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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 24, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> a suspected rapist captured. >> this individual was locked up for a offense. >> reporter: what we tracked down about his past. >> and a car crashes and burst facelift. the approved changes to america's oldest ballpark inside how hot we're about to get and when more showers are in the forecast. barely a year out of jail and facing rape charges again. hello, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm 77 necessary -- i'm in for vanessa welch.
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outside boston police headquarters, and jackie police say a man tried to elude them. >> that's right. police say edwardo rodriguez cut his gps tracking device off of his ankle after he allegedly led this woman several blocks down mass ave at knife point and then raped her. it only took them 16 hours to track him down thanks in part to the victim's bravery. welcome words from boston police. >> we want to announce an a tonight. >> reporter: edwardo rodriguez is once again behind bars despite cutting off his gps tracking device. police say around 1:00 a.m. monday he approached a woman on his bmx bike and led her at knife point about a about a quarter of a mile where he raped her. police tonight crediting the victim for her strength.
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having the courage to step forward and get this gentleman off the street. >> court documents show this is not the first time rodriguez has been accused of rape. documents show he attacked a girl walking home from high school, leading her into a stairwell on tremont street by knife before raping had her and rodriguez told her had a knife in his pocket and if she tried to run or scream, he would kill her. people who live in the area are grateful police have made an >> you know, they'll definitely be more careful but it's scary because it could happen to anybody. rodriguez will be charged with aggravated rape, indecent assault and battery, intimidating a witness, armed robbery, and kidnapping. i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a man rushed into surgery after getting hit with a piece of tree limb. at 6:00 we learned that victim was taken to beth israel, john
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learn what the victim may have been doing at the time. >> that's right, we know he worked for herb chambers chambed parked cared on his garage. today it was a tree trimming company here working high above and somehow that man got hit with this looing as it was thrown to the ground. this is the piece of a tree limb that hit a man as he passed under a police service crew. jones was working next door. >> they've been cutting the trees, they were here all day. >> police say a man in this bucket truck was cutting and then tossing sections of the tree to the ground. that is when the victim got hit. >> the one who actually deal with him, he came back to tell
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>> reporter: rodriguez says the young man was a regular in the area. >> le it was 30 minutes, 45 minutes after that happened. >> she tells fox 25 that her be chambers workers used the building to store cars. we saw bmw driving inside tonight workers would then exit the bu be chambers on com ave, sometimes cutting through the fence. it's unclear if that's what the victim did today, but workers for the belmont tree service told commuters they did not see him. we reached out to hamilton realty who hired the tree service and they did not return our call. last we heard the victim was in surgery earlier tonight in serious condition.
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are police releasing new information about a scaffolding accident. boston fire tells us a man fell three stories from scaffolding at harvard medical school, crews have been working at the administration building there on chatham street in boston. a car slammed into a building in pembroke. police still trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash into the party city on old despite all the damage, no one was hurt. we are working to find out if the driver will face any charges. a former church pastor turned himself in on sexual assault charges. police say he abused a minor. fox 25's malini basu is in salem, new hampshire tonight, since 6:00 i understand you went and knocked on the door of a pastor who worked with the
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tonight the passed to was in the surveillance area. he tells me something was odd but he just did think anything of it. >> reporter: steven justice's job at the dialogue church in manchester looked to reach to his community. jesmer is accused of sexual assaulting a 13-year-old girl he met at the church. the alleged sex act took place in june, investigators say the girl was assaulted at least once at the team's home. neighbors were stunned. >> it's fascinateing because you never know, who your neighbors are. >> you don't know. >> he seemed like a family person. >> reporter: investigators say the victim told the friend what happened. on another occasion, someone saw the girl was getting out of jesmer's car. >> i never would think that he would do something like that. >> reporter: another pastor told
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jesmer's same, quote, he described his actions as stupid and that he had crossed the line. pastor stated that he never directly asked jesmer for details so he did not know exactly what happened. the 37-year-old lives with his wife and two elementary aged daughters. >> passing, going to bring his kids to school. they jump outside there on the tr community are left fielding uneasy. >> and in a statement to the community, the passed to that lives here in the salem area, he tells everyone that pray and stay away from gossip and he looks forward to seeing everyone in church this weekend. tonight investigators are still trying to figure out are there
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malini basu, fox 25 news. a person hit by a car in bedford is in stable condition at the hospital tonight. it happened on springs road around 3:30 this afternoon. the driver stayed at the scene. a witness told fox 25 the victim is a veteran who walks his dog in the neighborhood every day. >> i called 911 to help him up and get some towels and cloths and stuff to stop the bleeding. >> police are still investigating what caused that crash. so far the driver is not facing any charge is pleading for help to help find her son. eric ran away sunday afternoon and hasn't been seen since. police followed up on several leads but turned up empty. >> he's not a bad kid. he's a good kid, he's got a good heart, he's sweet, just going down the wrong path and myself
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steer him in the right direction. if you have any information on where eric may be, call police. a 13-year-old boy is fighting for his life tonight after a dirt bike crash in new hampshire, police say the boy, his brother and friend were riding their bikes on the rockingham recreation path where he went out of control and officials say he little to no experien another night in the 50s is on tap. kevin lemanowicz is in our stormtracker weather center. you're expecting the temperatures to quickly rise in the morning. >> warmer than it was today. today was picture perfect, you know that, 74 in boston...
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will be cool enough. it first thing in the morning the sun will warm us quickly by 10:00 a.m. all the way near 80 degrees. we'll talk about how hot we're going to get tomorrow and the rain on the way. >> more than 24 hours after a tornado passed through the area, clean-up crews are working hard to remove all of the grit in concord. the ef1 tornado left a path of destruction a half mile long. homeowners of 39 homes companies as reality steps in. >> i think i was probably shock yesterday. all the excitement and talking to people. tonight police are warning people to look out for scams as they hire people to fix their home. the faa is now investigating why a small plane made an emergency land on a sand bar at the reservoir. this happened at the northern part of the reservoir in new salem, as you can see, it's pretty amazing.
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this is an experimental sea wind aircraft. the reservoir is the largest inland body of water in the state and supplies water to boston and dozens of other communities. >> surveillance video shows the moment a driver slammed into the work zone of a tunnel last night. it happened on i-90 just before 10:00 p.m. luckily no one was working at the time of the accident. the driver will face a judge later this as for the thumb injury he suffered last thursday, he said lesson learned and he's doing just fine. >> i was ready to go. had everything on and just trying to get something out of my shoe and the scissors slipped and just a silly accident.
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just keep you off the field. i wish i could have played. i want to get out there with my teammates. he'll be playing very little, if at all with the panthers this weekend. >> i'm not really against 21st century technology, but i still want fenway to be fenway. >> a lot of people do. in the next 20 minutes we'll tell you the fate of the pesky and cat joined at the hip. you have to stay for this. the reason this had to happen for that monkey to survive. >> and this man isfied investigate problems at boston city all and his taxpayer salary may soon jump eight times in
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even though days before two city hall employees were indicted, his report says they did nothing wrong. >> a big name at a big price. former federal prosecutor brian kelly, who helped take down whitey bulger, could now make as much as $400,000 for his device at boston city hall, according to the latest version of a
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month by mayor marty walsh. >> i feel very good about his work. i feel confident with the work he's done. >> reporter: kelly's original contract with the city was just $50,000 when he was brought on last fall. that maximum amount went up to $100,000 in january, $200,000 in february and now $400,000 found no city employees did anything wrong but months later the city's director of tourism sports and entertainment ken burr stealth and tim sullivan were federally charged with extortion. >> this was a person you brought in to find wrong-doing and he didn't find any. why continue to keep him on for this job? well, they're indicted on alleged allegations, so at the end of the day, we will know when the court is complete, who was correct, if anyone is correct in that case.
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hasn't changed but his consulting duties will now include advising a new committee charged with streamlining the city's permitting process. in a statement to fox 25, kelly would only say i'm going to assist the city and decline comment on all other matters. some critics say it's a deal eventually mayor walsh could regret. >> it's going to trail him. it's a lot of money, $625 an hour, 400,000 and done. this contract with kielty's law firm also includes two associates to work with him at up to $425 an hour. the deal with the city doesn't expire until the middle of next year. eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> new hampshire state trooper will plead guilty to assault charges. teacher andrew monaco was
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richards mall back in may. samone is facing charges after leading massachusetts and new hampshire police on a multistate chase on may 11. skyfox was over the scene as officers moved in to arrest him and new hampshire said monaco will enter guilty pleas and 3 counts in connection with the use of force. dozens of animals starved to death, authorities found me san diego trash site. police have said about two dozen people may face charges. federal investigators are now taking a closer look at two former mobsters in connection with an unsolved 1992 murder. it reportedly examining what francis cadillac and robert
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kevin ham han. two fbi perform abilities claim that bulgy ordered that hit but he said he had nothing to do with the murder. scott brown is adamantly denying the sexual harass am claims made in a court of laugh against her. and says accusations like this out of the blue should be illegal. moments after learning he was caught up with former senator scott brown on his way to fox news headquarters. >> there's no attention brought by her or manage am at anytime. >> i don't go to clubs. you can ask gail.
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1980 something. >> brown's wife went farther than that when ask what had she thought about his claim. >> something like this discussed in a public forum is outrageous and should be illegal. what is happening here is nothing less than a witch-hunt. >> reporter: and said while the allegations would be upsetting to any wife, she says she's never had any reason to question that her husband's behavior is anything he less than professional. >> and i'm sorryor other people to get dragged through the mud like this for no reason. >> kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. brown said he'd be willing to go to court and put his account on legal record. fox executives have not commented on the lawsuit. >> thousands of people are still without power tonight in miami after a transformer fire blacked out parts of the city. police say it started with an explosion at a substation but have no idea what caused the fire. officials at the nearby international airport in miami
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but operations are now back to normal. >> he ran into the backyard and chased him. >> and in our next half-hour, the case of mistaken identity that scared that little boy half to death. summer's coming to an end but shark season is far from over. next at 10:00, what scientists have been able to learn about the animal.
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>> new at 10:00, a bright white shark spotted off the cape. businesses with more than 10,000
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instead. it's supposed to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags. >> today the president visited flood ravaged louisiana and as 100,000 people have applied for federal aid. >> reporter: president barack obama has seen the devastation in baton rouge with his own eyes and promised to provide whatever federal resources are needed to rebuild the flood-torn region. >> as of today federal support has reached $127 million. that's for help like temporary rental assistance, essential
1:25 am
insurance papers. >> reporter: 13 lives lost, more than 60,000 homes damaged. the red sox calling the floods here the country's worst disaster since snowstorm sandy four years ago. >> i want the people of louisiana to know that you're not alone on this, even after the tv cameras leave. >> reporter: but some say this trip should have come sooner. the white house announced a visit on friday afternoon while the president was on vacation in martha's vineyard and also when republican presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence were here themselves. >> they've never seen anything like it. the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: the president of livingston parish, one of of the hardest-hit areas says he would rather see politics set aside for the sake of his residents. >> my concern is getting our parish back up and running. we have been knocked out. we got up, we fought back, anything that fema goes to the governor's office, certainly to help our parish, that's what i'm
1:26 am
back to you in the studio. the family of the woman hit and killed by a party bus is now speaking out. >> we don't know how she got out of the window. >> in just a few minutes from now, the surprising message they have for everyone involved. >> a car smashes into a guardrail and catches fire. the dramatic footage this dash-cam was able to capture. >> 74 degrees. most towns though are into the
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the powerful earthquake rattled rome italy in the middle of the night. it had the preliminary magnitude of 6.1 but no immediate reports of damage. people in the historic center report feeling a long swaying. we'll continue to bring you updates as they come in. >> fenway expected to get another makeover, something that's happening quite a lot since henry and continuer bought the team. pesky pole is going to be
1:29 am
pole, mark, apparently the original one has seen better days. this morning the red sox got permission to make that tweak and several other change that is it asked for as ownership attempts to make america's oldest ballpark a little more 21st century. as the red sox look to win 4 of 4 on the road in tampa, ownership ended up 4 for 6hi >> the fame us pesky pole named after red sox great will be
1:30 am
two fans spoke against the giant video screen. if i want to see video i know where to find it. >> reporter: 3 and a half feet closer to the feed in order to add 124 more seats around them. kind was there that push forward and. >> reporter: the commission says it needs more time to study that change and invited the red sox back to ask again. come opening day next season you also see a new field wall, some more sleet, and a bar in the right field grand stand. all part of the changes that
1:31 am
outstanding changes. the red sox plan to go back to the landmarks commission to see if they can get those approved. reporting live at fenway tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. we are working for an all new story on fox news at 11:00. a high school athlete who molested two sleeping classmates learns his fate. the reason some are calling foul, and a robbery suspect faces a judge. the not so clever place he decided to hide. i'm looking at this and thinking, boy, tropical storm gaston, that's not the way i wanted to start this weathercast. winds are 60 miles per hour. gas stone has been a storm that's held itself together pretty nice lited and going to track off toward the northwest and maybe a threat to places like bermuda but not to the east coast of the u.s. this is the way i wanted to
1:32 am
74 degrees in boston. 64 in the suburbs. that will continue to drop tonight through the six in boston up to 78 by 10:00 in the morning. cape cod same deal, staying in the 60s back to 78 by 10:00 a.m. the beach, a good day for it. temperatures will drop into the 50s northwest of worcester. not quite as cool as last night and warm nicely there, as well, up to 72 by late in the morning. futurecast, showing how clear it's going to be through the all kinds of sunshine. keeping it out until it goes down tomorrow evening. another picture-perfect day just like you had out there today. lunchtime temperatures into the 80s. notice 82 in boston, will be warmer at lunchtime than it was for a high today, same with 84 in bedford. these temperatures middle of the day already warmer than you saw today. at the beaches, it's going to be warmer by the afternoon.
1:33 am
afternoon with plenty of sunshine, a shot at sitting 90 degrees. you're gonna find some 90s not too far away from the water. braintree and arlington hitting 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. to the north of the cape, 81, that's the good new. 90-degree read things the merrimack valley come with the increased lower humidity, another day of it. the humidity will be increasing meaning getting higher and more sticky as the week progresses. the dewpoint is what dictate what is you're feeling out there as far as humidity levels and today dewpoints were in the 40s and 50s. now, by tomorrow evening, creeping up to the 50s and low 60s. you'll feel a bit of a difference but it gets into the 60s by thursday and that'll continue to go up a bit into friday morning before crashing back down. that will come with the increased chance of clouds and showers. by lunchtime we are still mostly, if not totally sunny
1:34 am
to the north and west, a cold front pushes toward us. it will produce some showers and thunderstorm if you're headed northward to new hampshire and vermont or to maine for an early weekend getaway. in southern new england, we're staying dry through the day on thursday. it's friday morning, i expect those showers to come on out. we started talking about this already. a couple of storms, you is a saw the 65 mile-an-hour winds. the weather center will give me an newscast or at the 11:00 news same as every night. here's friday morning, those showers pushing into southern new england. that's our next chance for some rain. it doesn't look very impressive to me and it's gone friday afternoon leading to a pretty nice-looking weekend coming up. see the seven-day forecast here tomorrow is warmer, but still not humid. thursday and friday you'll start to feel that difference. the rainshowers friday morning
1:35 am
view, looks gray, sunshine, and temperatures near 80. back in a few minutes, the wake-up forecast and a look at those tropics. back in the states with their gold gold medals, the u.s. women olympic gymnasts were in new york today. they visited the empire state building and are going on a national auto media tour with appearances on late night shows this week. >> they represented us so well, glad to see them doing that. >> yeah, should we go back one more time? aly raisman do it. >> could her parents stand it. >> an olympian silver medalist will use his winnings to help a young boy with cancer. >> yeah, peter nobowski will donate the protoof his silver medal to help a 3-year-old boy with a rare eye cancer. the boy can't be treated in poland so wants to use the money to send the boy to new york to get surgery. the auction ends on friday.
1:36 am
if it was a silver medal without the backstory, the story they're trying to leak to going forward might get a certain amount of money. you have to think when you put the sentimental value into this now and what it's going to, that could command a pretty good dollar figure. >> yeah. what a great cause. tonight a mother is demanding answers after she says police crossed the line with her 10-year-old son. >> they chased him with shotguns out, armed, drawn, pointing to >> minutes from now, the reason police say her anger is unfounded. >> this right here could be the beginning of the league. a baby monkey glued to the back of a cat. not going anywhere. the back story behind this unique pairing. but first the way pulse nightclub shooting survivors may
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>> police say a driver lost control and hit a bridge flames and trap him inside. >> you see it here and another driver, the three were able to pull that man to safety. the driver was then rushed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. >> incredible. >> survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting of orlando have now fallen victim again. this time someone has vied their privacy. orlando health says at least one of its workers broke the rules and went through the personal
1:40 am
the hospital did say how many patients were impacted or how many employees are facing punishment. they did say they're now reeducating their staff. parents were outraged over the skyrocketing prices of epi pens. can they're sparking calls for a federal investigation. one senator is demanding answers from the drugmaker. another is asking the federal trade commission to take a look at the price hike. one epi pen used to treat allergic reactions has seen its price rise from $579 years ago to about $500 today. patients suffering from a rare medical proper has a rarer recovery. 16-year-old sebastian is recovering after becoming infected by a brain eating amoeba earlier this month. typically 97% of patients who are infected with the amoeba died from it. the doctor spoke about his recovery this afternoon. >> we are very optimistic. he's walking, he's speaking. i saw him this morning, he's
1:41 am
>> very emotional there. >> how shocked is he, right. incredible. the florida department of health is not reporting where sebastian contracted the amoeba. >> doctors tonight are issuing a new warning to parents to cut back on sugar. the common item your kids drink every day or possibly at times during the week that contain a week's worth of sugar. but first the fami
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be tonight we've learned that this is the woman killed in the east boston party bus crash. her family tells crystal haynes they don't blame anyone, they just want answers. >> she was always smiling. she was very kind, loving, didn't family oriented. it was a night of getting together and lots of friends trying to focus on how her sister lived rather than how she died. she tells me 26-year-old tracy was at a bachelorette celebration when she fell out of an emergency window on this party bus early sunday morning on route 1 in east boston and was killed. >> everything okay, everybody's having fun, her and her friend. looked pretty calm. wasn't too wild or anything. >> reporter: christina remembers the snap chat tracy posted the
1:45 am
>> no one's fault, no one to blame. everyone needs to be at peace with that. >> reporter: entourage delivery denies any wrong-doing and tells fox 25 they have a report of a passenger wanting to open one of the emergency windows for air. >> they said that apparently it just fell over. >> reporter: but tracy's family wants more answers. >> we don't know what happened. we don't know how she fell out of the window. >> reporter: while they grieved, a life cut too short. >> mom said she was always, always happy. >> reporter: tracy was a security guard with aspirations of becoming a nurse and i spoke with her employee. they tell me, quote, tracy was a very good employee and will be missed by her fellow employees, management, everyone who worked with her, she was outstanding, well-liked and now a go fund me page has been set up to help off-set funeral expenses. you can fine the link on our
1:46 am
i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. thousands of dollars have been raised for a framingham mother and son attacked on vacation last month. melissa and her 14-year-old son are in recovery after they were stabbed by her other son, the attack happened while the family was on vacation. police say gus admitted to committing the act, charged with two counts of attempted murder. a go fund me account has raised more than $45,000 in just three days. dozens of t station janitors are being laid off. new contracts with two companies eliminating nearly 60 positions. starting september 1st, the t will pay $13.5 million a year for cleaning services. the contracts will save the agency more than $4 million a year. union leaders say the cuts will create sweat shop like conditions for workers who are not late off. >> massachusetts has the strongest economy than any other state in the country. it looked at things like
1:47 am
in first, oregon and colorado and california rounded out the top spots. it's due to a boom in healthcare and technology fields. new visitors. in july the occupancy rate for hotel rooms in ride was 82%. that's down nearly 4% from july of last year. because room rates are up, hotel revenues have actually increased for last year. rile just launched a new campaign in the hope of increasing tourism during the end of summ though it hasn't always gone well. remember the hotter and cooler. previous campaign used video of identifiesland, also, instead of rhode island. new england tourism spots are benefiting from florida's zika outbreak. travel experts says families worried about zika are looking to arizona and southern california to get some sun along with cooler weather spots like vermont and canada. bermuda's getting a boost too. according to the tourism authority, the country has seen several groups move meetings and convention there is from caribbean islands.
1:48 am
led to the scare of a lifetime for a 10-year-old boy. police thought he was an armed robbery suspect so when they tracked him down -- >> reporter: at 5'5", 10-year-old legend solomon is big for his age and while he hasn't been mistaken for being older he never dreamed he could be mistaken for one criminal. around 4:00 p.m. on august 11th, the soft fifth-grader was playing basketball here with his friends when suddenly police began searching the area for a robbery suspect. >> why did you think the police were chasing you? >> because the ball went in the street and almost got hit by a car. >> paticia is legend's mother. >> they chasedded him with shotguns out, around drawn, pointing to him. >> reporter: paticia's accusations is supported by two
1:49 am
officer have legend cornered. >> he's just a kid, y'all out here with your guns drawn. he had a gun in his hand. >> a short time later police arrested 20-year-old casey joseph robinson. despite what legend and neighbors say newark police say at no time did officers ever point a weapon at any child in the area. >> no one came and said, you know what, i'm sorry that happened to y. of being a scientists and now says the people he used to look up to are the ones you know fears the most. >> how do you feel when you see police now? i feel like they're going to chase me. the suspect police arrested is also facing weapons charges. a black bear is causing havoc in new hampshire digging through trash and bird feeder. elaina shot this video sunday
1:50 am
summer. the bear and three cubs were eating bird seat and took their trash right out of of the can. >> took the bag out without ripping it in her teeth and walked away with it in her teeth with her cubs following behind. >> new hampshire wildlife says berry season that's slow is actually to blame and suggest keeping all of your garbage secured and the barbecue grill cleaned. a cat in russia has adopted a baby monkey abandoned by his mom at the zoo. the soothe's director took the monkey home after his mom refused to carry him on his back. to her surprise, her 16-year-old cat led the baby clinging to her to stay warm. however the cat is now getting a bit tired of the little monkey because he started biting and pinching her. the cat just has to hold out though for another month, and then the monkey can go back to the zoo and live with the others. >> i think it's better than an
1:51 am
right? >> next at 10:00, the new recommendations from health
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here it is, boston's fox 25 picture of the day, there's the hashtag to send your instagram and it's hey there nay. check it out if you want, when you wake up in the morning, average is 56 and the 60s in boston, 50s in the burbs, it will be clear and a sunny start. i promise you, look at gaston from the latest reading from the national hurricane center came in just now... an update, full track of this, we want other -- and another storm developing coming up at 11:00. fox 25 cares.
1:55 am
thousands of students get ready for the first day of class. kevin lemanowicz as well as brandon marchand and mayor marty walsh joined me for the celebration. i hosted a back-to-school game of family feud. >> who won? >> the mayor. marchand came in second. and kerry kavanaugh played the bean bag toss with some of the children there. the children all left with supplies. >> when they do the backpacks, they don't have a lot, they have that backpack and egg they need for that day. thank you for being here at fox 25 for being part of the day. it was a lot of fun. >> did seem like a lot of fun. >> 20,000 books by the way were also given to local teachers. great turn-out and effort by the boston garden, the td garden folk down there and charlie jacobs and the list goes on and on.
1:56 am
well. a major health organization is urging parent to limit sugar in their kids' diets. >> the america's har association is issuing its first ever recommendations for added sugar. >> the american heart association says parents need to cut back on how much sugar their kids are eating. this 17-ounce sports drink is two times the sugar whole day. >> reporter: six teaspoons a day, limiting sugary drink toustie ounces per week. it includes table sugar, fructose and honey. health advocates say they look at foods like yogurt and cereals, that should be scrutinized by parents. >> one in three kids are overweight and sugary drinks causes problems like type ii diabetes.
1:57 am
diabetes. the sugary drinks are out of is the house but her daughter had access to soda, sports and energy drinks at school. >> i'm certain that my kid, at least, consumed way too many sugary beverages. >> reporter: the new guidelines suggested kids under the age of 2 shouldn't have any added sugars that way they don't develop a preference for overly sweet food. >> and the other component,
1:58 am
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>> today on "fablife"... >> hit the runway with floral-inspired fashion. >> plus, simple tips to save money... save up to 30% to 60% off in may on athletic apparel and shoes. ...and time. this is one of my favorite pieces of advice. if you actually go to the left in a theme park, you'll save yourself a ton of time. >> and chef bruce kalman. >> plus, long-lasting lip color for spring and summer. >> peel-it-off lip stain that'll last you into the evening. >> whoa! >> i did not see that coming. (cheers and applause) welcome to "fablife"! we are celebrating spring while getting ready for summer today. >> whoo! yes. >> are you guys ready? you're ready? >> i'm so ready. >> i live for the summer. >> do you? >> absolutely. >> we all do. i'm excited. >> it's like school. >> yeah! (laughter) >> well, chef bruce kalman is here, and he is cooking up some warm-weather pasta favorites. >> yay! >> very exciting. plus, celebrity makeup artist jessica hoffman will show us


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