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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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breaking news at 5:00, hurricane matthew hits florida with powerful winds, rain and waves. >> we are starting to see the impact and it is a monster. >> gene: team coverage of the dangerous storm and the new information just released from the national hurricane center. plus a quiet town is on edge after an attack that left a elderly man dead and his wife seriously hurt. the small number of clues that police released in this the sox stumble in their first game of the alds. the check swing causing teng in the night. plus fox25 in the clubhouse after the game. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody. thanks nor joining us on this friday morning, it is october 7. i am gene lavanchy. >> and i am sara underwood. the eye of hurricane matthew
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despite some weakening, it still remains a very dangerous storm. you can see the winds and rain along the east coast as the storm moved in overnight. we have team coverage of the storm. daniel miller is monitoring the newest damage report from the southeast, but we begin with meteorologist sarah wroblewski in storm tracker weather center with a new track and forecast just released, sarah, this last few minutes. >> just reading the discussion from the national hurricane center and they are talking ab close to the state's coast. it is still a category 3 storm with winds of 120 miles per hour. this was just updated at 5:00. pressure down to 9:38 and will likely be a category 3 as it runs parallel to the coast. the question is does it actually make landfall? nonetheless, the hurricane-force winds extend 60 miles from the center so all along this immediate coast not only dealing with rain but also strong wind gusts
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category 3 through the dayed to as we can arrive this wokeend as it approaches the georgia coast and stays just offshore and bring it back to the south into next week and a much weaker form. so, of course, we will continue tomorrow and current wind gust there. if you were stepping up this morning, we have the 40s and 50s for the most part. chilly in nor wood with fog. sunshine is in our forecast. we will show you what to expect for the afternoon in just a few minutes. and as we said, hurricane matthew lashing florida overnight with strong winds, heavy rains and powerful waves. >> gene: the biggest concern this morning is the storm surge with some forecasters saying greater than the surge seen in new jersey during superstorm sandy. daniel miller monitoring developments and daniel, emergency crews say this is the time to stay inside if you happen to be in the storm's path. >> daniel: gene and sara,
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florida it is too dangerous for anyone to be outside that includes fire fighters, the police and even the emt m. matthew's winds have knocked down power lines, many of which are still live and forced some fire agencies to decide to keep their workers indoors for now. power company say there are more than 213,000 people without electricity across the state. those strong wind also knocked down street signs and extra redid billboards. 2 million people wer 2 million people were originaled to evacuate. they say that many places could be uninhabl for weeks even months after the storm moves out. florida's governor warning residents that matthew could bring a level of destruction not since hurricane andrew struck there nearly 25 years ago. and take a look at this video just from orlando. the city is, of course, well inland, but they are still seeing strong, damaging winds this morning. yesterday, disney world closed at 5:00 in the afternoon and they won't reopen until
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in florida. hurricane matthew is expected to stick close to the atlantic coast all day and eventually hits the states of georgia and south carolina. hundreds of thousands of people in those states have a few hours to evacuate if they want to. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. powerful hurricane passed over the bahamas. you can see large trees were knocked down. right now no verse have been reported but housing has severe flooding and wind damage. a number roads impassible well. video inside a hotel loom show the extent of some of the damage. telling people to stay indoors while they assess the destruction. the devastating impact that matthew had on haiti is really starting to come to light this morning. officials estimate 300 people have been killed. that number is expected to change though. 30,000 people in shelters across the country. thousands of homes have been destroyed and plantation and live stock have been decimated.
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a bridge that connects port-au-prince from southern haiti broke apart cutting off the island. officials say the worst disaster in haiti since its sxwaibing six years ago. we will continue to track hurricane matthew's path through the morning. we go live in jacksonville, florida where conditions are going downhill quickly. meteorologist sarah wroblewski is con taptly updating the forecast and the national hurricane center updated the path of the storm and the newest update will come in at 8:00. if you were away from your tv stay weather and news app and check things out on our web site at and now we want an uptaught on the roads. julie grauert is checking traffic. how do things look jules. >> julie: nice and quiet out there. still early. want to give you a head up. expecting the heaviest time when people get a look at their long weekend, columbus te holiday. expressway wide open route 1, 93 south moving along fine. 24 minutes on the pike
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20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. the search continues this morning for the person who left an elderly man dead and his wife seriously hurt. this all happened during an apparent home invasion. fox25's jessica reyes is live in orange this morning and jess, police are staying pretty tight lipped about this one. >> yeah, sarah, they haven't said a whole lot about it, but investigators were inside this house here well into the night last night. they describe a very distur trying to figure out exactly what happened inside this home. the man who was killed we understand was in his 90s, and police say his wheelchair-bound wife was also seriously hurt. police are still searching for suspects and they are asking the public for help bringing in tips. this happened with the bodies found early thursday morning. witnesses say possibly by caretaker who recently came to the house. >> two ladies out there, one them was the caregiver and
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what is going on? what going on out there? >> the wife was flown to umass memorial in worcester where she is being treated this morning and the man's cause of death has not yet been released. again police are being tight lipped about this but we know they are asking the public for any help bringing in leaves and anyone with any informing to give them call right away. a school bus with kids on board t of a shootout that left one man dead and police are searching for the gunmen. michael henrich is live in roxbury with the clues that police are hoping will help them track down the shooter. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the children not hurt, but a loss of life here in roxbury and police want to catch the person who pulled the trigger. they will look at surveillance video from this area dearborn and zi egler street. some of the local business
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look at it as part of the investigation. boston police say someone did fire shots gingerbread evening at 5:30 killing a man in the 20s after hitting him in the head. a fight had broken out a few minutes earlier between several people and somebody ended the fight with gunfire. the victim died at boston medical center.appear smaller school bus was right there at the time and boston public schools spokesperson tells fox25 that three students from harvard kent elementary school were on board. police commissioner evans spoke to fox25 about the of life. they are all good people in this neighborhood and they don't deserve to live like this. young children on school bus. again, i hope that the public comes forward. >> reporter: bps crisis counselors will be on hand for those kids who may or may not have witnessed the actual fatal shooting and they will be in the area of course at the time.
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homicide detectives right away. live in roxbury, michael henrich, fox25 news. and just under 12 hours, the red sox will be back on the field in cleveland hoping to put the disappointing playoff loss. rough outing for rick porcello. three home runs in the third. jason kitni, 3-2. and then francisco lindorf follows that with a shot that gets over a leap betts. sox would keep it close down 5-4 in the 9th. dustin pedroia tries to check the swing and called out to end the. fox25's butch stearns has reaction from cleveland. >> in game one of the alds, the red sox do not get a good start from rick porcello and their offense strikes out 14 times against indian pitching. a frustrating game one loss in cleveland.
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so that's. that's why they won the game. >> however you with a to the spin it. i threw the pitches that i thought i wanted to throw and hit three out of the ball park. >> we just got to put it behind, you know, and like i say, you know -- we play pretty good baseball. >> reporter: the red sox turn to david price 4:30 this game two to try to even this series up at one game appease. with the red sox in cleveland in the playoffs. butch stearns, station sports. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right out on the expressway you are flying ten minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. sara. >> low visibility in some spots norwood and out through the connecticut river valley and down across parts of the islands. be aware of that. and we have clear skies.
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with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s now pushing them into the 70s for the evening commute. but i am tracking rain chances over the weekend. plus the latest track of hurricane matthew. i will have that in just a minute. :111. the newest clown threat hoax ends with one local down. the threat by a parent that landed anymore handcuffs. focusing on the debate fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time.
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news right now. hurricane matthew slamming florida's atlantic coast. here a live look at daytona beach right now. extremely strong winds that could reach up to 120 miles per hour at its peak. emergency crews are urging people to stay inside as the worst of the storm is passing. hundreds of thousands of people are without power right now. our sarah wroblewski is monitoring the latest development on the storm's intensity and will have an
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the second presidential debate two days away and wither getting a new look at how voters in new hampshire view the candidate. the latest numbers from suffolk. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a virtual tie. clinton barely ahead with 44% of the vote to 42% with trump. state only has four electoral votes and depending on how other swing states fall, those four could be the difference for one of the candidates. more than 250 people gathered in a small room to hear donald trump speak in new hampshire. last night,ru hall-style meeting and spent 45 minutes talking to an audience of supporters and answer their prescreened questions. the set-up is similar to the next debate, but trump insisted it was not a practice run for sunday. >> we are just here because we just wanted to be here and hillary, frankly -- they can talk about debate prep. that's not debate prep. she is resting. she is resting. [ laughter ] and i want to be with the american people. i want to be with the people
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>> gene: on saturday trump will attend a fall festival with house speaker paul ryan. it will be ryan's first appearance are trump since he endorsed the candidate. hillary clinton does not have an event scheduled until sunday's debate. watch the trump-clinton debate. it starts sunday night at 9:00. our blair miller will be there and live reports after the debate ends on fox25 news starting at 10:30. this morning an international flight diverted to boston is back from new york to barcelona had to land at logan last night because of an electrical odor in the cockpit. the plane spent five ours hon the ground while maintenance crews solved the problem. left at midnight and due to alive in spain at 6:30. mass gop have released new prices of the electronic tolls. the price of the weston tolls will drop to $.25, that is
5:17 am
drivers with an easy pass will still pay less and people without an e-zpass will be mailed a pill. some of the information collected from the cameras like a drive's speed will be kept as long as seven years julie good friday morning. buses will replace trains on the red line for winter resiliency work from braintree to jfk from this saturday to sunday. roads wide open on route 1 and 93 south. mike moving along fine from quickly this can change. yesterday morning when we had that bad accident in weston. i will let you know and have another update for you in 10 minutes. live drive times. 10 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from university ave in westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. we have a live look now at the strength of hurricane matthew bearing down on florida's east coast. the big concern there is the
5:18 am
much hovers right along the florida coastline. kind of like coming along the outlying -- outline of the united states from the east coast. >> sara: downgraded to a category 3, but don't let that -- >> sarah: to 120-mile-per-hour winds. and it is very interesting, we are tracking two hurricanes out there. hurricane nicole out in the atlantic expte over the next few days but a category 2 storm. nothing to sneeze at there. hurricane matthew is the one we have all eyes on because sure enough, we have warnings up and down the coast of florida into georgia as well as south carolina. tropical storm warnings for the interior because just a slight movement to the west is going to bring a greater impact to more areas. so that's why we are watching this track ever closely. as of 5 a.m., the national hurricane center has continued the track just off the coast
5:19 am
through the day today. as we head to the overnight hours and into tomorrow, it will weaken slightly to a category 2 as it brushes against georgia as well as south carolina. and then eventually continuing to weakton a tropical storm as we head into columbus day, and looks as though it will be fairly out to sea. some indications that it may actually dip back south. the lesser storm and head back to the bahamas and florida again or if you go out to sea. but something we will have to watch. right now the brunt of the storm a w tropical storm wind gusts up and down the coast right now. when you see a wind gust over 37 miles per hour, that sinld kateing that it is tropical storm force. you need to see 74 miles per hour to have it be hurricane force. and we are getting reports for -- for the parts of cape canaveral where we are seeing some of those gusts. this is the eye of the storm here and 60 miles on either
5:20 am
potential of strong hurricane wind gusts. just brushing along the coast and that this will continue to twist to the north as we go on throughout day looking at the forecasted wind speeds by this afternoon in places like daytona beach. wind gusts over 80 miles per hour are very pop. and also notice wind direction will be turning on shore and pile up the water along the coast leading to storm surges as well as flooding as heavy rain will be pushing on down throughout region. this is by saturday early in the morning. we are going to be talking along georgia as well as south carolina as the heavy rain continues to pour across this region. total rainfall accumulations anywhere from a few inches to several inches in places like savannah and charleston. that's where we have the potential of seeing some of the highest storm surge. high pressure is keeping the storm suppressed to the south and that is what is keeping us seeing dry conditions for the day today. a beautiful one. again outside if you can, temperatures will be in the 70s. i do want to point out for
5:21 am
tracking the risk of some showers, and right now it looks like the shower chance comes late seattle into early sunday and then we dry out and begin to clear out as we head into the later stages of sunday and for columbus day, back to sunshine, low 60s, and then high pressure builds in thereafter. there is the latest look at your forecast. assessing the damage matthew to the campaign trail. coming up at 5:30, why the presidential candidates are concerned about the timing of this storm hitting a key battle ground state. and surprising students
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5 :24. massachusetts has approved another four days of deer hunting at blue hill reservation. that removed 64 deer from the reservation. the controlled hunt was announced yesterday as part of a deer management plan for the 7,000-acre reservation. officials say the deer population is threatening long term health of the forest. this year's hunt is scheduled to take place over two weekending later this fall. research group is claiming that there is a shark breeding ground off of long island new york. the group called o search say the waters off of montauk point are a nursery.
5:25 am
whites off the northwest atlantic -- pardon me -- excuse me. some shark researchers in massachusetts aren't too happy with o-search's tactics saying that the group's methods are interfering with other shark studies in the region. o-search maintains that the research was done legally. a missouri high school teacher is getting cue dees for a project that is going global. >> you inspire me to be a better teacher and inpyre me to >> reporter: she got a handful of teachers on board for a positivity. the teacher will call a student out of class to talk to them. most of the students thought they were getting in trouble, but what they actually got was a special message. >> yes, you. yes, you. there you go. you should. you are special. >> it was just really powerful to watch the kids, their eyes -- their -- the smiles on their faces. >> sara: the students said
5:26 am
the message from their teachers were motivating and made them think that they really meant something to their teacher. i agree with that so much. >> gene: positive feedback. >> sara: positive feedback for children. >> gene: always works. >> sara: a and for us. >> sarah: and adults, bring it on. >> gene: sarah you are doing an awesome job. >> sarah: thanks. the forecast is in the 70s. grab that jacket. the coldest spots this morning and the latest track of hurricane matthew. tight spot. where they didn't have to go that far to look for his
5:27 am
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you. hurricane matthew battling florida with heavy rains and strong winds. a live look from florida where you can see the palm trees there.
5:30 am
gusts could reach 120 miles at some point today but very intense for people who are living there right now. >> gene: people along the coast and along the coast of georgia and the carolinas all having to pay close attention to what is going on with the storm. fox25's sarah wroblewski in the storm tracker weather sent we are a new advisory that came out the last half hour. >> we are continuing to monitor what hurricane matthew is going to be doing and you mentioned that latest advisory. everybody ud at 5:00 this morning that continues its category 3 storm just offshore and we are seeing a lot of battering of waves as well as wind and heavy rain for the eastern coast of florida right now. and expected to maintain that strength of 120-mile-per-hour wind throughout morning and then by this afternoon, still a category 3 storm before eventually weakening as it brushes along the southeast coast and by early next week, making a turn to the south, weakening furthermore.
5:31 am
where we are expected to see from it. if you are headed thought morning. a chilly one in norwood. we have got 40s, 50s in boston and a big improvement headed your way by the afternoon. i will show you what to expect and the timing of the risk of rain over the weekend. a check of traffic with julie grauert. >> julie: we have a train cancelled on the lowell, the 640 from lowell is cancelled because of a mechanical issue. train 206 making stops to accommodate. expect congestion heading to the popular destination spots, cape cod, maine, new hampshire. things are moving along nicely on the expressway. north of the pike route 1, 93 south is clear. your live drive times moving along fine. 21 minutes on 39 south and 21 minutes on 128 as you head from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. and we are updating breaking news this morning about hurricane matthew. emergency crews in florida are
5:32 am
the coast. dumping heavy rain and big waves against the shoreline. forecasters say the storm surge is the biggest concern, and it could be worse than super storm sandy back in 2012. and power outages caused by sandy in 2012 caused big concern about the presidential election, and matthew's timing is causing similar concerns in the key battleground state of florida. daniel miller joins us with the problem that the storm is now posing. areas of florida and the storm could cut power in some areas all during voter registration deadlines. hillary clinton's campaign urging florida officials to extend the voter beyond october 11 to accommodate those affected by the hurricane. donald trump released a statement on the storm yesterday afternoon. he said the warnings are very, very serious and called on people living in the path of hurricane matthew to leave.
5:33 am
evacuate. the weather service issued a dire warning ahead of matthew's arrival claiming that many places could be uninhabitable for weeks or months after the storm moves out. the worse is not over. hurricane matthew is expected to stick by the atlantic coast all day and eventually hit pa georgia and north carolina. hundreds of people in the state have a few hours to evacuate if they want to. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. now 5:33. a frightening sight out of a sc seen following that bus as it drove kids home. it turned out to be a prank, but police are not laughing. fox25's catherine parrotta live in auburn with the charges now man is facing. catherine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police haven't released this man's name. he is a parent of one of the kids on the bus and he will be facing some charges after that prank that left kids terrified. and kids tell us this all happened tuesday. one of the kids managed to a picture of this out the window
5:34 am
following the school bus. one of the 12-year-old said he followed some kids getting off the bus and some kids were so scared they hid under a deck before walking home. that 12-year-old described what it was like. >> everybody was walking home nervous and everybody is like, run. go away from this guy because he is following us and he was right behind us. >> reporter: police have reminded the public that clown pranks are just that, pranks. but the man will face charges of disturbing the peace. they haven't given the name of the man because they haven't formally charged him set and they do anticipate those charges. a whole host of disturbing clown incidents. earlier this week we told but one clown incident that affected a college campus. someone tweeted a clown with a gun on the cam us of merrimack and that turned out to be a hoax. did elicit a police response. something that police are taking seriously. they want to discourage incidents like this from happening.
5:35 am
hour. live in auburn, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. gloucester's mayor has decided not to fire the police chief. the mayor has reversed her decision to fire chief campanello allowing him to retire in january instead. campanello was terminated following allegations he lied during a city investigation. the city says he will be on paid leave until january 3 when his contract ends. the former chief says this is the best decision for the city. >> not only in the best interest of myself and my family blue ensure that the city of gloucester may move forward in a manner that the administration believes is best for the community. >> in the meantime, deputy chief john mccarthy will be leading the department. norwood's police chief a walk through town with the u.s. attorney by his side. a way to show how officers build relationships with residents. part of national policing
5:36 am
the country. yesterday we had a chance to talk to u.s. attorney carmen ortiz and norwood police chief william brooks. >> really at the heart of what an officer's job is which is to engage with the community, get to know who they are protecting. >> gene: the chief and attorney ortiz walked for two hours talking to local shop owners and anyone they happened to run into on the street. we have new information in a deadly train crash. coming up, the high rate of before it slammed into the terminal. and a high school -- a high school soccer team, that is are, loses its entire coaching
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and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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. it is 5:39. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. sarah wroblewski in for shiri this morning. and we are starting to look at the expressway where things are already a little bit slow, even though it is dark you can make out those brake lights. 1-minute drive time sarah, you are addressing visibility out there. >> sarah: yeah, looking good in that picture, but spots that do have lower visibility out there. do be aware if you are stepping out. temperatures mostly in the 40s age we will be climbing that sunshine. you will need those sunglasses if you are out for the commute home into the 70s is where we are headed. sunrise at 6:46 this morning. and we are also going to take a look at the weekend forecast and hurricane matthew in just a few minutes.
5:40 am
east longmeadow for more than 100 years is now a total loss. a fire gutted the building on south bend yesterday around noon. skyfox flew over the barn as crews tried to get a handle on this fire. it took six hours to knock town the flames. investigators don't know what sparked the fire. new health cares at local schools in two communities. this morning students and staff at medford high school are being checked for symptoms of tuberculosis. superintendent says someone at the school was recently diagnosed with the disease, was a student or staff member in swampscott, cleaning crews will be sterilizing two schools to stop the spread of the mrsa. three of the students have been diagnosed with that staph infection. two victims attend stanley elementary school and the toer goes to swampscott high school. those schools will be open today. officials don't think the students were infected at the schools, but they are cleaning both just to be safe. earlier this week an outbreak
5:41 am
a high school soccer team will take the field for the first time since the entire coaching staff suddenly resigned. north glen pascual and three other coaches quit after parents and students complained of a drill that pascual ran during a practice. the players crawled on their hands and knees blindfolded to build trust but some girls thought the exercise was demeaning. >> used a drill that didn't women's soccer program which was unfortunate and i know he was remorseful. >> pascual said his good intentions were misinterpreted by some but the school said that the drill caused confusion and concern. an interim coach has already been hired. we are working to keep you up to date on all of the top stories this morning. we are checking in live with our reporters right after this break, plus, caught in the eye of the storm. the dangerous trip by those who fly intentionally into the middle of hurricane matthew.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
us live in morning from orange. >> reporter: and, gene, police are still trying to answer a number of questions about that man's motives but we know what happened inside this home on east river street in orange. a man was in his 90s and his elderly wife was also hurt in this home attack. it happened late wednesday with the bodies being found early thursday morning. witnesses say possibly by a caretaker to often came by the house. the wife was flown worcester where she is being treated this morning and the man's cause of death has not yet been released. police are trying to track down any suspects and asking the public for leads in this case. coming up in 15 minutes we are hearing from someone who knew this elderly couple. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. i am michael henrich reporting live in roxbury. police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in front of a school bus with kids on board. police say it happened here in
5:46 am
evening. a fight broke out between several people and someone ended up shooting a man in his 20s in the head. that man was pronounced dead at the hospital after this fight on dearborn and ziegler streets. bps say three students were on board the bus at the time. none of them were hurt, and ahead at 6:00, we have the message the boston police commissioner gave to the community. again that is coming up in about 15 minutes. live in roxbury, michael henrich, fox 25 news. > live in auburn where a local father is in some hot water after a prank, and police did not find it funny. now according to students, all of this happened on tuesday and some students managed to get a picture of this man. you can see that picture now. he was in a car behind a bus and wearing a clown mask. one 12-year-old tells us he even followed some kids getting off that bus and some kids were so scared they hid under a deck before walking home. police have reminded the public that clown pranks like this are just that, they are
5:47 am
man will face charges an want to discourage other incidents from happening. they want to hear from some of the student on that bus coming up in about 45 minutes or so. live in you a born, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. 5:47. very different view of hurricane matthew. this is from the cockpit of the hurricane hunter plane run by noaa, that how they gather information for forecast. you can see a lot of tush lenls there, and i would -- buy wait for the next flight frankly. that >> sarah: i actually tried to sign up for that. >> gene: did you really. >> sara: how people found the courage. >> sarah: i probably would be very nervous and they take media every time you go but you have to supply yourself to get down there, and they also say plan to be for long hours without going to the bathroom. >> gene: and bring dramamine. >> sarah: not much room. they did say that.
5:48 am
hurricane and report back to us and let us know how strong it is bearing those winds. they have an extreme wind warning that was just issued for the cape canaveral area. this area in purple. goes until 7:14. frequent gusts of 115 miles per hour likely. and that is likely going to produce made it-like damage. this is supposed to act as a tornado warning as you can say, but with the winds, because the outer eye wall is just pushing close to this ea we have hurricane warnings. so that basically means hurricane conditions are likely as we head through the day today. category 3 storm just off the coast right now. winds 120 miles per hour. but the core of those winds are in the center of the storm right heart in eye, and this eye is getting really close to the space coast. it will remain a category 3 as it heads northward through the day. that this is around 2:00 north of daytona beach.
5:49 am
will turn into a category 2, weakening somewhat as it continues its northeastern progression into the weekend and eventually becoming a tropical storm as we head into monday. so the core, again, is the center of that storm. this area in red is indicated where we could see those hurricane-force wind gusts and area of yellow where we have a tropical storm wind gust. a lot of damage through the day and through the overnight hours along the southeastern part weekend. even south carolina and north carolina getting into some of the brunt of that action over the weekend. all of those winds churning up the seas. seas running 15 to 30 feet off the coast and they will continue to build and continue to just pound the coastline as we head over the day today and through the weekend into parts of south carolina. so the storm surge is a real threat in this situation where we are likely going to see 4
5:50 am
west palm beach through melbourne and through savannah. 7 to 11-foot storm surge is very possible. a lot to go as we head through the day today. one thing we need to know too our forecast so much kwai quooi yeter. right now 54 in the city of boston. we climb into the 70s. we have sunshine and high pressure. nothing to worry about locally; however, as we head into the weekend tracking a few rain chances. future very pleasant hopefully you get outside and enjoy. the clouds increase for your saturday. clouds thickening up and as we head into the late stages of the day, there comes those rain chances. light and spotty through early sunday before we finally see most of that action push off of the coast. so if you were going to be travelling this weekend for the holiday, looking at highs from the day in the mid-70s. dropping to near 70 tomorrow and then a little cooler on your sunday behind that front. upper 50s to low 60s, but, man, it is going to be
5:51 am
turning up to the north, but try to check it out while you can, because with the recent droughts, likely going to see the leaves drop very quickly. as we have that chance of showers on saturday, it dries out. columbus day looking bright and cool and high pressure should build in there after. we will take a closer look at hurricane matthew where it is now coming up in the next half hour pop. taking a look at your traffic on route 3 south of town. south shore commuters moving along fine on route 3 past route 18 t i don't expect those to start to slow down for another 45 minutes. as we shift slightly north, expressway start to see the volume increase a little bit with the number of brake lights past exit 4 morrissey boulevard. here are the live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 14 minutes on 24. 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. well, an unexpected
5:52 am
you can see the funnel cloud tearing through a farm. the number of tornadoes ripped through the area destroying one woman's home reducing it to a pile of debris. fortunately no one was hurt. we are learning new details about the state of the train involved in the deadly hoboken crash. investigators now say that the train sped up just moments before hitting the terminal. the information is coming from recording devices on the train. investigators say just 38 seconds before the crash, the train but then just before it hit the platform, it reached 21 miles per hour. officials also say the engineer tried to use the emergency brake less than a second before the collision. one person was killed. more than 100 others hurt. the ntsb continue to investigate and say the engineer is cooperating. a california chrysler dealership claim a "star trek" actor should be responsible for his own death after being
5:53 am
submitted by anton yetsin's parents. they believe the death occurred because of his own negligence with the vehicle. he died in the tragic accident outside of his home. ol'er brother of jon benet ramsey is filing a lawsuit against a investigator who said he killed his 6-year-old sister. suing wateren spits who claims that he bludgeoned his sister to death. he made the accusations in a ramsey case that began airing on cbs last month. jon benet has been found dead in her basement. in 2008, her parents and brother were cleared after they said that dna on the girl's underwear did not match anyone on the family. from his italy find a dangerous mob boss hiding in a secret room behind his kitchen cup board. he is known as mama and the leader of a crime family that
5:54 am
states and other countries. hes about a fugitive after escaping from officers. the secret room had a small mattress, a pillow and toilet paper. one high school football team is getting very frustrated. they are so good that no one will play them. archbishop murphy high school in everett, washington won the first three games by a combined score of 170-0. the next three teams on the scheduled decided to forfeit rather than suffer a humiliating loss. some parents also fear that th against a much larger team. well, the home of boxes great muhammed ali is up for sale in louisville kentucky, five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and more than 9,000 square feet. the home includes a pool, four-car attached garage and a university of louisville-themed basketball court for $2.2 million. ali died in june at the age 74 after a long battle with parkinson's disease. the rhode island church
5:55 am
restored to previous glory. undergoing a restoration to the appearance when john kennedy and jacqueline bouvais goes married. the stained glass and church is being restored. it attracted thousands as the kennedys popularity grew. a 8-year-old boy with cancer got to live his dream thanks to fire fighters in chelsea. >> 13 chelsea fire would like to welcome the newest member of the she will tee fire department. rile pvrs picked riley up at his house in an engine truck and brought him to the. the city bore anymore as a fire fighter, gave him his own helmet, showed him around, and threw him a pizza party. >> he was great. very talkative. not quiet at all. you would never think that he is as sick as he is. it was great and i know he enjoyed it, but i think the
5:56 am
>> sara: the fire fighters plan to bring riley back home in a ladder truck but much to their surprise he wanted to take the chief's suv instead. they say he is a very smart boy and i bet riley's parents, too, were so appreciate youtive. you have to imagine how difficult that is. >> riley riding with the boss. well played. well played. >> sara: you go kid. we continue to update hurricane matthew's trek up the florida coast >> gene: power outages, storm surge, sarah wroblewski following the latest track >> the winds too really out there. quite terrible. over 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts happening right now. coming up, i will show you what to expect, plus take a look at our local forecast and how warm it will get for this afternoon. right now on 93 afternoon. right now on 93 southb fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
5:57 am
that's the power of fiber optics. and right now get our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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5:59 am
breaking news now hurricane matthew lashes florida with powerful winds, waves and rain. >> already starting to see the impacts ands it a monster. >> gene: we have team coverage of this dangerous storm -- >>reporter: a vicious home attack in orange. the questions police are trying to answer this morning as they search for the killer. and the red sox stumble in their first game of the alds. the checked swing causing
6:00 am
fox25 is in the clubhouse with the team after the game. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> reporter: now 6:00 good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us friday, october 7, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the eye of hurricane matthew is inching closer to the coast of florida and despite some weakening, it still remains a dangerous storm. the force rains as the storm moved in. we have team coverage of the storm. daniel miller is monitoring the newest damage reports from the southeast. a live report from myakka to see the conditions there. and we begin now with meteorologist.sarah wroblewski in the storm tracker weather center with a new track and forecast just are he leased within the last hour, sarah. >> sarah: a category 3 storm, sara, as you mentioned but still dealing with 120 miles


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