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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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orders as hurricane matthew heads toward florida and the carolinas. travelers and airlines are prepared for at logan even though the storm isn't going to miss new england. and an out of control dog attacks four people sending three of them to the hospital. what the mayor is calling for animal control to do with the pets. four days out from the next presidential debate and the candidates are taking difference approaches to prepare. how donald trump plans to use new hampshire as practice for coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: tracking hurricane matthew. the storm causing widespread destruction in haiti flooding hundreds of home. the central bahamas were hammered overnight with category 3 winds and the storm is expected to strengthen as it moves to florida. now millions of americans are in the path of the hurricane. as you can see they are stocking up on supplies,
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good morning, everyone. thursday, october 6, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: and i am daniel miller. hurricane matthew not expected to impact us here. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear this morning. sarah is in the storm tracker weather center with a track on the storm and sarah, chilly temperatures for us. >> sarah: something you will notice when you step outside. cold and quiet. category 3, hurricane matthew with winds 11 miles per hour pounding that area with heavy rain is expected to strengthen as it approaches the eastern coast of florida later on today and through the next couple of days. one thing we are notice something with the track though, as we head toward the weekend it looks as though we will curve and head out to sea before meandering there for quite some time and that is all because we are watching some of our weather patterns influence matthew as we head to the weekend. we will get to that coming up in just a few minutes, but
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36 right now. 37 in barre. 39 in north grafton. 39 in natick and lexington. 39 in reading. a little milder in boston and down across the south shore in the 50s as well the cape with clouds overhead. areas of fog to start date, but as we get on through, temperatures will be climbing into the 60s if not the low 70s by this afternoon. cooling off with clear skies once again. coming up, i will show you where we have some low visibility and fog, but right now, let's get a check of your >> julie: sarah, good morning, overnight construction work. a lane closure from the lower deck. closing dewey square tunnel section. traffic being diverted to exit a and b for another half an hour until 5 a.m. a little purple mark on the map. 93 south moving along fine. pike is clear. expressway. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound. single digits on the expressway.
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approach the zakim bridge. it is 4:32 right now. two million people are under evacuation orders this morning in florida, in the carolinas and in georgia as hurricane matthew is set to hit miami tonight. >> the storm is already responsible for damaging haiti, cuba and the bahamas with the death toll rising to two dozen people. diane gallagher show us how millions in the storm's bath are preparing now. >> reporter: shutters installed. >> we are a block or less from gridlocked. >> a little bit crazy. i never expected to come and see so many people. >> reporter: and highways packed with people evacuating hurricane matthew. >> this is serious. >> reporter: in florida, store shelves empty as people stock up with supplies. the deadly storm is slowly churning in warm waters with the united states in its path. >> it is expecting to strengthen as it gets closer to florida. that means people have less than 24 hours left to prepare, to evacuate and shelter.
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of florida is under a state of emergency. parts of georgia and the carolinas also under states of emergency as officials keep watchful eyes on the storm. >> i continue to ask the citizens of south carolina to pray for each other and to continue to take care of your neighbors and make sure you are watching out for everyone. anyone who is trying to wait this out, take caution and try to heed what everybody else is doing. >> reporter: in charleston, i am diane gallagher. local cyclist s are cambridge. benard lavins a doctor from lexington died when his bike ended up underneath a tractor-trailer in porter square. it happened at the intersection of mass avenue and somerville. the truck driver remained at the scene. this summer a 27-year-old woman was killed while riding her bike in inman square. brockton's mayor is calling for a husky to be put down. the dog bit four people sending three of the victims to the hospital. fox25's jessica reyes is live in brockton.
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quarantine with animal control. >> reporter: right, julie. under quarantine at the brockton center for ten days and mayor of brockton is calling for him to be put down. we have a photo of the dog. his name is leo and he is a husky. he got out and attacked four people including a fire fighter, a animal control officer and a 75-year-old woman. the mayor said a city will hold a hearing to figure out what to do wit made it very clear what he thinks the owner should do. >> my feeling is that he bit four people in one day. i have seen and heard enough. in my mind the dog is dangerous. and my hope will be that the owner of the dog will just work with us voluntarily. sign over the dog and give permission for it to be euthanized. >> reporter: three of the four people that leo bit to go to the hospital but thankfully none of the injuries were
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owner will face charges. crews did reach out to the dog's owner and had no comment for us. live in brockton this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. lawyers for former patriots player aaron hernandez have asked a judge to limit what the jury will hear in an upcoming murder trial. hernandez will be in court for a status conference. schedule to go on trial in february for the murder of two men outside of a boston night club. hernandez's defense attorney asked to not asked to not allow descriptions by two witnesses. the attorneys say that the it has changed over time and unreliable. hernandez has pled not guilty. a lawyer representing the woman who raised concerns of the oust the police chief wants to talk to the district attorney. the attorney pushing for a criminal case against leonard campanello. the chief wiped hundreds of text messages off of the city cell phone after the relationship. >> two women was brought to light. the city started the
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whole thing a witch hunt. the mbta is recommending that a private contractor be hired to handle the agency's cash collection. earlier this year a preview found the mbta so-called money loom widespread security holes. video of a worker taking a nap in the back office with money left out on the table. the mbta said the fiscal control board should hire the company mrings for five years to handle charlestown operation. 4 : the city of lawrence has to spend $875,000 to replace its high school football field after it was destroyed during weekend festival. mayor said the field and track at memorial veterans stadium was damaged beyond repair during a cultural festival. the event drew 8,000 people sunday night and organizers left behind piles of trash and even tents. the mayor said shards of glass are buried in the artificial
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for schools to use it again. under the terms of the contract glass objects were supposed to prohibited at the event. 4:38 is the time. today, drivers in massachusetts will learn how much the new toll rates will cost on the mass pike. the mass dot board are expected to vote on a new toll structure this afternoon. starting october 28, a new electronic tolling system will take effect. drivers will no longer slow down and stop at toll plazas. cars without a bill in the mail. mass dot will keep records of how fast the drivers are going under the new toll sensors. the speed data will the no be used to issue tickets. and mass do, it said the numbers will be used for research purposes. critics fear the data can track the movement of individual drivers and can be used against them in court cases. the state will be forced to turn over the information if a judge issues a court order.
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the second presidential debate and donald trump has a stop to new hampshire. a small invitation-only meeting. trump will take questions from the audience as a practice debate for sunday. the next debate will let people in the audience ask questions of the two candidates instead of a moderator. today's trip to new hampshire max the sixth visit to the granite state. hillary clinton is taking the rest of the week off from the campaign trail to prep for the debate. the democrat does not have any events scheduled until sunday's match-up. vermont senator bernie sanders, chelsea clinton, vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will all stump for the candidate this week. the second presidential debate is set for this sunday in solution. live coverage begins right here on fox25 at 9 p.m. the boston red sox begin the post season in cleveland against the indians. game one of the best of the divisional series starts at 8. rick porcello for the sox,
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they will be playing game three here on sunday. fox25's butch stearns is live in cleveland and look for his reports all day long and the game one highlights and reactions tomorrow on fox25. tomorrow right here on fox25. the morning show. so it is not on at night. so far the post season has been fantastic, mets and giants in the nl wild card game last night. the catch made by new york's curtis granderson. whoo. that kept the game scoreless. it stayed that way until the top of of the 9th. san fran a three-run homer. those were the only ones to gain. madison baumgartner pitched a complete game for the giants. will go on to face the cubs in the nlcs. and we track traffica weather every ten minutes. 19 minutes from 495 in andover to the zaib imbridge. sarah. >> sarah: changing the weather department. visibility dropped from a
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low visibility in portsmouth and the connecticut river valley down in new bedford. a half a mile visibility. take it easy on the roadways. we will see the clouds lift and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by this afternoon into the 70s we go away from the coast with sunshine. we will show you how long this dry weather lasts coming up in just a few minutes. more changes to facebook. new at o'clock, the feature that will let have you conversations no one else will be able to find. and a veteran is not letting his traumatic brain injury get
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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a boston start-up's answer to peanut allergies is gaining momentum and will go nationwide. the product is a peanut introduction kit for babies. based on the idea that gradually introducing peanuts to young kids can help them to avoid developing allergies later in life. the company hopes to release a target more food allergies like shell fish and wheat. the city of somerville is teaming up with boston-based concussion legacy for a model city for concussion education. one of the goals of the new program, helping young athletes stay healthy. so we have so much more information and data today, and it is important for the student to understand this because they will the peers and champions of behavioral
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safe sports is a combination of public health and schools. their focus is to educate the community about concussion symptoms and treatments. people painted the town pink to support breast cancer awareness. not only did they wear pink but they gave their police cars a new color for the day. metheun's mayor said that it helps many people. >> we had many people in city cancer as well, i am aware of that and i wanted to bring that to the forefront. >> julie: the city raises money throughout the year for cancer research. they donated $6,000 for those affected by breast cancer. a procedure so rare that only a few have ever been done in the united states. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins introduces us to a war veteran who has been given a new life with a double arm transplant right here in boston. >> at least now i have a fighting chance at pursuing my
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the cusp of a dream. six years ago he was living a nightmare. the marine corps sergeant lost all of his limbs stepping on an explosive device. this year he is starting a new chapter. >> would i ever imagine being here? no. i mean, i still to this day telling people about the arm transplant. they are saying, wait, they can do that? >> reporter: a double arm transplant is a rare procedure. hecht is only the fourth to have it performe john hopkin's hospital. >> he is a great candidate. he is young and enthusiastic and optimistic where things are happening. >> reporter: he was optimistic. a new arm. >> i was right-handed before but with prosthetics i was left-handed. it will be a challenge, i think. >> reporter: but a challenge he can't wait to take on. with prosthetic hands, he couldn't feel temperature, turn door handle, shake people
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fiancee. he is more eager to get back into the kitchen. >> as long as i can hold a knife, i am good, the left hand and right hand. >> every time you say knife, his eyebrows raised. >> the arms' donor and family have not been made public but the gift he is given will make him feel humble and grateful. >> i will continue to have a piece of this man with me until the day i die. i will remember his >> daniel: hecht is from virginia and will head to walter reed medical center to continue his fill therapy as he continues to heal. great attitude. >> julie: i hope we follow up with him to see his progress. if he is left-handed or right-handed. we will are to see. to the roads, things are nice and quiet. bright green means speed limit ride on the expressway. 128 northbound and southbound moving along fine. north of the pike, route 1, 93
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overnight -- all of those icons are overnight construction projects that will wrap up in 15 minutes. here are those live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear this morning. a shilly start to the morning. >> sarah: absolutely grab that jacket, you are going to need it. and big improvements. a little bit above normal as temperatures the 70s. and guess what, folks, it gets better into friday, temperatures in the mid-70s. everything -- what goes up must go down sure enough by the weekend the temperatures start to fall and we are watching a cold front that could bring us the risk for scattered showers. but that cold front also helping to kick matthew out to sea and stay to our south which i will get to in just a few minutes. current conditions, it is chilly just like daniel said. 34 degrees in bedford.
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the clouds have allowed for temperatures to stay in the 40s and 50s for the south coast, cape and islands. as we go throughout the morning, we notice patchy fog through the connecticut river valley and the southeast. by 7:00 this is the time that people typically head to work and school. we are in the 30s and 40s. so it will be a chilly start to your day. as we get toward lunchtime, clouds beginning to erode and sunshine really boosting those temperatures well into the 60s. those winds turning onshore keeping things a bit cooler to the coast and into the highs look like this for the day today. 68 in boston in the afternoon, but 70s as you travel further north and west. we go with mostly sunny skies. i think we are showing a lot of clouds due to the clouds this morning as we -- i am not going to ethat high pressure building on in. we wanted to point out a cold front out -- way out to the west, and sure enough, we will be watching for a risk for showers to arrive in places like cleveland by tomorrow. tonight, the game looks fantastic. clear skies, 70. tomorrow the games in the
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more clouds and chance of showers late but temperatures will be in the 70s. so as for us to the, we have got mostly clear skies and fog could develop again, temperatures falling back once again in the 40s. but another beautiful day headed our way. high pressure in control for tomorrow. that means lots of sunshine and temperatures climbing into the 70s. i mentioned the cooler weather headed our way this weekend. sure enough that follows a cold front that you will notice brings a risk of a few showers late in the day on saturday and overnight. to let me show you how this is going to play out. but there is that cold front out to the west. i also want to point out to our south, we are tracking matthew that it looks to be riding up along the florida coast as well as the southeastern areas of georgia and south carolina. this is tomorrow afternoon. as it pushes up the coast, this cold front which will be approaching our region will help to push matthew out to sea, but notice by tuesday afternoon, we have more clouds and the risk of those showers moving on in as this front clears by early sunday.
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that is what a lot of the forecast models are actually showing. matthew now in the bahamas currently expected to near the coast later on tonight of florida. all the models in agreement, but then as we get into friday evening, notice what happens. we take that sharp curve thanks to that cold front, and really what happens by next week may even spin around and head back toward the bahamas as a much weaker storm or out to sea. still a lot of uncertainty with that later forecast about a week away miles per hour, 115, a category 3 storm right now pounding the bahamas. we have hurricane warnings up for the eastern coast of florida as well as the bahamas. and we are likely going to see a very close approach if not a landfall as a category 4 storm. that what the forecast of the national hurricane center by later on this evening. noticing tonight at 8:00, category 4 storm to really just brush along the coast, and there is still some wiggle room. it may make landfall late
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as it rides up along the coast, just really creating some havoc with just strong winds, as well as heavy rain and likely some storm surge. it is expected to then shift to the north and east by late friday into this weekend. weakening as a storm and then eventually a thunderstorm by early monday as it heads back well away from our area. but those thunderstorm-force winds expected to move into the florida area by to the. that is that area in red right there. so we will really watch out forh because we are going to see some really dangerous conditions develop quickly. as for us, it is quiet and dry. temperatures in the 70s. this weekend, that chance of showers on saturday and look as though high pressure builds on in and looks pretty quiet yet for columbus day. over to you, guys. >> julie: all right, sarah. terrifying moments caught on camera. how employees helped stop a man from swinging a knife at their employees.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. prince fans will get their first look into the pop icon's home. members of the suburb paisley park agreed for limited guided tours today, friday and saturday. it will let them review public
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house to operate as a museum. prince died earlier this year at his home. more than three years later, the images remain as haunting as the day they happened, a terror attack the boston marathon finish line changing the city and its marquee sporting eforever. we are getting a first look at the movie on the marathon bombing. crews wrapped filming back in july after shooting scenes in quincy, cambridge and the marathon finish line on boylston patriots star mark wahlberg is wrong those producing the movie and the trailer strikes a very somber tone. take a look. >> hey, how many times have you run this thing. >> boston, 19. 43 overall. >> s a 'impressive, boss.
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[somber music] julie pretty powerful stuff. the entire trailer it was two minutes. i would -- a couple of minutes to kind of sit and take it in. you can see it on our web site at patriots day hits theatres in boston december 21. a new research facility has opened its doors in boston allowing frurs get a jump
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the auto desk fill space is on dry dock avenue in the seaport district. it is a 34,000 square-foot building where 11 dedicated work isshops and more than 60 pieces of large equipments including robots and laser cutters. mayor marty walsh treated about the new facilities calling it a testament to the city's bright and talented workers. a kenmore square project in the planning stages for more than a decade can finally happen. developer fenway center a mixed use complex over fenway park 14 years ago. the $14 million price tag has delayed the project. developers have presented a plan to build the complex in two parts. they want to start with two apartment buildings before building a massive deck over the highway. 4:58 right now. a samsung smartphone causes a flight to evacuate minutes before departure. we will have the details about
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more bad news for the company. and it is all -- already gaining oscar buzz.
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