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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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have seen scene in south bridge. fire crews are still on the scene. we have seen in the past few minutes shop owners and residents coming by to assess the damage. >> reporter: at 18 years old, austin robins had his whole life ahead of him. robins known as a.j. died in a single car crash early saturday morning. a.j. was riding passenger with two other friends in the car. >> he got a call 4:00 in the morning just with some terrible news. >> reporter: tom's son riding passenger. -- >> now we apologize it looks like we have the wrong story for threw. but we are told that at least -- for you there. >> but we are told at least 15 people have been displaced who were living in an upstairs apartment here on main street and central streets here in south bridge. the fire chief again tells me that they have not ruled out arson. at this point the local fire department as well as the
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looking into just what might be the cause. we did talk to some shop owners. some of them, one of men particular who owns main creations a salon that has been here for 30 years at least. she says she believes that she lost everything in this fire. she has yet to go back into the shop but again she says she lost everything. so a lot of people here very upset. still waiting to go back inside. there's some residents however who will not have a home to go back to. live in south bridge, christine mccarthy, fox 25 learn more about that first fire another fire started just around the corner. officials say this fire displaced 10 families temporarily when it broke out at a triple decker home on benefit street. firefighters tell fox 25 it's still too soon to say whether the two are ecasked. no one was hurt here. it was an emotional night in lunenburg where the community is mourning the loss of a recent high school graduate. the 18-year-old died this weekend in an alleged drunk driving crash.
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the vigil and friends and family say this young man was larger than life. >> they were three best friends that did everything together. tonight hundreds of people came out here to lunenburg high school. they gathered on the field to honor their friend, their teammate, and a person they admired the most. at 18 years old, austin robins had his whole life ahead of him. robins, known as a.j., died in a single car crash early saturday morning. with two other friends in the car. >> we got a call 4:00 in the morning just with some terrible news. >> reporter: tom's son 19-year-old sean was also riding passenger. investigators say their other best friend joseph cap lost control of the car and crashed into several trees. it happened on hollis road in lunenburg. >> so they've all known each other since third or fourth grade. it's just a tragedy.
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coming back from a house party in fitchburg. >> all three of them were best friends. >> reporter: a.j. played defensive end and defensive tackle for lunenburg high. a candlelight vigil was held in honor of the team. seamus gorman played football with a.j. >> he's a great kid. >> he a smile that lit up a room and he had a personality that was larger than life. >> reporter: cap was arrested and charged with motor vehicle homicide under the influence of >> young kids being kids and i'm going to miss a.j. i have known him since third grade, you know. just an all around great kid. >> they were either at the courts or playing football or doing something. tonight some friends told us it was so important for them to be here. one friend tells us he has been pacing all day today and he just can't believe that a.j. is gone.
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first thing in the morning. for now we're in lunenburg tonight's, malini basu, fox 25 news. so the duck boat. >> how do you not know this! >> a fair question from a boston driver after a duck boat had its roof torn off by the bridge. the notoriously low bridge ripped off part of the boat and damaged part of the ladder. no one was injured. we heard was a first year driver who was diverted off beacon street because of a closure. the company said duck boats do not typically travel on storo drive while the drive's actions although not intentional will be under review. only on fox 25 a local father and son said they were left stranded after a large mbta ferry wake and ferry capsized their bowl the. tonight boston harbor
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ferry is making arrangements to help them out. the father and son sent us these photos of their boat upside down in the water. they docked at grape island when they went to cap overnight. the park ranger alerted them what happened claiming the lightning ferry jetted away from the dock. we spoke with the dad over the phone tonight. >> his propeller of jet basically swamped my boat and sunk it. >> we try to be as safe as possible out there and we obey all the rules we don't by a ferry blasting away from the dock like he did. >> since that interview, we spoke with the father there over the phone and he confirmed that he has been in touch with boston harbor cruises. he says he is very relieved three hope him out because a tow of this nature would have cost around $1300. baby and young girl are in the hospital with serious injuries after this crash on the mass pike in natick.
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rolled over into the gully on the side of the road. five people were in the s.u.v., two adults and three kids. medical helicopters flew an 11-year-old girl and six month-old girl to tufts medical center in boston. the other three weren't hurt. transit police are investigating after a cyclist was hit and killed by a commuter rail train in somerville. it happened this afternoon on park street and witnesses say the the tracks after the crossing arms were down. the victim was a man between 25 and 30. he died at the scene. transit police are investigating and say crossing arms were functioning properly. the union representing boston police officer also head to court this week in an effort to halt department's new body camera program. as we first reported friday the boston police patrolman's association filed a request for an injunction. the lawsuit claims the
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officers when it implement adamanter to pilot program. that mandate established after no officers volunteered to wear the cameras. as of now, 100 officers will begin wearing body cameras starting to september 1st. this man will face a judge in the morning accused of breaking into a home in portsmouth, new hampshire, and stealing a gun. police say they found barkham brown staying in a hotel nearby shortly after the theft on friday. they had to call a negotiator in to get him out. fleece the bronx an as well. we now know the identities of the divorced couple killed in a murder-suicide in ashby. the middlesex d.a.'s office says john griffin stabbed rebecca griffin to death with a knife outside his home friday afternoon. he then used the same knife on himself. we're told the couple divorced in 1990 but rebecca would often help john with his errands. neighbors tell us the couple is survived by a sovereign. and a fitchburg -- by a
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are looking for this man wanted in connection with an armed robbery at the s.u.v.s at park hill plaza. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. we're told the suspect about 5'5" with a tattoo on his neck he may be driving a car that's missing the front hubcap. if you recognize him you are asked to call fitchburg police. new at 11:00, rescuers pulled a man out of the water in sandwich and airlifted him to the hospital in critical condition. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. found 34-year-old semiconscious. witnesses saying he was face down in the water and not moving for about four minutes. bystanders pulled him out and started performing c.p.r. he was then airlifted to a rhode island hospital. a death investigation is underway in manchester, new hampshire, after a body was found in a park. around 6:00 this morning, officers responded to proud park on young street after reports of a shooting. the body of a white male was found.
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name until his family can be notified. residents say the park hasn't been a safe place recently and they've noticed a decrease in police patrols in the area. >> the fact that our neighborhood is coming to this. we used to have foot patrols and motorcyclists from the police department. when the police were around we knew the police were around. >> police say there were complications removing the body but didn't provide any details. th office has taken over that investigation. new at 11:00, some breaking news we are following we're learning a fitchburg police cruiser was involved in a crash this evening. the officer was taken to the hospital but no word yet on any injuries. this obviously not the video from that scene. crews are investigating. we are working this breaking news story we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. more than a dozen football players in framingham are nursing burns to their hands. they got them during a
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explains why the injuries prompted school officials to put the coaches on leave. >> reporter: framingham high's football season on hold after a bizarre rash of injuries at practice last week. several players reportedly suffered blisters after doing a drill. >> sadly not surprised. but really feel bad for the parents and the athletes. >> reporter: was heat from the field to blame? we first caught up with tracy stewart in 2015 when she ha synthetic fields in medway. >> i know there's now products coming out to put in your cleats to shield the heat from your bottom of your feet. if that's something we have to do as a protective piece of equipment for our children then something's wrong. >> it's really a safety precaution. >> reporter: in fact after studying the issue medway's board of health voted last year to require warning signs at its synthetic fields. one of the board members at the time, jordan warner a retired professor of pharmacology. >> it clearly shows that
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not be played on or practiced on when that temperature is exceeded. >> reporter: the signs in medway read these fields are holter than natural grass that is to say the least. so this is a heat gun. we're standing in the shade right now it's 80 degrees out temperature reading on here is about 10 degrees warmer than that. just one problem be, shade is hard to come by on fields like these and the temperature out here in the sun approaching >> reporter: possible heat issue aside the synthetic field is in sorry shape. the source telling fox 25 it's about 15 years old and the school has been trying for three years to get the funds for a replacement. sunday morning framingham football players gathered at the field to rally behind their coaches who have reportedly been placed on as plaintiff leave. jim morelli, fox 25 news. we also received a statement from acting framingham superintendent.
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placing the coaches on administrative leave is part of the investigation process and should not be deemed a punitive measure. the school went on to say they consider both the safety of their students and the rights of their employees when investigating incidents like this. we've got hot and humid conditions to start the week but i'm tracking our next chance for showers. plus, i'll show you how hurricane gaston may impact your beach day. pepper sprayed by police an 84-year-old gets taken to the ground. how her son's actions led to and a political stunt or blatant disrespect? emotional reaction tonight after a football player sits
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fer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. we want to show you the video from the breaking news the photos there. we're learning a fitchburg police cruiser was involved in a crash this evening. the officer went to the hospital. no word yet on his injuries. we're working to find out his condition. crews are still at the scene investigating and will continue to get updates on this s a long time pilot and flight instructor dies after his plane crashed during an air show in oregon. marcus payne was trying to fly a very low altitude loop when the aircraft went down yesterday afternoon. the 61-year-old was from anchorage, alaska, and was a pilot for over 20 years. the f.a.a. is investigating the crash. an nfl quarterback is under fire for making a political statement by sitting on the bench during
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anthem. >> paolo sandoval explains that the controversy is causing some fans to set jerseys on fire. >> reporter: colin kaepernick is behind a controversial moment in a football season that hasn't even kicked off yet. the 28-year-old chose not to participate in the national anthem at the start of a pre-season game friday. this photo captures players and staff standing as jersey number 7 sat silently on the sideline. kaepernick says he was protesting systematic not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me, this is bigger than football it and would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies in the streets and people getting paid lead and getting away with murder. kaepernick's silent demonstration is setting off a firearm of criticism. >> my salute to you.
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burning all things kaepernick. >> you should never play another down in the nfl again. >> reporter: kaepernick does have support though. political commentator hill defended the pregame protest during a conversation with cnn's jim shuto. >> if we're making a ethical moral i would say it's justified. i go to a game all the time. i'm a routine attender of basketball games i never stand for the flag bearing. >> you >> no. >> no. >> why not? >> it's an act of political resistance. it's an act of political critique. >> reporter: bun fan called kaepernick his next pick for president. the 49ers organization says they respect their player's decision. we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate or not in our celebration of the national anthem. the team is now preparing for the next pre-season
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officer is being called a hero for saving a man from being run over by a train. check out the surveillance video. officials say the man was lying on the tracks just as a train was just as the train was they kept ortiz eventually managed to remove him from the tracks just seconds or the train would have hit him. >> >> police in oklahoma it happened as they were arresting her son last week. police told her to turn around about 40 seconds later she went down. >> videos can't give you the cool but at the same time
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have. >> the woman says she was taken to jail after the incident where she says she had a panic attack. she says she now plans to take legal action against the police. top 10 weekend across boston. we had beautiful conditions low hum yesterday. look at these temperatures well into the 80s for most areas. we did have that onshore breeze. but i meant that humidity came a little sticky today it will hinge with us tomorrow ahead of a cold front that will bring us slightly dryer conditions for tuesday but then we bump it back up on wednesday. before much cooler and drier weather arrives i'm talking late week part of the forecast feeling like fall. very much feels like summer in boston. 71 that dew point in the mid-60s that wind out of
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that's just ahead of that front that will be coming on through. bringing some clouds overnight so temperatures it won't be too cool. we'll fall back only into the 60s we may even see a passing shower or sprinkle. so for those folks who are headed back to cool -- school sure enough all because of this cold front. it doesn't have a lot of moisture working with it. so that's why i do expect to see many areas actually stay dry through the hours. through the early morning though north and west of the city as well we probably have our best shot of seeing that passing shower as this front slips to the south in the boston area around 8:00 to about 10:00 in the morning. a lot of clouds around. still staying fret dry -- staying pretty dry. you could see an isolated shower or even a rumble of thunder. but to the north and west by the afternoon that northwesterly breeze coming on in bringing in drier conditions and breaking apart that cloud cover.
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although can't rule out that passing shower or sprinkle in the morning. temperatures climb well into the 80s once again perhaps even near 90 across our southeastern areas ahead of that front. and for the beaches on cape cod you are looking at temperatures in the 80s. i have to point out if you are headed to beach we do have a moderate risk of some rip currents and the waves are running about two to five feet. that's because we're watching the tropics. hurricane gaston is a major hurricane first of the season. it is you turn churning out there crea we'll get impacts with waves and possible rip currents but as for any threat to land with heavy rain and winds not so much. it's going to quickly turn to the north and east and then as we head through the week it will begin to weaken. but we've got more systems out there as of today two new tropical depressions have formed. t.d. number eight just east of the carolinas. and tropical depression number nine that will be heading into the gulf of mexico. we'll have to watch these
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shiri spear will have the latest track on those tomorrow morning. brief chance of shower early tomorrow then again on wednesday. look at those temperatures late weekend into next weekend feeling very much like fall. mill days and cool nights. over to you. after a quick break why one toddler's version of her
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a, b, c ? ? . >> we were indeed. 2-year-old rendition of the alphabet song already holds more than three million views on on-line after her mom posted it just on future star in the making. that is awesome. >> she's got a punch. >> she's got power. i think we'll see more videos of her later on. can you believe we're saying good-bye to august. >> it will still feel like summer tomorrow approaching year 90 in some spots. chance but then look at the seven day forecast. at the end of the week it's looking pretty fantastic. it will feel cool at night.
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got the blue memo here. we are looking good. thanks for joining us. don't go anywhere because we have butch up next with the fox 25 "sportswrap". >> that's right, kerry, sunday night on the boston sports scene always busy and it is tonight. we've got you covered as always. on sunday night sports wrap chris price joins me to talk all things patriots. the debut of our new podcast tv 25. tom leyden and i digging tell you all about our new venture and celebrate the old time baseball game. sunday night "sportswrap" coming your way right now so stick around.
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not a big night on the boston sports scene. hi everybody i'm butch stearns we have you covered once again on sunday night "sportswrap". we're glad to have you here thanks for staying up late with us. we begin with your patriots. i don't know you about but as much fun as that was to watch tom brady on really did was remind us all that he's not going to be around to start the season. we thought we were going to have to wait until he retires to experience life without brady well, we get a taste of it sour taste starting a week from tomorrow. while brady's forced series on thursday night after he was chomping at the bit to get in reminds us how special he really is and how he can immediately raise the game to a certain level. you wonder if all it really did was remind jimmy


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