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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of this in just a moment. but first let's check on the weather. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center. shiri, saying goodbye to the 60s and hello rain. >> shiri: there that rain over new york state. sliding into areas like vermont. not holding together very well. by the time it reaches us, we will be a little bit of patchy rain likely during the afternoon hours, and you can see the clouds are really beefing up. 49 degrees in boston. 40 in lawrence and 30s on the nashua, new hampshire. 45 degrees in chatham and 30s and 40s will be the general rule as you head out to to work or school this morning. worcester -- take you out to worcester because one of the areas. and i can actually see sprinkles moving in say after 8 or 9:00 this morning. 10 a.m., the risk for a cup of rain drops. this risk will continue into the early afternoon with highs in the middle 50s. i will time out the showers for but julie grauert is up with
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>> julie: waiting for this accident to clear 128 near route 1. overall not having a huge impact on your drive times. things quiet by the bright green on your map on route 1 and 93 south. things moving nicely over the zakim bridge. live drive times. just turned red before our eyes. 6 a.m. by 6:30, things will start to slow down more. 28 minutes on 93 south. 13 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. donald trump is president-elect of the united states. the wild race came to a finish late last night. clinton's people sent everybody home saying too close to call and around 3:00, trump came out saying that hillary clinton conceded to him in a phone call and he claimed victory. >> sara: still a few states that don't have a decision but this morning the electoral stands at trump, 276 and clinton at 218.
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this, mr. president and headline, trump surges to sudden victory. before midnight stunner with the sub headline trump rally leads to nail biting state by state battle with hillary. >> sara: the globe two, a trump shocker. the original had the headline suspense to the finish. >> gene: trump's victory sparked a wide range of reaction in berkeley, california. people started vandalizing buildings and cars overnight after -- after the victory sp >> sara: meanwhile in new york, donald trump's image is lighting up the big amle on the empire state building. >> gene: the state of average in in suspense over its senate race. they told supporters their race is too close to call and they will wait for all of the results to come in. >> sara: we have team coverage of the election results including reaction to the markets and the ballot questions here in the bay state. >> gene: begin first request fox25's chris flanagan live in new york city with the trump
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this morning. good morning, chris. >> reporter: yeah, gene, sara, good morning, very early this morning. at 70 years old, donald trump becomes the oldest person ever elected the first term as president. he met his spores at the hilton hotel behind me around 3:00 this morning, and when he arrived on stage, as you might imagine, he arrived to a thunderous ovation among his supporters here at the hilton. after he swept to victory in this historic upset with no previous political experience. trump defied predictions and won the key battleground states to capture the white house. he broke through the democrats blue wall and ran on the electoral map making history. florida and north carolina fell in his favor first. then they were both toss-ups. ohio went his way and then the big one, wisconsin and pennsylvania. those states have not voted for
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the 198s. done done just a few hours ago -- here is donald trump donald trump a few hoursing into his victory it is time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have got to get together. for all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. [cheering] hillary clinton did call him to concede and commended her on her service to america. this came only an hour after her campaign director told crowd of supporters at the javits center to go home, get some sleep because they were still counting each and every vote. we are told that clinton will give a concession speech some time this morning. she did not give it last night and will give it this morning. gene.
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will transition. first step is meeting to the current president. president obama reached out to him and they are expected to meet on thursday. one of the expectation, no love lost between those two gentlemen. >> reporter: certainly not. papi did reach out to donald trump on the upset victory of hillary clinton. really a tradition of the outgoing president welcoming in the new president, incoming president for the white house to make sure it is a smooth transion and the white house has promised to make a smooth transition even as the president campaigned vigorously and aggressively for hillary clinton, even denouncing donald trump as unfit to be president. i am told that meeting has been taking place for both candidates for clinton and trump with the transition team, but you can imagine after such a divisive campaign that perhaps will talk about unifying the country and coming
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>> gene: gene-o chris flanagan live in washington d.c. we will check back with new just a little bit. among the states not yet decided on the presidential race is new hampshire, and undecided is the theme for the granite state. right now senate race between governor maggie hassan and senator kelly ayotte is just too close to call. fox25's michael henrich is live at diner in manchester, new hampshire where the buzz is all about politics this morning, >> reporter: oh, yes, what else would be a topic of conversation will be. getting divided opinion. the vote here in new hampshire very divided and the sort of reaction we expect to get throughout the morning at the red car rhodineer in manchester. when it comes to that senate race we mentioned, too close to call. senator kelly ayotte with 1,000 to 1500-vote lead over democratic challenger maggie hassan with 93% of precincts
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that margin where whoever ends up losing can legally ask for a recount here in the granite state. that will bear some watching. hear from a couple of diners that we spoke with about the presidential race as well. >> kind of dig a that the dnc is at fault for letting hillary be the nominee. i was trying to vote for bernie sanders. he was polling ahead of trump. if they made him the nominee over hillary clinton, we might not have had trump in office. what are you going to do. you know, what can i say. >> reporter: gentleman you heard from second saying he did vote for trump saying he is better in hillary clinton in that gentleman's opinion. so we will continue to get this reaction here as the country and new hampshire starts to digest the news of who our president-elect is this morning. live in manchester, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: i don't know if you
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sununu of new hampshire as well. meanwhile following the results of the election, markets around the globe are plummeting, gentleman man, shanghai and hong kong all dipped into red. european markets started off lower and a mexican peso at all-time low. snp 500 and nasdaq on took possibly wipe out a year's worth of gains when the opening bell rings at 9:30. catherine parrotta live in the financial district watching the markets. many watching their 401(k). perhaps the news wo this morning, catherine. >> reporter: experts are saying that speech may have had a calming effect. still the european markets did open lower this morning and the chief economist in germany say the markets face chaos and turmoil in the coming days. we are a few hours away from the opening bell on wall street and waiting to see what the markets will do in response. and waiting to see how dramatic
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as dramatic as it would initially be. the nasdaq and dow down. dow futures down 800 points earlier. they have rebounded slightly. they are now off by 300 points. investors are concerned about trump being unpredictable as well his anti-trade stance. germany's auto industry association said a trump presidency will hamper trade with the u.s. focusing on its own economy at the expense of international trade flows; however, trump a calming effect on the markets. asian markets closed in the red with markets in tokyo and hong kong and australia falling as much as 6%. the peso fell dramatically as much as 11% against the dollar. it is now down 8%. the value of the peso has seen swings. oil futures fell and gold rallied. the big question will be what will the markets at home do. we are a few hours away from opening bell on wall street,
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carefully when it comes to the market so we will keep you updated. live in the financial district, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. world leaders continue to weigh in on donald trump. un from belgium. >> we face a challenging environment, hybrid war fair, cyber attacks and the three of terrorism. u.s. leadership is as important our alliance has brought together america's closest friends in times of peace and of conflict for almost 70 years. >> and thump have to travel to belgium next year for his first nato summit. and our coverage continues of the historic election both on air and online. on our web site we have donald trump and mike pence's full speeches and coming up this morning, we will dive into the
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different cities. if you were away from your tv, we will be sending a lerts with any new results that we get throughout the day. it is 6:10. and we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. the expressway, drive times 20 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures in the 30s and 40s under mostly cloudy skies. dry drive into work and wet roads to get you home and hour-by-hour look with future cast coming up next. well, marijuana to charter schools. elections here in massachusetts. after the break, we will show you how the four big ballot initiatives faired a dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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well, in the many big offices for or grabs in the bay state. the focus on several hotly debated ballot questions.
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south station with the results and reaction on everything from slots parlors to schools and marijuana, jess. >> there were a total of four questions on the ballot. the most polarizing was the one that dealt with legalizing marijuana. it came very, very close and it did pass and as of next month, recreational pot will be legal in massachusetts. that will go into effect december 15, a little over a month from now, and if you were 21 or older, it means can smoke marijuana if that's what you feel like doing. in january 2018, you will be able to go out to a store and buy it. medicinal has been legal since 2008 but a big step forward making it legal for everyone who is of age. question number two, another hotly debated topic that goes with charter schools. voted down by a pretty wide margin and it would have
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the state by up to a dozen a year. two others, question one and question three. the first question dealt with casinos in the bay state. that was voted down meaning we will not be getting a new slots parlor any time soon and question three dealt with the confinement of animals on farms. and it basically it mandates that animals need room to be able to stand up and turn around and that passed by a huge margin last night in massachusetts. that will go into effect in january of 20 so a lot of changes here going into effect in this morning. we will be talking to people here at the station not only about the ballot questions but also about the news that donald trump is our next president. and we will have that for you later in the morning here on fox25. for now we are live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. and marijuana was the big winner of the night. voters here and in california legalized marijuana. five states had it on the ballot, arizona and nevada also passed recreational laws.
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and too close to call. the only state to not pass the initiative was arizona. arkansas, florida, north dakota all approved medical marijuana. 6:16. good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. new accident on route 2 eastbound involving a deer at waltham street. overall still manageable and not having a huge impact on the drive time. 128 moving along fine from dedham to needham up to the starting to pick up on 95 and that elbow from 95 over to 128. live look at the expressway. sun coming up earlier than usual now, and so we can see the volume that is already building as you head past freeport street. live drive times, 28 minutes on pike eastbound. 22 minute on the expressway. 35 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and your forecasting lots of dry and cloudy times.
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>> shiri: yes, showers around today. not a lot of it today julie, so it will come through in a spotty fashion. some of you staying dry. look at these very meager rain totals expected today from a trace up to about a 10th of an inch of rain. steadiest stuff over southeastern mass, boston, worcester, nashua, new hampshire, all just very light and very widely scattered. so here it is along the front. this front is going to sag toward us here. but you can see not making very much progress into new england. they are hitting a wall of dr falling apart as they go. a lot of energy and moisture go from the north to the south. smack-dab in the middle and still looking generally dry. i think one ruffle in the plan could be drizzle into southwestern new hampshire and perhaps central massachusetts at 9:00 this morning. by noontime, the slight risk of showers. and in the boston area a slight risk of a noontime shower. most of the activity pretty far inland. best bet for rain ends up being
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getting wet at 5 p.m. kevin lemanowicz will tart tracking these showers for you right here on fox25 starting at 4:00 this evening, but keep in mind really not a soaker. this will be very low impact. steadiest stuff by the evening will be south of boston. boston is dry at 8 p.m. the south shore, the south coast, cape and islands seeing a little bit of that rain continue. it winds down by midnight tonight. temperature-wise, we have gotten pretty big range from 49 in boston to 50 in worcester. i actually want to take to you keene, new hampshire. currently freezing there. at 32. temperatures slowly inching up. by the time -- no more freezing temperatures. no more threat of any -- just light stuff. slight risk of showers into the morning and early afternoon. high temperatures there only get into the lower 5s. you compare that to areas south of boston where it is going to be lower 60s today. so there you have it north and west of post. a kind of cool day, mild day to
6:20 am
seven-day forecast have us partly sunny at 54 tomorrow. by friday, the period of clouds. 57. still stay dry but windy and chilly to start off the weekend saturday at 46, and 54 with sunday sun. gene, back to you. >> gene: 6 -- 9 -- hello, 6:19 he meant to say.
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this morning, donald trump has secured the white house. hillary clinton conceded the race around 2:45 this morning after it became clear that trump would reach the number of electoral votes he needed. for key victories in battleground states that the polls showed were leaning toward hillary clinton. reaction to the election results were immediate and widespread from oakland to boston, we saw cheers, even tears as donald trump took the white house. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with reaction. >> daniel: yeah, we knew emotions would be running high last night, and results came in, things boiled over.
6:24 am
key battleground states like ohio. trump took an early lead there and never gave up. he ended up winning that state by more than eight points. at clinton's alma matter in wellesley college. many students there were in tears as the night dragged on and it became very clear she would not be the next president. before trump arrived at his campaign party in new york city, a crowd had already gathered outside the white house. things quickly got out of hand as trump and clinton supporters got into several shouting campaign trail. after trump gave his speech, protesters stormed the streets of berkeley, california. broken shop windows, toppled trash cans and one person was hit by a car and seriously hurt when the protesters went out on the highway. some protested, others look to get out. so many visited the canadian immigration web site that it crashed last night. if you were thinking of moving to canada, don't pack up your
6:25 am
card and those can take months to obtain. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox 25 news. we are following other news as well. salem police officer and the husband of the city's police chief will appear in court on sexual assault charges. brian butler was arrested after a complaint was filed at salem district court. he has been placed on paid administrative leave as the district attorney investigates. chief mary butler. left a message on the department's facebook page. says regardless who was involved, we must always put above all as it reflects on the solid reputation this department has worked so hard to build and maintain. a man is dead this morning after being shot on savannah avenue in mattapan according to the "boston globe." the unidentified victim was shot at least once in the upper body last night. they do not have a suspect or motive at this point. boston police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call. a 40% chance of showers
6:26 am
scattered. timeline a little bit later on in the day. i will show you what drive times will really end up being impacted coming up in just a few. and trump wasn't the only big winner. up next, the balance of power
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> sara: now at 6:30, donald trump will be america's next president. now we are waiting to hear from hillary clinton as she prepares to address her supporters. hours after the polls closed and new hampshire senate race is still too close to call.
6:30 am
and maggie hassan is separated by 1500 votes. and good morning, everyone, and just about 6:30 now on this wednesday, november 9. a big night, a busy morning and we continue to update the election results throughout the morning, but first, gene, cooler weather is back. >> indeed it is. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center with an eye on cool spots for us. >> shiri: 30s, 40s, something we are pretty 43 in marshfield. fog over the cape and islands have diminished as of this hour which is great news. 49 in boston and start with sun breaks in the clouds. 35 in millis. we have worcester at 50 degree and almost all of the suburbs from central mass into southern new hampshire, mid-40s in and around the worcester area to 33 in town send. 35 in bedford, new hampshire. keene i have showers just about to approach you. you probably will pick up a couple of sprinkles in the next
6:31 am
mostly cloudy at 8 a.m. at 47 degrees. we shift into the upper 50s this afternoon with afternoon showers around. and hour-by-hour look with future cast coming up. julie grauert is back now with live drive time traffic and info on a new accident. >> julie: shiri, 6:30 is when things pick up and an example of it. new accident at adams street. live picture s from skyfox show on that right-hand shoulder but the volume already heavy in that location. ki accident and then after it as you pass the gas tank. 93 south looking okay. little bit of a jam starting to build on route 1 in saugus. here are those live drive times. 27 minutes on the expressway. 43 minutes on 93 south. 14 minutes as you approach the weston tolls. back to you. donald trump now pushing to bring america together after he is elected president of the united states.
6:32 am
morning not long after hillary clinton's campaign manager said to her supporters they would wait until the morning. >> gene: clinton conceded and trump was claiming victory and leaders from around the world are reacting. chris flanagan is live in new york with a message from plaid is mir pulten. good morning, -- putin. >> reporter: good morning, gene, sara. vladimir putin reaching to donald trump congratulating him. putin is stressing confidence that the two countries can work together, unite together and move forward. heavy criticism on trump for the campaign trail. his opponent saying he was too close for russia and he was putin's preferred candidate. meanwhile, at the hilton hotel last night, donald trump supporters well into 3:00 when trump finally arrived came from trump tower four blocks away to
6:33 am
3:00 in the morning. he defied the predictions, won key battleground states to capture the white house. he broke through a democratic blue wall, on the electoral map making history. florida and north carolina early in the night, then ohio and then wisconsin and pennsylvania, two states that haven't voted for a republican president since back in the 1980s had finally put him over the top. and after such a devisive election urging america, our country to come together. >> while our campaign is over, our work on this movement is really just beginning. we have a great economic plan you. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. at the same time, we will get along with all other nations willing to get along with us. we will be.
6:34 am
we expect to have great, great relationships. >> reporter: well, trump saying that hillary clinton did call him and conceded and he commended her on her service to america. now this came about an hour after her campaign director john podesta told a crowd of supporters at the javits center to go home and get sleep because they were counting the votes. each and every vote. hillary clinton we are told will give a concession some time this morning. her campaign saying not exactly what time. and back here live in manhattan. and we also understand that president obama has reached out to donald trump congratulating him as well. and according to cnn the two will meet thursday for a meeting in the white house. live in manhattan, chris flanagan, fox25 news. >> reporter: meanwhile, new hampshire's senate race hangs in the balance, kelly ayotte
6:35 am
for all the votes to be counted. michael henrich is live in new hampshire. and michael, this race is just too close to call. >> reporter: absolutely too close to call and neither candidate claimed victory or conceded. we are here at the red arrow diner. we have been speaking with diners throughout the morning getting their take on all the races and the results we do know. new hampshire's presidential race is too close to call, but donald trump is our president elect at this point. then diners are reacting to that news. >> i am psyched. it's -- if all else, it is just for those supreme court justices, you know, those judges are so important right now. >> i was waiting for hillary to win. and then it never happened so i am kind of disappointed.
6:36 am
overall race has been called. the senate race too close to call and all eyes on that. the governor's race, that is said and done. that has been called for chris sununu. the third sununu to win office in new hampshire. he will be governor. his father was governor and his brother was a u.s. senator here. again, that race decided. keep an eye on the senate as we continue to gauge reaction throughout the morning in manchester. reporting live in manchester, michael henrich, fox25 news. despite the close race in ne were able to extend their control over both houses of. congress. fox25's jackie fell in washington d.c. democrats were hoping to take over the senate, but that is not happening. >> reporter: gene, the hopes were shattered. they only needed a couple of seats and even though some of the races have not yet been decided, republicans will be in control and in charge for the next few years. gop candidates won most of the
6:37 am
carolina and ohio. in new hampshire still too close to call. there is likely to be a recount. with the republican president and the gop controlled house and senate, democrats are going to have a challenge stopping the gop. the last time a republican president had full control was george w. bush in 2004. now some of of the priority for republicans are likely to include overturning the affordable care act and nominating a different supreme missouri republican senator roy blunt said he is looking for quick action. >> a republican president and a republican senate and a republican house can do things to change this country and focus again on opportunity. >> reporter: democrats did pick up one republican seat, iraq war vet duckworth. democrats needed five seats to take control of the senate.
6:38 am
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accident on the expressway. >> julie: northbound at adams street. skyfox bringing us live pictures off to the right shoulder and you can see this volume starting to build. up to a 28-minute drive from the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. also shiri, a little overcast, we have seen brighter mornings than what we saw in those live pictures. >> shiri: the sun is coming up. some of you will get partly sunny skies. right now it is 35 degrees. by 7 a.m., i have got us at 36. and those temperatures jumping into the 40s thickening up quickly. showers more of an issue for the evening commute. we will take an hour-by-hour look in about ten minutes. gene, back to you. donald trump's clear victory last night was a surprise to pollsters and pundits alike.
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6:44 am
back here at 6:43. and if you are just waking up, donald trump seizes an early morning victory in the presidential election. at one point hillary clinton's campaign manager told the crowd they will wait for morning for the final votes to come in. shortly thereafter they changed their mind and around 3:00 in phone call to concede and trump made his victory speech. chris flanagan live in new york city. this was a race live to the finish. >> reporter: gene, it certainly was going right up at 3:00 when hillary clinton conceded. but donald trump proving all the pollsters wrong. very few of them had him winning this election, but he had a very slim and very narrow path to victory. he had to win the swing states, and he did that indeed, capturing almost all the
6:45 am
started early on with florida and north carolina. then he won ohio and two more surprising ones, pennsylvania and wisconsin. really carrying that upper midwest, that rust belt, projecting him to victory. so donald trump winning -- picking up some states that haven't carried a republican president in a couple of decades actually gene. >> and when chris did give his speech, his victory speech, he did have a softer tone and seemed to extend an olive branch when he was speaking. did. you know, such a tough -- tough campaign, but he really talked about bringing the country together. he was criticized so much for his -- his didemeanor and his actions on the campaign trail. he was criticized for his rhetoric characterized by opponents as being a racist. so donald trump pledging last night or this morning actually behind me at the hilton hotel, that he be the president for all americans, and he cherishes
6:46 am
and he is asking for their guidance. perhaps a new chapter as we move forward with donald trump who will be our 45th president of the united states. we are live in manhattan, chris flanagan, fox25 news. >> gene: chris, thank you. trump's running mate bursting with excitement. vice president-elect mike pence called election night historic as he took the stage. pence introduced his newly elected running of made him feel. >> i am deeply grateful for the american people for placing their confidence in this team and giving us this opportunity to serve. >> gene: pence continued showing his thanks mingling with his supporters. and new hampshire is a state that hangs in the balance right now. granite state has not yet been called either way for trump or clinton. also too close to call in terms
6:47 am
maggie hassan. right now the percentages are equal at 48%, but kelly ayotte has a 1500-vote lead at this hour. we will continue to follow that for you and get the latest on the vote tally on the all-important senate race in champ. over to you. a rough night for democrats. not only did their candidate lose the presidential election, they also do not get control of congress. joining us on the phone is congressman michael capuano from massachusetts 7th who is unopposed in the elections. good morning and congratulations, congressman. >> thank you for small victory. we will take whatever we can get today. >> sara: you woke up this morning, trump is president. what are your thoughts? >> well, right now the white house controls the white house, the senate and the house. some people have wanted that for a while. clearly the country has been trending to the right the last, oh, ten years or so, and we will have to wait and see. if -- if this is what the country wants after about two
6:48 am
actually do now that they control it all, then, look, so be it. that is what elections are all about. i don't think that will be the case. i think many americans will wake up a little while from now and say what did we do. and kind of bring us a little bit back to the middle, but we will find out. that is what elections are all about and see where it goes. >> sara: what do you think happened in the battleground states. hillary clinton was leading in many and they went to trump. the polls all along said it looked like what happened there. >> i never -- we all say polls after the fact, but i don't -- i am not a big poll guy. never have been. at the same time, i am no -- i thought hillary -- i knew it would be close, but i thought she would win, and all i can tell that you, you know, again, america is -- is always a surprise. elections are always a surprise. and i think people should embrace that. we are kind of lucky to be in
6:49 am
>> sara: absolutely right. what are your thoughts working with president sfruvrp we will do what we can would work with him. depends if he actually does some of the things he talked about, i will oppose him on the issues. if he actually now comes back to the middle and tries to govern from the middle, i will do what like to work with him just like everybody else. i think that is what elections are also supposed to be about. democrats lost. the ideas that we were proposing which i support most of them were not embraced by the american people, so i want to give doesn't mean i will give up all my principles. he talked about a big transportation bill. i always agreed with that. a big investment and i look -- if he dozen it on the back of poor people by taxes or whatever that might be, that will be a problem. but right now, i want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that's up to him as to how he actually wants to govern. >> sara: let's talk about something more local here in
6:50 am
>> i supported the ballot question, but i also said very clearly and i will continue to say this. i really hope the legislature goes to work, the ballot question needs to be fixed. a lot of questions there on edibles, on the -- on the incapacity to drive. things like that. they have to be addressed, but the concept i always thought was right. it is a waste of time for a government to be enforcing these laws at this point in history and i am kind of glad we are moving the legislature will do that and i look forward to them being done. >> sara: congressman michael capuano, thank you for waking up with us and thank you for your input. >> take care. >> gene: reaction from governor charlie baker. he did not endorse any candidate and he didn't vote for any candidate in the vote for president. he issued a statement. the people of massachusetts deserve a federal government that works collaboratively to solve our nation's problems and my help that president-elect
6:51 am
divisive election. our administration is eager to partner with the next administration to tackle the most pressing issues for our state, region and country. and that was a statement released by governor charlie baker, and donald trump also tweeting out that essentially it is time to unite. that the people in this country that have been forgotten and paraphrasing has not been forgotten now and he did manufacture snow and ice his victory speech, important to reach out and unite the country right now and it will be united like it has never been before. morning, and a pretty average day outside, shiri. >> shiri: the drama far less in the weather department. >> gene: which is good. >> shiri: starting off cool and cloudy this morning. some rain coming in along that front that you can see. but look at how the showers are just falling apart as they try work their way into new england, so i am thinking a cup of spot showers is all we get out of this. some of you totally skip it and stick with the clouds.
6:52 am
the best chance of any drizzle and quick shower into southern new hampshire into the worcester hills. boston still dry. temperatures get up to about 50 degrees by 9 a.m. we have temperatures here by noontime working their way into the upper 50s across southern new england. even pops of 60s across the southeast and a slight risk of showers in the boston area by noontime, we have that small chance. you can see it is like popcorn on the map here. it is very hit or miss stuff for the afternoon. a little bit of light rain for the drive home because that, and there will be damp roadways, by 8 p.m. for the evening hours, boston north and west and south shore, south coast, cape and islands still seeing a period of rain out there. to the north and west we are clearing out and cooling down. cool by 8 p.m. i have got keene back to 40 degrees. but it is still 50 degrees in new bedford where the rain continues until about midnight. this afternoon highs range 60 in boston and beverly to 62 in plymouth.
6:53 am
nashua, new hampshire. a lot of 50s an 60s. temperatures slightly above average for those of you on the warmer side of that. overnight, we will have 38 on -- 30s on tap after evenings wind down. hit rock bottom as the sun comes up, low to mid-50s. what the temperatures will be this time of year. brighten up and a little bit breezy here tomorrow. your average high, 54. there is where we are tomorrow. a little blip of a warm-up friday and then saturday and into the weekend, we have a that will cool things down again. i don't have a lot of the rain in the friday forecast, in fact right now looks mostly dry with a few passing clouds at 57 degrees. for the weekend saturday's high at 46. windy, clear and cold and definitely the colder day of the weekend and wind chills probably in the 30s all day for sunday, 64 degrees and mostly sunny. monday and tuesday also shaping up dry. julie grauert is back with live drive-time traffic and a check of skyfox.
6:54 am
we are in the final process of.being cleared out. tow truck on scene and one car level that will open up the shoulder in that far right lane after they leave an area. over to the map where volume is the heaviest right now south of the pike on the expressway. over to the pike, looking okay as you head through hopkinton, framingham and natick over to the weston tolls. 45 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. half an hour on the expressway. 38 minutes on 128 south weston tolls. back to you. back to election coverage now. a look at some of the congressional races in massachusetts. no surprise. the democrats holding their seats like nikki tsongas. joe kennedy in district 4. stephen lynch the winner district 8 and district 9 phil categorying with 58% of the vote. congresswoman kathryn clark along with seth moulton and
6:55 am
new this morning fox news will be releasing new exit poll numbers about the presidential election and breaks down voters by race, gender and issues most important to them. fox25's daniel miller joins us with the results, and some of these aren't what many expected, daniel. >> daniel: the fox exit polls show a wide support for donald trump. regarding race, 58% of white voters supported trump. 37% for clinton. 8% of black voters supported trump. 88% for clinton. a look at the vote. we knew would be closely watched and he still managed 29% of the vote. hillary clinton was running to be the first woman president and woman voters are going to be key factor. hillary did win women overall, but trump made up that ground by winning men vote by about the same margin. now when you break it down by race and gender, trump did very well with white women voters taking nearly 60%; however, nonwhite women voters broke
6:56 am
here is a look at the exit polls on the big issues, donald trump did best among voter who felt immigration and terrorism were the most important issues in this race. in fact, doubled clinton's support on the immigration issue on immigration 64% supported donald trump. on the economy and foreign policy, clinton was favored obviously time as secretary of state swayed some voters. 60% on the foreign policy issue. we will have much more on you all morning but the numbers that counts, 27274, how many electoral votes that donald trump has right now. in the news room, daniel miller, fox25 news. 6:56. the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. coming up at 7:00, we will be joined by boston university tom whalen to talk about how trump pulled off the upset and what might be next for hillary clinton. and all part of our
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
now at 7:00, it is a trump triumph in what are calling the most stunning presidential election ever. >> i love this country. outspoken defying the odds and polls to become the next commander in chief. we have team coverage as political newcomer gets ready to
7:00 am
>> new hampshire too close to call. >> what can i say. >> gauging reaction this morning at diner as voters digest the news. >> and pot gummy bears are coming to massachusetts but norcharter -- more charter schools are staying out. result of controversial state ballot questions coming up. complete new england news covera >> good morning, everybody, 7:00 on wednesday morning. it is november 9th. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i'm gene lavanchy. >> i'm sara underwood. we got team coverage on stunning presidential victory by donald trump, but first, we say good-bye to the 60 degree temperatures. meteorologist shiri spear says temperatures are back today with what time you will actually need some rain gear. >> i suggest taking it with you. might have to bust out for the


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