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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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together? we are breaking down the clues for reconciliation, and what jen told "e.t." >> bizarre advice from her ex's ex. their romance. plus, a beverly hills "90210" reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. >> and our new interview with andy cohen telling all about his famous brand. >> it was so crazy. bad blood with taylor swift? >> i think she probably thought i was being shadyy >> why she may never speak to him again. >> i'm just a moron.
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this is "entertainment tonight." are jennifer garner and ben affleck getting back together? >> there are a lot of signs. we have new video of the couple looking a lot like a family, which leads to the question, will their marriage be mended in time for the holidays? here comes the first sign all the divorce talk could be over. ben and jen took the whole family to church on sunday. ben dutifully carrying two trays of ben, more reserved and he left a little early. but the big picture, they sure looked like a couple. jen, however, was solo the night before. she partied with pals and was presented with an honor by matthew mcconaughey. she told cameron she's looking forward to a holiday at home. >> i'm cooking. i'm cooking. everything. >> the second sign of & reconciliation, ben and jen are together a lot.
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last tuesday they were snapped getting their polling station together in brentwood on election day. officially nothing has changed. ben continues to live on their property. no divorce papers have been filed and ben is committed to daddy dutiess >> we do our best. >> ben told graham norton his 4-year-old son recently had a play date during a visit to london. >> i was the last person in that for sure to realize that the royal those kids were in there playing. my son was in there playing. now i can tell him, you got a cold from the king of england. >> there you go, blame it on the royals. while ben and jen are apparently making it work, interesting news on the mariah carey front. from back in the '90s, offering advice on how to get things back. but apparently mariah doesn't need anyone's help to lift her
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>> it's thanksgiving! then christmas shall! >> clearly in mommy mode. diva time for the star. without partying with her two favorite accessories, that ring, and that backup dancer, the one that supposedly made james jealous. it seems breaking up with a singer. but if, and that's a big if, she wans him back, another one of packer's exes is offering advice. kate fisher who ended her engagement to james in 1998 said, if you really want him back, play the game. let him make the key decisions and you may live happily ever after. kate points the billionaire's
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difficult, quote, even in the bedroom. just loo mariah, james has been married twice before and ex-wife number two is now dating seal. that's right, heidi klum's ex. >> he's a very beautiful and magical soul. >> moving on now to another huge hollywood split we have been following close angelina, of course. cameron just sat down with maryann cotillard. >> you might think she would keep tight lipped about brad, but that was not the case. >> of course, she's an amazing actor. but he's such a good person. that it's really not difficult to get along.
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with an affair with brad. she did bond with pitt after first meeting him for rehearsals during "all eyes." >> he's such a good man. >> maryann and her partner are now pregnant with their second child. the french actress gave pitt pointers on his parisian accent. >> your parisian accent, i have to say is not like, i didn't hear it. but your french is really good. >> i'm so happy you're honest. >> you have to be honest. there's no point lying. especially when i was always very honest with him. >> today brad was busy promoting "allies" after billy bob thornton spoke out about jolie
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me when i talk -- i don't talk to her that often, you know? >> billy, who stars in a show said he and his ex-wife are still very good friends. >> when people are going through their trials and tribulations, i try to leave them alone unless they want to talk to me. >> a quick uppate on megan marco. everyone was hoping they would make the public debut at a rugby match in london. instead, of monaco. >> i wanted to see her in a royal setting. but hey, this isn't disappointing. onn of the most popular tv groups of all-time got together this weekend. >> obviously we've all been friends over the years. but seeing them all together in one group, that's a first for us. >> a rare gathering of the show's stars.
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without shannen doherty, battling breast cancer. at the rewind con event in chicago, they missed her fighting spirit. >> oftentimes shannen's contributions to the show can be forgotten. >> we were on the set for the series' first season. >> she's going through a lot. >> the issues included breast. >> i thought that i found something. >> shannen recently told us she never could have imagined she would battle cancer herself. >> it really meant a lot to me. i worked very hard. back then i was a kid. i thought i was, you knnw, invincible, i was going to live forever. >> the reality is, she is a very big part of the success of that program. i want to say this, i mean it, we wouldn't be here without her.
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ones who got a big treat this weekend. vin diesel just popped up at a preview. and vin was full of surprises as our carly found out. ? you're beautiful ?? >> yeah, we knew he had pipes. >> that's not my voicemail. >> here's the setup. triple x fans expected to see ten minutes of the new movie. >> they don't know we're going to show them the movie. >> you're very naughty. >> what? >> yeah. >> what's your plan when you get in the theater? >> get up there and say, guys, tonight's your night. >> the new triple x trailer was viewed 100 million times in just two days. >> i could definitely make that work. >> there's a lot of love in this
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>> in the film, vin plays an extreme sports athlete turned government agent. >> the last time i saw you guys was on the set of triple x. and to see it come to life in the trailer, it's amazing. >> well, now total world domination. >> global. >> yes. >> global domination. >> people are so excited and ready for this movie. >> you know what else people need right now, vin? the oscars. the show isn't until february 26th, but-the weekend we got a little taste of the eighth annual governor's award. >> jackie chan, the man who put chan in chantastic. >> tom hangs was among the many to honor jackie. he sat next to his friend arnold schwarzenegger as he received an honorary oscar. >> after 56 years in the
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films, finally, this is mine. >> up next, baby bump surprise. the singer pregnant with baby number two. >> i'm just lucky to be a mama. then -- is kate hudson trading in acting for a singing career? what she just revealed to "e.t." and our exclusive look inside an over-the-top reality tv wedding. after the be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. amy adams is tortured by thoughts of her ex-husband in
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what's going on right here? madonna and zach ephron looking chummy.
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this very kissy-face selfie. and just for the record, she is 58, he is 29. but as far as we know, they're just friends. but hey, go for it, zach! >> she does like young men. we know that to be true. meanwhile, here's another sight to see. pink's baby bump surprise. captioned, surprise. from the looks of that bump, 5-year-old willow wait long to meet her sibling. she's been open about wanting to give willow a brother or sister. >> i've loved seeing the world through her eyes. she's just amazing. i'm just lucky to be a mama. >> up next, kate hudson's secret song writing. we caught up with her in l.a. just a week after she jumped on stage and sang at a party for
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singing with john mayer. >> oh, my god! it was so funny. it went viral. i don't pay attention to >> a new album coming up? >> not -- not that i could say. but i'm always writing. >> and finally, kristen bell gives in to the christmas spirit. >> my husband decorate crazy. >> the eve two told us about her giit limit for daughters lincoln and delta. >> they can have three presents. >> did you get those already? >> no. i leave it to the grandmas. otherwise i have to frisk the grandparents at the door. they're like, i didn't bring anything. and you open their suitcase, and they're like, psych! they brought nine things. dishing dirt on his a-list friends and why he's facing off with michael strahan. >> the headline is, andy cohen
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says i do. we're with the duggar daughter for the first time at the wedding. >> first kiss was amazing. >> plus our new interview with proud papa dwayne johnson. >> you know what, daddy's gottto wear a pikachu costume. that's what daddies do. closed captioning
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check out dwayne rock johnson's epic dance moves as a giant pokemon character. >> my daughter was at a pumpkin patch. she went crazy over a guy in a pikachu costume. i was like, you know what, daddy's got to wear a pikachu costume. that's what daddies do. i'm sweating my ass off. >> you're dying, right?
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maui in disney's new movie representing his samoan heritage. it's already being called the next "frozen." >> and he actually sings it. >> i have a 15-year-old daughter, and 11-month-old baby girl. so it's very special. yeah, i'm going to need a shrink in about >> dwayne has no idea how his wife will be defined by that movie. a big night for andy cohen. then tomorrow, cohen's new book is released. listen to me when i tell you, andy holds nothing back from strahan to oprah, even taylor swift. nobody gets away unscathed. >> taylor swift and katy perry met after the ball party. what happened? >> i'm an idiot is what happened. i say the wrong thing to everybody.
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swift. she's looking for a place to sit because lady gaga's going to perform. your friend katy's over there and there's all this room. she probably thought i was being shady. >> andy unfiltered is popular with audiences and celebrities. >> we have a real bromance. i hosted that "friends" reunion on nbc. i met john after the show, and who are the only other people in the restaurant but the cast of "friends," including jennifer aniston. i was sitting there saying, i'm going over to that table. john is sitting behind. >> one big regret, bailing on oprah. >> anderson and i were on tour in santa barbara. i kept saying to him, i'm looking at instagram, i know she's here. maybe she will invite us for a sunset shot of tequila. so he's like, it's not going to
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i wake up the next morning with a text from gayle saying, oprah wants you to come-for lunch with anderson. >> which never happens. >> i had to pass up on brunch on oprah. >> there are juicy tales in adventures from the andy cohen diaries. he said he and strahan had a >> why leave the show and you've helped reenergize the show. and your name's in the title. to go to a show where you're one of many people, and it's not your show. the headline is, andy cohen's last michael strahan. but really, i just said my opinion about something. >> she made a joke about how much she got too much botox in her face. is there anything that you've
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>> in terms of things i've said, yeah, the book is a cavalcade of things i've said. i regret saying that thing to taylor swift. >> i'm sure taylor still loves you, andy. love is definitely in the air for the duggars. the reality tv family celebrated a wedding for another one of their 19 kids and counting. and you are not going to believe what the couple did for the very first time at the wedding, and the bride's gown. >> they're married finally. >> i'm very excited. i can't believe the day's finally here. i love you. >> ginger said "i do" to jeremy vuolo, in a gown with a 13-foot train walking down the aisle on the arm of her dad. >> this is definitely the day that i've been looking forward to, away looking forward to all my life. >> in just a few hours, i'll see
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i haven't seen it yet. >> we love the personal touches. right down to ginger's red floral shoes. her brother's best man. ginger had big sister as her matron oo honor. ginger and jeremy, they can take their time when it comes to having kids. >> ginger and jeremy are just getting married. we're going to give them time. no pressure. >> at the reception, guests celebrated with cupcakes, on..o cf1 o in true duggar fashion, it was a total family affair. >> they got here, went straight to work. so we're just so grateful. >> it went off without a hitch. in keeping with the devout christian family's strict rules of courtship, the first time they locked lips is when they were pronounced husband and wife. in front of their nearly 1,000 guests. how was it? >> first kiss was amazing, right
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>> wonder how the night was. ginger and jeremy said they will be spending their honeymoon in new zealand. the ultimate daddy challenge. this is amazing.
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find out on travel considerations provided by -- you've got to watch rachael ray's mom. she's got two special guests. >> i don't have any girls. >> or hair. >> good point. but my hat is off to you for being able to do this. this is incredible. >> it is. >> are you really nervous about letting your dad do your hair? >> kind of.
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>> how nervous are you? >> i'm nervous. i have trouble doing it at home, let alone in front of a live audience. take a ponytail tie and secure that. let's take a look. >> he did a really great job. >> that's not bad at all.
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harvey: george lopez, he is livid, vulgar and upset about donald trump. >> i will give him a chance to [bleep] my [bleep]. >> he's very upset. he looks like half the country this week. >> i will stop eating chee-tos. anything orange i don't want. >> conor mcgregor, he destroyed at ufc 205. he's the first fighter to hold two belt sizes at the same time. his after party looks so m fun. >> you know who's going to have a kid soon? conor mcgregor. >> the best part is, he doesn't know what the baby is due. >> march, is it? i think march. >> you hear somebody from the back yell, she's do in may. he's like really? >> lil wayne is now pledging his allegiance to a completely different mobile. out with birdman. in with jay-z. harvey: there's an meigsal high. birdman is his dad kind of. >> you're saying wayne is


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