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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> chainsaws and wood chippers being put to good use today after an ef-1 tornado touched down. hello everyone i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark onchth according to national grid and ever source there are no major outages in the concord area tonight. that's good news right there. let's speak with christine mccarthy. >> reporter: the cleanup will take days but the disaster itself an ef-1 tornado only needed seconds to topple hundreds of trees tear down power lines and damage 39 homes in concord.
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morning. nobody got hurt. the house has some damage. the wind lifted the tree right out of the ground and just crushed the structure. >> reporter: governor charlie wires and strewn branches touring the damage on independence and alcott roads. >> this one had the gas line underneath it. the governor even stopped in awe to snap some pictures himself. >> anybody who does doubts the fury and precision of mother nature needs to take a walk along route that was
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no injuries during the tornado. however, concord police do tell me that one man when one of them pops loose and hit him in the head he was taken to leahy clinic but we are told he was groggy but mccarthy. fox 25 news. he even noticed there would be gusty winds. but to say there would be a tornado at 3:00 in the
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but one of these storms was active enough. and even had a hook echo. when you turn it to a three dimensional view you clearly see from top to bottom there's rotation that's where the tornado touched down in concord early this morning. one never touched down around 3:00. crews spent much of the day cleaning up. we found some of the worst damage on walker street. but thankfully it's back tonight. we do have coverage. you can log on now to watch the entirety of what the governor and state emergency management team had to say.
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map. it happened around 1:00 this morning. a woman says a man approached her on a bicycle threatened her with a knife then sexually assaulted her in the area of the carter call police if you know anything about this crime. also breaking out of worster where police have arrested a man for shooting and killing 24-year-old man early this evening. a viewer send us -- sent thus picture and police say the suspect were in an argument. police are still investigating the circumstances around the argument. look for more information from the fox 25 morning news starting at 4:00 a.m. tonight friends of a woman killed in a school parking
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this 70-year-old woman was hit and killed by a pickup truck. fox 25's crystal haynes was covering the story tonight for us in lowell and crystal, people are reeling from how she died? >> reporter: this investigation still open and active. now we don't know the identity of the driver it has not been released yet. but with we are learning more about this victim. first thing i went through my mind is i haven't seen my mother. the food services truck backed over claudia norman dean in the elementary school parking lot. >> he reversed hit the lady. somebody went running up what are you doing you just hit that lady you just killed that lady. >> reporter: norman dean was pronounced dead on scene. dozens of witnesses were in the area. the school bus my cousin and
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it's dangerous her friends and neighbors my friend's daughter crying a lot of people here felt bad. now she's paying for them both. certainly a lot of motion around this incident. i can tell you that this truck was at the school because they were preparing for students to come back for class in just a week or so. meantime we're not sure if the driver will be charged with anything.
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the 19 month-old fell through the screen and the child was taken to the hospital unarmed the preschoolers were pulled from a cool police tell us that the girl's condition has improved and they are still investigating what happened. a judge order jose laura held without bail prosecutors say he shot and killed inside the hope cemetery last june. the other which lying to police. laura is due back in court in october for a pretrial
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studying to become a catholic nun then stealing her rosary beads. police arrested vanessa and crystal young. goed forbid it coul worse. when they the two women are due back in court next month. >> police in bedford need help tracking this man down. he was wearing a if you recognize him give bedford p.d. a call.
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bearded beauty who stole thousands of products worth of anti-aging products. they say he stole nearly 2,000 worth of face creams from the c.v.s. he is described as a white man in his early 30s he very well could be 65 and looking fabulous given what he's accused of stealing. state's overhead tolling system is causing controversy tonight because it may be doing more than charging your ez pass every the system can also read your license plate to track certain drivers. there are serious concerns here about privacy. some people are concerned about all the data that you look. out with the old tolds and
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they are proposing entry points will also have cameras but that so-called has raised questions from the aclu. >> we want to make mass dot officials say liberty used sparingly for things like an amber alert or to find a suspect in a public safety emergency. data collected will be
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because the fourth amendment protects us. they vote on the new race and fevg goes well the system goes live on october 28th. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. everything is cool out there tonight. temperatures dropping down into the 50s. the next rain will arrive. the surviving boston marathon bombing is sitting in death row but his attorneys are still fighting to save his life. coming up the latest legal rules they're making to try and help dzhokhar tsarnaev. but first a child found dead in an auburn foster care last year and still no one has been held responsible.
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year after this beautiful girl was found dead in a forecast people in auburn. >> the death came in the middle of a number of high-profile incidents involving the department of children and families. her grandparents want something done. >> our ted daniel reports no one has been held accountable for their granddaughter's death. >> reporter: it has been said time heals all wounds. for david and diana that time has not come.
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>> reporter: it has been one year since their granddaughter ava died from a suspected heat stroke while in foster care. diane says she calls the worcester county district attorney's office weekly to check on the progress of the investigation. according to her the updates are always the same. >> they don't know what happened. they don't have a clue what happened. >> reporter: ava lived in this auburn foster home with six other children. months after her death a d.c.f. fox 25 suggested ava may have been left in a hot car while in the care of her foster mom or mallpass' boyfriend anthony mallet. according to the record neither provided any reasonable explanation. what really happened to ava remains a mystery. >> i want justice. i want the truth. there's no way in the world on god's green earth that
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>> reporter: on top of crushing grief will is growing frustration. david and diane will continue to do the only thing they can push and push hard for answers. >> we contacted the worcester county d.a.'s office this evening to see if they would tell us they anything new about the investigations. all they would say is that it remains under investigation. reporting in m fox 25 news. >> the clock is ticking for the marathon bomb's legal team. the deadline for dzhokhar tsarnaev's death penalty appeal is months away. the federal appeal court said tsarnaev's lawyers must file an argument by october 3rd . during the trial last year tsarnaev's said he should be spared the death sentence because he was under the spell of his older brother. >> teachers union will continue contract talks. tonight's a local watchdog
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to overhaul current policies. the boston municipal research bureau released a report today which suggests changes to improve the quality of teaching and learning. among the recommendations lengthening the school days overhauling teacher evaluations and job sinls and replacing guaranteed raises with merit increases. we'll keep following these negotiations for you and bring any updates as we get them. >> we have good dousing in many places today. here's where we stand. boston at 7.50 inches below normal for the year. worcester below seven for the year. worcester is above average by over an inch. that was a nice rainfall we
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clear skies over us tonight. this is fiona and fiona doesn't want to give up the ship. this storm at 35 miles per hour is just a tropical depression. but fiona wants to hold together at least an area of low pressure and turn towards the east coast of the u.s. our latest computer model charts. if that trend continues some of that moisture can actually get mixed up on the east coast that would be something that could head toward us. we'll watch that very closel you out to gaston this is tropical storm gaston i think we're on a disney kick here. it wants to become a hurricane as it pushes towards the east of bermuda. remember what happened to fiona it kept jogging farther so gaston looks like it wants to go to the east of bermuda. this takes to you saturday night at 8:00. several days away.
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out you go in time. temperature high 68 degrees. 58 for new bedford it's cooling. on 53 in keen, new hampshire there will be some upper 40s back here. overnight in gardner going down to 51 degrees. at lunchtime it will be in the 70s. everywhere. high temperatures tomorrow 70s out here in cape cod a couple 80 degree read also be sprinkled in to the north and west they will be in the low 80s and be in the low 80ss from quincy to boston to revere beach also for those beach goers tomorrow. here some of those beaches. wallaceton at 82 degrees, and all of these with lots of sunshine real nice looking day out there. now the winds will be switching to the south by wednesday it will bring in warmer air ahead of a front that will be pushing our way. by thursday night. most of it stays to the north and west on thursday
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in here at least first part of the day on friday. as that front continues to slow down the later in the day the showers come on friday. the better chance have you of having a thunderstorm. you know how that works. you get the heating of the day. still morning time will be showers. we will be dealing with thunderstorms. either way it looks to me like it clears out for your weekend always in view with some nice weather and temperatures nice and warm as well. >> thanks, kev. patriots gearing up for their third pre-season game but they are doing it without tom brady. ev j idea where he is or at least he's not saying. get ready to pick up your jaw.
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>> mission accomplished for the red sox tonight they went to tampa with a chance to tie the blue jays and they got the job done. david price and andrew good stretch. eight innings, eight strikeouts he improved to 12-8 on the season. you got to beat the bad team. chris young back in the lineup for the first time since june 23rd. play of the season you ready. have a listen. >> high deep drive into left field. down into the corner again and bentenid leaps oh you
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spectacular play by the rookie. really? red sox back in a tie for first place. 6-2 is your final at tropicana field. tom brady for the second straight day accused excused from patriots practice without explanation. this on thursday's very bizarre scene when tom left gillette stadium before the pats game with chicago. where is tom what the don't expect much from bill belichick. >> no i don't comment on personal situation. >> meanwhile the guy who's shouldering the load through all of this jimmy garoppolo. he started both of the pre-season games he's also doing the interviews on monday morning with weei that's typically what tom brady does. so the guys asked this morning if jimmy knew what was going on with brady? >> your guess is as good as mine. it's kind of like with game day. i thought he was going to
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pretty sudden. it's just kind of how you roll around here. you never know when your number is going to be called and you always got to be ready. >> brady not alone in his absence some other key players missing. including rob gronkowski. he hasn't been out there since last monday. eugene cheung and also alan branch among the missing today in foxborough. how about this morning's indy car race literally the car goes on the helmet of heldo -- helioo very thankful after this one a lot -- i have a special affection for these guys because i got to know them all very well over the years. when i see any of them get involve i do take it a bit personally. it's very scary it and happens incredibly fast.
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can protect those guys. >> and the design up behind the driver's head it can save your life. >> the wheel literally came right down on helio's head. >> sunshine tomorrow thankfully everybody is walking away from that. 86?, 87 wednesday and thursday it warms up. next chance for showers it will be late thursday night into early friday morning. les as it was with the than. we'll take the rain without the severe weather. meteorologist shiri spear is here with an update on the timeline. >> i guess it means the lawns will be a little bit greener. >> take a look at mine maybe it's looking better. >> just a little bit. >> you did a great job. >> good job you and shiri
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: break went to meek mills' hometown and called meek a putty cat. did meek move to l.a.? >> he still represents philadelphia. >> ice cube, dr. dre moved out of compton. but if you -- harvey: compton is different. compton is the center of the universe when it comes to rap. >> >> but harvey saw a moofry once. [laughter] >> ryan lochte just lost his first major sponsor. harvey: who? >> speedo is out. >> speedo was gate to me. they were like a second chapter. i guess it's a new chapter now. >> how does the guy make money for the rest his life? >> own a car dealership. >> ryan lochte chevrolet. >> come make a splash at lochte's. >> i'm drowning here! i'm drowning in cars! >> conor mcgregor partied after


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