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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, two teens went in and fought to the bitter end and won some. this morning, one is the champion. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! >> catherine: the turn around game into extra innings. >> daniel: the local family says they are the target of hate crimes. the reason this work believes her 7-year-old son is drawing the attacks. a former drug counselor killed in a crash. the twist that connects her to the driver that caused the crash. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4
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daniel mittor. >> catherine: and i am catherine parrotta. one more day of the warm temperatures. they come with a price today. shiri spear is in the stormweather center that have you looking for an umbrella. >> shiri: lunenberg, lincoln, a couple of spot showers moving toward the east in most spots, mostly cloudy skies. 54 and spots the further you go you will see a lorng period of showers from morning through the afternoon. the further south you are, the drier your forecast today. a little bit of patchy fog. i am watching it closely and so far nothing dense. your hour-by-hour forecast and this is for lawrence. i wanted to go somewhere north to show you the rain potential through the day. light stuff this morning with temperatures starting at 51 degrees at 6 a.m.
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we only get into the mid- to upper 50s for highs because of your clouds. because of your showers. i will break down some of the warmer towns and cities coming up in 10. catherine is back with live drive time traffic. >> reporter: take look at that map. 4:01 on that thursday morning. clear north of the city. 128 the expressway moving along fine south of the city in the pike. smooth sailing as well. we do not have that camera and we will skip it and give you drive times. 93 128 from route 1 in peabody 128 from route 1 in peabody looking at a 21-minute ride 108-year drought is finally over. cubs fans inside bars and outside wrigley field dancing and cheering after that i team brings home the world series.
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sox and did it with the cubs. >> catherine: one of the most dramatic games we have seen. the cubs had a commanding league until the 8th inning and indians got it to two runs. and the cubs fans tear their hair out. no one scores in the 9th. delayed by rain. the cubs break out the bats bringing home two in the 10th. in the 10th indians score a run, 8-7. a grounder to up, goes across the diamond to first and they come through the champs. the team's first world series title since 1908. celebrating from cleveland to chicago early in the morning. we posted a slide show on our web site at 4:0 right now. a biracial family say they have been the constant target of hate. fox25's ted daniel went to derry, new hampshire where the family has been victimized for several days. >> reporter: it's amazing stuff
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day and age. we spoke with jackie stinson at her derry home. she is doing everything they can to help police catch the racist vandals and this includes a new security system. 3:00 in the morning, headlights on scobee pond road. a car slows and then speeds back up again. >> every other car you see is going vroom right by. not even blinking. >> reporter: the only unusual activity that jackie stinson's and wonder if it is connected several hours later when she woke up for work. >> when we woke up to get to the car, somebody had egged my car. thrown watermelon on my car and fried chicken. >> reporter: the third time jackie has been targeted in less than two weeks and the former division one basketball player believes because she is white and her 7-year-old son is not. jackie asked us to not identify him. >> i never thought at 7, we would have to deal with it.
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he's -- he is stand strong and tall and he is a proud little guy. >> reporter: first incident october 21. someone etched n word lover into the paint of jackie's car and a cup of days later, a piece from a wooden sawhorse left on her lawn. n word go home written in marker. this is home for jackie and her son. they lived in derry for five years. she says she will not be >> i love it here. i think derry is a wonderful place. i think whoever is doing this is an absolute minority. >> reporter: jackie's son is in the 2nd grade. we spoke with him off camera. he is keeping his head up high. police are asking for assistance with this case. if you have any information, you are asked to contact them. reporting in derry, new hampshire. ted daniel, fox25 news. happening today, jurors are expected to hear the rest of
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his resentencing trial began yesterday. they are blaming a brain trauma when he killed three men including 19-year-old jonathan rizzo. he was convicted and sentenced to death but a judge threw out his death penalty because a juror did not disclose she was a domestic abuse survivor during the selection process. the entire penalty phase of the case is being reheard. >> all for the same purpose, to spare the life of somebody who frankly doesn't attorneys are trying to say that a brain injury when he was 4. he said his brain just fine using to outsmart his victims to gain their trust before miding them. investigators in lawrence no longer suspect foul play in the death of a woman outside this apartment building. the 62-year-old woman was discovered tuesday morning. her death was ruled suspicious, but prosecutors say that is no longer the case. investigators have not released
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danger to the public. troubling new details of the fight at an underaged party in lowell that left a teenager dead. the boston herald reports, instead of calling 911 friday night, partygoers put ethan costello in a shower to sober him up. then drove him to the hospital wren the 15-year-old died from head injuries on monday. 18-year-old joseph zagarella was charged in the beating and could face more charges. the ill man killed by police. terrence coleman's mom was at last night's rally. the group mass action against police brutality organized the event and calling those who hot him to be arrested and charged with murder. his uncle addressed the crowd. >> justice needs to be served who killed my nephew in cold blood right in front of his mother. >> daniel: coleman's mom said
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charged and them and that's why they killed them. a former substance abuse counselor was kilt in this horrific car crash. the driver who hit her was high on drugs. fox25's malini basu spoke with the victim's best friend. >> reporter: thetious being treated at beth israel hospital where we are told he is in serious condition, and to add to all of this, we are told that husband and wife were coming home from a funeral when the crash happened. a neighbor and dear charlene boushek is heartbroken and is in tears. the 69-year-old retired drug counsellor who loved to help people was killed in a fiery crash late tuesday afternoon in salem, new hampshire. >> i wish she was here. >> reporter: boushek was in the passenger seat while her husband was driving in the toyota camry. police say 45-year-old todd girlie blew through a stop sign
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hit another car head on right in the car the bousheks were in. >> he was on heroin. >> reporter: irony, he was high on drugs. mcmahon believes if she was alive, she would have helped him. >> i don't have a big heart like her. she would for give him. >> reporter: she was that kind of person. >> yes, oh, god, yes. >> reporter: those who were close to generally loved her job. >> drug counselor. and she loved every of her girls. every one of them. and she didn't kept in touch with quite a few of them. >> reporter: spent most of her time helping people. >> i know he is going to be heartbroken and he loved her so much. but how could you not love her
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>> reporter: boushek leaves behind her grandchildren, children and her husband. as for girlie, he is being held on adds 65,000 bond. for now we are in boston, malini basu, fox25 news. we are five days away from learning who the next president of the united states will be, and the race continues to tighten down to the home stretch. so let's take a look at the big work here. four battleground states are now within the margin of error. according to a new cnn orc west of nevada. out in pennsylvania and florida, hillary clinton has the lead, while leads in pennsylvania, florida and key states as the days dwindle. early voting has been a huge success in the commonwealth topping expectations. look at this line. early voters at boston city hall. secretary of state william gavin 30,000 early votes have
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go. the trump and clinton campaigns are set for a yourious final few days of campaigning in new hampshire. the granite state four elector cal votes could be crucial. donald trump will be from atkinson tomorrow and manchester on monday. his daughter ivanka will speak in manchester, hollis and nashua. the clinton campaign is not taking their lead in new hampshire for granted. president obama will stump for his former secretary of state on monday. new hampshire voters helped and 2012. chelsea clinton will speak at key state and dartmouth college tomorrow. 4:11. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. drive times. the pike 24 minutes. route 9, 16 minutes. route 16 will take in 9 minutes. shiri? >> shiri: chance of rain will be greatest along and north of the pike. showers passing through this morning. essentially a washout in southern new hampshire. a lot of dry times over
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the timeline on those showers and when to plan around the heaviest stuff coming up next. the toll plaza destruction in the pike was not the only traffic trouble you will have to bore be. the big problems that will shut down a major road for hours of a time this weekend. documents, e-mails, proposals and payments of what
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every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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this morning fox25 investigates has learned the state is looking into a south shore town's relationship with two contractors. the state inspector general's office is targeting documents involving hingham and two companies that do business with the town. fox25 eric ramussen obtained a copy of the state's request and asked the town about it. >> this letter from the inspector general doesn't make it clear whether the focus of the investigation is the town of hingham, the contractors or someone else, but fox25 ve leaders extended a contract worth $400,000 with one of the companies in question just last week. documents, e-mails, proposals and payments, just part of what the state inspector general has ordered the town of hingham to hand over the ig's command focuses on the town's business with paving company galant greater services and mass pavement reclamation of hanover. investigators also asking for
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town employees including entertainment, food, drink, travel, sporting event, golf outings or any other items of value spew any other concern from your part that employees had some improper relationship with these companies? >> absolutely no concern what going on in my part. >> reporter: hingham town administrator told fox25 investigates that his office is fully cooperating with the state's investigation. at this point, he says no suggestion anyone with the town ha >> we understand the laws. we don't want our employees receiving anything of any merit from our vendors. we want them to conduct business on behalf of the hingham residents and we believe that is exactly what they do. >> reporter: fox25 investigates contacted the two companies in question which appear to have the same owner. we are still awaiting for a response. the inspector general's office said it doesn't comment whether a matter is under investigation. for fox25 investigates, i am eric ramussen.
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the ted williams tunnel in boston. mass dot says construction along the mass pike is still on scheduled. expected to wrap up phase one of the project. the one that impacts the traffic the most before thanksgiving. all electronic tolling started monday night. 5 million cars have passed through already. and avoided major road construction by staying away from the pike toll demolition. get ready for this, another big construction project you will want to steer clear of. tearing down the old highland avenue bridge. and the remnants of the old bridge will come down starting friday night. the big alert is in entire stretch of 128 will be shut town at one point. check out this map that impacts newton, needham and anyone that drives 128, 95 and the stretch. work starts friday at 8 p.m. when the northbound lanes of 128 will be closed and take down the east side of the old bridge saturday from 3 to 6
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some point, and saturday night starting at 6 to under afternoon at 3, the southbound lanes will be closed. mass dot say it is too dangerous to let people drive under the bridge while crews are working. the new highland ave bridge will also be closed while the demolition is ongoing. mass do t says the work with the pike it is important to plan ahead and know your detours. we have all the suggested detours posted on our web site at good news worry about it today. let's look at how the traffic is doing, 4:18 in the morning, south of expressway moving fine. 128, 93 coming from the north headed to the city smooth sailing as well. drive times, the pike 25 minutes. the expressway is going to take you eight minutes. 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, 19 minutes. meteorologist shiri spear joins us now at 4:18. one more day of nice weather with great temperature. >> it is gorgeous yesterday. >> it was nice yesterday.
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more clouds you got. a little bit cooler. points north again today that will stay cooler and wetter but i think anywhere south of boston more 60s on the way. all about location. tracking just a little bit of fog this morning. not a huge concern of mine but something i want to you know about before you get in the car and go to work. the shower risk will be moderate. not a heavy, flooding rain but morning showers that we are dealing with and even steadier stuff to be developed for the evenin evening commute and in the meantime, most of are you sitting on the warm side of this whole system. the closer you get to that front which sitting across southern new hampshire and spotting a couple of showers and northern massachusetts, the cooler it is going to be. now as this kind of wavers back and forth don't have a hope with that warming up manchester, new hampshire at 47 degrees. it is raining out there. we even are showers in lawrence and fitchburg. but in manchester, check this out temperatures in the low to mid-50s.
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that's it. all day chance for rain, heaviest, steadiest stuff in the afternoon. on the flipside south of boston, norwood at 51 degrees right now. we do have mostly cloudy skies. slight risk that we will see a little morning sprinkle pass through and what we will see at 6 p.m. with a temp around 50. otherwise breaks in the clouds and temperatures shooting all the way in the middle 60s and your main rain is not coming in closer to 2 or 4:00. plymouth. 68 new bedford. 70 in providence, rhode island and boston up to 59 degrees. 62 in worse. upper 50s in spots like lawrence and ipswich and only 54 degrees in portsmouth, new hampshire. keep in mind not all dressing for these mid- to upper 60s. if you were south of the city you are, if you were north of the city you will want the extra layers. futurecast so i can walk you through it. i have that chance of rain
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pike. boston by 8 a.m. most of the showers will be focused over southern new hampshire and boston will see a little dry break through around noontime. noontime the rain continues. a potential washout from the mass new hampshire border. noon it is still raining through and probably takes until closer from 1. and about 2 in boston. from there we will maintain risk of showers throughout evening commute at 5 p.m. a lot of the heavy stuff will track north of boston and scattered rain at 5. shortly after that we dry out out already. into the day tomorrow, we have lingering clouds into your friday morning forecast. afternoon will turn bright and breezy and cool with the north winds coming into play. that cooldown comes into the weekend. your seven-day forecast with the weekend in view. 50s tomorrow with a breeze and partly cloudy skies. only a slight chance of a sprinkle or temperature in over the weekend. keep us mostly dry with highs in the lower 50s and don'ting for, we turn those clocks back before you go to bed on
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to you guys. just under two months away from christmas, and the trees are already going up. peak shopping season here. coming up, the secret about black friday and the elusive deals that come with it.
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4:24 out in. perhaps no cubs fans enjoyed this victory more than the woman that jim morelli watched the game with. she is 108 years old and last night over a century of baseball heartbreak ended. [cheering] >> finally >> justice! >> so it is over a world series drought of 108 years. >> i am so happy. >> reporter: the 18 years of waiting for it. >> happy. awesome. great. >> reporter: she was born in chicago in 1908, the last year the cubs won the world series. >> that was a long time ago. [ laughter ]
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living facility in new hampshire, it is nothing but here and now. game 7 of the world series. hazel's beloved cubs just one game away from the clinch. stressful moments during the game, joyous ones too. for cubs fans, the outcome is sever certain until it is. >> oh, that was great. >> reporter: cubs fans understand this about baseball. it is a bipolar sort of thing where hope and heartache work hand in hand fused together fate. >> that-a-boy. >> reporter: nobody knows that better than as ile wilson. >> i never lost faith in my cubs. win or lose, i love them. >> reporter: nothing better to boost confidence than breaking a curse. hazel nelson welcomes the comeback next fall when she feels certain that the cub also be going for back-to-back world series wins. we will see.
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>> daniel: such a great story. >> catherine: i thought my father-in-law was excited because he waited a long time, but i got to hand it to hazel. time to start holiday shopping. daniel said he has shopping to do. amazon and dell launched first sales of the season. "wall street journal" said target, wal-mart, best buy and macy's feature the same items in their ads and prices don't change much. >> daniel: you hav >> i am almost done. we told but an innocent bystander killed in a shooting three months after coming to the united states to make a better life for her family. coming up, the new
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the chicago cubs make history winning the world series and breaking the 108-year drought. coming up, nail-biting end that took game 7 into extra innings. big changes come to a popular intersection in cambridge. if you drive through inman square on your way to work, you will want to pay attention to our next report. outrage in a local community. a little girl stumbles on a playground. the evident to clean up the playground. the evident to clean up the city streets. good morning to you. it is 4:30 on friday eve, thursday, november 3, i am catherine parrotta. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. get ready for more mild temperatures and also pack an umbrella. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center tracking morning and afternoon showers. and shiri, it is all about location today. >> reporter: it is. if you are in one of these communities, it is a much


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