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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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diseased. there are more industries like this this street and neighbors worry that another one will fall and in that path will be someone instead of something. >> reporter: the whine of a chain shaw is now a regular sound track to life tower street. >> and i looked out the window and it was unbelievable. >> reporter: mendez was shocked for the second time her brother's car. >> damage is really important because my brother needs that to make a living. >> reporter: in early july this tree cracked and fell hitting a hoping across the street two. weeks later this trunk splintered and landed on top of mendez's scion causing $6,000 in damage. >> we called the city and said you need to come look at this. >> reporter: neighbors say they repeatedly contacted the city with concerns about the trees even opening an
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this e-mail saying it would take up to six months to schedule an inspection then an additional 12 months to complete tree maintenance. >> it might come down before then and it has. it's only been about a month and it's down. >> reporter: this morning a third industry in front of the mendez home crashed down sitting their only other vehicle. the handicap accessible van that takes her to physical therapy for her r.m.s. the only response from the city yet another >> they seem to be really busy. but that's almost no excuse because they're hazardous like i said there's peoples lives on the line. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they think it's a miracle when all of the trees have fall than hasn't been anyone here on the sidewalk underneath when they came crashing down. we did reach out to the mayor's office to ask if the city would consider sending someone out here to inspect
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us. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. high winds not only knocked down trees in jamaica plain today but all across massachusetts. a lot of people spend their day cleaning up. two people were injured when a tree fell earlier there. the fire department says the tree is more than 100 years old. the two victims we're told only suffered minor injuries. remember we always want too see your weather pictures. you can send them to share two teenagers are accused of stabbing a tax driver in chelsea allegedly with a box cutter. chelsea police arrested a 14-year-old and 17-year-old. they believe the cab driver was giving them a ride before the incident. one neighbor told fox 25 she saw the attack unfold and rushed to help the cab driver. >> i wasn't thinking of my
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taxi driver bleeding to death. >> according to police, the victim a 57-year-old man is stable but in serious condition at this time. the teenagers are expected to be arraigned in chelsea district court tomorrow assault and battery charges. starting tomorrow, 100 boston police officers will hit the street wearing body cameras. the department worked with as a consultant after no one volunteered. he said that violated their agreement and filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the pilo request for an injunction ruling the program can move forward. he wrote "had the union mobilized even a small part of its membership the pilot program would have proceeded as a voluntary program avieding any of the negative impacts allegedly flowing from the commissioner's orders. >> it's lousy the way it's laid out in the court as us versus the union.
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program a success. >> the 100 officers are racially and gender diverse. b.p.d. says 55 are white, 29 are black, 13 are latino and three are asian. 87 of the 100 are men. as -- as fox 25 has reported the boston police chief and seven other members of the command staff are wearing those body cameras. tests are expected back on the birds found dead in dorchester. fox 25 reported last week at least 40 birds were killed. some residents say the birds were sent to the state lab for testing. a few cats also became sick and one had to be put down. officials are checking if the virus is to blame or if someone intentionally harmed the birds. the district attorney's office has identified a man killed in taunton the d.a.'s office says 39-year-old mark green died when he was thrown from his boat. taunton fire officials say the first wooden boat was
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and a third collided into a pileup. all three drivers were ejected. hundreds of spectators are gathered shore -- are -- had gathered onshore. >> sure as check, the first boat kind of hooked, the second boat hooked and the third boat just ran right into the front two. >> as for another two boaters police tell us one has critical in other has been released from the hospital. mass state police, environmental police and prosecutors are investigating the cause of the crash. this just in hillary clinton has now cancelled plans to travel to the west coast this week after a healthcare this -- scare this morning. clinton abruptly left a 9/11 memorial in new york stay. her campaign is saying she fell ill is overheated. this video here released earlier shows clinton getting to the car. the statement from clinton's doctor saying the democratic
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put antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. while at this morning's event she became overhead and dehydrated. i just examined her she's now rehydrated and recovering nicely. donald trump facing some back be lash over his own health report recently. after his doctor says he wrote a letter summing up trump's health in just five minutes. today he's been seeing trump for the last 30 years and notes like the one he wrote are not unusual. 57 days until the election and a new poll shows a growing gap. "washington post" poll shows clinton holding a 5-point lead over trump, that's quite a jump from last week's poll which showed a much tighter race. trump was leading clinton by two points in that poll.
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voters will notice a few minor changes at the polls this year including know voting machines. turnout is expected to be light. a federal appeals court in boston will hear arguments a new hampshire law that bans posting photos on-line. it was struck down now the first court of appeals will hear the case tuesday. they arrest concerns about coercion but opponents say this >> leed aler. >> donald a. foreman. >> irwin l.irker. >> zoe stockenberg. >> today we cause to remember it was 15 years ago when terror attacks killed nearly 3,000 americans and forever changed this
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gathered at the twin towers memorial site to read the names of the 2 zwr 753 people who died --,753 people who died at the world trade center. salmonella wreaths and roses were laid this -- ceremonial wreaths and roses were laid this afternoon. remembering the 206 people from massachusetts who died 9/11. >> fox 25's christine mccarthy there was as ones pay tribute and prayer, songs and moments of silence ? oh say can you see ? >> 15 septembers later -- >> by the dawn's early light ? >> reporter: inside the house chamber are a tribute to the 3,000 lives lost 9/11 and a special honor for the 206 who hailed from massachusetts. >> david, raymond j. rocker.
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bouchard. >> reporter: messages to loved ones. >> and my lovely son mathd ucar minute solito your mother and i miss you dearly and may god hold you in the palm of his hands until we meet again. >> and my irrepressably goofy baby brother lewis years we still can't believe you're not coming back. >> reporter: governor charlie baker emotional as he watched sons and daughters who have grown up pay tribute to their parents. >> think about all those people whose moms and dads didn't get to watch them grow up. for leslie blair the annual memorials are cathartic but the memories of her 35-year-old sister susan
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tower that fateful day are difficult to relive. >> to hear her name again, i always tear up, as i'm doing now. i miss her dearly. it never really gets any easier. >> reporter: the events concluded with the civilian bravery award in the name of flight attendant madeleine amy sweeney who called from the first flight with critical information about the five hijackers. her the honor to the wife. >> i wish my husband were sitting next to me i want everybody to think about helping other people. >> reporter: it's a symbol that when evildoers try to destroy humanity instead the very best of mankind emerges. >> governor baker tells us he has been a fending 9/11
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years -- attending 9/11 memorials for the past 15 years. he says the support has only grown for these memorials. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. storms are gone humidity dropping. i'm going to show you the change in temperatures on the way. plus, it's the day runners in boston look forward to every september. the information you need to know ahead of opening registration for next year's boston marathon. >> first pushing back against privatization. mbta employees taking to the
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>> people will have a final chance this week to sound off in the state's plan to extend rail service to the southern coast. the public meeting will be held tomorrow in taunton. the last one will take place on wednesday in fall river. they want to bring commuter service back to cities in fall river. tomorrow they are holding a rally against privatizing the mbta. the io opposed to the idea and are talking to governor bake better recent calls to privatize the t. now we spoke with the governor last week about the need to privatize he says there was no need. >> we have all talked about the fact that the t has a lot of issues. we've made no bones about that. in my sort of one year anniversary i went over dozens and dozens and dozens of issues that we're working on and still need to improve . >> remember? >> tomorrow's protest will
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headquarters. two passersby pulling a woman out of her fiery car in bourne. take a look at the video here just amazing. he crashed into a utility pole. she was brought to the hospital with just minor injuries. facing charges of failing to stay in her lane. but officers say alcohol and speed were not factors. the u.s. supreme court has until tomorrow to decide if convicted mobster james "whitey" bulger gets trial. bulger asked the high court to hear an appeal of his face. his attorney says his client didn't get a fair trial because the jury wasn't told a prosecutor what has since died promised him immunity. an appeals court rejected the same argument in march. bulger was convicted in twin racketeering charges and linked to 11 murders. dozens were injured after a deck collapse near trinity college. it happened last night during a large student party.
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there were no critical injuries. a sentencing retrial for gary sampson is set to begin wednesday in federal court in boston. a jury gave him the death penalty back in 2003, after he pleaded guilty to killing two massachusetts men in 2001. but that was later overturned bay judge who found one of the jurors lied about her background. sampson was convicted separately in new hampshire for killing a third man. a big day for all the boston athletic association will open registration for the 2017 boston marathon. the b.a.a. says redge strays opens at 10:00 monday morning using the same process as in the past. the fastest qualifying runners of each gender group register first. registration for the marathon closes september 17th . the race is set for monday, april 17th. we've got some perfect
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and not too hot out there. well, today was all about change. this morning it was humid, it was cloudy. we had showers and thunderstorms that rolled through and brought in very gusty conditions. take a look at some of our wind reports gusting from 40 to 50 miles per hour. fitchburg had a gust of 51 miles per hour and with the drought that we're under a lot of our trees are stressed and dying, therefore, easy to as well as break apart. we'll had a lot of reports across the region. be you can click any one of these and you will see this one particularly 9:55 tree down route 110 near interstate 495 near chelmsford. once those showers push through it turned out to be a beautiful day. the amount of rain not that much. less than a tenth of an inch in most spots.
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otherwise we are dealing with dry air moving in behind that front that's now well to our south and east. so those winds they turn breezy this afternoon. help transport some of that drier air in. also bring down the temperatures. take a look at this 60s and 50s right now. mostly clear out there. it's going to be a cool and comfortable night. open up those windows and turn off the a.c. take a look at the dew po they were in the 70s in some spots this morning. as we take a look at the dew point temperature you get clear skies and light wind. that's why i'm anticipating to see some areas wake up to temperatures in the 40s tomorrow morning. i think we may hold in the 50s in boston. of course shiri spear will be here in the morning taking you through the warmup. noticing it's not going to be as warm as it was today in the lower 80s it's going to be about average.
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the morning then into the afternoon we'll climb into the 70s a tad cooler in boston because we'll watch for the winds to turn on shore. you get inland with the wind out of the north northwest. a really nice day heading our way. wall to wall sunshine nothing to complain about. if you're headed to fenway park tomorrow night sunset 6:58 before 7:00. you will have that first temperature right degrees. then wednesday, that's when we'll have to watch for our next chance of some showers. so dry the next couple of days but wednesday is a day not only do we have the risk of showers and storms we're also increasing that humidity, too so enjoy the dry and comfortable conditions bringing bright sunshine, cool nights warm sunny days. noticing that front well to the north and west. that will be pushing in.
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later wednesday, wednesday night then we dry back out with cool conditions temperatures in the 40s in the overnight hours. 70s in the afternoon as we head into the weekend. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> sarah, thanks. the attacks 9/11 won't ever leave the minds who saw it happen that day of course but 15 years of people who didn't live it. next how one school is planning to teach these next how one school is planning to teach these teens and preteens about how golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it. america runs on dunkin'. that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid
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>> for so many of us these image also never leave our minds it may be hard to believe but there are students in high school today that are too young to remember. >> airport security, getting padded down. that's what we're used to. in glass they have learned about the oonchths of 9/11 it seemed like something you would see in a history books something you would read about. so you know what happened two planes crashed into the twin towers in new york
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,000 a new program is taking a new approach. >> my husband was murdered on 9/11 flight 11 american airlines. >> people like linda gay of tewkesbury which is rolling out the program to high schools across the state. >> so what we wanted to do is make it real. have real people factual to them. >> people with personal connections to the tragic event from families to first responders. in addition to the real people real >> we just got report in there has been an explosion at the world trade center in new york city. they are adding this documentary that doesn't water down history. it includes voices of other young people.
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the people from massachusetts died 9/11. >> we as a country made a pledge not to forget. the program was the missing link in the classroom to keep the conversation going. we just can't switch. >> the mass 9/11 funds plans this year. cool at the bus stop into the afternoon we're in the mid to upper 70s. lots of sunshine low humidity and another nice day tuesday watching another day for showers wednesday. good hair days ahead.
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for sure here's tom now with what's ahead. >> always fun a nice when the patriots are wrapping up. we'll bring you the very late frests arizona as soon as the game between the patriots and the cardinals is over. the pats hanging a 21-23 lead in the fourth quarter. we will head out to glendale. we'll also drill down deep a big win for the red sox. big papi teeing off again. doing big damage. butch stearns one-on-one with bruins neelly so plenty to keep you entertained. i invite to you please stay with us. the "sportswrap" is next we'll take you to at least midnight. we'll be back with you so grab a drink get something to eat maybe a snack. hope you stick around for our coverage of the patriots and the cardinals in
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>> hey everybody great to be with you tom leyden with a fun night. let's go with the red sox first. probably not that's what red sox manager john farrell said today when asked if his team had a bigger win. returning home now for a seven game home stand with a two game lead in the standings. we'll start with jackie bradley jr. runners on the corners and they can take a nice stroll around the bases. boston is top 4-1. grand-slam to left and the game turns a dime you want


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