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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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overnight crash right out inned ted williams tunnel. what we are learning now of the cars involved as traffic is diverted into the airport. a local man is in jail after he is caught on camera attacking two police officers. the suspect's violent past that sent officers to his house. a surprise meeting planned with the president of mexico. how donald trump is spending his day hours before his highly anticipated speech on immigration. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4:30 on this wednesday, august 31, the last day of the month. i am daniel miller. >> julie: last of the day month, first day of school for many kids out there. good morning, i am julie grauert. on that first day, it is going to be a warm one for many kids. shiri spear has more on what to expect at the bus stop and beyond, shiri. >> shiri: don't blame me, blame the southwest winds. it is carrying all the warm
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worcester. 63 in boylston. 56 in londonderry, new hampshire. a whole string of 60s in mechanicsington, milford. upper 60s in duxbury. 71 in sandwich. breaks in the clouds this morning and start off partly sunny and mild. 67 degrees at 7 a.m. clouds, though, quickly take over. by noontime, 83 degrees. humidity is going to be noticeably higher today at 3 p.m., about 86. the kids coming home from school at least it we have got a lot more cloud cover out there, even a slight risk of a shower up across the mass new hampshire border. inland turning cloudy first at 87 degrees this afternoon. 86 degrees at the coastline and the cape tops out at about 80. not much that by measurable rain for the daylight hours but tomorrow gets harder hit. walk you hour by hour with the futurecast. back to you, guys. >> julie: begin with breaking
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the eastbound lanes are closed because of a deadly crash near logan airport. the crash happened before 1:00 this morning and here is video of the scene on route 1 a.m. right outside the tunnel. state police say two people are dead and one other person is hurt. the crash involved a passenger car and a small airport shuttle bus. right now all cars are being forced to exit into the airport, and there are detours around the crash scene. we have a reporter in east boston. we will bring you a live report in 30 minutes. otherwise, remind that you westbound lanes of the ted williams tunnel are closed as well just before 5 a.m. this was for precede scheduled overnight construction, but ted williams tunnel, avoid it now because the accident that closed the eastbound lanes. construction has closed the westbound lanes. volume otherwise light on the expressway on 128 north and southbound. want to remind you of a traffic advisory starting today continuing through september 15. students moving into so many of those boston colleges and
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street closures and parking. most neighborhoods impacted will be the alston-brighton neighborhood, fenway, mission hill and roxbury. a really helpful link from that goes through those restrictions, parking bans and so forth. it can help guide if you were headed into that area. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 49 to mass ave. 8 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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[technical difficulties] >> to help you somebody else. >> daniel: the man was arraigned yesterday on a number of charges including two counts of assault and battery on a police officer. he posted his $9500 bail. a 3-year-old boy pulled from a swimming pool last week has died. the boy was hospitalized since august 20 when he and a 2-year-old girl was found unresponsive. the little girl was released from the hospital.
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an annual new hampshire fair will reopen. a man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed at a lancaster fairgrounds. they were watching the circus performance when a tent collapsed on the crowd. a storm blew through the area knocking the tent down. tent inspections will be more thorough and they will work with state fire marshal to perform inspections. a family whose boat was sank by a ferry are getting help forced to camp after the wake from the ferry capsized their boat. now they tell fox25 that the owner of boston harbor cruises have offered to pay for their boat and for an upgrade. a dramatic coast guard rescue 140 miles off the coast of chatham. the video shows the rough seas as the helicopter crew used a basket to pull an injured fishermen from the ship over the weekend. authorities say the 30-year-old man was flown to mass general and treated for serious head injury.
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a local fire chief was training his fire fighters when he went into cardiac arrest. fox25's erika richie tell us how the fire fighters put their training to work and saved the chief's life. >> it is great for camaraderie. >> reporter: but this time it wasn't the physical abilities test that brought the guys at the milton fire department together, it was chief frank twist himself after the workout. while he and his men began training on a new phone system in the building. >> we were starting the training and i was sitting there and i didn't feel that well. >> i are you okay, chief. he didn't respond and the guys put him on the floor and confirmed he was in cardiac arrest. >> when our patient, do you what you are trained to do. >> reporter: at the middleton firehouse. the use of cpr and an aed. both were used on chief twist by his fire fighters to regain a heartbeat long enough to get him to beverly hospital where he was treated for three major blockages. >> i am just lucky i was in the best place to get my initial care and i ended up in the best place to get my
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the difference. they saved my life. >> reporter: business of a first responder, but even the chief knows it is different when the life they are saving is personal. >> i know it was hard for them i grew up with all of these guys. >> knowing the person is more personal. you talk to them before they collapse, it changes the dynamic. you feel extra pressure. >> to have them do what they did. there are no words to explain at they gave me a second chance. >> reporter: so he continues on for his plans for tomorrow. >> i was scheduled to retire tomorrow. >> reporter: talk about timing. the chief said this episode gives him some passion in retirement. >> if there is an aed available and you know cpr and you can save somebody's life. i am talking to you right now as a prime xachlt. >> reporter: erika richie. >> the chief has been in the fire department for 37 years and has been chief for 10.
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retirement party today but that is on hold until he is feeling better and out of the hospital. >> daniel: it will be major special julie he will continue education of others as well. >> daniel: and on the road to recovery. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. eastbound lanes of the ted williams tunnel are closed because of a deadly accident. traffic is being diverted into the airportnd on to a service road and back on to 1 a past the crash scene. we will have more on that coming up in just a bit. meanwhile on the expressway, 8 split to the pike. we have some kids going back to school in andover. 65 at 5 a.m., 65 by 6 a.m. clouds. acton cooler but lands at 6 degrees by 7 a.m. bears are not the only wildlife in the woods of new england.
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is very far from home.
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three new shark buoys put in the water off marshfield is helping researchers get a better sense of shark activity in the area. fox25's robert goulston was with the crew when they put the buoys in the water and he went back out with them as they were checked for the first time. >> reporter: fox25 was on board for an exclusive look at
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shark buoys along the south shore. >> that starts communication with the computer. >> reporter: the atlantic white shark conservancy uses the laptop to download wirelessly the buoys after they are pulled out the water. off of mamamon point, the buoy's data shows a second shark was in the waters just days ago. >> shark here on the 25th. >> reporter: b near white horse beach, a buoy was checked and a shark was detected. the latest shark is named agnes. they figure out how many sharks are in the area and where they are going. >> it provides information for the town which is valuable to know what kind of shark activity is available on the coast. getting a better understanding because double the number of shark buoys on
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from scituate down to plymouth. fox25 was with the harbormaster when the three new buoys were placed off their coast. the group donated money to help marshfield pay for them >> the more we understand about sharks, the more we can co-exist and cohabitate, because these animals do -- are here. >> reporter: the only activity detected was in plymouth, but the additional buoy also help provide a better snapshot of shark activity. robert goulston, fox25 news. mentioned picked up shark activity in plymouth but 30 shark detectors around massachusetts waters. the information is gathered all summer long and analyzed off of the off season. a family got this up close look of this great white shark. took this radio on their boat near race point beach in provincetown. sharks like that area. two more were reported monday. officials don't know if the sightings were different
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sharks or the same great white. >> julie: that is really good video. >> daniel: good to know. the red sox will wrap up a series with the rays and head to the west coast for a long road trip. another missed opportunity for the sox. in the 7th, luke mayhle ties the game with a home run off of drew pomeranz. in this shot from evan longoria. a hit out of fenway park. that w sox lose 4-3. probably the last time we will see quarterback tom brady shielding questions before his four-game suspension starts on saturday. brady will do the best he can to stay sharp. he can have no contact with the coaches or teammates until october 3. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and i want to remind you about the crash on route 1 a northbound. it is right after the ted williams tunnel and that means
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scene gathering more information. the crash occurred around 1:15 in the morning. we will let you know when police anticipate those lanes to reopen, because ooeb are important lanes for people to and from the airport and it is important for those who reopen. we know two people have died. one other person was taken to the hospital. right now traffic is being diverted into the airport and on to a service road and then back out to 1 a past scene. we will continue to keep you updated throughout the morning. beside that incident and the closure of the eastbound lanes of the ted williams tunnel, route 1, 93 south moving along fine. 128 northbound and southbound, no issue there is. it is early, so not a lot of volume out there. here are those live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1
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joining us now with a look at today's forecast. shiri? >> shiri: the forecast involves incoming heat and humidity coming from the southern united states. at the same time, a cold front tracking toward us and this will help get some clouds into play. i don't see any showers attached to this until tonight and tomorrow here locally. so what you will find at 7:00 this morning, some partly cloudy skies. 70 in boston.66 in lawrence. 68 in norwood. upper 60s -- upper 60s, lower temperatures here. by lunchtime, boom, here comes the clouds. it is turning mostly cloudy. we have low and mid-80s. humidity will be a little higher as well. this isn't the hottest. the stickiest day that we have. a lot different than what we had yesterday. less comfortable than what we had yesterday. and at 5 p.m., and just point out that across the mass-new hampshire border, a slight risk of a shower getting you home from work. this is not anything widespread. this is the exception to the
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once we hit the evening, we will start to see pops of scattered showers that continue overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. so today, we have got increasing clouds, high in the upper 80s in spots like ipswich and framingham and in boston. 84, plymouth. 80 in hyannis. 88 in manchester, new hampshire and fitchburg and 81 in worcester. tomorrow is a little cooler because we have so much cloud cover around and scattered showers. the sun is not really getting down in the ground and not doing its job in helping with the warm and a lot of mid and upper 70s around. everybody has the showers. and when you wake up tomorrow morning, the futurecast underdoing the rain threat. spot storms in the morning commute. a lot of dry roads at the same time, to not a widespread all encompassing rain. not a wash outbut the best bet of the oncoming storms will be over southeastern massachusetts. late thursday into friday that high pressure that will be building in and drying us out.
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got to closely watch, tropical depression number 9 expecting a 5 a.m. update this any minute. we will see if it has indeed strengthened into a tropical storm. expect it as a tropical storm to cross over florida here late on thursday and then up the coast up to north carolina. jet out into the atlantic, and the problem is once we hit late weekend, it will be passing offshore from us and we do have areas currently in the cone including southeastern massachusetts. the effects of that i have to look at all the different computer models and where we expect the middle of the storm to go. some of them way out to sea and room for improvement and something that you do need to be alert about here for labor day itself. i think if we get impacted, it will be labor day. it will be at the coast. rain, possibly wind as well, but way too soon to make that call. just soon enough to put you on guard for that kind of system. it today 87 degrees.
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78 degrees. 75 here on friday, and still partly cloudy, but the weekend is shaping up nice and bright. labor day that we got to watch closely at 77. the 5 a.m. update from the national hurricane center that i will bring to you as soon as we have information. back to you guys. shiri, you heard of snakes on the plane, how about crickets on a train. yep. coming up new at 5:00, the not-to-funny prank that a woman pulled on a group of unsuspecting subway riders, whoo, that got her arrested.
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if you wear contacts, listen up. researcher s from come up with a special type of contact lens that can garage lally deliver medication to your eye. the lenses were used to successfully treat monkeys with glaucoma. the drug is stored in the outer edges of the lens leaving the center clear for better vision. researchers say the contacts could be an option for people o drops. chipotle is offering a special back-to-school deal. starting tomorrow and throughout the month of september, students can get a free fountain drink with any instore purchase. all you have to do is show your high school, college or graduate school id. chipotle's latest attempt to win people back after the e. coli scare sent the stock plunging. bruce springsteen fans looking for a simple way to get back to his concert are in
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the train will depart south station before the concert and leave gillette 30 minutes after the event ends. the round-trip ticket will cost $20. tickets will be purchased at south station, back bay station and north station. a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow to talk about plans for development in one of boston's most popular neighborhood. according to north end the proposed site often referred to gateway to the north evened will include restaurants, cafes a the plans are expected to be submitted to the city for approval soon. state health officials are warning people and pets to avoid the water in the charles river basin. water samples taken last week confirm high levels of bacteria coming in contact with the water can irritate the eyes and ears and also cause a rash. officials say they will continue to test the water until the bacteria clears up. red sox centerfielder jackie bradley jr. is doing his part to help kids get ready for school year.
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shopping with 80 red sox scholars near fenway. each student got a new backpack with school supplies. provides boston public school students with $10,000 college scholarships and access to mentoring. well, bad news for pats fans. dunkin' donuts fans and just about anyone else who likes dunkin' donuts. well, the chain is no longer offering free coffee to the day after the pats win a game. maybe it was last year's 12-4 record. away more than 2 million free coffees. customers can get an $.87 medium coffee a day after the pats win. it pays tribute to number 87 rob gronkowski. people have to be involved in the dunkin' donuts perks program to get that deal. speaking of the pats, just a few minutes ago we showed you tom brady down at foxborough yesterday and plenty of people noticed his new haircut. it is reminiscent of some of
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didn't take long for people to say he resembled matt dameinen's character in "good will hunting." order rick matthews in "boy meets world." or comparing him to '0s as jtt from the sitcom "home improvement." very similar to all of them. he is the greatest of all time so he can do whatever he wants. >> daniel: absolutely. we continue to follow breaking news. two people are dead and another is hurt in a bad crash tunnel. at 5:00, a live look from east boston. and i will have an update how the investigation is impacting traffic for early morning commuters. also ahead this morning, a wild scene on a golf course. the young man is accused of stabbing his friend with a broken golf club.
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could affect your labor day plans. we are following two breaking stories overnight. first a deadly crash outside the ted williams tunnel that has traffic to the airport diverted this morning. plus huge flames shooting from the roof of this house in allston. a neighborhood popular with college students. what we know about a fire fighter hurt at the scene and the extensive damage to that home. and donald trump making a surprise visit to mexico today ahead of his big speech on immigration the accepted last night that could make or break his campaign. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning, august 31. the last of the day month if you can believe it. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. the heat and humidity returns today. shiri spear is in the


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