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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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car crash two people hiding in hotel shuttle van. what we know about the victims this morning as police continue to investigate outside the ted williams tunnel. >> catherine: wakefield residents shocked after man said stabbed broken golf club at recreational spot. what we know about the suspect and why the public isn't in danger. >> julie: look at last minute meeting. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good wednesday morning,ern. it is 9:00 on august 31st. i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. shiri spear in the stormtracker with look at wednesday forecast.
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we got showers off to the north, most the rain will stay there today and get into the showers and late evening and overnight tonight, 73 in boston right now, 70 in nashua and portsmouth, new hampshire, 68 in worcester, middle 70 in norwood, 76 in hyannis and 75 in chatham. you could find the clouds out there no matter where you are today but going to get thick and her thicker so i think we have mostly cloudy skies for a good chunk of thursday here -- of wednesday. 84?. we got mid to upper 80s in and around the boston area and southern new hampshire up to massachusetts highs from 84 to 90?. increasing clouds, warm and muggy. it is going to be hard to squeeze out the 90s because it is going to count on some breaks in the clouds. so break down the hot spot and who gets in on showers first coming up. back to julie now for live drive time traffic. hey, julie. >> julie: things looking
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five, 6:00-hour. 93 south just a little bit of volume building around 16 in usual spot. expressway slow going from the braintree split past exit 13 except in this shot seeing space in the cars. right now slow spot like i mentioned, expressway, 33 minutes as head from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: continue to follow breaking news near the airport. two people are dead this morning in tragic car crash involving hotel shuttle bus. bus. crash happened outside the ted williams tunnel overnight. fox25 michael henrich live in east boston. michael, traffic flowing smoothly but wasn't the case all morning. >> backed up because of that detour that was well covered by you getting people around it in the ted williams tunnel eastbound here. the crash itself happened half mile past the tunnel right here on 1a but it is all clear now. the focus now is really on the
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people they're lives. mass state police saying man and woman and crashed around 1:15 this morning with a subaru legacy and sedan and older model sedan and four on people went to the hospital as well. four people with nonlife-threatening injuries. what led up to the crash. still under investigation decided whether to pursue any charges against in. state police say they need to go over the witness testimony. physical evidence and, of course, the crash reconstructed before come think to any conclusions there and any suggestion decisions there. i reach out to the hotel and person picked up did not wish to comment and i did leave a voice mail with the general manager of the hotel. as soon as i hear back from them and, of course, bring you that update right away. for now live in east boston,
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>> julie: breaking news this morning black lives matter use bike locks to chain their necks to a building. more affordable units should be available and rent to own option should be in cambridge. police currently on the scene. the group has been broadcasting live through periscope and facebook page. >> daniel: have been forced out by flames after the large house fire overnight in allston. building on myrick street has three investigators inside and fire started on the second floor. everyone that lives there made it out safely and one firefighter taken away by ambulance for back injury. >> julie: gruesome attack happened at state park popular with families.
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very serious charge. catherine? >> catherine: waiting for the teen to arrive in courthouse in malden and expected to be arraigned some point later on today and don't know exactly charges he will be facing and likely he will be charged with assault and battery with dangerous weapon and assault with intent to murder. police did say there was no daycare to the general public but this is something left the public stunned. >> great place enjoy themselves. >> jarring site for some in wakefield, peaceful wooded recreation spot, popular among families, transformed into a crime scene after police say one man stabbed another with a broken golf club. >>er in hear that in wakefield. >> police called to breakheart reservation 4:30 yesterday afternoon responding to calls about a fight in progress. when they arrived they found 18-year-old from beverly who had been stabbed with golf club through the back and police say
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crashing nearby at intersection of main and water street. >> looked like crashed into the sidewalk. >> witnesses say the suspect looked nervous and sweaty and police quickly arresting him. >> guy looked like he was trying to get away and tow truck and couldn't get out. >> police haven't identified the victim. sky fox brought into ambulance on gurney. police say he was taken to beth israel hospital with serious injuries but he was stable last night. police victim arranged to meet in the woods yesterday but wouldn't comment why. they do say a third man with the pair. someone they were talking to with more information about a crime so surprising to members of this community. >> information come out with today's arraignment and here in the courthouse in malden and looking for any sign of suspect to arrive here in courthouse before court goes back into session around 9:00 this morning
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arraignment happens. for now live in malden, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: evidence stored at braintree police department and could impact criminal cases. prosecutors tell the patriot ledger they are aware of the audit of the evidence room. defense attorneys in some cases have also been notified that review is taking place. official will not say why the audit is scheduled and won't comment on any possible problems with evidence stored no word when the review will be finished. >> julie: donald trump flying to mexico to meet with the mexican president. the presidential nominee delivers speech on immigration in arizona. >> reporter: donald trump confirmed in tweet late last night he will travel to mexico to meet with the president there. he says the president invited
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enrique pena nieto says he invited donald trump and hillary clinton to meet. trump and enrique pena nieto have plenty to talk about and saying frequently campaign rallies that mexico going to pay for that wall. enrique pena nieto also had harsh words for trump comparing him to lit ler. trump will then deliver a speech on immigration in arizona after the meeting. his son insists that trump still wants to immigrants. >> have to start with baby steps. let ice do their job and eliminate sanctuary cities and get rid of the criminal certainly first and foremost and secure the border. >> clinton campaign shrugging off trip to mexico and campaign advisor will not say what trump previously said about the country or its people. earlier this summer in june trump compared and referred to mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals and did say that
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reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> hillary clinton private e-mail server as soon as today. it recommended clinton not be charged for using the e-mail while secretary of state. in the report fbi director james comey says clinton was extremely careless with sensitive e-mails. numerous federal judges have called for the release of the e-mails prior to the november election. julie: no primary races. marco rubio won in his state of florida. the senator said after the presidential race ended earlier this year he was prepared to become a private citizen but changed his mind saying he wasn't at peace giving up his senate seat. senator john mccain won in arizona and beat a conservative 33 years younger. in terms of congress democratic representative debbie schultz won in florida. schultz resigned as chair of the democratic national committee
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convention in philadelphia. >> daniel: governor of maine making conflicting statements after racist comments. governor paul lepage suggested that he may step down from his post but later in the day he tweeted the report political demise are greatly exaggerated. la page left voice mail for state representative and this week he blamed his state's drug problems on people from lawrence and lowell. elite private school in massachusetts discovered five new cases of sexual misses conduct by former teachers. head of phillips academy in andover say cases involve students and took place in the 1970s and 80s. the school mentioned three of the five former faculty members by name. one of them is dead. other two have been banned from campus. school started investigation in the spring after received allegations of misconduct
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>> 26 minute ride as head from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: temperature rise right now upper 60s, low and mid-70s. mostly cloudy skies. even more cloud cover sending you home from work in the 80s and rain holds off until tonight and time in the showers coming up next. >> daniel: it is first day of school for many kids in local towns, but one teen will head to court instead. coming up a the school threat made on instagram that brought police to his home and what police are telling parents. >> julie: they usually in south america but real anaconda roaming in maine. frightening evidence coming up. >> rapper chris brown allegedly pointing gun in woman's face. random post he made on social
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>> daniel: countdown free on $250,000 bales this morning hour long standoff that included bizarre social media post. facing charge with assault with deadly weapon. sara underwood has the story. >> sara: r&b crooner chris brown has hour long standoff with the police department. officers responding to
9:15 am
brown initially refused to come out and came out to investigate the 911 calls. >> barricaded myself in my house. have you seen the house. barricade myself in the palace. i'm not coming out for what? ain't going to do it and as always going to be the police, black lives matt posting profanity on instagram account. >> you guys got me so good luck. when you get whatever you need to do, walk right up in here and see nothing you idiot. >> sara: brown exited peacefully sitting on walkway with police. >> cannot comment on anything that's been found or recovered and at this point being
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division. brown's attorney did post $300 bail and back in 2009 he was sentenced to six years in probation for violent attack on then ex-girlfriend, pop star rihanna. >> julie: major development in isis. spokesman killed in northern syria. near the top of america's so-called kill list. he was killed while military campaign but did not say how he died. he served as key operational commander and spokesman. >> daniel: this morning at least ten kayaker recovering on waterways ferry. the kayakers in hudson river yesterday when they were hit by the boat. five of the kayakers taken to nearby hospitals. most with minor injuries. police say the group's
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severed arm. >> cause of the crash is still under investigation. daniel: darrell simmons makes living driving his own dump truck when floods hit baton rouge, louisiana earlier this month he drove truck picking up neighbors raising money so simmons can buy a new truck and get back to work. >> julie: 135 sticky spot where tendency to slow down but moving fine. expressway okay. 93 south slow going somerville but like i mention on expressway, nothing slowing you down. here are live drive times, 18 minutes on route 1 from 128 to
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route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now to another summer day as we close out the month of august. >> warm, muggy, have without the sunshine today and have with mostly cloudy skies. there's a big difference in the way it feels when hot and humid and sunny versus hot and humid and cloudy. so i think today might be a little bit uncomfortable out there and nothing you can't handle and scattered showers return tonight and thursday and depression nine for some activity and even involved in new england as we move to laboring and i know that's very far away. there will no doubt be adjustments in the track. tropical depression nine spinning away in gulf of mexico. ocean water very warm and wind relaxed enough it should gain
9:19 am
coast and move out to the atlantic. we focus on end portion of the whole thing. end portion toward laboring that's when we got eastern mass, rhode island and connect in the cone. cone representing anywhere the center of that storm can go with a ton of wiggle room, right? come close to us and even further out to sea. so going to be watching this closely and gist of it could end up with rain and wind and could end up with total myth and partly sunny skies. watch it closely, watch it especially once it tropical storm and better handle. tropical storm eight different storm system hooking out to sea and hurricane gaston moving away and all the activity in the ocean going to wreak havoc on local beach. so we got rip currents that will be a concern, we got waves that will be a concern at local beaches. weather today not so much a concern. going to be warm and muggy and
9:20 am
skies and don't have much popping as far as rain goes until probably we hit the evening commute or even later tonight and could see some isolated showers popping up here during the evening hours but while you're sleeping tonight better risk of showers moving through and scattered fashion for the morning commute, 7:00 a.m. and ease into the afternoon a lot of the action as far as any downpours, thunderstorms or showers go will be focused eastern mass during the early afternoon and late afternoon and the evening commute. finally the dry air going to work in along with high pressure as we get into thursday night and friday. so the whole thing slowed down and that's why now thursday looking a little stormier. this afternoon though we got the upper 80s. tonight it is going to be upper 60s and low 70s with chance for a shower tomorrow and everybody has got at grab that umbrella before you go. though i expect the heaviest stuff to be over southeastern massachusetts. 7-day forecast with weekend always in view. partly cloudy on friday, only
9:21 am
75 your high. nice crisp 50s in the morning both days this weekend with highs in the mid-70s. partly to mostly sunny, weekends looking great, not until we get to labor day we have concerned tropical depression nine and closer look at system and what's happening in florida now from that coming up. back to you guys. >> daniel: coming up two local police officers respond to call and end up in a fight with the suspect. still ahead at 9:30, how this beat-down ended and why chief is applauding his officers narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope"
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to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] first commercial flight from u.s. to cuba. it has boomed since they will re-establish diplomatic relations. 1 hour flight will depart from fort lauderdale, florida 9:45 a.m. and land in santa clara, cuba. >> daniel: google getting into the ride sharing business and testing using the waze app with drivers looking to carpool. it will keep the fees for the
9:25 am
to act as taxi drivers and instead want to increase the number of people who are car pooling. right now the program is only available to workers at several businesses in san francisco. california start-up working on ways to make self driving cars communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. for example, the company trying to develop ways for the cars to determine who will go first and who will yield at crosswalk or four-way stop. i'm confused already. the company is called drive. self-driving cars on california streets. i don't want to be the pedestrian out there. >> julie: no. pedestrians win. we don't have a chance against cars. >> subway prank in new york city didn't leave anyone laughing. rather screaming. check it out. if you saw the video you would think that someone is being attacked. i guess they kind of are but they are being attacked by
9:26 am
part of viral prank with actress that enjoys performance art. she apologized but police say she could face charges. >> daniel: bears not only giant animals lurking in woods. giant snake skin found in the woods of -- on westbrook maine belongs to anaconda. several people have reported seeing the river earlier this month. witnesses say its head is as big as basketball and body as long as a truck. anaconda usually only found in south america and it is illegal to own one in maine. the good news is scientists say the giant snake likely won't survive the winter but for now watch out. i will stay away from maine
9:27 am
anaconda. >> shiri: 80s at beaches and decent waves three to 7 feet and all because of tropical activity and stirring up the ocean and show why it could parents arrested last night for making a violent threat against the school on social media. how police found out about it
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9:30, live look outside, a little cloudy out skies and wouldn't call it overcast. >> looking at picture you can tell rain on the horizon. >> anybody that wants to spend time on lawn without having crunch underneath the feet and touch base with meteorologist shiri spear who has more. >> shiri: milky, high, thin clouds and those clouds get thick and her thicker as we go
9:31 am
in, carrying the warm humid air with them and we got winds along the coastline sustained in the teens, elsewhere we got lighter winds, but it is doing a number for temperatures. worcester still at 68, but 70s in boylston, 67 in london der and he what it did is really prevented between that and incoming clouds, prevented overnight temperatures from slipping too much. low to mid-70s and cape seeing mid-70s at this hour. noon time though we go up to about 83?. going to notice it is kind of sticky. not unbearable and 3:00 p.m. about 86?. mostly dry conditions. i have to say some of the latest models that i have been looking at bringing in spot showers in and around the boston area starting with five and slight chance late day shower and warmest at 87 and going to be tough to get 90 on map unless we get more breaks on clouds along
9:32 am
80s today. i am timing out the more significant overnight rain thursday rain and, of course, the tropical depression that we are watching for labor day weekend coming up. julie, back to you for live drive time traffic. >> things looking really good on roads right now. route 1 moving along fine. 93 south really opened and up no issues on 128 southbound through lexington. space between the cars and really can't complain. 31 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 20 minutes on expressway, 29 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. >> daniel: east boston involving deadly hotel shuttle bus and driver of the other vehicle involved subaru rear ended hampton end shuttle bus and just left the air traffic. shuttle left the barrier on route 1a outside the ted
9:33 am
and thrown out of the window. we now know one of the people on board and 58-year-old -- 58-year-old man and 47-year-old woman and driver of the shuttle and two other people on board were hurt and remain in the hospital and seat belts on the bus and trying to figure out which one the people on board were wearing them and driving follow more information on story and look for updates on website at and also at 4:00. >> julie: breaking news this morning, black lives matter staging protest in front of city hall in cambridge. protesters use bike locks to chain necks to front door of the building. protest over affordable housing in the city. more affordable units should be available and rent to own should be available.
9:34 am
protest live through the app periscope and on their facebook page. >> daniel: teen will head to court instead of school as peers start first day back. he was arrested late last night for violent threat posted to instagram. fox25 jessica reyes is live in groveland where the teen suspect lived and, police say another student actually alerted them to the post. >> students got here for the very first day at school, two hours ago and inside the building we know the superintendent is meetings with teachers and assemblies with students to keep everyone in the loop. and student here at pan tucket regional high school and photo apparently posted on instagram and gun tucked into waistband and caption referencing the first day of school year. when police arrested him at his
9:35 am
he cooperated and they were able to determine that what he had in the photo was actually an air soft pistol. superintendent wouldn't comment on any sort of discipline for him and what's next at the school and did say he is arrested very short time after first reported. >> within 90 minutes that person had then taken into custody and situation was investigated and determined not to be a threat to any of our staff or students. >> officers here at the high school and middle school throughout the day and as for that student, he is charged with communicating a threat to a public school. he is still in police custody right now and due in lawrence juvenile court sometime today. in west newbury, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: framingham man caught on video punching two officers during an arrest. take a look at this two minute video sent to fox25. the officers responded to the
9:36 am
and then subdue the man. the framingham police chief tells us the officers are lucky the suspect didn't have a weapon. he is also commending them on how they dealt with the situation. >> prevent somebody from being assaulted and put somebody in harm's way to help somebody else. >> the man was arraigned yesterday on number of charges including two counts of assault and battery on police officer. posted 9,500-dollar >> daniel: fox25 cameras were there as wilson bria locked out yesterday afternoon. the victim who has a disability calls bria on personal cell and asked to be picked up at her home. however, once arrived prosecutors say he asked to use the bathroom and rob the victim when she let him in.
9:37 am
medicine. >> bria does not work for uber but -- does work for uber but was not on duty at the time of the incident. this arrest comes as local leaders are asking to beef up ride sharing and scheduling a meeting with uber executives to talk about enhancing screening for drivers. two uber drivers arrested in everett this month for sexual assault and lewd behavior. bog men had previous arrest on their record and somehow uber missed though uber officials say they passed background checks. >> end of the day continues to happen in neighborhoods and they always found an excuse to blame on somebody else. >> new law won't go into effect october 17 and get plans to bring up in january to see if they can be made stronger. >> daniel: >> julie: three-year-old boy
9:38 am
lowell has died. the boy has been hospitalized since august 20th went he and two-year-old were found unresponsive in the home. little girl was released from the hospital. police and district attorney's office still investigating how they ended up in pool. annual new hampshire fare will reopen tomorrow. last summer vermont man and six-year-old daughter were killed at lancaster fairgrounds. they were watching a circus performance when a storm blew through and tent inspections will be more thorough this year marshals. >> daniel: first told you monday night how mike and kevin slade were forced to camp on grape island. after the wake from the ferry capsized their boat. they tell fox25 the owner boston harbor cruises has offered to pay for their boats and for an upgrade. daniel: dramatic coast guard rescue 140 miles off coast of chatham and video shows rough
9:39 am
basket to pull injured fisherman from a ship over the weekend. authorities say the 30-year-old man was flown to mass general and treated for serious head injury. >> julie: meeting scheduled for most popular neighborhoods. cording to referred to as gateway to the north end will include restaurants, cafe and retail space for cross street between salem and hanover streets. the plans are expected to be submitted to the city for approval soon. warning people and pets to avoid the water in the charles river basin. water samples high levels of bacteria. coming in contact with the water irritate ears as well as cause a rash and bacteria clears up. collecting information about shark activity in the area. the atlantic white shark conservancy is able to wirelessly download information about what swam within
9:40 am
shark sightings. fox25 had an exclusive look at how data is collected and why it is so important. >> more we understand about sharks the more we can coexist and cohabitate and animals are here. >> daniel: data gathered all summer long. >> family off the coast of cape cod got look at great white their boat near race point beach in provincetown on sunday. sharks like the area and two more were reported monday. official don't know if the three sightings were different sharks or the same great white. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. on the expressway north shore things started open up, 19 minutes as we head from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: pollen levels today
9:41 am
ragweed out there high category and he reason that pollen levels going down a little bit here tomorrow is because there's rain in the forecast. i'm going to time out those showers, show you what kind of effect we will feel from tropical depression nine as we inch toward the labor day weekend coming up. >> pop star taking time off and
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>> daniel: training firefighters when went into cardiac arrest and put training to work and saved his life. >> it is great for camaraderie. >> this time it wasn't the physical abilities test that brought the guys of the middleton fire department together. it was chief himself after the workout while he and his men system and building. >> we started the training and i was sitting and didn't feel that well. >> chief, you okay, and didn't respond and the guys immediately put him on the floor and confirmed that he was in cardiac arrest. >> when there's a patient do what you're trained to do. >> middleton firehouse monday it was use of cpr and aed. both were used on chief twist by the firefighters to regain heartbeat long enough to get him
9:45 am
blockages. >> i was just lucky i was in the best place to get my initial care and i ended up at the best place to get my ongoing care and that made the difference. saved my life. >> that's the business of a first responder. but even the chief knows it is different when the life they are saving is personal. >> i know was hard for them. i group up a lot of these guys. >> one of your own, it makes it more difficult. >> when you know the person and before they collapse and certainly changing dynamics a little bit and extra pressure. >> really no words to explain that. they gave me a second chance. >> daniel: renewed passion for
9:46 am
and talking to you right now as prime example. >> chief has been on middle fire department for 37 years and chief for ten years. it was supposed to have that retirement party today and been put on hold until he gets out of the hospital. if all goes well he could be discharged tomorrow. >> that is great and saying such a brotherhood. firehouse. >> across the country. >> what it is all about. >> they were there for each other. >> julie: centers fordies control fight the zika virus. cdc says it is almost out of money. previous attempts to fund battle against zika have been voted down. congress returns from summer break on tuesday and expected to take action then. this announce am came hours before florida confirmed three more cases of the virus. researchers have come up with a special type of contact lens that can gradually deliver medication to your eye. drug stored in the outer edges
9:47 am
clear for better vision. researchers say the contacts could be an option for people of that hard time using eye drops. >> julie: red sox head to rays and west coast for road trip. seventh campus ties game at three with home run off drew bomb errand and no doubt about this with evan pitch all the way out at fenway park. that's the game winner. sox lose four-three. down in foxborough this is probably the final time we will see patriots quarterback tom brady fielding questions before his four game suspension starts on saturday. brady says he will try to do the best he can to stay sharp while he is away for the team. he could have no contact with coaches and teammates until october 3rd. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes every ten minutes and thing really
9:48 am
roads. 128 has opened up. expressway moving along fine. no issues on 128 southbound through burlington, lexington, down to the pike. here is live look at the expressway where volume is very manageable. over to the live drive times, 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 24 minutes on 93 south, 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, i would say today's forecast is manageable as well. >> manageable because it is going to be warm and we have the clouds moving in and i think that's going to really remove some of the discomfort, feels different when it is hot and humid and sun bearing down on you. showers tonight and tomorrow future cast here as we hit 11:00 this morning, noon team this afternoon technically. we got a lot of lower 80s out there, lower 80s and tons of clouds on and off clouds tonight straight through the afternoon, couple peaks i think blue sky every now and then and we have
9:49 am
afternoon, best bet is north of the mass pike and here you can see four at 5:00 and lonely shower passing through boston and very big impact at all on the evening commute. i say more showers popping as we get into the early morning hours tomorrow. while you're sleeping, look at what's going to be moving in. we have a batch of rain. rain totals through 10:00 this morning are going to be kind of hard to find. got couple sprinkles here and there and only impacting a couple communities later on afternoon. main rain develops tomorrow and slow moving thunderstorms we could be talking half inch of rain or more in some communities. this afternoon i have got upper 80s on the map with 88 in ipswich and norwood, 87 in boston and framingham and 81 in worcester, upper 80s fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. 85 and 80 in hyannis. tomorrow is cooler but still muggy day. we got mid and upper 70s. not as warm because we don't have the sunshine to really help
9:50 am
cools things down as well and a lot of here and there rain showers throughout the day. 7:00 a.m. chance for rain goes all the way from southern new hampshire into massachusetts. by lunchtime this front is going to be passing through boston. the chance for showers continues at lunch loon the coastline, across eastern massachusetts. it sings into southeastern mass into the evening commute and shades of yellows, orange, reds, that would go along with thunderstorms and some locally heavy rain, so i think heavy rain biggest issue not everybody getting because everybody needs it. we have dry air that's going to be pushing into play here late on thursday and taking over friday. this is latest on tropical depression nine and other update and parts of the coast and even hurricane watch because it could be near hurricane strength once it passes over florida here on thursday. we have to go all the way out to labor day to see it approaching us hoover, current track is
9:51 am
anywhere within the cone which now does involve eastern massachusetts on flip side it could go out to sea. it is too early to make the call and talk about specific effects that the we have. i just need it to be up on your radar so your paying attention to the labor day forecast. things looking partly cloudy, afternoon pop-up and dry and bright over the weekend with crisp mornings in the 50s and highs middle 70s, 77 monday with chance for some impacts from what's now tropical clearing out by tuesday. back to you. >> shiri, say it ain't so. dunkin donuts ending a popular program to start a new one. why it will cost just 87 cents
9:52 am
norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins?
9:53 am
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so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> julie: selena gomez focusing on maintaining health and happiness by taking some time off. last october she was undergoing whichemo therapy to treat lupus and hopes the public decision to take care of herself helps others to do the same.
9:55 am
fans looking for another way to get to concert gillette stadium for the boss's concert on september 14th. the train will bepart south station before the concert and leave gillette 30 minutes after the event ends. round trip ticket will cost $20. tickets can be purchased at south station, back bay station and north station. red sox slugger david ortiz gets up close look at unusual tribute to him in one massachusetts town. that's big papi corn yesterday in sterling. part of the grand opening of the new cornfield maze davis farmland. if you look closely the maze has an image of ortiz on left side and worked thanks big papi on right. from what we can tell ortiz loved it. >> can't believe they did this and even describe. >> maze opens to the public on
9:56 am
bradley junior doing his part to help kids get ready for school year. jamie jay went back to school shopping with 80 red sox scholars at target near fenway. each student got new backpack with school supplies. the red sox scholars program provides boston police school students with $10,000 college scholarships and access to mentoring. >> bad news for pats fans. dunkin donuts and just about everyone else. maybe because of and four record. dunkin donuts gave away more than 2 million free coffees. this year customers can get 87 sent medium coffee the day after the pats win. the price pays tribute to number 87, one and only rob gronkowski. people have to been rolled in dunkin donuts perks plan to get the deal. >> 87 cents been that's a deal.
9:57 am
today as well. >> slight risk of afternoon shower. better bet that we can see scattered showers and storms tomorrow. we still dry out for the weekend but watching closely the tropics for labor day on monday. hoping the whole thing stays. >> thank you so much for watching this morning. >> watch the fox25 news at
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time for new viral videos today "right this minute." a man walks into a hospital with something strange through his upper torso. see the household item that nearly killed him. >> why a man should never clean. unsuspecting customers in a restaurant are engaging in conversation. the kinky reason behind a couple's game of musical a water buck seems to be enjoying himself. how he escapes one scary surprise under the surface. >> are you kidding! >> and a proposal hidden in a song goes viral. ? keep on going out ? >> now meet the talented performer and his very surprised girl friend. >> at what point in the song then did you realize this is actually real? >> um, marry me was a good


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