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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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it clears out. a party bus hits and kills a woman. at 6:00 you heard exclusively from a passenger on board. tonight the violations fox 25 investigates discovered after looking into the bus company's record. >> and a wife told her husband has been kidnapped. >> i just followed instructions he said he was going to put a bullet in my husband's head and hunt me down and kill me and my kids. >> only fox 25 is speaking to victims of a new others could fall for it too. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. we begin tonight with a live look at the radar. i say -- a batch of rain is among moving into the region. i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm john monahan. let's get right to jason brewer. >> good evening.
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extreme drought conditions in parts of southern new england. so this rain on the way going to give us some temporary short-term drout relief. -- drought relief. i'm tracking some pockets of yellow that's moving into keen right now. it's moved all the way across southwestern parts of new hampshire. look what's going on here in connecticut. this is where we've had the most heat and moisture that's where we're seeing the heaviest downpours right now. that's tracking eastward maybe impacting southern parts of our state. also a low risk for lightning and some strong damaging winds as this comes through. this is 4:00 in the morning. as fox 25 morning news begins. we're still going to be tracking the pockets of heavy rain. now by 8:00 tomorrow morning,
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but behind the rain is some cool and drier air. we're going on get a little touch of fall in here. i'll have the forecast for you for the week. what you can expect when you might need a jacket coming up. >> all right, jasons always you can follow the live radar on your mobile phone any time on the fox 25 weather app. it's free and easy to download. just search in the app or google play store. >> the investigation continues tonight's into a party bus crash in east boston. has left one woman dead and another person hurt. since this story broke on fox 25 morning news we have spoken exclusively to a woman wlofs on that bus. fox 25's malini basu is standing by live. that woman claims the victim was on the bus just seconds before the crash. >> reporter: john, that person you're talking about reached out to fox 25. that crash happened right behind us it happened right in front of the courtyard marriott. tonight we can tell you that one woman is dead another
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how all of this happened. it was around 2:00 this morning boston police got a 9-1-1 call saying two people had been hit by a bus in east boston. on that bus were 20 old high school friends who revenuesed it out to party. a woman who was that on bus does not want to be identified. she tells fox 25 there is so much more to this disturbing story. >> reporter: she claims two through a window as it was travelling down the highway. the witness describes chaos after the two women fell out. passengers yelled at the driver to stop >> reporter: once the drive stopped the witness says all the passengers on the party bus ran back to where the
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>> one of the women dead the other injured. the party bus is owned by in a statement the company tells fox 25 our driver was questioned by boston police before he was released and sent home. we have been in business for 19 years and will continue to cooperate during the investigation of this tragedy coming up at 10:00 we'll explain to you all 20 women walked into the police department. investigators thet intergated them we'll have more coming up at 11:00. live in east boston, malini basu, fox 25 news. a fox 25 investigates dug into the federal safety records for entourage livery of attleboro. they found a history of safety violations and
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investigating an incident involving an entourage livery bus that left one woman dead and another injured on saturday night. they have to your knowledge livey has a conditional safety rating that means the carrier was out of compliance. went a full safety aud it in twhairn reveal the following violations. drivers failed to plete specializing tests and failed to in march 2014 they paid a series of fines
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entourage livery very much prides itself on keeping up with as well as going above and beyond all fm, c.s.a. standards. >> as we first told you at 6:00. police arrested the owners of entourage livery which also back in 2011, after a six month wiretap investigation into an alleged marijuana operation. they ultimately took a plea deal. that spokesperson for the coan served probation and paid their fines and maintained their innocence. if you have a tip you would like fox 25 to investigate e-mail us. call the number on your screen 1-877-fox 25 news. two children are still in critical condition after being pulled from the swimming pool in lowell. we brought you this story as breaking news last night at 10:00. the fox 25 christine mccarthy spoke with the man who rushed to the children's
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screams and jumped right into action. >> well, john, this man tells me he did exactly what he was trained to do as a nurse when he rushed over to this home behind me here in lowell on frida lane. he says he desperately started c.p.r. residents heard the commotion throughout the lowell neighborhood on saturday. a summer birthday party had taken a tragic turn. >> a lot of yelling and someone yelling call 9-1-1. >> reporter: a boy and girl both preschool age had been pull unresponsive from this above ground pool on frida lane. a neighbor who only identified himself as bob tells fox 25 he ran to their aid. >> there was a commotion next door. somebody was calling for help. i'm a registered nurse i went over to see if i could help. there was a little girl that required some first aid. i gave a couple compressions i cleared her airways i made
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>> reporter: others frantically pleaded for help as c.p.r. continued. >> a couple kids came to the door and asked if he was home. >> reporter: police say the children were rushed to lowell general hospital in critical condition then fleen to a boston area hospital. >> i have a little one of my own so when we hear something like that especially so close obviously it bothers you. yeah, we're all pulling for the kids. >> reporter: as lowell police continue to investigate sunday the children remained at the hospital and eagerly awaited a positive update. >> i just wish the children well. >> reporter: all of the adults here at the home tonight declined to comment on this incident saying only that the children who remain in the hospital do not live here. now we did reach out to police and the local d.a.'s office. they have released a recent update on these conditions children. we're live in lowell tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> bad news out of
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going to miss a lot of time. sports director tom leyden these injuries are big ones. it will be huge already without brady for a few weeks. >> you don't want to individualies at tackling or one of your most dynamic play makers out for a extended time. deoften lewis needs a second surgery on his knee he tore his a.c.l. last year against washington. herald reporting that eight to 10 week setback that puts us into mid-october scheduled to return under center against the clouds. right tackle sebastian hurt his ankle last season but it's reported today that he also has a hip injury. that's what's going to keep himle on the field this season. he has been bitten by the injury bug a lot. this certainly is not going to help when you face the big man. then tom brady accused from
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reasons. he sliced his thumb and left the stadium before the pats played the bears. no word on why brady is excused from these two practices. bad day all around in foxborough. new challenges for the patriots to overcome as they get set for their third pre-season game for the susanner. we've got much more ahead on the "sportswrap". i hope you can join us. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> to the race for president cher will you a fund-raiser for hillary clinton on the cape today. it was held at the pilgrim monument in providence town. the pop superstar did not perform but according to the cape cod times tickets went on sale for as much as $27,000 apiece and the event raised more than $1.5 million. republican presidential nominee donald trump went to virginia this week hoping for more veterans and
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him come november. trump was in fredricksburg telling supporters they can turn sagging poll numbers into victory before election day. he says virginia is very important to his campaign bringing a message of hope for jobs and lower taxes. the candidate also saying the african-american vote will give him the ticket to the white house. >> the g.o.p. is the party of abraham lincoln. the home of the african-american voter once again. >> trump said at a rally in michigan on friday that by 2020, he can get 95% of the support of african-american saying he will produce for the inner cities of america. phone scams have been around for years but few have ever felt as real as
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distraught, thinking wow, this is true. >> only on fox 25, the extra step involve in this scam that brings the fear factor of not paying up to a whole new level. >> plus, a slew of changes made this year aimed at making high school football safer in massachusetts. >> right now i'm tracking this and some fall-like temperatures behind it straight ahead. ryan lochte exaggerated his robbery story. what he's admitting to next
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don't just bank, bank human. we're following breaking news tonight a minnesota man is behind bars on suspicion of first-degree murder and kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl. that young girl reportedly is the daughter of that man's co-worker. >> reporter: at the edge of the brainerd place the search for a little girl. girl 5-year-old was found dead. the search began about 90 miles south on saturday morning another small town watkins. the last time that the child was seen was at 2:00 a.m. from what i understand they moved the child to the bed at 2:00 a.m. that's why we have that number. >> but by 8:00 a.m. she was gone. the sheriff provided some insight into the
10:16 pm
anderson and the family. >> the relationship between the suspect and the family is that the suspect is a co-worker family friend of the child's father. it sounds like he stays there on a regular basis this yntz the first time he has been there multiple times. >> reporter: investigators pinged the cell phone left in the vehicle and were able to track it to todd county. >> once with we get the information about a missing person or whatever it is we try to in this case we had a number that we could identify and we did do the pinging of the phone. that's where we had it. >> they turned to missing persons investigation into a homicide case. >> that was daniel king reporting for us tonight in minnesota. it's still unclear how the 5-year-old died.
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96-year-old man is dead after he hit a rockwall on 495 in berlin. state police say it happened on the northbound ramp at exit 26 this afternoon. the man died at the scene. the ramp was closed for about an hour while investigators tried to figure out what caused him to crash. also new at 10:00, it took more than a day but a huge brush fire in west roxbury is finally out tonight. firefighters packed up just a few hours ago drivers could see it on 128, the smoke. now this fire was tough for firefighters. they had to drag the hoses hundreds of feet into the woods. a coast guard rescued six people from their sinking boat along the coast of martha's vineyard just before 9:00 this morning. the coast guard received a distress call from a passenger on the boat saying the vessel was taking on water. luckily all six passengers life vests and had no injuries.
10:18 pm
fox 25 that the water was coming through a crack on the boat. this is breaking news on fox 25 news at 6:00 saturday. 34 people were on board the boat when the captain sent out a mayday call saturday afternoon. new tonight we're hearing for people who got that call for help. >> when they called the may day they said that they were picking on water and there were a lot of children on ar >> passengers remained on board as the boat was towed back to shore. the coast guard released these photos of the rescue. four years ago today a young boy disappeared from warren. tonight there's a new push for answers. he was just 10 years old when he vanished from the pool back in 1976. no trace of andy has ever been found. state police featured his case on facebook and twitter
10:19 pm
friend melanie perkins says she hopes this could finally break the case. >> i have always felt that he's going to come home and i continue to feel that way in my heart of hearts i truly believe that he will come home at some point. >> if you know anything about the disappearance call police. while the olympic games in rio wrapped up this evening and ryan lochte's fake robbery scandal will likely overshadow his performance in the pool. as jeremy >> in an interview introduce with matt lauer four time olympian and gold medalist ryan lochte took full responsibility for embellishing the incident in rio. >> had i never done this we wouldn't be in this mess. none of of this would have happened and it was my, my immature behavior. >> reporter: last sunday surveillance video show lochte and three of his teammates at a gas station
10:20 pm
lochte as they attempted to leave in a cab one of the security guard forced them out of the taxi at gunpoint and on the ground. rio officials later questioned the swimmers and refuted lochte's account of that night that the olympians were confronted after the security guard only after they vandalized the bathroom and were asked to pay for the damage. >> but at some point you said the security guard put the gun to your cocked it in. >> why did you do that? >> i don't know i was still intoxicated, under the influence. >> reporter: u.s.a. swimming are investigating the incident to determine whether the swimmers will fines or suspensions. jeremy roth, fox 25 news. a shooting that sent one teenager to the hospital and led to several fights between youth gangs. it happened at the latin festival near main and chatham streets.
10:21 pm
gunshots. after those games dispersed feets began breaking out. altogether 18 people were arrested the charges range from disorderly conduct to assault and battery. crewers expected to finally begin clearing some of the debris in flood ravaged louisiana. >> if they don't get this flood stuff out of the homes in the next few days our home will be contaminated. >> still to come the number of people who have searched donation center. first more than a dozen people shot at a house party overnight. where police believe the gunman hid before opening
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed.
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for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. new at 10:00 a house party shooting in bridgeport, connecticut that sent more than a dozen people to the hospital. this was the scene when police arrived early this morning. 13 people were injured. bridgeport officials believe two gunmen were actually at a neighboring house hiding in some bushes when they fired into the backyard filled with people. several party goers were shot in the face and taken to the hospital in critical condition. no arrests have been made. the police are stepping up patrols in the area.
10:25 pm
who is expected to appear in court for dangerousness hearing tomorrow. among the charges are rape, armed robbery and car-jacking. police say he sexually assaulted a woman at knifepoint, kidnapped another, stole her car and then broke into a store before being confronted by officers. >> when they approached he was scrouching down on the porch and hid from officers. tackled for the ground. >> the two women who were assaulted during the crime spree are expected to recover from their injuries. massachusetts has had more school bomb threats during the last school year than any other state. that research from the educator school safety network it and shows a total of 135 hoax threats in the last year. it's probably an underestimate. officials say school threats including bomb threats are increasing across the
10:26 pm
that allow those threats to reach multiple schools at once. two years ago public safety officials began training school administrators on how they should respond to these threats. a local teacher remains in jail tonight accused of sending obscene photos to his students. he sent pictures of himself to a 17-year-old girl then asked her to send him naked photos. according to court records, the regional high school history teacher was originally being investigated for fund-raising fraud. of lying to a former tun he was dating telling her he had cancer. that's when they say they learned about the photos. other students tell fox 25 they are shocked. >> it surprised me. weers went expecting it from him.
10:27 pm
can expect heavy rain in your neighborhood i'm tracking more downpours when it all clears out. be a local and husband and wife get a frightening call that the other has been kidnapped. next at 10:00 how their own
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a new warning about a terrifying phone scam that involves kidnapping. only fox 25 is speaking to a couple who found themselves right in the middle of it. fox 25 ted daniel joins us now live from the control room. ted what makes this scam different the crooks were able to somehow manipulate cell phone numbers. this is one of the most covered. the people a husband and wife taken in in a virtual kidnapping involving manipulated phones. >> john. >> reporter: you can hear this voice on the line. >> your arrive just called me. >> hang up that advice from couple. brianna and john asks us not to use their last snims when they called me they said i have your husband, john.
10:31 pm
and that we were married. >> reporter: initially she didn't take the threat seriously and hung up on the guy the first time he called. but panic set in minutes later when brianna dialed john's cell phone number to tell him about the strange call listen to who answers john's number. >> the same man who just called my phone answered. and he was angry he said why would you hang up. from there brianna did exactly as she s it was a couple one and three-year-old in tow she withdrew $1,000 from a c.v.s. wired the money to an account in puerto rico. this is the part where the virtual kidnapper take this scam to a whole new level. while one has brianna on the line running her around. another calls her husband and begins to run the same scam on him. >> john was at home and like his wife initially suspected
10:32 pm
hooked him clever. brianna is still on another line he momentarily urged his call. >> if he deny put him on the phone. it all finally unraveled when brianna drove to where john was working both realized they had been had. >> it all comes out afterwards but you're not thinking clearly at the time. >> reporter: so the couple says they have no idea how the scammers got con originated from. they did report it to police but they're told they are likely out a cool grand. live in our control room, ted dan kbrel, fox 25 news. i'm following breaking news out of win thefter -- winchester. they are investigating the death of an elderly woman. around 2:00 this afternoon they say officers responded to their home where they found her unresponsive. she was transported to the clinic where she was pronounced dead. authorities residents
10:33 pm
we'll stay on top of this and bring you any updates as we get them. earlier this evening at about 6:00, we were on the air showed that you the through about 10:00 indeed that is the case. this is the leading edge of the steadier light rain just hugging 495 right now. so as it moves eastward it will continue to increase in intensity. heavier showers here so settling in for at least a couple hours of the wet
10:34 pm
just going go to webster and worcester. just after that. a good soaking of rain. with that heavy rain can hold together. 4: i what fox 25 morning news begins. the own people should be parts of cape cod and nantucket. tomorrow midday lunch hour
10:35 pm
look at the numbers right now. we're now sitting in the lower and middle 70s i wanted to point that out because we have some moisture and higher humidity and heat. that's indeed where we have been seeing over connecticut over to the south shore basically along and south of the pike upper 60s most areas overnight. the heavy rain out there can't rule out a few ruffles
10:36 pm
we already have heavy rain that's developed over connecticut. it just gives you a good idea. some pockets around half to three-quarters of an inch rain here is an extreme drought area in red just eight inches below normal. now let's turn our attention to the nice weather. there's your seven-day forecast. television and baseball
10:37 pm
tonight at the lowell spinners game. introduced -- it premiered at minor league pat, high school football in massachusetts is back there's a new push this year they can stay safe on the field. >> i thi help over time prevent president amount of head injuries that we see. >> i add -- ahead in the next 15 minutes the changes the parents can expect to see.
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for the road. for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? an aspen man is behind bars after police say they caught him breaking into a
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suspicious man in the driveway that's where they found where they found murdoch hatfield. that 37-year-old is being held on $5,000 bail. four people went to the hospital after police say a car ran a stop sign hitting another car head on in east providence. police tell fox 25 the driver of the first car didn't see the stop line and drove through it ending up four passengers suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. police in new hampshire came out enforce to support a 14-year-old girl who's battling cancer. er this friends hosted a lemonade stand on friday to raise money for her upcoming chemotherapy therapy. she was so surprised at the turnout but would do the same for any of her friends. >> she's always the first to
10:42 pm
of like live long friends here. baseball player from malden and medical -- medford taken to the diamond today with one goal in yes i'm sorry for soaking up but it's a big thing for me to be here with my granddaughter. it's great to have programs
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high school football is book. new at 10:00 players this year are hitting the field they'll have to follow some
10:46 pm
it's at conditioning days of the golden eagle who are now practicing under some new rules they have a two hour limit today, and that's kin of it. getting players better conditioned for the game. they have to hold limited contact practices they can't
10:47 pm
sessions and practices are limited to one hour of full contact. in the regular season the rules limit teams to two to three full contact practice per week. we'll have to see how games go. most seem to feel the
10:48 pm
flexible. they're kind of you know they can adjust pretty quickly to things. basically these new rules mean the majority of big hits on the field will have to wait for game day for many of these young student athletes. volunteers across the south are heading to baton rouge to help flood victims get back on their feet. organizers from the early and louisiana state university have turned a mall parking lot into a donation site. the location has only been in place they have already pulled together enough supplies to help around 10,000 people. a mother of three whose home was completely flooded say the they are reaching those in need. if you go driving then you
10:49 pm
this morning bikers took the same route as martha's vineyard runners do. they started out in hopkinton and finished up on boylston street. proceeds will go to the dana farber cancer institute and jimmy fund. participants say this fund-raiser is meaningful . it's also a hotspot for
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>> i'm just zooming in right now taking a look at the south coast. just watching here. clearly the heaviest rain making its way up towards worcester county.
10:56 pm
question that as the rain begins to intensifies we could see some of those totals headed in our direction. not going to be a cure but we'll take what we can get. now time for some a tough day for the pats out there. you don't expect it to the patriots off anything but good. tom brady out and bronch and julian edelman have both missed sebastian boomer a bookend to the offensive line. he will be placed on injured reserve list which kills any
10:57 pm
deon lewis in need of a second surgery on the knee that was repaired last year. he tore his a.c.l. against washington. what do you make of the latest tom brady story he was excused for noninjury-related reasons. brady suffered a finger then left the consumer without any further explanation from the team so not a good day at foxborough. make the emergency start as you imagine it might go that's exactly how it went.
10:58 pm
justin upton steps in there. to innings later. the shot to rightfield with the first career home run. to the tiering. tonight on the "sportswrap" dave o'brien and jeremy remy what is up with brady is there something under the surface that wernts hearing about. that we aren't hearing about. the new movie about his life after baseball. trust me when i say it's nothing but entertaining.
10:59 pm
after the fox 25 news at 10:00. now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 11:00. complete new england news coverage. >> we've got breaking news first we're beginning with a look at our radar. it's now over much of western and central massachusetts. good evening everyone i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm john monahan. let's get right to meteorologist jason brewer who is timing out these storms from the storm tracker weather center we were talking about this heavy rain in connecticut. it continues to hold together. you can see we have already had more than an inch of rain here with this patch of heavy rain that has come across. now it's not quite as intense as it was but i still think an inch of rain is possible in some locations primarily in
11:00 pm
right now the leading edge of a light rain. so overnight the heavy rain threat. much more on the timeline coming up. >> okay, jason. now that breaking news we're following out of winchester. the mox district attorney's investigating the death of an elderly woman. around 2:00 this afternoon officers responded to her home where they say they found her unresponsive. she was transported to clin wreck she was pronounced dead. we'll continue to follow updates on the investigation. the investigation also continues tonight's into a party bus crash in east boston that left one woman dead and another person


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