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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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why? i do not know. >> mark: absolutely chilling audio played today in court, as gary lee sampson fights for his life. hello everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. sampson is trying to get his death penalty sentence thrown out. fox 25's robert goulston was in court today when sampson detailed his horrific killing spree. robert. >> the reporter: vanessa and mark, yeah, his defense team is trying to connect that killing spree to a childhood brain injury. well, played his 2001 confession, where he clearly explains how calculated he was. >> he tried to show me a picture of his girlfriend, i wouldn't let him. >> the reporter: gary lee sampson gives every detail of what he did to phillip mccloskey, jonathan rizzo and robert eli whitney. in the second murder, he convinces 19-year-old jonathan that he was only going to tie him up for a short time. >> made him go down into the weeds, i sprayed him with off,
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it was premeditated, i planned on killing him. >> this is hard. it's hard for all of us. we've been through it already. >> the reporter: sampson's case is back in federal court 13 years later, after his death sentence was thrown out on a technicality. the families of his three victims now have to sit through the testimony all over again. >> i reached around and stabbed him in the heart, in the lungs, in the chest, in the throat. he went down on the ground, i why? i do not know. >> the reporter: sampson barely moved while sitting in court next to his attorneys, listening to his confession go on and on. >> i still am having problems with killing that man. i have no remorse at this time for that. but i still am having problems with it. >> the reporter: and this penalty trial is expected to
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they should sentence him to death again or sentence him to life in prison for the rest of his life. we are live in boston, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: with just five days to go until the election, the presidential race in new hampshire is a dead heat. that has hillary clinton and donald trump bringing in some heavy hitters to help sway voters. a new poll out finds it's the undecided voters to decide which candidate are scoop up the granite state for votes. take a look at the poll "boston globe." both candidates deadlocked at 42%. in last months, clinton lost two points, but trump didn't gain them. president obama will stump for his former secretary of state monday afternoon. late this afternoon, fox 25 learned that event will be held at u.n.h. chelsea clinton meantime will speak at keene state and dartmouth college tomorrow. on the republican side, donald trump r.b.i. single in atkinson tomorrow and manchester on sunday. his daughter ivanka spoke in manchester, hollis and nashua
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cast their ballots for this year's presidential election. every day, the early voting lines seem to get longer an longer. crystal haynes live at boston city hall tonight where the line wrapped around the corner earlier today. crystal? >> the reporter: it certainly is a lot to keep up with. secretary galvin says that they estimate about 20% of all registered voters in the states will cast their ballots early. now, the polls here in boston closed at about 5:00 p.m., but there is one more chance friday is the last day to vo statewide, over 800,000 have already voted and secretary of state bill galvin tells me that number is only expected to go up. >> i'm pretty confident by the time we get to tuesday, we will have had a million ballots cast. we checked if with several communities, some, like boston and lawrence, are seeing a more than 10% turnout. others, like cambridge, are seeing a 21% turnout. 30% in framingham. >> just different experience
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day. >> the reporter: form voters like dave santos, it's about options. i work from home, so it's convenient for me. my wife came home from boston and able to pick up our son and go vote and run home. secretary galvin tells me early voting helps cut down the numbers at polling places on election day. but the unexpected influx of early voters has meant clerks are struggling to update the state's database of people who have already voted. >> many clerks have been so overwhelmed, they' said they had a positive experience at the polls over all. >> i thought it went very well. i like the way they're doing it now. >> the reporter: now, here's a couple more notes you need to know. you can still vote absentee until monday, and check all of your polling places tomorrow, the times that they actually close, because while the state encouraged them to stay open late until 8:00 p.m., it is up
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as to what time you have to cast that early ballot. for now, reporting in boston, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: meanwhile, governor baker says he will vote on election day and not earlier. as we reported, baker says he will not vote for his party's nominee, donald trump or hillary clinton for president. early in the campaign, baker endorsed new jersey governor, chris christie for president. he's also come out in support of the ballot questions to add more charters schools. baker says he will wait until election day to make his decisions. and be sure to stick with fox 25 on election day. we'll be live from 8:00 p.m. as the polls close and those votes are tallied. our crews will cover the big issues and the hotly contested ballot questions. we'll be at the campaign headquarters as well for the races that matter most to you. >> mark: get ready for traffic trouble this weekend. one of the busiest highways in the boston area is shutting down on friday night. 128 in needham will close friday night in both directions as crews destroy the old highland avenue bridge. fox 25's kathryn burcham joins
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>> the reporter: yeah, this bridge has been here since the 1930's, but this weekend, it's going to come down. that will cause massdot to shut down both sides of the highway here and along with new toll procedures on the mass pike, drivers worry there's no real way to avoid traffic troubles this weekend. even seasoned drivers used to the chaos of boston traffic. >> oh, gosh. that's going to be a nightmare. dread the thought >> it's going to be a mess. >> the reporter: in order to clear what remains of the old highland avenue bridge seen here in blue, massdot plans to shut down the northbound side of route 128 at exit 19, starting friday night at 8:00 p.m. then, saturday at 1:00 p.m., both north and southbound lanes will close down for hours as crews transition to the other bridge. >> during that time frame, you will see a rolling congestion going through the area. >> the reporter: drivers will
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as a detour route with slow speeds expected that could cause a two mile backup on either side. >> your normal speeds will be dropped down considerably, and you will see kind of a slow backup that will be happening. >> the reporter: but massdot says the gridlock shouldn't be complete. they expect the detour will still be able to accommodate up to 4,000 cars per hour, not too different from normal traffic volume. >> it's a gamble, 128. you're either going to get there in a half-hour or an hour and a half. toll booth demolition on the mass pike, massdot officials tell me they think it would be a good alternate route for drivers this weekend. they hope that this project goes as smoothly as the toll booth demolition did. we're live in needham, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: if you live in this area or have to travel through it this weekend, we have you covered on line. go to the home page on, we have a list of detours and video that shows the times of closures and the
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>> vanessa: turning now to weather, a gray and gloomy day in copley square. we saw a few showers but the bigger story is the cooldown coming our way and fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, these mild temperatures will be gone when we wake up. >> kevin: going away, we're seeing the cooldown happen but the good news is the showers will be leaving too. this takes you out to the berkshires, there's nothing left in eastern or central massachusetts. just the opposite, breaks in the this is the whole system pushing on through tonight and you'll see the breaks that are developing out here in central massachusetts, offshore, certainly. your dunnnertime temperatures have dropped into the 50's. norwood is down to 60 with as high as 68 degrees earlier. there's plymouth at 67 degrees right now, but cooler to the north, and that's the kind of air heading our way, but i showed you some breaks earlier and look at this, sky changing every minute, getting towards sunset, it's a beautiful shot. thanks for the great shots
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we'll talk about the cool down coming up. >> mark: elementary school student in lowell gunning for trouble. a third grader showed some classmates an unloaded pistol he had in his backpack after school on monday. one of those students told his parents and they reported it. officers questioned the 8-year-old and his parents, they say the boy thought the gun was a toy, the child's dad is now facing charges for not properly storing it. >> vanessa: the mbta launched a new campaign today against the passengers to ride safely. as part of a campaign, hundreds of signs have been posted and post cards will be handed out to raise awareness. the goal is to encourage victims and riders to report incidents. >> one person victimized is one too many. many survivors of the assaults hesitate to come forward for the fear of losing their privacy, of being blamed, or not being believed, the campaign will run
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history on the patriots bye week. the nfl banned brady from september, but he has name the a.f.c. player of the month in october. he is named player of the month for the most time. he completed 98 of 134 passes for more than 1300 yards and 12 touchdowns, all with new interceptions last month. julian edelman is hoping you'll stop by his popup store on newbury street this weekend. it's open now through sunday. look at them out here. meeting and greeting his customers. you can pick up specialized gear for the pats wide receiver. julian edelman tweeted this video, detailing his family's long history of retail ownership. >> it all started with my great, great grandfather, erasmush. edelman, who opened edelman and
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nickels and a bucket of mustache cream. his hard work and passion was inherited by his son, who in turned, opened his own business, which manufactured and sold top hats, sparking the edelman hat craze of 1913. >> mark: of course, who could forget the great hat craze of 1913, right? edelman's ye old popup shop is located at 144 newbury street, but again, you have to get there soon, because it closes sunday. >> vanessa: a party on the 4th of july cost this dcr commissioner his job. fox 25 investigates uncovered just how much state money he spent on the big blowout over the 4th. >> the reporter: veterans helping vets. in salem, more than 20 veterans are training to mentor others who are in trouble with the law. how this program is working in massachusetts. >> mark: but first, the dad of a former new england patriot hoping his son's death could bring big changes to the game of
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>> i love football as much as probably anybody, but i just want to see if it can be made safer. >> mark: shocking effects years of hard knocks had on his son's brain and his warning to parents
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game changer for football. researchers specifically linking lou gehrig's disease to repeated game trauma caused by playing the game. >> vanessa: fox 25's sports director tom leyden joins us now with what doctors found in the brain of a former running back and kevin turner's father was there. >> the reporter: kevin turner was a stereotypical quarterback, he lowered his ball and ran people over. he played for the patriots for three seasons and late with the eagles. he died als. he donated his brain and the findings of their study are cautionary to say the least. >> the question was always, is it really a.l.s., or is it cte. >> the reporter: driven by that question, researchers at the boston university's cte center and the v.a. boston health care system came to a dramatic conclusion. >> the cells that run down to our spinal cord, those were destroyed if his brain by cte. this is what a brain of a
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kevin's brain at 46. >> the reporter: the findings unveiled today led to moments of palpable emotion as they were detailed. >> this is raymond and myra turner. >> the reporter: raymond and myra turner, still dealing with the premature loss of their son, reflected on a life choice that dramatically altered kevin's fate. >> i was a coach, and you hit with your head, you know, that's where you play football. >> what kevin turner's case shows, if you start at 5-year-old and you're successful, so you play 25 if a way we haven't seen. >> the reporter: the answer to minimizing this problem with the researchers' point of view is straightforward. >> i think the nfl has to get out of the game of promoting, marketing and recruiting 5-year-olds to this game. what we've shown here is there is no safe way to hit a child in the head 500 times a year, while their brain is still developing. >> the reporter: the doctor pointed out today the findings in this case are the clearest indication yet in all of their studies that there is a direct
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plaintiff in a concussion lawsuit against the nfl. and at this point, it's not so much about money as it is about educating the public about the dangers of playing tackle football too early. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> mark: tom, thanks. well, tonight, we are learning more about how real bostonians helps to make the first movie based on the boston marathon bombings. when the news broke that a movie was going to be made on the attacks, a lot people felt it video releasted this week, mark wahlberg and peter berg explained how the film makessers were committed to getting the movie right. they used locals on the set, act as extras an consult. filmmakers hope it will make all the difference. take a listen to part of their feature. >> there is something about the spirit of the city of boston and the resolve of the survivors and the commitment of the
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sure that the city was taken care of. >> we came to boston to tell a story, which honors those who were affected and we were humbled and very thankful for the way they opened up to us and became partners in ensuring the story was told in a very authentic way. >> it's such a sensitive matter and boston is such a small place. everybody knows somebody who is affected. >> pete cares. he wants to tell the story of the heroes and committed to getting it right. >> i was so impressed with his commitment to getting it right, >> this is one of the big reasons why i wanted to do it, just the spirit of boston and to do right by victims and the people who were hurt. >> the reporter: patriots day opens it boston on december 21st. you can watch the entire trailer for patriots day and listen to the crew talk about the filming of it on our web site, >> kevin: had a couple of showers around today, no doubt about that, but most of the rain
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i did think there would be more around for the evening compute, but there aren't, just to bother you on your ride home. western massachusetts and into new york, they're not making their way eastward very well. no need to track them in to our area. in fact, we have drier air moving in. look back here and you'll find another batch of clouds and some showers in here. i don't expect the showers to make it eastward. we'll get some of the clouds, sort of that secondary part of the system, another cold front that's. coming on through and that's going to usher in the coolest air tomorrow night, and into you'll see that in seven-day forecast. dinnertime this evening, 56 in boston. not bad at all for early november. 60 in norwood and 60 on the vineyard and nantucket, but it is getting cooler tonight of course as the sun goes down, dropping through the 40's out there in gardner, for instance, under clearing skies and drying conditions. clearing yes, but then here comes the second part, the other cold front swinging on through with a few clouds, as that goes by, the dry and cooler air really settles into new england.
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for a chilly night tomorrow night. by saturday morning, you're waking up to 20's and 30's across the area. 50's tomorrow afternoon though, with all that sunshine, so some clouds early, then the sun takes over. so it may not be accurately portraying it here. you have the clouds first and sun will come out and you'll have a beautiful sunny afternoon. it will be cooler than it's been the last couple days. off to the north around west, 50 in milford, new hampshire. 47 in gardner. so you see the cooler air that's coming on in, certainly even with the sun making over tomorrow afternn. morning. remember i told you it's going to be in the 20's and 30's early saturday and when that happens, you get some precipitation to fall, clearly it's not going to be just rain and particularly in the higher elevations. that's some snow painted on in there. it's not going to perfectly place where these are going to happen, so there is the risk for a shower, snow or rain, particularly in the elevations and especially north of boston during the first part of the day on saturday. that disturbance will swing on by, so a mixture of sun and clouds. farther authority you go and
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the showers develop. we'll so the same thing on sunday. another weak disturbance sliding on through. new england can produce a shower here or there, but it's a small chance for any one flames. have you a 30% chance. on saturday, there's the cold start for sure and saturday afternoon, if you have events going on, let me know about them, b.c. playing at home at chestnut hill versus louisville. temperatures rising from the 40's into the low 50's with a mixture of sun and clouds saturday afternoon. in and around boston, same idea, in the upper into the low 50's. tomorrow, brisk and cool but we warm up early next week with plenty of sunshine and next chance for substantial rain is wednesday morning. keep an eye on the showers tonight make sure they don't make a move toward us and the temperature drop. >> vanessa: an annual tradition and sign of the season if boston. this was the minute the holiday tree arrived aft faneuil hall. the norwegian spruce cut for this year's celebration is 85 feet tall, it will be erected with more than 30,000 lights.
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more than two weeks. >> mark: shipping up to boston. another big company announces it's moving into the city and apparently a lot of its workers had no idea. >> vanessa: a young boy
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could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. >> vanessa: it is absolutely heartbreak being. no one showed up at one little
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devastated and so was his family, but everything was made all right, things to a local author who reached out to make the little boy feel special. >> mark: now as elizabeth hopkins is about to show you the strangers are calling each other's friends. >> elizabeth: home schooled until the age of eight, there are boy never had a big kid-filled birthday party, so with he enrolled in school, he decided what he wanted was a party with friends. diary of a wimpy kid. no one showed up to his party. >> i heard about his situation just a few days before my new book came out. that's the author of the series that has become a global book and film phenomenon and he thought his new book would make for a pretty special birthday present especially since he was the only fan in the world to be getting it. kinney gave milan the very first copy, printed of double down.
6:26 pm
really guarded it with his life. i said you to keep this secret, you can't tell anybody about it or i'll get if trouble, so he had it to enjoy before anybody else did. >> the reporter: and it didn't end there. >> and i gave him a virtual tour of my studio, which is above my book store if plainville, massachusetts. i got to spend a lot of time talking to him, which was actually really cool. >> the reporter: milan now calls kinney a friend and kinney does too. >> at the end of the conversation, i said you a friend if me and i think this will be a real continues on his worldwide book tour and hoping one of the stops will take him close enough to milan that he can actually meet him in person. elizabeth -p who kings, fox 25 news. >> mark: -- elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: nice to see that that got settled and a friendship lasting for a lifetime. >> coming up, what one community is doing to keep streets safer for bicyclists and drivers. >> the reporter: reebok is relocating from here in canton
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employees won't be making the move. >> an unauthorized party thrown by kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system... so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. ?? we serve new england, and energy brings us together. ?? ever new england. eversource. every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school.
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education, vote no on question two. >> mark: starting with our top stories now at 6 there are p.m., the confession of a convicted spree killer is played in court today. gary lee sampson is back in
6:30 pm
was after his death sentence was thrown out on a technicality. his attorneys are trying to connect his killing spree to a brain injury. the government says, police confession shows how calculated sampson was. >> i reached around and stabbed him in the heart, and the lungs, and the chest, and the throat, he went down on the ground, i slit his throat. why? i do not know. back in 2003 of killing phillip mccloskey, jonathan rizzo and robert eli whitney. once testimony in this case is done, the jury will once again decide whether to sentence sampson to death. >> vanessa: drivers on 128 will have to steer clear of a big construction project it weekend. starting tomorrow night, workers will begin tearing down the old high land avenue bridge in needham. the entire stretch of highway near exits 19a and 19b will be shut down in both directions at
6:31 pm
that's going to be a nightmare. >> it's a gamble, 128, you're either going to get there in half an hour or hour and a half. >> vanessa: we have posted the construction schedule and the suggested detours on our web site, >> mark: tonight, fox 25 investigates has obtained a scathing review of a private party for political v.i.p.'s over the 4th of july weekend. it turns out that party cost massachusetts taxpayers a lot more than what one state agency sugg reporter eric rasmussen is here with a critical new report from the comptroller's office. >> the reporter: the unsanctioned party thrown by bosses at the state's department of conservation and recreation led to resignation of three high-level supervisors at dcr and firing of another agency manager. now, the new report from the comptroller says that party cost taxpayers three times more than what dcr first estimated. a day before the fourth festivities at the hat shell along the charles river, a
6:32 pm
that state agency feeling even more heat. the comptroller's office now says that party cost taxpayers more than $2,500. three times more than the $800 dcr reported for golf carts and event planning. the new report obtained by fox 25 investigates through a public records request filed last month also found dcr's own review of the unsanctioned event, lacked impartialy independence. the comptroller's office found the department of corrections staff assisted with the setup of chairs in a v.i.p. area at the hat shell where the private house party ended up. and late this afternoon, d.o.c. told us, its inmate work crews and supervisors do 4th of july setup at the hat shell every year. it says they had no idea they were doing work for a private party, a spokesman for dcr says it worked with the comptroller's office on this latest review and
6:33 pm
unauthorized party, it says, have now paid back the full $2,500. for fox 25 investigates, i'm eric rasmussen. >> mark: breaking news from harvard university, the men's soccer team has been suspended for the rest of the season. according to the crimson, the athletic director sent an email to student athletes saying the team continued a widespread practice of using vulgar and explicitly documents to rate women on their appearance. we've been reporting on this investigation, the team will forfeit the rest of the season >> vanessa: alarming accusations against northeastern university, a new lawsuit says the school fails to protect students especially victims of rape. morgan healthman is a northeastern student. 21-year-old from new jersey says she was raped by a classmates, following a party on halloween of 2013. according to lawsuit, she reported what happened to campus police, but the other student wasn't prosecuted. he was also not expelled from school and was allowed to keep living in the same dorm as her.
6:34 pm
victimized all over again. >> the questions that they asked me were completely inappropriate, and you know, thinking about it, now it's just -- i can't believe other people have to go through this, wow. >> vanessa: the lawsuit also claims northeastern misrepresents the number of sexual assaults on campus and fails to follow state and federal laws about reporting crimes. northeastern told us they can't comment, because they have not been served the complaint. however, they say student safety is their top not comment on any criminal related to this case. >> mark: over the past few years, we have seen a lot of companies shipping up to boston and moving their headquarters to you're city. converse, g.e. and reebok, moving from canton into the city and as chris flanagan found out, the move came as a shock to the town of canton and a lot of reebok employees themselves. >> the reporter: reebok moved to canton in 2000 and they were blind sided by the news. i'm told, they actually found out about it by reebok security guard.
6:35 pm
is running its sneaker headquarters up the road to boston. canton will receive $1.1 million in tax dollars from reebok this year, the town administrator, charlie aspen wall says they were blind sided by the news of this move. >> when one door closes another door opens, so perhaps there's an opportunity down the road with another company. the company announcing it's moving to an undetermine location in boston by next april. boston mayor marty walsh saying it's another big win city. >>, excited about reebok coming in. i had a conversation with them a few days ago and they were excited about the potential opportunity coming into the city of boston. >> the reporter: reebok's released this statement. a move willfully move reebok's location to the city of boston. a search for a new location is underway. reebok becoming the latest big sneaker company to move to a new facility in boston, joining converse and new balance, plus, g.e. is moving into the seaport.
6:36 pm
to the city of boston. they made -- when they talked to me about it, they were open to a lot of different places. >> the reporter: there are approximately 950 employees here at reebok's world headquarters in canton. reebok says 650 of those employees will move to its new location if boston and that leaves around 300 workers, half will transfer out-of-state, the other half, about 150 workers, are expected to lose their jobs. in canton, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: get ready, big changes are coming to our forecast after a few days of mild weather here in the city of boston and all over our area. tonight, kevin is talking about a big cooldown that's on the way. >> kevin: sure is. it's not going to happen right away, but we're seeing cooler temperatures as is typical at night. i've been tracking whatever rainshowers are out interest for your evening drive. they're just not anything to talk about around the boston area. you have to go out here to western massachusetts, so the front really broke apart as it came through southern new england today. the heavier rain this morning, did stay to the north as expected. you'll see that ear.
6:37 pm
england as we speak, but to our west, another part of the system, the cold front, still to swing on through and that's going to come on by with some clouds during morning. but i'm not thinking any showers here in southern new england. again, you have to go to the north to find any of those that gets squeezed out by the mountains. 56 in boston for dinnertime. near 60 in norwood and 60's on cape cod. i'll show you the cool weather heading our way and the coldest start to the weekend coming up. >> vanessa: a wet october did a lot to england. after our dry summer, more than half of massachusetts was in extreme or severe drought conditions. but that number has since dropped significantly in the last month. the boston area saw nearly 5 1/2 inches rain in october, snapping a four-month dry streak. the f.b.i. is now offering a $10,000 reward for information on the disappearance of a weymouth man who was last seen in the cayman islands more than a year and a half ago. >> mark: 47-year-old norman lee got separated from his wife
6:38 pm
march of 2014. officials looked for him for three days before calling off the search. lee is a comic book artist who works on the avengers, spidermen and "x-men" books. one local woman is looking for the vandals who left racist words on her property. jackie believes her family is being targeted because she is white and her son is not. she told fox 25 two weeks ago, someone etched a racial slur into the side of her car in derry new hampshire. days later, she saw a woodennen saw horse with again yesterday morning. >> when i woke up and we went it to the car to get to the car, somebody had egged my car, thrown watermelon at my car and fried chickens. >> mark: she has since installed new outdoor lights and a security system. police are still investigating. busy intersection in cambridge is changing and it may affect your commute. >> vanessa: the new laws are supposed to make it easier and safer for bicyclists to share
6:39 pm
drive through inman square. >> the reporter: there are bicycles all overcame bridge, but this white business cell phone signal and its -- bicycle and its memorial is a reminder of how dangerous the intersection in inman square can be and city officials are hoping a new traffic pattern will save lives. >> my issue here is really visibility. >> the reporter: brian teague rides through inman square every morning and he says this intersection is the most for months, cyclist have been calling for change in inman square after a 27-year-old amanda phillips was hit and kid. three left hand turns were closed this week. >> this was always a horrible intersection to turn left anyway. >> the reporter: elijah says this intersection was so dangerous, she would often hop
6:40 pm
you're going straight, it's totally fine, but i tend to get off my bike a lot of times, and just walk across. >> the reporter: we checked and according to massdot, between the years of 2005 and 2014, there were more than 260 crashes involving bicycles at this intersection. now, drivers are going to see new signs and new lightsletting them know about the changes here. in cambridge, jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we are working to learn why a driver slammed into the side of this hospital in damage. sky fox captured the car being loaded on to a flatbed. no word on any injuries. >> mark: coming up, how tom brady and julian edelman made dreams come true for a few of their biggest fans. >> kevin: tracking a couple of showers out there tonight, but way out in western massachusetts. no issues for the evening drive,
6:41 pm
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joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore.
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>> mark: there is an effort in massachusetts to expand an important program -- helping troubled vets. >> vanessa: it is called veterans treatment core and it gives vets the possibility of facing jail or fines the option to get help instead. >> mark: bob ward takes us to salem with an exclusive look at how vets are helping other vets. >> the reporter: in this salem hotel conference room, more than 20 veterans are finding a way to keep serving their country. they're training to become mentors to other vets who wind up on the wrong side of the law. in this program, vets are getting a second chance veterans treatment core. >> we want to get these people back in the community, and not committing crimes and returning to the court on will be like a revolving door basis. in massachusetts, there are five veterans treatment courts, these are special courts that allow vets to avoid the criminal justice system by agreeing to a lengthy and aggressive treatment plan. judge kevin gaffe any sits at the lawrence veterans treatment court where 14 vets are in the program. he tells me it's making a difference. >> you're really talking about
6:45 pm
done so much for us, having their lives restored. >> the reporter: here in essex county, there is one veterans treatment court, that one is in lawrence. but the d.a. is trying to change that. he wants to open a second one right here in salem. >> it needs to grow. we need to do this, to keep our community safe, to keep our communities well and to help out again those individuals who have so much to do. >> the reporter: for many vets, returning home, transitioning to civilian life is stressful. this program linking vets to mentors is designed to break the cycle. >> there is no bond as strong as the one that exists among those who wore the uniforms and in veterans treatment courts, we are turning that bond into healing and empowerment. >> the reporter: it is hoped these vets will give others the homecoming this deserve. in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: great story. thousands of gifts and toys destroyed if a fire on the cape will be replaced in time for christmas. toys for tots has now pledged to replenish all the gifts for the
6:46 pm
wee told you earlier this week that a fire destroyed the building where the toys and give away were being housed. the foundation donates christmas presents to about 800 military families every year. >> kevin: had a couple showers out there today in southern new england. even a couple of them that were fairly heavy, but brief. and now, all that's left on live fox 25 storm tracker radar is the stuff in the berkshires. none of it is going to make it farther east. last three hours, it's not moving anywhere, it's sitting out interest on the left side, the west side of the mountains and not making it over the top of the mountains into the east side the berkshires. the showers. coming on throughings the heaviest was to the north but now there's a cold front through the west, through the great lakes, producing a few showers. that's the front right in here. when it comes through, it will bring some clouds and perhaps some showers to the north during tomorrow morning. by the way, i've showed you most of these pictures, but this one
6:47 pm
ed sent this in from spencer, still a lot of clouds, but clearly the sun coming out just in time to get a great shot of the tree. still foliage out there to see, although it gets windy tomorrow and some of the dead leaves will fly off the trees. get out there and take a look while you can. in the 50's to the north and west. 60's in southeastern massachusetts, estimate, so as the showers go by, the initial burst of cooler air comes in, you're seeing the temperatures drop, the coldest will arrive behind the front coming through tomorrow. so let's take a look on then the next front comes on through with a few more clouds during morning and then we really clear it out. dry air takes over the we're getting sunny tomorrow afternoon. gorgeous afternoon. it will feel cooler with the winds blowing, feeling cooler still. so highs in the 50's. not feeling as warm as it may sound, although 50's doesn't sound all that warm, but for november, it it's not bad. 50's and up your 40's with the cold air to the northwest, slide on in and take over to start your weekend. in fact, saturday morning will be cold, no doubt about.
6:48 pm
skdf%tt the same time, we're going to get the little pieces of energy for lack of a better term coming through the atmosphere and they're going to kick off a couple showers especially in the mountains. there's snow in blue, green is rain, there's a little mixing going on, so as you go up the mountains, you're getting into the snow situation. clearly an elevation-induced event but the bottom line is early saturday morning, it is cold enough to produce a few showers and flurries around here in the hill towns. i'm not expecting most of you to see anything of this, but if you are going into the higher elevations this weekend, be rainshowers mixed up into your forecast. through the afternoon saturday, a mixture of sun and clouds. this is happening in somerville, boston, walk to end lung cancer, temperature going from 40 at 9:00 p.m., kickoff the walk at 46 rising up through the low 50's in the afternoon. you won't have much wind to contend w. i'm keeping you dry, just a mixture of clouds an sun. seven-day forecast shows the small risk of a shower on saturdaynd sunday. we push the clocks back sunday
6:49 pm
the sun is here to greet you on monday and tuesday. i'll have new information coming in on that and we'll also update the threat for showers this weekend with the new information coming in this evening. we'll see you later on. >> vanessa: six young men got the meet-and-greet of a lifetime with tom brady. they geared up for an unforgettable day with their favorite patriots player at gillette stadium, all thanks to a make-a-wish foundation. they were diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions and their wish was to meet tb-12. well, those wishes came through on with brady on the feel and got pepersonalized jerseys, answered questions from the media podium and julian edelman, yeah, he paid them a visit too. what a great day. >> mark: very nice. after a lifetime of heartbreak, a 108-year-old cubs fan from new hampshire is basking in the glow of the team's world series win. hazel nielsen is in a league of her own. we watched the game with her
6:50 pm
>> justice. >> mark: justice is right. hazel was born in chicago, just a couple of months before the cubs last won the world series in 1908. she stayed up until early this morning to finally see what she's waited a lifetime for. she told us, it's a night she'll never forget. >> awesome. great. i never lost faith in the cubs. win or lose, i loved them. m right there. hazel invited us back next year as well, next fall. she feels certain the cubs will be going for back-to-back world series wins. >> kevin: come on, how many people can say they've been alive for two cubs championships? the people in chicago still celebrating, all of them wishing they had a chance to get doused with champagne like theo epstein will night in the cubs clubhouse.
6:51 pm
ready to head out when others head home. ource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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6:53 pm
>> >> mark: it was a late night-early morning affair, but boy, it was worth staying up for. >> vanessa: sure was. >> we were talking about how difficult it was for us to wake up it morning. maybe we shouldn't have gone to bed, celebrated with subs fans like everybody inically was. it was a night we never thought we would see, the chicago umbrellas cubs celebrating a
6:54 pm
for more than two centuries. the moment north siders will never forget, came at 12:26 a.m. a dribbler to third, kris bryant fields it whizs it across the diamond to anthony rizzo, that's the play cemented in cubs lore forever. bill murray in the cubs clubhouse for fox sports after, because, why not? the boss. is there anyone you want to say hello to? anyone you thought about lately? >> yeah. you. yeah, bill! we just won the world series. >> that's a pretty cool moment. local baseball note, the red sox announced they are indeed
6:55 pm
next season. he pitched well down the stretch. the sox picked up the option of david ortiz, just in case he changes his mind about retiring. you never know. tom brady today honored by the national football league for one of the most productive months of his career. for the ninth time, he was named a.f.c. offensive player of the months, picking up in october like he never skipped a beat. no one has won more player of the month awards. now he hillsborough county. bye week for the pats and back to work next week in a rematch of super bowl xlix. bay news for jay crowder, he came down awkwardly on his left foot, rolled the ankle, immediately hopped this to the locker room. he is out for at least two weeks, from there, day-to-day, but the good news is, no break, so keep your fingers crossed. bruins in tampa to face the lightning, they'll do so without
6:56 pm
he's been held scoreless for the first nine games. he is a healthy scratch. we will see if tonight's move gets things going. when a guy is getting paid for million dollars a year -- $4 million a year, at least an assist true the first nine games, we'll see what happens tonight. >> mark: get refocused. all right. season is early. >> kevin: it's not cold enough to skate outside yet, so you have to go with the stuff inside, but it's going to be cold saturday mornin popped up today, i'm tracking whatever is left out there. it's not too much. i wouldn't be too concerned with that for your evening plans. this evening, an extra hour of sleep, but cold in the morning. we're tracking that temperature change and tonight with new information, we'll see if any of the showers make it farther south on saturday and sunday. >> vanessa: 27, that was just catching my eye there. >> mark: the outside looked catching my eye there. >> mark: the outside looked positive. massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2.
6:57 pm
they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
6:58 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
6:59 pm
joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore.
7:00 pm
?? tonight, mariah's split gets even stranger. >> oh, darling. >> why mimi wants a their 50 million inconvenience fee after her breakup. >> #diva. >> then prince harry's secret rendezvous with his new hollywood girlfriend. wwat we just found out. >> i'm seeing you. >> sarah jessica parker on her biggest fashion risks and her boldest move yet handing over her style empire to her 7-year-old. >> one of my daughters is plotting to take over. >> it's that time again. oprah is sharing her favorite things with "e.t.," but wait a minute. no one's getting a car. why lady o's presents are looking way different this year. >> i am done with gifts.


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