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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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morning commute. >> daniel: handful of singers, fans, 100 officers all come together. coming up we have look at added security as big concert returns to gillette stadium. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 9:00 on friday, august 26th, i'm daniel miller. >> stephanie: i'm stephanie coueignoux. we have made it. it is friday. burlington is apparently where it is >> daniel: live in burlington for the final zip trip. hi, guys. >> elizabeth: daniel is suing
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>> gene: brothers sister getting ready for fundraiser and lemonade stand and hillside, correct? emma >> jimmy fund saving little girl. diagnosed last downwith leukemia and ten more months to go and love the jimmy fund, near and dear to our heart, want to raise
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them. >> shiri: great weekend forecast as well. highs in 80s today, showers up in southern new hampshire, in the much measurable though and overnight rain drops over the cape but right now boston really just cloud and he 78 and because of high humidity feels warmer and working way into 90s and
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goes for boston street through 4:00 this afternoon, look at turn around and 7:00 this evening, clearing out humidity will drop and all about timing today, early afternoon, boston northward, middle afternoon and southward and take you through hour-by-hour in just a couple minutes and send because being to the studio. stephanie coueignoux with live drive time traffic. >> stephanie: 9:03 and traffic starting to ease in a little bit and delays on 93 southbound, the closer you head into t actually the expressway looking really good. not seeing any delays to speak of at all on the pike. just slow spot at newton. the expressway as you could see running up to speed at this hour. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 20 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector and 23 minutes route 1 to the weston tolls. all lanes of sumner tunnel
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pickup truck spun out of control at ramp to 93 north. three men were in that truck, one was killed, two others are in the hospital but they are expected to survive and state police are still what exactly caused the crash. >> daniel: search on for whoever killed two nuns. they were found dead in mississippi and one of them has family here in massachusetts this morning. the nuns family says they were wonderful and can't understand who would do this. reaction from stoneham. >> michael: devastated by the loss of someone who so beautifully dedicated her life to others. two nuns killed in rural mississippi spent their lives helping others in a variety of ways. seen in this recent video talking about their work sister margaret held.
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>> michael: from massachusetts sister paula merrill. >> we worked together for many years and see patients. >> michael: 30 plus years ministering and serving as nurse practitioners at lexington medical clinic in homes county when the pair did not show up for work yesterday morning, police did a welfare check and found them dead. reportedly stabbed car had been taken. >> a lot of poor people. >> sister paula's nephew david merrill shared the pictures with fox25. showing his aunt and mother on trip last year to europe. he says the family was very close with sister paula. >> it is sad people come to this
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people have nothing. >> continue to follow the latest. stay with us in 30 minutes and michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: >> stephanie: officers tell fox25 they want to identify and question this man seen in these on wednesday night a woman said that she would attacked from behind by man near the rockport community rail station. she says the man knocked her down and tried to remove the clothes. she fought him off and left the area on bicycle. police say the man in the video matches the description of the suspect. >> daniel: police received a report earlier this month that daniel rogers physically and
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female students. investigators said bit the young girl and touched her inappropriately and faces seven years in prison and currently free on bail and due back in court in october. this american five-year-old boy remains hospitalized after being pulled from a swimming pool. sky fox was there as medical helicopter lifted off to take the little boy to a hospital. this after he was found underwater and not moving at house in gorham street in chelmsford yesterday afternoon. the homeowner's father tells fox25 his cpr on the boy. we are told the little boy was visiting the house at the time of the accident. last night the hospital told fox25 doctors are hopefully he will survive. >> stephanie: accused of stabbing mateo morales on wednesday. 21-year-old luis and 16-year-old codefendant caught attacking the teen and found to be on probation for drug and firearm
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says she helped wash the victim's blood from the sidewalk. >> not going to bring him back and make it easier, just something i thought was wrong to still be there. >> stephanie: class charged with assault and battery and 15-year-old facing assault and battery charges. >> daniel: expect big crowds around gillette stadium. what country fest kenny chesney and miranda lamb ber taking stage. the police taking in more than extra -- 100 extra officers to handle the crowd. chief says more people are usually taken into custody at this event for being drunk and other criminal activities than compared to football games and
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ryan lochte and other swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint but he admitted he was involved with confrontation at the gas station. lochte left brazil before being questioned by police. it is unlikely that he will return though to face the charge and cost drop company to use him in >> stephanie: police in traverse city, michigan say the co-pilot of charter plane had blood alcohol level of .30. that's nearly four times the legal driving limit and 15 times what's legal for flying. officers say they were called by the plane's captain who noticed that noticed colleague appeared to be intoxicated yesterday morning. >> speech as well as blood shot
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>> 35-year-old man from florida. he is due in court later today and plane heading to hanscom field and left michigan several hours late and eventually arrived in bedford. >> stephanie: in omaha a man wearing only his underwear climbed a fence and then jumped into a white pickup truck. he then rammed that truck into a southwest airlines plane parked at the gate. crew members suffered minor injuries. off for denver at the time. the suspect was not seriously hurt and now in custody. >> daniel: troubling new details now coming from the earthquake ravaged parts of italy. last hour mayor said powerful aftershock set off all access to the town. two main roads destroyed overnight. crews are working to create access road to the town. italy has declared tomorrow day of mourning for 267 victims of wednesday's quake.
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rescuers still searching for dozens of people missing in the rubble of destroyed buildings. however, hope is dimming that any more survivors will be bound. >> stephanie: deadly explosion at sports complex in belgium does not appear to be act of terror. one person dead and at least four people are hurt. this was breaking on fox25 news at 10:00 and 11:00 last night. the blast leveled part of gym in the town of shahma which is near the fren have been caused by gas leak. >> stephanie: taking expressway into boston 11 minutes a little under the speed of 48 miles per hour. shiri spear and a little cloudier. how is it looking now?
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highs in the 80s and might not get up to 90 in have many spots today but i say 84 to 90 and reasonable for expected high, hot and humid today but also got scattered thunderstorms on the way. i will show you where they are going to be the strongest next. >> daniel: thousands of people could have to find new way out of boston. coming up at 9:30, dispute between amtrak and mbta that could cut off service for riders this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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>> michelle: james fourth generation big help. >> very modest. all summer along we made different snacks with ted and he everybody tastes better with tedy, right?
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and my favorite one with the cinnamon bread tedy peabody and jelly.
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great organization, anthony shriver, tom brady charity and do a lot of great work and really proud to be associated. >> michelle: thank you for hanging out with us all season and snack of the week and we will send >> fix problems own but not these guys, burlington and recently graduated and mark sullivan and tim sullivan. bore me, sir. what's me. what's interesting student run it program at burlington high school. let me start with you. principal, sure you're pretty
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become. >> brainstorming what best ways to implement the program and we said why not leverage genius of all of our students because step with technology issues go to kids, rit, so started the program six years ago and really evolved into not just troubleshooting but kids run and attend conferences and technology. >> i got to ask you how many teachers and staff are you helping maybe more than students. >> talking with teachers and implement technology, what apps
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>> what's biggest problems you had to face? >> i don't know in terms of students. i think the students like at this point like five years and more so how to use the technology. >> how about people like lilly? always sitting next to me saying how do i do this, get more followers. help her out. what is the biggest tip you give to her. she is hlp >> stay on top of technology so not bypassed by it. >> the more you keep in touch with technology world the more you can learn and be able to figure out things on your own.
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>> i do. >> stephanie: rush hour, best we have seen it in hours. expressway really running up to speed almost and 93 southbound you're going to see some delays as headed into boston and expressway as see from the live look and still and 11 minutes from commute to the braintree split to the mass pike and 11 minutes also university ave to the weston tolls. >> clouds came in and temperatures stalling out in the 70s and definitely mug you but welcome to birthday corner, folks taylor right here that turned 13 on monday, madison turned ten on monday and diana
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turning whopping nine years old. very exciting stuff having a great day and pretty good forecast here i think for nice birthday. drought conditions across the board and whatever rain we can pull out and kind of scattered right now falling over southern new hampshire and even though kind of thickening up as far as the clouds go and everyone kind of suspiciously eyeing the clouds, we will going to make through the zip trip. kind though and we got the threat of storms from boston points north and that even means in burlington and southern new hampshire as well and see now and noon time at 5:00 p.m. and showers are south of boston and southeastern mass and that means for the evening commute it is plymouth southward where we are facing risk of thunderstorms
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and kind of hit and miss out there, 8:00 p.m. comes along and clearing out and going to see really amazing conditions i think for any of the friday night plans, saturday night plans with sunshine and wavering a little bit and create cooler beach conditions and we are going to pull in couple more of those sunday clouds. 78? in boston and dew .72 that's what i'm talking about. that's where the mugginess coming into play. boston i would say for lunchtime through the most likely storms and evening clear out and highs meantime make to mid-upper 80s almost every why where and exception cape and islands cooler and dryer a little bit longer. tomorrow in boston 80? and upper 80s both days in spots like nashua and foxborough, low to mid-80s in worcester this weekend, cape will be in the 70s, beverly 83 tomorrow and
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with weekend in view and knots everybody going to see them and more of these scattered showers around and normal temperatures next week and getting highs in the lower 80s and nothing unusual about that for now send all the way back to the studio. don't go too far because we have up >> stephanie: personal reason
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>> michelle: tell us about this. >> thank you as monthly newsletter and giveaway awesome picnic basket today. >> so much fun. >> must be the milk, peanut butter, so much.
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>> yes. >> here they are. going to put them down right here. going to go right for the bottom. see what we got here. this one is feeling lucky. this person needs a picnic. >> in case can't get in touch with bridget, keep an eye out for e-mail from us >> don't find bridget, pulling another one out of the hot there. >> thank you. where can people get more information. >> must be the cheers to you guys. >> cheers to you guys. >> thank you. >> seven-year-old boy spending last few days of summer raising money for ptsd and hasn't gone unnoticed.
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julie grauert has story. >> 40 jeeps, 5-ton army tanker and ton of supporters and seven-year-old grafton boy proud of what he is doing. >> going to bunch of army men. >> army men. >> what do the army men need it? >> because if want them to survive. >> very own coin from the army national guard. >> tyler hardeman biggest dream is to join the army but says it makes him sad to see disabled vets not getting help they deserve and says to make a difference everyone has to try so he did linking up with projects new hope. local nonprofit that provides services for veterans and families. >> losing 20 veterans today to suicide, a lot of divorce and a lot of veterans are isolated and don't know what they are
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>> lemonade for sale? >> yes. >> buy some? >> yes. tyler doing big things so community planned this surprise to show tyler that it means a lot from teachers and cool administrators. >> so impressed with tyler. >> young kid that really cares. >> daniel:. >> to his mom. >> good kid and what he loves to do. >> tyler. >> one thing for sure, the for his service. >> that was julie grauert reporting. now, this isn't the first time tyler has done this. last year his lemonade stand raised $1,600 for police officer who was battling cancer. let's head it back to burlington with check of the weather with shiri. >> thanks. going to take you out there to the beach forecast. not all of you see rain today but there will be storm working their way from north to south, so even right now and i want to say through early afternoon,
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alert. once we hit about 3:00 p.m. and beyond beaches south of boston need to be careful and highs in the 80s at the water today, water temperature around 68?. we will take a look at what to plan around at the coastline for the weekend coming up. >> how makers of epi pen will the weekend coming up. >> how makers of epi pen will help how patients that need the massachusetts public charter schools are among the best our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. announcer: vote yes on question 2. fios is not cable. we're wired differently,
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> hot and humid day for it and clouds have helped kind of dampen the temperatures for everyone out there, great crowd. >> great crowd and send out join meteorologist shiri spear and elizabeth hopkins and, of course, michelle lazcano who are all live for us this morning and final zip trip of the summer. good morning, guys.
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>> so talented. >> so jealous. >> elizabeth: treatments. >> balancing wellness properties and aches and pains that we got and great way to work it out. >> we do hair, make-up, massage, body treatments, waxing. >> >> elizabeth: gene wants nails done. >> i'm sure we can hook him up.
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>> 12,000 square feet in burlington and harvard square. >> elizabeth: throw over to you guys. i'm next. >> stephanie: check of traffic right now and time is 9:31. rush hour, winding down. you're going to still see some delays there on 93 southbound. the pike though looking pretty good and expressway not looking so bad at the mom the look running up to speed finally on the expressway. we are also seeing those easier drive times reflected in our live drive times. graphic right here, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 20 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector and 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to the mass ave. >> daniel: two nuns found dead in mississippi home and one of
9:32 am
the nun's family says they were wonderful and can't understand who would do this. michael henrich live outside the family's church this morning. >> michael: devastating crime and we have been reporting here in stoneham from the family church, one of the two nuns killed in mississippi. sister paula and margaret both served as not only ministering people but also nurse practitioners in rural, mississippi for more than 30 years helping out some of the poorest of the poor in that the part of the country. when sister paula and margaret didn't show up for work yesterday morning, police did a welfare check and found the pair dead reportedly stabbed to death. the consider had been taken but local police in mississippi now say they have recovered that vehicle. some of the neighbors spoke with reporters about their experience with the two nuns kindness and
9:33 am
>> hurricane katrina let us use the kitchen. >> nothing to happen in the neighborhood before and never had a brutal murder. >> continue to monitor the latest in the investigation and as soon as any new details break we will bring that to you on our fox25 news app throughout day. >> all lanes of sumner tunnel back open following a deadly crash overnight. happened after 3:00 this morning when a pickup truck spun out of control at ramp on 93 north. three men were in that truck and one killed and two others in the hospital and expected to survive. state police still investigating
9:34 am
are in a legal battle that could cost us train service to other major cities. fox25 jessica reyes is live at south station with exactly what the two agencies are fighting over jess? >> jessica: big headaches for commuters. the two have been battling in court now for months and it has gotten so bad that amtrak threatening to cut acela service to boston. >> it is important. you need that commuter service because if you don't, affect different kind of people. >> jessica: acela runs between d.c. and boston and stops at several cities in between including new york city and philadelphia. >> talking thousands of people on daily basis so who knows what that could impact.
9:35 am
shut down because of stuff and got to have alternative. >> mbta suing amtrak and didn't do attleboro line and shot back in court this week saying the mbta has refused to help pay for the maintenance. says in part amtrak depend on timely payments from mbta for services. valid authorized and invoice that is contractually in 30 days and in response the mbta says the mbta has received the defendant's motion to dismiss and based on hour review believe they are without merit. went on to say they won't actually get to the point where acela service cut and wary of the possibility. >> people need to be able to move between the two cities and move between here and west coast
9:36 am
then, you know, we are screwed. >> daniel: yesterday boston police asked the public for help identifying the woman you see here in this video and short time later and investigators said they question her about the death landez. the teen was found at construction site in noon last month and high school freshman charged with the murder and detectives won't say why they wanted to question the woman identified yesterday. >> stephanie: jasmine root admitted yesterday she failed to report a felony. her daughter eve tarmey died in
9:37 am
two other people pled guilty to give her the drug. red cross now says nearly 50 people lost their homes in very large fire in lawrence. we brought this to you as breaking news yesterday morning on fox25. the fire started in an abandoned building on summer street and then quickly spread to three multifamily home. no one that lived there was hurt and four firefighters did need treatment. investigators squatter living in abandoned building may have started the fire. >> daniel: dog recovering thank to boston police officers and woman was shot in her dorchester neighborhood and expected to be okay. the dog outside during that shooting got hit in cross fire. now expensive vet bills paid for by police and one of the officers has a special connection to the story.
9:38 am
panting and drooling. >> owner of injured bandaged puppy helps boston police load them into the cruiser before heading to the animal clinic. >> gentle, let ems and emtis sit down, keep him calm and comfortable while wash wounds. >> struck by bullet in shooting that injured 18-year-old woman on mcclellan street in do protected his owner. >> took bullet for him. >> felony was rushed into surgery and owner couldn't afford his medical bills. so three boston police officers stepped in. >> ponder. all agreed to split the cost and put down a credit card to get dog medical attention that he
9:39 am
definitely wasn't expecting it. >> officer david has a personal reason for helping felony. his mother was saved by this pitbull named lilly. four years ago lilly was seen dragging officer land tayne's train tracks in shirley she passed out during' lapse in battle with alcoholism. >> she saved my mother but lilly hit by train and needed full amputation. >> donated to cover lilly's care. today officer land tayne runs a nonprofit for dogs with lilly's
9:40 am
>> daniel: hillary clinton leading presidential race. 51% of likely voters say they will cast the ballot for the democratic trump taking stand against new hillary clinton and 1,000 supporters in attendance he talked about the accusation in new hampshire yesterday. trump blasted clinton in what he called her criminal level of corruption. >> stephanie: federal judge ordered clinton to turn over e-mails that were investigated by september 13th. it is e-mail specifically related to the attack in benghazi.
9:41 am
possible no relevant information will be found. now, this comes after a different judge called for the release of 15,000 of clinton's documents. we still have three months until the general election so definitely stay with fox25 for the very latest from the campaign trail. you can get coverage all day long on air and online at >> daniel: yesterday spoke to crowd atarax community college andal power of the middle class in hundreds of other supporters and didn't shy away talking about presidential candidate donald trump. >> we are better country than donald trump wants us to be. >> daniel: senator warren was also asked about former red sox pitcher curt schilling running against her but she just shrugged. she also said that she would be
9:42 am
>> stephanie: chance for vip visit with tom brady. raffle organized by boston based flutter. it helps charities raise money and cost $10 and winner gets to meet brady one-on-one next month and takes home a picture and autographed 11 minutes from the braintree to the mass pike, 11 minutes also 128 from university ave to the weston tolls but much better situation right there. let's head it back to burlington with shiri and check of the weather.
9:43 am
bet of storm passing through the city itself. sooner to the north and later to the south and hour-by-hour look at future cast coming at you next. >> daniel: taking page from costco. how buying in bulk could make uber as cheap as 2-dollar ride. come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy!
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>> michelle: good morning, mike. >> good morning. >> michelle: wonderful having you with us everyday. >> make visits to city and towns. >> michelle: cities and towns that you give back to, give back a lot. talk about how much you given back financially here in burlington. >> michelle: giving 2.5 million and 1972 over $48 million that's been returned to the city of burlington through the lottery. >> michelle: what about through the entire state? >> returned $1 billion to the cities and towns, $986 billion back to directly to the cities and towns. >> not everyone knows that.
9:45 am
and allows managers and city councilors and make best impact their particular community. >> you want people to play responsibly. >> absolutely. >> things in place for people that do >> make sure that there are programs in place, 800 numbers for people that get assistance when need it and work with massachusetts department of public health who's a great partner. >> what can people look forward to right now coming down the pike. >> introduced new monitor game all or nothing and available in mobile application as well as with restaurants and bars in your cities and towns and also mega millions drawing tonight
9:46 am
>> michelle: if feeling lucky now is the time. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> michelle: now over to taste of the town. >> big mac version of oyster and it is delicious. >> elizabeth: tell us where you're located. >> 26 cambridge street burlington route 3a off 128 we have been in business >> pike smooth sailing and a come of delays taking a look north at 93 southbound also still some delays headed into boston and certainly nothing like we have seen in the past and on the expressway as you could see from the live picture
9:47 am
the tobin bridge and 20 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector. >> head to burlington with shiri spear. there's a little bit of everything in your today. >> shiri: 78 in boston and 72 and because the mugginess, the humidity and for today and for tonight really starting this evening and tomorrow morning so much more comfortable and
9:48 am
disturbance and lighter showers now but northern massachusetts at noon time watch out for thunderstorms popping up along it and could even get a couple downpours, rumble of thunder, scattered, guys. not going to affect every single town and city out there, south of boston as we enter the later afternoon and really after 3:00 p.m. through about seven or 8:00 p.m. slides and clearing skies that will quickly follow and sunshine tomorrow and then for your sunday because high pressure would bels and moves offshore, the winds that move around are coming off the water. create cooler beach conditions
9:49 am
also working its way have the west. that's going to bring us some storms as we get into your monday here. so beaches north of boston tomorrow make it to the 80s, but only 70s here for the second half of the weekend. the cape both days probably getting to 70?. 7-day forecast with weekend always in view has temperatures next week pretty normal with lows in the 60s. highs in the 80s. all right, let's send to lilly for taste of the >> elizabeth: my friend, you know what you're doing. >> executive chef and this is sushi chef over here, leslie. >> executive sioux chef.
9:50 am
>> what most proud of. >> spicy mayonnaise and we call like. >> yellow >> elizabeth: seafood when inspired. >> wrapped in bacon and mango salsa and make those ourselves in house obviously.
9:51 am
england clam chowder which is one of the signature items. >> what's the best seller? >> going very well at the bar. bar open until midnight. this is oyster slider. crispy oyster slider which has a special sauce which is a lime chipotle with a little bit of shredded letus. kind of like fancy big mac oysters. >> cafe cambridge street in
9:52 am
>> elizabeth: all the dishes look delicious. there. >> stephanie: big win for a coffee chain. newest starbucks location coming
9:53 am
your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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>> michelle: we will announce winner right now. drumroll please. hear in my mind. there you go.
9:55 am
great partner and looking forward to next year and can't wait. now back to dedham. >> daniel: mylan will be helping covering the cost of epi pens and joe mansion's daughter has currently me for increasing her salary while also increasing cost of epi pens. take advantage of the savings though customers will prepurchase rides in bulk to use throughout the month and program has not been announced and testing in handful of other
9:56 am
>> stephanie: starbucks be able to set up shop at southie neighborhood after all. they got unanimous approval licensing board to move on to east broadway and decision came yesterday more than three months after the board voted to deny previous request by the same starbucks. >> head back to the final zip trip of the summer in burlington. >> gene: say thank you burlington. >> entire crew, everyone back in the studio, everyone that worked so hard couldn't do it without you guys. back to you.
9:57 am
cereal. >> sara: thank you so much. >> shiri: stay cool. >> ten great weeks -- quick weeks. >> sara: met so many people in great towns and biggest crowd
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all-new today on the viral video show "right this minute." a guy hears noises coming from a deep hole. >> does not know what's in there but reaches an arm in -- >> so the shocker at what comes out. mother earth giving birth. >> it's the heartbreaking scene of a little girl on a balcony. >> with no real shelter. >> the story of how a neighbor with a camera may change her life. some guys fought a massive tornado. >> it is coming our way. >> the moment the danger gets real. >> look at the roof of the building. >> and vegas has a new show in town. >> they are ken and barbie. >> how sin city is bringing the


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