenses and only thing he had was initial and date. >> they found a marriage that day, five-19-56. >> came up with name, address, happened to be in beverly, passed the information along del >> reporter: mrs. karen got
9:55 am
has residents there concerned. the face belongs to statue of a naked woman standing more than 50 feet tall. statue part of deal to have public art in the new complex. since the start of construction residents have been sixty disage whether the sculpture will be for public display. >> i really like it. artist is extremely talented. i'm not sure it is appropriate for public display, might be better suited i people have option whether it is something to view. >> daniel: more people have come out in support of the statue than against it and rest of the statue is scheduled to arrive in october. >> catherine: while the president visiting martha's vineyard, good idea to obey the temporary flight putennse officialsay 2f15 fire jets intercepted over the island and escorted to nantucket airport and met by police and no on
9:56 am
sunday. >> catherine: president obama spotted out on the town and white house says president obama trying to get the most out of time by spending with friends and family. he faces a busy fall packed with travel and campaign appearances on behalf candidate hillary clinton. >> daniel: here until sunday so >> jason: no more rain and tomorrow looks good for beach plans. friday even into the weekend so far so good and see temperatures running above normal and my first shot at below normal temperatures will be like tuesday, wednesday next week, had tweet about that yesterday. said when can we see somefext f. >> catherine: feel chilly after what we have had.
9:57 am
humidity is coming down a little bit. >> daniel: friday zip trip in the north end. >> catherine: nice weather for that. i checked that out. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> catherine: fox25 this afternoon at 4:00 and we will
9:58 am
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all-new today on "right this minute." >> great viral videos on this hump day, including a hutchback surprise. >> tha i >> the story behind a kay beinger's close call. >> that is just spectacular. >> an elevator ride starts off >> it gets scary. >> see why this is a very bad sign. >> around -- >> believe it or not, it's a rap about reverse mortgages, and -- >> the least likely guy to do a music video. >> now the internet's newest star reveals the real story behind that shoot. >> when i was off camera i ran away from those girls. >> and, she's making a splash on


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