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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he also reached out -- we also reached out to hank brennan who filed with the supreme court but we haven't heard back just yet. jim morelli is gathering reaction, hear that on fox 25 news at representative. jason. >> vanessa: i'm take it, o'clock. a close call for a couple in reading. it happened on country home. fox 25 kerry kavanaugh is live there now with the reason the homeowners believe that the trout may have played a role >> reporter: vanessa the homeowners say it's been so dry, they've been concerned about the tree since summertime when they started to notice it split a little bit. the first responders and dpw are still on the scene here. we can't be in front of the home. so we do want to get straight to the video. that homeowner had just returned home from a week ride. pulling into her garage. the tree fell into the right-hand side of the house and
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nobody was hurt, including the woman who had just gotten home. she described the tree first heard the crack and then the crash that came down on her home, that double tree, the other part split and on to the street. she thinks even coming home a few seconds later, it's possible the tree would've struck her while riding her bike. we were able to speak to the woman in her garage there and the phone call from his wife when this hall happened. we're working to turn those 25 at 5:00. we're live here, in reading, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: investigators continue to poor through hundreds of tips to help them find any lead for the killer of vanessa marcotte. her body found less than a mile from her mother's home after going out for a run. her funeral was held yesterday in westminster. they interviewed hundreds in towns surrounding princeton. this number is again is for you
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hundreds of people helped police with possible tips. all calls, remember, are anonymous. >> kevin: it was very sunny and summary, fox 25's meteorologist chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now. >> kevin: not a big chance, but a small risk of a shower or thunderstorm popping up. i'll show you what's going on dinner time is beautiful. what a gorgeous evening for a walk along the beach. walllesston, revere, a gorgeous is evening no doubt about it. clouds noting overhead, but to our left, storms in two batches, bring you severe weather to the mid atlantic, a game or the red sox and baltimore this evening. and this front swing out here as well. here's what future cast looks
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clouds on the northern fringe of that storm start to clip southern new england. notice the green here, high resolution data, a lot of times green coincides with thicker clouds, sometimes rain showers. ice that has all of the storm myness from that system stay to our north. clouds in the bottom that will break apart. in boston, your temperatures, well, they're going to slip down through the 70s, to about 70 degrees. but it is much more comfortable than it was last night for sure. talk about that shower threat for tomorrow well. >> vanessa: we'll see you shortly. the former fee yawns anyway of a mother accused of beating her three-year-old to took the stand today. she told the court, she attacked her daughter briyell more than once. he testifiedman through briyell against the dresser and beat her unconscious the night before she died. rev vera said she told her to
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because he was in violation of a bail condition. >> jason: an ambulance rushed to the home on lyndon street for a 911 call. they found the girl unresponsive and not able to save her of an autopsy performed yesterday but more tests to figure out how she died. the girl's name not released. >> vanessa: police investigating a deadly stabbing in east boston. it happened on the sidewalk innenly fro of a home on paris street just before 7:00 this morning. this is video from scene around 9:00 this morning. you can see a man in his 20s got into some sort of a fight and stand multiple times. he died at the hospital. police say they've been called to that home before. >> this was a problem for us, again, unseen. there have been multiple calls into various issues and some drug activity. >> vanessa: so far police have not made any arrests. they have also not released any information about suspects. >> jason: three people were waiting to a cross a street in roxbury when a driver lost
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this was breaking on fox 25 morning news this morning. apple all three are waiting in the hospital. witnesses say the driver was trying to make a u-turn when the crash happened. >> reporter: we've learned a father and his 10-year-old daughter were among the victims last night. that father apparently pushed her out of the way just seconds before the car hit. now it all happened on blue hill avenue in roxbury. witnesses say the driver was trying to make an illegal u-turn at the time. >> heat to the family because it didn't look good. >> reporter: a chaotic scene in roxbury last night as a driver hit three people as they tried to cross the street. >> they had no way to back, get out of the way or nothing. >> reporter: watched the whole thing happen as she was waiting for a bus. it looks as though the driver got confused at the last minute. >> slowed down at first, thought he was letting them go by, then when i looked, it got faster,
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turn. >> reporter: police tell us the victims include a 10-year-old girl, her 40-year-old father and 22-year-old friend who was in a wheelchair. the father appeared to have the most severe injuries with severe head and face trauma. >> i thought he was dead. because he wasn't moving at all. >> reporter: all three were taken to local hospitals. the driver did stay on scene and you can see him in black here as police tried to calm him down. others who live nearby tell our crews this area is notorious >> they don't pay attention. >> reporter: and at this point, that driver has not been charged. but the investigation does continue here. in roxbury, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> jason: another person hit by a car last night, this within in quincy, police tell us a man was hit on washington street outside of wild willies burgers. he was sent to the hospital with serious head injuries. they say they're not life-threatening. the driver did not stop at the scene. not clear if that driver is
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>> vanessa: on unpaid leave after assaulting his wife who is 7 months pregnant. officer michael more resident's wife said he hit her in the face and kicked her in the stomach on sunday. he has been on the force more than three years, he's being held without bail until his next court appearance. a middle school basketball coach charged with throwing a rubix cube at one of his athletes. rubix cube at the student because he blamed the team for losing a basketball game. fraziers lawyers deny the event ever happened. fighter jets intercepted a plane over martha's vineyard this weekend in restricted airspace this sunday. norad and a coast guard sent the plane to nantucket memorial airport. local authorities met the pilot and working right now to find out if that person is charged with my crime.
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attacking his friends ex girlfriend. peter turk company faced a judge in district court. he was recently released from prison where police ache knew the ex-boyfriend. he seriously injured her when he attacked. she could lose vision in one eye. a judge ordered him held without bail vfrjtsd after seeing his poll numbers take a nose dive in recent weeks, republican nominee donald trump is shaking up his campaign leadership. this as trump is expecting to exnd african-americans. reporter lauren blanchard on the campaign trail in washington. >> the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african american community. >> reporter: just days after riots broke out in milwaukee, ruch presidential nominee donald trump held a rally in nearby west bend declaring himself the law and order candidate.
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problems in the inner cities today. and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities. >> reporter: in wisconsin amid falling poll numbers and in the major campaign shake up. conway has been promoted to campaign manager while steven bannon, the cofounder of bright far news was named the chief executive. according to the campaign took over trump's campaign following the departure of corey lewandowski in june will stay on as chairman. >> they've got huge problems with the guys they put in front of the campaign. they continue with his involvement with boot tan back in europe. so he's a problem. >> reporter: what hillary clinton told the fbi about her
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state. turning over a heavily redacted summary, in an interview they conducted with the presidential nominee last month. trump is expected to see his first intelligence briefing today. clinton's camp remaining mum on when she will be getting the same briefing. with a, lauren blanchard, fox 25 news. >> jason: a brazilian judge ordered to seize the passports of two american swimmers, including ryan lochte, they want the two stay in rio, while police investigate the cla point earlier this week. citing inconsistencies in the testimony given by the two swimmers and the lack of evidence. one problem, the attorney for lochte says he's already back in the u.s. >> vanessa: developing this after, the federal reserve is investigating an improved out look, could lead to a rate hike. they're encouraged by a job rebound in june. also took not of a stabilized financial notes, causing europe to leave european.
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doing her job when she had to go above and above. still ahead at 4:00, i'll tell you how she saved a five week old baby. >> kevin: quiet here. how it plays into our week tomorrow.
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. narrator: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers
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supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires... and not enough moms. narrator: women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $1,000 on selected mattress and adjustable base sets. only at a sleep number store. >> vanessa: all right. let's check out the roads with live drive time traffic.
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city on this wednesday afternoon. go to maps where traffic is not so bad west of the city on the pike. minor slow downs there through newton corner. once you get past that point. looks good all the way to 128. a lot of green on the map. we like to see it. >> jason: the live drive times not too bad leverett connector to 495, o'neil tunnel, and ted williams tunnel to weston tolls 18 minutes. >> vanessa: more than 5 cruise ship in puerto rico after a fire erupted on board. aboard the crib bean fantasy along puerto rico's north coast. the ship was able to dock safely no word yet on the cause of the fire. >> jason: the flooding receding in some areas of louisiana and remains bad in others. with 40,000 homes now destroyed or damaged. and at least 11 people killed so far. all blamed on some of the worse flooding to hit the state.
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>> throughout louisiana, the scenes of utter devastation as they return to assess the damage after days of flooding. more than 40,000 homes either damaged or destroyed. including 75% of the houses in hard hit livingston parish. at least 11 people have lost their lives, including an elderly woman travelling with her grandson. >> you know, there's bound to be another way around hopefully if you're not but do not drive through deep water. >> reporter: there are more than 30,000 people rescued since friday. many of them brought to shellers or hotels, now overflowing with he vac wees. most are anxious to get back home. but aren't sure what they'll be returning to. >> it's like my subdivision was in a bowl. everything around us was flooding. >> it was pretty scary because we didn't know how high the waters were going to rise or how fast they were going to rise.
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federal response is ramping up. more than 5,000 people have signed up fema assistance so far and the local officials say the rescue and recovery effort will continue no matter how long it takes. >> saving life is most important priority we have. we're going to dedicate every available resource to that effort. >> reporter: and even more help on the way, the american red cross has mobilized a thousand volunteers to help recover from what they are calling the worse u.s. disaster sandy. in baton rouge, louisiana, casey siegel, fox news. >> jason: and taylor swift pitching in to help the flood victims in louisiana and donated $1 million to the flood relief. urged others to help out as well. she said she was moved to donate because of the warm welcome she went to louisiana for her 1989 world concert tour. >> vanessa: the deepening drought in massachusetts is causing cities to pile on water
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the use of all lawn sprinklers starting on friday morning. the mayor blamed the lack of rain and low water reservoirs. more in line with other cities in the area. filling swimming pools is also banned. it was a stormy night in new york city and lit up the skyline in spectacular fashion. photographer snapped these electrifying shots from across the hudson river. pretty impressive shots of lightning skyscrapers. >> now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz storm tracker weather team. >> kevin: bright strikes against all of the spokes, the really bright ones are when there's a strike on the ground and electricity is flowing right back up that same conduit. and that makes it bright and the causes of thunder and rapid heating of the air. lightning goes up and down like the electricity. 82 boston, 82 bedford 76 out in worcester. what a gorgeous day, pictures
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come through here and give you a hole punch cloud they're called around then cirrus clouds. does look strange. that's a shot from bleached marina. pretty start to the day in the morning and stays that way into the afternoon. any showers and storms fizzling away from last night and we're left with this all sunshine on the radar with a few clouds mixing in. to our left, two systems one to our south, area of low pressure passing through the mid atnt thunderstorm watches right up to the cusp of baltimore. and this front back here moving toward new england. how is it going to play into our forecast? future cast shows us clear most of the night. watch out some clouds roll in south coast of new england during the morning hours, even rain trying to creep up. i don't believe it will make it here. i'll watch this trend tonight. it looks like the storms from our south stay to our south and
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your t time looks fine to me. by 6 a.m., by 8 a.m. up to 80 depress across the area. now, as we heat up in the middle of the day, the clouds from that were to to the south have drifted on by. here comes the front from the west. notice the showers and storms start to bill low up as that front nears us. much of it staying in western massachusetts where it will be hottest, the most sun early on and where in the atmosphere will be. a couple of these showers can survive the trip eastward. we'll have to watch for a small chance for a shower to make it in here tomorrow. as the front goes down, the front goes on by, those start to fizzle on out. the beach forecast looks good tomorrow too. it won't be perfectly sunny but certainly warm and it will be enough sun for you to get out there and enough sun for you to burned be careful that of walllesston getting up there, 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. nice spot.
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high temperatures near the shore line, 90 degrees, quincy to boston. and over to cambridge as well. inland to worcester county, temperatures in the 80s here, gardner, northborough, bellingham. temperatures in the low 80s, any way. dennis, 81 and 80 degrees in falmouth tomorrow afternoon as well. seven-day forecast shows a nice trend, on friday drying it out even more. dr. you are in the 80s, and a georgeous looking weekend to me. and then this the billy joel concert going on at fenway park. dry to me now, some clouds overhead and warm evening. and i don't expect any storms to impact the concert tomorrow evening. dropping temperatures into the 70s by the ended of the concert. i'll keep tracking them and share it with you coming up next half hour. >> vanessa: we are already looking ahead to friday for our zip trip.
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michelle has sign know, and a few special guests from the fox 25 family will be there as well. that's the intersection of at lavent tick avenue and richmond street. starts friday morning at 6:00 a.m. and we hope to see you there. for 60 years, her wedding ring been on her finger, but recently it disappeared. still ahead at 4:00, how a caring investigator went the extra mile to make sure she got that ring back. and here's mark ockerblo fox 25 news a 5:00. >> mark: it's been less than two weeks since a little boy died in a local pool. what his family is doing to honor his memory.
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign
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es and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires and not enough moms. vo: afscme people is responsible
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>> jason: to the summer games now. alley the floor exercise and people here are pumped. [cheers and applause] >> jason: there you go. those are cheers from the stands in rio to the gym in burlington. ali's friends had a party for all of massachusetts. the girls watching there between 10 and 17 some training with aly for 10 years. some want to get back and give
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sports illustrated joined by katie ledecky and michael phelps all with med driver's licenses they won in rio. the greatest summer hot olympics summer. the 11th time michael phelps has been on the don't have of si. the second cover for ledecky and biles. >> the u.s. blowing away the competition, 40 medals more than the next country, which is great britain. for a dominant u.s. performance so far in rio. >> vanessa: new at 4:00, airline travellers have a lot less to campaign about. a new study shows 70% of u.s. flights arrived on time in june. up 3 points from the same time last year. hawaii and alaska airlines had the best ratings. american airlines had the worse. travellers in june, filed a little more than 1,000 complaints overall. that's down from more than 1500 just a year earlier. an elderly woman all alone
4:26 pm
heard some fireworks. it turns out it was a bullet and that bullet came right through her home. the similar incidents in that neighborhood that had people on edge. >> kevin: tracking showers and thunderstorms to our west. the impact they'll have on our forecast tomorrow. >> jason: and a baby boy in
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>> vanessa: a probation officer getting credit tonight waking a five week old baby left home alone. >> jason: a probation officer checking on and when she found the baby left alone in the house. >> i got to the apartment and immediately heard the baby crying. i continued to knock. i knocked harder. i knocked harder. >> jason: but julie hall couldn't get anyone to open the door. she began to panic, where was the mother? was she inside.
4:30 pm
hall says someone filed a claim against his mother, 19-year-old stephanie dasilva. that's when i decided to call 911 because i could just hear the baby screaming in the background. >> removed the ac unit to get into the home. it was the easiest way to get to the baby. >> he was in his crib. he was crying. he was hot. his body was hot. and i just picked him up. and he stopped was not running and hall says the house was warm. she believed the baby was left alone for a significant period of time. >> from the condition of his diaper i would say it was a while. >> jason: investigators say dasilva eventually came home. according to police report. she left to get some food and then admitted i'm not sure how long i have been gone. >> it's just sad that a five-month-old baby was left home alone for any amount of
4:31 pm
child. she's due in court next month. the job that these officers are left to perform and how often children are left at home alone that's all at 5:30. >> vanessa: this is i can't remembernut fire department dispatcher christopher rule in the center here. earlier this month, he received a 911 call of a cousin of a one-month-old not breathing. he instructed that cousin how to give cpr and five compressions later, the welcome un he was awarded achievement medal today. >> jason: a pickup truck who hit a bicyclist launching him into the air. kerry kavanaugh spoke with police about the one thing that may have saved that bicyclist's life. >> reporter: the bicyclist was travelling eastbound the other driver coming from this road and trying to make this left-hand turn. right here is the where the accident happened. police say the bicyclist was wearing an helmet. but an off duty firefighter
4:32 pm
to help this man. waltham police say the bicyclist helmet created this giant crack in the windshield. >> he was down on the ground, i immediately called 911. he was in a fetal position. you can see one of his legs were broken. he was semiconscious. >> reporter: edith lives right at this intersection, she called 911 but thankfully someone had already stopped and helping the man on the ground. >> there was an off him. >> he stopped and rendered aid to the victim who was on the ground. >> reporter: the off duty firefighter was able to stop some of the bleeding but the bicyclist, a 61-year-old man went to the hospital in serious condition. >> he was absolutely luckies was there. >> reporter: it appears the driver was trying to beat the traffic to make a left-hand side turn when he struck the bicyclist.
4:33 pm
air and hit the stop sign. if he had not been wearing a helmet, he most likely would've died at the scene. >> he was in pretty bad shape. >> people who live around here, despite the 35 miles per hour speed limit. it's likely that drivers go double that. for those beating the traffic on 128 in waltham, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: it's been a sunny comfortable day as we look at the fox 25 skyline. good looking out there. lemanowicz is here be and you're tracking the chance of an isolated shower out there tomorrow. >> kevin: yeah, it looks so nice, get outside if you were able to today, comfortable humidity levels this afternoon and warm temperatures. 82 degrees in boston. warm earlier, dropped a couple of degrees. 87 degrees and nice stuff. satellite radar shows clouds drifted over the top of us, that's it. no storms out there today. look to our west, thunderstorms
4:34 pm
great lakes tonight. to our south, we talked about this a little while ago, it looked like green on the future cast data. now the updated future cast model coming in, same model, just updates every hour. and there are still some green just cutting across the south coast of new england. i can buy that. don't expect to get much farther north than that. continue to watch news and trend so we can see the impact of showers tomorrow. >> vanessa: a car goes off the road. >> jason: yeah, passenger arrested for assaulting a police officer. canton police sent out these pictures of the crash on mechanic street last night. you can see the car almost went into a house as investigators were a small crowd gathering there. got into a fight with someone from the crowd and then fought with the officers. a third person will be brought to court for assault and battery. >> vanessa: an 81-year-old sound asleep when the bullet nearly missed her.
4:35 pm
several homes there in the past few days. >> reporter: is that from the bullet? >> yeah. >> reporter: she had seen a lot in her 81 years but this was a first. lowell home own he agreed to speak with us, as long as we didn't show her face or her name. it was around 4:00 in the morning, she was sleeping in her hilda street home when a loud bang woke her and her dog. >> it was very loud. t that's why i thought it was fireworks just going off at the window. they threw it up at >> reporter: what she thought was fireworks turned out to be a bullet. take a look. through a window screen, grazed the sill and then tore through a wall just feet from the bed. >> i said this is a bullet? and he said, yes, it was. >> reporter: lauren mick cart till lives right across the street. >> i thank god she wasn't going up to go to bathroom, that she wasn't getting up because she was thirsty or anything. because anything could've
4:36 pm
>> reporter: police in lowell are investigating the gunfire at this house and several others. several days prior, in the early morning hours of saturday morning, three homes struck with bullets including this one. >> i heard four, five pops, after i looked out the window, i seen a small little white car go whizzing down the street here. >> reporter: lowell police have not said if the shootings are connected. back on hilda street there's general one earn concern. >> i don't want it to i'm sure it won't. if the crazy people day home. >> reporter: ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a couple returns home and finds a man inside going through their things. it happened on seekonk yesterday afternoon. police say the robber assaulted the husband and then threatened the wife with a knife before running out of the house with some of the belongings. a police officer saw the suspect get into a car with another suspect. then the officer tried to stop the men.
4:37 pm
the woods but both men eventually arrested. a peak cock on the attack leaving a little boy bleeding. still ahead how the boy's mother is making sure it doesn't happen again. >> jason: time to check out the roads are live drive time traffic. expressway southbound by the gas stank. traffic not too bad for wednesday afternoon commute. but once you get to necessity ponsset street exit slow moving all the way to the split. now to traffic slowly moving north on 93 to the tunnel to in woburn. >> vanessa: live drive times tobin bridge to 128, 28 minutes, o'neil tunnel to the split, about 15 miles per hour. that will also take you 28
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>> jason: federal authorities believe that an iranian refugee who lived in new england for years later went overseas and fought for isis. according to documents released earlier this week. he fledded iran and lived in maine in 2009. investigators say he then left in 2013. investigators believe he made his way to the middle east and died in lebanon last year after joining up with isis. a senator from maine says this an example of why the u.s. needs to do a better job of screening its refugees. >> we should also prioritize the refugees we are admitting so we're focusing on widows, on
4:41 pm
less likely to pose a threat. >> jason: investigators trying to gain access to two of his gmail,ts hoping to give a better journey and who he may have had contact with. >> vanessa: a couple fight to go survive after their car was crushed by cement truck in china. you can see the car approaching the intersection, when the truck swerves roll overs and flattens the car. on lookers able to pl were on scene. special tools needed to break free the man. both in critical condition this afternoon. new at noon, the federal railroad commission, says little are railroads made little progress installing technology mandated by congress. uses radio communications gps and signals alongside tracks to monitor trains positions. it can automatically stop or slow trains from dissipaing
4:42 pm
excessive speed. >> jason: president obama still on the martha's vineyard for his vacation. he has become a social butterfly. spotted out on the town four nights in a row. trying to get the most of out of his time by play using it with family and friends >> mcdonald's taking steps to make happy males a little bit healthier. how the fast food giant is trying to make sure kids stay ac vg toward us, affect the games tomorrow including the patriots preseason games.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> vanessa: another scary incident at an amusement park. six kids taken to the hospital after they were shocked while riding on a ride in connecticut on tuesday. as fox 25 sara underwood
4:45 pm
the scrambler ride at ocean beach park when they were hurt. >> kind of scary to hear those things. i'm concerned for my daughter. >> reporter: andrea comes out to the ocean beach park in connecticut with his 10-year-old daughter all of the time. he says he no longer allows her to ride the amusement park ride. >> still once in a while, we go on these things. but you'll see them, they're like old. >> reporter: he believes his concerns were justified after hearing that six children were taken to the experiencing an electric shock while riding one of the rides earlier today. >> he started screaming, his father pushed him off of the rails. >> i'm never going to go there until they fix it and do something about those rides. >> i was not surprised at all. >> reporter: lori also plans to have her three grand daughters steer clear of the rides as well. >> it just doesn't seem like a safe kind of thing. i don't know their safety record or anything. but to me, i was just -- i would not. >> the children suffered minor
4:46 pm
hands. the park rides were shut down for the rest of the day as investigators try to figure out what happened. >> reporter: they're looking into all of the possibilities, if there's a loose ground or a frayed wire, anything, also looking into possibility the earlier rainstorm that washed through around lunchtime today might have something to do with this also. >> sara underwood, fox 25 news. >> jason: the father of the boy killed on the world's largest water slide is hoping something like that never happens again. he sent out a people for the support his family received since his son died earlier this month. he hopes the investigation will provide answers about what exactly happened and lead to changes in safety procedures at amusement parks. new research shows 50 children visit emergency rooms every day because of accidents in baby strollers and baby carriers. doctors estimate more than 40% of those visits include children treated for brain injuries, including concussions, many in
4:47 pm
stroller. the best way to avoid these is to make sure children are properly strapped in. >> vanessa: the device could help doctors learn more about opoid addiction. according to the herald, it tracks how patient's bodies reacted to taking pain medication. they'll do this by recording skin temperature and heart rates and they're hoping the devices can help spot early signs of opoid dependence. the cdc said back in june, there was no evidence the now a study shows the exact opposite. tested it against the flu shot and found both equally effective in preventing the flu. health officials in the u.s. say many underlying factors may have impacted the differing results. >> jason: it doesn't psych a scientist or a weather man to know that july was very hot. scientists are confirming july's heat was record breaking. nasa says it was the warm in he's july on the planet in 110
4:48 pm
that -- chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here right now, august has been hot too? >> kevin: that goes bah because to late 1800s, no records kept by cavemen and tropical plants growing outside, so you have to temper that. clearly we're in a very warm climate and we're warming up. el ni?o a big factor in the first part of the impact any more. 82 boston, 82 in bedford. that's pretty normal for an august afternoon and evening for sure. few showers drifting by out there. look to west, showers and storms here, another batch down in here. these are going to impact new england weather to some degree tomorrow. overnight pretty clear. watch for clouds from the southern system floating in here. and green showing up in here too.
4:49 pm
ashore. 4:00 we the first started hidden by that. this looks more likely to me, a couple of showers along the south coast of new england and then the clouds drift on out of here through the early course of the morning. low temperatures, in the 60s, some 50s back to the north and west. the seven-day forecast those 50s will be metrowest. cool down later on in the seven-day forecast. see that in a minute. 84 boston, new bedford, for lunchtime tomorrow. already warming up. going to being a nice looking west, watch how that front comes toward us and showers and storms start to pop up in the heating of the day. couple of these can escape into southern new england. very few. widely scattered. not widely meaning a lot of them. widely meaning here and here as opposed to all coming in at the boston area. youren practices tomorrow can include the beach without an issue. these waters may not make it to the beach. cape cod, sun pop out 88
4:50 pm
generally here are the highs in the 80s most places. nantucket will be 77 out in the convenient i can'trd 81 for the president. 90 burlington. 9 fenway park. that's important because the billy joel concert happening tomorrow evening. if you're going to see the preseason game against the bears drop it down to the 80s during the tailgating and 70s during the course of the game on clearing skies not expecting showers to interrupt the game at way. by next wednesday, i know 7 days away, cooler air making its way on in here and lower 50s everywhere. refreshing air too. behind those showers and storms on monday. as far as the forecast for the next 24 hours. see that small threat for a shower or thunderstorm. i only have 30% chance. if you are going to the billy joel shower tomorrow evening. still in the low 80s, through the 70s during the concert and after, taking the threat of showers and storms out of the
4:51 pm
out as the night wears on. comfortable as well. tracking the trend of the showers and storms to our west and update the timeline and placement of those showers tomorrow coming up in the next half hour. >> jason: a giant new face will soon be seen on a college campus near oakland california. not the face that has people concerned there. the face is part of a statue of a naked woman standing more than 50 feet tall, the statue part of a deal to have the public art in a new complex. since the start of construction, residents debating wh statue is appropriate for the public. >> vanessa: a florida mother fighting to get rid of peacocks at public parks after her son was attacked playing at jackson park near orlando when the mom says the peacock started clawing at him. brought to urgent care after the attack left him pleading from his head right above his eye. >> the peacock was on top of his head, with his talons, flapping its wings. and when i went over to the peacock, it still didn't, like,
4:52 pm
say they do not think the birds are dangerous. a spokesperson apologized for the attack. and says the county will continue to look into this. >> jason: mcdonald's hoping to get kids more active with new happy male toys. they'll be handing out activity trackers with their males. the trackers will be able to track kids steps and show how much activity they're getting in a day. mcdonald's hopes it will increase physical fitness among itser whiches. and new at 4:00, the writer of harry p to say about hog wart. getting to release short stories around harry and his friends honed their magic. it will be released on the website. >> vanessa: a woman sat on her ring for 60 years she now has it back. how a detective did major investigating to track her and her husband done. now here's mark ockerbloom with what we're working on fox 25 news at 5:00. >> mark: coming up only on fox 25 tonight, curt schilling
4:53 pm
possible run for state senate. his feelings toward elizabeth warren and what he says will help him decide to possibly run against her. plus a tree falls right on top of a local home.
4:54 pm
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>> the way we think of cars could change in less than five years. ford announced the company plans to release driverless cars and have them operate in a ride ailing service by 2021. the company's chief executive says the new vehicles will be radically different than thos he elaborated by saying the driverless cars would have no steering wheel and no gas or brake pedal. >> well a couple married 60 years lost their wedding ring. >> the couple was attending senior day at lynch in beverly when the ring slipped off the couple's hand. the decision how the couple made decades ago helped get the ring back.
4:57 pm
connected to somebody i love. >> the reporter: that wedding ring was placed-other finger the day this photo was taken, may 19th, 1956. it changed her name to elaine karen. her maiden initials and the wedding date engraved on the inside marked the union between she and her husband joe. little did they know then that that inscription would be pivotal 60 years later. let's go back to lynch park in beverly. i must have -- preoccupied. i must have had a good time. >> the reporter: the ring slipped off her fink. but a good samaritan turned it into a beverly police officer at senior day in beverly. that officer gave it to a detective and he took his job to the next level to track down the owner. owner. >> he went to the clerk usaama rahim office, the only information he had were the initials and the date.
4:58 pm
day, 5/19/56. >> came up with a name, an address, happened to be in beverly, we passed the information along to the detective, he was still waiting at the counter. >> today, mrs. karen got her ring back. >> my life is normal again. ? when your old wedding ring ? >> that's us. erika richie, fox 25 news. >> and happening right now, is asking the supreme court to hear his appeal of his convictions. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., curt schilling considering a run against senator elizabeth warren. >> they're asking me to be a leader here. >> only on fox 25 tonight, we catch up with the former red sox pitcher about his plans. the two factors that will help him decide. >> kevin: we get a great today with beautiful weather. looking to the west, i'm
4:59 pm
when those will arrive. >> a cyclist alive tonight after being hit by a pickup truck. >> he was down on the ground, and there was an offduty firefighter that stopped to help him. >> he was absolutely lucky that he was there. >> how timing an one other item helped to save his life. plus -- >> turning tragedy into hope. >> you can't put it into words. you can't imagine something more traumatic. >> the reporter: tonight, find out how one danvers family who lost their child in a drowning accident is helping other families through the adoption process >> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., former red sox ace curt schilling tells fox 25, he's seriously considering a run for u.s. senate, a seat currently held by senator elizabeth warren. good evening everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. only on fox 25, fox 25's political reporter sharman sachetti caught up with
5:00 pm
a run. >> the reporter: curt schilling says he's a conservative, but in deep blue massachusetts, i asked him, does he a chance? i asked him all about it. i caught up with world series champ curt schilling in brighton and asked him if he's serious about a run for u.s. senate. >> i would tell you right now, i would run, i'm not sure if i will, so we'll see. >> the reporter: schilling is eyeing the seat held by senator elizabeth warren. >> why senator warren's position? >> because i think she represents all the things that we need to get out of took a swipe at warren's unsubstantiated claims of native american ancestry while working at a high paying harvard teaching gig. she had listed herself as a minority in a directory, but never use it had to gain career advantage. >> to me, she is a hypocrite, she wants free education, that's the same system she milked for $300,000 a year, taking advantage of a government incentive for the american indians that she claims to be,


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