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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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oh, my mariah. >> don't you dare! >> teasing, flirting all over her backup dancer. >> a crush on her. ? you don't have the slightest idea. >> sexy new scenes from her docuseries, but are the sparks real or could she be seeking revenge on her e your man locked lips with his ex? that's exactly what marc anthony did. >> a kiss with mark that has everybody talking. >> plus -- ?? ?? >> we're inside the recording studio with the actress bringing whitney houston back to life. >> and the people have spoken. >> we're with dancing's final four sharing their last-minute strategies to win.
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>> now for november 18, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". >> it's a whole new mariah's world. her billionaire ex-fiance is out while her sexy backup dancer is definitely in. >> mimi has told us that actually there is nothing going on witt that dancer, but her reality show seems to tell a different story. ?? ?? >> here's what's obvious. mariah and backup dancer brian tanaka are totally flirting in >> he does have a crush on her. >> he's not leaving that easily. >> let's break it down. she sits on his lap and pours champagne on his abs and that's on a safari with her and her kids all while mariah was engaged to billionaire james packer. here's the question, are the sparks real or just a reality show ploy to keep the show sexy after the engagement was called
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>> the mutual affection sure looked real this summer when we visited mariah in vegas, and a source close to carey told "e.t." that despite the rumors, the two are just friends. >> where is james packer in all of this? it looks as if he has been erased from mariah's world. the billionaire ex-fiance does not appear in the new promo. here's where it gets really interesting. this week e! releaseded a set f photos to promote the show and out of the 22 images which is the only one which included the pic appears to have been photoshoped to put him in the shadows and mariah in the spotlight. >> mariah carey was so upset in the studio she threw her diamonds against the wall. >> is mimi taunting her ex? last night she posted a photo of herself wearing the 35-carat engagement ring packer gave her. she wants to keep it, but a source close to mariah says he wants to back.
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this. although we do get a glimpse in her wedding gown. >> just a little tiara. >> makes you want to watch. two other famous exes were back together on stage last night. jennifer lopez and mark anthony and marc has remarried and if you were marc's wife would you be okay with this?c anthony and marc has remarried and if you were marc's wife would you be okay with this? >> yeah, that happened. a sweet kiss between exes at the latin gramm and marc debuted their latest collaboration. ?? ?? there was hugging and hand-holding on stage, muy caliente turning the crowd into a chant of kiss in spanish. a little awkward. check out j. lo's smile and went straight into presenting her ex into the person of the year award, her mentor and soulmate
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much together. [ speaking spanish ] >> marc's wife of two years wasn't in attendance, but he thanked them in their acceptance speech. >> you guys have sacrificed more than anybody to see daddy standing up here, after 30 years, alex, arianna, christian, ryan, max and emmy, this is yours. >> but he didn't thank his crowd in spanish that jennifer is like a sister to him. i'm not sure what to make of that. the couple who split in 2011 share twins emmy and max. >> j. lo had three wardrobe changes last night walking the carpet in the sheer black jump suit and all white for her moment with marc and backstage, gold shimmer all the way. ?? ?? ?
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they're getting back together. and i also don't think brad and angelina are getting back together. last night i spoke to angie's lawyer who is playing a vital role in negotiating their divorce and custody case. >> how is it determining the madness of the media and everything. >> the media has been difficult. >> attorney laura whatser is practically hollywood's divorce mvp. she helped johnny depp from his split with amber herd and angelina when she and billy bob thornton called it quits. how is angelina doing? how are the kids doing? >> i think that they're all doing fine. >> here's where things stand legally with angie and brad. she still has sole physical custody of her six kids, pitt and jolie are free to work out a visitation schedule privately, but for the foreseeable future & when brad does see his kids a monitor must be present.
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>> i don't know. i imagine she'll do what most of us are doing which is spend it with her family. >> the annual gala where laura was honored by her friend chelsea handler. chelsea went off on laura's hollywood clients like angie while thanking, quote, she's such a humanitarian and she's currently negotiating brad pitt's emancipation. tonight was about her charity work. >> there are kids in my opportunities that my liitle boys have, and i want to change that. >> what a great night for laura and i talked to gwen stefani's ex gavin rossdale. gavin told me he won't be with them next week. thanksgiving is not my year. i'll be in london doing "the voice". >> because he is a coach in "the voice "qwest. >> a lot of people are talking about dr. phil's disturbing
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>> there is no reason to age, okay? >> if i say i'm healthy the first thing they'll do is hurt me tonight. >> the 67-year-old struggling with delusions and her appearance a shocking contrast to the shelley we knew when she was the toast of hollywood. >> i love watching the glamour although i don't look too flam rouse tonight. >> at one point shelley brightened up when talking about the late robin williams, her co-star in "popeye." >> he came with, like, the best jokes out of nowhere. >> but tten, another delusion. >> i don't think he's dead. >> you don't think hs dead? >> no. >> what do you think happened? >> beetles escapes. stones escapes. >> shelley has stayed out of the public eye since her last movie in 2002, reportedly living in her home state of texas. >> are you by yourself a lot? >> too much.
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>> resurfacing today on dr. phil, shelley seeks help with her struggles for mental illness. >> will you let me get you to doctors. >> i was a pretty girl. i was beautiful. >> shelley? >> yes, phil? >> you're still beautiful. >> we certainly hope for the best for shelley. >> she hit the red carp wet mark wahlberg and she found something interesting and this big tough guy is actually afraid of making a thanksgiving turkey, but he still loves the >> for me it's the most important holiday. it's just always been since i was very young. we just had a mini thanksgiving last week in boston with my mom and some of my brothers so it was really nice getting everybody together. >> the father of four hit the red carpet at the l.a. premiere of his movie patriots day with his wife leah. >> you're rocking the longer hair and i know she likes that. how are you feeling about that now? >> it makes me very uncomfortable. >> really?
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obstructs your view. i don't know how you guys do it, and it's not quute long enough to tie it and i don't think i can rock the ponytail. >> no? >> my wife joking around put it in the ponytail and my son came and ripped it out. he was not happy. >> he was happy when mark took his boys out for a football game. >> real men drink wine at football games. >> it's good for you. it's good for the heart and good for the blood. >> i like the golf. i like the whole thing. >> i'm 45. i'm old. i'm comfortable with it, too. i'm not trying to pretend to be young. that's for sure. >> that's what i like, a man embracing his age. >> a wine at the football game. that's awesome. coming up next, we are with all four dancing finalists feeling the heat and what they think about this very sexy photo of a pormer pro nearly nine months' pregnant. >> macgyver star and his
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with his fan. >> what is the biggest perk of having him as a brother. >> plus -- a star's whitney
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. this is what 33 okay. all right. only if you are "dancing with the stars" peta murgatroyd. so not fair. they just posted that new selfie and we have to find out what dancing's final four contestants think about it, but first, how are they holding up heading into next week's finale? >> it's been a very stressful week for him. obviously, i'm stressed, too, and he has to choreograph two dances and it's the finals.
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their plans to reprise their most infamous dance were nixed by the show. >> what about nfl star calvin johnson and pro lindsay? >> this is the most insane week of the show. >> i've been able to enjoy most of it. the nerves went out after the first week or two and now it's about having a good time. >> meanwhile, ibdy car driver james hinchcliffe and partner sharna reveal what they will miss most. >> humor. >> so much sometimes. the fact that i can understand an entire sentence without her saying a word. i think, sharna -- i'm leaving a very educated man. >> olympic gymnast laurie and val are once again joined by big bro maks. >> the people have spoken. they want to see maks one last time. who knows? maybe this is the last time maks is dancing on the show. >> i'm trying to get the olympic nerves that i had.
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who just posted this photo, 33 weeks pregnant. >> what's up, peta? >> damn, a woman looks her best pregnant and even better as a mother. >> she's just the most beautiful pregnant woman. i love her so much, and i hate her at the same time because look at her. still ahead -- ?? ?? >> behind the scenes of the new whitney houston muse dal with the actress that sounds just like the singer. >> closing of his iconic xercise studio. and a macgyver's star's hometown tour. lucas talks us out with his family showing qwest e.t." his awkward high school years. >> a loser. loser right there. closed captioning provided
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houston belting out the most iconic song from "the bodyguard." by the way, this is the best-selling soundtrack of all time and now the movie has been turned into a musical starring grammy nominee deborah cox who sounds so much like whitney, it is going to blow you away. ? and i will always love you ? >> multi-platinum recording artist deborah cox transforms whitney played on screen. >> we became very good friends. she was a mentor and there was a real isterhood with the two of us. ?? ?? >> remember this metallic body suit from the movie? here's how deborah rocks it. >> there are so many people that don't know of the movie and her music and her songs and that kind of thing and this is an opportunity to do that. ?? ??
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manuel is helping create deborah's looks. >> so many changes throughout the show. so many changes. >> and we wanted to be able to get looks that make the memorable. ?? ?? ? i don't want to hurt anymore ? ? ? >> the show opens november 25th at the paper mill playhouse in millburn, new jersey, whitney's home state and a multi-city tour launches in january. >> i do have a history with some of the family members and thankfully, and i do have their blessing. >> i cannot wait to see that
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kristina brown. he's been ordered to pay $36 million and the lawyer for bobbi kristina say they intend to get full collection of that judgment. tomorrow marks an end of an era for richard simmons and it will close down after 42 years. we spent a lot of time there with richard and now he's only sharing with us what it means to him. >> lift it up! put it down! that was a 33-year-old richard and his studio had years. >> they trust me with their lives and i trust them with my life. >> richard tells "e.t." in an exclusive statement, in 1974 i opened slimons to have fun and exercising. i will take the time for myself to be the best i can be and so should you. i love you, always keep sweating. >> the truth of the matter is
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people. >> he was emotional the last time we spoke to him on camera. recently, he's been absent from the public eye and during our last phone interview in march, richard denied rumors he is ill, in hiding or being held captive by his housekeeper. instead, he needed private time. >> for all of the people that are worried about me, please don't be. >> they just love you, richard. no one can make you smile like >> figuring out how to stop a hail of bullets and find out how much paper he needs to stack. >> that's all we need to stop a bullet. >> i don't know if the star of macgyver actualliy studied physics in high school brooke edison learned a lot about the native because he's going home with "e.t." >> every time i come home -- >> you are good to your mom. >> correct.
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>> home here is murrieta, georgia. >> this is my mom and my little brother. >> brother nick is eight years younger. >> also there, his manager tom and high school friend justin. >> speaking of high school earlier in the day he visited his alma mater and carlton high school and took uu along. >> this is embarrassing. he spent a lot of time in there an george an room. >> the german teacher is justin whom we met in lunch. in high school they were german students together. >> oh, man. i'm a loser. look at that. i'm a lose are right there. >> you're the smooth talker and the confident guy. >> not at all. even if i wanted to catch girls -- >> dropping by, his original german teacher. >> the very first year and of
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student that's in the johnny -pcash move. >> that's right, lucas played young johnny cash's brother in "walk the line". >> when did you know that you wanted to be an actor? >> i didn't have anything to do. i couldn't play sports. >> they all know, every time the name comes up they know him and it was hanna montana's boyfriend in the movie and he was in the taylor swift video. >> i did >> you didn't go to prom? >> i did not go to prom. >> this is the best room to play video games because the coach can see you. >> now that he's starring as macgyver, lucas is definitely too cool for school. >> what is the biggest perk of having him as a brother and an actor? >> while he didn't get the girl
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has hope. >> what kind of girl would you like for your son? >> yeah. >> solid answer. you hear that? i really enjoyed this. >> mama knows best. >> that's because there is a big pool out there.
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"master class." it's alllat monday on "e.t.," only we are with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular! >> giving us news that the fans do not want to hear. >> i can say one thing that will never happen to me. >> that's monday on "e.t." >> gnce's debut album is out
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award nominations. >> we really only have one sound to sum it all up. >> should we show them? >> yeah. that's sound. >> we really don't have one, do we? >> no, we don't. the amas air this sunday on abc and of course, we'll be on the red carpet and backstage. >> we'll have all of that for you on monday. bye, everybody. at outback, steak and unlimited shrimp is back! for just $15.99 for a limited time. try unlimited rlic herb butter, or crispy shrimp for just $ 15.99. and let the bold flavors speak for themselves... with unlimited shrimp
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harvey: wow, i had no idea but kanye west announced that he's with him. >> this is going to be interesting. huge uptake now because trump just went from like scott baio to kanye west. trump changed up. >> justin bieber, he walks out and this girl pulls his pants down bare ass. [screaming] and his body combard >> wait, the bodyguard pulls his pants up? harve: what if it was kim k's bodyguard is this it's like strike two. >> it's like oh, i had another bad day at work today! >> oh, boy, mondays. [laughter] >> marc anthony at the latin grammy awards. j.lo presented him the award and then they ended up kissing. >> on the mouth? >> yeah, they kissed on the mouth. >> latin people kiss on the mouth. >> you don't kiss your ex-wife on the mouth who is jennifer


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