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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 29, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." for teenager crashes a car managers to crawl out and then -- >> take a selfie. >> why a bad wreck is no reason not to smile. >> wow. the bride and groom and the bride and groom. >> two marrying each other. >> the wedding that could lead to some innocent mix-ups. >> i just say that technically -- >> georgia the dog wants to play chase with a deer. >> the deer's like oh, i'll take you. >> why the game's not so fun now, is it? plus a fedup father goes demolition on his kid's car. and the dad olympics diaper change race. >> and go. >> now see how the men of "rtm" today when we're handed the
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>> i have no idea what i'm doing. >> not even a clue. here we go. >> the dash cam russia where things are exactly as you'd expect. crazy. >> they're on a straight road. no car gets in the way. nothing explodes. but still, get the wiggle on. now he gets the roll on. >> oh, gosh. >> screech, crunch. >> the reason this video is getting a lot of attention is becausth this video no sooner have they crashed you can tell he's a millennial. selfie. >> that's right. we crashed our car. >> wow. >> he was already recording the video just kept rolling. why you guys have such an issue with it. >> snog snapchater. >> it's a different generation. >> so if you're going to talk some smack you all better be able to take some heat. >> i think what the issue here
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accident. look, not like oh, my gosh mom i'm okay. >> because they are okay! he realizes okay i can walk. i'm still breathing. i'm still conscious. >> now apparently they're on their way to the store, just flipped back onto its wheels and kept going. >> no way. >> yeah i'm serious. >> crazy i feel like it's time to just step away. we're going to get in the crate and just chill out >> that's pretty. it's beautiful starts walking towards this cool thing about it this beautiful sort of water cave oh, and wait what's that. >> is that a car? >> noway! >> it is. this car got itself completely stuck. there is one problem, however. how exactly do you open the door? so this guy is now trapd 30 feet down -- >> there's somebody in there? >> i would say there was a guy in there. because -- and then jumps the remaining 35 feet into the water.
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huge crane out and eventually lift the car out of the hole. what is going on in that part of the world? ?? >> you will do a double-take but you are not seeing double. >> yes. this is the wedding of two sets of identical twins other! >> wow! >> i always wondered about that. i always thought it's a mobibility but does it really possible. >> but you know what each other's husband's look like naked. >> not necessarily. >> really? >> i'm just saying technically all -- are not the same. >> they say that they met through social media obviously they have so many things in common, and that's how they ended up connecting. before they knew it they'd
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everybody been a switcheroo. >> how do you pick which one you like, right? do you like the sister but they're the same person-ish. >> they look the same but their personalities could be very different. >> right. >> aside from the unique aspect of two brothers and sisters, you know, finding the other brother and sister then you have to agree that you want everything the same in the wedding too. >> oh, yeah, right. >> yeah. >> four people have to agree. yes, blue suits. yes, those red and white flowers. all the other things. that's -- can you imagine that? >> no! ?? >> for the most part i like to think that dads of the family are pretty level-headed. except for maybe this particular dad. see -- >> oh! >> oh! oh. oh! >> this is just getting started. >> what one thing do you think
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to his young daughter's car? >> she was out too late? >> she got caught doing something -- >> well according to the older brother, he posted it on facebook, he claims that dad was not happy because the younger sister was caught with a boy. a boy that apparently dad said was not supposed to be around was not supposed to be in the car according to the older brother he says that this used to be his car before it was passed down to his younger sister. dadus >> just in the car? that's a little overreaction. >> well we don't know the particulars about this relationship. we don't know if maybe dad said you can have the car. >> no boys in the car. who knows what the family arrangement was. >> you can't tell your daughter you have the car but no boys in the car. obviously she's going to have boys in the car. >> you can tell your daughter that. >> huh-uh.
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>> prepare games being friends and all that they're like i bought it it's mine i personally wouldn't have done this to the car. i may have taken her keys. but -- >> definitely driving a message home. >> oh, right. >> you guys know how i feel about raccoons. >> mm-hmm. >> so i want you to know this is how i would act if i was this cat. >> raccoon is eating the cat food that out for her hat. >> cat's not happy. >> ooh! >> that was a quick one. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> that's how you talk to a raccoon. you just say get out of here but the raccoon is a raccoon is like i'm not done yet. >> this is where they -- >> oh, he learned look how well he learned. >> wow i've never seen a raccoon scared off.
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georgia, on family property, five minutes, just looking at the deer. the deer's looking at georgia. nothing exciting going on. but then georgia, being a dog, is like, let's play chase. the deer is like oh, i'll take you. you don't want me to chase. >> oh, oh, no. ow. >> but, at the very end georgia is like oh, i'll chase you back. >> and then i'll hide under the paper right here. >> just ahead, in more of today's new videos. he wants to help change the tune for ukrainian orphans with the -- >> in the world. >> see how he hopes to use the music to make's difference and how you request help, too. plus why jessica's twist on a classic sandwich will have you ready to dig in. o dig in.
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[ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief closed captioning provided by -- eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. two weeks vacation you're thinking what should i do? go to the caribbean? no, he decided he wanted to go volunteer in >> -- fun way -- but i couldn't bring guitars or pianos. it's such a small instrument so accessible and easy to learn. >> the happiest instrument in the world. so he set about raising some money, having some fund raisers and while he was doing it he met this guy mark griffith -- >> so much that he hopped on board. he gathered music industry sponsors and had a big fund-raiser. >> had a great time because
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themselves 115 ukuleles. so he decided to head to ukraine but realized he could have prepared a little bit more. >> i don't know ukrainian. i don't know if that's going to be -- i probably should have learned hello. and thank you. >> i don't think it matters. speaking the universal language of loving music. >> and who doesn't get joy when you see the ukulele. you're like hey, it's time -- >> you pull out a ukulele t 12-year-old bursts into the room and they're super excited about ukuleles. >> you could see the looks on these kids' faces they're so grateful. >> they are learning a discipline they're going to be able to bring with them their entire life. >> none of them had connection. no mothers, fathers, uncles or aunts. i can't imagine my life without the love and support that come with having a family. >> which is why these guys i think were such a ray of sunshine. if anybody at home wants to get involved and help you could, for
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one of the most important things you could do if you really want to adopt none of these children have families they're all orphans so if you want to add them to your family you can help as well. they're only looking for about $575 because believe it or not their latest shipment of ukuleles is being held up at customs and they want a $500 bribe to release them. >> oh, come on that's awful. >> so if you want to donate right there we'll make sure the link and the entire video is up on our website click on tv show or use our mobile app. ukraine right now. let's see what we can do to help them raise the money. ?? even though this first video might seem like a fail to you i still think it's a win. >> wow. >> oh, that's a win to me. >> a thing like he's a pro. just didn't quite stick the landing there. >> maybe that's why this video
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attention because this guy is very good at this his name is alex so this is just one of those attempts that didn't quite go as planned but still the guy is amazing. not a fail just called practice. >> one we had on the show recently austin just posted this video on his instagram. >> wow. >> if it had wheels he'd have been able to ride that out. >> these people are incredible it's nothing. >> why does bread get all the love? you ever wonder that? you make a sandwich. bread. no, you don't need sliced bread. >> i bought pretzels. >> pretzels are making me -- >> oh, hush. >> it's our own budget version of martha stewart jessica ward. >> thank you. grilled cheese pretzels. cheese and bacon, and a pretzel. did i mention a pretzel?
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pretzels that come in the box. slice those puppies right in half, get yourself some cheese and in this case some bacon. >> i'm in. >> right, yeah? basically you're making yourself a pretzel grilled cheese sandwich. get the butter in the pan. >> the cheese is going to get melty. the bacon is going to be crispy. the pretzel bread is going to be chilly. it's perfection. >> the cheese holds it all together. >> i like to spend my time waiting for this to melt. [ inaudible ] ?? >> oh, and i think we're ready to flip it. >> flip that over grill it on the other side and you have got yourself a grilled cheese pretzel bread sandwich jessica joins us right this minute. >> whoo whoo. >> what do you put in your pretzel sandwiches? >> oh, that looks so good.
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munster -- >> oh, you even added the extra salt on top. it's not a pretzel unless it has the pretzel salt. >> the pretzel sits there and you think you can only have it in snack turning it into a sandwich is genius. >> the way you layered the bacon prevented the cheese from falling through the holes. >> good point, gayle. >> mm-hmm. >> so we'll say let the pretzel thaw out because it can be really be hard to cut them evenly across if they're not thawed out first. >> take the bacon off and eat it by itself. who doesn't like pretzels. >> or bacon or cheese. >> mm-hmm. >> all right if you guys want to make it at home go to click on tv show or go to our mobile app. ?? >> a sky dive video to experience. >> this is incredible. >> it's one of those things you've really got to try. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, bowling meets pool for some fun. >> it's mind blowing.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> oh, no! >> plus her hubby set up a special anniversary surprise. >> what is this? >> she doesn't know what to do with herself. >> see the smooth way he pulled off the perfect date. >> oh, my gosh this is so sweet is so sweet and romantic. [ tires screech ] ? flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo!
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming.
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promotional considerations provided by -- let this hero . new act batman rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40% for better checkups. how fast are allegra? gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. trick shots are awesome. but they're never as good as when the professionals step in. >> oh. >> we've got cool trick shots by our buddies, we've seen them
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were a thing. jason teamed up with them and we've got pool bowling trick shots and it's mind blowing. watch what florian can do. midair. boom there goes a cue hits it right out of midair called the sting. >> no. >> way downtown he knocks down that bowling pin. >> how about the what i like to call the shuffle board here comes jason's turn. >> oh, come on now that's just ridiculous. >> is it though? let's see you do >> the best one is the leg splitter. oh, it's -- >> that one. >> all right. you know that wild split that you freakly get when your bowling. what if you got that split across three lanes? no problem for jason. >> oh, my gosh! >> there's that good. now let's bring these two disciplines together. watch what florian does.
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of midair. end with a bang here. >> the wall. ?? >> guy's got game. >> professionals put this video together to basically draw attention to their individual sports. >> get out there. go bowling. cool. ?? >> you've been married quite some time now. >> nine years. >> so you know about the seven year itch. >> oh, no never heard of that. >> lauren and mark don't know about that it looks like the romance has never died for the two of them. they're celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary and he's taking her out on a date. >> our uber is across the street. >> uber -- i don't -- i don't see an uber. >> what is this? >> oh. ooh. oh! >> i didn't know that was an option. that must be the xl. >> definitely not on your app nick you see there in the distance. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> oh. >> and lauren is sold, too. she looks back at the camera with that big grin because she cease a horse and carriage coming up the street. >> that is not uber. >> got a little red dress on. >> oh! >> and she is just smitten. she already has her prince charming in fact she says he's very romantic he does things like this pretty often. >> are you surprised? >> i'm blown away. >> she doesn't know what to do with herself. >> they're definitely going to do that. they're riding down this beautiful street. >> is something going to go wrong? >> just when you're thinking oh, how nice -- >> wait. >> no nick fairy tales do exist. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> and then all sorts of husbands sitting at home next to their wives of many years and the wife is like, uh-huh. see what he does. uh-huh. >> we'll never look at this the
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>> this guy wants to set a new dad record for -- >> faster diaper change. ready, set, go. >> and done. >> but see if the "rtm" guys
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do this. you just need to commit the time, plan it and go for it. >> boston terrier feeling crabby. ?? >> well the olympics are over but the how-to dads are still competing for dad of the year. >> this is -- >> it's the dad olympics. oli. >> does that mean i'm the winner? >> yes you're the only dad. >> fastest nappy change. three, two, one, go! and done.
10:27 am
seconds. >> nice. >> like a formula one pit stop there. well done. khal edge is now see other dads in the 2k5d olympics. >> if you're wondering why we're standing up, that's because -- >> uh-oh. >> dad "a" and to-be are about to take the challenge. >> clearly an unfair advantage here. >> it's been like seven years. >> oh, my god. >> show us what their toddlers -- >> everyone our baby would look like. >> oh. >> we both got our timers. you guys have teddy bears and diapers. >> i want to win this so bad. i don't know why. >> ready, set, go! >> i have no idea what i'm doing. >> come on, oli. >> here we go. this is a big baby. >> nick -- >> come on, buddy. >> come on, baby. >> oh. >> oh! >> come on. >> it's all gone wrong!
10:28 am
>> what! oh! >> just under 22 seconds. >> who's your daddy? who's your daddy! >> that i did in like 11 seconds. >> he's well practiced. it's been a long time for me. >> i could take ten seconds off my time. >> all right family photo. ?? >> that's the end of our show for more great content go to we'll see you next tim fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan, how can i help you today? yeah, i got a big problem with my new tv.
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it's an all-new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." we're starting the week with a sky diver in a twist. >> no problems, unless -- >> oh, come on! >> no! >> how a backup chute leads to a midair emergency. a woman in labor gets a visit from a nurse. >> and then giving her groove on. >> how a dad to be tries to lighten mom's mood. >> i think right about now she's questioning everything. >> a car is vandalized by a pack of stray dogs. >> out of control. >> a scene you'd never believe without the video to prove it. and -- ?? a prankster surprises people with mariachi. >> that puts me in my happy place. >> why there's no telling where


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