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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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children's hospital. no word yet on that teen's condition. we are working to get more details. >> also tonight, two uber drivers under arrest in just two days. this man is accused of assaulting a disabled woman, he was picking up. his arrest comes a day after this driver faced charges accused of exposing himself to teenage girls. hello every someone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. there are a lot of questions tonight about whether uber does enough to keep passengers safe. fox 25 with team coverage. katherine burcham getting answers from the ridesharing company, but we begin tonight with malini basu and new information on an uber driver who was just charged in the past few hours. malini? >> the reporter: vanessa, that's right, that uber driver faced a charge at maldin district court. that driver is accused of pushing a disabled woman, stealing money from her, her purse and just a short time ago, about an hour an 15 minutes ago, that driver was being hauled back to jail, i'm going to show you video, he was just here, just moments ago. so here's what we can tell you. here's what we've learned.
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himself is being charged with assaulting this disabled woman. that woman tells police, she felt comfortable with him, because she has used him in the past. now the suspect here is wilson brea, he just faced a judge. that woman skuicih picked up from pleasant street in maldin. he asked if he could use her about the room. he walked out and robbed the woman. prosecutors tell us what happened next. >> the defendant stated sorry, i'm going to have to take this, she then indicated that he grabbed her handbag and a bag of medicine she had sitting on the bed, as he started to leave, she tried to stop him and pushed her. >> the reporter: and tonight, it's important to mention that brea does work for uber, but last night, he was not working for uber, he was working for another company. tonight he is being held on a $500 cash bail and in court today, brea's family was in court and one of the women in court obviously just had some sort of an issue with us. we'll show you the video at
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>> vanessa: there are questions tonight about uber's screening process, after two drivers were arrested in everett in the past month, with prior charges on their record. fox 25's katherine burcham arrived there tonight to continue our team coverage and katherine, everett's mayor wants lawmakers to act right now. >> the reporter: vanessa, there's actually already a law that would put tougher regulations on ridesharing companies, but that law won't go into effect until november of 2017. and city officials here say they want session to speed up that law, because when it comes to riders' safety, they say that is simply too long. it's a disgrace. >> the reporter: it happened right on senator de monaco's how many turf. both men arrested in everett, had prior records that somehow uber missed. >> if there's a driver that doesn't have a good record and
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shouldn't be allowed in a car with the public. >> the reporter: days before the arrest, governor baker signed a new law that will require stiffer regulations for ridesharing companies, including criminal record checks throughout the year, but that won't go in to effect for more than a year, even as uber drivers continue to take fares. >> this is an issue, they should know about it. you know, it's their -- it's on them. they should do the due diligence, when they have drivers coming on line, making sure that these drivers are safe. >> the reporter: in a statement, an uber spokeswoman told fox 25, we aren't commenting responsibility it is. we're going to implement the law as it was created. senator deedee man cosays the law doesn't go far enough and he wants to strengthen it as soon as possible. >> at some point, a $50 billion company has to be responsible and take responsibilities for their actions. -- take responsibility for their actions. >> the reporter: we also reached out to governor baker's office to ask if the governor would consider revisiting the existing legislation in light of all of these issues. a spokesman did not respond to our questions directly, but did
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was proud to sign the legislation into law, which he called some of the toughest in the nation. live in everett, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., a framingham man dishes out a brutal beating on police officers who were trying to i a rest him. it's all caught on camera as you can see in a video sent to fox 25. surprisingly, the suspect is a freeman. christine mccarthy talked to fox 25 about the attack and says these officers are lucky to be the chief tells me that this man was angry, very emotional and very, very strong, possibly even a trained fighter. the chief also tells me that he's so grateful that this man didn't have a weapon. a brutal fight caught on video, between a suspect in a domestic violence call and two framingham police officers who tried to subdue and arrest him. >> put your hands behind your back. >> the reporter: the suspect
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return blows, ordering him to some. i think it's clear on the video, that they were fighting for their lives. >> the reporter: the officers had responded to the universal street apartment for a report that the men had been beating his girlfriend, 29-year-old marcus beano, seen here, bruised in his mug shot, was finally arrested after an assisting officer with a taser arrived. chief kenneth ferguson is commending his officers. >> they're there to prevent somebody from being assaulted and they put themselves in else. >> the reporter: a police report obtained by fox 25 states that a finally handcuffed beano mocked the officers, as officer al and officer seedo were walking by the cruiser to the ambulance, beano laughed at the officers, calling them expletives, even say you expletive need to learn juijujitsu.
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they'll be back to work. >> the reporter: beano was arraigned yesterday in framingham district court on a slew of charges, including two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and domestic violence, among other charges. now, right now, he is a freeman, and that's because he posted $9,500 bail so he's free at least until his next court appearance, which is on september 13th. we did try to reach out to him, or possibly an attorney representing him, but could not make contact today. live in framingham, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. princeton is still on edge, three weeks after vanessa marcotte was murdered. state police tell fox 25, they have received nearly 1,000 tips, but there was still no suspect and no arrest if her death. marcotte was killed while out for a jog during a visit to her mother's house. detectives are still working around the clock to solve the case. it's been a year now since the murder of a 62-year-old woman in new hampshire. and tonight, the case is still unsolved. denise robert was shot and killed during her sunday night
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at the time witnesses reported seeing a truck speeding away from the area, but police have yet to make an arrest. robert was a longtime and well-known "unionleader" employee. there was ra vigil scheduled in her honor. a 40,000 dollar reward being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> mark: a new hampshire father dies while trying to rescue his relatives. new hampshire state police, four kids under 15 were swimming and you the waterfall when they began to struggle. they were pulled to safety from six foot deep water. within t l the victim is a 39-year-old man by the name of thai chin of concord. his body was found six miles down the smith river. we are going to hear from the person who witnessed this father's heroic actions ahead at 6:30 p.m. >> vanessa: now a developing story, maine governor paula paige hinting he may be ready to resign. his comments come one day after he partially blamed his city's drug problems on city in massachusetts. blair miller following the latest developments for us and
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his time in office. >> the reporter: republican governor paula paige has been raising eyebrows foreyears with miss comments, but it's voice mail released last week that has maine democrats calling him unfit to lead. the portland press herald reports la paige says he is looking at all options when it comes to his future. last week, la paige left a threatening expletive filled voice mail for a state representative. that representative had called la paige a racist for comments he made about minorities being responsible for the majority of blamed his state's drug problems on people from lawrence and lowell. governor la paige tweeting out, regarding rumors of resignation, to paraphrase mark twain, reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated. hashtag, maine politic. democrats are planning a rally outside the state house and the governor's residence tonight, calling for him to step down. live in the control room, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: take a good look. this will probably be the last time we see tom brady speaking
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practice until october. pats star quarterback getting ready to serve his deplate gate suspension and brady didn't have much to say about his plans for his time away from the team. fox 25 sports director tom leyden and tom, it's the patriots way to keep quiet. >> mum is the word. that seems to be the game plan and the little we heard from brady is likely the last we'll hear from him until october. 19 months in the making, the most ridiculously overblown suspension in the history of the nfl is about to begin. so what are the plans as he's forced to watch his teammates? well, he's newt going in to too much detail. >> you know we'll do what we always do, work, use all these days in the best way that's possible to, you know, stay prepared and stay sharp, and you know, i have ideas of what i need to do. i'm going to use these days the best way i possibly can. >> the reporter: could you imagine being as competitive as brady is, this is a guy who competes with his teammates, throwing because at a bucket after practice. -- balls at a bucket after
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from your house, after spending all summer working out with these guys. >> tough to watch, it will be fun to watch in some ways, to, now, see what it looks like when you're not there, because it's a different perspective. hopefully i can use that perspective and then come back with better perspective and say, wow, i really noticed some things i wouldn't have seen had i been there. that part i think will be very challenging watching those games if september, but i'll find ways to preoccupy my mind. >> the reporter: all signs have been pointing to this weekend, the brief, yet era set to begin. we will see how it all replays out. one more preseason game thursday night against the giants, before the focus shifts to the opener against arizona. we will have more i a head in sports. tom leyden fox 25 news. >> mark: you might have noticed something different about tom brady's hair. so did everyone on the internet. as soon as the pats qb walked out, the web went crazy. most people comparing him to popular 1990's movies and sitcoms. take a look. how do you like them apples? didn't take long for people to
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character, will hurting. or does he look a little more like eric matthews from boy meets world? we also saw this one, comparing him to 1990's heart throb, jonathan taylor thomas, who you probably know as randy taylor, from home improvement. >> vanessa: i just noticed he looks a lot younger. >> mark: i felt the same way, but his hair also reminded me of mike meyers. >> vanessa: he no matter what he does to his hair. >> mark: as long as he plays football. >> the reporter: sure, looks great. showers and thunderstorms along a front to our northwest, pushing -- how do i answer that? without messing up things. so that front coming at us could bring us showers tomorrow and checking the tropics too next. >> vanessa: a teenager raped by a classmate at an elite new hampshire prep school, telling her side of the story for the very first time. >> i just can't imagine how scary it is for other people to
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help other women who may be too scared to come forward. >> we gave you an exclusive look when they placed these shark buoys over the summer. now we're getting the results. >> mark: first, we check out a pop-up plaza, that went on today in one of boston's busiest areas. you're watching fox 25 news at
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worker to the hospital. this is the view of the scene sky fox captured just before noon. you can see crews trying to upright that 30,000-pound excavator. it flipped over when crews were taking it off the trailer. the driver was hurt and taken to the hospital. he is expected to be ok. >> mark: another construction worker was seriously injured in cambridge this morning. the worker had to be rescued after falling 12 feet into the basements of a new building on mass avenue. the worker was rushed to the hospital. we are told he has significant but not life-threatening injuries. >> vanessa: a 59-year-old woman is recovering tonight after suffering a seizure in a roslindale pool. it happened this morning at the flaherty pool. lifeguards were able to rescue her. she is now breathing on her own and doing ok. >> boston's downtown crossing got a bit of a makeover this morning. >> vanessa: tables and chairs took over car lanes for one-of-a-kind pop-up cafe. fox 25's michael henrick takes us through the area to check it out. >> the reporter: a pop-up plaza near boston's downtown crossing. transforming the wide, franklin at arch streets intersection
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at least for a few hours this morning. >> i think it's a great idea. i mean, there's a lot of unused space here and why not have a plaza where people can enjoy themselves. >> the reporter: while gardener lives right nearby and grabbed the first cup of coffee in the temporary plaza, commuter brendon also enjoyed this pedestrian friendly pilot program. >> i usually take a train in. there's nowhere to sit in the city. i would love to see it larger and have comfortable chairs and patio furniture. >> the reporter: that's the sort of feedback rosemary of the downtown business improvement district says her group and the city of boston transportation department are looking for when showing off possible permanent designs. >> people are really enjoying the fact that they've been asked to participate. >> the reporter: and yet, not everyone is a fan. >> i don't necessarily agree with it. >> the reporter: carly works in the area and does not like taking the t.
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traffic along franklin street would make her life harder, same goes for the handful of commercial truck drivers who spoke with fox 25 off camera. >> it kind of prohibits people from driving into the city. the city is already dangerous enough to drive into, so it's kind of like a crappy situation. >> in the end, organizers are calling today's pop-up plaza an experiment of sorts. if they do decide to try to make it permanent, it could happen by the reporting in a busy downtown crossing, michael henrick, fox 25 news. >> mark: new the a 6:00 p.m., plans for a new development in one of boston's most popular neighborhoods includes potential for new restaurants, according to north end, the proposed site, which is often referred to as the gateway to the north end will include restaurants, cafes and retail space for cross street between salem street and hanover street. community meeting will be held on thursday, and the plans are soon expected to be submitted to the city for approval.
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boston common monument, four new cameras loom over the soldiers and sailors monument. boston police will monitor the video feed to make sure people visiting the monument are safe, and to limit drug activity in the area. >> vanessa: a group of massachusetts state police wives is trying to tie big blue ribbons in every city and town in the state. the campaign is a show of support to all law enforcement. a dozen group members and children were outside the police station in auburn this afternoon. in ronald tarentino was shot and killed during a traffic stop. >> kevin: nice night out there for sure for your dinner plans. temperatures are in the 70's and low 80's. that's what they look like. orange is 80. plymouth is 76. out in the cape cod elbow, it's 71 degrees right now. and tonight in gardener, northwest of worcester, temperature dropping down into the low 60's by 6:00 a.m. in the morning. there will be some upper 50's to the northwest of you as well,
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down into the 60's as well, mid 60's by morning, as you get up for school tomorrow. second day tomorrow. new hampshire seacoast, 88 degrees, north shore, 89. some nice beach weather, right? it won't be perfectly sunny. hazy sunshine, you can still get burned, but in to the 80's and more humid, feeling more like a beach day for sure. good day for that. enjoy it while you k but be careful out there, because the waves have been churned up by the big hurricane gaston, which is hundreds of miles out to sea, but over days, it has thrown just some clouds floating by, tonight, thin clouds. off to the northwest, there are storms around toronto. moving toward new england first thing tomorrow night. we'll be watching during the day for showers, you see them in northernmost new england in the morning hours. in southern new england, with the increased humidity we'll have and the hotter temperatures, combination can produce a couple of showers especially with a front on the way. we'll see a few more through the evening hours and in to thursday
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that's when the front will cut across our area. so your high temperatures tomorrow, playing a part in that. going to be 88 in brookline, and quincy. off to the northwest in merrimack valley, temperatures approaching 90. methuen, 89. drakette, 89 and south shore, you'll see along the coastline, just a little bit cooler, 84 in falmouth, but inland, 87 in foxborough, so a pretty good summer august day tomorrow. the on caveat to all of this is what's happening in the tropics, and those bumpy tomorrow, but off to our south is where we're watching this one churning off the carolinas. winds of 35 miles per hour, and the path takes it well south of new england, and not an issue for us beyond what's happening in the water. not going to bring rain or wind to southern new england. this one is really far away. we're in the gulf of mexico, this is cuba, this is the yucatan peninsula, where cancun is, for instance, this is far away. and it's going on to the gulf of mexico and it want to intensify into a tropical storm and then
6:21 pm
florida, still turning in this direction. that's still questionable, it could still go farther to the south, but if it takes this turn, the computer models are showing a spread of tracks that include southern new england. this takes us right up on to the cusp of labor day, with a storm offshore, 70 miles per hour, throwing rain this way and wind. this far offshore, would be churning up the waters once again, be very rough out there for labor day, but if it comes on the left hand flank of the storm probabilities, tn talking about heavy rain and the potential for strong winds. that's why that one bears watching and certainly has our attention. this labor day weekend, we are keeping it dry for now. when you get into sunday and monday, you see the percentage added in there, that's because of the threat of that potential tropical system and something we'll be looking at it evening with the newest information from the hurricane center coming in. >> mark: new information that the snake skin is from a 12-foot long anaconda. found in maine earlier this
6:22 pm
skin came from the world's largest species of snakes and it is illegal to own an anaconda in the state. the snake likely won't survive the winter. >> the reporter: three accidents in four months. boston duck tours says it's making big changes, so why do you have to wait until next march to see them all? >> vanessa: we've seen a lot of tributes for big papi in his last year playing for the red sox, but you've never seen
6:23 pm
norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too.
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>> la trinity, boston slugger david ar tease immortalized in a corn maze. we've seen papi get a lot of great gifts and tributes during his final season, farewell tour. >> vanessa: but nothing measures up to the latest tribute unveiled in sterling today. >> mark: fox 25 photo journalist was in worcester, when b unveiled his eight acre corn maze. >> it's big. it's huge. it looks like corn, but you go through it and it's a maze and you try to get out. >> the maze in massachusetts is undoubtedly the number one best corn maze everywhere in the world. >> this is a world class field maze first. and intricately designed into that is big papi doing his
6:26 pm
>> papi is retiring after all the great years and what a fabulous subject to celebrate. >> how cool he is. the main event, mr. david ortiz. the big papi. >> we hear it and, you know, when you look at it, just like, man, i can't believe they did this, it's something you wouldn't even describe mentally. thank you very much, i appreciate everything and god bless you. >> vanessa: i want to go on line and look at it closer. she said you can see it. >> mark: pete wilson and i retweeted what pete had, a diagram next to it, you can really see it once you put it up to the corn maze. there it is, there are the glasses, the beard. >> vanessa: good stuff. >> mark: good stuff in the air or on the ground. hopefully a big player tonight for us as well. >> vanessa: we need it.
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placed the shark buoys. now we're finding out more about what they found. >> vanessa: also ahead, a teenager rapada by a classmate at an elite new hampshire prep school telling her side of the story for the first time. >> i locked myself in my closet because i don't want my little sister to see me like that. and she comes-- >> >> vanessa: she details the nightmare she lives every day and explains why she came forward now. >> mark: but first, we continue to follow break news, a man stabbed with the shaft of a golf club inside the
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us at 6:30 p.m., we have breaking news. a man has been stabbed with a shaft of a golf club. right now, he's being rushed to the hospital. i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. this happened on the saugus-wakefield line inside the brake heart reservation, just about an hour ago. fox 25's blair miller is following the >> the reporter: ock and vanessa, we've been monitoring the images. the victim is 18 or 19 years old, he's been stabbed in the back of the neck with that golf club. we are not showing you the images, because they are very graphic. but we will show you this video. it's from sky fox as it arrived on the scene. it is not clear right now how the man was stabbed or if police are looking for anyone. the victim was put inside an ambulance where he got basic first aid and within the last few minutes, paramedics moved
6:31 pm
you saw that was waiting nearby. he is being flown to a boston hospital right now. again, we don't have information right now about the suspect or search for a suspect in this case. there is a golf course that runs alongside the breakheart reservation. it's not clear exactly where this attack happened, but we are seeing a lot of police activity near the wakefield side of that park. sky fox remains in the area as we get more information here, we will pass it on to you. live in the control room, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: also breaking now a teenager on a buys can he tell hit by a car in newton and rushed to the hospital. walnut street still closed in both directions near dunkle street. the 17-year-old was taken to children's hospital. no word on the teen's condition. >> mark: now to our other top stories at 6:30 p.m. a framingham man is caught on video, punching two officers who tried to arrest him. the brutal two minute video was sent to fox 25, the framingham police chief tells us his officers are just lucky the suspect did not have a weapon.
6:32 pm
officer arrived with a taser. >> vanessa: everett's mayor is calling for tougher laws after another uber driver was arrested. paul griffin is being held on $10,000 bail. police arrested him on sunday, after a woman told police he exposed himself to her twice. the mayor wants to call an emergency legislative session to officially enact the ridesharing law that governor charlie baker signed. those regulations have not taken effect yet. >> mark: man drowns trying to save four young children in new hampshire. within the past hour, state >> it happened at the profile falls in brings ton. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke to a woman who heard the cries for help just before the rescue operation. >> the reporter: a tragic end to summer. >> we heard a lot of screaming, out screaming, a lot of quid. skiing. it got quiet for a minute and then i heard a girl start screaming again. >> the reporter: brenda awoke to screams from the profile falls below her vacation home in bristol yesterday afternoon.
6:33 pm
four kids, 7, 8, 10, and 13, were swimming under the waterfall with one of them began to struggle. 39-year-old thai chin jumped in and went into help and didn't resurface an three other kids started to struggle themselves. >> hearing that, it's dreadful and such a shame people on vacation with a family member dying, i can't imagine. >> the reporter: investigators from the marine patrol say good samaritans at the falls performed a water rescue of their own and g children out of the water into the shore. they were too late to save the concord man. his body was recovered roughly six miles down the smith river in hill, new hampshire. >> you know, i don't know how many people were here watching it when it happened. i'm sure they were horrified, you know, just watching it. >> you can see -- tonight, locals i spoke to like the normandys are calling chin a hero. >> it's great. i would have done it too. >> definitely a hero. it's scary as to why everybody was having trouble.
6:34 pm
area hospital and thankfully, are expected to be ok. reporting in concord, new hampshire, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: a teenager who was raped in hand exclusive new england prep school is breaking her silence in an effort to help other victims. she says other sexual assault survivors should not be ashamed. jesse is ready to stand up and own what happened to her two years ago at st. paul's academy. her identity was hidden when they took the stand at owen he was acquitted of rape, but found guilty of sexual assault. the now 17-year-old admits, she still struggles with panic attacks, but her family support helps get her through the tough times. >> i locked myself in my closet, because i don't want my little sister to see me like that, and she comes into my room sometimes, and she'll come in to my closet when i'm rocking on
6:35 pm
and punching my legs, trying to get myself to calm down. and she'll try to give me the biggest hug and she'll say, jesse, you're ok, jesse, you're ok. >> mark: brought is now using the ordeal to help others. she partnered with a nonprofit, promoting awareness, effective empowerment. the organization launched its too initiative, i have the right today. as for labrie, brought says he hopes he learned from what happened and gets help. >> vanessa: four people are charged in a very disturbing assault on a autism. christopher teally, teixeira and two other women whose names were not made public, devised a plan to deal the victim's money during a drug deal. investigators say she set him up as keelly and teixeira assaulted him and took his wallet. the victim sock. sharon police need help tracking down this jewelry thief. they say he broke into a local jewelry store and stole thousands of dollars worth of goods. if you recognize him or know
6:36 pm
>> mark: quincy police lieutenant is facing federal charges accused of a double dipping scheme costing the city thousands. lieutenant thomas corelist pleaded not guilty in federal court on monday and prosecutors say he collected fay while on vacation and accused of taking private detail jobs while he was supposed to be working for the city. it amounted to about $11,000. >> vanessa: police say a new hampshire woman overdosed on drugs while her 10-month-old slept. just a few feet away. 32-year-old alicea a judge monday. she is charged with endangering a child after police say she left her baby in her apartment while taking drugs at a neighbor's apartment. first responders found her unconscious and had to revive her. the baby is with relatives tonight. >> mark: the hunt is on for a man who robbed a convenience store armed with a hammer. it happened at the market on north main street sunday night. surveillance video shows a man with a t-shirt pulled over his face, storm in and slam his hammer on the counter. the manager told us, he just gave the man what he wanted.
6:37 pm
against buying a plot of land that would stop plans for a muslim cemetery there. selectmen voted to waive the town's right to buy the land on corbin road. the town administrator report had no findings that supported buying the property. residents have protested the cemetery, citing concerns for property values, traffic hazards and decomposing human remains polluting water supplies. more than 100 syrian refugees have been placed in massachusetts as the obama administration marks a 10,000th syrian refugee in week as promised by the administration. we dug through state department data and found 106 syrian refugees moved to massachusetts. >> vanessa: let's turn to the weather now, it was a pretty warm afternoon out there for families and college students, moving into emmerson college and kevin is telling us, it's going to get a lot hotter out there tomorrow. >> kevin: it was hotter for move-in day at b.c. last friday.
6:38 pm
74 degrees in boston. 81 to the west in bedford right now. fenway park this evening, what a perfect night. one of our photo journalists, jen, just tweeted out a picture of how beautiful it looks down there for bobblehead. 76 and sunshine. a southerly breeze. near perfect conditions for baseball. humidity is going up spiking on thursday. dewpoints will reach to the 60's to near 70 degrees. in the 50's tonight. it will make it feel more uncomfortable to you. lunchtime tomorrow, warm and sticky. afternoon. it's going to the beach. going to be a good feeling beach day, that warm humid air in place, but there will be more clouds working on in ahead of a front. the risk of showers tomorrow, how high that will be and more on the tropics just ahead. >> vanessa: we'll see you shortly concern. new at 6:00 p.m., starting on thursday, high school students will be able to ride the t at less than half price. the program now let's students buy discounted monthly bus and subway passes year-round. up until now, schools had to buy the student pass for them.
6:39 pm
two options, get a student charlie card which allows students to play half price per trip or a monthly student pass, which students can buy for $30. >> mark: also new at 6:00 p.m., a family off the coast of cape cod got this up close look at a great white shark. look at that. amazing. they took this video near race point beach in promise town on sunday. the shark can be seen swimming by as they watch in awe. researchers say there have been several shark sightings in the same area recently. well, for the first time shark experts are getting understanding of great white shark movements along the south shore. fox 25's robert goulston was the only reporter when three new buoys were put in. tonight, he tagged along with the buoys and others were checked for the first time. >> the reporter: fox 25 was on boards for an exclusive look at some of the first data collected this summer from the shark buoys along the south shore. >> that starts communication with the computer. >> the reporter: the atlantic
6:40 pm
what swam within thee hundred meters of the buoys -- 300 meters of the buoys after their pulled out of the water. the buoys data shows a second shark was in the waters this summer, just days ago. >> shark here on the 25th. >> the reporter: back in july, after a visual shark sighting near white horse beach, the buoy was checked in a 15 footer named seala b was detected. the most recent shark is named agnes. hall of scientists figure out how many sharks are in the area and where they are going. >> but it also provides information for the towns, which is very valuable to know what kind of shark activity is happening off the coast. >> the reporter: officials are now getting a better understanding, because of almost double the amount of shark buoys here on the south shore. they went from five to eight. from sciate down to plymouth. fox 25 news was with the marshfield harbor master with the three new buoys were placed off their coast. d.j. stetson's group donated
6:41 pm
them. the more we understand about sharks, the more we can co-exist and cohabitate because these animals are here. the only activity detected today was in plymouth, but the additional buoys will help provide a better snapshot of shark activity. right now there are more 30 shark detech buoys in the massachusetts water. the data is collected and analyzed in the offseason. prowse, fox 25 news. >> kevin: we are the gulf of mexico, so far away yet. this is the one that has the highest potential to affect your labor day weekend forecast. >> the reporter: why boston you
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> mark: three crashes in four months, but boston duck tours says safety is its highest priority. the company is promising changes to the road rules, but you have to wait for them until next spring. meantime, the season continues until late november. >> vanessa: our sharman sachetti
6:45 pm
their safety changes will not take effect for several more months and what are passengers supposed to do in the meantime? >> the reporter: in april, allison warmouth is killed after her scooter collides with a duck boat at the foot of beacon hill. he learned the duck boat operator had a spotty driving record but no charges were filed. in july, a pedestrian collides with a duck boat on newbury street and suffers minor injuries. over the weekend, a duck boat driver is cited for steering the vehicle on to staro nobody was hurt. all of it raising questions about how quickly the safety changes the company has promised will actually go into effect. >> sounds like a good idea, they're trying to add new people, but they should definitely expedite the process. >> the reporter: after the first crash, legislation was proposed on beacon hill that would add cameras and a second crew member, one to drive, one to give the tour. after some push back by boston duck tours in july, it agreed to add about 40 to 50 new staff and
6:46 pm
have to wait until next march to see a second crew member on board. >> a whole bunch of other things they can do in the meantime. >> maybe suspend the tours until you get everybody trained and everything safe. >> the reporter: the public relations firm hired by boston duck tours says the new employees will begin in march, because they must miles an hour undergo a rigorous training program, including operating the vehicle and safety procedures. in addition, they must secure a number of licenses, which is also a process that takes time. >> fall, it's such a big tourist season as well, that they should have those two people on the boat, even before. >> the reporter: we did ask boston mayor marty walsh what he thought about the weight and in a statement, he sent us, he said he was pleased the safety measures go into effect next march, while this season doesn't end until late november. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., a dramatic rescue by the coast guard.
6:47 pm
helicopter crew used a basket to pull an injured fisherman from the ship. the 30-year-old man was flown to mass general and treated for a serious head injury. >> vanessa: quincy police are looking at how to remove a sunken sailboat. if you look closely, you see the tip of the sail sticking out of the water like a/fin at nickerson beach. the boat had been there all summer but it sank overnight. no one was hurt. going to be churned up. they already are seeing some action south-facing beaches, incredible rip currents being reported in places like horse neck beach on the coast and westport, something you need to be aware of when these coming days. already from gaston, way offshore, more tropical systems on the way. it's in the 70's on the coast, 80's inland, 70's in worcester, and on cape cod this evening. so a pleasant night, dewpoints are in the 50's to near 60 degrees. we'll watch what happens overnight through the morning, well into the 60's, to the middle of the day tomorrow and
6:48 pm
that means a couple sticky days coming up. so with temperatures warming up tomorrow into the mid 80's already by lunchtime, and high temperatures in the afternoon at the beaches even, getting well into the 80's, even approaching 90. on the north shore. 84 on the south shore. these items, coupled with the humidity i was talking b lead to the risk of a thunderstorm, although i don't know if provincetown is the place to really put that thunderstorm icon after all. the bottom line is, there is a risk of a shower or thunderstorm that will start to pop up tomorrowft satellite-radar shows a front to our west that's right here, some of the storms going toward northern new england later tonight, but because it's a diagonal front, not coming at us from west to east, but more of a northwest to southeast, we're not going to see the storms in southern new england until later on in the day and at first, popups in the heat and humidity. we start out in the morning with hazy sunshine. beachgoers, be aware, that sunshine will be hazy for you, you can still get burned. a couple showers start to pop up late in the afternoon, a couple more by the evening, but it's
6:49 pm
sweeping through new england. we start to see more showers and thunderstorms developing here late at night into the early morning hours of thursday, before that front pushes offshore to our southeast. and as that front does that, it's also going to sweep this storm, trying to become a tropical storm, still a tropical depression, and forecast to become a tropical storm during the afternoon tomorrow, but sweeps it out to sea and keeps it away from us. right now, 35-mile-per-hour winds going up to 40 or 45 miles per hour, even forecast to get to 50 miles per hour, but well but with winds like this, even at 40, it will send swells toward us, adding to what gaston is doing, that big hurricane way offshore and that's going to cause more rip currents, more big waves and rough waters for you heading into labor day weekend. then there's this system. this is a swirl right here to the south. that's being called a mid-level swirl, so not at ground level. therefore, the fix of the center the storm is actually up here from the national hurricane center, the ground level fix. bottom line to all of you is
6:50 pm
materialize over that spin, it lend up going farther to the south. if it is farther to the north, it can get going this way. there will be a tropical storm that hits florida, comes off the coast of the conference, and then makes a -- carolinas and then makes a turn toward the north. there are indications that would hook left a bit and that means, we are in the possible track area here in southern new england for this storm by labor day. and that's why we have to watch this one very closely. there's no guarantee we're going to be affected by this storm at all. it could very well form farther to the texas. but it's something that has our attention for sure. we'll dry it out to start the holiday weekend and then off to the tropics and the latest flight from the hurricane center will tell us more. >> mark: jackie bradley jr. is doing his part to help kids get ready for the school year. jbj went back to school shopping at the target near fenway. each student got a new backpack with school supplies. the scholar program provides
6:51 pm
access to mentoring, nice job. >> that's fantastic. get ready for this. that's tim tebow and he's trying to play professional baseball. i'll be owns, you may be impressed with what you see from today's workout and we are hearing from tom brady one last time before his four game suspension. the faith he has in hi norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare,
6:52 pm
harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization. stand up for new hampshire seniors. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. fiber optics. and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. ? ? one day a rider made a decision.
6:53 pm
insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> tom brady speaking with us
6:54 pm
officially begins. this saturday, 4:00 p.m., that's when the rosters get cut to 53. it will be tough to watch from home, but brady convinced his teammates, including jimmy grab low, they're ready to pick up the slack. >> i think we've always done a good job cultivating, you know, guys to step in and fill the void, and got a lot of really good players, a lot of really good leaders, and i think between our coaches and our players, and we've got a lot of great leaders, i'm very confident in that. >> terrible news for the minnesotvi last practice of the preseason looks like their quarterback is done for the season. teddy bridgewater went down if a lump after a noncontact injury today. they had to immobilize his leg, they brought an ambulance on to the field to get him out of there. the vikings stopped practice immediately. the head coach mike zimmer aid after practice it does not look good if teddy will be returning for the season, devastating news for the vikings as you see the
6:55 pm
after a tough luck loss to tampa. after he joined the sox, he got better, winning two out of three, struck out 11 in the loss to tampa. clay buckholtz will be his eighth inning guy, we saw that play out last night in the win at fenway park. mookie betts continues his major league push. last night, his 30th homerun. mookie's previous high was 18, set last season. the case to be outfielder for the american league m.v.p. >> he made the case him s. i don't even have to make the case, he's performed at a high level an done everything that he possibly can to be the m.v.p. >> the reporter: well, are you ready for this? you know the face, that's tim tebow, heisman trophy winner, former nfl quarterback and now taking a run at playing professional baseball. tebow held a public workout for baseball scouts today in
6:56 pm
hitting, and i will say, not that terrible of a swing, i got a feeling that someone is going to give him a shot and check it out, pretty good rip. i don't know. >> kevin: different batting practice than a game. but wasn't as terrible as i thought he would be, to be honest. >> vanessa: sporting a mohawk too. >> mark: we'll see what happens with that. we want to update news, give you a quick update on breaking news we've been following all evening long and that is a person is under arrest and in custody after a man was stabbed with a shaft of a golf club at the breakheart >> vanessa: fox 25's jackie heinrich is working on getting new details. >> mark: the person was in a staging area, taken away if a medical helicopter. >> vanessa: hotter tomorrow. >> kevin: they will be hotter tomorrow and very importantly, watching the tropical moisture he can, especially the storm in the gulf of mexico, see if it will impact your labor day
6:57 pm
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? your imagination ? remembering gene wilder. what you don't remember about the icon. >> this is it. i have no regrets. yes uncover his passionate love story with his late wife. >> and the new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> vip pass. can ryan lochte last? >> taylor swift just pulled the i'm a celeb card to get out of jury duty. we are talking to bridget about reunited them. the tom hanks goes off on channing tatum.


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